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Rose of the Dragon

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((Ok I coaxed my friend in rl, Ravyn, into coming back. She said she is going to review this and either bring it back or revamp it a bit and post a newer version. I'm so excited!))

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RP name:Rena


history:Rena was born as a wolf but after an hour or to she took a human form. When Rena was just a few years old her dad died and her mom abandoned her. She never took the form of a half human half wolf but always a wolf.


description:http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm196/vampiredemon95/anime%20girls/1d581cbf.jpg the one with oranger hair ears are just headband


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((Ok everyone interested in this you can apply to join. I'm opening it back up if there is enough interest.

Accepted kingcobra2018 but please no one rp until I give the ok. ))

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