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Eggy Give Away! ~Game~

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Welcome, one and all, to another DONATOR WRITTEN GIVEAWAY! Actually, about half of these stories are written by donators. The announcement was missed by a couple, and others didn't write stories, so a large part of this is done by me. Again. But that's okay, because it just means that the next drawing will also be DONATOR WRITTEN, with an explosive theme!


Here's what is going on:

Summer is drawing to an end, and will soon go away and take all those hot days with it. Some dragons are trying to squeeze in some last minute fun in the sun, and this year it looks like water balloons are a very popular thing to play with. So lets see what those rascally eggies are up to today!


First here comes a cute little flamingo egg from the caves of MousieBrown! This little egg loves the sun. But once when it was found by another flamingo dragon the flamingo thought it was a water balloon and threw it at a Tinsel! but luckily the tinsel saved it! But the flamingo still thinks its a water balloon so for its safety it should go to another cave. The flamingo egg goes to , #1, Rockin' On!!!


Next we've got a SUNSTONE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF CHEESE456! This eggy is not fond of the whole water balloon craze. As colorful rubber sacks, plump with water, whiz through the air before exploding into hundreds of tiny bits of plastic, the little sunstone is cowering in a corner. It thinks that perhaps, if it sits very still, that no one will notice it and throw one of those wet bombs at it. The bright orange shell which the eggy bears isn't helping much, though, and it isn't long before a red balloon is sent flying towards it. Soaked and bewildered, the sunstone ran in a random direction, trying to get away from whoever the attacker was. Blindly, it stumbled into the caverns of number 18, evangeline5432!!!


Next we've got a pair of unfortunates: A TWO-FINNED BLUNA EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF KENDERBARD, AND A SHALLOW WATER GOLDFISH FROM THE CAVES OF DIANEMIST! In DC, there is a lack of pressurized water. Most of the tasteless liquid needed for life can be found in creeks, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, none of which are very useful when there are water balloons that need filling. A certain gang of hatchies has discovered a clever way to fill their watery weapons: by squeezing bluna and shallow eggs. The shells of these eggs are slightly porous, and the insides are very watery. By stretching a balloon around most of the eggy and squeezing a lot, the hatchies are able to fill their balloons without waiting in line at a water faucet or fall. When the balloon is full, the bluna and goldfish eggs, reduced to nothing but a shriveled sac containing a squirming hatchling, are pulled out by their tails and cast aside. This is the fate that descended upon the poor bluna and shallow water. They need to be taken to places where their shells can be stripped away and the hatchies released from their chocking grasp. Nearby clinics ought to do the trick, the one for the bluna belonging to number 25, Missingheart, and the one for the goldfish to number 31, IceFang!!!


Next we've got A PINK AND A VINE, BOTH FROM THE CAVES OF -RINIKKA-! These two are also not very fortunate. Their brightly colored shells made a pair of pygmies think the eggies were in fact water balloons. Although they appeared to be nice and full of water already, the pygmies didn't think it was enough. They cut a nice little hole in the top of each shell, and squirted water into the eggies until they expanded to twice their original size. After stoppering the holes with pieces of cork, the two pygmies grabbed an eggy balloon each and took to the skies. At a random point in time, they let the eggies fall back down, hoping to trick some random chicken into thinking the sky was falling. Thankfully, dragon eggs have tough shells, and didn't burst upon impact with the ground. Each fell in front of a different cave, the pink before the home of number 65, raistardragon, and the vine before the labyrinth of number 11, Aristocrap!!!


A couple of young hatchling dragons out looking for mischief spied a red eggy and an orange eggy at the Cave of Pinch of StarDust. After quickly looking around to see if they were being watched and seeing that they weren’t, they grabbed the eggys and scampered off giggling.

Now that they had successfully grabbed the eggys they had to do something fun with them. One of the young dragons had stolen some large balloons so they stuffed each eggys into separate balloons. After looking at the deflated balloons with the eggys inside they decided to fill the balloons with water rather than try to fill the balloons with air from their lungs.

At the nearby waterfall they filled the balloons to near bursting, tied the balloon stems and then sent the eggys rolling and bouncing down the mountain. They stood and laughed in amazement as the balloons bounced off rocks and careened off trees. A great ways down the mountain, after hitting an outcrop of sharp rocks, the balloons burst and sent the red eggy sailing through the air to the cave entrance of #24, Cynthiakat. The orange eggy flew further, landing at the cave of #19, Dragonhatchling. Still laughing the young dragons scampered off to see what other trouble they could get into as the day was still new and there was time for much mischief to be had.


Finally we come to a story which doesn't have any older dragons causing trouble in it, the story of A MOONSTONE AND A SPITFIRE FROM THE CAVERNS OF ROCKIN' ON! Starting when the day was still young, before the sun reached its peak in the sky, these two set themselves down in a field near their home with a pile of water balloons each. The game they played was simple: a balloon would be tossed back and forth until someone missed, in which case the thrower would receive a point. Back and forth the balloons went, filled with wonderful cool water. They would get tossed numerous times before one of the eggies, usually the moonstone, missed. As the day progressed, and the sun rose higher and became hotter, the water inside the balloons began to warm up. By the time it finally splashed its contents over one of the eggies, it was no longer cool and refreshing. Determined to play until they no longer had any balloons left, the two stayed despite the hostile weather conditions. Eventually, the spitfire collapsed. Being a good catcher, the balloons had almost never made it wet, and the heat had quickly become unbearable even for a desert dragon. When the moonstone tried to rush to its friends side, it felt light-headed. Despite its ability to miss, the hot water inside the balloons hadn't helped much against the scorching sun. A few hours later, as the sun began to sink bellow the horizon, the eggies were found by a pair of dragon keepers on their way home from town. They were picked up and carried away, the moonstone by number 30, Cougaar, and the spitfire by number 45, dragon_mando!!!


From the caves of Catlover3288 come two eggies, an ice egg and a white egg. It being an unnaturally hot day, the two eggs decide to have a water balloon war. The White egg found some plastic baggies, and the Ice egg used it's melting icicles to fill them with cold water.Once they had 55 "Water Balloons" set up, the war began. The Ice threw the first water balloon and hit the white square in the shell. The egg shivered a little, worrying the Ice, but the white seemed ok and they resumed their game. By the time the eggs ran out of balloons, both eggs were shaking and shivering with cold. It turns out they now have semi-permanent hypothermia, and will have to be re-homed to tropical homes where it will be warm year-round. The Ice egg is going to number 53, FaithSilverwolf's tropical paradise and the white is going to number 73, freadom7's Beach House!!!


Through a random stranger's door tumbled a brightly colored water balloon, filled with something hard instead of a liquid. Tucked inside the water balloon was a small seasonal Thuwed eggy from the cave of Lagie! The random stranger's dragons picked up the rubber sack containing the prize, and handed it over to their owner: number 46, Kiytt!!!


Last on our list, we've got A WATER EGGY AND A SUNSTONE EGGY, FROM THE CAVES OF RASCAL1414! These two quickly got bored with a regular balloon filled with regular water, and decided to take the summer activity to the next level. They agreed to go out and find a substitute for each component, and then meet back up and create the Ultimate Water Balloon (simply called an Ultimate for short). The water eggy went off to the tide pools which dot the rocky parts of coastlines. There it cast a net into one of the shimmering pools, and waited until a number of bright orange fish had gotten tangled in it. Carefully, the eggy removed the fish and placed them in a red bucket filled with water, which it proceeded to drag back to the meeting place. The sunstone went to the borders of a marshland, where stagnant pools of water make perfect breeding grounds for blood-sucking insects and Amphigons, a type of draconic frog. There, the eggy scooped up a decent amount of Amphigon spawn, slimy and transparent eggs which are oddly stretchy, and did its best to haul them to where the water eggy waited. Once reunited, the eggies got to work. First they took the Amphigon spawn and made small holes in each egg. Working together, they then stretched the eggs out until the hole was fairly large, and submerged them in a nearby creek. A few seconds in the water, and each Amphigon egg was as big as a fish bowl. As a finishing touch, a wriggling fish was added to each Ultimate. Once done, the two friends set off to annoy the rest of DC, pelting them with slimy, slippery fish tanks which exploded upon impact. They were almost out when a vampire caught them and turned them in. The eggies were still giggling as they were sentenced to dig holes at new homes as punishment. The water eggy was sent off to number 9, AmericanGirlForever, and the sunstone to number 48, Engiype!!!


And that is all! Maybe tomorrow there will be a few more water balloon fights as autumn closes in, but that was most of them.


Remember, the next giveaway will also be Donator Written with an explosive theme! I want as many donations with stories as possible, folks! Make it a goon one!

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Welcome to the FIRST EGGY GIVEAWAY OF SEPTEMBER 2011! Starting yesterday, many dragon keepers have sent in complaints regarding the large amount of explosions which have been going off. We've also had a few apologetic letters from those who own the dragons responsible for the loud noises, along with reports on what actually happened. These reports have been compiled here so you can waste a few minutes away by reading them.




From the caves of Catlover3288 are a Blue striped egg and a Black hatchling! One day while the blue striped egg was walking in the forest with a friendly black hatchling, they came upon a big box of TNT. Thinking that the box would be a cool place to hang out, they started to unload the box of it's contents. Unfortunately one of the sticks of dynamites was defective and exploded right in front of the poor dragons. They now need treatments for burns and emotional scarring. The blue striped is going to number 16, Azuragosa's quiet home, and the black is going to number 81, IZDib's peaceful cave.




The caves of the Evil Mistress Twas_mimzy have already started to get a chill in the air. While the other dragons are giving those frosty Winter Seasonals the stink eye, a few of them are taking matters into their own claws. Lamb stew anyone? But while the sheep are bleating in terror, a stuffed up Hellfire dragon is getting an itching on his nose. Breathing deeply he roars out an almighty "ACHOO!" Flames explode from the mouth of the cave sending dinner and eggs flying. A couple of bounces later and a HELLFIRE egg is rolling its way into number 67, Dragonwing1234's cave, none the worse for wear, lucky it. The sheep weren't so lucky. Let's not talk about them anymore.


A couple of miles away from the caves of Twas_mimzy, the Electric dragons are at play. Occasions where so many of them can get together and spark to their heart's content are few and far between. They dart in and out of the darkening clouds playing tag and follow the leader until- BAZAAAP! The collected static charge of all those Electric dragons have brought down the lightening. Oops. The bolt of lightening hits a mighty oak and with the an explosion of wood and flame the tree is no more. Unfortunately, that oak was the tree shading the entrance to number 61, AbsolutelyAlexis's cave. Fortunately, no one has come out yet to see what that 'boom' sound was. Leaving behind a stunned mouse and an ELECTRIC EGG (because nothing says 'I'm sorry' like a severely disoriented rodent) the Electrics hurry home and hope that this whole fiasco can be forgotten.




From the very dysfunctional caves of Kanaye come two eggies, a Nebula and a Pillow. These extremely mischievous eggies decided they were hungry and that “Tail of Cheese Dragon” sounded like a delicious snack. They built a small device that would remove a tail from a cheese dragon. They eagerly pressed the green button, once, twice, three times but it wouldn’t work. Then the nebula pressed the red button and the entire cave was rocked in a huge explosion, cheese parts going everywhere. Before the two eggies could even think about grabbing a cheese tail, there was another explosion and they each flew out of the cave in opposite directions. The Pillow flew for several miles before it landed on a strategically placed trampoline, bounced, and rolled into the caves of number 55, Ferus! The Nebula wasn’t so lucky. It flew until it passed through a large thicket of brambles. Getting stuck, it had to fight its way through until it popped out on the other side, right in front of the caves of number 9, D Pixie!




A huge winged creature soared through the skies looking for dragon eggys. Spying a colorful clutch of eggys at the cave entrance of Pinch of StarDust, warming in the summer sun, the great creature dropped out of the sky straight at the clutch. With great talons it grabbed an orange eggy and a purple eggy with big white spots from the colorful clutch then took once again to the sky flapping its huge wings.


Young dragons out target practicing with sling shots saw what happened and were shocked. They grabbed some of their biggest fireworks that they had saved for shooting off later….now was the time to use them.


Taking careful aim at the huge winged creature, lighting the fuse, the first of several fireworks were sent toward the creature. BOOM!! The firework exploded right next to the great creature and he dropped the orange eggy which fell from the sky, hitting tree branches on the way to the ground, slowing its fall earthward. The orange eggy bounced a few times and rolled to the cave of #21, Menolly_.


A second and third firework were aimed, lit and fired at the creature. BOOM! BOOM! The explosion could be easily heard by everyone. The great winged creature screamed, dropping the purple eggy with big white spots as it took an evasive maneuver leaving the area far behind. The purple eggy with big white spots fell down and down, landing on a gigantic old pine tree. It slid down the pine boughs to the ground landing at the feet of #3, The Wolf of Red, who scooped it up. The young dragons had save both eggys!




There were three blue water horse eggy freinds who often travelled together. None of them liked to be away from the others, only they were little troublemakers. Eventually they were found by EragonSaphiraRider, who knew that the trouble causers had to be seperated. Before she could do anything though, there was a loud explosion as a window in her home exploded and when she turned to check none of the eggs were broken, there was no sign of them. One eggy found itself in a puddle of mud, another in a swamp, and the third in the desert. Each was soon found by someone who would look after them, one by number 4, Reginea9, another by number 66, FallenBlaze, and the third by number 73, sei_chan65!!!




There is nothing that can be compared to a weekend in a dragon keeper's cave. All the young are prancing around, overjoyed that they don't have to drag their stone tablets to school, while the older dragons try to get the sunniest and most quite spot on the warm rocks outside. But in the caves of Lagie, the buzz of activity is a bit subdued. Back in her private cave, the great Lagie lies in bed, with a white dragon tending to her and A GEODE EGGY trying to help (but mostly just getting underfoot). Wanting to do something that will make its owner feel better, the eggy decided to mix some of the healers's potions together in the attempt to create a medicine which works instantly. The bright colored liquids were poured together, some bubbling and smoking as they were mixed, until the concoction was a swirly mix of neon and milky white. The geode thought that there was one last ingredient missing, so it added the contents of a small dark vial. As soon as the blood red liquid hit the surface of the bright potion sea, it exploded. A bright light blazed forth from the point of impact, expanding outwards, dousing everyone in heat and ear-splitting sound. The stunned and blackened eggy was given a stern look by its owner, and then chased from the cave by the white dragon. On and on it ran, fearing the wrath of the healer, until it stumbled into the caves of number 60, cheese456!!!




A PINK EGGY FROM THE SECRET BATCAVE OF KLINNEAH! Ol' Pinkie is very shy, and as such, spends much of its time hiding deep in a cave system it found one day. What does Pinkie do down here, you ask? Well, if you wander past the underground lake (it has crocodiles) and down three flights of stairs, you'll find that the walls are no longer stone, but a highly explosive material that isn't found anywhere else. This eggy manufactures powerful dynamite for mining companies, running its business out of the shambly shanty it constructed at the entrance to the caves. Monetary success isn't everything it's cracked up to be, though, so the eggy plans to sell the caves to its successor and live with number 12, Ollis46!!!




A little BBW from the caves of Rascal1414 was going along the road when it came upon some Dynomite. It decided to take the Dynomite up to its nest and think about what it could do with it. It got up to the nest, and sat it down besides a rock that was in it. It went to sit down, slipped and scratched the rock which made sparks and blew up the nest. Therefore it will have to go off to a cave to recover and heal, the home of number 19, Pipp!!!




Two eggies were caught in the aftermath of the previous explosion: A WATER HORSE FROM KOYUKIZAKU, AND A GREEN DINO FROM THE CAVES OF DAST! Their owners had sent the two to go buy some fireworks for a celebration taking place in the evening. On their way back, laden with rockets and firecrackers, they passed below the BBW's nest. When the explosion went off overhead, sparks and bits of burning twigs came raining down on the eggies. The falling fire was enough to set off most of the things that the two were carrying. The firecrackers, having all gone off at once, made a ridiculously loud BOOM as they snapped, stunning the water horse and dino. Then the rockets went off, all in different directions, sending colorful sparks flying all over the place. One rocket made for the water horse who, having almost completely recovered from the shock waves created by the firecrackers, saw it coming and began running away as fast as it could. The rocket followed, chasing it through the woods, until the eggy tripped and the rocket zoomed by overhead. In the meantime, the green dino got caught on the nose of another rocket. The eggy could do nothing but scream as it was sped forward at speeds unknown to slow-walking dinosaurs. When the rocket exploded, creating a beautiful display that nearly set the forest alight, it was launched into the air, doomed to land on hard rock. When the two eggies, panting for breath, started to look around, they found themselves in strange caves. The water horse had come upon the home of number 68, sajcdragon, and the dino was directly above the entrance to the caves of number 50, Matmetchi!!!




In another area of DC, near the sandy beaches which mark the beginning of the sea, there was an incident with A SHALLOW WATER EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF WATERSCORPION! It was the middle of the day and the shallow was playing water wars with its companion a coastal hatchie. The air was filled with water balloons and jets of water whizzing by, the two youngsters giggling every time one of them got hit. This went on and on and on, as all manner of balloons and water guns could be refilled with a nearby water hose. After a while, one of the two (we're not entirely sure who, we suspect it's the coastal) decided it would be fun to see what would happen when you stopped up a water hose. The two gathered around the hose and turned it on, the coastal stepping on the end with the nozzle. The shallow and coastal watched with glee as the super elastic water hose expanded, resembling the shape of a giant water balloon; the shallow siddled over to poke it, giggling. Suddenly, the water hose burst, creating a geyser of water that shot both the coastal and the shallow up into the air. The coastal managed to grab onto a tree on the way up, but the shallow eggy continued to fly and landed on the doorsteps of number 41, band4ever!!!




Since all of the eggies mentioned above have been re-homed, we hope that it will be a while before they are able to cause any more troubling and sleep-disturbing noises. If you do hear another explosion, however, be sure to send in a report or complaint by Messenger Pygmy so we can sort it out post haste!

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Just this morning, the DC police were able to identify and arrest the one who has stalked people's nightmares for numerous nights: A SKYWING EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF EEVEE_EM! While this young dragon acts cheery and innocent during the day, at night it develops a nasty lust for blood and runny egg yolks. Starting twelve night ago, the skywing began to go out on a daily basis to hunt for eggs and young hatchies. Its methods are effective to such an extent that we wouldn't have caught the slippery eel if it left its victims dead, and thus unable to give us descriptions of their attacker. The eggy is currently being held for questioning at the caves of number 70, stellalunagirl!!!


Bellow are the details concerning each nightly attack. The people currently taking care of the sufferers have given us permission to release their cave numbers to the public, so you may go and see the damage done for yourself.


On the first night, the only eggy attacked was a BRONZE TINSEL FROM THE CAVERNS OF DRACOCHARKY! According to a witness, the eggy was playing with a ball outside its owner's cave at dusk on the day of the incident. As usually ends up happening, the ball bounced off and landed in a bush a ways away from the mouth of the cave. Quickly the eggy rolled after its toy, visible to others the entire time until it ducked behind the bush. The leaves rustled, and then the still evening air was punctured by a shrill screech and the sound of slicing. After that there was silence, disturbed only by the wind as it rattled through the woods. Worried, one of the older dragons went to see what happened. The tinsel was found covered with diagonal cuts, most of which were deep enough to penetrate the eggy's thick shell. A sharp knife was found nearby, its tip buried into the mulch and dirt. As egg white began to seep from the wounds, the eggy was rushed off to the clinic of number 28, rockonq!!!


On the second night, the victims were A DAYDREAM AND A BBW, BOTH FROM THE CAVES OF RAISTARDRAGON! These two were out for their usual evening stroll when a thick layer of fog descended on them. Unable to see more than a couple of inches in front of them, the two staggered around trying to find something to hold on to. Meanwhile, the rest of DC was enjoying beautiful clear skies, perfect for stargazing. The fog around the eggies got thicker and thicker, heavier and heavier, until it began to crush the helpless captives. This continued through the night, the weight of the fog always increasing, but it all vanished as soon as the first ray of sun spread across the sky. The eggies had been reduced to nothing more than flapjacks, their shells crushed into millions of pieces held together by a thin membrane that lined the inside. A ways off the path and behind a tree, a contraption was found that increased the atmospheric pressure of an area and created a layer of fog. No one bothered to check the vicinity for signs of the operator, though, because they were too busy running towards the nearest hospital with the eggs. Now both are recovering in nice comfy homes, the daydream in the tunnels of number 68, JustJessie94, and the BBW in those of number 58, Sumiku44!!!


