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Eggy Give Away! ~Game~

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The next drawing will be at some point after the Black Friday release dragons are more grown up!





A lot of times, people end up with eggs they don’t need or want. Maybe they were hunting the cave for something, when a dino popped up triggering a reflex-click. Or maybe they bred some dragons together and didn’t get the egg they were hoping for. These unwanted youngsters are then abandoned, traded, or gifted.


This is a place to gift and receive, randomly. When I thought this up, there simply weren’t enough places to go where you could rid yourself of an unwanted egg without abandoning it or waiting for a good trade to come along, especially if the egg wasn’t particularly rare or lacked a nice lineage. Although there are many places to go and give eggs away now, there’s nothing like a little random gifting and getting.




Here, everything goes. Anyone can enter and win a random egg, anyone can donate, and anything can be donated. Plus, being a person who writes as a hobby and is in constant need of practice, every drawing gets turned into a story. I’m told they’re good, so they’ll keep getting written as long as I can find the time.


Here comes the important stuff, so pay attention!


Every three days right around 7:00 pm Cave Time (EST), there will be a drawing. On drawing day, I use random.org to choose as many numbers as there are donated eggs. These numbers correspond to people on THE LIST, which can be found a bit farther down.


To get onto the list, all you need to do is post in BOLD. That way I can easily scan through the thread until I come upon some bold, instead of reading every single post. Anything else important should also be bolded. If you don’t know how to bold, simply copy the stuff in the box below and change TEXT into what you want to say.


When you win, you will be sent a PM by the donator. Winners are also removed from the list, whether they take the egg or not. If you notice you've won, and haven't received a PM within a day's time, just send a polite PM to the donator who's egg you won and give them a little poke.



If you win, you must reply within 48 hours of being sent a PM by the donator. The reply can be anything. Yes; no thanks; please hold it for a bit, I’m locked; or even a ZOMG, LET’S TRADE NAO. I simply can’t have donators holding eggs forever. If you are going to be gone for a while, you can post asking to be taken off the list. When you come back, you can be re-added.


Once you’ve won, you can ask to be re-added after 10 days have passed since you won. This is regardless if you got the egg or not, and is to ensure people don't win twice in a row.



Some of the donators aren’t fond of frozen dragons. These people are the heart and soul of this thread, and without them EGA would be tiny and not very successful. It is understandable that you may want to freeze one of those adorable little hatchies, but shoot the person who gave it to you a PM first. Most donators will be fine with it if you just ask.


Small afterthoughts:

If you’re going to abandon a gift as soon as you get it, you might as well decline it. Likewise, don’t be shy to say you don’t want it.

Also, give thanks and cookies to these donator people. They’re the ones behind all those pretty eggs you keep getting.


I know many many of us DCers live outside of the Eastern Time Zone, where the Cave is based. So, here is a nice Time Zone Converter!

I live in Central Time (CST). Cave Time is EST.


So ya like the stories? Want more?

Well, the following documents contain ALL of the stories this thread has seen since APRIL 21ST, 2010!!!

Stories from April 21st, 2010, until March 5th, 2011!

Stories from March 9th, 2011, until December 13th, 2011!

All stories since January 5th, 2012!


Want to donate but don’t know what to do? Scroll on down past the list!



  1. Icedragon1231
  2. darkflowernightshade
  3. Snowytoshi
  4. Autana
  5. Fire-Ice
  6. sakana
  7. bazh8
  8. SunStar17
  9. Dragon and Cat Tamer
  10. pyrolycan
  11. schusteralex2
  12. Teufala
  13. Varekis
  14. Erica8798
  15. kiyye
  16. alabaster_demon
  17. Thurin
  18. FlowerOwl
  19. QAndais
  20. StormWizard212
  21. leaf0701
  22. Mikki
  23. Paige201208
  24. Nicoleong9
  25. Ashura09
  26. Shishiro
  27. Catlover3288
  28. Mousia
  29. arya10
  30. mistycloud123
  31. DragonkinLauraena
  32. Krynne
  33. Wolfu-san
  34. thundersky86
  35. Alse15
  36. ChronicalFire
  37. GoldenFist
  38. MeredithG
  39. Matmetchi
  40. Remy400
  41. sei_chan65
  42. nintendont
  43. Ninja5738
  44. ckcot
  45. Horse2000
  46. Amberfly
  47. Moonbeam22
  48. Lucyness
  49. BreathingDragonHeart
  50. pinkieseb
  51. ChocoBrownie
  52. fly201
  53. teresadurfin
  54. vishdafish
  55. happyseagull
  56. Anna Selka
  57. mistysunshine8
  58. Coyote
  59. SilverTalon
  60. artemis4342
  61. band4ever
  62. MeldaDrabek
  63. MsTina
  64. Gamergirl1
  65. Dragontamor
  66. Cefie
  67. Imperialist
  68. MousieBrown
  69. Engiype
  70. Tayiadragonbite
  71. siddiggid
  72. sarahfish89
  73. seacatsmew
  74. gotw3
  75. panic siren
  76. Rockin' On
  77. HappyAppy
  78. give your heart a break
  79. TheForgotten
  80. Shikaze
  81. SuperCream
  82. Ravenx10
  83. Vampiresswolf
  84. Tahilanor84
  85. kiarados
  86. C88
  87. Rascal1414
  88. Ghostdance
  89. arabian sparkle
  90. frozen.ice
  91. dragonwestie64
  92. KingLemur330
  93. PointOfOrigin
  94. lollipop00
  95. Ice_SW
  96. CoughingCanary
  97. Wave
  98. RavenWolf1010
  99. ubbydubby
  100. Kaini
  101. Pinch of StarDust
  102. cerimonster
  103. DarkDamsel09
  104. REDBULL
  105. SpottedSky2000
  106. cuppycake08
  107. Snow125
  108. simx55
  109. urge101
  110. Bianca_Beukes13
  111. yaoi_male27
  112. Trickster91
  113. DanoThePony
  114. white_ti_wolf_14
  115. angyal
  116. JazzyJ
  117. Wanderer
  118. cindyw
  119. wynterborne
  120. LorePMejia
  121. Eclipseheart

Donating is incredibly simple. All you’ve got to do is PM your donation to me, trying to be no later than an hour before drawing time. I just need to know what it is, no links required. It can be anything, as long as it’s an egg. Every once in a while I’ll accept hatchie donations, as long as they have a lot of time left on them (7-6 days), because they’ve got to make it to the winners without growing up. Make sure you do NOT post your donation in the thread! It ruins the surprise.


Once you’ve sent me the PM, just sit back and wait until the giveaway day. I’ll write your egg into the story, and assign it a winner. You have to check the drawing yourself once it's posted to find out who won your egg. All you have to do is PM the winner, telling them they’ve won. You can make a little request in that PM as well (such as, no freezing, or to preserve the lineage name). While it’s not a guarantee that the winner will follow your request, most will. If the winner doesn’t reply within 48 hours (or replies but doesn't want it), then you’re free to do as you wish with the egg.


The only requirement for donating is that you have at least one Magi dragon to teleport the egg to the winner. Also, you can donate and be in the drawing at the same time! Some people even win in the same giveaway they donate to (but don't worry, I won't let you win the same egg you donated). smile.gif


WINNERS, OLD AND NEW; from newest to oldest


~ SoulFeather has won a daydream eggy from eevee_em!

~~ girlgamerjen has won a blue stripe eggy from happyseagull!

~~~ Guardians of Ga'hoole has won an autumn eggy from happyseagull!

~~~~ Dsnake1 has won a sunsong eggy from happyseagull!

~~~~~ Singalana has won a bluesang hatchie from happyseagull!

~~~~~~ garnetrising has won a vine eggy from Singalana!

~~~~~~~ PieMaster has won a silver eggy from Nyda!

~~~~~~~~ Wolv has won a silver eggy from Nyda!

~~~~~~~~~ Heeroluva has won a silver eggy from Nyda!

~~~~~~~~~~ Eclipseheart has won a silver eggy from Nyda!



~ yaquiidru has won a split eggy from DarkDamsel09!

~~ xeyla has won a magi eggy from DarkDamsel09!

~~~ TempestSea has won a green eggy from DarkDamsel09!

~~~~ GoldRose has won a glory drake eggy from DarkDamsel09!

~~~~~ Isuzu has won a pink eggy from happyseagull!

~~~~~~ Mew101 has won a bluesang eggy from happyseagull!



~ Phoenix Bird has won an autumn hatchie from freadom7!

~~ White_Knight has won a white stripe eggy from futuregohangurl

~~~ skittleluvr has won a seawyrm pygmy eggy from seacatsmew!

~~~~ evilnixie16 has won a pillow eggy from seacatsmew!

~~~~~ CheshireFox has won a magi eggy from seacatsmew!

~~~~~~ sanderj has won a magi eggy from seacatsmew!



~ dracocharky has won a nebula eggy from Singalana!

~~ D Pixie has won a moonstone eggy from Wolfu-san!

~~~ DarkDamsel09 has won an ice eggy from chaotine!

~~~~ dawnlife has won a pink eggy from chaotine!

~~~~~ KoyukiZaku has won a nebula eggy from chaotine!

~~~~~~ blackchimera has won a nebula eggy from chaotine!

~~~~~~~ piggygirl859 has won an autumn eggy from Ashura09!

~~~~~~~~ Drking has won a horse eggy from Wanderer!

~~~~~~~~~ brairtrainer has won a dark myst pygmy eggy from Wanderer!

~~~~~~~~~~ SaphiraSapphire has won a red eggy from Wanderer!

~~~~~~~~~~~ sparkle10184 has won a pygmy eggy from eevee_em!

~~~~~~~~~~~~ cittcatt has won a turpentine eggy from Ice_SW!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ rin52 has won a swallowtail eggy from Ice_SW!



~ Midgie has won an ice eggy from Stealthypugs!

