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Eggy Give Away! ~Game~

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WELCOME TO A VERY MAGICAL GIVEAWAY OF EGGIES! Magic is a very big thing in the world of DC. We use it for everything, whether it be bringing back the dead or zapping hatchies across the globe. But dragons and their keepers aren't the only ones that can use magic. If an eggy finds something magical... Maybe we should all run for our lives?


First up, we've got an expert in music: AN EMBER EGGY FROM THE PIANO MAKING WORKSHOP OF AUTANA! Having been around pianos from the moment it was born, this little ember is an excellent musician. We even suspect that it was this eggy that was helping Mozart out. One day, while walking through the woods, the ember came upon a magnificent piano. It was just sitting there, in the middle of nowhere. The instrument was made from beautiful red wood, and was glowing with an almost magical aura. The eggy, while completely flabbergasted about the whole thing, didn't hesitate in trying to get it out of there. The sky was growing dark with rain-laden clouds, and the ember knew better than to leave such a beautiful thing outside during a storm. Amazingly enough, the piano moved easily over the lumpy forest floor. Just a few seconds before the rain hit, the eggy was rolling its prize into a cave. Weeds and dead flowers grew near the entrance of the cave, and the eggy was careful not to crush them as it pushed the instrument deeper into the cave. As the ember began to play a song (popularized by a curious fellow named Vivaldi), every plant within earshot of the melody began to perk up. The dead flowers at the cave's entrance came back to life, soaking up the sweet music as if it was an elixir. The sun also came out from behind the dark clouds, and lit up the cave. The eggy, surprised, stopped playing. A little firefly glowed over its head as the ember glanced from the flowers to the piano. It started playing a party song, jumpy and quick, and watched while the little cave filled up with balloons and refreshments. For the rest of the day, the eggy played around with the magic it had acquired, spoiling itself with glee at its newfangled powers. We lost a few dragons when we tried to retrieve the eggy, due to some haunted-house music, but we finally managed to get it away from that piano. It is to go to a place where it can't play with the world at the end of a string: the home of number 10, Dixie200!!!


Next, we have some great artists: AN ICE AND A SUNSONG FROM THE CANVAS CAVES OF PUREDARK006! The Canvas Caves are made out of a material that is similar to canvas, but erasable and reusable. These eggies have evolved from being mere splatter painters to being exceptional realists. On a day when the temperature was perfect for walking along a lake, the eggies set off with canvas and paints. They planned on painting a grand landscape to hang in their living room. While they were setting up, the ice found a little paintbrush laying on the ground. Curious about how well it would work, the eggy set up a little scratch-paper canvas and got to work painting a song bird. After a while, the sunsong came to look over the ice's shoulder. When the last brushstroke had been applied to the picture, the two eggies stood back to admire their work. The smell of baked cookies seemed to float through the air for a moment, and then the painted bird flapped its wings. The eggies blinked, not believing their eyes. But sure enough, the little painted bird was hopping around as if it were alive; the actual bird seemed to have flown away. Now the eggies were really interested. They took turns using the brush, painting anything that could move. Every time a piece of art was completed, the thing they were drawing seemed to disappear with the smell of cookies. The eggies, of course, didn't notice this. Just as the sun was sending out its last rays of light across the shimmering lake water, the ice painted the sunsong. It didn't take long, and the little ice eggy was soon standing back to admire its painted eggy. When it looked around for the actual sunsong, however, it was nowhere to be found... only the smell of cookies lingered in the air. A bit confused, the ice began to pack everything up and head home. We intercepted the eggy, and the painted sunsong it carried, and have decided to send them away. The ice will go to number 3, halean, while the beautiful-moving-painting-of-a-sunsong-eggy goes to number 37, Collindavdison!!!


The last eggy of the day is one with an incredible lust for power: AN ICE FROM THE DARK CAVERNS OF EMMEJO! There couldn't be a happier dragon in DC than this one when it strayed across a magical staff. The staff was three separate sticks twisted together into one. One end was rather worn down, as if it had been pounded against hard rock for long periods of time. The other end was tangled into a cage that held a single glowing crystal. As soon as the ice touched it, the crystal began to purr like a machine. The entire thing transformed into what looked like an icicle, and the crystal hovered in the center of the little cage that housed it. With one fell swoop, the staff turned the world into a winter wonderland. Frost clung to leaves that had been crisp and green just seconds ago, drifts of snow were piled up outside of caves, and a chilly wind was blowing in dark clouds. The eggy cackled as it ran, controlling what the staff did by simply forming images in its mind. It had become a god, able to control anything about winter that it wanted. We were able to lure the eggy through a hologram, showing a green patch of forest, into a cage. However, we have not been able to get it away from the staff. We don't feel like dealing with the little nuisance right now, so we are simply going to ship it away. It can go bother its new owner: number 30, twin card!!!


And that is all there is, there isn't any more! So remember, the next time you stray upon something suspicious, make sure you report it to the proper authorities of have it get eaten by a decent sized dragon.

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Gather around, gather around! Please, have no fear, all of the crazy eggies and hatchies before you are perfectly well restrained by heavy chains and strong cages. No no, ma'am, do not call the animal cruelty people, the droopy ones are just a bit dazed and confused. Yes, it's all perfectly all right and under control. Gather around, gather around!


Is everyone settled? Then let us begin!

WELCOME TO ANOTHER AMAZING EVENT OF AWESOMENESS! We have cookies, we have tea, but best of all, we have EGGIES! And some hatchies, but they are all fairly young.


Today, we shall be lending new meaning to an old saying: curiosity killed the cat. We've all heard this before, and remember it well when we get our noses stuck where they don't belong. Well, eggies are curious as well, and you are about to hear some stories of their own stupidity.


First up, we have a MAGI EGGY FROM THE MANSION HOME OF THOMASGOLD19! The mansion it lives in is very old, and has been the subject of many ghost stories. Since it was very little, the magi was told about the strictly off-limits areas. Most of them opened up for exploration over the years, but one door always remained locked. It was an old door on the third floor of the building, made of red wood and embedded with black iron. One night, when bored out of its mind, the little magi decided it was time to open that old door. With a single candle as its guiding light, the eggy made its way up to the third floor. It turned the handle, and pulled. The door swung open soundlessly, and a little flicker of light from within the dark room beyond seemed to beckon the magi inwards. Once it had stepped inside, the door slammed shut behind it, and all lights went out. The neighbors report having heard screams for the next couple of days, with the occasional smell of fireworks wafting into their yards from the direction of the mansion. Just yesterday, the eggy was found on the other side of DC. It had a nasty looking nail piercing its shell, and a strange green slime oozed out of multiple scratches. Every once in a while, it turns an angry red color, and begins lashing out at anyone who comes too close. We have managed to fix it up a little, although the nail will have to remain with it permanently, and it's ready to get a new home. This new home will be with number 23, lizardtail!!!


Next we have a team of four: A WHITE EGGY, TWO EMBER EGGIES, AND A BLACK EGGY, ALL FROM THE CLIFF CAVES OF ALTER_EGO! On a warm and clear night, these eggies decided to have a little camp out. They stole a bag of marshmallows from the kitchens, dragged a tent out of the garage, and went to set up camp a few feet from the cave entrance. Around midnight, as they were all nibbling on s'mores, shouting could be heard from farther along the cliff. Curious, the eggies went to look. They found a group of strange humanoids, speaking in no language that the eggies recognized. The humanoids were dancing around the edges of a great bonfire in front of a huge cave. Two torches flanked the mouth of the cave, sending creepy shadows across the stalactites that hung from the ceiling. As they watched, the humanoids broke into a fight. Something seemed to be missing, forgotten. Just before things got ugly, one of the creatures found the eggies huddled behind a bush. This finding seemed to resolve the matter instantly, and all attention was now being given to the group of four. The dancing resumed, and the eggies were placed on a silver platter. Every once in a while, one of the humanoids would walk up to them and deposit an offering of food beside them. They were being treated like gods, and thought it simply wonderful. Clouds began to drift in, covering the moon. After a couple of hours, the rhythm changed. Everyone stopped dancing, and sat on the ground with giant drums. As the pounding sounds from the instruments shook the ground, the platter that the eggies were on was lifted into the air and carried towards the giant cave. Almost as soon as they were set back down, everything stopped. The sounds of drums stopped, the fires went out, and everyone disappeared. Confused, the eggies got off of their platter and tried to go towards the entrance, where moonlight was now streaming in. To their surprise, the cave floor was squishy. They couldn't understand this, or the lack of stalagmites and stalactites except for at the mouth of the cave, until a breeze began to blow from deeper within the tunnel. All the eggies looked at each other in horror, and then made a run for it. As they had feared, the cave began to close up, and the floor rise up as if to send them rolling backwards. They slipped out just in time, with the white getting its shell cracked. As they ran away from that horrible place, glancing back every once in a while, they could just barely make out a pair of beady black eyes glimmering with annoyance above the closed cave entrance. Instead of going back home, the eggies ended up bumping into us. We have decided that they can't stick around, and so off they go to new homes: the white now-hatchie to number 10, -Rinikka-, the embers to numbers 28 and 38, Brisingrlover and blackchimera, and the black to number 21, .Big.Pimpin.!!!


Next up we have A SHALLOW WATER GOLDFISH EGGY AND A SUNSONG EGGY, BOTH FROM THE HOUSE IN THE REEDS OF PUREDARK006! Since the house of reeds needs to remain near a river so as to not dry out and fall apart, these eggies have lived by the water their entire lives. However, nothing could have warned them against following a little golden light dancing across the waters. At first, they mistook it for a firefly, but then they realized it was too big and bright to be a simple little bug. Unable to hold themselves back, they went swimming off to see what this strange light was. No matter how far they swam, they never seemed to get any closer. When they figured they were about half way there, the sweet sound of singing drifted towards them. It seemed to be coming from directly beneath where the light was, so the eggies kept on swimming. At some point, they held their breath and went underwater, swimming diagonally towards the source of the singing. After another eternity, they swam into a beam of light. All around them, the water had turned to pure gold, and beautiful creatures swam all around them. The mermaids circled them, the light dancing off their scaled tails, singing the pair to sleep. Once they had lost consciousness, the beautiful temptresses shut out the light and took them away. The two little eggies were thought to be long dead, when they washed up on the sandy beaches of an ocean. They were clearly scarred and drained of much of their internal juices, but miraculously alive. The sunsong hatched soon after we found them. Now, they are off to new homes: the goldfish to number 1, DragonGod, and the sunsong to number 16, NinjaBlood!!!


All of the previous causes of curiosity were on this planet, but that is not always the case, such as with A VAMPIRE EGGY FROM THE OBSERVATORY OF AUTANA! This eggy has spent a lot of its time staring up at the sky, wondering what was up there. One night, as it lay on the freshly cut grass outside, one of the stars above seemed to grow. It got bigger and bigger, approaching the little vampire as it lay there and stared. With every layer of atmosphere that it pierced, a different color of flame erupted around it. It didn't take long until the strange object was just barely hovering above the roof of the observatory. It was a giant disk, encased in a little bubble that slowly dissolved as it sat there in midair. At numerous places, windows interrupted the smooth exterior of the craft. A little circular hatch whizzed, like a camera adjusting its focus, and opened up. A white beam of light fell on the eggy, still completely flabbergasted, and it was slowly sucked into the belly of the glorious SS Commando. We are unsure what happened next, as the little vampire can remember almost nothing except for lots of white. It was prodded with needles, examined, scrubbed down until its original markings were barely visible. When the strange creatures from space were done with it, they simply ejected the poor eggy and flew back into the farthest reaches of the universe. We found the eggy babbling nonsense to sheep dragons as it wandered through a field. Although we were of half a mind to send it to an insane asylum, the eggy screams at the top of its lungs whenever such a place is mentioned. And so, it is off to find a new life with number 33, Brentakers!!!


Last but not least, we have a pair of eggies that... we don't know what happened to them. They are a CANOPY AND A FLAMINGO, BOTH CURRENTLY LIVING WITH THE KIND ANNIELYLA! The two were found in completely different parts of DC, but both seem to have had the same thing happen to them. They are branded with a strange symbol, a hexagon with lines drawn through all its vertices and an eye in the middle. Not only is this branded into their shells, but the eye blinks every now and again, and the hexagon spins slowly around it. The eggies have also had their colors put into negative, making them difficult to recognize. Somehow, they have also been molded into leaf shapes, even though we are unable to mold them into anything else. Their shells are uncrackable, and yet a puddle of something similar to unicorn's blood forms under them wherever they are placed. We have no idea what happened to them, but we would like to warn everyone to never leave the safety of their home alone, especially at night. While we try to identify the menace, we are going to give these two to new owners: the canopy to number 9, Alexis_Hunter, and the flamingo to number 13, Emerald_Shadowclaw!!!


I hope you all enjoyed! Please drop some coins in the hat on your way out, and don't forget to grab a cookie. Remember, curiosity did indeed kill the cat, and scare a few little eggies to near death!

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WELCOME, LADIES AND GENTLE-DRAGONS, WELCOME TO ANOTHER EGGY GIVE AWAY! We have recently been able to use cutting-edge technology the teleport small objects across the universe. Eggies are small enough to be used as guinea pigs, so we have sent a few of them off. They recently returned, and most of them survived to tell the tale of their great adventures. So, if you will put on your 3D glasses and turn your attention to the giant screen, we will now see other worlds through the eyes of an eggy.


The first survivors are a PAPER AND A WINTER EGGY, BOTH FROM THE ROBOTIC RESEARCH CENTER OF ERAGONSAPHIRARIDER! Since these were among the first to be teleported, we decided to send them to a place that was not too far away. We chose Europa, a satellite which circles around Jupiter in our nearest planetary system neighbor. Europa is covered in ice, but it is believed that there is a layer of liquid water nearer to the moon's core. No one knew what was lurking in the darkness, until now. When the eggies first landed, there were a few mixed feelings. The winter was full of joy, feeling right at home on the frozen wasteland. The paper wasn't as happy, for it knew what water did to eggs such as itself. A fierce wind ripped across the moon's surface, pushing the eggies across the ice. The winter turned in a slow circle, taking in the barren landscape, but when it turned towards its friend, the other eggy was not to be found. It had fallen down a hole in the ice, and the fierce winds had drowned out its squeak of surprise. The winter quickly followed down the hole, trying to locate its friend. The tunnel seemed to go down forever, only turning slightly every once in a while. Finally, with a little plink, the winter fell into a sea of fresh water. Incredibly enough, the water was of a mildly warm temperature, and was illuminated by millions of ghost lights. It didn't take long to locate the paper, which was already beginning to disintegrate. The winter pushed its friend upwards into a little pocket of air, to wait for the teleporters to activate and zap them back to DC. As they floated there, they had some time to look around. The ghost lights which illuminated the darkness were luminescent scales of strange creatures. A school of regular-looking fish swam by, creating the form of a much larger beast. Some of these fish had little streaks of light running along their bodies, which they used to create intricate patterns on the illusion which they were a part of. Faintly visible at the bottom of the ocean, much larger fish hid among towers of stuff. We are still unsure of what the stuff actually was, but there was a lot of it. Some of the creatures that swam through the sea didn't look like fish at all. They resembled reptiles, with legs, but were obviously adapted to life in the water. Just as the eggies were watching the swarm of little light-fish surround a larger fish, feasting on it like piranha, the teleporters activated. These two eggies, one of which is slightly soggy, will go to the following for further questioning and research: the winter to number 34, frozen.ice, and the gooey mess of paper pulp to number 21, jimdawn!!!