On the third night there was an even larger attack, targeting A SUMMER, A CRIMSON FLARE, AND A HELLFIRE, ALL FROM THE HOWLING WIND TUNNELS OF COYOTE! All three friends were headed to dinner as the sun sank beneath the distant mountains. They wandered through the system of tunnels, gossiping and joking about one thing or another. The eggies were so involved in their conversation that they didn't notice when the ground started to shake. The little pygmy, affected by the vibrations twice as much as its friends thanks to its size, was the first to point out the unnatural behavior of the solid stone they were walking on. Just as they all came to a stop to examine the floor, hundreds of holes opened up around them. Out of the holes hopped thousands of Cave Beetles, blind and harmless scarab-like arthropods that dig like moles. These particular beetles, however, didn't look so harmless. Their sightless eyes were a fiery red, and they were buzzing with energy. Evil energy. Someone had instilled rage and anger into the insectoids, making them eager to hurt those in their path. The beetles attacked, lunging and kicking with the sharp talons and horns they use to dig. The eggies were hopelessly outnumbered, so they did nothing but take blow after blow as they screamed at the top of their lungs. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a full grown dragon came through that part of the tunnel. The beetles were no match for the superior creature, so they scuttled back into their holes, and they were gone as quickly as they'd arrived. The eggies had stopped screaming, mostly because they lacked the energy, and were cowering against a wall, oblivious to the world around them. At first, their rescuer didn't recognize the bloody mass of mangled shell and the squirming hatchies that are usually inside. Eventually, though, it dawned on the dragon, who proceeded to pick them up and fly them out of the tunnels towards emergency medical attention. Today they are still in bad shape, but doing much better in their recovery homes. The summer is with number 42, Cabalsux, the pygmy with number 35, Bobbica, and the hellfire with number 59, EragonSaphiraRider!!!


The fourth night saw another single eggy get beaten up, A GOLD TINSEL FROM THE GLORIOUS CAVERNS OF THE STILL-GREAT-EVEN-IN-SICKNESS LAGIE! This eggy is a total show off, always basking in the praises and admiration of others. That day at twilight, the tinsel was sitting around with a gang of beautiful pink hatchies, soaking up all the attention. Just as night came upon the world, a mysterious and ghostly noise came drifting on the breeze from the edge of the woods. Wanting to prove its bravery and courage to its numerous fans, the eggy lifted itself from its little throne and ambled over to where the noise was coming from. It disappeared into the darkness for but a second, but when it returned the hatchies could tell that something wasn't right. As the tinsel teetered back over to the little pink mob, they could see that it had been sliced diagonally, both ways, and a small triangular piece of the eggy was completely separate from the rest. When the eggy halted in a rather abrupt manner, the triangular piece slid forward a bit, causing the entire tinsel to topple over. There it lay, face down in the dirt. The hatchies went crazy, some running around as if they'd lost their heads while others wept and whimpered. It didn't take long for someone to take notice of them. When asked what was wrong, all of the hatchies simultaneously pointed at the little eggy. Quick as the wind, the eggy was whisked into the arms of a magi and sent to the ER. Still wrapped in bandages, the tinsel is living out the rest of its young live in the caves of number 5, master125!!!


This story will continue and conclude in Part 2, which will be made public in a couple of hours.

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Continued from Part 1.


On the fifth night another lonesome eggy was singled out, A YOUNG GRAY FROM THE IRISH THEMED CAVES OF KENDERBARD! This eggy's near death was staged as a suicide attempt, and a very good one at that. Throughout the night, the sounds coming from inside the gray's room suggested that it had gone into a blind rage and began destroying everything it could reach. Pillows were ripped, sending their fluffy down feathers flying in all directions; lamps were shattered, spattering oil everywhere and setting wooden things alight; glassware was smashed against walls, shattering into billions of tiny shards. When kenderbard opened the gray's door the next morning there were two things which were immediately apparent: the room looked like it had gone through multiple natural disasters, and the eggy was hanging from the ceiling by a noose. The rope around its middle was so tight that it had disfigured the gray's shell, making it skinnier in that area. One of the less apparent things was the identity of the eggy itself, seeing as it resembled a purple egg as it choked, wheezing and gasping for air. The gray fainted just as the noose was loosened, dropping limply into the claws of a daydream that instantly left the cave as it headed towards the hospital. It won't be long until the gray has completely recovered and settled into its new home with number 21, Orlageddon!!!


On the sixth night there was another mass attack, launched on A MAGI EGGY, A BLACK EGGY, AND A SUNSTONE HATCHIE, ALL FROM THE CAVES OF THUNDERSKY86! These three were walking home from a dinner party they had been forced to attend, and decided to take a shortcut through the small Mirkwood forest, named by some Lord of the Rings fan a few years back. The sunstone was just telling the two eggs a story about the giant spiders that live in the North, when the magi stumbled across a sticky strand of silk strung between two trees. Looking up, the three friends noticed a colony of spiders, spiders that shouldn't be there. The great black arachnids descended from the leafy canopy, and trapped the travelers in their silk. Up from the ground the eggies and hatchie were lifted, all the while getting a cocoon built around them. They struggled, wriggling as much as possible in the hope that they might just fall out of their death traps. As the spiders finished, however, they stuck their stingers through the tightly woven capsules that encased their prey and injected venom into their veins. The effects came on like a dark wave, making the victims sluggish and decreasing their mental capabilities. On the outside, the colors of their beautiful shells and scales slowly faded, leaving nothing but a transparent hide. When morning came, and the three were found, the spiders were gone. The only evidence of their appearance in those woods was the webs they wove in the area. The magi, black and sunstone were cut loose from their prisons and sent to northern hospitals skilled in treating spider injuries. To this day the three are still unconscious and, although their color hasn't returned, they've gone from being transparent to being a milky white. For now, they're in caves located nearby clinics in case their conndition worsens: the magi with number 31, Skythestral, the black with number 76, Serinity, and the sunstone with number 14, im5176!!!


Another trio was attacked on the seventh night, consisting of TWO RED DINOS AND A PURPLE DINO, ALL FROM THE CAVERNS OF OUR VERY OWN PINCH OF STARDUST! These eggies couldn't find a better way to spend the day than to visit the carnival that had come to town. Starting early, the three spent almost the entire day on the fair grounds, eating delicious sweets and fried food and going on as many rides as possible. They didn't even entertain the idea of going home until the purple dino noticed the last of the sun as it disappeared in the distance. With their minds glazed over with exhaustion yet high on sugar, they decided to do one last thing before going home: go through the fun house. As they went through that strange place full of illusions and surprises, the skywing launched its attack. Using the numerous machines inside the attraction, the criminal ripped the eggies open, flipped the yolks to the outside, dyed them red with their own blood, and then stitched them back together again. Although it may seem like an impossible thing to pull off without killing the subject, the attacker managed to pull it off. The result was a trio off colorful eggies sitting atop blood-red sacks of food, their own yolks. While it is generally accepted that dinos are not particularly bright, it seems like they would have noticed that they'd practically been turned inside out. They must have attributed the odd sensations to the effects of the fun house, though, because the transformation did go unnoticed. However, the hatchies inside eggs depend on the nutrients in the yolks to sustain them. Without the yolks to feed on, the hatchies inside grew weak, and eventually all three eggies collapsed in the middle of the road. They woke up three days later, hooked up to a tangle of tubes and surrounded by bright lights and white dragons. Although they still cannot live without a machine to keep the hatchie inside them going, all three eggies have gone to live in a regular cave again. The two red dinos are with numbers 10 and 9, WaterScorpion and Kyandii, and the purple dino is with number 72, flame_dreamer!!!


On the eighth day, an attack was launched on a helpless ALBINO EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF KOYUKIZAKU! The eggy was attacked in a very old fashioned way: with an arrow launched from a high power crossbow. The albino had been sunning itself on a warm rock by a creek for a couple of hours, and decided to stay and watch the sun turn red as it set. When the spectacle was over and it was ready to head for home, it heard a whistling sound. Looking down, it found itself pierced by an arrow. Another whistle, and another arrow sprouted from the eggy's shell. The arrows themselves weren't doing much except cause excruciating pain, though, because they plugged the holes they created. The real damage was done with someone came up behind the albino and ripped the shafts from its translucent body. Egg white started to flow out through the holes, spilling onto the rock, making it slick and shiny in the light of the rising moon. The hatchie inside gasped as the fluids it was so used to swimming in abandoned it. As it wriggled around in agony, the eggy toppled over onto its side, allowing for even more of the fluids to escape. More writhing ensued. The eggy began to slip down the grassy slope towards the gurgling brook. When it was at the bottom, the cool water found its way in through the holes. While not as nutritious for the little hatchie inside, it was better than nothing. As the creek flowed on through the night, the hatchie did nothing but flop around inside its shell like a fish out of water, trying to be as wet as possible. About an hour after the sun rose the eggy became dislodged from the little nook it had been resting in and was swept downstream. At some point it passed a small rescue center. One of the volunteers there found the distressed albino and took it in. Now, after being resuscitated (because it complained too much when the idea of peeling off the shell was brought up), the albino is waiting for its hatching date at the home of number 33, lindsy95!!!


Another lonely victim, meeting its fate on the ninth day, was A BLACK EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF WANDERER! Blacks are tough by nature, so there is no doubt that this attach was well planned out. First the eggy was lured away from its tight knot of friends using a tray of delicious smelling, fresh baked cookies. Its stomach rumbling, the black blindly followed the tantalizing scent until it stood between two trees hollowed out by the native termites. With a rush of air, hundreds of long needles came flying from the insides of the trees. They were shot out of blowguns, using a system of tubes that led to a kind of leaf blower, and pierced the eggy in a straight line up and down the middle. The needles were positioned so close together that the inside of the eggy was split into two halves, with the hatchie either jammed into one side or pierced by the needles and caught in the middle. The eggy froze. It didn't know what to do, or even how to react. It was two separate pieces and one piece at the same time. When its brain couldn't handle this thought (because young dragon's brains are still rather underdeveloped), it shut down. Rigid as a stone it stood there through the night, and most of the following day, until some random pygmy came along and found it. After poking it a few times and determining it wasn't a statue, and that it didn't smell dead, it rolled the eggy to the nearest white-dragon-containing cave. That cave happened to be the home of number 55, elvenimp!!!


Another batch of three fell into misery on the tenth day, A SUNSTONE, A GLORY DRAKE, AND A RED EGGY, ALL FROM THE CAVERNS OF DRAGONGRRL! As they tripped and stumbled through the woods in the evening, playing tag and hide-and-seek, these three friends kept getting closer and closer to a hidden pit. They kept playing until they were right on the brink of the gaping hole. The red teetered on the edge, thinking it was on solid ground, calling to its friends. After whispering their plan to each other a little ways away, the glory and sunstone both charged at the red, knocking it over. All three fell into the pit, bringing the web of leaves and twigs that covered it crashing down with them. At first, they managed to maintain a playful mood. They got up, shook off most of the dirt, and stared up the walls. The eggies came up with many ideas to get out, and they tested all of them, but all to no avail. With their morale falling quickly, the three took to pacing back and forth or sitting and rocking from side to side. As the hours drew on and the moon rose up, the eggies started to get hungry. When their tummies started rumbling in earnest, a magnificent feast materialized in front of them. Mouths watering, the three made for it as quickly as they could. Just as they reached the platters heaped with delicacies, however, the illusion vanished. It had been created by a complicated array of mirrors, but the eggies didn't know that. They blamed the disappearance on each other, and soon a fight erupted. By the time morning arrived, they were throwing themselves against the walls and their friends. The minds of the eggies were warped, set against each other, filled with hate. They did everything in their power to hurt each other, using everything from pebbles and twigs to the leaves that lay about. The small war continued until a drake spotted them as she flew overhead. Her attempts to rescue the three failed at first, because they kept toppling back into the pit in an attempt to get back to the fighting. Exasperated, she flew off to find help. When the drake returned, she had two friends with her. Each clasped a struggling egg in its claws and carried them up and away. The dragons flew in different directions, trying to put the most distance possible between the raging eggies. With their former friends gone, the eggies' anger and hate turned towards everything else. To this day, all three are contained in guarded caves, where they hurt the only thing that's left: themselves. The sunstone can be found in the home of number 20, EmoDuck598, the glory in that of number 1, Mysfytt, and the red in the caves of number 41, urusta!!!


Three must be an awfully popular number, because on the eleventh day the attacks were directed against TWO PURPLE RIDGEWINGS AND A PAPER FROM THE CAVERNOUS HALLS OF CATLOVER3288! These were the unfortunates who wandered into a town where everyone's pockets were filled with gold coins, provided by the devilish little skywing. They were paid to fix their eyes upon the next strangers to come into their area. The people did it, the dragons did it, the birds and insects did it. They all turned their heads towards the three eggies, not letting them out of their sight. The paper was the first to get uncomfortable, and when it mentioned something to its friends they too began to notice the odd behavior of the residents. As the eggies moved around town, looking at trinkets and watching the birds, they began to feel more and more watched, more and more paranoid. Even once they left the town, they moved with their backs to each other so they could look in every direction at once. Slowly, making sure not to step on any twigs or kick any rocks, they made their way towards home. By the time they were halfway back, each was convinced they were being followed, watched, and plotted against. All the time. The situation worsened as they continued. Every theory they spun was eventually engraved into their brains as true. Suddenly, the wind made a leaf brush against one of the ridgewings. The eggy jumped and screamed loud and shrill. The others did the same. All started running in different directions, not daring to look back and see what was following them. Their imaginations conjured up gruesome beasts, stealthy assassins, even Nazi ninjas and Lagmonsters. They ran until they entered into unfamiliar caves, where they did their best to cower behind the dragons there while still being suspicious of their surroundings. The twitchy and paranoid eggies are still in those caves, trusting no one and sure that something's out to get them. The ridgewings are in the caves of numbers 7 and 27, ponylegs and Mercury, and the paper is with number 62, rainbowsmile!!!


On the last day, the twelfth day, an eggy was stolen: A SQUEAKY SUNSONG FROM THE CAVES OF ROCKIN' ON! This eggy is said to be squeaky because whenever it is poked, prodded, or squeezed in any way it makes a funny sound. Sometimes it squeaks, sometimes it chirps, but it always makes some noise. On the night it became a victim, the previously used fog machine was employed to create a thick cloud around the sunsong. The eggy was then slowly lured towards the skywing's lair, where the fog was dispelled and the sunsong was introduced to Fluffy, the skywing's personal three-headed dog. The over-sized pet takes almost too much joy in the chewing of the sunsong, which still squeaks and chirps despite its gory injuries. The eggy was found when police raided the skywing's lair after the arresting took place. While the dog was led off to a pound, the sunsong was taken to a place where it could recover, the home of number 48, Ankylia!!!


So yes, we have captured the villain behind these crimes! Never again will the eggy wreak havoc in DC (although some other eggy might), and we can all sleep easy tonight.


Also, sorry about the extreme lateness of this giveaway. I'm a slow writer, and the amount of donations was rather daunting. Have a nice day, everyone! I hope you enjoyed!

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Hello again, everyone! With school weighing everyone down with work and evil skywings causing a lot of pain, it's nice to have a weekend every once in a while just to allow for some more nap time. But for some people, the weekend just isn't enough. A little group of eggies have formed something which they call The EGA Givers of Cookies and Hugs, because there's nothing like some sweet baked goods to make one's day a bit brighter.


First, of course, the delicious pastries need to be made. The best eggy bakers are on the job, working nonstop in the local kitchens.


This here baker is magnificent at making pies and homemade ice cream, A SUNSONG EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF KANAYE! Right now, this eggy is working on a strawberry pie. The crust is thin, flaky, and lacks a fair amount of sweetness. As everyone who knows anything knows, however, it's the filling that makes a pie good or bad. This filling is made of nothing but strawberries. About a bucket full was pounded into a pulp earlier, and then squeezed and blended to make a kind of berry smoothie. Apparently, the sunsong and a handful of its helpers were jumping up and down on the berries as they tried to squash them as much as possible. As the strawberry juice is boiled, and a little bit of honey added for good measure, another bucket of strawberries is cut up into thin slices, and then mixed into the steaming concoction on the stove top. After being poured into the form and breathed on by an ice dragon volunteer for a few minutes, the pie was baked to perfection and left near the fire so it wouldn't cool off too quickly. In a bit, the sunsong will carry the pie over to a nearby cave where everyone is slouching around, the home of number 41, firegirl!!!


Over on this side of the kitchen we have some successful in the candy industry, A BLUE STRIPE EGGY FROM THE HALLS OF WANDERER, PLUS A RED STRIPE AND A BLACK STRIPE FROM THE CAVERNS OF CATLOVER3288! This stripes are especially skilled at making truffles, those delicate, creamy chocolates decorated with fancy swirls and filled with flavored liquor. The trays they now stand before look like tiny cupcake trays, with little holes lined up neatly in rows. Each hole is filled with chocolate and allowed to cool a little. The center is then scooped out and replaced with some tantalizing filling or another, before being covered with another fine layer of tasty goodness. After having cooled completely, the truffles are removed from the trays and decorated by a small platoon of helpers, each armed with an icing cone filled with near-liquid chocolate. These helpers, and the stripes themselves, go from treat to treat making dainty swirls that make for a nice finishing touch. Each stripe has a different swirl preference. The blue stripe prefers making little dots and circles using banana-flavored chocolate, the red prefers rum flavoring and gentle spiral patterns, and the black stripe likes dark chocolate laid down in intricate designs. Once all the chocolates have been finished, each worker will fill a basket with them and leave it on people's doorsteps. The stripes will also go along to distribute their masterful creations, each headed for a different cave plagued by bad luck: the blue stripe to the haunted home of number 32, Madzi_Jade, the red stripe towards the sinking castle of number 1, dragongrrl, and the black stripe to the burning tree houses of number 37, KoyukiZaku!!!


We have time to watch one more of these connoisseurs at work before we leave with the Easter Bunnies, a skilled TERRAE EGGY FROM THE RENOWN RESORT OF RASCAL1414! This baker is making the most basic and traditional form of physical happiness: chocolate chip cookies. It and a small squad of workers have been mixing batter all day, making sure everything is perfect. Now the gooey mix of sugar, butter, flour and chocolate chips is finally ready to turn into those chewy golden cookies that everyone loves. While the terrae supervised the process, other eggies and hatchies wandered about making sure the cookies were made in a timely manner. One little bunch of helpers sat around the dough, ripping chunks off and rolling them into nice little balls, another skated about on the cookie sheets with bits of butter, and a third stood by the oven. The balls of dough were put on a cookie sheet, evenly spaced out, and placed in the oven. By the time the next sheet was ready, the first was done. The cookies came out, were approved and moved to a plate by the terrae, and the cookie sheet was handed back to the butter-skaters. In no time at all, the plate was piled high with captivating golden brown circles of sweetness. Once they were all done, all the helpers scuttled out of the kitchens carrying the cookies they had to deliver. The terrae went along, and ended up giving its gift to a worker without the weekend off: number 49, Miroku-Kun!!!


Not all of the bakers have time to run around and give out their creations themselves. For that purpose there's a part of the Cookies and Hugs program called the Easter Bunnies. The next group of Bunnies heading out is comprised of TWO HELLFIRES, A SUNSTONE, A PINK, AND A DEEPSEA EGGY, ALL ORIGINALLY FROM THE CIRCUS OF THUNDERSKY86! The main purpose of the Easter Bunnies is to spread the happiness made by the bakers in the form of yummy things. However, the Bunnies are known to get a little carried away. These five, for instance, have dressed themselves up with cute hats and costumes that mimic some delicious food or treat. The hellfires put on a little hat that makes them look like they have a stem coming out of their top's, and have made themselves glossy with oil. Overall, they resemble a pair of candied apples. The sunstone and pink put on hats that made them look topped off with whipped cream. The deep sea went and found itself a halloween costume that presumably made the wearer look like cake. The result was surprisingly good, and resembled a fresh-from-the-oven blueberry pie. Off the five went, carrying baskets and bowls piled high with goodies. Although we're going to follow them around for a bit and see where all they go, we'll have you know now what their final destinations are. The hellfires will end up at the caves of numbers 56 and 64, Rockin' On and xeyla, the sunstone will go to the caverns of number 27, klinneah, the pink to the home of number 29, Dracaena, and the deepsea to the sandy beaches of number 34, icecream321!!!


These Easter Bunnies have many places to go, one of which is the home of A WHITE STRIPE AND A SUNSONG, RESIDING IN THE TUNNELS OF ROCKIN' ON! The white stripe has been very stressed out as of late. The amount of work it has to do, and the performance level expected of it, has been too much. Stress led to depression, and soon the little eggy was contemplating taking its own life. Its best friend, the sunsong, could do nothing to help except provide the stripe with a shoulder to cry into. Today, the stripe was rocking back and forth in a lonesome corner, whimpering, when the doorbell rang on the caves eggy-door. The sunsong went to answer, but all it found was a decorated basket with cake and ice cream in it. The sunsong brought the basket in and set it down beside its friend. After a few seconds, the stripe looked up curiously, and found itself face to face with baked goods. The cake worked wonders on the depressed eggy, and the sunsong was glad to see its friend's spirits soaring so high. It's easy to see that soon, both eggies will be in the best of moods and ready to take on the world. According to our predictions, they will take off on an adventure to find a new place to live, a new neighborhood to settle into. Eventually, they will stumble upon a pair of neighbors. The white stripe will end up with number 15, thundersky86, with its sunsong friend living next door with number 8, lilacamy931!!!


