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  2. Thank you, TheLlama, Anon#1, and Dracleia for the gifts! This is a weird case as we are locked with each others' gifts for those with little to no space Also, have fun in college, Aqub! Trust me, it just gets harder as the years continue so perhaps first year is the best year to enjoy. I started my first days of 4th year of college this week and am so mentally tired already haha ^^'
  3. Perhaps as a small way to increase shards for those who are very new and/or have restrictive playstyles regarding catching or breeding and rarely hit the max? Little more than flavor text but with a use regardless?
  4. Neglected to post a thanks for this! It's very nice--thanks so much!
  5. And this lovely ad popped up. What the heck
  6. +1. The dead thing is definitely frustrating bc it's totally incorrect. Adding this caveat onto the actual help text for the Kill action would be great too.
  7. I don't know where else to go with this but suddenly ads have taken completely over the top and bottom on mobile. This is very off putting in much more intrusive than before, I thought I had a pop up with this. They appear to be normal when the keyboard is up Top Bottom with keyboard Bottom without keyboard.
  8. I have chosen my Leader: User: Rememberdrgns Dragon Name + link: Eulyb Targaryen  I want to train: User: Rememberdrgns Dragon Name + Link: Eulyb Targaryen Do you have enough points?: Yes How many hours since your last post?: Never trained before.
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  10.  I want to train: User: Mow Dragon Name + Link: Lord Commander Varemon Targaryen Do you have enough points?: Yes How many hours since your last post?: 20 I've spread the army! Progeny: https://dragcave.net/progeny/GklhG https://dragcave.net/progeny/Riw3C https://dragcave.net/progeny/wWLde https://dragcave.net/progeny/IgtkS (best pair :3) https://dragcave.net/progeny/wxRTu Breeding to AP +10 I'm sending Supplies! User: Mow How many bags?: 4 Do you have enough?: yesh
  11. well that's not good *sends Max to purr on you* they say cats purr at a frequency that promotes healing.
  12. TP teepee/tipi toothpaste toilet paper
  13. I want to train: User: TerraAnne Dragon Name + Link: Mereoreona Vamirion Targaryen Do you have enough points?: yes How many hours since your last post?: Last training post was17 hours ago
  14. I feel like I have had incredibly good luck up until now.
  15. Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 442 Book Title: Joust Author: Mercedes Lackey Summary: When Ari, Jouster of Tia… a dragon rider… paused at Vetch's master’s holding for a drink and witnessed the man beating him, Jouster Ari carried the Altan serf Vetch off to train him as a dragon-boy, charged with the care of his dragon Kashet. Vetch quickly realized that Kashet was different, the only one who didn’t need to be drugged into docility. He became determined to tame a dragon of his own and escape back to his own people. Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 402 Book Title: Alta Author: Mercedes Lackey Summary: Vetch, now using his true name Kiron, tamed a dragon, and escaped back to Alta. The leader of Alta’s few Jousters welcomed him and his dragon but not everyone was as welcoming. Kiron and the men he taught to be tamers of dragons discovered some of the secrets of the Magi… a group who supposedly wielded their powers for the good of Alta, but who worked to rule from the shadows… and quickly found themselves in danger from an unexpected enemy. Book Number: 14 Number Of Pages: 448 Book Title: Sanctuary Author: Mercedes Lackey Summary: Having fled Alta and the Magi with several nobles and a handful of Jousters with tamed dragons, Kiron now faced the problems that came with establishing a new settlement. Once known as the Lost City of the Desert, Sanctuary quickly became the destination of people from both Alta and Tia, fleeing the horrors perpetrated by the Magi. Book Number: 15 Number Of Pages: 291 Book Title: Aerie Author: Mercedes Lackey Summary: With the expansion of Sanctuary, daily life became difficult in the overcrowded city. Then Kiron found another city, this one thought to be a mere legend, the city of the ancient cliff-dwellers. Despite easing the problem of overpopulation, they still dealt with the difficulties of combining two peoples into one, especially when those two peoples had been at war for most of the last three hundred years.
  16. https://dragcave.net/teleport/066e38ab950122f20f249fdac8bb6304
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