Next we have A WHIPTAIL EGGY FROM THE LOCAL DC MUSIC SHOP OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW, AND A PAPER FROM THE INSTRUMENT WORKSHOP OF ANNIELYLA! These two volunteered for project iTunes, where they were to be sent to a planet who's erratic movement plays out beautiful melodies when the patterns are run through a music-box. The two landed in a boggy swamp. Trees that seemed to hum pleasantly towered over the eggies, their roots digging deep down into the peaty soil. Furry creatures popped out from under the trees every now and again, and dashed to another hidey-hole. The ground seemed to vibrate with the sound of gongs whenever the creatures made contact with it. The planet was dark, seemingly devoid of light. However, whenever two objects brushed together, light and sound exploded from the region of contact. The ground made the deep sounds of percussion instruments, the trees hummed with the sound of woodwinds. Even the little critters had their own noises, noises which reminded one of the patter of raindrops. The puddles of water that were scattered about randomly sung with the whine of string instruments. The entire place was in constant motion, and therefore illuminated with soothing colors and the best symphony music imaginable. However, we know for a fact that there were other regions on that planet. Perhaps the desert plays country music, and the rain forests ring with rock 'n' roll. The eggies didn't have enough time to find out, for all to soon they were back in a cave and surrounded by dragons. We plan on sending other eggies to that planet in the near future, but in the meantime these first explorers need new homes. We hope that whomever ends up with them like music, for the planet seems to have seeped into them. Whenever they touch or are touched, their shells produce beautiful melodies. The whiptail shall go to number 8, Wilczak, and the paper to number 23, G_alilena!!!


Our last surviving eggy from this group of guinea pigs is a PINK EGGY FROM THE HONEY FARMS OF SOCKPUPPET STRANGLER! This little eggy has always been amazed with the great expanse of the universe, and so it has chosen to go out there and see another world for itself. We randomly picked a planet as it hurled through space, and send it there. Out of chance, we happened to chose the planet where it is believed the bees have been disappearing to. At first glance, it appears to be a wasteland. The surface of the planet is nothing but purplish rock as far as the eye can see. This gloomy fact notwithstanding, the curious eggy set off towards what looked to be the rim of a crater. Before it ever reached its destination, it tumbled downwards into a cave. When it turned to look at its surroundings, everything seemed to have changed. The cave was a long tunnel, extending out of sight, and it was covered with golden syrup which, while sweet, wasn't very sticky. Silence lay heavily on the planet, giving the illusion of calmness, until a loud hum began to emanate from farther along the tunnel. It grew from the sound of a fly to the roar of a rocket, until the eggy could finally see its source: bees! But these weren't just bees. They were large, maybe about the size of cars, and scared. At first, the little pink eggy was confused. How could a creature so large, and with such a powerful stinger, be afraid of anything? It barely had time to think this, however, before the answer presented itself in the form of a beast. The creature, whatever it was, was about five times as large as the fattest of bees. Four wings flapped on its back, moving quick enough to blur slightly. Its entire body was of a dull color, except for a bright yellow underbelly, and covered with what looked to be feathers, although they must have been much stronger seeing as the bee's stingers were unable to pierce them. Its neck was bent under the weight of two giant horns, curled like those of a ram, which framed its dog-like head. Two milky eyes stared blankly as its head swung from side to side, picking up any sounds it heard. It must have had some sense to replace its eyesight, for it managed to detect the presence of the eggy. Giving up its pursuit of the bees, the creature turned towards the terrified eggy. Showing its teeth, which were giant fangs as sharp as swords, it lunged. Not a second too soon, the teleporter brought the pink home. While it may be in shock, this eggy will definitely have a great story to share for years to come. We have found it a nice and quite home with number 5, funny12321!!!


That is the end! Please don't forget to recycle your 3D glasses, for they turn green when you do so. Yes, you heard me, GREEN! Thank you for watching, have a nice day!

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Howdy, y'all! How are ya all feelin'? Good? Great! Me too.


Everyone has a favorite fruit, right? No? Well, what about a favorite barn animal? Bunnies, and calves, and chickens... They can all be so adorable (or amusingly stupid, in the case of chickens). Regardless, there is a plantation or barnyard out there somewhere that you would worship because of pure awesomeness. That is, unless said plantation or barnyard is in the UEMD (The Unidentified Eating Machine District). So, WELCOME TO A GIVEAWAY THAT WILL GIVE YOUR NIGHTMARES SOME NEW MONSTERS!


First up, we have an OCHREDRAKE EGGY FROM THE ORGANIC BANANA CAVE OF DRACOON! The organic banana cave is surrounded by acres and acres of banana plantations. The climate is wonderfully tropical, and the bright yellow fruit can bring cheer to the gloomiest of days, but it is as quiet as a graveyard. There are no birds that fly over the trees, singing their sweet salutations to the sun; there are no mischievous hatchlings playing hide and seek. This little ochredrake eggy has always been told that the plantation is forbidden, and is only allowed to walk along certain paths to get to town. One day, when everyone was busy preparing for some party or another, the bored and curious little eggy slipped out of the cave which felt more like a prison than a home. It ran into the trees, ignoring the carefully marked pathways and roped-off landing areas, turning to make sure it wasn't being followed every now and again. When it was certain no one had noticed its disappearance, the eggy turned its attention to the trees. The bananas hung down in giant bunches, and the fruit itself was so large it almost reached half-way down the tree. As the eggy was admiring one specific tree, which sported a beautiful purple banana with orange stripes, a noise sounded from behind it. The noise resembled that of a twig snapping, except much louder. The eggy spun around, looking for the source of the disturbing sound, but nothing seemed to have changed. It turned back to admiring the purple banana, but turned around again when something touched it. Something had changed slightly, although the eggy couldn't quite tell what. Then it noticed that one of the bananas had a split in it, as if someone had started to peel it but stopped before getting it completely open. Curious, the ochredrake decided to go and take a look at the fruit's actual flesh. As soon as it stood beneath the slightly-opened banana, something sucked the eggy off the ground. The banana closed up, leaving everything looking normal. About a week later, a search party found it by way of a metal-detector. The eggy had been buried under three meters of soil, and was coated in a kind of aluminum slime (which seems to be permanent). It has been decided that it is too dangerous for the eggy here, so we are sending it off to a nice safe home outside of the UEMD with number 16, TheTal!!!


Next we have AN UNFORTUNATE TRIO OF STRIPES, TWO GREEN AND A WHITE, FROM THE ALGAE FIELDS OF DRAGON_LOVE_100! These algae fields cover a large expanse of shallow sea water, where the water plants grow so thickly that they can be walked on. Anyone who lives in the area do so in little houses, sitting on stilts that go deep down under the algae, through a strip of water, and into a deep layer of mud. The eggies never understood the reason for the stilts, for the algae seemed strong enough to support and entire house in their minds' eyes. Their views, of course, changed on the day they took a walk. For their entire lives, they had been obedient and only wandered around on the wooden walkways that were built across the fields. On this particular day, however, they decided to go against this old rule. After walking over the plants in a random direction for over an hour, the eggies were getting a bit hungry. Only a few more meters away, a little red plant stuck up from the surrounding expanse of green. On the plant hung a single red berry, juicy and smelling of strawberries. The eggies rushed towards the plant, not wanting to share this treat. Simultaneously the reached it, simultaneously they grabbed at the berry. They quarreled and argued and complained, until the little white stripe pointed out that they were sinking. Not only were they sinking into the near-solid mass of algae, they were being sucked in by the plants! Little by little, the little leaves of the algae had begin to move and propel the eggies downwards. In another thirty seconds, they were gone. The little red berry plant disappeared after them. Exactly five hours later, the eggies reappeared on solid ground. They were devoid of stripes, and also lacking any color except a slight pinkish hue. We believe this is because the algae survive off of color, and so they simply ejected the eggies once they no longer had any pigment left in their shells. Since they are too far away from their old home, we are simply sending them somewhere else. We think we have the eggies identified by who's who, so there might still be a chance that the hatchies are normal (although we make no guarantees). The green stripes will go to numbers 25 and 19, Saif and DragonGirl10188, and the white stripe to number 30, Miral!!!


Lastly, we have a MAGI EGGY FROM THE SKYSCRAPER HOME OF MISATANGE, AND A HELLFIRE FROM THE APARTMENTS OF WILCZAK! Both received a strange note one day, inviting them to visit the Space Odyssey Barnyard in the UEMD. Now, the eggies didn't know what UEMD stood for, but they did know that 'barnyard' generally meant there were probably cute little bunny rabbits (even eggies like cute little bunny rabbits). And so, on the appointed day, they hopped on a bus and rode out into the country. Little did they know that this would be the last trip they ever made while all in one piece. They arrived at Space Odyssey shortly before sundown, and were shown to their rooms by a funny looking scarecrow. As the first stars began to appear in the darkening sky above, a robotic army began to assemble. The scarecrow, a mere puppet, lay discarded on a haystack in the corner of a barn. A chicken stood atop the haystack, admiring the chaos of metal and glowing LED eyes. Pigs with wings fashioned out of washers and bicycle tires, cows created from broken down tractors, and chickens reborn through former kitchen appliances. All at once, whet he clock chimed 1 o-clock, they advanced on the little cabin where the eggies slept. There was a great carnage that night, but the eggies managed to escape with bits of their shells left intact. We found them, their insides drying up in the sun that beat down on their battered little bodies, and fixed them up as good as we could. We are sending them off to nice places to recover: the magi to number 14, Rockin' On, and the hellfire to number 21, The_NightShiner!!!


That is the end! Don't get too many nightmares, please!

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HELLO, AND WELCOME AGAIN TO THE UEMD! Last time we had the pleasure of seeing you here, we showed you some of the carnivorous crops that we grow around here. All of them are perfect once harvested, better than was ever thought possible, but while they are alive they pose a major threat to all who live in the vicinity. But enough talk; let us show you where it all started.


On one gray and foggy day, there was a LITTLE SUN EGGY FROM THE SECRET HIDEAWAY OF COOKIEJAR33! The day was gloomy, and the eggy was rather fidgety since it stands for the rising and setting of the sun. When there is nothing but gray clouds, the sunlight won't come through no matter how strong it is. Fidgety, and with nothing to do, the eggy began reading some of the old books that stood on the shelves in neat rows. It glanced over the titles, pulling a book out every once in a while and flipping through its yellowed pages. When it was nearing the end of the last shelf, a book caught its eye that hadn't collected as much dust as the others. Its pages were rimmed with crimson that had not yet faded with time, and its binding was still in good condition. Curiously, the eggy tried to take the book from the shelf. Instead of just sliding off, however, the book seemed to be stuck to something. The eggy gave it another good tug, but all the book did was tilt forward. There was a soft clicking sound as this happened, and a distant purr of machinery filled the room. Before the eggy's very eyes, the book shelf rolled out of the way to reveal steps descending into darkness. The eggy stepped through. The door closed behind it. As the square of light shrank into a sliver, and then disappeared completely, another light became apparent. At the bottom of the stairs where the eggy now stood, the soft glow of artificial lighting flickered invitingly. Curiously, the sun eggy descended the stairs, turned the corner, and stopped as if it had turned to lead. It was standing in the mouth of a cave filled with the most bizarre things. One half of the cavern was dominated by machines: conveyor belts, electric lights, microscopes, and incubators. The other half was a garden, overflowing with exotic plants and kept alive by an artificial sun. Slowly, as if in a dream, the eggy began to walk through this strange place. It stopped to bask for a little while in the warmth of the sun-globe, which was suspended over the garden. While it stood there within the little halo of golden light, it got a chance to examine the plants more closely. They were actually quite common, nothing but banana trees and berry bushes, but the fruit they bore was outworldly. It was large, much larger, and the scents they emitted were much stronger, almost heavy and taste-able. A couple of people dressed in white coats were walking around the garden with syringes, slowly injecting different plants with different juices. It looked like fun, so the eggy picked up a handful of syringes from a wheeled table nearby. For the good part of an hour, it ran around the garden giving every plant multiple doses of colorful fluids. The eggy soon got a bit tired with this work, so it retired to a corner to take a little nap. Within the next hour, chaos had broken out. The plants were growing out of control, morphing into different colors and variations, going from seed to mature and fruit-bearing in a matter of seconds. Frantically, people walked around with hatches and scissors, trying to stop the menace from spreading. However, scientists are always curious, even about deadly killer-plants. They collected the seeds, and later (after determining that the seeds grew at a normal rate, but still produced the beautiful fruit) distributed them to farmers in the area. While everyone was cleaning up at the end of the day, someone happened to find the little eggy. It was still asleep when it was carried out. Now, we have a nice little ray of sunshine to give to someone who doesn't own any syringes: number 14, Lalasa!!!


That appears to be all we have to show you today. Perhaps you will find another reason to come and visit us again. Have a nice day!

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ALERT! WARNING! BE ADVISED THAT THERE IS A DANGEROUS WIZARD RECENTLY ESCAPED FROM IMPRISONMENT! We believe he is targeting eggs and young hatchies, so please be careful! We are going to be investigating any abnormal activity from here on out.


We have just received an urgent call from someone reporting the disappearance of AN EMBER EGGY FROM THE ALPINE CHALET OF .BIG.PIMPIN.! Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but we have one frantic witness who claims that the ember simply disappeared out of thin air. We poked around for a bit, and found a very warm rock sitting in the very spot where the eggy was last seen. While we were deciding what to do with it, the little rock melted, and reformed itself into a sapling. The sapling was thin, its branches swaying a great distance with the slightest puff of air. The odd heat that was present in the rock was still there, and much to our surprise the sapling didn't burst into flame. Instead, a few minute later, it reformed again into an empty snail's shell. Since then, it has continued to change at random times into simple objects. We have come to the conclusion that, judging by the large amount of heat that each object emits, this is the missing ember eggy. We are hopeful that the effects of this dark magic will wear off, and that the young dragon will be able to hatch, but we aren't going to wait around an find out for ourselves. Instead, we are giving the little shape shifter to number 21, EragonSaphiraRider!!!


We have another call. This time, it concerns A THUNDER, A PEBBLE, A WHITE STRIPE, AN ALBINO, AND A GUARDIAN, ALL FROM THE SMALL TOWN OF ERAGONSAPHIRARIDER! Apparently, this gang of friends was walking down main street when a small explosion happened over their heads. People and dragons alike ran for cover, in case it was preliminary and a larger blast was to follow. When nothing else happened, a few brave souls walked out into the street again to search for the eggies. They found nothing but a little ball of colors, about the size of a baseball. The colors corresponded to those of the eggies, which were now all stuck together by some unknown force. We decided to place them in a chamber with strong magnets on each side. Each magnet would have a slightly different version of a polarity, corresponding to the chemical makeup of the shells of the different eggies. While we had no idea if it would work or not, we hoped this would pull the little clump apart. It worked, and also caused the eggies to grow, although not back to normal size. Some eggies grew larger than they should have, and others stayed the size of a pygmy. Most of them hatched in the process, except for the little pebble, which stayed the same size no matter what we did. These five young dragons cannot be anywhere near each other, for we have injected their hides with polarized fragments of iron. This means they now repel in opposite directions with great force if they come too close to one another. To avoid any disastrous accidents, we are scattering them throughout DC: the thunder will go to number 36, Brisingrlover, the pebble to number 33, Stunningfire, the stripe to number 40, DragonMyst, the albino to number 22, Davrinmos, and the guardian to number 8, AnnieLyla!!!