On this trip, the Bunnies also had to answer to a request, sent in by A RED DINO EGGY FROM THE CATACOMBS OF DAST! In the request, it was stated that the dragon keeper was ill, with a nasty headache and a fever which refused to break. The eggy wanted to give poor DaSt something to make the sickness a bit less of an ordeal. Its wish was granted in the form of a box filled with chocolate-covered roasted coco beans. The crunchy almond-shaped bean, covered in the chocolate which wouldn't exist without it, worked as well as medicine. Although the headache didn't go away, and the fever will probably stick around for another day or so, the little treats made everything more bearable. The dino was not happy, though. It wanted to thank the kind people who had brought the chocolates in the first place. Only an hour after receiving the coco beans and handing them over to its master, the dino had its bag packed and was ready to track down the Bunnies. Judging by the path it's taking, however, the dino is more likely to just end up at the home of number 2, floppyangel!!!


Cookies and Hugs doesn't only cater to the diseased and forlorn, though. On the contrary, it will bring delicacies to almost anyone as long as it somehow increases the mood of the receiver. The last place the Bunnies have to go is a party, hosted by A RED, A MAGI, A PAIR OF PINKS, A MAGMA AND A BLACK STRIPE, ALL FROM THE GLOWING MEADOWS OF NYTEGLORI! All underage dragons were invited, making this a giant celebration in need of many refreshments. When the doorbell rang, the two pinks hurried to answer. To their great surprise, they found an impenetrable wall of baskets, each containing a different type of cake, cookie, ice cream, smoothie, fruit drink, or chocolate. Even with the help of numerous volunteers, it took several trips to get everything inside. With all the desert set out on long tables, the party dragged on long into the night. At some point, when most other things had been eaten, the naughty magma discovered baskets full of truffles. Rum truffles. Although each guest only had one or two, everyone ended up drunk. These are just eggies and young hatchies, after all, so it doesn't take much to make unable to walk in a straight line. The hosts seemed to be affected most of all, and they followed as the guests slowly drifted away, heading for home. In the morning, the six were in random places, and had very fuzzy memories of the previous night. The red found itself by the home of number 10, Kalista, the magi with number 53, silver~moon, the pinks with numbers 58 and 26, Thurin and Helgri, the magma with number 16, willapigfly, and the black stripe with number 48, Mizuuu!!!


And as the sun sank that night, the group of eggies working in the kitchens also drifted off to sleep. The next morning, however, they will be bright eyed and bushy tailed again, ready to make another batch of happiness.

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Pictures! They fly by, they surround us, they rush around unnoticed by all except those that seek to capture them. Those goofy looking people running around with numerous cameras strapped around their necks, always pointing a lens at something, are out on that mission to trap the beautiful images and keep them forever.


On my travels around DC, I came across a couple of eggies that showed the most basic reactions to being photographed.


One of these reactions is that of posing, illustrated by this MOONSTONE EGGY FROM THE PRAIRIES OF WILLAPIGFLY! As you can see, upon pointing a camera at this eggy it will immediately try to look its best. As if it was the center of attention, the moonstone waltzes around, stopping every few seconds and arranging itself in a cute manner. It can't help but soak up every single drop of attention, and after a while of photographing it developed a slight addiction. I managed to lure it away from its home in the grasslands, where pigs fly and squirrels sing, by backing away from it while still keeping my camera fixed on it. The eggy followed, never more than two meters away. Even when I turned around to look at a sign and figure out where I was going, the moonstone was always right in front of the lens. Since I cannot allow it to strike up a romantic relationship with my camera, I'll be sending it off to the studios of number 38, Wanderer!!!


The second reaction is shyness, as shown by this funny SUMMER EGGY FROM THE OBSIDIAN TUNNELS OF RASCAL1414! Having grown up in a volcanic wasteland where the locals are easily angered, this eggy is naturally timid. It stays away from strangers, and even distances itself from dragons that inhabit its own cave. When a strange contraption, sporting a glass eye and making a freaky whirring sound as it moves, was aimed at it, the summer panicked. First it turned around and tried to disappear by looking as small as possible, but when that didn't work it looked around for the nearest hiding place. All that it could find was a charred twig and the nest of some lava snake. Quickly, it pushed one of the red-speckled black eggs out of the nest and balanced the twig on top. Once its masterpiece was completed, it proceeded to cower behind it. However, since the snake egg was considerably smaller than the summer, and the twig only stayed atop it for about half a second, the plan wasn't particularly effective. Regardless of this, the eggy continued to stay behind the snake egg, which it rolled along as it tried to move away from the camera. I was able to make it go whichever direction I wanted, because it would always go the exact opposite way that I was walking. In this way, I brought the summer all the way to here, and it will now go, snake egg and all, to the beach house of number 49, Fire-Ice!!!


Speaking of beach houses, I met a sweet eggy photographer and its best friend by the wild sea. They were A RED DINO AND A PURPLE DINO FROM THE SALT-ENCRUSTED PALAFITTE OF CATLOVER3288! The red was the picture fanatic, always equipped with a pair of goggle-type things. The goggles are basically glasses with a camera built into them, perfect for eggies, seeing as they lack a few limbs. Its friend, the purple dino, was always tagging alongside. Wherever the red went, the purple would follow. These two have climbed to the bottom of cracks that split cliffs into pieces, swam through the corals of a reef looking for exotic fish, staggered up mountains through the thickest of cloud forests, and chased crabs around the rocky beaches near their home. In almost every situation, the following happens: the red dino gets carried away with its photography, becomes oblivious to any dangers present in its surroundings, and is saved from certain death by its good friend the purple dino. This was also the order of events on the day of the tsunami. Catlover's palafitte is located in a sheltered cove, protected from the large waves caused by underwater earthquakes, but the dinos enjoy leaving the cove to tease the crabs that scuttle over the beach beyond. A couple of days ago, however, a tsunami came rushing towards those beaches when the dinos were there. The red instantly turned on its goggled when it saw the black line on the horizon. It sat there, clicking away, as the line grew bolder as it drew closer. The purple kept trying to push its friend towards the cove, but the red refused to budge. When the wave was almost on top of them, the purple dino managed to drag the red into a nearby cave. The cave was part of a system of tunnels carved into a cliff. When the wave crashed on the beach, water rushed into the cave, pushing the eggies through the labyrinth of stone passageways until they were shot out of a hole that opened up towards the sky. The two dinos went flying, and landed a ways away in the yards of other dragon keepers. The red dino, its goggles cracked but intact, landed by the home of number 18, RebRanger, while the purple dino tumbled into the rose garden of number 57, Kiytt!!!


*insert awesome conclusion here*


Please note that all of your "great story!" comments should be directed at WaterScorpion and Ice_SW, because they are the one's who came up with the idea!

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the EGA Museum of Art! We've got sculpture gardens, galleries, rows and rows of photographs, and many other artistic things, all created by the great beasts we love so much: the dragons. Please be aware that we don't allow chickens within the museum.


Some of the art within our walls was made by those cute little eggies that roll around and look adorable all the time. A few artists are here today, doing what they do best, and if you're very quiet we might just be able to watch them without being chased away and whacked with a broom.


Sitting in the chamber of mirrors, a room with reflective glass covering every flat surface, there is A PAPER EGGY FROM THE OBSIDIAN CAVES OF MYLORITE! This eggy is both an artist and a piece of art. When it kept forgetting to bring its canvas to art class a couple of years ago, it began to do the assignments on itself by standing in front of a mirror so it could see what it was doing. Today, it is an expert at fine black and white ink drawings. Using the small amount of magic stored in its shell, left over from the spell of the wizard who brought life to the paper, the eggy guides a corner of a piece of paper like a brush. The corner, soaked with ink, sweeps around the eggy's shell, obeying the commands given to it by the mind of the eggy. When finished, the paper is completely covered in thin curves and Asiatic symbols. Once the eggy decides that it wants to wear a different piece of art, it sheds its outer layer of paper and starts over. As it finished working today, the eggy was informed of a job offering from someone who needed the interior of their cave redone. Eager to earn some gold, the paper made for the home of its contractor, number 48, TurboSilver!!!


Outside, in the garden of twisted trees, an aspiring sculptor is hard at work: A THUNDER EGGY, ACCOMPANIED BY A PURPLE AND YELLOW DINO, ATTENDING THE ACADEMY OF PINCH OF STARDUST! The thunder was placed at a random spot in the garden by its instructor, a strange little dragon with a paintbrush as a tail, and told to sculpt what it saw. The two dinos rolled around behind the thunder, providing the tools and materials that it asked for, and taking an occasional bite of leaves from a nearby bush. Feeling too lazy to create a model of the entire garden that stretched out before it, the thunder turned around to face the dinos. Without asking its assistants for anything, so as to keep them in relatively the same place for the entire time, the thunder began to sculpt the two spotted eggs as they nibbled on sweet and tender sprigs. The finished product was a pair of spherical objects, lightly etched with a spotted pattern, sitting atop a pile of tapering cylinders (twigs) and standing before the spindly skeleton of a leafless bush. Having disobeyed its instructor and turned out a less-than-professional product, the thunder got a failing grade along with detention. The two dinos also got detention, because the academy received a long complaint from the museum that one of their prized twisted bushes had been eaten so thoroughly that the bark was missing. Tomorrow, all three will be standing before rooms where they'll have to spend their afternoons for a while: the thunder in the office of number 4, Erob13, the yellow dino in that of number 39, Emmejo, and the purple dino in that of number 45, Saori_Nightstar!!!


Since you've been staring at them for a while now, we'll stop and talk about the blood-red figured on these walls, made by A VAMPIRE EGGY, RUMORED TO ORIGINATE FROM THE CAVERNS OF EMMEJO! This eggy has only been seen by a handful of people, and never for more than a couple of seconds. Its favorite medium is blood, and it uses whatever surface it can reach as a canvas. The things that it puts on the walls are artistic puzzles. According to the first, and only, puzzle that's been solved, the trail of bloody scripture is a treasure map leading to not only the vampire itself, but also to its hideout, filled with riches. The bloody art appears during the night, when the museum is closed, and is always finished by the time staff starts showing up in the early morning. We know absolutely nothing about the artist except for its breed, although we suspect it's hanging out at the blood bank of number 33, DaSt!!!


Out in the rock garden, working on their largest project yet, is a pair skilled in the art of mosaic: A NEBULA FROM THE CAVERNS OF WILLAPIGFLY AND A BLUNA FROM THE ISLAND OF WANDERER! These are the eggies responsible for the pretty picnic tables, birdbaths, and even the stained glass windows, scattered throughout the museum and the grounds. Now, using the different colored rocks in the garden, they are creating a 3D landscape visible only from straight overhead. Since the image has to give the illusion of depth, the scene of a mine full of dwarfs and fire will occupy an area much larger than it looks like it should. We have no doubt that the end result will be stunning, but for now the eggies spend their time painstakingly placing each rock in its proper spot, the bluna pushing around boulders and placing pebbles while the nebula directs the placement from atop the museum roof. For now, the eggies are staying at caves nearby so that they can easily commute to and from the museum: the nebula at the home of number 18, dr.bieber229, and the bluna with number 43, Jadeunicorn!!!


Over in a room to the right of the lobby, well lit thanks to the glass walls, there's a painter and its subject, A BLACK STRIPE EGG AND A BRONZE TINSEL HATCHIE FROM THE SHINY GARDENS OF CATLOVER3288! The stripe is practicing a new type of painting: a self-portrait and a subject, painted alongside each other. The stripe has positioned the tinsel under a table, with its rump and neck craning upwards while its back sinks down in an arch, and makes sure its head is positioned as if looking at something on top of the table. Then, in a frenzy of speed and an attempt at appearing graceful, the stripe painted what it saw and then added itself to the scene. The end result was less than accurate. While the stripe had painted itself floating on a golden cloud with an angelic aura of power surrounding it, the tinsel was portrayed as a ragged subordinate, begging for mercy, battered and dirty. Proud of its masterpiece, the stripe invited the hatchie to come take a look. The tinsel wasn't happy. Flaring up in anger, the stripe's subject rebelled against the painter, who ran for the door. The tinsel gave chase, determined to teach the rascal stripe a lesson. Having gotten a slight head start, the painter rolled aside into a stranger's cave after a bit of running. The tinsel sped by at top speeds, going so fast that it couldn't slow down in time to stop itself from skidding straight into a random cave at the end of the sandy path. Both are now panting as they look at their surroundings, lacking the energy to do anything but collapse on the ground. The black stripe is now in the caverns of number 58, stagazer_7, and the tinsel hatchie is with the dragons of number 25, Pinch of StarDust!!!


Uh oh. It looks like the tinsel hatchie left the museum door open when it charged out after the stripe. All of the chickens, left outside by their owners as they went to admire the museum's collection, are surging towards the doors. The staff is going to have a hard time getting this mess under control... And look, there comes a security guard now! We better get out of here before we're accused of being the culprits, seeing as we're the one's at the scene of the crime. Bye now, enjoy the weekend!

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~ Please be aware that the organization of the following story is strange. Some paragraphs contain all of a certain type of eggy, others contain all the donations from a single donator, and anything else is leftovers. Please consult the list of who won what in the OP if you are still confused. ~


It's that time of year again where the seasonal dragons switch out their suits to a handsome brown and fading green. The leetle trees that make up the forests round about DC have shed their palm tree disguise and painted their leaves with fiery reds and oranges, dropping them to the ground in a rain of gold whenever the wind blows. Already the warmth of the summer sun is fading, replaced by the chilly hints of the coming winter. But we're not quite there yet! Before the trees loose all their pretty leaves and snow blankets the land, there's an entire season in which to frolic around in! Let's see what the eggies have been up to since we last saw them, shall we?


The first eggy we saw today was A MAGMA FROM THE CAVERNS OF MATMETCHI! As soon as it realized autumn was here, this eggy began its Halloween preparations. Being young, it had yet to experience a spooky October night full of Trick-or-Treating and vampires. All its knowledge about the holiday came from what others had told it. Wanting to be as prepared as possible, the magma has started planning a month early. It has already gathered together a giant pile of fabric, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and fluff, all ready to be turned into a costume. The eggy's pumpkin-shaped notebook contains pages scribbled with ideas for tricks, costumes, and pumpkin designs, as well as a section labeled 'Creepy Recipes'. It has even found the Halloween decorations in the basement, and has placed the boxes right outside the cave entrance so it won't forget to hang anything up. Imagine, by the time the holiday rolls around this magma will have done more to make everything perfect than most dragons do in a lifetime. A certain old pebble dragon, however, is getting tired of tripping over the boxes of decorations, so it's sending the eggy on a little 'vacation' to the nearby home of number 70, elvenimp!!!


A bit farther away from town are A NEBULA AND A MAGI, SITTING IN THE GRASS NEXT TO THE HOME OF RASCAL1414! As the season changes from summer to winter, the stars also move across the sky, revealing and hiding constellations. The nebula, eager to watch and document this change, has convinced the magi to sit outside with it and photograph the night sky. After a little bit of bribery involving brownies and ice cream, the magi agreed. As the sun sinks down bellow the tree line to the West, and the first stars are made visible in the fading red light, you'll be able to see these two staring at the sky: the nebula bobbing up and down next to the camera and tripod, and the magi wrapped in a blanket (to dim its orange aura) nibbling on a brownie. At some point after midnight, once their picture of the sky has been taken, both youngsters will nod off, giving in to the sweetness of sleep. The magi's blanket will eventually slip off from around its shell as the eggy turns over in its sleep, dreaming of candy land, creating a bright orange glow easily visible from a distance. Before the nebula can wake up and wrap the blanket around its friend again, some curious magpie dragon will come along and plucked the two up from the ground, hoping they're shiny objects that it can use for its nest. During its flight, the dragon will look down and realize what it has found, and drop the two in disgust. If it's not shiny, it just ain't good enough! The two eggies will plummet towards the ground, and will hopefully land on something soft. According to out calculations, the nebula will end up near the caves of number 64, Malgorak, and the magi will roll into the cave of number 8, mackie0501!!!


A bit further west, near the edge of the woods, a trio of eggies is hard at work. They are A TWO-FINNED BLUNA AND A PURPLE RIDGEWING FROM THE TUNNELS OF MYLORITE, AND A TAN RIDGEWING FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! These three have decided to start a little garden, so they've met at a randomly chosen place to get started. When they first met a couple of days ago, each eggy was pushing a gourd filled with some compost and dirt. Since then, they've built three little garden beds, filled them with dirt from multiple trips, let loose some earth worms, and sprinkled everything with water to keep it nice and moist. The sun was beginning to set when the three put up their tents, in which they intended to live so as to be nearby their gardens, but they were determined to get some seeds in the soil before they called it a day. Crickets started chirping, welcoming the coming night, as the three friends make little holes and trenches into which they added life: seeds, bulbs and saplings that could grow into almost anything. The bluna wanted a flower garden, so it planted lots of bulbs and various little round seeds of different colors. At the center of its flower bed, it planted three large bean-like seeds that pulsed and writhed with life. In a few weeks, these will grow into the beautiful, sweet-smelling, carnivorous flowers which are often the cause of the one-legged deer and foxes that can be seen limping along the outskirts of the forests. The purple ridgewing is thinking forward to the coming holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both demand a large number of pumpkins, which some people will pay good money for. So, hoping to earn a little spending cash, this eggy is planting nothing but pumpkins and squash. Soon, its garden bed will be overflowing with leafy green stalks and a number of different delicious-looking gourds. The tan ridgewing is planting saplings, because it's nigh impossible to find seeds for the plant it wishes to grow: leetle trees. This ridgewing is fascinated with how these funny plants can change even what type of plant they are depending on the day or season, so it plans to plant a decent-sized grove of them to study, hoping to unravel the mysteries of the leetle. These eggies have a problem they don't even know about, though: their randomly-chosen spot is on the border of three different territories. The bluna is camped on the land of number 12, rainy days, the purple ridgewing on the land of number 66, Yukari, and the tan ridgewing on that of number 1, spark3210!!!


And now for the biggest procession of shiny things I've every seen: A BRONZE AND SILVER TINSEL FROM MATMETCHI, A SILVER AND BRONZE TINSEL FROM PINCH OF STARDUST, A BRONZE TINSEL FROM DAESTARR, AND ANOTHER BRONZE FROM CATLOVER3288! Somehow, all six of these randomly got the impulsion to go the same tree at the same time. The tree that they met at was a large one, its canopy stretching out well above the heads of most dragons. The old tree's broad, thick leaves have already turned from green to deep shades of gold and red. All of the tinsels had the same idea: leaf surfing! The knobbly tree was not hard to climb, for the bumps and numerous twigs that stuck out of its trunk provided countless footholds and ramps. Even the most inexperienced tree climber could climb to the top of this giant plant, apparently including those who lack limbs. Once all six were in the canopy, they waited for a breeze. When a sudden gust rattled through the branches, the tinsels simultaneously jumped off the branches on which they were precariously balanced, landing on one of the leaves. The leaves detached easily from the twigs to which they had been clinging, and went whirling down towards the ground, the eggies whistling and whooping as the wind tugged at their shells. A couple of them, having done this before, stood up tall on their leaf and guided it through the air, showing off with fancy loops and twirling patterns. Others, this being their first time doing something as extravagant as this, held on to their transport for dear life. A few minutes later, the leaves were floating near the ground, a great distance from where they started. The eggies hopped off, laughing or feeling wheezy, each in a strange new place. Matmetchi's bronze and silver landed by the homes of numbers 78 and 89, dragongrrl and Shishiro, respectively; the silver from Starry landed on the head of number 10, aimee0824, while the bronze tumbled through the door of cave number 55, rockonq; the tinsel from daestarr ended up near the caverns of number 16, Angelofgeek; and the last bronze, originally from the caverns of Catlover, floated into the mouth of a dragon as it was yawning, belonging to number 11, Classycal!!!