~~ UnicornBlues has won a black eggy from Stealthypugs!

~~~ EmPikaChu has won a nebula eggy from Stealthypugs!





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Stealthypugs laugh.gif:

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user posted image


[URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=60484&st=0] [IMG=http://a.imageshack.us/img823/535/eggygiveawaybadge.jpg][/URL]



user posted image





user posted image




user posted image




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user posted image




user posted image




And a resize of Shalarean's by Mysfytt:

user posted image





user posted image





user posted image





user posted image




user posted image





user posted image





user posted image




user posted image




user posted image


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Temporary Add On LIST


81. SilverTalon

82. DarkDamsel09

83. artemis4342

84. band4ever

85. MeldaDrabek

86. MsTina

87. Drking

88. Gamergirl1

89. girlgamerjen

90. Dragontamor

91. SoulFeather

92. brairtrainer

93. Cefie

94. yaquiidru

95. Eclipseheart

96. Imperialist

97. MousieBrown

98. Engiype

100. Tayiadragonbite

101. KoyukiZaku

102. PieMaster

103. Dsnake1

104. D Pixie

105. siddiggid

106. rin52

107. piggygirl859

108. sarahfish89

109. seacatsmew

110. Midgie

111. gotw3

112. panic siren

113. Rockin' On

114. dracocharky

115. HappyAppy

116. give your heart a break

117. TheForgotten

118. Shikaze

119. Singalana

120. piggygirl859

121. chaotine

122. Mew101

123. sparkle10184


updated 7:30p CST 9/28/12

Edited by Pinch of StarDust

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Do you not know how to bold? I'm adding you anyways if I spot you, but for future reference please bold any requests you have on here so I can see them.


[b]TEXT HERE!!![/b]


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HELLO AND WELCOME TO THIS GRAND GIVEAWAY, THE FIRST IN THE GRAND MONTH OF SEPTEMBER! Now, what does one do in September? Well, apparently you get to spend a lot of time digging around in a Junkyard to find whatever you need.


The DC Junkyard contains scraps of almost everything: cave pieces, doorknobs, clipped claws, shells, old scales, precious gems that someone thought were not good enough, and the occasional black cat practicing for next month. Many people (dragons included) come here to search for things that they want or need. Let us see what is going on today...


A little stream gurgles merrily as it flows over a bed of dragon scales, which color the water when the sun shines down on them. A little eggy sits a ways downstream, A GOLDFISH EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF TOKLO! Surrounded by mountains of discarded items that turn the area dark with their shadows, the eggy waits for the precious moments when the sun hits the water just right. It is looking for a few scales to hang up in the windows of its new home. Suddenly, a little sapphire starts an avalanche, and half of a mountain falls to the ground in a loud crash. The sun peeks out from behind the clouds, and a rainbow of colors is born. The eggy quickly snatches up its favorite scales, and scampers off to its new owner: number 8, flyingwater!!!


Not everyone is here to find things. One of the creatures wandering amongst the rolling hills of junk is a BLACK EGGY RUNAWAY FROM THE CAVERNOUS HALLS OF RUTHLESSWOLVES! This eggy wanted to compete against the black cats in town, but its owner wouldn't let it. So the clever youngling hatched a plan and followed it through a crooked crevice and into freedom. It has been in the Junkyard for about a week now, practicing its newfangled skills on anyone that walks by. No one knows why it wants to be like a black cat, but that seems to be its goal in life. Lets hope it doesn't hatch with fur and a craving for milk. Someone seems to be immune to effects of a black cat-like eggy, and has decided to catch it and give it a home: number 73, Celestial07!!!


There is also a scavenger hunt going on, and one of the items happens to be an egg. One such egg is floating around nearby, A DAYDREAM EGGY FROM THE GRAND SHALAREAN! Many DCers are frantically chasing the little one, which is floating just out of reach of everyone. Some are even trying to use modified butterfly nets to catch the dragon, but it just floats a little higher. At last, everyone walks away in pursuit of an easier target. Only one DCer remains, staring wistfully at the eggy that has its head in the clouds. The eggy lazily drifts downwards and lets itself be captured, by none other than number 46, Autana!!!


Every once in a while, accidents happen. This is to be expected, considering most of the items are precariously balanced and heaped together. One such accident happened to AN ALBINO EGGY ON AN EXCURSION WITH EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! The eggy became curious about something shiny, located on the very top of one of the mountains. When the eggy was about half-way up the mountain, the entire thing collapsed on top of it. This was about a month ago. The excavation team has been carefully digging through the pile of junk, and has finally reached the eggy. When they found the young albino, it was sitting on a couch made of white and pink feathers, playing with a toy that it had made out of broken egg shells and rubbery scales (which had been cut into ribbons and used as a substitute for string). With perfect calmness, the eggy got up and walked out of the little self-made cave. The new owner is number 64, Erob13!!!


Lastly, we have a story about an eggy that was thrown out as junk itself, A CHICKEN EGGY FROM WHEN JANETD WAS DOING SOME SPRING CLEANING! The whole thing was probably an accident, but somehow this tiny little eggy ended up in the great, mountainous wasteland on the edge of DC. It found a little spot away from all the carefully balanced mountains and near a stream (one with beaches made of pulverized egg shells). It build a little den for itself, and was all settled in within a week. Every day it would go out and take a bath, then climb the most stable mountain it could find and set up a great big flag, made out of an old White Dragon's stick and skin that a Wyvern must have shed at some point in time. Every day the eggy would stare out over the tops of other mountains, wondering if there was anyone out there. One day, a passerby stepped on the roof of the den, causing it to colapse under the added weight. The eggy, which had been nearby, heard the racket and came running. It now has a new home and a much happier life with number 24, Zaestus!!!


THAT IS ALL FOR TODAY! The brazen gates are closing, and people are running as fast as they can to get out before this task becomes impossible. The sun is setting once again, and the world is a little different than it was when the sun rose.



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The oceans are a different world. In shallow water, near the land, magnificent reefs flicker with colorful fish. In deeper water, shipwrecks create the perfect hiding place for sharks, ready to ambush the minnows that stray behind the algae curtains. From a regular clownfish to the extremely odd cuttlefish, the oceans have it all. But sea creatures aren't the only thing in store of the peaceful, yet violent, sea.


Strapped to the mast of a majestic ship, a prisoner stares at a wooden plank laying on deck with great fear. This prisoner is none other than A SKYWING EGGY FROM THE ABYSS OF SHALAREAN! The abyss is said to hold great secrets, secrets known to only those who live there. On one of its excursions to the surface, to do some seagull riding, this little skywing was captured by a band of pirates. They have been teasing and torturing the poor eggy for hours on end, using a kettle and some bacon. Finally, a few words could be discerned from among the constant string of annoyed rabble. The pirates summoned their captain, a grouchy old mint dragon, and held a short meeting. A decision was finally reached to throw the unfortunate prisoner overboard and go in pursuit of the nearly non-existent island that the eggy had hinted at. The plank was swung out over the dark waters, and the eggy was prodded and poked (with the noses of swordfish and sawfish) until it took that last step and plummeted downwards. There was no splash, but none of the crew noticed. The little eggy had been saved by a very odd character wearing a feathery hang glider, number 49, Vhyxalas!!!


With dangerous silence, the great wooden vessel glided through the water. They had been sailing back and forth for weeks now in search of the strange island, but had found no trace of it. They were about to give up and go after a treasure that was said to be hidden underneath some continent or another, when the eagle-eyed Night Glory in the crows nest announced that land had been sighted. It was an island that was smaller than most Caves in DC, but that just made the task of finding the treasure easier. After only an hour, a pair of ghastly spitfires were dragging a chest out of an underwater cave. The box opened, and everyone groaned. There was nothing inside it but A PURPLE EGGY, ORIGINALLY FROM THE BLUE HOLE OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! The captain was so angry that they had spent so much time tracking down a worthless inferior being, that he cursed the eggy like only a captain can. With the curse in place, the young dragon was duct-taped to an anchor and thrown into the most frigid waters that were to be found. It happened to land on the head of a Water dragon, waking it from a long nap and a very good dream. Filled with annoyance, the water dragon swam to the surface and sent the eggy flying onto the land. It fell near the cave of none other than number 58, pernlover!!!


THAT IS ALL! As you can see, the oceans are not just a perfect mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. They are also the home of pirates that have no mercy (unless you offer to bake them some cake).

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Let us loop backwards for a bit, and return to that frenzy on Halloween. Everyone was running this way and that, trying to get everything done! Some eggies were a little unsuspecting of the mass activity, and planned their outings on the wrong day.


WELCOME TO A GIVEAWAY FULL OF HORRIFIED AND CONFUSED EGGIES! Popcorn and Drinks are available in the lobby. Please recycle your 3D glasses on the way out. If an emergency occurs, please use the top exits, not the bottom ones. Enjoy the show!


Our first eggy is a NOCTURN, FROM THE COUNTRY HOME OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! The little wooden house where it lived sat beside a graveyard. The tombstones never scared the little eggy, who boasted about being the only one brave enough to approach graves. It was the night of Halloween when it decided to show off to a band of frightened pygmy eggs. It marched into the forest of stones, not noticing the numerous corpses that were scattered about. Some were rotting, others were fresh. Most had a knife stuck through the dragons heart. As the little nocturn passed by the dead, little wisps of black smoke began to rise from the ground. The eyes of the dead dragons began to glow, and their noses began to sniff. Just as the nocturn was about to turn back, and accept admiration from the little pygmies, something dripped onto the top of its shell. Looking up, it noticed a pair of jaws looming over it. They were dripping slobber, and a pair of beady red eyes were trained on the bite-sized eggy. The nocturn, thinking it was a joke, simply gave a shrug and turned to leave. But something was odd. Instead of the way out being blocked by a giant black or red dragon, there was some sort of cage. Pieces of flesh were clinging to ivory bones, and the entire thing moved as if it was a breathing creature. It was a zombie, the living dead! The eggy now realized the grave danger it was in, and made a run for it. The skeletal dragon gave a roar, and lumbered after the nocturn. The nocturn passed the pygmies on the way out, which sat there looking after it with confusion. Due to their lack of knowledge on the situation, they were the ones who got eaten. The nocturn escaped, for it had hidden in the trick-or-treat bag of number 32, masterlight!!!


The next eggy is a young one, A BEAUTIFUL BLUNA FROM THE CAVE STALKING SHACK OF EYOTA! This bluna had never been to the main caves of DC before, and was bubbling over with excitement. Having heard from a trouble making hatchie that the cave was usually not very dangerous, this eggy snuck away from its owner. The time was a few minutes before midnight on the day before Halloween. It reached the main cave and began to poke around, weaving in and out of the little batch of eggies. The cave wasn't replenishing the stock of eggies very quickly, so the bluna put its guard down. Then the grandfather clock struck midnight. Odd eggies began raining from the roof of the cave, and getting snatched away before they ever hit the ground. Very confused, and sporting a headache from getting stepped on and hit by falling eggies, the bluna was picked up by one of the grabbers: number 76, moneyman!!!


Some eggies made the simple mistake of forgeting to mark Halloween on their calender. Two such eggies were A GEODE AND A SPLIT, FROM THE PARADISE GARDENS OF ELUIN GENTRY! These two decided to go out and picnic around the time of Halloween. They packed a basket and slung a blanket over their shoulders, and set out to find a nice quite place to sip their tea and eat cookies. They were all set up in a field of flowers, when a very strange object appeared out of nowhere. It was floating a few feet off the ground, and looked a lot like a flying lollipop. Some humanoid appeared shortly after, and stole the treat. A few minutes later, an eyeball fell into the splits tea cup. Another humanoid appeared, and took away both the tea cup and the eyeball. After about half an hour, the two eggies were annoyed. Some more of their cups had been taken away after something fell into them, and a few of their cookies were mistaken for a 'treat' and taken away as well. It wasn't long before even the eggies were dragged away from their picnic. The geode (after having a gargoyle climb onto it) was taken by number 20, WaterScorpion, and the split (which had put on an interesting mask made of candy) by number 2, RainStar13!!!


That is all! Thank you for visiting. Please exit to the right, and be sure to come back real soon!

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HELLO, AND WELCOME TO THE EGGY GIVEAWAY! Today, we shall be exploring what eggies do when they are not throwing parties and trick or treating. We seem to always focus on events, special days, things in the news, disasters. Not today! Today, we shall simply see what eggies do in their free time.


WARNING TO DONATORS! Your eggs are a bit clumped together. Not all eggies spend their days at home with the others in their cave, so expect to have eggies from different donators in the same story.


First up are TWO EMBERS AND A RED, FROM DRACOON, ELUIN GENTRY, AND SHALAREAN (respectively)! These eggies are part of a cult. They did not want to tell us what the cult did, so we had to convince a hatchie to go and spy on them. Apparently, the little red eggy is the leader of a Magic Mushrooms cult. The three eggies venture out into the woods on a regular basis, and pick specific DC mushrooms. They are all triple checked by various older dragons. These older dragons don't seem to have any idea about what the eggies are doing with the mushrooms. All they know is which mushrooms are good, and which ones are not. Once the mushrooms are all identified, the eggies hold a little festival. Their hallucinations range from simple vivid colors, to visions of them floating around in a sea of brain matter. They don't seem to be negatively affected by the ingestion of these mushrooms, but we suspect their intelligence levels have dropped significantly since they started. We have decided to separate the three eggies before they become stupid enough to do something like attempt to fly. The red will go to number 40, VampyrVenom, the ember from dracoon will go to number 51, blackchimera, and the ember from Eluin Gentry will go to number 35, Draggemo!!!


Next up is AN AUTUMN, FROM EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW, AND A SUNSONG, FROM LATIAS LATIOS (and all those Xs)! This autumn, sorta-kinda well trained in the art of cooking, runs a pancake stand outside of Emeralds cave. On one fine day, the sunsong stopped by for breakfast. It ordered a stack of three pancakes, loaded with syrup, berries, anchovies, coco butter, among other things. The autumn got to work, but instead of adding a dash of powdered sugar (like it usually does), it accidentally added a dash of Essence of Life (which just happens to be stored on the same shelf as the sugar). As the plate of pancakes sat steaming before the sunsong, it began to move and grow. In the blink of an eye, the harmless breakfast feast had become a roaring monster. It began to chase the sunsong, while the autumn just stood there with a flabbergasted look on its face. The sunsong had already been chased to the other side of DC, when a little group of magi dragons put an end to the Pancake Monster. Emerald learned about this event when she watched the news. She became so upset with the little eggy that she banished it from her caverns, pancake stand and all. The sunsong ended up with number 73, AerisAquata, while the autumn went off to live with number 19, Éowyn!!!


Our last batch of eggies are TWO CHEESES AND A SILVER, FROM THE AWESOMESAUCE THAT IS NYDA, AND A WHITE STRIPE FROM EYOTA, AND A LAST MINUTE VAMPIRE FROM AUTANA! The two cheeses and the silver have won the award for Best of the Worst SalesEggies for the past three years. The poor little white stripe and vampire got a taste of their attempt to sell products as they rounded a corner on a busy street in the middle of some city in DC that wishes to remain anonymous. The three sales-eggies were bouncing around, trying to sell everything from whipped cream to a trip to the moon. They dressed up in costume, showed off the products, made a list of all the best qualities, finished up with what was flawed about the product (and which rival company had a product without said flaws), and then did it again. The little trio of energy twirled around the stripe and the vampire until their target audience was dizzy and annoyed. The three eggies wouldn't stop. Every once in a while, one would break off to annoy another potential buyer, but they always returned to the stripe and the vamp. Eventually, the pair of 'buyers' managed to hide away in a book shop. The three sales-eggies hopped passed, and carried on with their selling. The day would soon end for all of these eggies, and they would drag their feet as they returned home. Sadly, all the neon light went out in the forest, so the eggies went the wrong way. The cheeses ended up with numbers 13 and 64, Pinch of StarDust and pandaluv, the silver with number 69, Passii, the white stripe with number 9, Cassiee, and the vampire with number 50, ritadragons!!!


THAT IS ALL! I hope you enjoyed, and I do hope you aren't completely confused now...

Edited by Stealthypugs

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HOWDY EVERYONE! Much has happened since last giveaway. Not only has TJ just brought about the end of the world (in a good way) and the beginning of a new era, causing everyone to think it is April Fools along the way, but in the world of our eggies it has begun to rain. Clouds rolled in from the north, casting dark shadows on the ground before turning the sky into a never ending gray. Large drops of water have begun to fall from the heavens, turning the world of DC into a giant mud puddle. We have eggies here, so let us find out what they have been doing!


First up, A PAIR OF MAGI EGGIES, FROM THE GREAT JUNKYARDS OF ELUIN GENTRY! These are fantasists. They spend sunny days digging through the junkyard, dressing up with pieces of scrap metal, building Trojan horses and re-enacting the fall of Troy. On gray and rainy days, they hide in a little shed. The rain falls on the roof, and its sound is magnified. Even a light drizzle can sound like a typhoon. The shed is filled with tottering piles of scrolls, books, and random scraps. The eggies spend their time welding things together, to the point where they could be called inventors. They are the ones who discovered how Magi dragons could use their powers to disintegrate any egg or young dragon, and re-integrate it at the desired destination. We don't know what other instruments they have come up with, for the list is nearly endless. They document each of their inventions on a long strip of parchment, which is kept safely tucked away in a wooden chest. These two inventors of Teleport, among other great gadgets of DC, shall go to numbers 10, lycrawaterz14, and 67, scm7271999!!!


Next is a trio of eggies: AN AUTUMN, A WHITE STRIPE, AND A SILVER, FROM THE GREAT STRIPED HAT OF EYOTA! On every rainy day, these three eggies disappear. Eyota's Funny Red Car also disappears. Just before a rain storm hits, these three eggies fall into a trance. They sit and rock back and forth for hours, muttering endlessly. Without warning, all three will jump into the air. They will form a little triangle, and just sit and stare at each other. Once again without warning, they will all get up and steal the Funny Red Car. Away they go, into the rain, laughing. A while later, they will show up at a seemingly random cave. They always seem to pick one with extremely bored hatchies in it. The trio will jump out of the Funny Red Car, and go torment other eggies for the hatchies delight. They will jump around, use clotheslines as ziplines, balance cake on broomsticks, and use nightgowns as kites. The hatchies will sit around, roaring with laughter, while the eggies fuss about how the trio could stoop so low. But they show no shame, the three. When the rains end, they pick up after themselves, and disappear, leaving behind a bunch of flabbergasted youngsters. These performers shall go to the following once the last raindrop falls: the autumn to number 55, UnNatural, the stripe to number 15, lilraindrop, and the silver to number 12, .Big.Pimpin.!!!