Our next call was an odd one, a sighting of a ghostly ELECTRIC EGGY FROM THE GRAVEYARD OF EMMEJO! Because of the setting, not much thought was given to the wavering and transparent image of the eggy until someone bumped into it. Although it appears intangible and a mere figment of ones imagination, the eggy remains as solid as rock. Through its shell, faint glowing lines form the shape of the baby dragon within. It is continuously writhing and squirming, as if in great pain. At regular intervals, a little burst of light comes from within. Using our fancy instruments, we have determined that these flashes are similar to the light emitted by the feared will-o-wisps that usually haunt graveyards and lakes. The light is also electric, which makes approaching the eggy very difficult. A gray dragon, practically immune to electric shocks, has managed to capture the eggy. We are sending it off for analysis to a facility owned by number 2, schmerf823!!!


We were barely able to send the electric eggy off when we were called away to investigate another oddity involving AN ELECTRIC, A GREEN DINO, AND A WHITE EGGY AT AN OLD CATHEDRAL OWNED BY DEATHDYMIN! When we arrived, the three eggies were sitting motionless in a triangle. Surrounding them was the remains of some form of ceremony. The floor was dribbled with wax and marked with chalk, and offerings lay scattered on the floor. The wizard destroyed most of what was left when the ceremony ended, so we are unable to reconstruct what it may have originally looked like. While we were examining the scene, the eggies never moved. Someone tried to get into the center of the triangle that the three created, but their passing was blocked by an invisible wall that seemed to run from eggy to eggy. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the eggies were not actually motionless. The electric was quivering ever so slightly, sending constant tremors through the floor. The dino was expanding and shrinking, in amounts that were barely noticeable, as if it were breathing. The white was spinning quickly, making a buzz resonate through the cathedral. All together, the formation sounded like a machine, busy at work. When we attempted to break the triangle, we discovered that it was only possible to make the geometric figure larger or smaller. To move the eggies into any other arrangement would mean breaking the walls between them, which we now believe are what is keeping these three alive. So as to be able to study the eggies more thoroughly, we are separating them as much as possible by sending them to caves which are in the same formation as the eggies. The electric will go to number 11, dragon_love_100, the green dino to number 35, TyAnimalLover, and the white to number 19, cookiejar33!!!


Next we have a report on something which was described as the opposite of a disappearance, with the victim being A SUNRISE EGGY FROM THE JAPANESE GARDENS OF FROZEN.ICE! It had been walking through the gardens with one of its friends, a little mint hatchie, when the incident occurred. According to the mint, the little eggy began to grow. It grew and grew, rising up from the ground as it did so. Every spec of pigment on its shell became a mirror, reflecting the sun's light and turning it into a brilliant shinning sphere that closely resembled the star that was now setting in the distance. As the sun sunk bellow the horizon, the eggy rose up overhead alongside the moon. All of a sudden, the eggy began to shrink away. It was receding into the distance, heading for the deep blue sky where numerous other stars now twinkled. Just before the little spot of light vanished, the hatchie within burst from its shell. The shell shattered, sending brilliant dust to settle among the stars of the milky way as the hatchie plummeted towards the ground bellow. We found the hatchie with only a few broken bones, and are sending it to a quite place to recover: the home of number 6, Nightshadow_t2!!!


The last report we got today concerned A PYGMY EGGY FROM THE PRISON OF DARKDAMSEL09! This eggy is usually quite lively, bouncing around its concrete cell all day. However, just a few hours ago, its bounciness stopped. The eggy sat in a corner, and began etching things into the walls. Since this started, the eggy has had to change to another wall for the first one filled up. The etchings are in no language that we have knowledge of, but we believe it to be a message from the evil wizard himself. Ever now and again, the constant string of glyphs is interrupted by an image. This images range from past disasters to scenes of alien invasion. We have no idea what any of it means, but we are putting our smartest dragons to work decoding it immediately. In the meantime, we need to make sure the pygmy has enough wall space to write everything. We are transferring it to a volcanic area, where the tunnels should provide more than enough room for the entire message to be written. The cave that will be in charge of the eggy is the home of number 24, Autana!!!


Our teams are all very tired, and are dragging their feet as they head for home. I hope you enjoyed today's hectic tour of the damage done by an evil wizard (which we did not break out of jail simply to show you what would happen, not at all).

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Does it ever annoy you that the weatherman didn't accurately predict what was to happen? Or do you ever wonder how a weatherman knows that today will be sunny and tomorrow it will snow? Well, you're not alone! So, in the interest of answering everyone's queries, THIS GIVEAWAY WILL DISCUSS THE WEATHER!


For a while now, every weather prediction for DC has been inaccurate. We have finally discovered that the source of the trouble was a LITTLE BLACK EGGY FROM THE WEATHER BROADCAST STATION OF TWILIGHTDREAMER1979! Every forecast that is to be revealed to the world passes through this station. From there, the information is streamed to multiple satellites which then broadcast it to whomever turns on their television. This black eggy discovered just how much people relied on accurate weather predictions. They planned their lives around the information which passed through this single tin-can-in-orbit. Evil at heart, the eggy slipped a laxative into the coffee of the dragon that guards the control room, and tampered with all the information it could get its hands on. This continued for about a week, but the eggy was found out when the guard dragon was replaced with one who didn't drink coffee. So as to keep the eggy out of trouble, we are sending it back down onto solid ground. It will be able to live out its troublesome life in the company of number 4, xXLatiasxXxLatiosXx!!!


Last night, as the dark side of DC was laying down to sleep, something very odd happened. Chunks of cheese began raining down from the sky. Now we know that it was caused by a CHEESE EGGY FROM THE CENTER FOR SPACE COWS OWNED BY DEATHDYMIN! Around the time that chickens began invading DC from space, it was discovered that they were not coming alone. A heard of cattle had been brought by the chickens to serve as decoys for whatever evil plans the cosmic poultry may have. This cattle was captured by DeathDymin and her dragons before it could be used for evil, and is now used to make the most delicious cheese on this side of the universe. The little cheese eggy didn't approve of how the cows were being used, and so it released them. The whole heard went floating away into the sky. So as to say thank you to the one who released them, the cows sat in orbit for a while and produced loads and loads of cheese. This cheese was let fall down to earth when the cows had finished, and served as a distraction for their safe escape from the gravitational field of DC. DeathDymin was not very happy with the cheese's actions, so she is exiling it to be with number 16, iceheart379!!!


There are two main reasons why weather predictions are, for the most part, always correct. One is because there are five dragons which control the weather, and these speak to the weathermen which then appear on TV. Every once in a while a group of eggies earn the privilege to take the place of the weather dragons for a couple of hours. The most recent groups was made up of A DEEP SEA, A WAVERUNNER, A WATER, A PURPLE DORSAL, AND A SPLIT ALL FROM THE CAVES OF ERAGONSAPHIRARIDER! While these five eggies are among the most obedient of DC, they have trouble agreeing with each other. And so, when they are given all the controls to the weather, things don't go too well. The deep sea wants rain to fall everywhere, but the dorsal prefers there to be freezing cold wind blowing with the sun overhead. The water eggy wants it to be like summer (even though it's in the middle of winter), and the dorsal wants to see a giant snowstorm. While four of the eggies argue, the little waverunner picks up the phone which is used to talk to weathermen. As it speaks about sleet, frozen lakes, and freezing cold weather, everyone else falls silent. As soon as the waverunner hangs up, the other four turn on it. As the group of five ran around, each with its own plans, they kept bumping into the controls. When someone came to take the eggies back down to DC, after their time was up, everything was out of whack. Every imaginable type of weather was tearing across the planet, disregarding the season and those who tried to stop it. The eggies were separated and shipped into the worst weather there was. The deep sea went to number 38, Palior, the waverunner to number 28, Atrix357, the water to number 6, Kressym16, the dorsal to number 10, Qualeo, and the split to number 41, Reakeda!!!


While the weather itself is controlled by the five dragons in charge of it, their powers are not great enough to dictate where the weather will occur. For that, they use a pair of eggies. Currently, the two eggies are A NOCTURN AND A FLAMINGO, BOTH SACRIFICED FROM THE CAVERNS OF DAVRINMOS! When their term began, the two were suspended inside connected bubbles of energy. The bubbles float at a certain altitude, well above where dragons fly. Whenever a weather system is created (by the five), it always affects only the area which lies between the two bubbles. This whole process leaches life out of the eggies, so they must be replaced every so often. When that time comes, the energy bubbles are lowered and the two eggies are removed and taken away. Before they rise back into the sky, the bubbles are filled with another pair of sacrifices, and the whole cycle starts over. The nocturn and flamingo, pale and week after their time was served, were taken to their assigned caves. It is uncertain whether they will survive or not, but if they do they will find themselves inside a nice warm home. The nocturn is to go to number 35, DarkNova, and the flamingo to number 23, dragoon1234!!!


That is all! I hope the story is good enough to make up for all that time during which there was no giveaway.

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With only a week left until Valentines day, all of DC is jumping around with excitement. Parties are being planned, meals are being prepared, and ever cave is dragging out a dusty box of decorations. Eggies and hatchies dance around, trying to be helpful despite evidence that their over excitement only ever leads to trouble. Eggies are a little too small to help much anyways, but they still try their best to be part of the preparations in any way possible.


One little eggy managed to secure a job, making valentines and party invitations. It was a WHITE STRIPE EGGY, FROM THE PARTYING DISTRICT OF .BIG.PIMPIN.! The little stripe had already failed at hanging things up and baking pastries, so it had been sitting in a corner for a good part of the day. No matter how hard its friends tried to get it to play, it wouldn't budge. One of the older dragons took pity on it, and assigned the eggy to do something simple. The eggy got out pots of ink, a huge single sheet of fancy paper, and the largest sponge it could find. All of these items were loaded into the eggy's little red wagon, and were then dragged over a hill to a secluded place under some trees. There, the eggy got to work. It set out the sponge on a flat bit of ground and, while the birds watched overhead, poured ink onto it. In seconds, the yellow sponge had transformed into a mottled cube of purple and red. Next, the eggy suspended the paper a few inches above the sponge (by getting some birds to hold it there) and threw a bunch of sticks and stones onto it. All that was left to do for the eggy was to climb onto the paper, and jump up and down. Every time the stripe would jump, the paper would undulate and hit the sponge bellow it. The sticks and stones increased the motion and added variation to the patterns that were forming on the underside of the paper. This went on for but a few minutes, and was then repeated for the other side of the paper. Once done, the paper was laid flat and cut into card-sized pieces (once again with help from the birds). By this time, many forest creatures had come to watch this strange occurrence, and they now circled the eggy's workspace. The eggy looked around, saw its diverse audience, and got an idea. Each critter was free to come up, walk across the sponge, and then walk across the paper. The end result was a beautiful crisscross of paw prints and a splatter pattern. Feeling successful, the eggy loaded all the papers into the wagon and left. While the cards themselves were a great success, there was a large mess that never got cleaned up. The sponge still lay there, soaked with color, and many animals now had red and purple feet. When this was discovered, the eggy was sent off to a place without giant sponges: the home of number 15, Twilightdreamer1979!!!


Some eggies, not allowed to assist with preparations, find an indirect way to make themselves helpful. Such eggies were a WHITE, A NEBULA, AND A GUARDIAN, ALL FROM THE DECORATIONS FACTORY OF ALEXIS_HUNTER! While this factory's engines are constantly humming, and the machines are constantly churning out decorations for regular parties, productions increases to maximum when a holiday draws near. These three eggies begged all the superior executives for a position as a sorter, or a packager, or even just a measly messenger. Their pleading was ignored. And so, the three eggies made their way over towards the supply rooms, where boxes full of tinsel and baubles were taken away by machines to become parts of a larger thing. Each eggy chose a box that suited it, and hopped in. The white, who thinks very highly of itself, jumped into a box filled with golden bells and rhinestone covered spheres. The nebula, a lover of the starry night sky, chose a box full of dark blue cloth sprinkled with flecks of silver. The little guardian, thinking itself insignificant and small compared to everything else in the world, slipped quietly into a box filled with basic sticks of glue. Each eggy was soon to be found in the metal grip of a machine, or on a conveyor belt. Before long, they had been built into a decoration such as a floating candle or a string of lights. They were all shipped in different directions, and were thankfully discovered by their new owners before they were hung on a wall. The white ended up with number 26, ihavefoundmyfeet, the nebula with number 16, Speedyheart, and the guardian with number 22, Blood-Otherium!!!


Certain eggies are really stubborn about wanting to help, such as this FLAMINGO FROM THE FIREWORK EXPERT: DAVRINMOS! This eggy had been marching around all day, demanding that it be allowed to help with something. It never much liked feeling useless, and the rush of a holiday had increased its feeling of uselessness tenfold. Finally, after hours of hearing the flamingo chatter away about how much dragons underestimate eggies, a team of hatchies offered it a job. They said it had to be a messenger, and deliver a message to someone who lived on the other side of the river. The eggy, immediately immersed in its job, asked for suggestions on how to cross the river. The hatchies smiled, trying to disguise their pleasure at hearing this question. They suggested strapping the eggy to some fireworks and launching it from a cannon. Not thinking straight, or perhaps simply ignorant of the exact mechanics of this plan, the eggy accepted. In a matter of minutes, a large explosion sounded from right outside Davrinmos's cave. The eggy was sent flying through the air by the cannon. The fireworks, which were many in number, exploded just before the little flamingo began to plummet towards the ground. Slightly singed and a bit dumbfounded, the eggy landed in the garden of number 31, dragonmomma!!!


HEY!!! LOOK DOWN HERE! I've got one last thing to say. *clears throat* A DONATOR OR TWO HAVE ASKED ME TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY WILL SEND OUT PMS TO THEIR WINNERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLY POSSIBLE! This may not be very soon after the giveaway, but the delay should be no cause of worry.


I hope you enjoyed! Have a nice day, pretty please?

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Hello, and welcome to the LAST GIVEAWAY BEFORE VALENTINES DAY! Yup, that's right! The next giveaway won't be until the 19th, so as to give everyone's valentine eggs a change to grow up.


Last time we talked about preparations for parties, in terms of decorating and food making. But what about the pranksters and trouble makers? They've been preparing as well. Following are a few of the catastrophes that resulted from their handiwork.


First we have the work of a single eggy, with two victims thrown in: A NEBULA EGGY, A RED EGGY, AND A CANOPY HATCHIE, ALL FROM THE CAVERNS OF .BIG.PIMPIN.! While the nebula is the mischief maker, the other two ended up involved as well. The red and the canopy were best friends, always protecting each other. The nebula was planning to crash a party at a large mansion, but couldn't do it alone. So it kidnapped the little red eggy, sticking it into a sack and dangling it over a pond, and forced the canopy to do its bidding in return for the release of the red eggy. The canopy promised it would do anything at all, as long as nothing happened to its friend. Assured that it had enough help, the nebula led the canopy to the mansion (dragging the sack containing the red along behind it). We don't know what happened after that, but the end result was incredible. The canopy acted like a wounded hatchling, limping around and whimpering softly. This alone resulted in most of the guests going into the room where the hatchie was. One of them picked it up, pulling a string attached to the hatchie's leg. The door to the room slammed shut, startling the guest holding the hatchie to drop it immediately. As the ceiling began to pepper the guests with colorful dye, the hatchie escaped through a mouse hole. At first, there was only a steady drip coming from above, which could be avoided. This drip quickly turned into a trickle, and then a gushing fountain of color. In no time, the room was half filled with a sea of colors, colors that didn't mix. When the guests were rescued by way of a window, each was tattooed with a marbled pattern which would never completely fade. The hatchie found the red in a garden bed, still inside the sack. The nebula had disappeared. Eventually, all three were found and relocated to appropriate places: the nebula to number 2, Black_Phantom, the red to number 22, dragonmastersensei, and the canopy to number 25, LightSpeedle!!!


