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Eggy Give Away! ~Game~

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HOWDY FOLKS, AND WELCOME TO THE FIRST GIVEAWAY AFTER EASTER! Now, here's the problem: There was this person running around (who looked suspiciously like TJ wearing bunny ears), and this person hid a bunch of eggs around DC; you might remember the crazy and confused rush of people as they tried to get their hands on the pretties. Well, now that the madness is over, we've noticed that some regular eggs are missing. The bunny-eared TJ must have accidentally picked them up and hidden them along with the others! So, in the hopes that someone will come along and snatch them up, here's where the eggies are:


It might be useful for you to know where we are. These eggies were all hidden in and around a grand mansion at the end of Festival Lane. You'll know it when you see it, because lots of people will be standing around looking confused. Some of these confused people have stepped inside the building, seen that it is much larger on the inside, and then stepped back outside to look at the building again. The other confused people have yet to step inside the mansion, and are confused at the rest of the confusion.


The first eggy that was hidden was A SHALLOW WATER EGGY FROM THE AQUARIUMS OF ATHDARAXEN! At the core of the mansion there is a large cylindrical fish tank, streatching upwards all the way to the roof. It is divided into sections, mostly so that the carnivorous fish and the more violent sea dragons don't eat everything. Every few floors there is a section with coral reefs. Starting with deep reds and oranges in the lower floors, the reefs' colors become increasingly colder as one gets closer to the top of the building. Around the 18th floor, where the orange is just beginning to fade into yellow, there is a reef that looks like a spotted orange rock. But wait, did it just move? There are tiger sharks swimming about this reef, because the other fish are quick enough to hide among the coral and anemone. These sharks are, as their name says, orange and striped like a tiger. They have taken particular interest in the orange rock, and have been pushing it around (and around and around and around) for quite some time now. Eventually, one of the staff will go and fetch the rock, to see what's got the sharks so worked up. They will carelessly place it on a small table and turn their back to it. An egg hunter will see the rock, think it's one of the colorful eggs they're supposed to be hunting, and snatch it away. And so, the little shallow water will end up with number 49, DragonFriend!!!


The second missing eggy is a DEEP SEA EGGY, FROM THE GOLDSMITH SHOP OF ALABASTER_DEMON! The walls on every floor of the mansion are adorned in a different way. Some floors have walls covered in textured wallpaper, some are plain, and some even depict the history of this planet and others. Some are hung with fancy tapestries, some are covered in mirrors, some seem to radiate light, and still others make everything dark. One floor (I believe it's number -7) has walls covered in deep blue. Although there are no windows, and no lights, the entire place glows with an eerie golden light. The light emanates from ornate gold streaks which cover the walls. While the owner of the mansion assures everyone that they are made of nothing but ordinary luminescent gold, almost everyone who visits claim they saw the patterns move. Somewhere on the floor, there is a disturbance in the swirling lines, a spot of darkness which the glowing gold disappears behind. Instead, regular non-glowing gold leaf is arranged in little circles on one half of the spot, while the rest of it remains dark blue and unadorned. A visitor will, at a time not too long from now, bump into the disturbance, causing it to fall off the wall. Since it will look like a deep sea with gold stuck between its scales, the visitor will inconspicuously stick it in the pocket of their trench coat and carry it to the home of number 23, Dragonhatchling!!!


The last lost eggy is A PILLOW FROM THE POOFY PLACE OF ANNIELYLA! Outside the mansion there is a large garden, with every plant imaginable growing in it. In terms of flowers, there are more types than can be counted (although I'm sure someone has tried). There are all the usual ones, of course: lilies, tulips, roses, dandelions, morning glories. But there are also some flowers that us regular people have never seen before: puffy ones, with fur-like petals that form a pom-pom; upside down ones, with a flower near the ground and a stem that wraps around itself as it grows upwards; and even long skinny flowers which have tied themselves into knots. Some of the plants are even part animal, and have brains and voices. At this time of year, Velvet Moss, which covers pebbles and small rocks, can be found blooming. The flowers it puts out can form all sorts of patterns, so no one really knows what to expect. One year, a rock was found with Velvet Moss flowers that formed the likeness of a certain Sandrock Kai, a guardian dragon. Some egg hunter or another will probably end up mistaking one of this years Velvet Moss rocks with a painted eggy, for they are all very colorful. Oddly enough, it is a plain-looking speckled tan rock that ends up getting picked up, by number 32, aquamarine__!!!