Some of the farther-flying leaves from the great old tree landed among a band of eggies containing A SHALLOW WATER, A PINK, AND A PAIR OF GEODES, ALL FROM THE STILL-SLIGHTLY-SICKLY LAGIE! Still a bit green in the face, Lagie sent these four rascals outside to play so she could get some sleep. As soon as they were out of the cave, the shallow and pink came up with a plan to torment the two geodes. You see, the geodes were glad that summer was over. They spent that season in fear of being tossed into a pool by some evil hatchie or by the accidental swish of a dragons tail. Geodes are heavy, and can't swim well enough to keep themselves from sinking. Once at the bottom of a body of water, they wouldn't be able to get back out, which would either lead to them never hatching or, if they did, drowning soon thereafter. Both eggies are relieved to have survived the months during which pools can be found in almost everyone's back yard, but their relief it short lived. The pink and shallow have unraveled the long rubber hose and turned up the water pressure. Now, with a high pitched whistle to get the geodes's attention, the pink turned the water on as the shallow aimed it straight at the other two eggies. The burst of water sent the geodes flying through the air, a flight which ended abruptly as they crashed into a window. When they recovered and glared over at the others, the geodes found both the shallow and the pink laughing uncontrollably. Some kind of fight would probably have broken out in just a couple of moments if an indignant Lagie hadn't stormed out of the cave. The geodes had crashed into her bedroom window, reviving the headache which she had almost gotten rid of. Really wanting to get at least a few minutes of sleep that day, the dragon keeper sent the four away with sharp words. The eggies scattered in fear as Lagie marched back to bed, holding an ice-pack to her head. They ran in random directions, not caring where they were headed, and soon collapsed in exhaustion. The shallow found itself before the home of number 75, StormWizard212, the pink at the feet of number 34, Dragon and Cat Tamer, and the geodes by the spring-fed lake of numbers 25 and 36, brisingrrider and Tsarashi!!!


Nearer to the great tree is a park, in which we found A HELLFIRE AND A WHITE EGGY, FROM THE CABIN OF EMMEJO, AND A WHITE EGGY FROM THE HOME OF ENGIYPE! The hellfire is a very neat and tidy kind of dragon, and cannot stand to see hundreds of leaves scattered everywhere. For the past hour, the eggy has marched around the park with a rake, creating perfect piles of leaves. When all of the leaves were in little piles, the hellfire went about raking the piles together, until it had created one giant pile right beside a tree that had died the year before. As the proud eggy wandered off to find some large bags to stuff the leaves into, the two white eggies were busy climbing the tree. They perched up there for a bit, watching as birds twittered and plucked bugs out of the sky, and then noticed the leaves right bellow them. They looked at each other. Then at the leaves. It couldn't be more perfect! On the count of three, both young dragons launched themselves off the branch where they had been sitting, straight towards the pile of leaves. As the hellfire was returning, the white eggies landed. Leaves went everywhere, swirling through the air and covering everything in a crunchy brown blanket. The astounded hellfire brushed the leaves off itself and looked around for the cause of this catastrophe. Its gaze settled on the giggling whites, blowing leaves towards each other. Blazing with rage, the hellfire picked up its rake and charged towards the other two eggies. When the whites realized what was going on, they scattered in opposite directions. The hellfire, however, was going too fast to change its course. It kept going at a breakneck pace, until it crashed into a wall. The whites ran blindly, hoping to evade the rusty teeth of the rake. When they looked back to see if they were being followed, they too crashed into something. Turns out, the hellfire had run into the brick wall surrounding the home of number 39, freadom7, Emmejo's white crashed through the bushes that circled the gardens of number 54, leafyleaf, and the white from Engiype careened into a shut door labeled 'number 69, BrightStarBella'!!!


Lastly, living on the banks of a river to the South, we come across A BLACK STRIPE EGGY FROM THE FISH MARKET OF SUZAMAWOLF! This eggy was originally from a part of DC that has been in a drought for almost a year. When the lush green leaves of the trees began to fade, replaced by yellows and browns, the stripe panicked. All it knew was that this was a sign of death, a result of the plant's lacking water. They were drying up, shriveling in the last heat of summer. The black rushed to 'save' the trees, running back and forth from the river to the plants as they lost their color and dropped their leaves, dumping bucket after bucket on them. No one else payed much attention to the little one, because they were to preoccupied with everything else to care that some trees were getting a little extra water. However, after hour upon hour of work, the stripe became burned out. It ran slower and slower with each trip to and from the water, heaving and gasping for air. Finally, it just couldn't go on. As it was filing its bucket with cool water, the stripe collapsed, weak and weary. It tumbled from the bank into its floating bucket, and was carried downstream by the current. Near the salty estuary that precedes the ocean, the bucket became trapped in an eddy. It swirled around in slow circles until someone came and fished it out with a long stick. When the stripe wakes up, it will find itself in a warm comfy room, surrounded by the dragons belonging to number 41, Catlover3288!!!


That is all we have time for today, but just think: this is only the beginning! We've got many weeks ahead of us in which summer heat fades to winter cold, and who knows what those rascally eggies will do next.

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The most prominent characteristics of autumn are the cooling weather and the trees that turn red. Last giveaway, mention was made of one of the many things that can be done with a tree: use it to leaf surf. But what about all the other wonderful things? Not only will this giveaway reveal a couple to you, but it will also answer one of those age-old questions: why the leaves of a tree change color.


First on our list we've got an energetic PYGMY EGGY FROM THE HIDEOUT OF ARCHITECTURAL MASTER EEVEE_EM, AND ITS FRIEND THE SWALLOWTAIL FROM THE NEARBY HOME OF ROCKIN' ON! This pygmy has long been amazed at the skill of its master, able to create a building out of almost any material. Inspired by eevee_em's work, the swallowtail convinced its friend to start its own project. After a couple of hours of cookies, silver sharpies, and fancy blueprint paper, the two eggies had a plan. They wanted to create a secret home that no one would be able to find, built out of a living tree. For days, the two traveled around DC, finding the perfect tree to use. After about a week, the pygmy discovered a giant cousin of the Terran oak tree, not quite as large as the ideal leaf-surfing tree but still managing to be as tall as some dragons. It's been months since then, and the two friends have been working non-stop, barely taking enough time to eat and sleep. Each eggy chose a side of the tree, chose their weapon of choice, and began chiseling away at the wood. They kept the tree as happy as possible as they hollowed it out, creating rooms, tunnels, passageways, and trapdoors, to ensure that the plant would survive. Now, finally, their master plan is complete. Each eggy has created a palace for itself, and both of their new homes fit inside the trunk and branches of a single tree. The swallowtail has created one very large open room, with few walls to divide up the space. A staircase hugs the inner walls, spiraling up the trunk and weaving through the branches. Every once in a while, a floor interrupts the stairs, also attached to the wall, but always with a gaping hole in the middle (circled with a cute little fence). At the very top of its side of the tree, the eggy created a transparent layer of thin leaves and wood fibers. At night, one can see the sky from wherever one stands, able to enjoy the beauty of the stars. During the day, however, the roof can be covered with leaves to make sure the inside of the tree doesn't heat up too much. The pygmy, dominating the other side of the tree, has created an elaborate maze. All through the tree, tunnels crisscross each other, dead end, lead to doors that open into mid-air, and confuse even the one behind the design. In the middle of the massive tangle of halls and slides, there is a large ballroom big enough to house up to ten adult pygmies. Clearly this little eggy is planning to have some big parties while its young, and still have room to hold knitting and gossip brunches when it gets old and slow. No mater which side of the tree you stray into, the architecture will blow your mind. Although the two eggies don't mind, it's worth pointing out that the tree lies on the border between the land of two dragon keepers. The pygmy's half of the tree is mostly on the property of number 69, funny12321, while the swallowtail could now be considered to be owned by number 9, dragcave:D!!!


Hide and seek is a game enjoyed by all, from the youngest little pipsqueaks to the oldest geezers in the dragon world. Today, a game is being played by A BLACK AND A RED DINO, BOTH FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! The black was first being it, and turned itself towards the inside of the cave as it counted. The red dino, meanwhile, loudly lumbered back and forth in search of a hiding place. It soon found one on the inside of a bush. As it nestled among the leaves, listening to the counting of the black as it reached 70, the dino's stomach rumbled. It nibbled on a crispy leaf. Then another. And another. The black finished counting, turned around, and found itself face-to-face with a tangle of bare branches and a red dino sitting amidst them. With a giggle, and a prod to wake the dino up a bit, the game continued. Every time the red dino had to hide, it chose to hide in a bush, or behind a leafy plant. Every time, the plant became consumed and the black got an easy victory. As the supply of bushes depleted, the dino moved farther and farther away from the cave. The black followed, counting from further away each time. By the end of the day, they were lost in the woods and didn't even know it. When they did realize, the black went into panic. It paced back and forth, and then tried to retrace their steps back home. The dino, meanwhile, settled down on a bed of pine needles and fell asleep. The black wandered on, the dino and the game forgotten. It eventually found its way to the home of number 48, daestarr, while the dino was found a couple of days later by number 19, annageckos!!!


Alright, so those last two were either a bit complex, or involved shrubs instead of actual trees. The most basic purpose of a large, strong woody plant is to climb it, and that is what these next two eggies are up to: A NEBULA AND A MAGI FROM THE MARSHLAND HOME OF LAGIE! In the marsh, there are many trees that have tipped over slightly, so their trunk slants upward instead of shooting straight towards the sky. This is perfect for eggies, because they can roll up those trees with relative ease. As usually happens with a nebula, this eggy wanted to get closer to the stars during its nightly stargazing session. The magi got dragged along because, oddly enough, the nebula has a small phobia of darkness, which was dispelled to a certain extent by the magi's orange aura. As twilight turned into night, the two eggies scrambled to the apex of the chosen tree, telling stories and jokes as the stars came out. When the night was just getting dark enough for the nebula to glimpse hints of distant galaxies, the wind picked up. The branch that the two friends were balanced on rocked back and forth, and the eggies shivered as the blast of cold hit them. All at once, the magi topped from its perch. Terrified, the eggy's defense system kicked into high gear, teleporting the magi to safety. The teleport was powerful for an eggy, and extended to where the nebula still sat in the tree. Both eggies were whisked away from the marsh tree to a random spot in DC. The magi found itself on the head of a dragon from the caves of number 71, Wanderer, while the nebula was in a field near the lodge of number 49, RainStar13!!!


Now for one of those ponder-worthy problems: what makes the leaves change from bright green to gold? I know that all of you biology-inclined people are ready to indignantly deny the truth which I have to share with you, but that's because the biology of DC is quite different from the biology of Earth That Was. The story I'm about to tell you revolves around A BRONZE TINSEL EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF MASTER ARTIST THURIN! Every year in DC, right as summer ends, a magical canvas appears in the caves of randomly selected dragons. Anything that's drawn on the parchment is mirrored by scattered trees throughout the world. Most of the randomly chosen are responsible and knowledgeable, and cover the canvas in quick strokes of yellow, red, and/or brown. However, certain dragons, such as this tinsel, don't know what the canvas is, or don't want the trees to look like they usually do during autumn. Despite having spent the entirety of its young life in the presence of an excellent painter, the tinsel doesn't have artistic ability. Present such an eggy with a magic canvas which it knows nothing about, and anything can happen. Over the last week or so, the tinsel has used the canvas as scratch paper. On the first day, in fact, it painted it with bold colored stripes for practice before it went to art class to draw rainbows. The next couple of days, the canvas became covered with geometric proofs and chemistry problems. Currently, the eggy is working on its calligraphy, so don't be surprised if you run across a tree that looks like it's been written and scribbled on with bold purple ink. We don't know what else the tinsel will do as autumn progresses, but hopefully the spirits of randomness will make better choices next year, and order will be restored to this season of the changing leaves. As for the tinsel, rumor has it that it's changing schools, and will be going to live in a cave nearer its new academy so it doesn't have to walk as far every morning. The eggy's new home is the caverns of number 56, CCPhoenix!!!


And that's it! Thank you all for being so patient. The next giveaway will be Donator Written! The theme? Punish me for being so cruel to eggies in so many previous stories!


The above giveaway contains references to sci-fi, including Firefly, and was inspired by a recent Rose is Rose Sunday comic strip.

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A lovely first of October, and everyone is in a great mood! Well, almost everyone. Stealthy isn't that well off, thanks to the events that have been taking place recently. Apparently word got out about how she treated those lovely donations sent in to EGA, and some eggies came after her with vicious punishments in mind.


From the caves of Catlover3288 came 2 tinsel eggs, one bronze and one silver. These two tinsel were feeling especially lonely because their friends have all somehow been launched to other caves or have gone crazy and have been sent to rehabilitation centers. And all of this happened because of one person, Stealthypugs. Now these eggs have to travel many miles to visit their little eggy friends and they have just had enough. The silver tinsel started to think of dreadful things to do to Stealthy's cave and the bronze started to prepare for a trip so they could do whatever the silver decided on. The silver tinsel decided they should go down to her cave and smash all her eggs and scare away all of Stealthypug's dragons so she can feel the same loneliness they feel. It was a long 5 day journey for the tinsel eggs and by the time they reached Stealthy's cave they were out of provisions and really exhausted. They both took a long nap and then proceded to enter Stealthy's huge cave. It took them awhile to get their bearings and the bronze tinsel started to walk towards the center of the cave where it could hear all sorts of noises. It marched bravely towards the first egg it saw and pushed it against the wall. The silver joined in and pushed the poor eggy harder into the wall. The eggy let out a wail of pain and then started cracking. The cry of the eggy attracted the bigger dragons who immediately took the eggy away from the tinsel eggs but it was too late, the egg had died. Enraged Stealthy's dragons attacked the eggs and kicked them out of the cave. Feeling bad about killing another eggy the two tinsels get into an argument about what they should have done instead and walk in separate directions in the sandy desert that surounds Stealthy's cave. They eventually got lost and tired and the silver tinsel tripped and fell into number 32, Cougaar's, underground cave and the bronze tinsel was rescued by number 62, RebRanger!!!


A Nebula eggy and a White Stripe eggy, from the caves of Mylorite, had both heard of Stealthy's liking for milk and cookies. Being very fond of these things themselves, they decided one night to find out for itself whether the legends of limitless quantities were true. They found a partly open window in Stealthy's cave that they could just squeeze through, and set about exploring the kitchen for the hidden hoard. They ate every cookie and drank all the milk they could find and, while not being a limitless quantity, it was more than enough to prevent the bloated eggys from escaping the way they had entered. Feeling very sleepy, the Nebula eggy made a nest in a rug and was soon snoring soundly. The Stripe eggy preferred sleeping off the ground, and decided on a woolly hat that was sitting on the mantlepiece. Next morning, when Stealthy emerged yawning from bed, she tripped over the Nebula eggy, sending her tumbling into the (fortunately unlit) fireplace, which resulted in two black eyes and a blood nose. Coughing and spluttering in a cloud of ash, Stealthy groped around the mantlepiece for a handhold, knocking the woolly hat-encased Stripe eggy off its perch and onto her head. The impact concussed Stealthy and the eggy then landed on her bare foot and broke two of her toes. The rudely-awoken and terrified eggys scrambled around the room, tripping Stealthy again as she staggered around in agony. She fell through the window, showering glass everywhere and slashing her left shoulder. The eggys jumped over Stealthy's twitching body and through the broken window, running frantically until they collapsed with exhaustion, the Nebula on the doorstep of the cave of number 1, Lullakai-Shi, and the Stripe in the sanctuary of number 15, kazuma52!!!


From the caves of Kanaye came two mischievous eggies, a purple and a sunsong. These two eggies have heard of Stealthy's treatment of donated eggies and have decided to get even. In some mysterious eggie way, they manage to tie up Stealthy, who, despite her name, isn't any stealthier than they are, and place her on the seat of a dunk tank. Now the fun begins and they start tossing dragon balls at the target, repeatedly dunking her in the tank. Finally, satisfied their revenge is complete, the two eggies wander off in separate directions, the purple eggie ending up in the caves of number 67, EmoDuck598, and the sunsong eggie finding itself in the caves of number 79, Severus_S!!!


From the hallowed caves of Rockin' On comes our next eggy, a little moonstone! This poor thing got hung up in a problem almost unrelated to EGA. It has been spun in circles of teleport, due to people who keep sending the wrong egg. Of course, the moonstone never did a thing but gaze at the stars, and didn't understand why it deserved such a life. After the experiences of being shuttled back and forth in a tube-like cage, and then being shot BACK in the same cage to the original sender, it's all but scrambled. Luckily the teleport has devices to prevent such problems as scrambling in the shell! However, the eggy was not happy. It didn't know who to blame, so it turned on the first magi dragon it ran into, one from Stealthy's caves. It launched attack after attack, hurtling bits of stone at the confused dragon. When the magi identified the attacker, it immediately teleported it to a randomly chosen location. Thankfully for the eggy, it landed at the STABLE home of number 25, Have fun!!!


Che shellvara was a young bronze tinsel egg when it first witnessed the perfidies committed by that miscreant Stealthypugs on its fellow eggs. It lit a righteous fire in its gooey eggy innards to see justice brought to those who would oppress its people. Shelvara started small, egg rallies, inflammatory speeches, anti-yoke yolkrature. Time and again the dragons and hatchlings in Psykotika's cave would look over at the overwrought egg and just shake their heads, hoping for the day when it would hatch out of his silliness. Psykotika tried to feed it bananas, but that neither helped nor hindered, so no one was quite sure why she did that. Then one day Che was gone, along with all the other eggs in the cave. A cave-wide search brought up nothing, and Psykotika got distracted by something shiny, so ended the search.

Che Shellvara, in the meantime, had acquired intelligence on the whereabouts of his nemesis Stealthy. While the cave-wide search was taking place, it was bravely leading a furious charge of eggs against the elusive and perfidious Stealthypugs. They bounced and wailed and rolled and cracked and hollered, coming down upon an unfortunately unprepared and astounded Stealthy. Stealthy ran from the egg onslaught, heading for higher ground where the eggs wouldn't be able to roll so freely. Through the bush and trees and muck Che staggered on, undaunted, fearless, however when he came to the top of the hill where Stealthy had fled to, he found himself alone. All the other eggs had fallen behind, or gotten stuck in twigs and bushes and muck; he alone made it to face off with the villain.

Setting himself firmly, he turned and faced Stealthy, unafraid, prepared for the worst, and glad to face it. "Awww aren't you just the cutest thing?!" And with that Stealthy scooped Che up and toddled off with the brave little egg to do unspeakable things to it, it was sure. Much to its surprise, Che wasn't tortured or mutilated, but was instead left on the doorstep of number 50, willapigfly.


Those were all relatively successful acts of revenge, though, and this story wouldn't be complete with a few failures, such as this VINE, PILLOW, AND HELLFIRE EGGY TRIO FROM THE CAVES OF THUNDERSKY86! These three were also fed up with Stealthy's treatment of eggies, and decided to set a trap employing one of her favorite materials: rope. It was very well planned out. First, the three eggies spent a week hiding near the entrance to Stealthy's cave, noting everything that happened. At night, when there was nothing to see outside of the cave, they distanced themselves from the snoring dragons and practiced mimicking bird calls. By the end of that first week, they could each sing like songbirds. The trio set up a system with which they could communicate over long distances, and then went on to infiltrate the cave. The vine and hellfire both sneaked in during the new moon, and took up their posts on opposite sides of the cave. They kept in touch with the pillow using the bird calls, and surveyed and mapped the twisting tunnel and cave system during the night. Another couple of weeks passed, and the eggies were ready to set the trap. The vine had discovered a steep drop bordering one of the underground trails leading from a cave to a hot spring. Stealthy often wandered along there on her way deeper inside her home, despite the fact that tripping could lead to her falling into the darkness. Every night, the hellfire made its way from the front of the cave to the cliff, taking rope made or found by the pillow to the vine. The vine eggy then wove the rope into a complex net, which unraveled under pressure and coiled itself tightly around whatever object landed in it. The final touch was a faint trip line in the darkest area between two wall-hanging torches, and another a couple of torches later in case the first was stepped over by the unwary Stealthy. However, as the eggies took up their positions in the shadows, waiting for the victim to wander into the trap, there was something they hadn't thought of. Stealthy, as she nursed her wounds and cared for her Magi, had anticipated another attack. When she heard the birdsong coming from within her cave, day after day, she suspected it may be a code. While it lasted, herself and her dragons were hard at work cracking the code. When the communication between the spies became less frequent, Stealthy got some of her Dark Myst pygmies to flit around at night and find out what was going on. The trap was discovered a day before the trip lines were put into place, and Stealthy quickly came up with a counterattack. That following night, the best singer in those caves, a frozen Marrow, chirped out a message near the trip lines which told the others to come to that spot as quickly as possible. Fearing the worst, all three would-be attackers rushed to the scene from which the Marrow had already vanished. In their hurry, the three stumbled over the trip lines, falling over the edge into the netted gorge. Their trapped worked beautifully, wrapping its suffocating coils around the three eggies. With wings aglow with the light of far off celestial objects, a nebula flitted down into the gorge and carried the bundle out of the cave. The dragon soared through the skies, scrapping at the rope with its claws as it did. After a short while, the rope was cut by a savage slash, allowing the three eggies to tumble through the night towards the ground. The landing wasn't pretty, but they did manage to roll into homes where they'll be nursed back to health. The pillow is now in the caves of number 23, Ice_SW, the vine in those of number 40, Dragoncia, and the hellfire in those of number 14, El3m3nt!!!


Revenge is sweet, but the consequences aren't. We'll see what Stealthy comes up with next, especially now that she's got injuries to take care of and flustered dragons to sooth.