In the above case, we have no real idea how the setup was rigged. The one responsible never told its secret, and not enough evidence was left to reconstruct more than what the outcome was. Sometimes, however, we know rather well how something work, such as with the case of a GRAY EGGY FROM THE CASTLE OF LALASA! This gray created a ghost of itself using pieces of glass and some will-o-wisps. The glass was placed in the middle of corridors and archways, with the will-o-wisps carefully hidden away nearby. When the eggy walked past a piece of glass, the will-o-wisps directed their light at it, causing a reflection to appear on the glass. As long as the eggy couldn't be seen through the glass, the illusion worked. That much we can explain, but we still don't know everything. For one, we are unsure where the eggy acquired so many will-o-wisps. They are supposed to be very rare, and impossible to get close to. Also, not once did anyone walk through a piece of glass. The eggy couldn't possibly have had time to remove them all before someone walked into them, but the trick couldn't have worked without them. Or so we think. We have found the eggy who we think caused all the ghost-talk among the party's guests. While it is a perfectly normal eggy, those who brought it in kept babbling about a ghost that followed it. We think it is all superstitious, but aren't going to keep the little one around to find out. The eggy is to go directly to the home of number 19, Dusk118!!!


Another trick played out at a party was done by a BLACK EGGY FROM THE FOG BANK OF TWILIGHTDREAMER1979! The fog bank is the common name given to an area that no one knows much about. Everything that happens there is top secret, and those who go in seldom come out. On top of that, a thick wall of fog surrounds the place, making it impossible to even see what kind of building is there. This black eggy was seen coming out of the fog bank last night, but it disappeared before anyone could figure out where it was going. Today, at a party taking place in an art gallery, the black eggy was seen again. It was inside the paintings, going from one to the other. At first, it sat very still in the paintings, making it look like it was supposed to be there. Later, however, it took to dancing and doing tricks, to the amazement of its baffled audience. It was such a bizarre thing that some of the guests ran away to hide in a closet. We managed to distract the guests with cookies, while a team of highly trained painters confined the eggy to a single painting. We removed the painting, and have decided to give it to someone with more expertise in this area: number 9, Kaini!!!


That is it! I hope it's good enough... I'm suffering from mild writers block.

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Welcome back, everyone, to the FIRST GIVEAWAY AFTER VALENTINE'S DAY! I'm a little out of practice and suffering from writers block, so bear with me...


For a while now we have been aware of an Organization Of Evil that has been plotting to take over the world. They are very well organized, and have managed to stay hidden away. We have recently intercepted a few communications, and were able to deduce that they are building something (perhaps a giant caribou mind control device, run by rodents, that can take out airplanes, but this is just wild speculation). However, we are not going to make any attempt at stopping them just yet. While this may seem like treason on our part, we can't help it. It is simply so amusing to watch the government try, and fail, at handling things like this. Until things get dire, we will sit back and watch. Here is what we have seen so far:


The first thing of interest that happened was a robbery carried out by A CHEESE EGGY, FROM THE EXPLOSIVE MANUFACTURING COMPANY OF TWOL8SUE! At first, this incident was considered completely unrelated to the building of the device, but it didn't take long to figure out that this assumption was incorrect. The reason we considered it unrelated was because the stolen merchandise was nothing more than a tank full of soda, and a giant container of whipped cream. The cheese, while young and highly susceptible to melting, was able to make off with both items before police arrived at the scene. We believe it used a small army of hungry rats to dig a tunnel under the storage facility where the soda and cream were being kept. When the tunnel was dug, the cheese snuck into the storage facility and chained the whipped cream to the soda (which was conveniently aboard a truck). The eggy, being small, stole the key from the truck drivers pocket while he was tickling a young and recently-bathed rat under the chin. When the truck motor started, the rat army dug through the floor. While people ran around trying to contain the infestation, the eggy drove the truck down into the tunnel. Shortly afterward, the tunnel caved in and all the rats mysteriously disappeared. No one has any idea what happened to the soda and whipped cream, but we suspect it is being used as a source of energy for the device, the rodents, and the caribou. This bubbly and light delicacy could keep the armies going for days, especially if it gets laced with certain additives. While the whereabouts of the items are unknown, the eggy was found. It claims to know nothing about anything, especially not about the rats. The government almost let the cheese go, but we jumped in and stopped them from making this stupid mistake. Even if the eggy doesn't know anything, it could use a nice warm place to live. So we are shipping it off to a high security area, located by the home of number 3, saphariadragon!!!


The next robbery was a kidnapping, involving a SKYWING AND A PYGMY FROM THE CHICKEN RESEARCH LABORATORIES OF AUTANA! The pygmy was a researcher in the labs, where the mysterious origins of chickens are being sought out even as we speak. The skywing, strategically placed within the lab system as a messenger, works for The Evil. The skywing has not yet done anything interesting in the time it has spent at the labs. It does its job well, earning trust among the researchers, and has never made contact with anyone outside the labs. Suddenly and without apparent reason, however, the skywing triggered a blackout. It had been about to deliver an important message from the pygmy to the head of the facility, a message having to do with the discovery of the chicken planet of origin. As soon as it stepped out of the pygmy's office, the skywing headed for the generator room, where all the labs' power is made. Once there, the eggy made short work of everything it found using a mop it had found on the way. All the lights went out. When someone had the sense to turn on the backup generators, both eggies had disappeared. We caught up with them right before they were picked up by a nebula dragon, and abducted them. They are to be dropped off at random caverns after having their memories fuzzed (so that just as they start to remember something, the memory slips away) so as to confuse the detectives a little more. The pygmy goes to number 5, Midnigh7_Ki7sune, and the skywing to number 29, joemaggio!!!


This next odd occurrence involves A PURPLE DORSAL HATCHIE FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD HOME OF .BIG.PIMPIN.! Before we get into the details, we would like to make it very clear that we have absolutely no idea what happened. We think it may be a preliminary testing of the device, but that is all we know. Now that we have that cleared up, here is what happened. We found the hatchie outside its home, hanging from a tree. It was suspended at the eye level of a geode dragon, which is how it was found. At first, we couldn't even tell it was a hatchie. Its appendages had been stretched out and tied into elaborate knots, as if the young dragon's bones didn't exist. When we brought it down, we discovered that the bones themselves had been knotted. Despite our best efforts, the little dorsal still has a few loops and knots in it, and has many kinks. Although we don't hold out much hope for its complete recovery, we are going to try one last thing: it is to be sent to a cave with dragons capable of healing and magic. There, the hatchie shall be tended to constantly. With a little luck, the treatments will work, and the hatchie will not be considered the oddest dragon in DC. The cave it is going to is the home of number 32, Denisieh!!!


Government officials are knocking on our door right now, so we must flee. I'm afraid this means we can tell you no more. I hope you enjoyed this telling of recent events! Have a nice day!

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Welcome everyone, to the strangest story telling place yet! Who's bright idea was it to do this in the belly of a whale (literally)? Well, we shan't complain too much, so let us get on with business.


As you may recall, last time we were having some problems with some sort of secret society. We may have gotten a few of their eggies, slowing down their plans for world domination, but it sure didn't stop them. We have just discovered a facility used to train their evil minions. The facility is located inside a giant sphere that floats around at cloud-level, and is concealed within a puff of fog. As soon as we found it, the minions were evacuated to an unknown location, leaving the facility empty for our exploration.


The first explorer we sent to the sphere was a MAGMA EGGY FROM THE CLEVERNESS INSTITUTE OWNED BY ALEXIS_HUNTER! Just as a side note: we have no idea what goes on within the Cleverness Institute, but their dragons are all extremely bright. This little magma is an expert at analyzing technologies, and figuring out what they do. After only fifteen minutes aboard the sphere, the eggy knew it was a clever simulation. Although the interior looked no different from a regular spaceship at first, with metal halls and a control room full of buttons, a quick glance out the windows told a different story. The little metal building that the eggy found itself in was surrounded by what looked like a tropical forest. Something rustled in the canopy of a tree that had leaves the color of a sunset, and a small creature appeared. It looked like a monkey, with a long dexterous tail, large ears, and four hands. But instead of being covered with soft fur, it sported the beautiful plumage of a macaw. As the eggy sat there, watching the creature as it gnawed on a piece of bone, the scene changed. The tall trees melted away, the thick undergrowth seemed to evaporate into thin air, and the warm air turned bitter and cold. The deep greens and yellows of the jungle gave way to the blinding white of snow. Even the creature changed, turning into a large and furry beast with the nose of a pig and beady black eyes. The magma, understanding a little more about the facility, rushed to the control room. While button-filled panels dominated most of the room, the walls were clear glass. Randomly, the eggy pressed a few buttons, and the world outside changed again. The white landscape flipped into negative as the snow gave way to black rock and rivers of lava. The eggy pulled a few levels and pressed another button, and plants appeared: scraggly and blackened bushes with bright red flowers and blood-red thorns. The eggy might have spent the rest of the day there, amusing itself with the power of a god. Sadly, it didn't get this opportunity, for the next button it pressed was an eject button. The floor underneath the magma opened up, sending it falling towards the ground. A few seconds later, it landed in a patch of lettuce belonging to number 32, schmerf823!!!


The second team we sent in was placed directly into the simulated world, and was comprised of A DAYDREAM AND ANOTHER MAGMA EGGY, BOTH FROM THE BATTLE SCHOOL OF ANNIELYLA! Armed with nothing but a small golden sphere, which neither had any idea how to operate, the two were set down in a field of flowers. It seemed endless. The flowers were all about as tall as the eggies, if not taller, and no two were alike. Through the golden brown stalks the eggies walked, trying to find anything that would break the monotony. While the magma pushed on confidentially, humming a marching song, the daydream began acting extremely paranoid. It would often spin around quickly, and stare fearfully at one of the flowers, as if it was being hunted. Just as the little daydream was beginning to relax, it ran into its friend. The magma had stopped dead, and was standing as still as a stone. The daydream was about to ask what was wrong, when the magma shushed it. Then they both heard it. The soft thumping of footsteps. Nearer and nearer they came, until they were almost on top of the two little eggies. Slowly, filled with fear, the eggies turned. At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until a slimy drop of dark green liquid fell onto the magmas shell and began to sizzle. Simultaneously, the eggies looked up. There, looming over them like a dinosaur, was a large purple flower. Had the eggies been just a few paces further away, they would have passed this beast off as just another flower. But up close, it was difficult not to notice the teeth-like bristles that lined the insides of the flower's petals, or the hungry way it tracked the eggy's movements. Without second thought, the eggies began to run. A bone-rattling roar sounded from behind them, soon followed by the thumping footsteps. Just before they were snatched up by the beast, the little golden ball that the eggies carried began to glow. Immediately, the monster disappeared (we think it turned into a harmless peanut), and the eggies surroundings changed. Within seconds they were floating in a vast ocean of sour water. The purple water stretched to the horizon in all directions. Even when the eggies dipped underneath the surface and had a look around, there was no sign of life. A sound floated down from above. It was a familiar sound, but neither eggy could remember where they had heard it before. A whirlpool began to form, forcing the two young dragons into the center of the ocean, spinning them around until they couldn't tell which way was up. The water dragged them through large tubes, and then dumped them out the bottom of the sphere. Around them, the water lost its color and separated into millions of little droplets. A short while later, the eggies landed in the middle of a rain storm. The daydream happened to land in a small pond, belonging to number 1, Voir, while the magma landed in an apple tree and proceeded to fall onto the head of number 17, .Big.Pimpin.!!!


The stories above were built from the ideas of Starry and AnnieLyla, and were partially inspired by the books Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I hope you enjoyed!

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Howdy folks! Welcome to another MAJESTIC EGGY GIVEAWAY! I've got a nice little bag of eggies and a couple of tall tales for you, so go get a cookie and some milk, or maybe some popcorn. Go on, I'll wait. Got it? All right then! Enjoy the show!


First we have the story of a mad scientist, A LITTLE GEODE FROM THE SLIGHTLY-HAUNTED-AND-FLUFFY HOME OF SHALAREAN! This little geode is very talented in the areas of mathematics and science, and also rather ambitious. The day this little hard head gives up will be the day the world ends, even if the task it is attempting to achieve is impossible. We finally managed to convince it that it had slammed a revolving door, and could now move on with life. We trust you won't tell it about the dragon tail which we positioned behind the door so it couldn't move beyond a certain point. This eggy's most recent desire was to design the perfect human. While we aren't completely sure what the geode's vision of a perfect human was, it must have had some idea. Within days, its office-in-the-basement was littered with diagrams depicting the golden ratio, articles on the workings of the human brain, models of organs, detailed pictures of bacteria, and piles of odds and ends. A few days later, all of this stuff had been shoved into a closet, and was replaced by two things: a giant diagram of the perfect human, and a complicated web of tubes and wires connected to a large glass capsule. Within the capsule, suspended within a bubbling orange-tinted liquid, was a young human. Its eyes were shut, its fists were clenched, and it was rolled up into the fetal position. Before we could conduct any lengthy interviews with the eggy, or get some footage of what it was doing, its trained elephant shut the door in our faces. A week later, when we finally managed to convince the elephant to eat a peanut injected with a sleep-inducing drug, not much had changed. Everything was still in mostly the same place, although there seemed to be more tubes attached to the capsule, but the person had grown into adolescence. The eggy had opened up the top of the capsule, and was getting a sample of the liquid within, when we burst into the room. Surprised by our sudden appearance, the geode lost its balance and fell into the bubbling liquid (which was now pink in color). We fished it out fairly quickly, but stuff was already growing on its rough shell. Within minutes, the little eggy was covered with different colored spots, which seemed to be permanent. At first, that seemed to be all that was wrong with it. However, we soon noticed that it was babbling a constant string of incoherent words, and rocking in a slow circle. It jumped from reciting the periodic table of draconic elements, to singing songs by Simon and Garfunkel, to composing a letter to someone called Suzy. We got the eggy out of there as quickly as we could, and handed it off to an innocent bystander: number 33, NivaTheDragonQueen!!!


Next up is someone in the mind control business, A THUNDER EGGY FROM THE WOODLANDS OF LAVABURST14! Ever since it could speak, this eggy has been trying to get everyone to do its bidding. Being an eggy, however, no one payed it any heed. So the thunder took to the art of hypnosis. It mastered hypnotism, but found that the side effects were not the best. So it began to study mind control. After years of research, it disappeared to a secret location. A few weeks later, we spotted it setting rabbit traps. It was ready to run some tests on its device, and had decided to use disposable creatures to do so. When it began collecting the rabbits from the traps, we followed it to its hideout. The device was set up in an underground room, accessed by way of a trap door, which was hidden by a thick layer of leaves and marked by a purple tree. All the rabbits were placed in a sphere full of water, with a bubble around their heads made out of millions of tiny transparent machines, which replenished the rabbit's oxygen when the supply was running low. This sphere was hooked up to a machine which was attached to it in multiple placed. From this machine, a group of four wires led to a little cup. The eggy clambered into the cup, and pressed a button on a little controller. Immediately, the soft hum of machinery filled the room. We later learned that the machine was programmed with the thoughts that the rabbits needed to acquire, and that the eggy was only needed to send small bursts of electricity through the machine. Everything was running smoothly, when the system backfired. The machine began to smoke, sparks when running down the wires, the rabbit's eyes began to turn blood-shot, and the eggy stiffened. We rushed in to the rescue, pulling the eggy out of its seat. This was no easy task, for the thunder was sizzling with electricity, so we had to use two bits of wood to carefully move the eggy. The rabbits weren't as lucky, but at least there won't be as many around to eat up our gardens. The eggy was lifted out of there by a gray dragon, well equipped to handle the large amount of electric energy, and was taken to the caverns of number 11, Raff85!!!