Could this be? Am I on time? Wow... ENJOY PEOPLE!

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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! GATHER AROUND! Before you, you see many little eggies in cages. Don't worry, they have been treated with care. MAM! PUT THAT PHONE DOWN! If you call the Eggy Rights Activist people, I will make sure you are humiliated in some way every time you step into public! Okay, are we all calmed down? Good, then we can continue.

WELCOME TO THE ABNORMAL EGGIES DEMONSTRATION! These eggies that you see before you are very out of the ordinary. Some of them look normal, but trust me, they suffer from out-of-this-world mutations. So, let us begin...


First up, we have A RED AND A SPLIT, BOTH EGGIES PICKED UP FROM THE RETURNING CAVES OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! As you can see, these both look very normal from the outside. However, if you dare lay a finger on them, you will notice the problem. The little red, although its species of dragon is famed for its fire, is extremely cold. Every now and again, a spastic shiver racks its body, making its insides slosh around. We think that it has undergone enough shivers to liquefy whatever is inside it as if it had been stuck in a blender. We fear that when the dragon emerges from the egg, it will either be hardly recognizable, or extremely dumb (or both). There is a chance that all the shaking is reforming the creatures brain, lending it intelligence. This is highly unlikely, though, so we suggest it simply be treated as a Jester of sorts. The split, on the other hand, is a bit weirder. When you move to touch it, every single atom that make the eggy up move aside. Your hand will pass through a kind of doughnut hole that was not there previously. The atoms will then snap back into position after you withdraw your hand. So the entire eggy acts as a hologram, except you can manipulate it. If you want the eggy to look like a pancake, for example, simply lower your hand as if you are going to pet it. All the atoms will immediately move downwards to get away from the encroaching hand. Pretty neat, hu? Well, these two eggies technically belong to dragon_love, but I bet they won't mind if I hand them out, right? The red eggy will go to number 19, Infinis, and the split will go to number 27, Dixie200!!!


Next, we have A PEBBLE AND A VAMPIRE EGGY, FROM THE WE-SOLIDIFY CORPORATION OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! If you are interested in solidifying anything you own, even if it is something such as a hologram, then We-Solidify is the place to go! However, that is not why you are all here. You are here to learn about these two eggies, which you can tell are abnormal as soon as you look at them. The little green pebble, to start with, doesn't look green at all. Instead, it looks like a very red-ish brown. This is because the little eggy was born with a fear to be the color green. The first blinding color it saw when it looked around was the red eye of a Magi. Ever since, the pebble has been trying to become the red eggy that it thinks it was destined to be. Just a couple of days ago, it got into a vat of red food coloring. Sadly, this was not the strong Dragon food coloring, that stains anything the exact color of the label. Instead, this was the type of food coloring that us humans use. The red simply coated the green, turning the eggy into an interesting brown color. We hope that the food coloring didn't leak through the shell into the developing dragon within, for the chemicals could easily cause some drastic changes. Perhaps the little eggy will get its wish, and come out of the egg red instead of green. Now we turn to the vampire. As you can see, it is covered in what appears to be fluff. No, it is not fluff. It is feathers. Downy feathers. Eventually, we expect this vampire to grow larger feathers, even flight feathers. The feathers also seem to be growing in the same colors as the shell underneath. If you pluck feathers out, however, they grow back a bright blue color. We can't even guess what kind of chicken mutant is going to come out of this egg, but we all know it can't be anything good! So, does anyone want some mutants? The pebble will go to number 30, Eluin Gentry, and the vampire chicken thing will go to number 5, dragon_love_100!!!


Last but not least, we have two eggs from opposite sides of DC: A WHITE EGGY FROM THE 2ND GENERATION CAVERNS OF EYOTA, AND A GOLD EGGY FROM THE LONG LINED TUNNELS OF ME, MYSELF, AND I! These have mutations which we were only able to distinguish after DNA testing. Both are suffering from the same disorder, something we have come to call Anti Description Disorder (or ADD for short). The white eggy shows signs of becoming a violent cannibal when it grows up. We don't know how far cannibalism goes, but we suspect eggies to be involved. We predict it will follow the paths of evil, and take a job beyond the Black Gates. At least, that is what the machine with multiple pretty lights told us. The gold is a weakling. Even as a hatchie, its scales will be a dull yellow instead of the bright gold that is to be expected. Each of these scales will be weak, like an eggshell that has been sitting in vinegar. We don't know for sure, but we think it might even show signs of albinism. The machine with pretty lights thinks that the adult gold will also be much smaller than everyone else, about the size of mint dragons. These outliers shall go to the following: the white to number 40, xxForGoodxx, and the gold to number 39, Soruc The Dragon!!!


That is all! I shall now retreat into my magical tent and disappear into a puff of smoke, leaving you all wondering what just happened.

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HOWDY! Today, we shall be discovering fears that are very irrational, even when eggies are the ones with the phobia. The eggies that follow aren't the brightest eggies in the world, but they all have solid-ish reasons behind their fears. So, let us discover what haunts out little eggy friends!


First up, a set of five: A SPLIT EGGY, A THUNDER EGGY, A WHITE EGGY, A RED EGGY, AND A LITTLE ALT BLACK HATCHIE, ALL FROM THE ACADEMY OF KNOW-IT-ALL BIRDS BELONGING TO MORGAINE LYTHANDE! All of these eggies (and the hatchie) have knowledge related fears. They claim that there is a great big scroll-monster (kind of like the cookie-monster) that haunts them, causing their Epistemophobia. It can walk through walls, and fly. It looks like a ghost, can hide as a wall painting, and is marching around banning knowledge. Most of the eggies have Phronemophobia, the fear of thinking. They claim that the scroll-monster will eat them if they think too much. The thunder eggy has developed a fear of words, Logophobia, and hardly says anything anymore. If it is sitting in class, and is asked to answer a question, it will scrawl words onto a scrap of parchment and hold it up to refrain from speaking. It also wears earmuffs a lot, so that it doesn't have to hear anything. The basis of this fear, it claims, is that words bite. They will go flying out of ones mouth, and either turn around and eat you or go eat holes in others. When asked how it knows this, it simply writes out the words 'scroll-monster', and jabs them to add emphasis. The little black hatchie isn't quite as badly off, but it does have Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, commonly known as the fear of long words. When we spoke the name of its phobia, the hatchie squealed and disappeared through a hole in the wall. We didn't see it again until a week later. Apparently the scroll-monster will stuff words into ones brain. The larger the word, the more painful this is. We suspect that all of these eggies have had their morning coffee spiked with hallucinogens. In the hope of getting them away from whomever is spiking the coffee, we are sending the eggies and hatchie away from the academy. If symptoms persist, then it will no longer be our problem. The split shall go to number 64, Deshera, the thunder to number 42, dragon_mando, the white to number 52, xXLatiasxXxLatiosXx, the red to number 2, FlashLightning, and the black alt to number 12, blackruby!!!


Certain eggies have nothing in common except their fears. This is the case of A WATER AND A SUN, BOTH FROM THE RESPLENDENT TADPOLE PONDS OF ELUIN GENTRY! The pair both have a fear of going to bed, and sleeping, Clinophobia and Somniphobia. Every day they run around, telling everyone about the dangers of sleeping. Every night they sit up, watching everyone else nod off against their warnings. A while back, these two eggies went to bed without a problem. One day, a troublesome hatchie put chicken feathers into the eggies beds. The feathers tickled and poked, causing the eggies to spin wild theories about a monster that lived under their beds and poked its long fingernails through the hay to tease them. This was where their fear of going to bed arose from. Their fear of sleeping came about when a great Roc (a type of bird that eats elephants as a snack) descended in the middle of the night. It meant no hard, and only wanted to rest for a bit. Sadly, it accidentally landed on the little fort that the eggies had built. It was their best one yet, with a labyrinth of halls. It even had towers, that rose towards the sky. When the eggies awoke to find their masterpiece in shambles, they vowed to never sleep again until they caught the Gnome that had done the damage, and made him pay for his crime. We think this means they will never sleep again, for the Roc was recently spotted flying around half a world away. We think a change of setting is just what these two need, so we are shipping them off to fort-making experts who's dragons sleep in nests of pine needles instead of the traditional hay: the water to number 9, FireAngel73, and the sun to number 23, Cheeselo!!!


In our next batch of eggies, one is actually fearless. It just enjoys torturing the other eggy out of its sanity. The two eggies are AN ELECTRIC AND A SKYWING, FROM THE PERPENDICULAR UNIVERSE OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! The little electric not only does not understand the concept of lying, but it also has developed many fears including Ailurophobia, the fear of cats. The little eggy would be completely devoid of fears if it wasn't for the skywing, who enjoys feeding the electric with lies that are taken to be true. The skywing has the electric thinking its a mouse, and that the skywing is a cat. Countless hours of chasing the electric into hiding places has done something to the skywing. Some of its neurology has gotten messed up, and it now truly believes it is a cat that wants to eat the sizzling electric. We don't think this will end too well if it continues, so we are separating the two before blackouts and tornadoes start to happen. The electric will go to a place that hopefully has cheese and an exercise wheel, number 14, GreenDragonMama; while the skywing will go to a place that can provide plenty of balls of yarn, number 50, jv_ju!!!


Our last little eggy is a SHALLOW WATER GOLDFISH, FROM THE YELLOW CAVES OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! The Yellow Caves are beautiful, and the eggy truly loves it there, but sadly it has Xanthophobia, which is the fear of the color yellow (as well as the word). It was found one morning sitting in its room. There were splatters of black ink on the walls, and the word 'yellow' was scratched into the ceiling. The eggy sat trembling behind a dresser that had been knocked over. The room was a mess, and looked as if the Tasmanian Devil had come through. No one knows what happened, or how a single eggy could have made such a mess. The only thing we know is that the eggy has to be taken away from the intense yellow color. To remedy the problem, we are going to ship the goldfish to a home near the great Koi Pond of DC: with number 35, jarlis!!!


Eh, not my best story ever... I'm running out of ideas people! FEED ME!


I hope you enjoyed!

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FIRST OF ALL: Those of you who only donated one eggy are going to be in the same paragraph as another person who donated only one eggy, for story purposes. I hope this doesn't cause confusion.


It's that time again, time for another GIVEAWAY OF AWESOMENESS! Eggies don't like work. Whether this work is clipping hedges or drawing pictures: if they were told to do it then they won't like it (or won't be very good at it). Coming up are the stories of certain working eggies, and the amount of damage they can do. So, let us begin...


*insert Who Wants to be a Millionaire music here*


Our first focus is on A RED EGGY, A THUNDER EGGY, AND A BLACK ALT HATCHIE, ALL FROM AROUND THE COMPUTER STORE OF MORGAINE LYTHANDE! The red and the thunder were told to man the computer store for the duration of the staff's lunch break. The pair immediately slouched into the chairs behind the counter and looked miserable. They didn't complain though, for the staff had promised them donuts if they did the job right. After a few minutes of boredom, the black alt burst into the store! It was wearing a cute little bandit mask, and brandishing something that resembled a squirt gun. Shouting that their mothers were hamsters, the hatchie demanded that the eggies hand over any and all money. The eggies tried to oblige, thinking that they were doing their job right. The register required a code to be inputted, but eggies have no hands. While the red eggy hopped up and down on top of the keyboard, trying to hit only one key at a time, the thunder squeezed under the machine and attempted to shut it down. Suddenly, the entire store went black. Sparks flew in all directions, and the black hatchie began squirting water all over the place. The thunder had sent a shock through a wire, which burned out all the electricity on the block. Grumbling and muttering, the hatchie grabbed a bag of newspapers and made a run for it. The two eggies were left in the dark, waiting for the actual staff of the shop to return. They were fired, and thrown into the streets. Thankfully, eggies are cute, and they soon found good homes: The red went to number 1, Emmejo, the thunder to number 33, eustic, and the black alt was kidnapped by number 60, TheTal!!!


Next up are A VAMPIRE EGGY, FROM THE CANDY FACTORY OF WILCZAK, AND AN ALBINO EGGY FROM THE PET SHOP OF UNNATURAL! The vampire, while usually not part of the workforce, was working in the chocolate section of the factory when a not-so-smart balloon dragon brought in the albino eggy. The balloon's excuse was that the albino shouldn't be cooped up in a pet shop all day, and that the factory would be a nice break from wallowing around in a cave. And so began the trouble. Since the albino had nothing better to do, it ran around the factory like a chicken that had lost its head. When it go tot the chocolate portion, it met the very cranky vampire (who was complaining about not being able to eat the chocolate it was sorting). The albino bounced around, pushed some buttons, and pulled on some levers. All of a sudden, everything started going faster and faster. The chocolate mixer spun out of control, all of the conveyor belts began to blur as they whipped around, and everyone began to run around in a frenzy to fix the place. The vampire spotted the albino at one of the control panels, and figured that was the place where the speed could be returned to normal. In the hope that it would get the day off if it made everything right, the little vampire tried to get over to where the albino was. While trying to pass through the little crowd of confused people, it was accidentally kicked onto a conveyor belt. No matter how quickly the eggy ran, it couldn't keep up with the speed of the belt bellow it. Soon, it was tired out, and allowed itself to be flung into the air again. This time it landed into a giant bowl of liquid chocolate, where it got beaten about by a berserk mixer. The bowl tipped over, and spilled into the top of a machine that made chocolate balls. The vampire survived the entire ball-making process, and after a few minutes it was in a box and on the back of a dragon used for shipping. The albino was not far away, clinging to the tail of a Whiptail dragon for no apparent reason. The two eggies were soon flying far above DC; slipping from where they were precariously balanced, in the case of the vampire-chocolate-ball, and from the place where they clung for dear life, in the case of the albino. When the pair finally did plummet downwards, they were lucky to have their fall broken by the rain-catchers (fashioned out of elephant ear leaves) of two very different caves. The vampire-chocolate-ball ended up with number 62, -Rinikka-, while the albino is safe and sound with number 47, Myrtaus!!!


There are a couple of eggies which have no problem with working, and actually enjoy it. What they don't like, is working with others. This next pair of eggies are like that: they are A SPLIT EGGY FROM THE DESIGNERS ACADEMY OF DRAGON_LOVE_100, AND A MAGI EGGY FROM THE INTERIOR FASHION COMPANY OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! An esteemed member of DC wanted their cave spiffed up, and so these two eggies were brought together to undertake the project. The two could not come to a conclusion. They brought in their design ideas, furniture, colored sprinkles (which are very different from the kinds of sprinkles we are familiar with), but couldn't decide who's idea to use. The split insisted on basing the entire design on old games, such as Dragon Invaders (known to us as Space Invaders) and Pong. The magi wanted bright colors, no matter how much the split insisted that old arcade games didn't have bright colors. Their arguments soon turned into a battle for supremacy, with each eggy trying to overthrow the other with more extravagant plans. Eventually, their pushing around of furniture and rustling of blueprints upset a toy box, which tipped over. The contents, mostly colorful wooden blocks, poured onto the stone floor of the cave. As the clattering stopped, a light bulb turned on behind the two gawking eggies. Immediately they began to sprinkle stuff with colors, put up wallpaper, move boxy furniture around. When they walked out of the cave, the entire place had been transformed into a game of Tetris. Each piece of furniture resembled a Tetris block in both shape and color, and the walls were plastered with a slow-moving animation of colorful cubes falling from the ceiling. Both of the eggies agreed it was a great success, although cave owners might think twice before selecting the pair for any more projects. The eggies walked off into the sunset, where they bumped into a painted wall and knocked themselves unconscious. They were found the next day: the split by number 18, -Midnight, and the magi by number 54, Morgaine Lythande!!!


And that is all! Please, don't forget to thank dragon_love_100 for the story ideas! Give 'em a cookie, for I would be brain-dead without them!

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Welcome everyone to another giveaway! This one isn't on schedule, so I hope you all got comfortable in some fancy chairs while you waited. Now, go refill your mug with hot chocolate so we can get started!


Donators: Every paragraph bellow contains two eggies. I hope this doesn't cause any confusion.


The autumnal season is drawing to an end, and with only one more month to go until winter eggies are rushing to finish up their leafy fun. Two little eggys that don't want Autumn to end are A DORKY FACED VAMPIRE EGGY FROM THE GREAT TREE OF DRAGON_LOVE_100, AND AN EVEN SPITFIRE EGGY FROM THE GLASS DUNES OF AUTANA! These two eggies, not heeding the warnings of multiple wise dragons, decided to meet up at the Great Tree on a windy day. The wind whistled through the branches, made the leaves rustle, and caused the entire tree to twist and sway. The pair climbed the tree while a rain of golden and reddened leaves fluttered downwards. From on high, the eggies watched the wind bend the grasses, and make fields appear to be liquid. Their reason for coming was because they wanted to leaf-surf. In DC, the leaves of certain trees are much larger and stronger, able to support the weight of an eggy or a light hatchie as they flutter down to the ground. And so the eggies began to search for a pair of decent sized leaves. They searched and searched until the sun began to sink bellow the horizon, but were only able to find one leaf that would work. Not wanting to miss their chance, they decided to ride the leaf together. This didn't go too well, as these great leaves are designed to support one and only one eggie. The leaf was soon sporting a few holes, and went plummeting to the ground. The two eggies were found a couple of days later, covered by leaves. The vampire was taken home by number 38, Nyda, and the spitfire was taken by number 57, leoak!!!


With autumn comes Thanksgiving, and with Thanksgiving comes food, and with food there is always dessert. Two little eggies in charge of dessert this year are A MINT EGGY FROM THE COFFEE SHOP OF ALYST, AND A PINK EGGY FROM THE BAKING SCHOOL OF EMMEJO! The turkey is stuffed, the cornbread is baking, and the crandberry sauce is carefully hidden from the people with spoons. Everything has been taken care of, except for the delecacies that are served after everyone is full. The little mint and pink eggies are experts in this field, and have been professionally making sweet confections since the dawn of time. Their Thanksgiving plans include a fruit jell-o, pumpkin pies, various sauces, strudle, and even a cake. Sadly, the way these eggies work is that they use a slave force of chickens. The DC Humane Society recently caught wind of the 'volunteer' chicken slave army, and are closing in. In the midst of making pumpkin pie, a great Bumblebee Dragon could be heard humming outside (because DC is in short supply of helicopters). Dragons shouted, eggies complained, and all the moon blinked chickens raised their heads and blankly stared out the windows. There was a moment of silence, as the entire scene seemed to hold its breath. Then chaos errupted. Doors were broken down, chickens were dragged out, and the whole place was turned inside out as dragons searched for the two eggies. They were never found, at least not by those who were after them. Instead, the eggies retired to peaceful lives with new owners: the mint with number 50, Chaser11, and the pink with number 47, jojokey!!!