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Why hello there, darlingsss! I'm Lisleuca, one of Stealthy's Nocturns. Since she's still recovering from recent events, she's let me take over for the day. I've been instructed by my master to give away a shipment of eggies that came in since yesterday. Don't worry, though, they've only undergone minimum tampering compared to the usual. Now the, follow me, darlingsss, I'll show you about my personal cave.


Before we begin, does anyone have any questions? Yes, you in the back! Do I like eggs? Why of course I do! I can never finish more than five in a single meal, though; they're quite filling. Anyone else? Since I can't see the question in blank and horrified expressions, we'll move on.


Here we are, darlingssss. First, let me introduce you to my little slave-- err, friend, A GLORY DRAGE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF AKEFIAFTW! Please don't mind its unresponsive-ness. I've replaced its brain with a bit of technology recovered from an alien impact that supposedly originated on a planet called Earth. The technology has been programmed to interpret telepathic signals and human speech, and turn them into commands which the fake brain then relays to the dragon's body. In this way, the hatchie inside the egg has become the most obedient and quiet servant ever. Sadly, the procedure leaves a gaping hole in the egg's shell, so it must always be carried out close to hatching (but while the dragon is still an egg, because the brain is slightly less developed and thus easier to replace). I'm still figuring out this newfangled alien technology, so it's a shame I have to give this one up. Orders are orders, though... This glory will go to that person in the green hat over there: number 41, Mysfytt!!!


Now then, darlingssss, come over here to the left of my cave. In that reinforced transparent box you can see A TERRAE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF ENGIYPE! I've been wanting to try out post-hypnotic suggestions for a while now, and figured that this would be as good a time as any to start. My first attempt... well... we'll just say that it blew up in my face. This is my second attempt. Something is still not working quite right, because not only is the suggestion unstoppable once activated, but the terrae's urge to do what it's been told is to massive. The post-hypnotic suggestion, in this case, was to be possesed with the will to hatch. Apparently this is a dangerous will to mess with, because since the suggestion was activated the eggy has been smashing itself against anything it can in the attempt to get its shell to crack. There seems to be no way of stopping it, no matter how padded of a place you put it in, so I figured I'd put it in a small place with hard walls so that it could get the hatching over with a bit quicker. I'm rather curious to see how this turns out, and what the dragon will do after hatching, but sadly it must move on. This eggy, complete with the box it's in, gets to go home with number 6, SoulFang!!!


Look over there, darlingsss, over to the other wall. There you will see AN ELECTRIC AND A WHIPTAIL EGGY, BOTH ONCE FROM THE CAVES OF ALEXIS_HUNTER! What? No! Of course they're not dead! They were being a bit too bouncy, and I was getting tired of it (honestly, I don't know how Stealthy does it!), so I tried to reduce their energy levels. Using surgical procedures, the fact that a ball will stop bouncing if you step on it, and a wire hanger which I stole from the neighbors, I managed to decrease their excitement and general activity. It has been pointed out to me that I might have gone a bit overboard, seeing as they're either in a state of dormancy or paralysis. Poke and prod them all you want, they'll never do anything about it! I'm tempted to go throw them off the side of a cliff, just to see if they'll wake up before they hit the bottom, but time is short. The electric will get to go sit around in the home of that person with the mustache (number 12, Aeria), while the whiptail can go to whoever says 'Irish Wristwatch' first (probably number 27, pippaesq)!!!


Darlingsss, it appears to be time for tea. Come now, I'll talk about what my plans for lunch were while you sip from delicate china and nibble on cookies. Sadly, my plans have been ruined due to their inclusion of two of the 'guests', A HELLFIRE EGGY AND A FLAMINGO HATCHIE FROM THE CAVERNS OF COYOTE! I was going to make an omelet with the innards of the egg, with a little flamingo liver mixed in. On the side, I was aiming for some nice hellfire hatchie bacon and slivered scalp (because I've heard it's very tender at such a young age), accompanied by deep fried french flamingo slices. As a sauce, I had this fancy new recipe I was going to try out. It requires extracts from a hellfire's eggshell, the thin pouch inside which the hatchie lives while still an egg, and flamingo stomach juices. I've never had the right ingredients until now, so it's just a terrible loss that I have to give these two away. I wasn't even informed of the whole giving-away plan until I had finished stringing up the flamingo to dry and marinating the egg before I cracked it open. Oh well, maybe next time. Anyways, the slightly-stretched flamingo is going to number 1, blackchimera, and the savory-smelling hellfire will be off to the home of number 57, Kiytt!!!


Everyone done with tea? What lovely darlingsss, so nice and quick! Before we head back to my personal caves, I'm going to show you something in the dark rooms (simulated nighttime at its best). The bright glowing patterns you see are A MAGMA AND A BRONZE TINSEL EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF CATLOVER3288! When these guests arrived, I was lectured on being nice to them because of the famed caves they came from, so I did some low-key experimenting with them. Since their arrival, I've been spiking their food and drink with liquid forms of two specific Blueblood Gasses (the DC equivalent of the Terran noble gasses). Before your arrival, I zapped the two eggies with electricity, making the gasses running through their bodies excite and glow. As you can see, the arrangement of different proteins and pigments in the shell affected the spread of the gasses, causing certain areas to glow stronger than others. In the tinsel, who's gas glows green when excited, the glow is spread out in a pattern similar to the roughness on a stone or geode egg. It's also more concentrated lower down on the eggy, which in my opinion gives it a bit of an evil look. The white-glowing gas in the magma, on the other hand, collected at the top of the egg. When the gas is excited and begins to glow, it sinks to the bottom of the egg where it remains for a few seconds before going out and rising to the top again. The overall effect is that of trickles of egg-white flowing from the top to the bottom, occasionally sticking together in clumps or branching off from the main stream to find another path to the bottom. To those of you lucky enough to take them home, I'd like to reinforce the fact that these gasses are fairly permanent, and may even be present into adulthood. Whenever you want to see the light show, simply stick the dragon's tail in an electrical socket. Now for the exciting part: the magma will be going home with number 71, spookyfox99, and the tinsel with number 28, Engiype!!!


Alright, darlingsss, we've come to the last eggy! What? Are you telling me that all you can see is a piece of twine dangling down from above? Well, look up! There, bumping around on the roof of the cave, is AN ELECTRIC EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF RASCAL1414! A few hours ago, I was possessed with an inexplicable urge to find and catch an elusive creature commonly known as the Ceiling Cat. I threw together a contraption that could amplify the telepathic field of very young dragons. Realizing that the machine I had just built would only work on younglings, I quickly grabbed the first eggy I could find (which happened to be one of the special guests). I then proceeded to duct-tape the contraption to the eggy, tie this composite to the end of a long piece of twine, and inject a very light gas into the electric. The end result? A detector (on a leash) of things in the roof of your cave, provided you can get the eggy to think about whatever you want to find (I've found that cookies serve this purpose almost perfectly). Sadly, the eggy I chose was one of those darned guests, so I'll hand over the hunt for Ceiling Cat to number 15, Titan!!!


And that is all I've got, darlingsss. Stealthy will probably be able to do her job again next time, and if she's still out sick by that time you'll see some other dragon (because I've had enough, thank you very much!).

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For this wonderful Friday before a three-day weekend (for me, at least), I've got a nice and concise giveaway for you guys.


As I continue my recovery from those so-called acts of revenge a couple of giveaways ago, eggies occasionally drop by to visit for one reason or another. Today, my dragons found themselves in the company of eggs from very important people. Ignorant as usual, though, they didn't exactly act as very good hosts...


The first group of visitors we got were AN EMBER, A NEOTROPICAL, A VINE, A MAGI, AND A BLUE DINO, ALL FROM THE ESTEEMED CAVERNS OF LAGIE! They were shown in by a Seawyrm Pygmy of mine, Maika, who happens to be obsessed with sharp objects. Not knowing about the extensive influential power that these eggies wielded, Maika decided to show off her knife collection while some hatchie was sent to fetch me. The eggies, being curious little creatures, begged the pygmy for a demonstration of her prowess with a sword. The mischievous Seawyrm gave in to their wishes, and instructed them to put on blindfolds. She then danced around the group, swishing her weapon of choice, carving patterns into the shells of her clueless victims with each swipe. I had to pull many strings to sort out this situation, but finally managed to have the eggies's memories of the occasion erased and got them relocated. Now there's an ember with a sketchy flower etched into its shell in the lair of number 18, kunimitsu04, a neotropical with a new pattern of stripes in the home of number 73, Shishiro, a vine with its dark green coloring hanging loosely from its shell (as if it had been peeled like an apple) in the caverns of number 3, FireWyrm, a magi with Portal figures drawn on it in the caves of number 62, dr.bieber229, and a blue dino with extra spots and a few whirligigs in the tunnels of number 21, Kanaye!!!


Later in the day our door was knocked on by A BLUE DINO AND A RED DINO, FROM THE CAVES OF THE ROYAL AND SICKLY PINCH OF STARDUST! Starry is miserably sick, slightly blue in the face and forced to remain in bed coughing and gasping for breath all day. Her white dragons, while fully capable of healing their master in good time, don't want her to suffer longer than is necessary. However, in order for them to speed up their healing processes they needed more supplies, so the two dinos were sent this way to get the needed items from my own white dragons, Galad and and his daughter Lammoth. Galad has been out at a medicine meeting for the past week, and he left the overly motherly Lammoth in charge. As soon as the dinos relayed their message, she began to bury them in a pile of herbs, poultices, potions and scrolls. Only a small portion of what she handed the eggies was actually needed in Starry's caves, but the dinos didn't know this. They picked up everything they could carry and began tottering back home, the problem being that the large column of supplies blocked their view of where they were going. In a few hours, long after the time when they should have returned home, both had stumbled in different directions and ended up in strange lands. The blue dino just stumbled into the home of number 33, Matmetchi, and the red accidentally dropped most of the things it carried over a cliff near the caves of number 49, Thurin!!!


The last group who dropped by today was A TRIO OF PURPLE RIDGEWINGS FROM THE EXALTED AND ELITE FORCES OF CATLOVER3288! These three are practically identical triplets, each liking and loathing the same exact things. Highest on their list of dislikes is the color pink, which has led to their many attempts to change phrases such as 'pretty in pink' to things like 'pretty in purple'. Unfortunately for them, they came into contact with Cuivie, my beautiful Sweetling. Not only is he himself pink, but he participates in a lot of activities and organizations that use pink excessively. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Cuivie has found boxes full of ribbons, glitter, banners, and wallpaper (all pink) to decorate his portion of the caves. Much to his delight, the ridgewing trio came along as he was starting, so he recruited them. For the next few hours, the eggies were forced to carry around paste, tacks, and the decorations themselves as the Valentine dragon covered every section of brown wall and ceiling with the pastel color that the three hated so much. When they had had enough pink to drive them screaming from the cave, they were covered with sparkles and tangled up in ribbons from Cuivie's decoration-filled boxes. I never knew eggies could run as fast as these three did as they dashed away from my home, searching for someone with even the slightest bit more sanity than that Sweetling. Now they've all ended up in caves where they have yet to spot the pink dragons, the homes of numbers 28, Ookami11, 26, FallenBlaze, and 27, raistardragon!!!


That be all! Sorry about my silly dragons, folks. By next giveaway I should be well enough to execute my own evil plans on helpless eggies, instead of having my legions of terror do it for me keep them beasts in line. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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The drought is finally lifting in the badlands of DC! It hasn't rained there for months upon months, and now, finally, WATER IS FALLING FROM THE SKY! It's a rare phenomenon called 'rain', which many inhabitants of the dry parts of the world considered a myth until just recently. Since the rain started, we've managed to collect a number of stories about those who witnessed the event.


The first story revolves around those who are believed to be the cause of the downpour: A SUN, A GREEN STRIPE, A BRONZE, AND A GOLD TINSEL EGGY FROM THE VAST LAKESIDE CAVES OF SUZAMAWOLF! A few days ago, the two tinsels decided that they were going to take matters into their own hands. They were so fed up with the dry season and the yellowing of the plants as they died that they organized a rain dance. Despite the lack of support from those they tried to recruit, the two shiny eggies were determined. After some time, though, they managed to get the green stripe to join their cause, and even acquired some maracas and rain sticks. On the day of the dance, the three friends began setting up outside the caves just as the sun reached its highest point in the sky. Nearby, sitting on a warm rock, the sun eggy watched the trio as they prepared themselves. At first, it didn't understand what the flashy costumes and rain sticks were meant to accomplish. Then it dawned on it: they were trying to make clouds come and cover the sun! This was outrageous and unacceptable, according to the sun, so it angrily marched over and began to argue with the tinsels and the stripe. As they sent sharp words back and forth, a gray dragon flew by. Light from the sun, high above in a perfectly blue sky, bounced off the reflective shells of the tinsels and landed in the dragon's eyes. Annoyed, the gray looked around for the source of this shiny-ness. It interpreted what it saw as a group of eggies who loved the sun so much that they took time out of their day to tease innocent passersby. With a mighty roar, the gray flew off to gather every dragon that could even minimally control the weather. These dragons plotted together for a short time, and then went about filling the sky with black clouds and roaring thunder (much to the horror of the sun eggy). Although the tinsels and the stripe danced with joy, however, the gray sent a fierce wind to blow them and the sun eggy away from their beloved home. They landed far away, and were soaked with rain in seconds. They soon stumbled upon warm caves, though: the sun found the home of number 64, Alexis_Hunter, the stripe that of number 52, Iceleek, the bronze tinsel is snuggled up with number 28, silver~moon, and the gold tinsel is having trouble with the cat of number 48, Sir_Read-a-Lot!!!


Further off, in the harsh desert, we heard the story of A LOST WATERHORSE EGGY FROM THE SWAMP CASTLE OF EEVEE_EM! Somehow, this eggy managed to get itself into the middle of a land made up purely of scorching hot sand and the relentless burning of the sun. The slimy film that used to protect its shell was burned off in less than a day, and its shell was beginning to shrivel up in the early afternoon. Had the rain not begun at that very moment, the eggy would have been burnt to a crisp and blown across the sands like a leaf in the wind. What began as a gentle sprinkle soon turned into a harsh downfall, but the waterhorse couldn't care less. Even as the water rose in the beginnings of a flash flood, and soon turned into a torrent that raced across the desert with deadly force, the eggy did nothing but laugh. Even for one who was meant to live in water, though, drowning is still a possibility. When the eggy was found later, at the fringes of the desert where the sandy river had emptied into the sea, it was both nearly dead and in a state of ecstasy. Now it's recovering from the two extreme conditions it suffered through in a single day at the home of number 40, Applesauce!!!


Farther East, on the foothills of DC's great alpine range, the rain was witnessed by A PARANOID PURPLE EGGY FROM THE COTTAGE OF FIRE-ICE! It was out watching the young Bleetings (dragons which serve the purpose of the Terran sheep back on Earth) scamper up and down the grass-less slopes when a fat raindrop plopped down behind it. The purple jumped with fright and spun around, wondering who was sneaking up on it this time. Another raindrop landed to its right, and the purple jumped again. Now it was certain that something was after it, some sort of overly large carnivorous frog that was waiting for the opportune moment in which to strike. Plop! Plop! Plip Plop! The eggy whirled around madly, trying to see in every direction at once. The situation was worse than it had feared. There wasn't just one carnivorous frog, there were many! A few raindrops later, the purple took off down the hill as fast as possible, screaming at the top of its lungs that something was out to get it. The rain started to fall harder, and drops began to hit the eggy itself. Fearing for its life, the purple ran harder and harder. It didn't know where it was going, and it didn't care, as long as it didn't get devoured by its pursuers. There is no doubt that the eggy would have continued on until it dropped dead from fatigue, but its flight was ended when it blindly ran into someones door and knocked itself unconscious. Hopefully it won't have a shock when it wakes up among strangers in the caverns of number 53, Hallar!!!


Of course, the most common thing we see in DC right now is celebration. People are throwing parties left and right, or just inviting a couple of friends over to dance in the rain. One little get together is that of A PAIR OF BRONZE TINSELS, ONE FROM THE CAVES OF RASCAL1414 AND THE OTHER FROM THE UNDERWATER BUBBLE CITY OF CATLOVER3288! These two got a lot done in one day, doing everything they could think of that somehow related to rain. Stories were written, pictures were drawn, dances were held, praying was done. Near the end of the day, the two tinsels rolled into the kitchen and began to bake cookies. Hundreds and hundreds of cookies. Each cookie was shaped roughly like a raindrop, and glazed to look blue and shimmery as if it was made of water. The eggies divided the cookies up into two large baskets, covered them with a raincoat, and took to the streets. Whenever they bumped into someone, even total strangers and folks who looked a little sinister, they offered them a few cookies. Night was falling when they gave out the last few to a group of hatchies that had spent the day jumping in puddles. Instead of heading for home like any sensible eggy would do, the two tinsels skipped and danced off into the darkness, not caring where they would end up. Early morning found them in caves that were randomly come upon: Rascal's tinsel in the company of number 14, Coyote, and Catlover's making remarks on the tails of dragons belonging to number 18, andrelina!!!


And thus concludes our oddly punctual coverage of the recent miracles that fell from the sky in the form of cool water. Please enjoy the weather, especially if you're in one of those places that is suddenly full of puddles after having been bone dry for the last few months (like I am)!

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Everyone, take a moment to relax. Sit down, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Let the darkness flow through you and the slow moving colors calm you. Now lend your ear to these following pieces of music, put together by aspiring musicians from the young population of DC. Ladies and gentledragons, I give you The Eggies!


This chorus of fine tunes is made by AN ELECTRIC, A GLORY DRAKE, AND A STONE EGGY, ALL FROM THE CAVES OF AKEFIAFTW! They are producing these sounds by using an assortment of large wine glasses, usually used by dainty adult dragons at formal parties. Each glass is filled with a different amount of liquid, so they make different noises when they vibrate. To make the vibrations required for the presence of sound, the eggies make themselves damp and then slide along the rim of a glass. Since there are only three of them the eggies jump from glass to glass when they need to change notes, skidding elegantly from one to another or leap-frogging to one that's a few glasses away. So far, they've only broken about 32 glasses, and only four of those shattered in a performance. This group's members are looking for a change of scenery, so they're moving from their current homes. The electric goes to number 61, icecream321, the glory eggy to number 50, Horse2000, and the stone to number 28, rainbowsmile!!!


The next set of sounds remind everyone of flowing water, probably because that's exactly what they are. The water machine is operated by none other than A SPOTTED GREENWING EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF HORSE2000! This eggy has created an elaborate set of metal rings stacked on top of each other, each smaller than the previous, creating a kind of stepped cone. Cutting through these rings are a system of canals, waterfalls, and numerous things that spin or make noise when water passes over them. When positioned so that water lands on the topmost ring, the device creates sound as the liquid passes through the system. By controlling which canals the water flows through, the greenwing can control the sounds that its machine produces and create a beautiful symphony of ringing water. Sadly, the closest waterfall to its home is quite a ways away, and it's tired of requesting flights to and from the place. Instead, it has requested to be moved nearer a source of running water, such as the home of number 59, CDM!!!


This roaring tumult of noise, which you'd think wouldn't sound as good as it does, is the fire organ played by A RED AND A RED DINO FROM THE WOOD CABIN OF PINCH OF STARDUST! The fire organ is an incredible sight to see. At first glace, it looks like any old instrument that you might find in a church, the kind they play at weddings and funerals. But bellow the pipes there is an oven, always alight with fierce flames, and instead of keys the organ has switches that control the opening between each pipe and the fire. While the red eggy tends to the roaring inferno, keeping it as fierce as possible, the dino plays the instrument. When a switch is opened, fire blasts upwards through the pipe, usually sending glowing sparks out the top, creating a different sound for every sized vent. The result is a jumble of drum-roll like sounds played like a piano, which somehow come together to create music which people actually enjoy hearing. Despite their success, the eggies have been told not to play inside a wooden building, so they are being moved to somewhere made of stone and with plenty of chimneys: the red to the home of number 21, jaylens_twin, and the dino to the home of number 42, forgottendreams!!!


One of the more relaxing sounds, I can tell. This chiming music is produced by A TAN RIDGEWING AND A BRONZE TINSEL, PROFESSIONAL BELL MAKERS FROM THE WOODLANDS OF CATLOVER3288! A while back, the tinsel decided that just making bells wasn't as fun as ringing them was. After that, with the help of its friend the ridgewing, the eggy put together rows of bells, all different sizes. A string was tied to the bottom of each clapper. The other side was attached to a bit of wood, arranged next to many others in a pair of rows. The result was a piano where each sound was the ring of a bell. With this instrument, the eggies could create deep reverberating tones, or quick ringing tunes, and the sound produced sounded good no matter how the bells were rung. Their first concert was a huge success, and they've been performing around DC ever since. They no longer want to do this kind of thing professionally, though, and would prefer playing the bells on their own time instead of following a rigid concert schedule, so they are going to move to a quiet place in the woods somewhere. The tan ridgewing has chosen the caves of number 41, gistofeverything, and the tinsel is off to the home of number 16, taragelar!!!