Next we have a mischievous and young criminal, A NEOTROPICAL EGGY ESCAPED FROM THE PRISON OF LALASA! Once free, the eggy headed straight towards an agricultural sector of DC. There are labs in these sectors where plants are modified so that pests won't come anywhere near them. For example, a tomato could be given scorpion genes, so that other bugs will stay away. In DC, however, the system is more advanced. Using the tomato and scorpion example, here is how the DC system would work: someone would tell the computer to search a genetic database for the genomes of a tomato and a scorpion, and select how much of the genome should be used; the computer then tells the machines, which create a seed that contains the wanted genes; the seed is replicated, packaged, and sent off to stores. The little neotropical eggy infiltrated one of these labs. After making the workers senseless with laughing gas, the eggy got to work creating its army of evil minions. From the genetic database, it chose two fierce and small creatures, and set the machines to work creating a mix. The result was 500 eggs, which the neotropical transferred to an incubator. Using different creatures, the neotropical made 500 more eggs. This process was repeated until the incubators couldn't hold a single egg more. Luckily for the world, the laughing gas was wearing off. A couple of the workers seized the eggy, who was in the process of getting some more incubators shipped to the lab, and destroyed the strange splices using a sledge hammer which was conveniently laying on the ground nearby (although we think they kept a few out of curiosity). The neotropical was locked in a metal cage, and given to a dragon to fly it to the nearest maximum-security prison. However, the eggy was accidentally dropped mid-journey, and landed in the garden of number 28, dragon_love_100!!!


Last, but certainly not least, we have a POWER HUNGRY WHITE STRIPE EGGY FROM THE ARABIAN PALACE OF DAKDAMSEL09! For a while now, this eggy has been searching the Arabian deserts for a single thing: the tell-tale magic lamp with a genie inside. At night, its dreams were filled with visions of itself sitting on a throne, with everyone bowing down to their great and powerful master. Now, the stripe has found the lamp in the burial chamber of Aladdin, still looking as resplendent as ever. Even though the lamp looked rather modern, with a light bulb and batteries, the eggy didn't hesitate to rub it. A few seconds passed, and then a mechanical voice sounded from within the lamp as the light turned on. "Here I am, what are your other two wishes?" It said, exciting the eggy so much that it didn't notice the lack of a wish. So great was its excitement, in fact, that it began babbling about how it had forgotten its camera, and couldn't capture the moment. The genie thought about this for a second, and then a camera materialized on the ground in front of it. "Here it is! What is your last wish?" The mechanical voice said. The eggy only stared. Realizing how quickly its wishes were going away, the young stripe stopped babbling and made its wish. "I would like power, oh great genie," the eggy said, trying to sound impressive. The genie thought about this for a second, and then said, "You now have the power of Oh Great Genie!" It announced as the light went out. The eggy abandoned the lamp, and the camera, and started towards home. Since it had come alone and had no need to talk for the duration of the journey, the eggy didn't notice what its power was until it arrived at its destination. Majestically, the stripe pushed the front doors of the palace open, and tried to make an announcement, but the words came out in a creaky mechanical voice. Finding this a good time to intervene, we snatched the eggy away. Before it had time to think about what had happened, it was parachuting down to a nice lakeside villa, the home of number 30, frozen.ice!!!


That is the end! I hope it was enjoyable.

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WELCOME TO A WANNA-BE DONATOR WRITTEN GIVEAWAY! Why is it only a wanna-be donator written? Because there are so few donator written stories in here. sad.gif

No worries, though! That just means that the next giveaway will also be A DONATOR WRITTEN GIVEAWAY! If only to try and get more stories written by people other than me. Details on the next giveaway shall be announced later, however. Because now we must proceed!


Welcome to the frozen wastelands of DC. Yes, there are many. Some are even custom made for those who like the cold. But we now find ourselves in the midst of the largest piece of ice on this world. So, let us find out what our little friends are up to.


Here we have a water-walker egg from the frozen shores of DarkDamsel's Alaskan Fortress!

This little one LOVED to play on the frozen waters surrounding his mistress's home. Everyday it could be found skating all over the ice floes surrounding the fortress. One day, the little egg was sliding about on an ice flo when he heard a small,distant cry for help! The water walker rushed towards to sound and when he arrived at its source,he discovered a guardian egg,flailing around in the ice cold,arctic water. The water walker swiftly sprang into action! The Guardian Egg was quickly snatched from the frigid water and taken back to the fortress,where it was given hot chocolate and a heating blanket to thaw it out.The water walker was declared a hero and given a medal of honor.

Both Eggs are now recuperating in the warm residence of number 7, DeathDymin (this is where the water walker is), and number 21, Lalasa (where the guardian now lives)!!!


Aaand... that was the only donator written story there will be... Sorry folks.


Next we have A WONDERFULLY LINEAGED SILVER EGGY FROM THE PREVIOUS OWNER OF MONSTERS, INC: HALEAN! This eggy has always been proud of its ancestry. It has spent most of its short life working on a tapestry depicting its family, woven and embroidered with bright and vivid colors. It recently finished it, and hung it up on the wall of its room. As it sat there, staring at it, is decided that where it currently lived was not good enough for it. While its current owner had been kind to it, they just weren't deserving of this noble eggy (or so the little silver thought). So it packed up its few possessions, including its family tree, and headed for the attic, for that was where halean stored some old doors from when they were in charge at Monsters, Inc. When the eggy threw open the trap door that led to the dusty attic, a labyrinth greeted it. For hours it walked among the doors, all unique in their own way. Every now and again it would open one, and take a look inside, but it never liked what there was on the other side. One door led to a birthday party, full of cake and balloons and... screaming little kids. Another door was hiding a beach, with palm trees and a perfect sunset, as well as a few sharks which had evolved to come out of the water for a short period of time. Each door that the silver seemed to open seemed to have a downside to it, except for the one with the snow. The door opened into a landscape of pure white, with a town glowing in the valley bellow. There were no monsters, no loud noises, no freaky storms. So the eggy passed through that door, and headed down towards the valley. At one point it almost changed its mind about the place, but when it turned back the door had vanished. So it continued onwards, towards the little town. When it reached the town, nearly frozen to death, it was picked up by number 45, Sophie Scott!!!


Lastly, we have a SPITFIRE FROM THE DUNES OF ANNIELYLA! The Dunes, where this eggy is from, are part of a dessert to the south of the ice and snow. The eggy had been picked up by the wind of a fierce sandstorm, and carried far to the north. When the storm died down, it was on the edge of the frozen land. Curious, as eggies usually are, it decided to explore this land instead of returning home. It quickly learned that its powers were just enough to melt and play with the ice, much like adult spitfires can melt the sands of the desert. The eggy could drill through lakes which had been iced over, and allow the inhabitants to catch the fish that dwelt bellow. It could make igloos, by creating a large wall of snow and melting it a little at a time so that it froze quickly, and making it curve over into a strong cave. After it had mastered these practical skills and used them to make a living, the spitfire began to learn how to make ice statues. Before long, most of the land's inhabitants had heard of its abilities. Among those who heard about the eggy was a gang of slave traders (for even DC has some). The slave traders tracked the eggy down, captured it, and carried it from village to village. While many wished to buy it, none could come up with the amount of gold that the slave traders wanted. Eventually, a rich merchant (specializing in the trade of exotic fish and very popular among water dragons) bought the eggy so as to give it freedom. Out of gratitude, however, the eggy decided to stay with the merchant, who happened to be number 39, athdaraxen!!!


And that is all! I hope you enjoyed! REMEMBER: The next giveaway will also be open to donators to write in, so start getting some stories together!

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WELCOME TO A TRUE DONATOR WRITTEN CONTEST! It's short and sweet and about 95% not me! So, let us see what our dear donators have to say about their eggies.


From Lalasa's igloo comes a winter seasonal!

This little eggy was born in the cold of the Arctic. As a very young egg, he was playing on the ice until oops! he falls into the sea. This was not the end of the little eggy. Being cold himself, he survived and floated down the currents to a tropical land. The summer eggies there took him in. Because he was so young, he didn't remember where he came from and wondered why he was different from everyone else. Then one day, one of the elder eggies told him that they had found him in the ocean, and that he never really belonged to them. So the eggy decided to wander until he found his kin. He built a raft and sailed the sea. A great storm blew up, and smashed the eggy's raft against some rocks. The eggy would have been smashed too, except a brave deep sea eggy pulled him out before the winter eggy became a winter eggy jigsaw. The deep sea eggy brought the winter to the ship of number 9, dracoon!


The dragons of WATERSCORPION's cave are a secluded bunch, belonging to a long lineage down to the first two dragons of the clan. Maybe that's why the lone vampire, who had no kinship with the clan, had his bitten eggs thrown out of the cave time and time again. It quite depressed him, really. Despite the other dragons' disapproval, he kept biting eggs, hoping to one day have another vampire in the clan. One night, an egg was brought to him to turn. Nervously taking the egg, he bit it, then cringed, waiting once again for the egg to be forcefully thrown out of the cave. When nothing happened, he glanced about surprised. Did the other dragons get tired of tossing vampire eggs out? Or were they finally ready to accept another vampire into the clan? Regardless of the reason, the vampire was quite happy; giddy in fact. Unfortunately, the vampire got too excited to the point he made it unsafe for the little vampire eggy (plus the other dragons are now having trouble sleeping at night). So sadly, WaterScorpion has decided to relocate the eggy somewhere safer (don't worry, she'll have a talk with the vampire later). The new owner of this (slightly traumatized) vampire egg is number 25, Brisingrlover! (WARNING: visitations may occur)


And I believe that is all!!! Have a nice day, everyone!


*gasp* Can it be? Is the giveaway actually on time?

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In the wonderful world of DC, there is an all-knowing wish-granting tree. Actually, it claims it's an all-knowing shape shifter who's older than time itself, but many think it's just a crazy ol' genie stuck inside a tree. Whatever it may be, the tree can indeed grant wishes. However, it has a tendency to not pay very much attention to what the wisher is saying, or to fill in gaps in the details on its own. Some researchers think that this tree is the main reason that the DC forests are populated by such strange creatures.





The first eggy we are taking to the tree is A SKYWING FROM THE CLOUD FOREST OF TWILIGHTDREAMER1979! This eggy has always wanted a chick as a pet. It even has a little notebook which is filled with cute sketches of fluffy yellow baby chickens. So, when we brought it before the all-knowing wish-granting tree, it didn't need time to think. It was all smiles as it marched up to the large and majestic hardwood, which was dressed in the warm colors of autumn despite the current time of year, and announced its desire to own a chick. Within seconds, a parade of beautiful young ladies began marching around the little clearing, dancing and playing music. Each was clad in feathery yellow clothes. The little skywing was utterly baffled, and simply stared at the ladies with a blank expression. The parade closed in on the eggy, picked it up, and carried it away. It was found three weeks later, surrounded by yellow feathers and smeared with lipstick, near the cave of number 16, AngelinDecline!!!


The next victim lucky eggy is a BLACK FROM THE CAVERNOUS DWARF HALLS OF DRAGONSFOREVER! This eggy, however, had no idea what to wish for. All it felt was relief when it came to the tree and found it deep asleep (and snoring). It thought that it wouldn't have to make up its mind until later, but it wasn't quite that fortunate. We led it around to a side of the tree which has a couple of brightly colored buttons. One of the buttons supposedly has the power to wake the tree, but there are no labels. One of the buttons does, however, have a warning above it. The warning reads as follows:

Do Not Press This Button

Especially Not If You

Don't Know What to Wish For.

The eggy, being short, was only able to read the last line. Thinking this was some sort of wish randomizer, it pressed the button. Chaos ensued. An army of bizarre looking hybridized animals, walking plants, and critters that defied the laws of physics began sprouting from the ground and walking into the surrounding woods. Those who passed the eggy gave it something, usually a part of them. Hours passed before the sprouting finally slowed to a stop. The eggy was left floating on a number of different colored (and smelling) clouds, sitting atop a pile of body parts and odd balls of slime. Worried that we may be connected to this crazyness, we left the eggy alone. A couple of days later, we saw in the newspaper that the eggy had found a home with someone who let it keep all the strange stuff: number 33, Stunningfire!!!


Next up, we have an EMBER EGGY FROM THE FAMED PALACE OF ROCKIN' ON! This eggy wanted nothing but fame when it stepped up to the tree. All of its young life had been spent in a home that was talked about, in the presence of dragons who were considered heroes and roll models. Its only wish was to be as famous as those who surrounded it since birth. The tree, however, noticed that the eggy didn't specify what kind of fame. Out of the forest came a strange looking animal. Its body shape was similar to a lizard, but it was the size of a large dog, with scales the color of the rainbow, webbed feet, and a rudder-like tail. An arrow whizzed by the eggy, originating from a spot of air behind it, and hit the creature in the chest. A high-pitched shriek tore through the air, and then the animal vanished. While the eggy stared in confusion, the tree cheerfully announced that the ember would now be infamous for being found at the source of the blood trail that lead to the dead body of the only living male of that species. While not all of this registered in the eggy's mind, its first instinct was to run. It was unable to do so, however, for invisible walls barred its way. The eggy would later be found, tried, and found guilty for the crime the tree had committed. The young ember was put under house arrest in the caves of number 44, Cheeselo!!!


Our last little eggy is a GEODE FROM THE FIELDS OF PLENTY BELONGING TO KLINNEAH! This geode is greedy. Even though it was born in the fields of plenty, where there is always enough of everything, it has always wanted more. More more more. It especially loves treasure, which the fields of plenty don't supply. Gold and jewels put the eggy into a trance-like state. When placed before the tree, it demanded to be given a cave that would always be full of treasures. The tree took a few seconds to think, and then the eggy's surroundings melted away to be replaced by a small cave. The geode immediately noticed something was amiss. The room was not filled with glinting gems and 24 carat gold. Instead, it was piled high with bits of scrap metal, fine wines, and cheese. But the tree did do one thing right: the cave's stock is always being replenished. Even if nothing is taken away, more 'treasure' is constantly being produced. Of course, in the eggy's mind, this just made the situation worse. Filled with rage, the young and indignant dragon stormed out of the cave, only to find itself at the end of a hall. A few dragon-lengths ahead, the hall opened up into an enormous cavern: the home of number 7, GreenDragonMama!!!


The moral of the story is: Don't go to the tree that claims it is all-knowing and wish-granting, and always ignore trees that claim they are the all-knowing wish-granting tree (for they are probably just as bad).


I hope you enjoyed today's story! Sorry it's late, but a couple of donations came in late and I felt the need to squeeze them in.

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WELCOME, EVERYONE! WELCOME TO ANOTHER EGGY GIVEAWAY!!! You are currently boarding a small shuttle that will take us to one of the moons that orbit DC, where the giveaway will take place. Most of the seats are located near windows, so you can see the view as we leave the planet. In the case that the view would cause you to get sick, however, we suggest one of the seats in a windowless area. We ask you to remain in your seat until we leave DC's atmosphere. Once we do so, you are free to walk about (and maybe stop by the kitchen for something to eat). The trip won't take longer than a couple of hours, so just make yourselves comfortable. Is everyone on board? Very well then, let's get a move on!