Thanksgiving is about thank yous, as the name implies. A thank-you-giver and a receiver-of-thank-yous are A FLAMINGO EGGY FROM THE ALCHEMISTS ASSOCIATION OF WILCZAK, AND A SIMPLE SHALLOW WATER GOLDFISH EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! The goldfish and the flamingo have continuously bumped into each other, starting a few weeks back. At one point, the flamingo was in a tree and couldn't get down. The goldfish eggy had come along, climbed the tree, and set the little flamingo back on the ground. On another occasion, the flamingo had accidentally turned itself into a little eggy made of tin, and the goldfish had to oil the hinges so that it could change itself back to normal. Time and time again this happened, with the flamingo stuck in some sticky situation that the goldfish helped with. Now, the flamingo wanted to show its gratitude for all the help, so it offered to turn the little shallow water into gold. After a little prompting, the goldfish eggy accepted. The next day, the flamingo brought out all its instruments and liquids, and set to work. It rushed around the shallow water: sprinkling something here, setting up something there. After an hour, it stepped back and declared that it was done. The goldfish thanked the flamingo and began to walk away, but as it did so the flamingo saw some of the gold fade away. A mistake had been made, and now there was a goldfish eggy marching around as if it was shiny. Deciding it wasn't too big of a problem, the flamingo packed up and turned to leave, only to bump into a tree. The two eggies never saw each other again, but they did get some nice new homes: the goldfish (still thinking it was made of gold) ran into number 39, MischiefTigertot, and the flamingo was later found by number 11, AngelinDecline!!!


Dinner parties are all fine and dandy. People talk, tell jokes, eat. But there is always that one guest that is the life of the party. In this particular case, it is two eggies: A SPLIT AND A BLACK EGGY, BOTH FROM THE HIDEOUTS OF SHALAREAN! A conversation had started up at the table about fashion, and in the middle of it all the two eggies disappeared. They uncovered a box of clothes in a dusty corner, and got to work. Sitting one attop the other to look a bit taller, the pair put on fancy furs and high heels, gowns and sparkling jewels. When the other guests saw them walking towards the table, it took them a moment to recognize the two young dragons. Tripping and stumbling, they did their best to immitate the way modern fashion worked. Everyone was soon laughing uncontrollably, even the eggies. The disguise fell appart as layer after layer of clothes were shed. By the end of the night, everyone was drunk off laughter and sillyness. Had they been asked, they wouldn't have been able to tell up from down. That might be part of the reason that these two eggies ended up in the wrong place: the split with number 40, Gali, and the black with number 26, gravitricity!!!


Not everyone spends their Thanksgivings relaxing. An example would be THE WHITE STRIPE AND THE AUTUMN EGGIES FROM THE FORESTY HOME OF EYOTA! They have placed a bet on who will be the most productive in the span of 33 hours. In a frenzy of excitment, the two have been rushing around doing as much as possible. They cook, they hang up decorations, they juggle, they climb trees, they count their steps, they keep the guests entertained. Each is trying to do more, be better. By the end of the day, the two are exhausted. They have currled up in a corner away from the laughing guests, have lost count of their steps, fallen out of trees, broken eggs, toilet papered the house, and turned the kitchen into a white wonderland of flour and powdered sugar. By the end of the night, they have shrunken into the shadows and disappeared under a pile of pillows. When they awaken, they find that they are alone. They have forgotten about the bet, and selfishly eat the turkey that just came out of the oven a couple of minutes ago. Delirious with lack of sleep, the two wandered off in opposite directions, looking for people. They eventually ran into a few dragons, who promptly escorted them into systems of tunnels. The white stripe lives on with number 13, EragonSaphiraRider, while the autumn is stuck with number 16, Rockin' On!!!


As the light of day fades out of the sky, and the blanket of navy blue darkness descends upon the world, mostly everyone yawns and goes to bed. This is not the case with AN AUTUMN AND A WHITE EGGY FROM THE ECHOEING HALLS OF KLINNEAH! The duo are practically nocturnal: sleeping through most of the day and staying up all night. On most nights, they are mischevious. They will whisper in the ears of hatchies, cast long shadows on the walls, play with light and mirrors, and steal cookies. But on crystal clear nights, these two will lay in a grassy field and stare up at the stars. The pinpricks of light dazzle, twinkle, and dance. Every now and again, a comet will shoot across the sky, slicing the moon in two as it goes. Fireflies come to visit the two eggies, and provide amusement in the form of moving pictures. The two eggies couldn't be happier, while they nibble on the cookies they stole the night before. The only problem is that when they are finally ready for bed, they can't get there without making a loud noise. Either they trip over a squeaky toy, or cause a vase to crash into the floor. Although they make a brilliant alarm clock if you plan to be up an hour before the sun rises, they mostly just cause annoyance. And so they must be gotten rid of. On one of those clear nights, klinneah called in a a whirlwind to spirit the eggies away. They were picked up by the winds and flown to random areas of DC. The autumn was dropped off with number 33, , and the white rolled into the cave of number 3, LightningRip!!!


And that is the end folks! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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WELCOME LADIES AND GENTS! Before you are the victims of several attacks, which we suspect are connected. The attacks were by the fearsome Marrows of Black, which is the name we have given to a group of Black Marrows. Halloween is almost a month behind us, and these dragons are getting both restless and hungry. So gather around, and let me tell you the stories of those who have fallen prey to these creatures of the Dark Side (the one where they don't have cookies).


Parties are fun until they crash, and nobody knows this better than A WATER AND AN OCHREDRAKE FROM THE EARTHEN HILLS OF UNNATURAL! These two were the hosts of a very large party. There was confetti, pie, music, and lots of eggies and hatchies. The guests streamed in and out of the grounds all day, and the sounds of laughter and chatter were constant. The sweet aromas of pastries and mouth watering scents of fancy food-heaped platters filled the air, drawing eggies and hatchies in. Out of all the folks there, only one black marrow was wandering around. The hatchies bony exoskeleton was barely starting to poke through its skin, and it did not yet smell like a rotting carcass. We are now suspecting that it was a spy, for in the middle of the party it disappeared. Ten minutes later, the sky went black. Everyone stopped moving, dazed and confused in the darkness. The first screams and wails could be heard a mile away, and they came from those who were crushed by the landing dragons. The Marrows let forth a bone-shattering (literally) screech and began to pick out the fattest eggies and the juiciest hatchies. The water was stepped on in its attempt to escape the swimming pool. Odd colored liquids leaked out of cracks in its shell, forming a funny looking puddle around it. The ochredrake was considered fat, and picked up by a hefty Marrow. Thankfully, this Marrow wasn't the brightest one around. As it looked around, confused, at the sound of another screech, the little eggy pushed a chunk of sandstone into its outstretched claws. The Marrow picked up the rock without looking, and turned away from the little eggy. When the attackers finally left, everything was in shambles. The guests crawled around, huddled together, and turned their faces towards the warm rays of the sun. The water and the ochredrake were later taken away from the party, so that they could recover from their wounds and their fright. The water was shipped to number 21, Dawnflower!0, and the ochredrake went with number 14, sarahfish89!!!


Eggies are friendly and like to play, but sometimes they are a bit too friendly. This is was the case with a GOLD EGGY FROM THE DORKYFACED DWELLINGS OF PTEPROCKS, AND AN EMBER EGGY FROM THE LAVA FIELDS OF ELUIN GENTRY! These two were playing a game in a grassy field. They had decided to switch ranks for the day: the ember got to act like a metallic, while the gold played the role of a humble servant full of hot air. They had been playing for well over an hour, running around and having a great deal of fun, when something fell from the sky. There was a moment of grayness, when the warm day suddenly turned cold, but it lasted by a heartbeat. When the eggies went to investigate, they found a mature Black Marrow hatchie. It sat there with its neck twisted into an odd position. The gold approached, asking if it was all right. There was a loud snap, and the hatchie looked back to normal. Then the ember approached, and asked where it had come from. The hatchies gaze locked on the little eggy, and followed it wherever it went. The gold stepped forward again, and asked if it wanted to play. With lighting speed, the little hatchie jabbed its beak into the eggy. A crack formed and began to spread across the eggies golden shell. The ember jumped forth, and pushed the gold back, but didn't escape without getting a hole pecked into it. The ember collapsed, but continued to push the gold away from the terrible creature. When the ember couldn't go on, the gold took over, and dragged its friend all the way to civilization. The pair were rushed away to a hospital, and are going to good homes where they can recover. The gold goes to number 49, Oakash, and the ember is off to number 36, Max Claire!!!


Certain eggies have made contact with these evil Marrows, such as A FLAMINGO EGGY FROM THE CAVE CATCHERS OF ALYST, AND A HARVEST EGGY FROM THE FARMS OF EYOTA! They landed in the midst of an attack while they were simply strolling along the banks of a river. There were Marrows everywhere: coming out of the water, flying overhead, crashing through the trees. The two eggies began to flee from the chaos, when a giant female alighted before them. She looked down on the two, first at the flamingo and then at the harvest. When her eyes fell on the little harvest, her jaw dropped slightly. She announced that the harvest was her darling baby, which caused the harvest to screech and the flamingo to fall over laughing. Being caught from the cave, the little flamingo had no understanding of the significance of parents. The harvest, however, was mortified! It didn't want to live its life in the shadow of some blood-thirsty beast. But then the flamingo, between bouts of laughter, muttered something about famously being the child of a known outlaw. Oh, the ghost stories that could be spun from this! And so the little harvest smiled, and asked the great Marrow if it could pass. Naturally, the female let them escape to safety. The two escaped with but a couple of scratches and grass stains, but ended up at different caves than those they knew. The flamingo is to be with number 6, Lolchen, while the harvest goes with number 42, hpluvr97!!!


Some eggies strayed a bit too far from home during these attacks, such as A VINE EGGY FROM THE BURROWS OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW, AND A MAGI EGGY FROM THE MOUNTAIN-TOP HOME OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! These two eggies were very adventurous, so they agreed to meet at the base of an inactive volcano and go exploring. They climbed all the way to the top of the volcano, and peered into the crater. They saw something bellow, and could smell the stench of rotting meat. Full of curiosity, they carefully began to descend into the volcano. When they reached the bottom, the magi's bright orange shell gave them away. Millions upon millions of beady black eyes turned their way. The entire place was a confusion of black and white as dragons shifted around to glare at the eggies. There was a pause in which the world stood still, but it didn't last as long as the eggies hoped. The dragons all lunged, with sharp beaks and claws aiming for the delicate shells of the eggies. The skirmish lasted only a minute, and ended with the eggies being rocketed towards the sky by the flick of a tail. They had survived (sort of), and were now plummeting towards the ground. They landed on soft ferns in a rain forest, and wandered around until they found caves to live in. The vine is now with number 28, akw12, while the magi is with number 1, dracoon!!!


That is all!!!

And remember folks, next giveaway is DONATOR WRITTEN!!! Your theme will be... POWDERED SUGAR! Feel free to interpret that in any way you want.

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YELLOW EVERYONE! Or purple, but yellow just seems to work better as a greeting. So, YELLOW EVERYONE, AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! As most of you know, this was supposed to be written by our dear donators. The donator-written giveaway has been postponed until next time, with the same prompt: Powdered Sugar.


As for this giveaway, buckle your seat belts! You are about to be exposed to the thrills of carnival life! Whether it be riding the roller coasters or manning the game booths, you'll hear of it all. So, let us continue on with the actual stories, shall we?


FIRST UP, WE HAVE A HARVEST EGGY FROM THE MANSIONS OF ALEXIS_HUNTER! Being from among the rich, there is always some-dragon fretting over the little harvest. When the fair came to town, the eggy snuck away from the constant attention it received. Wearing a black cloak to disguise itself, the eggy headed straight for the giant roller coaster. This was the largest and scariest ride in DC: with vortexes, zero-gravity, and speeds that exceed a dragons air speed velocity. Jumping with joy, the eggy handed its ticket over the counter and hopped into the front seat. Just as the ride was starting, a dragon from the mansion spotted the eggy. It shrieked, and flew up to where the eggy was, demanding that it dismount from the ride immediately. The eggy just laughed, and then disappeared through one of the vortexes. The dragon followed, only to realize that the coaster had shot out of reach. With horror in its eyes, the dragon watched as the eggy swung around the loops, flipped upside down, corkscrewed around, bounced through space, and floated off the tracks. By the time the ride was over, the dragon had fainted and the eggy was as shaken up as a milk-shake. Walking around as if it had just finished off a bottle of wiskey, the harvest tottered out of the fair and made for home. Now, when one is bleary-eyed and dizzy, even walking in the general direction of home becomes difficult. And so the eggy wandered off course, no matter how hard it tried to keep going towards the mansions. Eventually, it ended up knocking on the door of number 12, DeathDymin!!!


NEXT UP IS A RED DORSAL EGGY, FROM THE GLACIERS OF -RINIKKA-! The glaciers have been carved into museums, hotels, and even an amusement part. This little dorsal has had its eye on some fancy ice-skates for some time now, and so it volunteers at the glaciers to earn money. Nearly every day, it shoulders a bag of supplied and heads off to one of the glacier buildings. It shines the floors, stuffs pillows and sleeping bags, fixes drips and leaks, and even helps carve out new rooms. One day, when the eggy was working in the amusement part, one of the great slides was shut down for repairs. These slides wrap around rooms, following the walls, and visitors slide down them on satin pillows. The ice that forms these slides often grows thin over time, and needs to be replenished. The dorsal had never done this kind of work before, but it set out to patch a few holes regardless of its inexperience. When it arrived at a low spot on the slide, the eggy whipped out a pail of snow and a heat gun and set to work. It placed a little bit of the snow on the spot, and then gunned it down with heat. The snow melted, spreading along the spot that needed fixing. Thinking it would freeze without assistance, as it did in the museums, the eggy moved on. Soon, it had 'fixed' every weak spot there was. The slide reopened, and visitors raced down it for another while. Suddenly, there was a cracking sound. The ticking and squeaking of breaking ice continued for a while, until it ended with a loud crash. The melted snow had stayed hot thanks to the friction caused by the satin pillows. The warm water melted through the rest of the ice, weakening the slide even more until parts of it came crashing down. The eggy was sought out by the moose-guards, and escorted out. Now homeless and jobless, the eggy wandered around for a few days until it found the home of number 34, klinneah!!!


LAST BUT NOT LEAST, WE HAVE A TERRAE, A GOLDFISH, AND A GLORY EGGY, AS WELL AS A SUNSET HATCHIE, ALL FROM THE WALKING SHOP OF YOYOHEADRED15! This mistical walking shop roams around, moving from high-traffic area to high-traffic area. This time, it has stopped at a little carnival. The shop quickly transformed into a series of booths that provided both food and entertainment. The wicked little sunset hatchie managed to get its own booth, and began to set up a balloon-popping game (where you throw darts at balloons and get prizes for popping them). With a wicked smile on its face, the hatchie hung up all the balloons; all except three. Before opening shop, the hatchie filled the three empty spaces with the three eggies. When paying customers began to step up, the hatchie explained that the swirled and spotted balloons were jackpots. The popping of one would result in a grand prize being won by the dart thrower. And so, for the rest of the day, the hatchie watched with glee as people through dull-pointed darts at the eggies. The eggies didn't pop, although some of them began to crack. Before the day was up and the hatchie walked away with a pocket full of gold, the eggies managed to dislodge themselves from the wall. At the same time, they pounced on the sunset hatchie, and offered it as a prize to whomever could pop five balloons consecutively. Since most other prizes were gone, the eggies offered themselves as prizes to those who could pop three balloons. Soon, they were all gone with other people: the terrae with number 47, Kandycat, the goldfish with number 28, amamiya_ritsukabi29, the glory with number 11, umbreonstarlight, and the wicked sunset hatchie with number 40, Alyst!!!


That is all! Not very much, I know, but it was something. DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE NEXT DRAWING! It be special!

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WELCOME EVERYONE TO A START-OF-DECEMBER, DONATOR WRITTEN, GIVEAWAY OF GREATNESS!!! Our stories today focus mainly on sweats. Cake, icing, powdered sugar, and even those candies that are sour. Half of the stories bellow are written by those kind enough to give up their eggies. The other half are written by me, so that those who don't have the time to write can donate anyways (I have also added lines at the beginnings of stories to clarify which eggy is being talked about wherever it was needed, but that is all). Enjoy!


Three young eggs from Alexis_Hunter's well mixed group a small trio of eggs were wandering around debating what they liked better, something sweet or something sour. There was the Ember who liked the sour foods, the Terrae who liked the sweater stuff, and the lone Split who was half a mind about everything. As they were debating trying to sway the split fully to their side they were not paying attention to where they were walking. Around the group there were a lot of cliffs and mountains to keep the dragons well protected and hidden. As it started to get colder the split shivered looking around at all this white stuff that was now all around them. The Terrae called out gleefully running across it, though since it was cold and slippery soon the little green egg disappeared from their sight. The Ember told the split to stay there, since the snow didn't bother them as much as they ran after their fellow egg. Soon the split was left alone, hearing the wind howl all around it. Both minds actually agreed on something for once, to go get an elder dragon to find the others. The egg started out but soon realized it was heading in the wrong direction as it too slipped down a steep cliff. It was too late for an older seasonal dragon to find them missing following their trails to where they were. The EMBER ended up in goldhorseshoes70 number 16's ground, the Terrae in LadyAmlaruil2 number 44's cave and the Split in moonfreak number 29's farm. The season saw they were all in good hands and decided to just keep watch over them.


And then there was a vine eggy...

In the kitchens of klinneah, this egg is nothing less than a masterful cook. Everything from alfalfa to abalone, zatar to zingers (a snack cake) has made its way into one of this eggy's dishes. One day, this eggy was experimenting with icing when it spilled the powdered sugar. It got everywhere! In the cupboards, under the stove, in the refrigerator, even in the pipes of the very expensive well-draining sink. It clogged up the food processor under the drain, it coated the floor in a sticky, powdery snow, it even covered the egg! Surprised and slightly shocked, the egg proceeded to blink rapidly, then try and clean up the only way it could - by licking every surface in sight. By the time it was done, it was a very sick, very full, very sweet little vine egg. This eggy goes to number 41, thomasgold19!!!