Next to last we've got a choir of harmonious voices, made up of AN ELECTRIC, A TERRAE, A PURPLE DORSAL, AND A WHITE EGGY FROM THE ECHOING CAVES OF THUNDERSKY86! These four have the most beautiful voices of any eggy I know, and they are always able to stay in harmony. While their performances are wondrous no matter what, not even a professional could outdo them in an echo chamber. The songs they sing when they know they're going to be somewhere in which every note will bounce back and repeat itself are carefully altered so that it sounds like there are a hundred voices, not just four. They don't always perform in such a place, though, so they've got a few other tricks to make it more interesting for the audience. The dorsal eggy is a brilliant choreographer, and thinks up patterns which the four can dance while they sing. It's not usually anything fancy, but it's effective at getting a high-paying audience of monocle-sporting dragons to pay attention. Recently, though, there has been some trouble with fan-girls. In an attempt to save themselves from the savage onslaught of these girls, the four are splitting up and going into hiding, only emerging when they hold a concert. The electric is with number 22, Mrs. Awesome, the terrae with number 65, itundra, the dorsal with number 55, Menolly_, and the white with number 15, Kamiko_Cullen!!!


Last, but never least, we have a slow percussion performance put on by A MAGI FROM THE LAGUNA OF ROCKIN' ON AND A PINK FROM THE NEARBY FISHING LODGE OF D PIXIE! Neither of these eggies were ever very interested in fishing or swimming in the perfect blue water. Instead, they spent their time at the lake tapping sticks together or repeatedly tossing a rock into the mud. After a few trips, they had become close friends and experts at creating interesting beats using only a couple of sounds. The next time they met at the laguna, the pink announced its plan: to make three large, water-filled drums for them to play with. The magi thought it was a grand idea, and the two got to work. In no time at all they had three hollow tree stumps of different sizes filled with water and covered with taut animal skins. After building a small staircase to assist them in climbing to the top of the drums, the eggies busied themselves with figuring out how their new toys sounded. By jumping up and down on the drums, like you would on a trampoline, the eggies created those deep beats that they loved so much. Soon, they figured out a way to effectively communicate their ideas and intentions while hopping up and down, allowing them to improvise as they went. The magi soon found a problem, though. If they were going to get good at this, they'd have to practice more often than just on the days they met at the lake. To help them out, we're moving them to neighboring caves: the magi to number 57, Orlageddon, and the pink to number 7, monder!!!


Thank you for your time! Those fancy red-blue 3D glasses are yours to keep, but don't look directly into the sun with them because you'll get your eyes burned out. Also, if you can figure out how to make them able to help see void stuff you can redeem your glasses for a full size replica of the TARDIS! Have a nice day, now, and be sure to come back real soon.

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Poor little dino sitting in a tree

Rocking and crying, “what’s wrong with me?

I’m little and red and I’ve done nothing bad.

I just want a warm cave like the one I had.”

“Where is forgottendreams whose cave I was to go?”

Cried little Red Dino’s sad song of woe.




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Upon arriving at Stealthy's cave, you notice a mysterious sign pointing you towards a smaller cave in the cliff-side. The sign has nothing more than an arrow etched into the wood, and there is nothing to denote who put it there. With a shrug, you head on over to the dark hole, where you find a number of other dragons and dragon keepers standing around a scruffy looking Dark Myst pygmy. Just as you step into the cave, the dragon clears her throat and begins to speak.

"Welcome you flea bags and bird brains! Stealthy is a bit tied up, so I shall be your host for the giveaway today." As the raspy voice echoes around the room and fades away, the pygmy glances up at the ceiling where a tangle of ropes writhes and twitches as if someone were trying to free themselves from their chocking embrace. With a satisfied grunt, the Dark Myst slinks over to a glass sphere filled with swirling smoke. Nearby, a collection of cages house the eggies who are about to get falsified fortunes told to them.


The first cage is roughly toppled over by the pygmy, causing it to spring open and dump its contents into a disheveled heap next to the crystal ball, A PAIR OF SUNSONGS KIDNAPPED FROM THE CAVES OF LAGIE! The female dragon positions herself opposite them, glares over at her audience, and begins inventing a fate for her victims as she pretends to peer thoughtfully into the smoke. "You two shall be friends for a while yet. You will hatch and grow up in the same neighborhood, and see each other regularly." The two eggies begin to sigh in relief, but are cut short by a fierce look and a hiss from the pygmy, "Don't think you're so lucky, you bumbling babes!" She says, "I'm not done yet!" Composing herself again, the Dark Myst sontinues, "You two will soon find suitable mates, and be lost in the wonders of love. However, these partners of yours will fall for each other, and slowly abandon you to be together. With broken hearts, the friendship you once shared will turn to hatred, and you will spend the rest of your short lives fighting until you kill each other in a brutal display of violence." She finishes in the same manner that a kindergarten teacher does when story time is done, and smiles sinisterly at the two eggies. The sunsongs look at each other in confusion and horror for a moment before being shoved into separate cages and tossed rudely into the mass of spectators. One of the sunsongs is caught by number 14, Rogue, and the other by one who lives across the way, number 34, WaterScorpion!!!


The next cage is turned upside down and shaken by the pygmy to get the eggies to come out. They drop to the ground with loud complaints as the audience admires the trio, made up of AN ICE, A DAYDREAM, AND A GREEN DINO WHO WERE SNATCHED AWAY ONE NIGHT FROM THE CAVERNS OF PINCH OF STARDUST! The dragon knocks each over the head with a stick to make them cease their babbling, and then begins her fortune telling. "It's really a shame that you all suffer such simple fates. On a day not too long from now, the gluttonous fool that is the dino will gobbling down all the food in sight, as usual, while heating up a pan of oil to make hush puppies. The silly daydream, floating around carelessly, will be making everyone's mind wander into fantasy, causing them to stop paying attention to what they're doing. All at once, the ice will trip on its way to the freezer to get some ice cream and bump into the dino. The dino will then frantically jerk around to find what hit it, upsetting the hot oil and making it spatter everywhere. All these idiotic eggies will sustain first degree burns that will pain them for as long as they live. The bumbling ice will melt, and has a high chance of drowning in its own puddle if it doesn't overheat first." With a disgusted look at the trio, the pygmy slides over next to them and gives each a good whack with the stick she'd used earlier. The eggies go flying through the air to land among the crowd. The ice landed on number 35, aquamarine__, the daydream on number 6, Malum, and the dino on number 7, SaphiraSapphire!!!


Still using the beating stick, the Dark Myst hits the last cage. The metal sustains a severe dent, the stick breaks, and the cage door flies open to reveal A RED STRIPE AND A BRONZE TINSEL WHICH WERE REPORTED MISSING FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288 ABOUT A WEEK AGO! As the two eggies cower in the back of their prison, staying as far away from their captor as possible, the pygmy curses at her stick and throws the half she's holding at someone's head. Still stringing together foul language into a long rant, she sits herself down in front of the cage and peers into the interior. "You two will both fall off a cliff!" She announces after a couple of seconds thought, her milky white eyes twinkling with irritation. Before the dragoness can storm away, the stripe stammers in a voice that's barely audible, "C-care to el-elaborate?" The pygmy smiles sweetly, and launches into the details, "Why yes, deary. You and your 'friend' will be walking along a cliff-side trail one day, talking about trivial things like the shape of some dumb cloud. Then, in a sudden act of betrayal, your 'friend' the tinsel will shove you into thin air, and you will plummet to your death. As your 'friend' sits there laughing, a strong gust of wind will knock it off balance, and it will also fall to its inevitable and foretold doom." With that the pygmy rises from her spot and marches into the darkness at the back of the cave. As she passes the eggies, she lets loose a tongue of bright blue flame that sends them scurrying towards the onlookers. The red stripe finds a safe haven in the arms of number 10, bitny, and the tinsel is plucked from the ground by number 49, Raikielia!!!


Now that the hostess has disappeared, the crowd dissipates, some folks clutching their prizes. As dragons take off into the orange sky and curious passers by scurry away from the scene, you turn towards home. Upon glancing back, you can't help but wonder where that sign went if the pygmy hadn't left the cave to take it down herself.

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The cold weather is coming! Mornings are starting to feel even more frigid than usual, and there is a noticeable temperature change at the height of the afternoon as well. Everyone is dragging out their warm coats, scarves, and fuzzy blankets in preparation for the coming season. Autumn may not quite be over yet, but people are starting to shiver!


Eggies have an extremely adorable bit of clothing that keeps them warm. The Snake is a tube knitted out of wool made from Pillow Dragon fluff, and stitched together to form a spring-like cocoon which any cold little eggy can snuggle into. Following is the process used to create a Snake:


First, you'll need a highly fluffy Pillow dragon (preferably asleep) and about three eggies, such as THIS SKYWING, EMBER, AND BRONZE TINSEL FROM THE CAVES OF RASCAL1414! Two of the eggies are provided with a pair of sheers and a step ladder, and positioned at the head-end of the Pillow. Eggies can only reach so far, so there's no need to worry about cutting off too much of the fluff and leaving the dragon to freeze in the winter. As these two (in this case the skywing and the tinsel) snip away at the soft fur, the other eggy collects the material into heaps that resemble haystacks. Eggies work rapidly, especially if you promise them hot chocolate, and soon you'll have a trimmed Pillow and lots of velvety stuff. The only problem this time around is that the ember eggy appears to have built up a lot of static electricity, and the fluff is now sticking to it. Still, it's a real shame that the Pillow had to flick its tail right when they were finishing up. The eggies went flying through the air, and each landed far away from where they'd been hard at work. The skywing is now near the home of number 2, mooniechan, the ember in the caves of number 23, Bobbica, and the tinsel on the back of a dragon belonging to number 51, Cougaar!!!


After you've collected enough of the fluff, it needs to be matted in preparation for having it spun into wool. For this, you'll need a tub of water and an eggy that won't drown, like this WATER FROM THE CAVERNS OF EEVEE_EM! All you have to do is throw the eggy into the water, then toss the fleece in on top of it. As the eggy struggles to get to the surface, it tangles up the fur into a single mass. When the eggy manages to climb out of the tub, you empty out the water and drape the fluff over some warm rocks so it can dry. It can then be transported to wherever it's needed. In this case, however, the eggy never managed to escape the tangled mass of matted fur, and the person didn't notice its disappearance. The fluff was dried and shipped without the Water being noticed. It fell out during the flight to another cave, landing in a mushroom garden belonging to number 33, dragonair1234!!!


The next step is to turn the material into wool, which requires a lot of patience and a large work force. We were lucky enough to find an eggy who's passion is to sit around and spin yarn, so it only required this ONE NEBULA EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF SHISHIRO! With this eggy, all we had to do was put it in a room, surround it by the fluff, provide it with coffee and cookies, and leave it alone for a while. When we returned, the nebula was sitting there sipping its coffee, surrounded by spools of wool. Usually, though, you need to get a good-sized army of eggies. You separate the fluff into clumps, about one per every five or six eggies, and then set them to work. One eggy tugs at the clump to start a strand, the next three twist it so it holds its shape, and the last one or two wind it around a spool. Once done, the wool is ready to be woven or knitted into a Snake! As for the nebula eggy, it moved on to find a cave with more wool to spin, the home of number 20, D Pixie!!!


The next, and probably most important, step is the actual knitting of the Snake. It's suggested to use four eggies, such as these TWO BRONZE TINSELS, A SILVER TINSEL, AND A GREEN STRIPE FROM THE LAIR OF CATLOVER3288! A while back, someone came up with a specialized rig with which eggies could knit. The basic set-up involves two raised platforms from where the needles are controlled. The needles themselves protrude from the platforms through two holes, and are controlled like oars on a rowboat. Two eggies, one for each needle, sit atop the platform and follow a set pattern. We chose to use the bronze tinsels, since them being the same type of dragon would help them communicate and cooperate effectively. A third eggy, in this case the green stripe, sits bellow the needles to act as a model. The fourth eggy warps the knitting around the model as it's made, stitching it together into the proper spiral shape. In no time at all you'll have two exhausted knitters, a bored (and probably snoring) model, and a little fashionista adding the finishing touches to a brand-new Snake. The product will be shipped to where the customers are, and the eggies will be replaced with some fresh workers. These four eggies groggily stumbled to the first beds or nests they could find. One of the bronze tinsels found some lichen by the home of number 9, DragonFriend, the other fell asleep on the doorstep of number 55, Mercury, the silver tinsel found a nest right inside the cave of number 10, Kaini, and the green stripe came across a cozy crooked tail belonging to a dragon from the caves of number 26, KoyukiZaku!!!


The final part of the Snake process is to give the snugly item to some eggy with goosebumps, like a certain GREEN DINO FROM THE HALLS OF PINCH OF STARDUST! The dino was given a Snake by a kind hatchie who had recently outgrown it. Thankful for the soft and velvety item, the dino tried to squeeze into it so it could warm up. Sadly, like most dinos this eggy had spent all of its young life eating. And eating. And eating some more. Now it was considerably fatter than most other eggies, and didn't fit into the Snake. It rolled around for hours trying to get the thing on, all to no avail. Finally it sought help, looking for someone who could make the Snake a size larger. Suffering from hypothermia, the dino eventually showed up at the home of number 43, arabian sparkle!!!


And that's all there is to it! Now you can force all of your eggies to work under the legal premise of creating Snakes.

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Hello, DCers! Welcome to the Chart Room, the most complete and constantly accurate map of the universe! The maps are all holographic and animated, so the placement of the celestial objects are accurate to within a day's time. The Chart Room also has archives of maps from the Big Bang until the present, so you can move back and forth in time if you so wish. More importantly for you guys is the fact that this is the site of our LAST GIVEAWAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN! I do hope the blindfolding, temporary zero-gravity environment, and occasional anesthetizing wasn't an inconvenience to you, but protocol requires it for all temporary visitors.


The reason the drawing is here is because there is a small conundrum involving AN EMBER AND A GEODE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF JAYLENS_TWIN! These eggies, having fallen asleep while practicing their telepathy, ended up together in the same dream. As they slept, the two wandered around the world that they had found themselves in. After only a short time, they saw a city glistening in the distance, encased in what appeared to be a glass dome. Before reaching it, however, they came upon rows of interesting space-ship-like things. Being an imaginative little fellow, the geode rolled up to one and made it turn into a blue police-call box. The ember skipped over in its excitement, and circled the thing before following its friend inside. A TARDIS! They'd found a TARDIS! Or at least something very similar. The two went spinning off into space and time as they madly pressed buttons and pulled levers. Somehow, they managed to fly the thing out of their dream and into reality, materializing in the spot where they'd been sleeping. As their minds merged with their bodies again, they took off by dancing on the control panel. The confused Gallifreyan object ended up dumping them on one of DC's moons, where they've found some folks to live with. The ember has settled in with an exobiologist, number 69, taragelar, and the geode clambered into a cave with number 2, Isuzu!!!


After getting rid of its kidnappers, the TARDIS careened back down to DC where it found A PURPLE DORSAL EGGY FROM THE MECHANIC WORKSHOP OF BUNNY MAESTRO! The dorsal, being good with machines, quickly figured out that there was something oddly alive about this police call box. Nevertheless, it did its best to fix up any and all damage caused by the previous users, and even did some interior decorating to make the space look a little more interesting. In return for the help, the TARDIS took the dorsal to a planet nearer the galaxy's core. The planet's rocks are purple with the occasional black patch, so everything had evolved to match with the landscape. Trees and grass are purple, animals are purple, even the water has somehow ended up purple. As the dorsal stumbled around in awe, the TARDIS vanished. The eggy wandered around the purple planet for a number of days, feasting on the sweet fruit and admiring the sights. Now, it has settled in with one of the locals, number 41, Rukia05!!!


After that, the TARDIS returned to DC, because it seemed like a good planet without any ongoing wars (which is a seldom occurrence), where it materialized by AN EMBER AND A BLUNA EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS AND TUNNELS OF SHISHIRO! The two were quarreling, which happens often among those of opposite elements, but their argument was cut short when the strange blue thing appeared. The ember went into shock, hyperventilating and running around in circles like a chicken without its head. The bluna, however, took a deep breath and went up to touch the box. The eggy shivered upon contact, and went into a kind of trance as it circled and entered the TARDIS. The ember, convinced that the world was ending and that its friend was under the influence of mind control, followed the bluna with the intent of rescuing it. As the two stood dumbstruck right inside the door, looking around at the much larger interior, the TARDIS took off. The eggies were tossed around as the machine reeled through space, heading for a distant pair of galaxies. The TARDIS came to a stop on a planet whose surface is made entirely of water. Although fog, steam, liquid water, and ice all twine around each other to create the marvelous landscape, the planet has a roiling and hot core. Here and there, bursts of fire and molten rock explode from beneath the icy crust, creating magnificent geysers and rocks that ice and water can carve into fantastical shapes. Forgetting the TARDIS that brought them there, the ember and bluna made their way into the unknown. Most of the inhabitants are fish-types or a kind of penguin critter, but there are some humanoids as well, and the eggies quickly found them. Now they're settled in new homes, heated with bits of cooling fire stone and furnished with ice statues and penguin hides, the ember with number 12, pokchu, and the bluna with number 17, synditrix!!!


As the TARDIS made its return journey back to DC, something became loose and rattled out of place, ripping through a number of wires before clanking into a corner. Losing control, the machine made an emergency landing, coalescing around a snoozing trio comprised of AN AUTUMN SEASONAL, A SUNRISE, AND ANOTHER BLUNA EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF HORSE2000! When the sunrise, always the first to awake, came to and found itself in a strange place, it immediately woke its friends. They jumped up and wandered around in confusion and alarm, although their curiosity and small amount of excitement kept them from opening the door and getting out of there. The autumn found the thing that had rolled into a corner, and scampered up to the control panel to find out where it fit. With the help of its two friends, the piece was soon back in its proper place, and all the wires had been twisted together again and wrapped with some duct tape. Heaving a sigh of relief, the TARDIS leaped into the air, randomly propelling itself into the past. When it opened its doors and ejected its passengers, the eggies found themselves surrounded by a pack of saber toothed felines. They cowered down, afraid to look up even when human shouts led the cats away and someone scooped them up. When they did recover from the initial shock of being in the prehistoric age, the three were nice and cozy in natural caves, wrapped in some animal skin or another. The seasonal is with number 42, Mysfytt, the sunrise with number 53, LongDanzi, and the bluna with number 14, Kinchee!!!


Now the TARDIS was starting to get a bit bored with the planet of DC, so it spun off to a system by the name of Nyoka. On many of the planets, humans were wandering around looking scientific. Some where clearly from DC, or had once been there, because they had little eggies or hatchies tagging along and helping them out, such as this SILVER TINSEL EGGY CARRYING THE BAG OF DAESTARR! The young dragon looked tired, tripping over everything and stopping often to catch its breath. When the magical blue box appeared next to it, the tinsel approached it as if it was some miracle. Its delusional state of mind led it straight towards one of the guest rooms, containing a nice large bed and fluffy pillows. As the tinsel collapsed in exhaustion, the TARDIS silently took off towards a planet commonly known as Feather. Taking care not to wake its guest, the machine took off again, leaving the eggy laying on a soft white material exactly like the kind little kids imagine clouds to be made of. The tinsel awoke in what it thought was heaven. As it explored its surroundings, all of which were made of the same puffy white stuff, it was convinced that a golden halo floated above its head. It didn't take long for it to find another sentient life form, whose wings only enhanced the eggy's fantasies about where it was. It now lives right outside the home of its new friend, number 20, Dannywolf!!!


Lastly, the TARDIS paid a visit to future Earth, where it met A BLUE DINO, A PURPLE DINO, AND A TAN RIDGEWING! This may be surprising to you, but by that time the Terran people figured out how to clone extinct animals and genetically engineer new ones. The dinos were simple clones made from the DNA collected from well-preserved fossils. For some strange reason, though, the humans decided to enhance their mental capabilities, giving them an intelligence equal to twice that of a chicken (instead of the original quarter). The ridgewing is a more interesting case. Over many years, the DNA of flying lizards, bats, and small dinosaurs was combined to create a winged reptile. The first specimen was small, but over time it was selectively bred to be larger and larger. When it was about the size of an antelope, a few more traits were introduced from various other animals. It was then placed in a sanctuary in Africa and allowed to multiply on its own. For reasons unknown, the resulting animal was nearly identical to a tan ridgewing. The TARDIS, deciding to have some fun, snatched these three eggs away from Earth and took them back to present-day DC. So far, no one's noticed the difference, and the three are living happily in caves randomly selected by their transportation. The blue dino is with number 54, Ice_SW, the purple dino with number 5, cxt1, and the ridgewing with number 62, Moonbeam22!!!