The moon we are currently headed towards is the home of a large factory, owned by A TAN RIDGEWING EGGY FROM THE SMALL HIDEY-HOLE OF STEALTHYPUGS! This eggy attended some of the greatest schools in DC, mostly in the field of art. It quickly mastered drawing and painting, as well as many other forms of two dimensional art, and moved on to sculpting. For a while, the eggy was producing statues that rivaled the works of great masters. However, it quickly grew bored with what it was doing, and vanished off the face of the planet. A couple of years later, the ridgewing's factory, aptly named New World, opened. Those who had the money rushed to be the first to get the new product, and soon there was another level of society: those who owned a planet. And not just any planet, but a custom built planet. The moon, which can now be partially seen through the windows, was completely hollowed out so that the factory could be built within the planetoid itself. Using fancy technology beyond our level of comprehension, the eggy made the moon larger on the inside than the outside, so that multiple planets, as well as a large teleportation device to move the planets to their own spot in the galaxy, could fit within at the same time. Despite its accomplishments, however, the ridgewing is ready to return home. We will be taking it with us when we return to DC, and the eggy will go off to live with number 43, honeynutt!!!


We have landed! Grab your cameras, folks! We are going to get to see two in-progress planets today, before the return flight. Prepare to be amazed!


The first planet was commissioned by A PINK EGGY FROM THE CANYONS OF SHATTERINGGLASS! As you can see, most of the planet's general terrain has already been laid out. It's not particularly large, and is mostly covered by dense cloud forest, giving way to conifers near the poles. Those muddy brown spots and stripes which you can see, interrupting the blanket of trees and fog, are to be lakes and rivers. This planet is to orbit a red giant, located a few hundred light years away. Every day, as the sun passes overhead, the droplets of water that make up the cloudy fog that covers most of the planet will catch the ruby light, making the planet turn a rosy pink color. Currently, the planet is in the process of acquiring inhabitants. This computer over here is playing a slide show of the creatures which may get to live in that cloud forest. By the looks of it, most of them are birds, and fluffy rodents. Most of them are colored with a shade of crimson, for use as camouflage among the pink clouds. Overall, a very monochromatic and moist place. The pink eggy which ordered the planet will be using it mostly as a vacation resort, and is in need of a place to live during the non-vacation times (ShatteringGlass disowned it after it used up all the chocolate to make cupcakes to sell, so as to have enough money to get a planet). The eggy's new owner is a certain number 9, Tayiadragonbite!!!


*intermission for lunch time*


Now that everyone has gotten their bellies filled up full again, let us continue!


The second, and last, planet we get to see today was commissioned by A WHITE STRIPE EGGY FROM THE ORPHANAGE OF DEATHDYMIN! This planet is slightly larger than the last one we saw, and nearly complete. Most of the planet's surface is dominated by ocean. The little land that exists is mountainous and bone dry. A constant wind blows around the planet, making the conditions even more harsh. The sea is inhabited by fierce creatures, with sharp teeth and scales as tough as armor. They range in size from microscopic to larger than a castle, and everyone is in constant competition for food and space with everyone else. The only living things on the arid land are tough, scarab-like beetles, some quadrupedal herd animals, and a few scraggly bushes and trees. In short, the planet is the most inhospitable place imaginable. The only thing that has yet to be added to the planet is the castle in which the stripe eggy will live when it visits. The castle is to be built on a metal platform, which will float a ways above the water because of the magnetic properties of both the planet and the platform. These magnetic properties have been carefully tweaked so that the planet and the platform will repel each other just enough to keep the castle from touching the ragged sea. If the eggy had its way, this planet would become its permanent residence. However, the governments of DC won't allow it to do so because of how it got the money to pay for its dream world: by robbing banks. A chip which controls the teleportation systems has been implanted into the eggy's shell, preventing it from remaining on its planet for an extended period of time. When it is in DC, the eggy will be under the watchful eye of number 31, Lavaburst14!!!


And those are the two planets we get to see today. Everyone back to the shuttle! We shall be departing for DC within the hour. I hope everyone enjoyed their visit to New World.

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WELCOME, EVERYONE! For the first giveaway after the Surprise egg drop, we will be going through the levels of a factory belonging to a very popular company: Sweet Living. Sweet Living is the largest producer of candy and pastries in DC, known for their ability to create any kind of confection, even if it sounds completely outlandish. Some of the employees in the factory we are about to visit are in need of a new home, which is where we come in. So, without further adieu, I give you the eggies!


Contrary to popular belief, the factories (and the company itself) are not all run by valentine dragons. While sweetlings and rosebuds are the ones who present speeches, attend business meetings, and get their faces painted on billboards, most factories are actually run by a pair of eggies. In the case of this factory, they are a PURPLE RIDGEWING AND A HARVEST EGGY, BOTH ORIGINALLY FROM THE CAVES OF JADESHUNDALIMAGGIE! These two supposedly run the place, but actually they lack the power to do more than write speeches and approve recipes. The only reason they are really necessary is because they are the ones who communicate with the head of the company (which is some pygmy in a monkey suite that makes them look like a penguin), and pass on anything important to the rest of the staff. This pair of eggies have gotten bored of this life, and have decided to quit and open a nice little bakery in a quiet town. We found a nice little place on the outskirts of a forest in western DC, and have arranged for them to go live with a couple of the town's residents: the ridgewing with number 15, halean, and the harvest with number 11, dragonsforever!!!


One of the most important positions in any factory is the recipe maker, in charge of designing the delectable treats which the company produces. They are also the reason that the company offers such a wide range of products, because each factory has its own recipe maker. In this factory, the position is held by a NEOTROPICAL, PREVIOUSLY OWNED BY THE LADY IN THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE: LALASA! This eggy spends its days sitting in large room filled with buttons and knobs, which correspond to all the different parts of a piece candy (such as shape, size, texture, etc). In the middle of the room is a table with two things on it: a holographic projector that shows what the candy will look like once made, and a computer screen showing the recipe of said candy. Thankfully to the eggy, it isn't limited to which buttons it can press. Whenever it needs and ingredient or shape which doesn't exist on the control panel, it can simply program it into the computer. The only problem is that the computer is located outside the room, in a shed that can only be entered from outside. If there happens to be a snowstorm going on, and the eggy needs to program sparkles into the computer, it runs the risk of freezing to death before it gets back to work. After many such occasions, the eggy has decided to retire, and design complex origami for the magician who enjoys playing with paper. It's home from now on will be the cave of number 9, SuchanSuch!!!


The factory is broken up into many sections, each dedicated to making a certain type of candy. Each of these sections is assigned a manager, who's purpose is to make sure the workers aren't being mischievous or lazy, and have enough ingredients to produce the candy. One manager, in charge of the cake decorations section, is a BALLOON EGGY FROM THE DAYCARE CENTER OF DRAGONSFOREVER! Having grown up in a place where lots of young eggies spend the day, this balloon is rather pretentious. The fact that it floats a couple of feet off the ground only makes it feel more superior. The eggy loved its job, and used every excuse it could to boss around the workers under its command. One day, a group of workers ganged up on the balloon, and tossed it into a vat of cream cheese icing. From then on, the balloon almost never ventured out of its little office, because it feared being struck down from behind by a particularly vengeful worker. A few days later, the eggy quit its job and fled, trying to find a place where there were no other eggies. While it never found such a place, it did eventually settle down in the home of number 22, masterkat6!!!


Perhaps the most important part of the factory is the work force. Thousands of workers, and a shift for every hour of the day, keep the factories producing delicacies. There are many rumors circling DC that the workers are a slave force, an alien race, or an assortment of strange and crazy machines. One of the workers in this factory is a GLORY EGGY, FORMERLY BELONGING TO THE NOT-QUITE-RICH DARKDAMSEL09! A couple of years ago, the eggy became determined to make its family wealthy, so it found the best-paying job in town and began saving up money. The factory provided the best payroll for miles around, and was constantly in search of more workers, so that is where the eggy ended up. Ever since it was hired, the glory has been working three shifts a day in the chocolate section, usually as a decorator. When it wasn't working, the eggy was either writing or painting, trying to become as good as possible without having to pay for lessons. When it wasn't improving any more, the eggy decreased the number of shifts it was working to a single one, and began taking regular lessons to fine tune its skills. Convinced that it wont be getting any better, the eggy is ready to quit its job and pursue writing and painting as a more interesting way to earn a little gold. It will be living with someone who has extra room which the eggy can use as a studio and office, number 26, Kaini!!!


The last level of the factory is not part of the staff. Instead, its a group of dragons who make their homes outside, for they have no where else to go. Of the ones living outside the factory walls, two of them were eggies: A WHITE STRIPE AND A FLAMINGO EGGY, ONCE BELONGING TO STUNNINGFIRE AND EMMEJO! Both eggies had left their homes to explore the world, only to discover that life was hard without a warm home to return to every night. They met by the factory, which had walls that offered protection from cold wind or the hot sun. For a while now, they have been living off the scraps left behind by those who work in the factory: mainly leftovers from lunches. Competition over the food is fierce, though, for a number of hatchies also live in the shelter of the stone walls. After observing how the eggies were treated, we decided that an eggy shouldn't have to live like that. In the middle of the night, when both youngsters were fast asleep, we took them away to pleasant homes: the stripe to number 34, suane_lightfurr, and the flamingo to number 45, Siryuki!!!


And that's it! Sorry about the quality of the story. They'll get better once I get back into the swing of things.

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Now that we have a nice number of donations, allow me to present yet another EGGY GIVE AWAY!


A new problem has recently arisen among the eggy community. Eggies disappear, simply vanishing into thin air, and when they return they've had their memories re-written. At first, we thought it was all a joke, but it's about time we learned that anything is possible in DC. Our first encounter with this abnormal development was when we were walking through the park the other day. The magma eggy that accompanied us suddenly disappeared, only to reappear a few seconds later babbling in Klingon. It had been sucked through a wormhole only strong enough to transport the little eggy, and had then tumbled back through the same wormhole before it closed up, after having its memories replaced. Following are the stories which we know for certain are true. Enjoy, and try not to get paranoid about your own eggies.


First up, we have A SWALLOWTAIL FROM THE ACADEMY FOR THE STUDY OF SHAKESPEARE OF JAZZYJ! On its way to the academy's library, to look up some information for a play it was writing, the eggy got sucked into the fictional world of one of Shakespeare's plays, The Tragedy of Hamlet. Its mind was completely wiped, and it got its memories replaced by those of Hamlet. It was right around the time when Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were sent to find out the reason for Hamlet's exotic behavior, a scene which the eggy would have recognized had it remembered who it was. The swallowtail found itself in a hall. From around the corner, voices calling Hamlet's name could be heard. The eggy responded just as the two men came into view. They both stopped dead, both because of the high-pitched voice and because a strange round object which they didn't recognize was sitting in the middle of everything, looking very out of place. "Rosencrantz, Guildenstern!" The eggy greeted warmly, waddling up to the men and weaving around their legs like a cat (since it didn't posses the ability to give them a hug). The men kept staring. Then one of the men looked up, and spotted the actual Hamlet approaching them. The same greeting took place (with a hug this time). As inconspicuously as possible, one of the men kicked the eggy away. It complained loudly, rambling on about betrayal and spying. A few moments later, the noise stopped. The eggy was gone from that world, leaving Hamlet and his friends baffled. Now we have a little swallowtail who is ordering us to take it to the lovely Ophelia, and who talks to himself quite often. Knowing the tragic nature of the play it thinks its part of, we are rather worried. We also don't want to have to deal with what happens next, so it is being handed over to number 42, Angela_1!!!


Next we have an entire group, A SWALLOWTAIL, A PILLOW, A WHITE, AND A GREEN STRIPE, ALL PHYSICISTS OPERATING OUT OF THE CAVE OF DEATHDYMIN! All four disappeared in unison, while returning to work from a Dunkin' Donuts after a lunch break. They appeared in a room made of stone, a temple of sorts. A few rocks were sitting atop pedestals, each carved with figures representative of five elements. Minds were wiped and replaced, and the eggies then thought that they were supposed to be the rocks atop the four pedestals. With incredible agility and unforeseen strength, the four leaped to the top of the pedestals and pushed the stones to the ground. Their nice cubic forms shattered against the hard floor as the eggies assumed their positions. The swallowtail was water, the pillow fire, the white air, and the stripe was earth. As footsteps sounded outside the chamber, and the door was pushed open, the eggies became as rigid as the rocks which now lay in pieces on the ground. The men and red-haired woman which came in didn't seem to notice any difference. As the woman sat in the center of the room, the men walked around the eggies talking about activating them. Nothing worked. The eggies were nothing but dragons in shells, and wouldn't open unless they felt like it. Darkness fell suddenly, as if the sun had gone out. Less than a second before the Evil struck the planet, the four eggies dissolved into the air. They reappeared in DC in the same arrangement, and still sitting as still as if they were carved out of rock. We fear they may never hatch (unless perhaps surrounded by the element they think they are for a while), and don't want to have them sitting around in the attic. So, off they go! The swallowtail will go to number 31, Brentakers, the pillow to number 10, tucuxia, the white to number 27, PonyGurl, and the green stripe to number 1, PieMaster!!!


Our last case involves A PYGMY EGGY FROM THE LITTLE GREEN MEN RESEARCH LABS OF RANDOMESTDRAGON! The pygmy disappeared during the cleanup of a particularly messy experiment, involving green slime which had expanded at an unexpected rate and flooded everything. When it looked around at its surroundings, it was sitting outside a hangar, for spaceships. The sounds of fighting could be heard from within: the clash of swords, the surprised gasps of pain. When the noise died down, in stepped the pygmy. With a disapproving gaze it scrutinized the man before it. "Powerful you have become, Dooku. The dark side I sense in you," it said. This seemed to be amusing, although the pygmy thought itself completely serious. Then someone else entered the hangar, someone much greener, and considerably larger (although not by much). The man stopped laughing, and began launching things at the green creature. One of these things was the eggy itself. The green creature flicked the pygmy aside, sending it hurtling off into the sky. The last thing it heard before being sucked back through the wormhole was the echo of its own line. We are not stuck with a small egg who acts like its important, and talks in a funny out-of-order kind of way. The talking part is really starting to irritate us, so we are giving it to someone who is hopefully not to much of a grammar Nazi: number 6, penguin_adu6oo!!!


That is all the confirmed stories we have so far. Don't be alarmed if your eggy disappears. When it reappears and seems to have lost its mind, that is when you can start worrying.


Sorry if my facts don't exactly match up... I haven't read Hamlet or seen The Fifth Element in quite a while, so excuse me if it isn't quite as you remember.

Edited by Stealthypugs

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WELCOME TO YET ANOTHER EGGY GIVEAWAY! Wizards have decided to meddle with eggies again, and there seems to be no stopping them. We detected a rise in magical activity a couple of weeks ago. Usually these things die down after a while, but some wizards are stubborn and refuse to stop. This time, we are having problems with a young wizard who enjoys playing with paper and eggies. He's not a particularly good wizard, so we have some interesting stories to share with you.