Our next two eggies are have two things in common: they love sweets and have a knack for explosions. They are A VAMPIRE EGGY, FROM THE GYPSUM CAVES OF ANNIELYLA, AND A GRAY EGGY FROM THE LABORATORIES OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! On an icy cold day, these two eggies met in the secret labs of dragon_love to try and find a way to turn sand into sugar. They found samples of gypsum (white) sand, beach sand, powdery sand, and even gravel. Every time they mixed colorful liquids together, a new odor entered the air. Some of the combination exploded, others sizzled and evaporated, and a few of them spilled onto the eggies. Whenever the colorful potions were dripped onto the sand, something odd would happen. The gypsum turned invisible, the beach sand turned into lead, and the powdery sand exploded. After a long and very unproductive day, both eggies looked like they had just been to war. The vampire was invisible, with only its markings showing. The gray was burned and charred in various placed, and smelled like fresh baked gingerbread. The pair left the labs and began to wander homeward, but they were eggnapped by a pair of ninjas. The ninjas randomly deposited them in front of two caves: the vampire with number 38, dragon_love_100, and the gray with number 5, Toklo!!!


Our next batch of eggies share a strange passion for sugars, they are A GOLDFISH, A PURPLE RIDGEWING, A BLUNA, AND A PURPLE EGGY, ALL FROM THE MUSEUM COMPLEX OF LATIAS LATIOS! The purple, who comes from a long line (or two) of notable dragons, was the first one to suggest making a sugar museum. The other eggies looked at each other, stood on their heads, and agreed. In the middle of the night, three of the eggies snuck into an abandoned museum. The purple and the ridgewing sawed a few holes in some walls, and got to work cleaning the place up. The bluna went over what its friends had done, and added a few traces of color in some corners. The goldfish was not present at the building, and was instead across town stealing a firetruck. It rushed the truck to a nearby sugar refinery, and filled the water tank with sugar and boiling water. When it arrived at the museum, the firetruck was full of super-saturated sugar water. This water was emptied into the building, where it would sit and grow sugar crystals into the walls. The four eggies watched as the sun rose, and police cars pulled up to the building. The eggies were charged with theft and trespassing and were rushed off to places where they could think about what they had done. The museum grew into a giant and multicolored sugar crystal that still stands there to this day. The eggies were sent off to different caves: the goldfish to number 8, Eyota, the ridgewing to number 21, Wilczak, the bluna to number 30, Twister935, and the purple to number 23, lost1ny3gurl!!!


From the jam cupboard of Emerald_Shadowclaw comes a glimmering Nebula eggy! This little Nebula eggy is the child of a marshmallow - or so it believed. It couldn't take it when it found out its mother was the feared Black Mallow. So, armed with nothing but powdered sugar, it set out on a Quest to take down Black Mallow...until it got lost and fell into a cupboard full of jamjars. It seemed they were preparing for the birthday of one of the jamjars - from what the eggy could see, the 384th - and one of them took the powdered sugar from the eggy. But they thought the eggy was powdered sugar as well, and almost made it into icing. The eggy fell into the icing once it was realised it wasn't sugar, and the jamjars got angry and threw it - still covered in icing - into the nearest cave, the cave of number 40, Alexis_Hunter!


Our next, and last, pair of eggies for tonight actually despise sweets and sours: A SPLIT AND A TAN RIDGEWING EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF AWESOMENESS OF ROCKIN' ON! They have been surrounded by treats and desserts since before they can remember, and they are sick of it all. They were very happy when they were given the privilege to add doors to their own private caverns, allowing them to shut out the world of sugar for a while. Sadly, this wouldn't last. While they were eating dinner one day, a very evil Sweetling dragon announced that it wanted to experiment with turning eggs into desserts. Rockin' On, seeing the looks on the eggies faces, didn't want to let this valentine dragon carry out its plan. But the Sweetling was desperate. In the middle of the day (because the night seemed so cliche), the dragon broke down the eggies doors and stole them away. By the end of the next day, the two eggies had been semi-successfully turned into what they hated the most. The split had turned into a truffle, with swirls and banana flavored filling. The little ridgewing was turned into scoops of ice cream, sitting in a goblet with chocolate bark and syrup sprinkled over it. They ended up in the mail, to be shipped as christmas presents to random dwellers of DC. The split went to number 51, MendezLightning, while the ridgewing went to number 12, Kaini!!!


And that is the end! I hope you enjoyed our sweet little giveaway. Thank the donators on your way out!



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HELLO! WELCOME! COME IN! This is the jam-jar cupboard! Usually, our life is rather slow. We sit around, watch jars get emptied, filled, and molded. But today is a day of joy! Today is the birthday of our dear little Jammy! So come on in, and join in the madness!!!


Firstly, let us present the birthday girl (and her pet). IN WALKS A LITTLE RED DORSAL, FOLLOWED BY ITS OWNER EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW (also known as Jammy the Jam-Jar)! She is still young, as far as jam-jars go, and her contents slosh around inside her as she skips around. In this world, age can be determined by how much the jam inside a jar has solidified. If it's watery, and sloshes around, the jam-jar is young. If the jam is solidified, with a couple of spots of molds, then the jar is old. Every jam-jar gets a pet that starts out as an eggy. When the eggy hatches, the hatchling either stays or runs away. If it runs away, then the jam-jar gets another eggy and tries again. Jammy's most recent eggy skips around behind her, waddling quickly to keep up with the fast paced birthday girl. They pass tables stacked high with presents, trays filled with fancy drinks, and bubble-blowing stations for the easily amused. After a while, the little dorsal eggy gets tired, and can no longer keep up with Jammy, who disappears in the crowd. The eggy wanders around for a while, but ends up getting stepped on by a very big and fat jar full of pickles. The dorsal's shell cracks, and shatters into a million little pieces. A little hatchie is left standing on a little pile of shell shards, looking around with dumbfounded eyes at the jars. One jar of jelly stepped forward, and coaxed the hatchie away with peanut butter. It will now get to live happily with number 27, XxChloexX!!!


Another eggy is lost in the crowd, A LITTLE TWO-FINNED BLUNA FROM THE CABINET ACROSS THE HALL OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! This bluna was supposed to be a gift for Jammy, but it got impatient waiting inside of its box. It had been placed in a blue and striped hat-box by dragon_love, and really needed to go to the bathroom. And so the little eggy began pushing against the side of the box, causing the present to move. People didn't seem to notice, and no one stepped on it, so it kept moving. When it bumped into something, it pushed a little harder. A surprised voice sounded from outside, and then the lid was lifted from the box. The bluna blinked wildly as light streamed into the dark space it had been sitting in. When its eyes adjusted, it was looking up at none other than number 2, Emerald_Shadowclaw!!!


And that was a short giveaway, but there appears to be no more lost eggies in the crowd. Please enjoy the party, and just keep in mind that tea-time is in a few hours and the Missus enjoys jelly and toast along with her tea. Don't forget to congratulate Emerald on the way out!

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HELLO, AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Today's giveaway is full of music, swamps, and funny little points of light! It is also full of donators who donated only one eggy, and therefore get to share their paragraphs, hopefully without too much confusion.


So, go get yourself some candied apples, hot chocolate, or popcorn, and let's get started! There will be an intermission during which you can get more refreshments, or just step outside for a breath of fresh air. Don't forget to recycle your 3D glasses when you are done with them. Enjoy the show!


*country music plays as the lights dim and the cartoons fade to black before the changing of reels*


Music fills DC in much the same way that it fills the world we are familiar with. However, not many people (or dragons) know why or how. Two eggies discovered the answers to these questions: A PAIR OF PURPLE RIDGEWINGS FROM THE LAIRS OF XBCDRT8741 AND ALEXIS_HUNTER! These two have been surrounded by music for all of their young lives. Songbirds tweet out the background music, and little hatchlings dance through the fields chanting their favorite songs. They have even attended some of the fancy concerts which occur on occasion, where the older dragons make wood and string contraptions sound like heaven on earth. Now, since iPods do not yet exist in the world of dragons, the eggies learn songs and sing them when wanted. One day, they were making up lyrics to go with what the birds were singing. Suddenly, the woods that surrounded them began to melt. They ran away in a stream of color, leaving behind a world of black. One of the eggies uttered a word, and immediately the darkness exploded in colors. When silence returned, so did the impenetrable black. After a few minutes of playing around with this odd place, the eggies broke into song again. The colors never missed a beat, and flowed with the music. As the eggies moved around this strange world, the trees slowly began to return. Some of the colors from the world of music leaked out with the eggies as they stepped back into their own universe, filling the forest with vibrant melody. Still dreaming of the colorful darkness, the eggies wandered towards new caverns. The ridgewing from Xbc went to number 13, Meganthewolf, while the one from Alexis went to number 6, moonmommy5!!!


*the strumming of banjos transitions slowly into piano music*


Not all eggies are thrilled when they hear the ringing of an instrument. Quite on the contrary, there is one pair of eggies that jumps when they hear the tapping of piano keys: A PURPLE DINO EGGY FROM THE CASTLES OF THOMASGOLD19, AND A RED EGGY FROM THE SWAMPY HOME OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! It was on a gray and cloudy day when these two acquired their melophobia. They were just like any other eggy back then, and would go to great lengths to find the source of a nice tune. On this day, they heard light and cheery piano music coming from inside the swamplands. They took of towards where they thought it was coming from, and before long they were doing their best to stay on the dry parts of the wet place, hopping from grassy clump to grassy clump. No matter how far they went, they could not find who was playing the music. The sound got louder and louder, and then changed from cheery to a slow waltz. Without warning, all sounds stopped. The two looked around, clearly confused. The dino saw something in the distance, but when it turned to look for the red eggy it wasn't there. The dino panicked, and began calling out for its friend. Only silence answered. Suddenly, it noticed it was half-way submerged in murky water. The swamp was sucking it in, trying to drown it. Something tickled the dino, and then everything went dark. When the two awoke once again, they had lost all memories of the past except for that of following nice music to a nasty end. They live happily now with new owners: the dino with number 33, Amut un Rama, and the red with number 19, MisaTange!!!



*the cartoons return, and colorful lights come on along the stairs*


A few minutes later...

*the reels are once again changed and the lights go out to the sound of organs*


Some eggies live only because of music. They are odd and uncommon, but exist in much the same way as those who cannot live without some vital item. Two such eggies are A PYGMY EGGY FROM THE CANDLELIT HOME OF AUTANA, AND A VINE EGGY FROM THE ROTTING MANSIONS OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! Neither of these eggies can survive for long without some kind of melody playing in the background. Both, however, have had to suffer through silence. On one occasion, there was a strong windstorm that blew out all the candles in the home of the pygmy. In the dark it stumbled around, and accidentally strayed into a guest room. The door slammed shut behind it, and everything went quiet. The eggy began to go mad, scratching at the walls and calling for help. When it was finally found, it sat in a corner rocking back and forth. It kept glancing around, as if something was coming after it, and muttering something about pillbugs. The vine eggy, on the other hand, didn't go insane for accidental reasons. It was the most friendly eggy in the mansions of Emerald, and was always polite to everyone. One day, a very mean hatchie came into the mansion. It was going to stay only for a little while, but it caused plenty of damage while it was there. It locked the vine into a room, turned off the radio, and watched it beg for music. The hatchie found this amusing, and felt powerful. After a while, the vine simply sat down and grinned up at the hatchie, who had started to worry. Finally, the hatchie asked if the vine was all right. The little eggy simply continued grinning, and introduced itself as a zombie. Excitedly it shook the hatchies paw, and then waddled out of the room. It has been in a completely good mood ever since, and always introduces itself as a zombie. The two eggies have been seemed too unstable to remain in their current homes, and so they are being sent off to new owners. We hope they will recover. The pygmy will go to number 25, RiverStorm, and the vine (zombie, I mean) goes to number 30, AnnieLyla!!!


*dancing music begins to play as the theater lights come back on*


Thank you for joining us! Please exit to the right, and be sure to return real soon!

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HELLO EVERYONE, AND WELCOME TO A SHORT GIVEAWAY! And quite literally, this is short. You will see why shortly. I hope you enjoy!


First up, we have A PYGMY EGGY AND A NEBULA HATCHIE, FROM THE SNOWY MOUNTAINS OF PUREDARK006! In the snowy mountains, winter is colder than cold. And the pygmy doesn't like it. Day after day it sits as close to the fire as possible, trying to keep warm. The hatchie, on the other hand, loves the cold weather. Not only does it make the sky beautifully clear (perfect for star gazing), but everything just seems to shine in the eyes of the little nebula. Being a hatchie, the nebula also has the ability to retain heat much better than the tiny pygmy. Despite their different views on the weather, the hatchie and the eggy are good friends. The nebula keeps the pygmy warm at night, by letting it sleep under its wing, and the pygmy tells jokes and stories. On one especially chilly morning, however, the nebula was unable to find the pygmy. They had fallen sleep the night before as usual, and now the eggy was gone. Then the hatchie heard a distant voice, squeaking. It looked around, but the sound only faded the farther away it got from where it had started. Finally, the hatchie found its friend. The pygmy had inexplicably shrunken to the size of a small marble, and was rolling around near the little fire place. Worried that the extra-small eggy would never survive the cold of winter, the nebula picked it up and began running through the tunnels within the mountain. Eventually it reached a cave that was much further down than the snow-capped peaks. There the pygmy was left, in a place where it would be warm. On the return journey, the nebula got lost, so it also ended up with someone new. The pygmy is with number 24, Maedenesque, while the nebula ended up with number 29, xxForGoodxx!!!


Three other eggies have gotten into trouble with size: A GUARDIAN, A SKYWING, AND A SPITFIRE, FROM THE CHEMICAL TESTING AREAS OF AUTANA! These three are always up to date, following whatever fashion trend comes their way. One day, a silly mint dragon gobbled down some chemicals, with the effects being that it was turned into a hatchie. The eggies were stunned, and for some reason they thought that every hatchie they knew had once been an older dragon. Thinking that this down-sizing was a new trend, the three eggies rolled around in the chemicals for a while. They ended up shrinking until they could all three fit into the palm of a humans hand. When these chemicals were tested, the three eggies were found. Not being able to afford more incidents such as this one, Autana sent the eggies to new homes. The guardian went to number 2, dovercat99, the skywing to number 16, Snailbait, and the spitfire to number 5, Varnayrah!!!


Last up, we have another hatchie: A PURPLE RIDGEWING FROM THE TOWN OF ALEXIS_HUNTER! This town is already small to start with, for it is a town of dwarfs. Each is about as tall as a cat (if you stretched it out and measured it from nose to tail-tip). And since the inhabitants are so small, so are their pets. This little ridgewing hatchie was living happily in the town, until one day it was blown away like a leaf on the wind. The wind had come up suddenly because a full-sized dragon had landed nearby. The hatchie flew through the air for a while, and ended up landing on a normal hatchie's head. Both hatchies squeaked with surprise, and then the larger one rushed off to its master. Maybe the ridgewing won't get much bigger than a pygmy dragon when it's full grown, but it doesn't want to go back to the dwarf town. The person who is not stuck with a tiny ridgewing is number 34, TyAnimalLover!!!


Sorry guys, those aren't the best stories I've ever written... And just a little announcement: THE NEXT DRAWING MAY GET POSTPONED DUE TO THE EVILNESS THAT ARE FINALS! If it does get postponed, it will only be by one day, so there is no need to worry.

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All right! I’ve put this drawing off long enough! So… WELCOME EVERY ONE TO THE EGGY GIVE AWAY!!! I have decided to try something new today, something that I probably won’t do again. But as a special treat for your patience, I’m going to try this. Due to the way this story is organized, I am adding a little list of who won what from whom (like the ones in the first post) to the very end, because the story itself isn’t very clear.


Here’s some background that you should know:

A band of ten eggies and a hatchie (who for some reason thinks it’s an eggy) have decided to come together for a little slumber party. They have run around the country side, blown up balloons, played some piano, eaten their dinner, watched some cartoons, and eaten cake. Now the eggies are getting ready for bed, but none of them are tired. What does one do when there is a giant bed and everyone is on a sugar high? JUMP!


Introducing those present… we have:



There were eleven little eggies jumping on their heads,

Two fell off and rolled under the bed!

The horse eggy looked at its friend and said:

“This monster looks like you: it’s red!”

The monster swallowed them and went on its way,

But regurgitated them the very next day.

So the horse and the red sat nearby a salon,

And were soon found by amamiya_ritsukabi29 and Rockin’ On!


Nine eggies were left jumping on the bed,

Two fell off and landed in a basket of bread!

One was a hatchie, but it didn’t care,

It ran for the door like a crazed old mare.

The little pygmy clung to its tail,

But the water didn’t hear it wail.

When finally the two did stop,

Kimber01 and ab613 were waiting by a shop!


Seven eggies now jumped on the bed,

One fell off and bumped its head!

Into a deep sleep the black swiftly slipped,

And dreamed of being an alt or a split.

Darkness surrounded it when it awoke,

And it couldn’t seem to find the other folk.

After running around and wishing for tea,

It ran into a certain pokemonrock123!


Six little eggies were jumping on a bed,

When another two fell off in a moment of dread!

Unable to climb back up to rejoin the fun,

The magi and purple sat down and talked a ton.

They spoke of this and they spoke of that,

Until they woke the sleeping cat!

The feline came and took them away,

For lizardtail and masterkat6 to enjoy down by the bay!


Four eggies were now jumping on the bed,

But two flew out the window onto a sled!

Down the hill they began to zip,

The purple steering as the hellfire ate a potato chip.

Through the forest they were doomed to go,

Where trees became their greatest foe.

After a while they neared the end,

Where fireball225 and Kaini were waiting around the bend.


Now only two eggies were left on the bed,

Bobbing around like puppets on a thread!

It did not take long for them to tire,

And soon a good night’s sleep was their only desire.

The spitfire collapsed against the red,

And to a soft pillow they retreated.

When morning came with the sound of birds,

Autana and Infinis led them away with soft words!




This is based on the song 10 Monkeys Jumping on a Bed. Poetry isn’t my strong suit, so I hope that it came out okay… Once again, thank you for your patience! Here are the names of the winners, in case the story didn’t make sense:


~ amamiya_ritsukabi29 has won a horse eggy from AnnieLyla!

~~ Rockin’ On has won a red eggy from AnnieLyla!