As for the TARDIS, it's still out there. We're tracking it currently, making sure it doesn't mess with anyone else's lives. At some point, some administrator or official will come in here, yell a lot, and dispatch a small elite group to go re-capture the thing and destroy it, returning it to the imaginations of younglings throughout the universe.

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Welcome back, ladies and gentle-dragons! We're back now that All Hallow's Eve is over, so here's what's making headlines today:

A number of eggies, coming from five different caves throughout DC, have disappeared into the enchanted pages of an unfinished manuscript. They are now appearing in many scenes throughout the story, even in ones that have yet to be written, and while there is no chance of escape the magical pages did show us what was going on.


The first to vanish were A CB BLACK AND A PAPER EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF THE RECENTLY-RETURNED NYDA! After disappearing from a bright and sunny day, the two eggies found themselves surrounded by pitch black. Their senses attempted to adjust to the light, but failed miserably, leaving the eggies to wander blindly through the darkness. It didn't take long for them to find themselves among torches and luminous orbs, hanging on the walls in old-fashioned brackets. In the dim light, the eggies realized they were in a tunnel system, one that felt eerie and sinister like a catacomb. They continued walking for a little while until they came across more sentient lifeforms. Next to one of the torches stood a person scribbling something on a small piece of parchment. Across from them was a gaping hole leading off into the darkness. Screams of agony and babbling voices begging for mercy echoed off the stone walls. Just as the human ran out of paper and began looking around for something else to write on, a hideous dog appeared from the dark tunnel carrying a human leg bone in its mouth. The person noticed the eggy made of folded paper. The dog noticed the oddly glowing black egg. Both characters leaped towards the out-of-place eggies, each grabbing hold of the one they were after. The human stuffed the crumbled paper into their bag and made off down the row of torches, while the dog went in the opposite direction with its new chew toy. The eggies are now owned by two minor characters, the paper by number 18, Kanaye, and the black by number 11, thundersky86!!!


Another batch of eggies that can no longer be found is comprised of A VAMPIRE, A SILVER TINSEL, AND A PAIR OF BRONZES FROM THE HALLS OF CATLOVER3288! These four were whisked away from their noon time cookie break into a gray rainy scene with a sense of foreboding in the air. The vampire was the first to materialize, finding itself under a large tree in a courtyard. At the far side, a pair of double-doors led inside, sheltered from the rain by a small roof that extended outwards for a bit. Also under the roof was a stone bench on which a woman was sitting and a pair of guards flanking a bedraggled man. The two bronze eggies appeared next, each located on the head of a guard, followed closely by the silver tinsel which appeared in the woman's lap. None of the characters seemed to notice them, so the four sat quietly as the scene played out before them. For a few minutes, an interview was held between the woman and the man. The guards (along with the bronze eggies) were then dismissed, and the woman coaxed the man to step out into the ceaseless downpour. He stepped out into the middle of the courtyard, relishing the cool rain for a moment. Suddenly, the man's expression changed to one of horror, and he began to writhe and gasp as if being stung by needles. He collapsed shortly after, wounds still blossoming hither thither as the water ran red with blood. The vampire rushed to his side, hoping to help in some way, but it was too late. The eggy glanced up at the woman as it sat there beside the body, and was just in time to see her flick her wrist and make the silver tinsel vanish into thin air. With that, she rose from the stone bench and left the scene, leaving the distraught vampire alone in a strange place. While a certain human met his end that day, everything turned out okay for the young dragons. The bronze tinsels were taken home by the guards, numbers 21 and 59, Blackice6 and darkangelfallen, the silver tinsel appeared in a basement belonging to number 30, firegirl, and the vampire is staying at a local inn owned by number 27, Imzadi83!!!


A few days later another large group went up in smoke, made up of A RED, A SHALLOW WATER, A SUNSONG, A SILVER TINSEL, AND A MAGI EGGY, ALL FROM THOSE BIGGER-ON-THE-INSIDE CAVES OF LAGIE! These eggies disappeared as they were taking a walk along the top of a cliff. Numerous dragons were lined up at the edge of the sharp drop, making good use of the windy day to teach hatchlings basic flight and test out some fancy new moves with which to court the ladies. Because of these things, the eggies didn't realize at first that they were in a different place at all, much less a different universe all together. They were still at the edge of a cliff, and there were still many dragons testing their wings or basking in the sun. For a few minutes the five friends walked in silence, each thinking that something seemed different. No one started to freak out, however, until the shallow water looked over the edge and realized that the cliff was a good ten times taller than it had been before. The magi then pointed out how strange the dragons were, seeing as not one was of a recognizable species. Certain that something wasn't right, the eggies headed towards the nearest dragon, since their reflexes said that that's where protection could be found. The dragon didn't want anything to do with them, however, so it send them tumbling off the cliff with a mighty swipe of its tail. Screaming their heads off, the five interrupted flight patterns for a full minute before they crashed into the ground. Their shells cracked and their view of elder dragons shattered, the eggies are now living in the quaint gardens of a typical suburban neighborhood. The red eggy is with number 68, cheese456, the shallow water with number 72, cutiie-piie, the sunsong with number 39, RebRanger, the silver tinsel with number 81, jaylens_twin, and the magi with number 49, StarSea!!!


On Halloween another couple of eggies disappeared, A BRONZE TINSEL, A BLACK STRIPE, AND A NEBULA EGGY FROM THE TUNNELS OF RASCAL1414! This trio of youngsters was perhaps the most thrilled by the sudden change, because they found themselves to be the biggest things around. They had been taken to a town inhabited by Fays, small bipedal pixie-like critters with tails and large ears. The appearance of three giant eggs naturally caused a great disturbance in the peaceful lives of the Fays, leading to riots and predictions of a coming apocalypse. In the end, the sensible and understanding folk came to terms with their new neighbors, and the eggies were saved from being burnt at the stake and fed to the year's crop of carnivorous fungi. Life goes on as it always did now, with the eggies settling in with their new friends and adopted family. The tinsel is staying with number 60, Horse2000, the stripe with number 38, meepsa, and the nebula with number 2, MisunderstoodDreamer!!!


And last but not least, the most recent disappearance was that of A PINK FROM THE COZY HOME OF KANAYE! This eggy wasn't as lucky as the others, for it ended up in the void between universes. When one jumps from one universe to a parallel one, or an alternate time stream of the same one, one must travel through the emptiness that fills the gap between them. If you're not in and out in a couple of seconds, max, it becomes impossible to leave. On the bright side, however, the pink now gets to see multiple worlds and realities, because it can see into universes from the void in places where the boundary between the two is thin. After an unknown amount of time floating aimlessly through the eternal emptiness, the eggy found a way to 'hover' and stay in the same place for extended amounts of time. Most often its spectral image can be seen lingering in a cave much like the one it used to live in, where the wall keeping it out is thinner than paper, the home of number 34, kazuma52!!!


And that, my friends, is the end! I hope the writing was good enough for you. Have a nice day!


The above story was based on scenes, both written and unwritten, of my NaNoWriMo novel.

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November is the transition from Halloween to Christmas. Besides Thanksgiving and riots by the Turkey Rights activists, this is the period when stores try to get rid of their leftover Halloween candy by selling it at extremely cheap prices. The more generous or desperate stores send their candy to giant warehouses, where it's then given away for free. One such warehouse recently opened up right across the street, so I figured I'd introduce you to some of the traditional DC trick or treating candies.


DISCLAMER: Any resemblance to actual dragons, living or dead, is not coincidental.


On the first table, we've got THREE BRONZE HATCHIES FROM KIREENA05'S CANDY EMPORIUM AND A BRONZE EGGY FROM THE CORNER STORE OF MYLORITE! While they may look very similar to the tinsels we know and love, these are some of the most popular candies on the market. The outer shell, packed with fine details, is made of a hard candy with the same sheen as metal. The filling is a simple cream with an unpredictable flavor that's different for each candy. While some people have reported flavors such as champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, others claim to have tasted spinach, dung beetle, and even gastric juices. Regardless of the taste, these candies hold another surprise. Instead of sitting around all pretty-like until they are eaten, these tinsel candies have been enchanted to bite and scratch and scamper around. The worst part is that the spell doesn't end when someone starts eating the little devils, so they'll continue to struggle even if their head has been bitten off. In the case of the egg, it's the candy hatchie inside that fights off the hungry trick-or-treaters, even if it has to wait until someone cracks open its shell. These four fine specimens are already reserved, due to be picked up within the hour. The hatchies are going to numbers 33, Tibetador, 60, Play, and 53, Mrs. Awesome, while the eggy is going with number 21, shadesofchaos!!!


Over on this table we've got some more traditional candies, such as this one, which resembles A MINT EGGY, FROM THE SHOP OF EEVEE_EM! This candy, marketed as Frog Spawn, is naught but a large amount of small green balls encased in a transparent egg-shaped case. The individual balls are swirls of chocolate surrounded by a translucent green layer of mint-flavored hard candy. When many of these are put together in the same container, and enchanted so that the chocolate twitches and wriggles every now and again, it's hard not to believe that they're living amphibian eggs. This batch is going home with number 15, Pinch of StarDust!!!


Sitting on a table that's a bit further into the warehouse are A RED DINO EGGY FROM THE CANDY MUSEUM OF NYDA AND A GREEN AND RED DINO FROM THE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF CATLOVER3288! They certainly look like dinos from a distance, but are actually just another sweet delicacy. The eggs are white-spotted edible rubber filled with a bright colored liquid (in this case either red or green). The liquid acts radioactive, glowing faintly in the dark and gurgling madly whenever disturbed. Many folks claim that it's alcoholic, and have attempted to pass laws banning the candy from being distributed to eggs, hatchies, and humans (because, according to the draconic race, we just can't handle being drunk). These laws have, however, never gotten much support, mainly because mature hatchies and dragon keepers have voting rights and love the dino egg candies as much as anyone. These sweets are always in high demand, so a few people were randomly chosen to take these three home. The dino from Nyda goes to number 69, bobg6867jr, the other red one to number 16, Richied97, and the green one to number 76, Dragonslayer717!!!


Lastly, at the very back of the warehouse sits a single candy. FROM THE CANDY MUSEUM OF NYDA, I BRING YOU A GENUINE GOLD EGGY! Well, it's not quite genuine, since it is still a candy, although it may very well be the cruelest candy ever created. The texturing and shape of the gold wrapper is flawless, mirroring that of a real gold egg down to the slightly flat bottom it has from sitting around on stone all day. The hardness and beautiful ring it makes if tapped is tuned to perfection, and not even the keenest eye in DC could tell the difference between the candy and the real think. As time goes by, the enchanted egg cracks and hatches like any other. Finally, after all that anticipation and worry, the poor soul that ran up to the haunted house and received a gold egg for his troubles finds his trophy hatching into a simple chocolate egg. Nothing more. Just one of those mainstream things the Easter Bunny brings in late April. Hopefully no one's spoiled the surprise for whomever claimed this candy, which happens to be number 25, aimee0824!!!


And that's all I can tell you about today! Fell free to poke around a bit. You never know, maybe there are a couple of sweets that haven't been claimed yet.


ALSO! Next giveaway is to be DONATOR WRITTEN! All those who donate to the drawing get the chance to write a paragraph's worth of story for their own eggies! The theme this time around is RADIOACTIVITY! Knock yourselves out, folks. wink.gif

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Welcome, one and all, to this month's Donator Written Giveaway! A large amount of radioactive substances has been scattered throughout DC. Documented bellow are the stories of those who came into contact with the dangerous substances, but we advise you not to handle the paper since it may be radioactive as well.


One day, 4 eggies, a tan ridgewing, a gold tinsel, a black stripe,and a yellow dino, all originating from the caves of Catlover3288, stumbled upon a barrel of a radioactive substance. The eggies thought that the barrel was a hot tub because it was steaming and it sorta smelled like fancy smelling salts. All 4 of them jumped in the barrel but quickly jumped out when they felt their shells disintegrating. All of the eggs looked at each other and saw that their eggshell had faded to lighter colors. The eggies got worried, and started to panic, wondering if they were gonna hatch now because their shells looked different. It was getting dark, and the eggs started to glow green. They freaked out and panicked, and ran in opposite directions. The tan ridgewing ran all the way through a bush and stumbled into dr.bieber229's hidden den (number 57). The shiny gold tinsel and the yellow dino were picked up by a bird who later dropped them, with the tinsel rolling towards Remy400's cave (number 1) and the dino bouncing to a stop at aspen_aureline's trampoline (number 21). Finally the black stripe made it's way to titli02's tropical resort (number 38).


But where had the barrel come from in the first place? Turns out, it's all the fault of a BRONZE TINSEL EGGY, WORKING AT THE NUCLEAR PLANT OF CHEESE456! It had recently been promoted to a manager position, and was spending a lot of time just walking around and commenting on how the others were working. One of the most important jobs of a manager at a nuclear power plant is to report anything that seems amiss. If a part is broken, or the wiring is faulty, or the machine is making a sound akin to that of a dying hamster, the proper paperwork must be filled out and submitted to the higher-ups post haste so that the problem can be fixed. While doing its rounds, the tinsel accumulated a short list of problems, but having decided to do all of its paperwork at a later hour it failed to report anything. Although there weren't many problems, they were fairly serious. Within 45 minutes, steam was leaking out from almost everywhere, strange liquids bubbled up from unknown places, and the walls were beginning to crack from the pressure. In the explosion which followed suite, many barrels of nuclear waste and many radioactive rods were sent flying through the air to land in random places throughout DC. The bronze tinsel was also launched in the air, and had the good fortune to land on a large mushroom in the garden of number 72, Thurin!!!


The first to learn of the impending disaster was a common eggy on the inside. A lush green TERRAE EGGY was working at the station run by ENGIYPE when it noticed the nuclear power plant crumbling around it. Realizing the uranium rods must be melting, it hurried over to save the other eggs working in the power plant rather than itself. It got to the reaction chamber, where a terrible sight awaited it. The rods were almost completely melted, and the chamber would soon collapse from the heat, which was melting the supports, and release the radiation into the world. Working furiously, it managed to seal the reaction chamber, trapping it inside. With no choice but to wait for the impending catastrophe it knew would come, it hid behind a rack of coolant tanks. As the radioactive heat grew, the pressure in the tanks did as well, and they eventually burst! Coolant spewed everywhere, neutralizing the reaction, while the explosion shot the eggy all the way to the cave of number 18, AkefiaFTW, where it received prompt medical treatment for its exposure to such high levels of radioactivity. Despite serious TLC, the Terrae was mutated by the radiation, causing it to hatch.


Most other affected eggs were much farther away from the plant, although they still suffered from the radiation.


Here we have an EMBER EGGY from the biology lab of EEVEE_EM. When this egg was found it was glowing green, and everyone thought it was a new type of Black egg that could produce heat. All tests, however, showed that it was a normal Ember egg. The researchers were puzzled by this, until someone in the nearby chemistry lab said that something had gotten into a container of radioactive materials. It seems the eggy had slipped into chemistry lab unnoticed on a particularly rainy afternoon and was locked in the building that night. The egg had taken the opportunity to explore, and wound up playing with the neat-looking glowey stuff. The egg has been thoroughly cleaned, but since it has no reason to be in the biology lab, it has been sent to number 2, dracocharky.


Deep inside a dark cave lays a STONE EGGY FROM THE RADIOACTIVE LABS OF FIRE-ICE! Since this little eggy is made of stone it is used in many of the radioactive tests that have been occurring. The experimenters go down into the dark cave where the poor little eggy is strapped to the ground, and give it special gear they say will protect it from radioactivity. Then they place explosives around the eggy and set them off. The purpose of these tests has not been announced to the public, but many people consider it animal abuse. Finally one of the experimenters took pity on the eggy and released it from its chains. The very frazzled eggy is now at the home of number 24, Catlover3288!


The grand finale, while it may appear nothing more than a messy kitchen, was as intriguing as the other cases.


"Yessss, Mahsssstah," Igor muttered to herself as she rummaged about in LAGIE'S KITCHEN. She knew the recipe for Lagie's infamous brownies had to be here somewhere but she didn't seem to be able to locate it. She wasn't even really supposed to be in the kitchen at all. She'd been asked to eggsit that evening while Lagie and blackdragon went off egg hunting. The four eggs, A PINK, A VINE, A CRIMSON FLARE AND AN AUTUMN SEASONAL were quietly sitting at the kitchen table watching Igor curiously.

Igor decided to give up on the recipe and started adding things to a bowl. In went some flour, in went a few stale raisins, in went a couple of regular eggs, shells and all. The eggies thought this looked like fun so they began to hand Igor things they found in the kitchen. The pink eggy gave her a vial of a clear colourless liquid. The vine eggy passed over some brown sugar. The crimson flare eggy looked on the floor and handed up a small snail that had been slowly oozing by. The autumn seasonal eggy went searching in the back of the pantry and finally handed Igor a container marked "Biohazard! Radioactive waste." Igor added everything to the bowl and began to stir.

The mixture in the bowl was lumpy and kind of dry but it began to glow as Igor stirred. The eggs watched in fascination, then ooh'd and ahh'd at themselves as they too began to glow when the mixture splattered them. Finally, Igor pronounced the mixture ready, poured it into a baking dish, and put it in the oven. She fumbled with the controls and set them as high as they would possibly go. The brownies would cook faster that way, she thought.

Igor turned away from the oven to check on the eggs. They were still admiring their glow when there was suddenly a loud BOOM! Igor found herself thrown across the room. When she was once again able to stand, Igor looked frantically for the eggs but to no avail. They were nowhere to be seen, having been thrown by the blast a much greater distance than Igor was. They were well and truly gone. The pink had landed in the home of number 60, xHiddenx, the vine in that of number 42, TheGrox, the crimson flare in that of number 50, Lalaz4, and the autumn seasonal in that of number 17, FaithSilverwolf.

How was she ever going to explain this to Lagie?


And that, my friends, concludes our giveaway for today. Now please go get yourselves treated for radiation poisoning, because I'm pretty sure this document is glowing slightly!

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Scrub a dub dub, three eggies in a tub! Welcome to the EGA washrooms, where young dragons are sent to get spiffed up, especially eggies who apparently have no sense of hygiene. We aren't a torture chamber, though, so we allow each eggy to chose how it wants to be cleaned. Following is what today's (mostly) happy customers wanted.


First we had some shininess in the form of A SILVER TINSEL FROM THE BEACH HOUSE OF FAITHSILVERWOLF AND A GOLD TINSEL FROM THE LAGOON OF JAYLENS_TWIN! For some reason, both were extremely worried about rust. Despite our efforts to reassure them that there was no iron in their shells, and therefore they couldn't rust, the eggies insisted they be cleaned without the use of water. Instead, we mixed some lemon juice and soap together and hosed them down with it. After scrubbing them clean with the strange and slightly unpleasant liquid, we polished them with various oils. The silver demanded that it be reflective enough that it could be used as a mirror. The gold was a little less rude, politely asking to be treated with the most expensive oils we owned. When the two were finally as shiny as could be, they marched out of the shop straight into a mud puddle. One of our staff, a whiptail dragon, couldn't stand seeing all her effort go to waste, so she stormed out and flicked the eggies away. They rolled down the streets, coming to a stop in a neat little neighborhood devoid of puddles. The silver ended up on the doorstep of number 15, saphire81, while the gold rolled through the garden gate of number 43, Rogue!!!


The next pair to walk through the door were TWO NEOTROPICALS, ONE FROM THE CAVES OF STARSEA AND THE OTHER FROM THE CASTLE OF EEVEE_EM! Their presence was immediately made known to everyone in the shop, mainly because the stench they carried was so strong you could see it as well as smell it. Their owners hastily gave the eggies some directions before escaping the smell. Some of our bravest staff snatched the pair up and tossed them into a large tub. As the bewildered neotropicals watched, their tub was filled with a lumpy blood-red sauce that smelled of tomatoes and then placed under what appeared to be a giant egg beater. As everyone else crowded to the far side of the room, the egg beater lowered into the tub turned itself on. For the next half hour, the eggies were tossed, crushed, and swirled with the tomato sauce. When they still stank after being washed and dried, they were bombarded with an assortment of perfumes and then shown to the door. They walked out. Everyone sighed in relief and stopped holding their breath. The eggies, still a bit bruised from the violent egg beater, stumbled around trying to remember where their owners had said they'd be. Unable to recall the right locations, they knocked on strangers's doors. The little neo from StarSea went to number 36, Tayiadragonbite, while the one from eevee_em ended up with number 19, amandafan23!!!