First, we have a story about A SWALLOWTAIL AND A WHITE STRIPE, BOTH KIDNAPPED FROM THE ENCHANTED FALLS OF DARKDAMSEL09! Paper and parchment in DC are all fairly plain. The only colorful paper which exists has been drawn on by talented Illuminators, the artists responsible for pictures in books and in the margins of poems. The wizard quickly discovered that magic could not replicate the beautiful drawings, nor could it be used as a shortcut to create the vivid dyes. He had only had experience working with paper eggs, which are layered like an onion. One can pull sheets of paper off these eggies, and be able to use them. Thinking that all eggies worked in this way, the wizard went in search of color. When he saw the swallowtail and the white stripe, sunning themselves in the warm sun of early spring, he couldn't resist the urge to snatch them away. He took them to a large, hollowed out tree, set them down on a rickety table, and tried the same spell on them used to peel layers off paper eggies. When there were no immediate results, the wizard increased the magic's strength. An extremely thin layer of color detached itself from the eggy's shells, and drifted slowly to the dust-covered floor. Not completely satisfied, the wizard tried again. The second time, the results were no better. Soon, a layer of colorful sheets covered the floor, each no thicker than a spiderweb. The eggies were left with shells no thicker than flower petals, and devoid of color. When the wizard had had enough, he spirited the eggies away. They landed in front of the homes of two random dragon keepers: the swallowtail before number 41, xXLatiasxXxLatiosXx, and the white stripe before number 11, Wilczak!!!


The second story involves A HARVEST AND A PURPLE, FROM THE FLOATING CASTLE OF ROCKIN' ON! These two eggies were tempted with promises of chocolates, glory, and gold. There came a point when the rewards that the wizard promised were enough to convince the eggies to leave their home, and help him with an experiment which he had been very vague about. He led them to a tree house with a rope ladder. It was a single room with a hole in the roof, and two holes in the walls which acted as windows. The majority of the room was taken up by an intricate maze, which looked to be about the right size for mice to run through. The wizard made them stand on top of the maze at a seemingly random point. Then, without warning, he made them shrink to the size of chicken eggs. They fell into the maze, side by side, not knowing which way was out. The wizards booming voice sounded from somewhere above, telling them they could collect their rewards when they found a way out. Although the two eggies started out with the awaiting riches as an incentive to escape, this was soon pushed to the back of their mind. The search for a way out became a fight for their lives. Around every corner, some danger seemed to be waiting. They were all made of plain paper, and couldn't be circumvented. The paper lay flat until one of the eggies stepped on it, causing it to steal some of their energy and turn into a monster. Sometimes it was a heard of buffalo, other times it was an annoyed hydra. Once it was a pair of eyes, almost undetectable when closed, which followed the two eggies around and made them uncomfortable. They wandered the maze for days, maybe even months. One day, the end was in sight. Only one more paper lie in between hell and freedom. The purple, being the one with the most strength left between the two, tentatively stepped onto the paper. For a moment, nothing happened. Then the paper rose up, ripped itself in half, and dove for the eggies. There was no time to dodge out of the way, but there seemed to be no need to. The paper went right through them, although it never came out the other side. Not caring why this had happened, the eggies stumbled towards the glowing EXIT sign. When they left the maze, nothing happened. There was no reward for surviving, they didn't grow back to full size, and the wizard was nowhere to be seen. Even though they could hardly stand up straight, they managed to climb fall down the rope ladder. A while later, a wandering day glory found them, collapsed on a pile of leaf litter. It took them to placed where the two could recuperate, although their nights would be haunted by nightmares of that dreadful place for the rest of their lives. The harvest went to number 8, DarkDamsel09, and the purple went to number 21, klinneah!!!


The wizard is finally calming down a bit, but we expect to see him again someday, causing more trouble. For now, though, that is all there is. Have a nice day! I hope you enjoyed!

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Welcome to yet another EGGY GIVEAWAY! Albeit a slightly late one.


There is only one problem with this giveaway: I find myself unable to think of any ideas. So, I will turn to the English language. English is confusing. It's full of things that don't make sense. French fries did not originally come from France, pineapples are not apples that grow on pine trees, and the plural of moose is not meese. It is also filled with metaphors, hyperbole, rhetorical questions, and sarcasm. Most of us have learned how to deal with this sort of thing. We know what should be taken seriously, and what shouldn't. But what about eggies? They are still very young, and don't know how to deal with these figures of speech. While we mean - to the eggy population, this can be quite amusing.


Kill me, now!

Our first confused eggy is a PINK FROM THE TREASURE-FILLED LAIR OF EMMEJO! The little eggy was sitting on a table while its owner read the day's mail nearby. Every once in a while, Emmejo would mutter something incomprehensible, obviously not enjoying everything she was reading. At one point, the writing within a letter held news which was terrible enough that Emmejo exclaimed, loudly, "Kill me, now!" Of course, she didn't mean it, but the eggy didn't know this. Having been raised to be obedient, it launched itself at its owner. Although it tried its best to knock her over the head, it was still rather small. Emmejo plucked the eggy off her head, and set it down on the floor. Once again, the pink attacked. This repeated itself a few times, until Emmejo simply put the eggy outside and closed the door. The intent was to wait until it calmed down, but the little eggy just wandered away. It intended to find another way in and complete the task which it believes had been given to it, but it was picked up by someone on their way back from shopping: number 44, khanhs!!!


It's raining cats and dogs!

Our next victim of confusion is a BRILLIANT LITTLE SILVER EGGY FROM THE CAKE DECORATION SHOP OF PSYKOTIKA! This silver had always enjoyed the rain. It loved how the cool drops rolled down its shell, and formed a little puddle underneath it. One rainy day, when the eggy was helping out in the shop, a costumer came in soaking wet. He greeted the employees, and then began to talk with the owner. Just as the eggy was walking by, on its way back from the window where it had been sitting, it heard the customer announce that it was raining cats and dogs. Fear began to fill the eggy. Cats and dogs, the owners of sharp claws and teeth, which could scratch the silver right off its shell. That was bad news. It didn't even bother to turn around and glance out the window, to see if what the man said was true. It ran straight for the innermost part of the shop, telling itself that no animal would ever venture into a place where it could get its precious tail stepped on. When people tried to explain to it that that was a figure of speech used when it was raining very hard, it only worsened the situation. The eggy is now deathly scared of venturing outside after a rainstorm, for fear the world will be overrun by the creatures it loathed. Someone finally managed to catch the eggy in a sack, and take it away from the shop to the home of number 26, orange!!!


In a pickle.

Our last little eggy is AN EMBER FROM THE LOG CABIN OF ROCKIN' ON! Rockin' had recently acquired a set of enchanted wooden mazes which were played using a marble. The spells which had been cast on them made them change, and create puzzling obstacles to make them harder to solve. The eggy was completely fascinated by these mazes, and spent a lot of its time sitting next to its owner and watching her work through them. One time, when the eggy returned from getting a snack, it asked Rockin' On what it had missed, to which the answer was, "Oh, I'm in a pickle." The eggy stopped in its tracks, and stared at Rockin' with wide eyes. She didn't look like she was encased inside a giant pickled cucumber, so why had she said that? Maybe the pickle was invisible. This thought scared the eggy even more, and it took a step back. Had it eaten her? More and more thoughts piled up inside its little mind, each worse than the last, until it was too much. With a little yelp, the eggy ran out of the cabin and into the surrounding woods. It didn't take long for it to reach a little village, where it hung around the park for a while. It didn't take long for someone to notice it, and soon it was on its way to the home of number 15, Palior!!!


Eh. Not the best stories in the world... Have a nice day, folks!

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HELLO THAR! Welcome to another EGA drawing! Today, we find ourselves inside a pet shop. At least, that's what the sign says... As far as we can tell, these are just strange creatures, not what one would call 'pets.' Regardless of what they are, we may as well get on with the show.


First, let us introduce you to the owner of the shop, A CURIOUS LOOKING SPLIT EGGY, CLAIMING TO HAVE BEEN ONCE OWNED BY SHALAREAN THE ENCHANTRESS! Whether or not its claims about its former owner are true or not, it must be doing something involving magic to get these creatures. The cases and pens within the shop are filled with bizarre beings, which in many cases shouldn't even be possible. There are things with three heads, each from a different animal; fish with luminescent fur that are nocturnal, and yet live off of reef fish that are only to be found during the day; and even things so strange they could easily come from another planet, like the little critters with feet on their heads, long necks, and a tail which coils up like a snake. Every once in a while, the eggy disappears into a dark room at the back of the shop with a very large RESTRICTED AREA sign on the door. This disappearance is usually followed by some odd sounds, or a few bursts of bright light, before the eggy reappears (looking a little out of breath). The only thing that customers need to do to get one of these animals for a pet is to own a fair amount of money, and sign a piece of paper covered in very fine print. We've heard rumors that signing that paper means selling your soul to the little eggy, but we don't think a young split would be capable of pulling that off (then again, what do we know?). For the most part, this eggy lives in its shop. Sometimes it goes outside, and sleeps in a tree in a park somewhere. It doesn't mind living this way, but we can tell it would prefer to have a nice warm home to go to every night. So, we are sending it off with number 2, ihazwings!


What is a shop without customers? Just a large room full of stuff. So, here is a customer: A LUCKY LITTLE RED EGGY FROM THE LEPRECHAUN TUNNELS OF KLINNEAH! The reason we can consider it lucky is because it finally found a pot of gold. The only problem was that this pot was not at the end of a rainbow. It was in fact at the bottom of a lake about a three minute's flight to the south west of a rainbow. After finding the gold, and dragging it out of the lake, the eggy couldn't decide what to do with it, until it had spotted the pet shop as it was window shopping. The little shop didn't seem to fit in with its surroundings. All around it, large and fancy department stores loomed upwards, as if trying to block out the sun. Curiously, the red eggy entered the shop, only to find itself in a space much larger than it had imagined. The creatures within captivated the eggy immediately. It wandered among the racks of glass cases, hardly believing what it was seeing, until it stopped in front of a cage containing a sleeping reptile. The critter stood on two legs, and was about twice as tall as the eggy. When it sighed in its sleep, a forked tongue rolled out from behind sharp ivory teeth. At one point, it shivered slightly, making its scales rise. The underside of each scale was a different color, and the colors were arranged in a pattern so that, if one stood behind the animal when all its scales were raised, a pair of large eyes starred back. While the eggy was staring at this creature, the shop owner came up next to it. Although the red tried its best to act polite, and talk to the owner, it kept glancing back at the snoring animal. The shop owner noticed this, and offered to sell the animal for 500 gold coins. The red handed over a sack of gold, and signed the paper offered to it without even trying to read what it said. Three minutes later, the eggy was standing outside the shop, holding a leash attached to a collar around the neck of its new pet. After walking along the street for a while, the eggy had decided to name its new friend Larry. The first thing Larry did when it heard its name was snap its jaws around the eggy (which fit perfectly inside Larry's mouth), and proceed to run off in a random direction. A while later, the eggy was spat out again, muttering about finding a better way to travel. Larry had stopped in front of the cave of number 39, Tayiadragonbite!!!


And that's all we've got for ya! The pet shop is located in the downtown area of DC's largest city. It's hard to miss, considering how out of place it looks. Have a nice day, folks!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to another DONATOR WRITTEN GIVEAWAY! Yes, today is one of those days when you all get to see what the wonderful donators have to say about their eggies. So, without further adieu, let me present to you... WRITING THAT ISN'T MINE!


Here is an eggy from the stormy sea of Emerald_Shadowclaw! This little Fellfire eggy has an odd trait, it can survive underwater. Allegedly this is because a water monkey dunked it in boiling water when it was laid, but no one knows for sure. One day, it went exploring the sea, when above the water it saw three elemental birds fighting. Suddenly, a great beast rose out of the sand beneath it, and accidentally flicked the eggy away with its tail. It soared into a whirling tornado of water, and was thrown out towards the land. Once it landed, the dazed, disorientated eggy stumbled towards the nearest shelter, the home of number 32, PuddingMonster!


And here is a little sailor vampire eggy from the BOATHOUSE OF LALASA! This little eggy always went boating with it's master on the lake by their house. One day, the eggy decided to go boating by itself for once. It managed to untie the sailboat, and it managed to get in it as well. The eggy was doing a fine job until a storm blew up and knocked the eggy overboard. The eggy was light, so it started floating, caught up in the sudden storm. The storm pushed the eggy to the far side of the lake, where Black_Phantom (number 15) lived in a little cottage!!


An eggy from the small but eclectic cavern of alabaster! This wet little eggy was wallowing in its puddle in a corner while a bunch of roughhousing hatchlings wrestled nearby. While patiently waiting to hatch, it reflected sadly that it was the only eggy in the cave at that time, and when it hatched the dragon inside would have to share a pool with a bunch of scary older dragons! Just then, a regal-looking Deep Sea dragon poked his head into the cave through a hidden tunnel. Spotting the water eggy, he lunged and snatched it up in his mouth! Happily, the eggy recognized him as one of the nicer "scary older dragons" and settled in for the upcoming adventure. Ten minutes later, the eggy tumbled out on the shore of a lovely freshwater pool. Resting on the damp sand, the eggy didn't even have time to get nervous before being scooped up by number 34, JadeShunDaliaMaggie!


THE END, MY DEAR FRIENDS! Please thank these awesome donators on the way out, and feel free to pick up a doughnut hole (they were just brought in by a Baker Dragon, and are still warm). Have a nice day, everyone!


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Hello everyone, and welcome to an ENTIRELY NOT-THOUGHT-UP-BY-ME GIVEAWAY! Very little of what you're about to read was originally an idea by myself. Instead, it was probably thought up by one of you readers! So, let us move on to the almost-entirely-unrelated stories!


A word of warning to that donator who donated more than one eggy: They are NOT in the same paragraph! They might not even be in paragraphs coming one after the other! So, don't be confused.


First up, we have a WATER WALKER EGGY, FROM THE PIRATE SHIP OF ROCKIN' ON! This eggy was once a prisoner which the pirates picked up when they ransacked a little village, but its fascination with pillaging and sailing the seas earned it a promotion to cabin boy. After a while, pirates took to taking the eggy with them when they went to pick up treasure. On one treasure pickup expedition, the captain was in need of a hammer, which he had neglected to bring along. It sent the eggy back to the ship to get what was needed. On the way back, however, the eggy fell through a hole in the fabric of time, and was sucked into the future. When it looked around, it was in the captain's cabin, but a glance out the window confirmed that it really wasn't so. The water walker was aboard a giant space shuttle, drifting through space. There were still pirates counting gold and fixing the jolly roger, but it was a few thousand centuries later. Trying to ignore the time it had strayed into, the eggy did its best to find a suitable sledgehammer. It didn't take long, but something caught the young dragon's eye before it jumped back through the time-hole. A large book lay on the captain's desk, with a cord tied tightly around it. Being skilled with knots, the eggy untied the knots and opened up the large tome. It was filled with stories, stories which silently escaped from the book while the eggy flipped through the pages. Not until footsteps sounded in the hall outside did the water walker jump back through the time-hole to return to its own world. By then it was too late. The stories had escaped, and followed. A few months later, one of the stories would cause the eggy to stray into the hands of one of the rich folk in DC: number 22, Webster23!!!


The stories that the water walker released did their best to come true. Since the most easily controllable beings in DC are the eggies, despite them sometimes being stubborn, they were the ones who were most often caught within stories from the future.