~~~ Kimber01 has won a pygmy eggy from Alexis_Hunter!

~~~~ ab613 has won a water hatchie from Alexis_Hunter!

~~~~~ pokemonrock123 has won a black eggy from Emerald_Shadowclaw!

~~~~~~ lizardtail has won a magi eggy from DeathDymin!

~~~~~~~ masterkat6 has won a purple eggy from DeathDymin!

~~~~~~~~ fireball225 has won a purple eggy from Autana!

~~~~~~~~~ Kaini has won a hellfire eggy from Autana!

~~~~~~~~~~ Autana has won a spitfire eggy from Puredark006!

~~~~~~~~~~~ Infinis has won a red eggy from Puredark006!

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HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEDRAGONS, WELCOME TO THE LAST GIVEAWAY BEFORE THE TIMES OF CHRISTMAS! Our next giveaway will be after the Christmas madness, so this is a little good-bye for a while. ENJOY!


First up, we have a LITTLE NEOTROPICAL EGGY FROM THE GRASS HUTS OF BRENTAKERS! This little eggy was born in the jungle, raised in the jungle, and has never left the jungle. Every christmas is looks out the window of its home and wishes it could see some snow. This year, it is done with pointless wishing. Instead of sit there feeling glum, this eggy has blackmailed an ice dragon and will soon be flying towards the lands where snow falls year-round. The ice dragon, however, fears that the eggy won't be able to survive the ice cold snow or the flight there, and so it has faked illness forcing the eggy to find another ride. Eventually, the eggy got a flight with a red dragon, which kept it warm. Now, the eggy didn't prepare for its vacation at all. It didn't pack any coats or furs, and didn't even bother taking the marshmallow roaster along. When it first set foot in the land of snow, it froze for two reasons: the sparkling beauty of the fluffy white frozen precipitation, and the bitter cold that had turned it into an ice cube. The red dragon, in its worry, breathed fire on the eggy. Blackened and shivering, the eggy stumbled around and eventually found its way into a cave: the cave of number 12, soullesshuman!!!


Not all eggies enjoy the cheer that comes with Christmas. One such eggy is a BLACK EGGY FROM THE NORTHERN LANDS OF THENAMEISPLISSKEN! When the holidays role around, this black won't be found hanging ornaments on trees and singing Christmas carols. Instead, it can be found in a little workshop, surrounded by furnaces and scrap metal, turning random toys into sinister contraptions. Jack-in-the-box toys turn into boxes that shoot severed heads out, train sets get their engines replaced by the evil little spider dragons, and balls turn into perfectly-spherical colorful rocks. All of these counterfeit toys are wrapped up like any other, and then shipped off across DC to frighten young dragons out of their wits. This year, however, the eggy's workshop hideaway was found, and the evil was put to an end. Now the eggy is with someone who will hopefully lock it in its room during Christmas: number 25, dragon_love_100!!!