Our next customer was probably the only one which came of its own accord, A WHITE EGGY FROM THE TOWER OF ENGIYPE! Boldly it walked in the door, boldly it walked up to the desk, boldly it asked to be thoroughly cleaned, and boldly it squeaked and squealed in fright and surprise while our high-tech machinery did all the work. The machine is really something to marvel at. Based off of a car-wash design, it's set up inside a long box with a conveyor belt going through it. As the eggy goes through the box it's sprayed with water, smacked with soap, pushed through a series of berserk spinning sponges, and then blown dry with painful blasts of air. Especially for this eggy, an extra device was attached to the end of the box. The add on sprays a fine coat of white paint all around the eggy, masking any dirty spots that the machine might have missed and any scratches that the machine might have inflicted. Overall it's naught but ingenious, although the eggy did seem a bit wobbly and disoriented when it was finished. It managed to hobble out the door and down the street, but was soon picked up by number 39, daestarr!!!


Soon after came another pair of eggies, A THUNDER AND A TAN RIDGEWING FROM THE SPACESHIP OF CATLOVER3288! These two simply asked to swim around in a poor for a while, claiming that such a luxury was hard to come by in deep, zero-gravity space. We showed them to our eggy-sized pool, located in a separate room at the back of the shop, and left them to their own devices. The room in which the pool is located has many small windows that open to the outside, windows that are usually kept open to allow for the circulation of fresh air. The ridgewing felt uncomfortable with the windows open, though, so it closed every last one along with the door that led to the rest of the shop. This generally isn't a problem, but the electricity from the thunder heated the water and made the room steamy. In addition to reducing visibility and making the air very thick, the steam also pressurized the room. After a couple of hours, the pressure was large enough to blast the roof off the room and send the two eggies flying through the air. The thunder landed on a park bench next to number 27, Matmetchi, and the ridgewing hit a tree under which sat number 70, Sparkyrav!!!


Our last customer of the day was a frail and sickly creature, A NEGLECTED HATCHIE FROM THE GOLDEN CITIES OF NYDA! It stumbled through the door, clearly exhausted, and croaked something to the Daydream at the desk. The dragon gently picked the poor hatchie up and carried it into the shop, where it was given a proper meal and cleaned up a bit. Everyone was a bit afraid to touch it, fearing that it might disintegrate into dust if excessively handled. Eventually the hatchie started to look a little stronger, although it still looked thin enough to be carried off by a gentle breeze. It stuck around the shop for a while, accepting anything offered to it without protest, until it made up its mind to leave and feebly crept out of the shop and down the street. Every few steps it stopped, looking around with anguish and confusion showing in its eyes before continuing on. It was lost, not knowing or caring where it was going. After a while it collapsed on the curb, from where it was soon picked up by a worried number 37, rabbit lover101!!!


That's all! We're closing up for the day, but don't forget to come back some other time with your dirty eggies!

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Middle of the week. It's a school day. Many folks are sitting around doing school-related things. Others, those who stayed up late last night doing their homework, are asleep. From the latter group, we've got some stories about the effects of sleep deprivation on eggies. Hope you enjoy 'em!


First on the list is a WHIPTAIL EGGY FROM THE SUGAR GARDEN OF TICONDEROGA2! When lacking sleep this eggy speeds up instead of slowing down, although this may have something to do with the unfathomable amounts of sugar and caffeine it consumed after pulling an all-nighter. Not wanting to fall asleep in the middle of something important during the day, the whiptail spent a half hour of its morning running about eating anything that smelled like coffee or tasted sweet, a task easily accomplished in a garden where everything is coated in sugar crystals. The eggy's overindulgence made it jittery and hyper, and it never stood still for the entirety of the day. Its need to be in constant motion eventually led to it wandering off, and when the sugar high ended the whiptail had no earthy idea where it was. It had ended up a couple of towns over, and is now snoring in the home of number 64, Chronopie!!!


Next we have the interesting case of a VINE EGGY FROM THE RESTAURANT OF JUSTJESSIE94! Its Shadow Walker mother passed on to it the gene that allows a dragon to fade away, although it has very little control over this ability. Instead of fading away at will, this eggy will only disappear when its mind becomes dormant, such as when it's asleep. The morning after staying up late reading a good book, the vine was handed a list of errands and told to have them done by the end of the day. Groggily it went to town, dragging its feet and yawning. Used to getting over nine hours of sleep a night, the eggy started to doze off even as it walked. One could see it start to fade, then materialize again when it stumbled or ran into something, jolting it into wakefulness. There soon came a time when it fell asleep completely, although it must have kept walking since the next time it was spotted it was wandering about near a small village in the woods. While we are unsure how it managed to evade all those trees, we do know for certain that the vine fell asleep properly on the doorstep of number 29, MagicLance!!!


Then there was the story of A SUN EGGY FROM THE WATERFALLS OF STARSEA! Usually sun eggies never fall asleep during the day, because they draw energy from the sun. This one, however, was at the point where it would nod off if in a shadow, no night required. Thus arises the problem with partly cloudy days. The eggy was walking about outside, feeling cheery and awake, when a cloud covered the sunlight. The eggy began to yawn and stumble, almost laying down to take a nap when the cloud moved on. Once again the sun was back to its normal self. Then came another cloud. On and on this went, and the eggy became rather irritated. It began to follow the sunlight around, avoiding the great shadows that the clouds made, not paying attention to where it was going. This game of evasion led the eggy off into the hill country, where it accidentally backed into a shadow. This time, however, the shadow didn't move, because it was cast by the roof of the house of number 37, Lolturtle!!!


Lastly, we've the tale of AN ALT BLACK HATCHIE FROM THE GREAT VALLEY OF CATLOVER3288! Since blacks are largely nocturnal, it wouldn't be correct to say that this hatchie stayed up late at night. Instead, the little black stayed awake through most of the day (and while we don't know why, we suspect it might be because of that little purple hatchie over there). Now, when the sun set and the stars came out, the alt's father called it over for a hunting lesson. The hatchie squinted, hardly able to make out where anything was in the darkness. Staying up through the day had ruined the poor thing's night vision, causing it to bump into everything from trees to sleeping dragons. Finally it found its father, and the mighty black dragon started the lesson. As he rambled on with important pointers and demonstrated techniques, the hatchie tried to remember the spell for making light. Just as its father was asking it to try some of the stalking positions, the hatchie summoned a luminous white ball. All the insects in the area scattered. The father stormed off. The light went out. In the dark again, and feeling a bit fatigued after conjuring the spell, the hatchie tried to find its way back to its cozy little nest. It stumbled through the moonless night, eventually finding some soft moss or lichen which it proceeded to curl up in. Hopefully it won't be too surprised when it wakes among the dragons of number 16, Lynith25!!!


So make sure those eggies of yours get lots of sleep! And while you're at it, make sure you get plenty of sleep as well, because nodding off in the middle of the day isn't fun unless you're purposefully taking a nap.

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Alright, here's a bit about what was in the story, just so you've got something to read.


The drawing was based in an art gallery, in a room filled with every art supply imaginable and made of one-way glass walls. Eggies were thrown in there and everyone was sitting around watching what happened.


The gold-horned tangar, from the creek-side home of eevee_em, found the sculptor's clay. The eggy spread it all out, covering the entire floor of the room, and poured water into a channel it had dug out. The tangar then sat for a while in thought before going on to construct the most epic castle ever, large enough to be lived in, surrounded by glowering statues, and decorated with an assortment of pebbles and shells. It then disappeared into the castle and never re-emerged, so the building was transferred to a plot of land near the home of DragonFriend.


The gold tinsel eggy and bronze tinsel hatchie, from the famous caverns of Catlover3288, held an elaborate sword fight before doing anything artistic. They used paintbrushes as horses and long pins as weapons, and pranced around until they knocked over a box of pencils. Overwhelmed with a sudden urge to draw, the gold tinsel set up a canvas and asked the hatchie to pose. Quickly boring of standing around in the same position, the bronze began to change its pose whenever the eggy looked away. This led to a large amount of frustration on the eggy's side of things, and eventually the artistic youngster charged its former friend and attempted to impale it on a pencil. The two were shepherded into boxes and shipped off to gotw3 and Fire-Ice.


The silver tinsel, from Nyda's gold-plated palace, escaped the room. Someone had spiked the eggy's afternoon tea with a sugary concoction of strong rum, laughing gas, and that levitating beer that Willy Wonka invented. The beer gave the tinsel just enough lift to allow it to scale the walls and escape through a ventilation hole in the ceiling, while the rum and laughing gas turned it into a taunting and piratical performer. For hours it danced, jibed, and sang off-beat out-of-tune melodies, until a strong wind blew it off the roof and into TyAnimalLover's duck pond.


Last but not least, the insecure spitfire from the beach dunes of StarSea was put into the room. Unable to find the familiar sand that it was comfortable around, the eggy turned the place inside out. When it finally came across the glazing sands that sculptors and potters used to glaze their work, the room was a mess and everything had sustained some amount of damage. The glazing sands, which melt into colorful glass when warmed, made the spitfire feel at home. The eggy proceeded to spread the sands out and pile them into dunes before gleefully rolling around in them. The sand stuck to its shell, and soon began to melt due to its being in direct sunlight, although the spitfire either didn't notice or didn't care. An hour later, the eggy was coated in a delicate layer of swirled glass. It was gingerly transferred from the room into a box of packing peanuts and dragon cashmere and sold on the black market to a certain Haydogs.


Shortly after the spitfire was taken away, the EGA team was chased out of the art gallery by an angry mob of managers accusing us of trespassing on private property and illegal abuse of children, as well as demanding we pay the billions in damages that were caused to the art room supplies.


Cheers, everyone!

Edited by Stealthypugs

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Surprisingly, nothing has happened in DC since the last drawing. There haven’t been any nuclear explosions, magical happenstances, or kitchen disasters. Due to the lack of activity, we’re just going to go around and see what certain eggies are up to. At least one of them has to be doing something interesting, right?


Sitting on a large rock at high noon we’ve got A BRONZE TINSEL EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF RASCAL1414! The weather is pleasant, and there are many hatchies frolicking about as their parents lounge nearby. The tinsel has come up with a neat way to amuse itself by abusing the curiosity of other young dragons. Sitting in direct sunlight, the eggy uses its shiny shell to reflect a spot of light onto the ground near a hatchie. As the hatchie moves to investigate, the eggy shifts its position and moves the spot. The hatchie follows, and is soon joined by others who want to help in the capture of the circle of light. The eggy toys with the hatchies for over an hour, until it accidentally sends an unsuspecting pink over the edge of a cliff. The hatchie’s mother, a flamingo who happened to be watching when the accident occurred, was beside herself with anger. She swooped down the cliff for her baby before flying over the tinsel and flicking it away with her tail. The eggy went flying, and landed far away in the home of number 16, AppleCakes!!!


Over near a creek, helping with the laundry, is a PAPER EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF MYLORITE! This eggy was in a helpful mood today, and (for some strange reason) wanted to do more than just its regular set of chores. After sweeping the caves, dusting the bookshelves, cleaning the windows, and polishing the brass patterns on fancy mahogany door, the eggy volunteered to wash some towels down by the creek. A foolish and ignorant harvest hatchie let the paper go. As the eggy sat by the water scrubbing at bits of cloth it became thoroughly soaked by the spray and splash of the creek. This soon led to its undoing, as the paper that made of the eggy disintegrated into a lumpy pulp. We are unsure if this transformation will affect the spells that keep paper eggs alive, but we expect that when it comes time for the eggy to hatch it will fold itself into a new kind of paper dragon. For now, though, all we know is that when the wind picked up, whistling through reeds and tree branches, the pulp dried into an odd shaped sheet of paper and was carried into the sky. Drifting with the wind, the paper eventually tumbled through the open door of number 6, Missingheart!!!


Sitting outside in the breeze, drawing itself, is A PURPLE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF EEVEE_EM! Now, this eggy isn’t drawing pictures featuring itself. There are no self-portraits or fantastical paintings of it slaying great beasts and rescuing pretty princesses. No, this eggy is literally drawing itself. Beside it lays an impressionistic painting, a perfect example of a technique called pointillism in which many little dots are used to form an image. This painting used to hang on a wall in eevee_em’s caves, portraying a group of eggies and hatchies having a picnic. One of the eggies from the painting, a purple one, found a way out. It stumbled from its painted world into the one we live in and, for some unknown reason, walked outside into the breezy weather. The wind blew some of the colorful dots that made up the eggy away, so the purple located a crayon and began to redraw itself. When it was almost done, another blast of air sent the rest of its dots flying through the sky. When the wind died down, the purple dots collected into a little pile like dust. Slowly they stuck themselves back together into the shape of an eggy, although the purple was now far from where it started in the caves of number 22, Orbrunner!!!


Nearby, helping with Thanksgiving preparations, is A PYGMY EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF STARSEA! Thanksgiving is coming up, and everyone is pitching in to get the great feasts prepared. Even the little pygmy is helping out, working at the beck and call of the cooks. Whenever a cook needs an ingredient, the eggy goes to fetch it for them. Everything was going fine as long as the pygmy was only sent for things like salt, cranberries, and buttermilk, but then one of the cooks asked for the turkey. Saluting smartly, the pygmy marched over to the cooler and hauled out the giant bird. Teetering dangerously under the weight, and with its vision obstructed by the turkey, the eggy tried to get back to the kitchen. Unable to see where it was going, it did its best to retrace its steps from memory. This didn’t work so well, and the pygmy ended up walking out of the cave instead of to the kitchen. Now, the eggy (and the turkey) have showed up at the home of number 63, DaSt!!!


A few hours as-the-dragon-flies away, in a large meadow, are A SUNSONG AND A PINK EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF KANAYE! The first thing these two thought of when they heard it was going to be a windy day was kites. There was only one problem: they didn’t own a kite. An hour of rummaging through the attic produced a large piece of colorful cloth, numerous pieces of cane, and a ball of wool (which had to be stolen from a kitten). The eggies got to work, tying the pieces of cane together and cutting the cloth to the right shape and size. As the sunsong attached the cloth to the cane skeleton, the pink made the rest of the material into a pair of long tails that swirled and danced in the wind. The end result was a beautiful hexagonal kite that flew nicely in the breeze outside Kanaye’s cave. But this wasn’t enough for the eggies. They wanted to see their masterpiece flying with dragons at unimaginable heights, so they packed a small lunch and made for the nearby field. Grasping the ball of yarn firmly, the pink motioned for its friend to release the kite. With a short run and a small hop, the sunsong sent the kite on its maiden voyage. At first the tug of the wind wasn’t too bad, and the eggies took turns holding the string. Once the kite got above the trees, though, it was all the two could do to stay on the ground. A sudden gust of wind pulled them into the air, and their combined weight was not enough to pull them back to earth. For a while they floated through the air, until a skywing dragon noticed them, pulled them back to the ground, and tied their kite securely to a tree. Not knowing where they were, the eggies knocked on the first set of doors they came to. The sunsong is now in the caves of number 17, Garoth, and the pink is with number 42, Raistlin24!!!


From the same neighborhood that lies by the meadow come A GLORY, A BLACK, AND A GOLD TINSEL EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF –RINIKKA-! The kitten from the previous story, out for revenge after having her ball of yarn stolen, strayed upon this trio of eggies as she was tracking down the yarn thieves. The eggies decided that it would be fun to dress the kitten up like a doll, so the black used a simple stiffening spell it had recently learned to petrify the feline. Once the animal had been detained, the eggies got to work making her look like a fairy princess. With the black eggy controlling the cat’s body, the glory and tinsel put a pair of slippers over her back paws and slipped a fancy ballroom gown over her head. After the addition of some fake dragonfly wings and a tiara, the eggies propped the kitten up on her back legs and stood back to admire and laugh at their work. This irked the cat greatly, but her glowering only made the eggies laugh harder. Cats are notorious for being unaffected by magic, and even kittens can often wheedle their way out of difficult situations by freeing themselves from spells, but these are facts that the eggies were not familiar with. Within a minute, the kitten could move again. As the eggies sat around and giggled, the feline ripped through her outfit and lunged at them. The eggies went into shock as the kitten ravaged their beautiful shells with her claws and rolled them down a hill. They were powerless against her, and didn’t resist. The kitten stalked off once she had tortured them sufficiently, leaving the eggies wherever they happened to be. The glory is in the fireplace of number 23, FallenBlaze, the black under the bed of number 30, Congafury, and the tinsel is at the bottom of a pond belonging to number 36, Tic!!!


Herding turtles after a long day of reading westerns are A GLORY, AN AUTUMN SEASONAL, AND A SHALLOW WATER EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF LAGIE! With nothing to do, these three spent their day reading stories from the Wild West, full of cowboys, action packed gun fights, and pretty ladies that live on the prairie. Having finished all of the books they could find a few hours ago, the eggies decided to go have an adventure of their own. First, they needed some horses to ride and cattle to herd around. Unable to find either in the general vicinity of the cave, the trio improvised. At a nearby pond they found everything they needed, and began setting up a scene. The glory, armed with a few lengths of rope, went after a gaggle of geese preening at the water’s edge. The birds were to take the place of the cowboys’ steeds, so the glory eggy fitted them with bridles and tied pillows to their backs to serve as saddles. Meanwhile, the autumn eggy went about building a town, stacking up piles of wood to serve as houses and clumping together grasses to make up for the lack of tumbleweeds. As the geese were being brought in and the houses were getting a coat of paint, the shallow water dove into the pond in search of some cattle substitute. Catfish were too aquatic, snails were too slow, but the shallow figured the turtles might do, seeing as they could move quickly and survive on land. After gathering up a good sized group, the eggy led them onto land and into a coral which the autumn had built. With everything set up, the three eggies mounted their noble geese and released their bovine turtles. A few details had slipped their minds, however, such as the insubordination of geese and that turtles swim much faster than they walk. Before they could even learn of the latter fact, however, the geese took off in different directions at a gallop, taking the eggies with them. The terrified young dragons eventually fell from the honking masses of feathers, far from the pond they started at. The glory found itself by the home of number 74, Ollis46, the autumn in the caves of number 11, slaerakuyume, and the shallow on the doorstep of number 46, StormWizard212!!!


In another part of DC, recently arrested, are TWO BRONZE TINSELS, A SILVER TINSEL, AND A THUNDER EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF CATLOVER3288! The four thought it a swell idea to throw a raging party, complete with a bonfire, music at an ear-shattering volume, and allegedly non-alcoholic drinks. They invited everyone they knew, although we suspect that they ‘forgot’ to mention the party to anyone respectable. As the sun set and Catlover left to eat dinner with some friends, the party started. The caves were packed with guests, guests who were dancing on the furniture, eating the cheese dragons, decorating the walls with graffiti, and making a general mess of the place. We have been informed that many of the guests, and even the tinsel hosts, are always very good at parties and never do anything extravagant, but everyone was acting like a drunkard at this particular party. The eggies’ behavior is believed to have been caused by the drinks, which were not only alcoholic but also spiked with some craziness-inducing liquor. As far as anyone can tell, the drinks were organized by the thunder eggy, but we have been unable to confirm or deny this due to the eggy’s state of incoherency. The authorities learned of the party when neighbors called to complain about the music, the dangerous spreading of the bonfire, and the shocking behavior of the guests. The police were sent to end the party, but when that failed the military had to be mobilized. By the time Catlover returned, the guests had been sent home and the hosts were in handcuffs. Upon explaining the situation to the confused Catlover, the dragon keeper officially disowned the eggies and had them sent away to strict households. The bronze tinsels are to go to numbers 39 and 71, Cheese42cheese and aurora e, the silver tinsel to number 69, thundersky86, and the thunder to number 41, spookyfox99!!!


Lastly, playing at the edge of a forest, we have A GOLD TINSEL, THREE SILVER TINSELS, AND A PAIR OF BRONZE TINSELS FROM THE CAVERNS OF APPLE! As the sun began to sink below the horizon, this group of shiny eggies made the most of the fading light by reflecting stray sun beams into the depths of the forest. This drew the attention of a number of Raven dragons, vile beasts who will do anything to get their claws on shiny and sparkly objects. A mob of them exploded from the darkness of the trees just as the sun disappeared, surrounding the eggies. One hopped forward, attempting to take the gold, but was thrust aside by another. There were enough eggies for all of them, but the Ravens were greedy and each wanted all the shininess for itself. The tussling became ever more violent as one Raven tried to fly off with its prize only to have its wings slashed to shreds by the talons of another. Every once in a while a Raven would carry off one of the eggies, getting a considerable distance before it was overtaken by another dragon and forced to drop the eggy so it could fight. In this way the tinsels traveled, being spread out more and more as the night wore on. By chance they were occasionally dropped into the front yard of a forest-dwelling dragon keeper, which came to the rescue of the eggy as the Ravens clawed at each other overhead. When the sun rose in the morning, the gold was with number 26, PieMaster, the silvers with number 44, xXMCRAngel2107Xx, number 60, Moonbeam22, and number 80, Kamiko_Cullen, and the bronze tinsels with number 66, Dragonhatchling and number 13, Tanais!!!


And that’s all, folks! Please be aware that there will not be a drawing on the 25th. The next drawing will instead be the following Monday, the 28th.

Have a nice day!


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