One victim of the stories was A YOUNG PURPLE DORSAL FROM THE FANCY KITCHENS OF EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! This eggy has always been an extraordinary cook, with the ability to make even the simplest dishes taste like food from a five star restaurant. One day, while making sandwiches for a picnic, it spotted a humming bird tapping against the inside of a window, trying to get out. Figuring it must have flown through the open door and not been able to find its way back out, the eggy opened the window. Almost immediately, a hawk dived towards the little dorsal. It picked up the eggy in its strong talons, and soared into the sky. A crow, coming out of nowhere, zoomed straight into the hawk, startling the bird into dropping the eggy. Before it had been in free fall for more than a few seconds, a pair of blue jays caught it, and flew it back to the kitchen. There they proceeded to defend it from the other two birds. All of them seemed to be competing for the little dorsal, thinking it was their egg. In an attempt to hide, the eggy squeezed into a freshly-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The birds fought for a while until they noticed the eggy was gone, and when they couldn't find it inside, they went to search in the garden. Thinking the coast was clear, the eggy came out of its hiding place. Despite it being utterly covered in sticky condiments, a flock of songbirds recognized it. In a group effort, they managed to pluck the eggy off the counter where it had been sitting, and carry it through the sky. A while later, one bird lost its grip, causing the eggy to fall straight down the chimney of number 40, Stunningfire!!!


Another storified eggy was A RED FROM THE CARNIVAL OF ROCKIN' ON! On the weekend when the Doctor Who convention was to be held in the House of Mirrors at the carnival, some very strange things began to happen. The morning before the convention, the corn fields surrounding the carnival were found crisscrossed by circular patterns. The patterns covered such a large amount of corn field that many argued that it could not have been pulled off by anyone, not even a posse of determined dragons. In some places, the corn surrounding the cut pathways had twined together into walls, forming a kind of hedge maze, where one could easily lose their way. As the day progressed, the ground on which the corn was planted became wetter, and gradually turned into a swamp. When night fell, the fields were hardly recognizable, resembling a scene out of a horror movie more than anything else. To make matters worse, one of the more important guests at the Doctor Who convention went for a walk in the fields, but never came back. Wanting to be the hero, the little red eggy volunteered itself for the search. It was given a flashlight and a paranoid ostrich, and sent on its way. For about an hour, the eggy marched through the maze, feeling no fear at getting lost and completely ignoring the ostrich's paranoia. When the ostrich really started to get on the eggy's nerves, it threatened to throw the flashlight at it. When nothing changed, the flashlight went flying through the air to bounce off the ostrich and tumble into the darkness. The light flickered for a few seconds, and then died. At that moment, the eggy admitted to itself what the voice at the back of its head had been saying all along. They were lost. With no map, no light, and only an annoying flightless bird as company, the eggy went into panic. It ran in a randomly chosen direction as quickly as it could, and only stopped when it ran into something. A large shadow passed over the dim light coming from the moon, and everything went dark (or at least, darker than it had been up until then). When the eggy regained consciousness, it was suspended in blackness. The floor beneath it was squishy and wet, and seemed to move up and down. When its eyes failed to adjust to the light, the red groped around in the darkness until it found something that felt different. It had come across a large rock, which felt like it was covered in feathers. Had the eggy been able to see, it probably would not have sat down on that rock, considering it was the mostly-decapitated head of the ostrich. There it stayed for what seemed like days, waiting for something interesting to happen. The constant up-and-down movement came to a sudden stop, and a loud rumble sounded in the distance. A noxious smell hit the eggy like a paddle, knocking it backwards off the 'rock.' The rumble increased in intensity, accompanied by the sound of splashing. When the sound was as loud as it could possibly get, or so thought the eggy, a wave of lumpy liquid hit it. Before it could figure out what was going on, it was sitting in a puddle of green slime, as the sun rose in the distance. A path of broken trees disappeared into the distance, but the eggy was too sick to follow it. Instead, it made for the closest mountain it could find, and found a place to stay with number 9, ShatteringGlass!!!


While there were other escaped stories, they mostly went into older or future time periods, so we cannot say what happened with them. Please thank everyone who contributed ideas! That would be Kaini, Emerald, SF, sheppardkid, Starry, Lalasa, and anyone else I forgot to mention! Hope you enjoyed the stories, as random as they were!

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Ladies and gentlemen, dragons and faeries, and critters of all types, welcome! Welcome to a giveaway which you've all been waiting for with admirable patience. While this story will probably not have anything special about it to make up for the extra time you guys waited, there are more donations than we've seen in months!


To set the scene, imagine a little tropical island in the midst of a wide ocean. The sea stretches out to the horizon in every direction. To the west, the edge of the sun is just beginning to touch the choppy water, and the first stars are flickering in the sky above. The island itself looks like an eye when seen from above, with a dark circle of vegetation surrounded by a band of white sand. Just as the sun sinks completely bellow the horizon, a flash of green light explodes outwards, lighting up the nine eggies laying on the beach. In an instant, darkness falls, and the bright white stars begin to dance around the night sky.


That was a few weeks ago. By now, the eggies have accepted the fact that there is no leaving the island on their own. They've separated into groups, and done their best to remain alive and sane.


If you look up into the trees, and wait for a while, something may move. Either a leaf or a patch of sky will seem to detach itself from the canopy, shift its position, and then become stationary again. What you are seeing is A SPRING AND A SWALLOWTAIL EGGY, BOTH FORMER CAMOUFLAGE EXPERTS AT THE CAVES OF ANNIELYLA! Only a few days after becoming stuck on the island, these two eggies took to the trees. The colors of their shells were just enough to keep them neatly hidden among the leaves and fruits, but they made sure to paint themselves with juices and cover themselves with leaves just to be on the safe side. During the day, the eggies hardly move. The spring usually stays among the thicker parts of a tree's canopy, or where there are a few pink fruits. The swallowtail, dyed a bright blue with the help of some berries, does its best to blend in with the patches of sky which can be seen through the leaf cover. At night, the pair of eggies goes from tree to tree, renewing their disguises and living off the yield of the plants they live in. One day, they came across a large nest, in a tree near the center of the island. The nest belonged to a bird rumored to eat elephants, the Roc. Every day, just as twilight fell, the Roc would fly out to go hunting. Since the eggies had never seen any elephants on the deserted island, they hitched a ride on the bird one day in the hopes that it would carry them back to civilization. The bird noticed their presence just as it was flying over the mainland. With a rough shake of its feathers, the eggies lost their grip and fell. Luckily for them, they landed on a few giant mushrooms growing in the gardens of some local dragon keepers. The spring ended up with number 7, blackchimera, while the swallowtail ended up with number 10, Belisar!!!


The only eggies who did nothing to disguise their presence on the island did so, for the most part, without meaning to. Day after day they circle the island, in a seemingly endless game of hide-and-seek. There are four: A VINE, A RED, A DEEP SEA AND A GEODE EGGY, ALL ONCE OWNED BY THE POKEMON FANATIC EMERALD_SHADOWCLAW! The vine eggy is something of an evil genius, who was nearing the end of its plans for world domination when the ship it was on rudely sunk, leaving it stranded on the island. Its assistant, the red, is rather dumb and clumsy, but will do anything to please its master (who it claims saved its life when aliens attacked). The deep sea eggy is always following the vine, for it is obsessed with that dark green color which vine dragons are famous for. The geode was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ended up getting caught in the middle of the deep sea's endless search for the vine. Since the island is small, there is almost nowhere to run but around and around. For a while, the vine tried to hide in the forest, but this soon proved hopeless seeing as the red was too easily noticeable. In a single day, as the sun moves across the sky above, the vine, red, and deep sea circle the island up to fifty times. For the first week on the island, the geode simply sat on the beach and watched the other three run by. After a while, though, it fell madly in love with the little red eggy, and began meeting it in the middle of the night. This displeased the vine even more, for it saw the geode as a threat who could potentially steal its master plan and use it for good instead of evil. This cycle continued for weeks on end: the deep sea chased the vine around the island during the day, and the geode and red pranced around like lovebirds during the night. It could have gone on forever, if it hadn't been for a Temptress. Temptresses are evil creatures that look like a mirage of ones deepest desire. They lure the unsuspecting to them, and turn those who pass through the mirage into nothing but bones. The four eggies were overwhelmed by the Temptress that lingered offshore, so they built a raft and began to make their way across the ocean. Despite their best efforts, however, they never seemed to get any closer. On and on they went, but luckily for them they reached the mainland before the Temptress. After wandering inland for a couple of days, they were all adopted by a band of neighbors. The vine went to number 24, Ivyshadow, the red to number 29, dragonroarer55, the deep sea to number 14, SageHawk, and the geode to number 32, w5aw5!!!


Nothing lives in the white sands that make up the island's beaches. No crabs, no bugs, no turtles. And yet, if you wait until the moon is high in the sky, something will push its way out of a hole and look around, an OCHREDRAKE EGGY ONCE OWNED BY THE COLLECTION COLLECTOR, ALABASTER_DEMON! This eggy had been accidentally dropped while being carried overseas by a split, after the two heads had begun to quarrel. Refusing to believe that it was stuck in the middle of nowhere, the eggy burrowed itself into the sand. Deeper and deeper it dug, until it was too exhausted to continue. After taking a nap, it dug itself a cavern. While it spent most of its time on the island sleeping in its little den, trying to escape from the nightmare it thought it was in, boredom was a huge problem. Whenever it couldn't get to sleep, the eggy continued digging. Soon, it had created an elaborate tunnel system that could be used to access any part of the island. One day, while it lay sleeping in its cavern, part of its tunnel system on the other side of the island suffered from a cave in. The result was that all the sand above the tunnels was lowered by a few feet, creating channels along the surface. A storm dragon, flying overhead, noticed the strange patterns in the sand, and went to investigate. After digging for a while, it uncovered the sleeping eggy. Deciding it had nothing better to do, the dragon carried the eggy back to the mainland, where it was given to number 19, EragonSaphiraRider!!!


While all of the above eggies stayed on dry land, there were a couple that took to the water. At any hour of the day, if you look closely enough, you can see a pair of blue objects bobbing along in the cool water, A SPLIT AND A BLUNA, FROM THE LAKES OF SHALAREAN! Both of these eggies learned to swim before they learned to walk, and both were annoyed when they were suddenly stranded on an island. The first week of their stay was spent testing the waters, which involved finding all the rip tides and finding out if there were any sharks or sea serpents. When they found the area to be free of predators and strong currents, they began swimming laps around the island to strengthen themselves, because they intended to swim away from the island. When they thought themselves ready, they slowly began to swim in the direction which they thought would most likely lead to the mainland. The direction they chose was actually the second longest way to get to land, but was also a fairly busy rout for ships. Whenever a boat or ship sailed past the eggies, they latched themselves onto its hull. After a while, this started to seem like a bad idea, because every ship they tried ended up sinking in a horrible way. One ship ran into jagged rocks. Another was attacked by a large octopus-shark with antlers. Some ships fell apart, others became immaterial, and still others spontaneously flipped upside down. The bluna and split also tried latching onto two separate ships, but that didn't fix the problem. Before they finally reached land, at least thirty ships had been sent to the depths by the little bringers of bad luck. The pair stumbled onto the beach, covered in algae and barnacles that had had no better place to grow. There they lay, enjoying the warmth of the sand beneath them, until some tourists took them home as souvenirs: the bluna by number 4, Emmejo, and the spit by number 30, Lalasa!!!


The island, although slightly scarred from its visitors, continues to drift through the vast ocean. Every few months, a scaly head, resembling that of a turtle, pokes above the water. Old eyes, filled with wisdom, blink in the bright light. Then the head disappears, and everything seems normal again.

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For the longest of times, people wondered about the moon. Why was it there? Was it bigger than the sun? What made it glow at night? Was it made of cheese? Then we went to the moon, and were told what it was, and we were sad. We were sad because now that we knew what it was, there was no more use in wondering. So we moved on, trying to find something else to be curious about.


But wait! They lied! Every single person who ever went to the moon lied to us about what was there! That is why they no longer go back there. They fear that one of the astronauts will give the world some truth, and ruin everything! What is there to ruin, you ask? Well... I don't know. This stuff was in the Top Secret folder, and my invisible ink reading light ran out of battery power before I could finish looking through it.


So let me welcome you, ladies and gentlemen and dragons of all ages, to an OUT OF THIS WORLD GIVEAWAY! We are about to tell you the stories of a couple of eggies from our very own world of DC. These eggies traveled all the way to Earth's moon (which isn't actually that far away, considering DC and Earth share the same orbit), and can now answer some of those age-old questions.


Our first lunar explorer is a CHEESE EGGY FROM THE BUILD-YOUR-OWN-SPACESHIP WORKSHOP OF KAINI! The cheese did its homework for a while, and then got to work building a rocket that would be capable of taking it to the moon. The end result wasn't very large, just barely eggy-sized, and looked like something out of an old sci-fi movie (a very old sci-fi movie). Nevertheless, it did what it was supposed to do, and the eggy was on the moon in no time. The only problem then was the return journey, for the rocket no longer had enough gas to escape the moons gravity. The eggy wasn't worried about that little detail, however, because it was too busy being in awe of what it saw. The entire moon, every mountain valley and crater, was made of cheese. Cheese with holes, soft cheese, hard cheese, cream cheese, blue cheese, spicy cheese, sweet cheese, cheese cake—the list goes on. When the cheese recovered from its moment of paralysis, it began to settle in (sampling some of the landscape in the process). One of the moon's craters was covered with holes, some of which formed decent sized caves. One of the caves was small enough to be cozy, but still large enough for the eggy to move around in, and that was where it made its home. For weeks, the eggy remained on the moon. At times, life seemed so great that the little cheese figured it might have died and gone to heaven. One day, however, another spaceship came to land on the cheesy satellite. It had recently been given a new coat of paint and polished, making it gleam in the dim light of the distant sun. Four people stepped out, dragging large crates behind them. They filled up the crates with different cheeses, had a little picnic, and then set off again. The only problem with this was that the eggy was among the various cheeses, packed tightly into a dark box. The return journey was just long enough for some of the scents and tastes from the cheeses to rub off on the eggy. By the time it was placed in a supermarket, it was a blend of over 15 different cheeses. It didn't take long for the little one to be bought, and taken to the home of number 28, athdaraxen!!!


Our second eggy can't exactly be called a lunar explorer, for it was around before there even was a moon: an ELECTRIC EGGY FROM THE PREHISTORIC LAND OF ANNIELYLA! AnnieLyla was a super-continent on DC, much like Pangaea was a super-continent on the Earth. This eggy was the brightest of its kind, and outshone even the oldest electric adults. It was also full of energy, causing it to bounce up and down constantly as if it was on a constant sugar-high. One day, a group of alien teenagers were passing by DC, minding their own business and with no intention of landing on the planet, when they noticed a bright light on the surface. Upon investigation, they found what looked to be a very interesting rock, which crackled with electricity and shone like a star. Thinking it was about the right size to be used as a ball, they took it with them to play with in their spaceship. As the electric was being thrown around the aliens' ship, it kept bumping into buttons and levers. Some of these buttons controlled the artificial gravity within the ship. The eggy had accidentally caused the ship's gravitational pull to increase. Although this didn't affect the gravity inside the ship, everything that floated too close to the ship got stuck to it. By the time the space ship reached the Earth, it looked like a large asteroid. The aliens, having noticed what was happening, had stopped playing with the eggy and climbed to the surface of the rapidly growing planetoid. Using their emergency jet pack system to escape, the four aliens descended to Earth with the eggy. The soon-to-be moon became caught in an orbit around Earth, and continued to grow over the millennia. The eggy was teleported back to DC by the aliens using a device called a Zapper, but it didn't quite work like it was supposed to. Consequently, the eggy got propelled forward in time. It ended up in the DC of today, in the cave of number 12, TyAnimalLover!!!


Those were the only two eggies who were willing to talk about the moon. All the others were either bribed into being silent, or disappeared mysteriously and without warning. We hope that some of your questions have been answered. And remember: NEVER TRUST WHAT THE ASTRONAUTS TELL YOU!

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