Unlike the little black eggy we have just discussed, some young dragons are extremely enthusiastic about the holiday season. Two such eggies are a RED AND A SUNSONG FROM THE HOMEY CAVERNS OF PUREDARK006! These two could hardly wait for Christmas to start, and so they dragged out the decorations a little early. Since they didn't have a tree to hang thignfs on, they made do with everything else: chairs, chandeliers, rugs, paintings hanging on the wall, and even other dragons. Puredark had been away that day, but when they returned they were greeted by a pleasant surprise: the entirety of the caverns were covered in tinsel and precariously hung ornaments. The two eggies were in the kitchens, trying to bake cookies and cake. The ovens were on, the cake was burning, and everything looked about as white as the winter wonderland outside. Greatly annoyed, Puredark set the two eggies in a box and shipped them away. They are now in new homes: the red with number 20, penguin_adu6oo, and the sunsong with number 28, XxHunterxX20!!!


And that's it! Most other eggies were obedient and weren't interesting enough to talk about. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

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I couldn't resist making this post... It just came to mind:


As you peer into the little cavern where the mysterious Stealthy lives, a single light can be seen. It is coming from a fire, tucked away into a crevice. Many young dragons are standing around a silhouetted figure. The figure is madly typing on an ancient typewriter, almost destroying the poor machine in its rush to finish. Paper is flying in all directions, and little hatchies are jumping up to try and get them. Legend has it that the papers are scrawled with magnificent tales. Those gathered there tonight are sure this is true.

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HELLO EVERYONE, AND WELCOME TO THE VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY OF 2011! There was supposed to be fancy trumpet music and confetti right here, but I think the people I enslaved hired died of starvation got lost on the way...


On New Years, many of the DC inhabitants celebrated the start of another cycle around a star. We may all live on measly little lumps of rock swinging around giant balls of burning gas that could expand and incinerate us, but that doesn't stop us from throwing a few parties! So, let us see what the little eggies did, shall we?


First up, we've got a WINTER SEASONAL, A SKYWING, AND A VAMPIRE EGGY, ALL FROM THE FIREWORKS FACTORY OF AUTANA! On New Years, just as the bell tower strikes midnight, it seems to have become a custom to send pretty fireworks into the sky. We usually don't see them until they light up the sky with color, but a few individuals get to make them. The little factory of Autana is pretty much a single giant cave, filled with dragons and equipment. There are bags full of funny looking powders, piles of sticks, barrels full of pigments, and countless yards of string. Right before New Years, factories just like this one begin producing hundreds and hundreds of fireworks! These three little eggies are new to it all, for this is their first New Year celebration. They were assigned jobs in certain places. One was a messenger, another carried string around, and one got to sit around with the supervisor. Being close friends, the three kept exchanging notes as they rushed around the factory. They would gloat and boast, tease and congratulate, and... run into things. Eventually the situation became so horrible that the eggies had to be taken away. The cavern is still being cleaned up, for there was an incident with a few barrels of pigments tipping over and rolling into the bags of explosive powder. The powder spilled, going all over the floor. Then a candle was tipped over. The entire cavern looked a lot like one giant firework from the outside. There were no severe injuries, but the eggies have been shipped far far away. The winter went to number 11, KhazixRusyuu, the skywing to number 45, Brisingrlover, and the vampire to number 3, Shalarean!!!


Next up we have a WATER HORSE EGGY FROM THE GARDENS OF XYLR, AND A COASTAL WAVERUNNER EGGY FROM THE BEACH FRONT ESTATE OF ANNIELYLA! These two have been friends for a while, and decided to have a little slumber party over the New Years. They gathered up a tent and some supplies and set off into the woods. It didn't take long for them to find a little clearing, where they set up their tent as the sun set. The little puffy clouds in the sky were a rosy pink when they finished. The water horse went off to find some firewood, while the waverunner eggy began unpacking sleeping bags. The moon was all ready rising above the tops of the trees when they finally had a crackling fire going. Wrapped in blankets, they roasted marshmallows and told stories until midnight. As the fireworks blossomed in the sky above, crackling and dancing among the twinkling stars, the little campfire went out. At first, the two eggies didn't notice, for the light from the fireworks illuminated their camp. It wasn't until they felt heat at their backs when they noticed that the fire had moved. The campfire they had built was dead, sending a little wisp of smoke into the sky, but now there was a fire in the woods. The extremely dry woods had ignited when the sparks from the fireworks fell on them. Without second thought, the eggies began running through the forest. On numerous occasions they were almost burnt to a crisp by the flames that followed them, but they managed to make it out of the forest and into a nearby river. Ashes drifted over them, dusting their blackened shells with specks of gray. As the sun rose, red and hot, a pair of dragon tenders found the eggies. The water horse went off with number 48, SnowSherry, and the waverunner ended up with number 31, EternalChloe!!!


Most eggies are perfectly happy simply watching the fireworks, but that is not the case with A TWO-FINNED BLUNA, A RED STRIPE, AND A WHITE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! These three were planning for a few days before New Years about what they were going to do. With a plan all drawn out, they set off as soon as the first star was visible in the sky. One eggy, the white, set off to find a secluded area far away from any trees or bushes. The bluna and the stripe went off to some nearby fireworks factories, and sneakily stole two wagon-loads of fireworks. They met up in a flat are of a rocky wasteland-like mountainside. In one of the wagons they found flint and steel, which they used to start a small fire. Then, one by one, they began to set off the fireworks. They didn't care that it wasn't midnight yet; they only worried that they would be caught. Starting with firecrackers and working their way up to the multiple-explosion fireworks, they emptied the wagons. Just as they were about to set off a dragon-shaped firework, a hatchie found them. The hatchie squeaked loudly, and the eggies dropped the firework as they rushed over to attempt to silence it. The firework landed near the little fire, and the fuse burst into flames. The hatchie was just calming down when the firework went flying off the mountainside. It arched upwards, spreading its fiery wings and sending a plume of orange light towards the stars. Then it flipped upside down, and began spinning towards the ground. Before it collided head-on with a boulder, it swooped upwards again. The design was so ingenious, that the dragon kept flying for several minutes before it burned out. The eggies (and the hatchie) sat in awe, and didn't notice the black dragon that came up behind them. The dragon snatched the eggies up (leaving the little hatchie) and carried them away. They all have new homes now: the bluna with number 33, Brentakers, the red stripe with number 36, thenameisplissken, and the white (which happens to be a thuwed as well) with number 17, Danse!!!


Not everyone goes out to celebrate, such as these TWO VINE EGGIES FROM THE TEENY TINY CAVE SYSTEMS OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! Both of these eggies are sitting around in their own little cave, with a glowing screen before them. Colorful figures flash across the screen, followed by words. Then the sound of buttons being pushed and joysticks being pushed fill the little room. These two eggies have no intention of going outside to admire a parade or gawk at the fireworks. Instead, they will spend their time inside, testing out the games they got for christmas or stole from the local computer store. As a game loads, the eggies go out into a little kitchen area and make popcorn and hot chocolate (with marshmallows and a candy cane in them). They will snack on M&Ms and sip root beer floats until the moon hangs low in the sky and the stars begin to wink out. The next day, they will be found passed out on a couch, with a little GAME OVER sign flashing on the screen in front of them. Maybe they aren't as social as the other inhabitants of DC, but they sure do know how to have some fun. As they are still unconscious, the eggies are to be shipped off to new areas of DC. One vine will go to number 39, Xylr, by way of Snail Mail, while the other will be Teleported over to number 44, Kaini!!!


That is all that happened on New Years in DC! That and a few hundred parades, bazaars, events, cook offs, parties, and other things. I hope your New Year was just as festive, and I hope the year to come holds much goodness for everyone!

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Time flies. Here it comes, there it went. Every moment, time is ticking, usually in a very annoying way at the back of your mind. Although I have the little tick tock of an old clock forever engraved into my brain, it has not stopped me from writing another GIVEAWAY OF AWESOMENESS!!!! So welcome everyone! Time is of the essence (or is it?) so let us get a move on!


Have you ever wondered what would happen if there were no time? Would it be chaos, or purely awesome? What about a world without the color blue? What would that look like, and what color would the sky be? How about a world that operates completely in the fourth dimension? All of these questions have been asked (and if they weren't asked before, like they should have been, they have been asked now). Do you want the answers? You do...? Oh... Well then stop looking at me and look to your left (the other left)!


Here we have a little CHEESE EGGY FROM THE UNDERGROUND FACILITIES OF ALEXIS_HUNTER! This cheese's genius mind, outlandish creativity, and unabated curiosity drove it to insanity. It kept babbling about weird worlds where the laws of physics don't apply. Worlds where it is possible to fall up, and make triangles with more than one right angle. Now, of course, everyone thought this cheese had gone a bit rancid. After a while, the situation became so bad that they took the eggy away, and locked it up in a place full of mice (it might have been Redwall Abbey). We haven't heard much from this eggy since, but we hope it is still alive and well. There have been rumors that this cheese managed to build a machine that could transport you into other universes. This machine is, however, buried deep underground somewhere. We will send a brave little soul into the darkness shortly, but first we must dictate what will happen to the cheese after we have rescued it from certain death (no it's not legal to break someone out of prison, yes we are doing it anyways). The cheese will go to the letter of the alphabet that didn't quite make it: number 27, dracoon!!!


As we mentioned above, we have selected a brave and courageous eggy: A LITTLE TWO-HEADED EGGY FROM THE FORTRESS OF DRAGON_LOVE-100! It was only a little stable boy when we found it, but now it gets to be the one to discover what the cheese was really talking about. Please excuse us for just a second while we go find the little split, for we think it might have gone to hide under a bed somewhere... Aha! Here it is! Well, off it goes. We have attached a camera to it so we always know where it is (and so we know when it is time to host a funeral service). Currently it appears to be marching through nothingness. When it looks to the left, there is nothing, when it looks to the right, there is nothing, and when it looks down, there is nothing. Eventually, however, a pinprick of light can be seen in the distance. Before the eggy ever reaches it, the tunnel expands into a huge cavern, filled with every kind of gen stone imaginable. Some don't look real, and others don't look like they are from this solar system. While the eggy spins slowly around, gazing up at the ceiling with awe and wondering if it's the crystals that give off the strange glow that illuminates the room, another creature slithers into the room. It appears to be a giant scaly salamander-like creature. Its scales have turned pink due to the darkness, and its eyes are gray and clouded with blindness. A little forked tongue flicks out, followed by a menacing hiss. The eggy stops admiring the precious stones, and turns to face the great— hey, where did it go? It appears to have run down another tunnel, and is being followed by a little burst of flame. Squealing with fear, the eggy stumbles into a room and runs to hide behind a big machine. As the eggy sits there panting, the machine hums and comes to life. Lights flash on, a screen starts to glow, and gears start to whirl. As the eggy sits around hoping the beast hasn't come after it, we are quickly sending in an extraction team. With any luck, this is what we were looking for. We are drilling straight down through the mountain, and hope the reach the little cave shortly. When we do, the eggy will be rewarded by getting a new home, a home with number 37, dragonsforever!!!


Now that we have retried the machine, we need to test it out. So we have acquired a pair of guinea pigs which look a lot like dragon eggs: A WHITE STRIPE AND A GLORY FROM THE TOP-SECRET-PLACE-WHICH-WE-CAN'T-GIVE-THE-LOCATION-OF OF AUTANA! We don't know how this thing works, so the plan is to simply push some buttons, throw the eggies in with cameras, and set the return time for a few minutes later. The little white strip is first! It seems to have landed in a place experiencing a harsh winter. The winds seem to be blowing at outrageous speeds, and the snow is coming down by the truck-load. But wait, that doesn't look quite right to be snow! Instead, it appears to be frozen oxygen, in solid form. And the eggy is not on the ground, and is instead flying around in a giant storm. It appears to have landed some kind of gas planet, where many little particles are swimming around in a giant soup of gasses. The temperatures vary so drastically that certain gases clash together, or turn into another state. On occasion, this can cause beautiful colors to streak across the planet, or a very interesting light show that makes the planet glow. The eggy is back! But it doesn't look like a white stripe anymore. Instead, it has turned green, with stripes that are blacker than a black hole. The little glory eggy is next! It has landed in a swampy area (which is definitely on the ground somewhere). Nothing looks much different than a swamp on DC, except for that... thing. It might be a pink crocodile, or a giant rat with marshmallows as eyes. Whatever it is, it is not the only oddity. Creatures unimaginable dominate the sky and the land, although nothing seems to live in the actual swamp. The murky waters are not stirred by the flop of a fish, or a water-walking insect. The pink-rat-crocodile-somethingorother seems to be curious about this too, for it has gone over to splash in one of the many puddles. As soon as it's paw-claw-thing touches the water, the creature disappears. It seems to have been sucked away, and the only sign that anything happened is a small stream of bubbles rising from the puddle. The eggy is about to return, but that doesn't explain why the camera has suddenly gone dark! And it also doesn't explain why we now have a giant owl sitting before us... Well, since the eggy seems to have been swallowed, we are simply going to give away the owl. The eggy will hopefully be regurgitated in the form of a gloppy owl pellet. So, where are the two eggies going? The green-with-black stripe is off to number 46, moneyman, while the glory-eggy-within-owl goes to number 10, Pinch of StarDust!!!


Well, I think we have seen enough for one day. We are leaving the machine in the hands of A WHITE STRIPE AND A MAGI EGGY, FROM THE WEATHER CAVES OF PUREDARK006! Why did we hire a pair of eggies from a place that predicts weather to guard the machine through the night? I'll get back to you on that... In the meantime, we shall skip forward to the future and tell you what happened that night. For the first few seconds on the job, the eggies did well. They marched around the tarp-covered machine, not letting anything near it. After the first 20 seconds, the eggies got tired. The tarp we used was not made of plastic, like many are today, it was made out of deer hides. The eggies figured that the skins would be warmer than the ground, so they climbed up to a flat spot to take a nap. This flat spot was the control panel. As the two eggies settled in, the machine got turned on. The two eggies didn't notice, for the tarp masked the sound and light that the machine emits. As the eggies slept, something very strange happened. A little cloud of fog covered the machine, a cloud of fruity-smelling purple fog. It lingered for about a minute, and then dispersed. The next morning it was discovered that not only had the eggy's shells changed slightly (the white stripe became tinged with orange and the magi dazzled brilliantly), but their personalities had completely switched. The magi seems to have lost all of its magical aura, and has spent its time stalking insects, prey which would usually be too tiny for them to bother with. We predict that this magi will also eat extremely large amounts of food once it hatchies, insects or not. The white stripe, on the other hand, seems to have become an enchanter. It can make little pebbles rise off the ground and fly through the air, and we expect it will soon be able to teleport things. If anything pokes it or prods it, the rocks go flying towards the things head, which is very fierce behavior for a stripe. These two odd eggies are to go off to people who can properly care for them. The magi goes to number 30, Soruc The Dragon, and the white stripe to number 23, DeathDymin!!!


Okay... I'm not sure how much sense any of that made, or how many questions were answered by it. But if you ever want to figure out those questions on your own, simply go over to the machine, insert a quarter, punch in some numbers and pull on some levers, and step inside. We hope you return safely...


And just for future reference: Did my attempt at humor backfire?

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Food is one of those non-architectural wonders of the world. Us humans are able to make any sort of consumable item imaginable, from sweet delights to savory multi-course meals. But this is humans we are talking about, and around here there are more dragons than anything else. So, what happens when meals are being prepared by dragons? Or for dragons? Well, you shall find out shortly.


Before we can start with food, we must speak of the involvement of eggies. It all started with a NEBULA EGGY FROM THE FURNACES OF MIDNIGH7_KI7SUNE! Dragon eggs are famous for being virtually uncookable. They might get squishy, or very hot, but they remain inedible no matter what is done to them. Now, this eggy is rather evil, and it wanted to find a way to change this. Mainly, the nebula worked with pygmy and chicken eggs, comparing what happened when the two were cooked in various ways. The nebula also cooked up a variety of marinades and sauces to soak the pygmy eggs in before they were exposed to any kind of heat. After weeks of constant experiments (and lots of cups of coffee), all the nebula managed to accomplish was a sauce that caused a number to be branded onto an eggy after it was exposed to extreme heat or cold. We have managed to acquire the nebula's research, and found a way to determine the number that an eggy would get. Although this was the eggy's only success with cooking dragon eggs, it also developed many tasty treats involving the common space chicken egg. Already it has been offered jobs at five-star restaurants, and scholarships to go into cooking school. In order to continue its life as an experimental cook, the eggy will be shipped off to another cavern: the caverns of number 38, Autana!!!


After the nebula's work with pygmy eggies, others began to conduct their own experiments. Some such curious creatures were A SPITFIRE AND A HELLFIRE EGGY FROM THE INK WELLS OF DARKDAMSEL09 AND KAINI! DC is an odd place, odd to the point where ink can be extracted from the ground as if it were oil. Eggies who grow up around these ink wells usually become one of two things: artists or harvesters (of ink). These two eggies went down the path of an artist, and took to splatter painting. They would splatter paint anything, usually only using two colors. When word reached them about the number-branding marinade, they got the idea that things other than numbers could be branded into the shells of eggies. Quickly they set to work. The hellfire was in charge of gathering materials to work with, while the spitfire spent its time mixing them up with the marinade. For the most part, they used a powder acquired by grinding the scales of various dragons into dust. The more magical the dragon was from which the scales were used, the more effect it seemed to have on the end result. And so, the hellfire eggy went after Guardian of Nature scales. As you can probably guess, it didn't end well. When the eggy was caught trying to steal scales from a god-like dragon, it and its partner fell into ruin. Every bad thing that could ever happen to an eggy happened. In an attempt to save the lives of the two eggies, we are sending them off to what we think is a safer area. The hellfire goes to the caves of number 3, Hazelbush360, and the spitfire goes to the caves of number 14, GreenDragonMama!!!


Eggies usually don't find their ways into a casserole because someone put them there. Many times, it is simply a mistake, such as the incident with the WHITE EGGY FROM THE VOLCANIC CAVES OF DRAGONSFOREVER, AND THE GOLDFISH EGGY FROM THE LIMESTONE CAVERNS OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! Both were invited to a dinner party by an old and grumpy relative (some pink dragon aged beyond his time). They arrived early, in the hope that they would be helpful. They ended up standing on a kitchen counter, handing ingredients to the cooks. At certain times, the cooks asked for something that the eggies couldn't find. Usually they found good substitutes (such as an orange firecracker instead of a carrot), but there were certain times when nothing presented itself. When one of the cooks asked for the fish that was supposed to get fried up as part of the main course, the little goldfish made a joke about its own name. The white, desperate to do its job right, pushed the little orange eggy towards the cook. Before anyone knew what was going on, the cook threw the eggy into a skillet and began tossing it around with a giant spatula. The eggy didn't escape until it was prepared on a platter. to pay back the white for what it had done, the goldfish scrapped it with a cheese grater a few times. This produced a fine white powder in a rather painful way. The powder was used to dust one of the dessert cakes, as if it was confectioners sugar. Soon after this, the two eggies got into a fight. Each tried to get the other thrown into pan. We have pulled them out of the kitchens, and are sending them in separate directions: the white to number 26, Emmejo, and the goldfish to number 10, yoyoheadred15!!!


Earlier we mentioned how inedible eggies are, no matter what. Well, this isn't always true, such as with this FLAMINGO EGGY FROM THE WELL-HIDDEN HOME OF ANNIELYLA! This eggy was born with a malfunctioning gene, causing it to be less resistant to extreme temperatures than other eggies. If it's stuck in a freezer, it will likely turn into a block of ice. If it's stuck in the oven, it will probably turn soft and tender, perfect for eating. Thankfully, the eggy was born into a safe environment; or so we thought. Quite often, dragons have competitions to find the best among them. These competitions range from fire-breathing and flying, to battle. During a fire-breathing competition, the flamingo got a little too close to a ball of flame. No one thought much of it, for usually eggies are unaffected by fire, but when it didn't emerge from within the crackling flames others began to worry. Although it didn't take long for the fire to die down, we fear that the eggy might not survive. In the hope that it will hatch normally, or at least into a decent-sized meal, we are giving it away to number 27, xxForGoodxx!!!


Eggies might not be edible, but they can add flavor to a dish, among other things. A master at the art of cooking with eggies is about to demonstrate this using TWO DAYDREAM EGGIES FROM THE PANTRY OF ALEXIS_HUNTER! The master (which is how we will refer to him, as there was no name given) has prepared a nice stew. It is full of good things like octopus legs, carrots, potatoes, and robotic chickens. The two daydream eggies have been lured into the stew, and are now swimming around it as if it were a hot tub. Considering the master is a dragon, and the daydreams are eggs, the pot of stew (and its contents) is pretty large. The the eggies, the robotic chickens could be islands, and the potatoes could act as boats. Still completely clueless as to where they are or what is going on, they soon fall asleep while floating around. A few minutes later, the stew seems to get a shimmery aura around it. The master denies its existence, but everyone is convinced its there. The stew is served up (after the eggies were removed, oddly devoid of their little clouds) and the master sits back to watch with a smug look on his face. In less than 30 seconds, everyone has nodded off for indiscernible reasons. Meanwhile, the master has disappeared... and so has every piece of jewelry that was in the room. So as to appease the stew-eaters when they awake, we are giving some of them the daydreams. One will go to number 37, whiteout, and the other to number 28, Erinthebookworm!!!


Although most eggies should be avoided as food when humans are concerned, certain goblins consider them a delicacy. One oddly-friendly group of goblins has invited three eggies for dinner: A WINTER, A MAGI, AND A SPITFIRE, ALL FROM THE FOG BANKS OF AUTANA! Not thinking that anything was strange or out of the ordinary, the three accepted. The next evening, they were ringing the doorbell at the address they had been given. The doors swung open, squeaking eerily. The eggies marched in, and soon found themselves falling into darkness. They landed in a giant sack, which was quickly tied shut. The eggies could hear goblins talking outside, discussing how they were going to cook the delicious little treats. One goblin wanted to make something sweet: magi cake spiced with spitfire and sprinkles with winter powder. Another wanted more of a main course: fried spitfire with steamed magi and a winter sauce. One didn't feel like doing too much cooking, so it suggested simply shredding the winter and the magi into a slaw with spitfire cream to hold it together. They argued through the night, until the sun began to rise above the distant hills. These goblins must have had some troll blood in them, for when the sun hit them (because they had failed to shut the curtains) they all turned to stone. The eggies spent the next couple of hours shouting for help, until someone came to release them. We found them wandering, lost, through a town of hungry goblins. They all get new homes, though: the winter with number 1, Amphitrite, the magi with number 30, Kandycat, and the spitfire with number 16, ShadowFire225!!!


While we aren't calling any eggies stupid, some are just not experienced enough to be let loose in a kitchen. We know this for a fact, because of what happened with AN ICE EGGY AND A RED EGGY FROM THE RESTAURANT DISTRICT OF PUREDARK006! They knew that eggies couldn't be cooked, so they decided to have some fun in a kitchen. In the middle of the night, the two broke into a restaurant and got to work. They got a giant copper pot, filled it with water, added some cream, and set it to simmer over a low fire. As the water heated up, they added numerous things, not all of which would be considered tasty. Parsley and carrots were chopped in along with screws and popcorn. Once the soup was as full as the eggies could make it, they jumped in. What they didn't know was that the opposite chemistry of their shells would cause the concoction to deep-freeze the red and melt the ice. When the two stopped swimming around in the copper pot, they didn't look themselves anymore. Amazingly enough, they didn't notice either. When we found them, walking home right before sunrise, they were hardly recognizable. The ice looked more like a water, sitting in a puddle, while the red could easily be mistaken for a winter, for frost clung to its shell. They will go off to places where they will be questioned, and their 'experiment' repeated: the ice to number 4, Siryuki, and the red to number 32, Snailbait!!!


Wow. That was a lot of eggies... At this rate, the list is going to shrink into nothingness. xd.png

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As we humans grow up, we are constantly surrounded by this thing called education. Day after day we are sent off to a little prison for children, which they call school, and given hours and hours of work. Even when we return home, we still have work to do. Many kids quickly learned that setting their homework close to a red hatchie would effectively incinerate it, thus giving them an excuse not to do it, but that is another story, and must be told at another time.


What we are actually here to talk about is the schools that dragons go to. Most dragons attend some kind of school when they are hatchies, although there are always a few over-achieving eggs or lazy adults mixed in as well. Now, dragons don't have one rigid system where everyone attends classes that cover a bunch of basics first. Instead, dragon decide right from the start what school they wish to go to. There are schools for magic, schools for battle training, and even a school for flight dancing. Now, all of these schools also have bullies, just like every other school in the universe. Today we shall be focusing on the victims of these dragons who have decided to march along the paths of evil (along with Darth Dragon).


First, we would like to introduce some specialists: A SPITFIRE, A NEOTROPICAL, A STONE, AND A SKYWING EGGY, ALL FROM THE LITTLE SCHOOL OF SCIENCES BELONGING TO DARKDAMSEL09! At the Little School of Sciences, these eggies are currently seeking the answer to an age old question: what will students (who happen to be dragons) do when unsupervised? Since they spend a lot of their time quietly watching dragons while a teacher isn't around, they have also been the victims of bullying. On one occasion, while the quartet was at a cooking school, a gang of flamingo hatchies thought that these researching eggies were new students there. They proceeded to surround the eggies and escort them into an unused kitchen, where they were then dangled over a pot of boiling water. As we already know, eggies don't cook. However, this does not mean that they won't feel the pain of scalding water. Before anyone got injured, a very old mint dragon with an eye patch wandered in. After his life as a pirate, this mint dragon had decided to become a dedicated cook, and was now headmaster of the school. While the flamingos were taken away to be lectured, the researchers decided it was time to go to another school. This wasn't the only time when things like this had happened, and wasn't the last time either. Because we believe that all four of the eggies will be very ready for a calm life after they publish their studies, we have decided to give them new homes. The spitfire will go to number 25, lizardfeatherz, the neotropical to number 18, Max Claire, the stone to number 5, Herby, and the skywing to number 10, Xbcdrt8741!!!


Not all eggies are lucky enough to escape the tortures of bullies. One little unlucky victim was an EMBER EGGY ATTENDING THE TUNNELING AND MINING SCHOOL OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! While learning about how to find veins of certain precious metals, a mean albino picked up the eggy and carried it off. It seemed to know where it was going as it weaved through the tunnels, but the eggy couldn't keep track of the many turns. After only about a minute, the eggy was stuffed down a hole. It landed in a small cave, where the only entrance was the hole through which it had fallen. Sadly, this hole was high above the eggies head, and completely unreachable. For a long while, it could have easily been days, the eggy simply sat there. Whenever it heard anything, it would call out in the hopes of being found. The little cave was cold and damp, and had it not been for the ember's inner heat it would have died. When it was finally found, little traces of green could be found on its shell, presumable due to neglect. As the eggy was being lifted out of the cave, a little canopy hatchie spotted something shiny down bellow. Upon investigation, it was found that the warmth from the ember had melted a pool of silver out of the stone wall. When some of the stone was chipped away, a vein could clearly be seen running along the wall. The eggy, however, didn't much care. We are going to grant its wish of seeing the sun again, by sending it off to the home of number 31, DarkDamsel09!!!


Most schools are pretty basic, except magic schools. Only very dedicated dragons go on to an actual magic school to fine tune their powers. One such dragon was a LITTLE PYGMY EGGY, WHICH WENT TO THE INVISIBLE SCHOOL OF AUTANA! Even though pygmy dragons themselves don't have very much magical ability, compared to other dragons, this eggy was determined to be the best sorcerer in DC. It studied for hours, late into the night, and practiced whenever it could. Amazingly enough, it did well and advanced quickly. The only problem was that it was the only eggy in the entire school. Hatchies picked on it for being small, insignificant, inept, and goofy. One day, a black hatchie and two of its friends came towards the pygmy. They teased and teased, trying to get the eggy to respond in some way. When their words didn't work, they turned to magic. Before they could do anything, the pygmy turned on them. It had noticed what they were trying to do, and decided to show them just how fun it was for the receiver of the spell. It uttered a few quick words and sent some dust flying into the air; the hatchies disappeared. From somewhere above the ground, a surprised voice could be heard. The little group of onlookers that had gathered stared in amazement, but quickly averted their eyes when the pygmy turned towards them. Looking as smug as it felt, the eggy walked away. For fear of being expelled for what it had done, the eggy asked us to get it out of there. It will go to number 13, thomasgold19!!!


And that is all, I'm afraid! Rather short, I know, but I hope you enjoy it anyways. biggrin.gif

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