That, I believe, is the end! A little late, yes, but hopefully a good way to start us off again.

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Hello folks, welcome to a RATHER DELAYED, RATHER SMALL, HOPEFULLY DELIGHTFUL GIVEAWAY! And guess what? We have more troublesome eggies!!!


The source of the trouble this time is A PURPLE RIDGEWING EGGY WHICH HAS COMPLETELY FILLED UP THE GARAGE OF STEALTHYPUGS! Never before has that garage, which is large enough to comfortably accommodate a Pebble Dragon, been this full of stuff. So, in the spirit of spring cleaning, Stealthy has ordered the eggy to start getting rid of some of it. The ridgewing, while wandering amongst the towers and mountains of random items, suddenly got a brilliant idea: it would let other dragons request things from it! They would be simple requests, relatively vague, and then the eggy would pick something out and bestow it upon the requester. It was an idea full of brilliance, conceived in a moment of insight— until someone requested a round living thing that was a shade of purple. The eggy, not having anything else matching this description, gave itself to number 9, Dixie200!!!


One of the younger requester was A GEODE EGGY FROM THE ROYAL HALLS OF ROCKIN' ON! This geode is a collector of gems and things that sparkle. Even if it tried, it wouldn't be able to decline a lump of precious metal or a small crystal, no matter how common. So, naturally, when it saw the 'Make Your Request Here!' sign, the geode immediately asked for something shiny. Two days later, just as the sun was setting, a letter arrived announcing the arrival of the requested item. At first, the eggy didn't know what to make of this, for nothing else seemed to have come with the letter. Then something flashed right outside the door. A small firefly flew in. As the geode looked at it in confusion, the door closed behind it. Someone knocked. The door was opened. An entire swarm of blinking lightning bugs flew into the little cave, and began to settle on almost every surface. Still confused, and a little shocked, the eggy stumbled out of its home and began running in a random direction. The bugs followed, creating a little ball of glow around the geode. As the night grew old, the eggy slowed down. It was exhausted, hungry, and a little cold. It, along with most of the fireflies, collapsed before the cave of number 12, JazzyJ!!!


Another pair of requesters, and the last we shall be talking about today, were A PILLOW AND A NOCTURNE, ALSO FROM THE GREAT HALLS OF ROCKIN' ON! These two, best of friends (and sometimes called lovebirds despite their lack of gender), want a world to rule. They know that taking over DC isn't possible, considering the large beasts that rule it, and that invading another world would be extremely impolite, so they turned to the newfangled 'Request What You Want' boxes showing up all over the place. They put in a request for 'something large that can be ruled, with blue seas and interesting terrain'. The result was a large Jell-O, covered with the letter 'C' in different sizes and shades of blue, and inhabited by a fat worm. Inside the translucent dessert, various bubbles formed patterns that somewhat resembled a holographic image of the surface of a planet. The letter that came with the request assured the pair of eggies that the worm was a solitary fellow and would mostly keep to himself, so the pillow and nocturne decided to accept this strange granting of their wish. Not wanting to transport their new world too far, they found a hay field nearby where it fit and would be mostly out of the way. They put the Jell-O right on the boundary separating the land of two different dragon keepers, resulting in the eggies being automatically assigned to owners: the pillow to number 28, alabaster_demon, and the nocturne to number 43, Alice Rose!!!


While this is all there is to talk about today, there is still quite a bit of random junk left over at Stealthy's garage, so make sure to drop by and see if you can claim anything!

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Hello, everyone! I was just reading through the LEN, the Local Eggy Newspaper, and saw a story about a pair of runaways. It was only a small column on a page largely dominated by a colorful advertisement aimed at vain and ignorant hatchies, and wasn't very detailed. So, I went out to try and find the two.


The first eggy was A BALLOON FROM THE SOUP KITCHENS OF DARKDAMSEL09! These soup kitchens feed many poor and hungry dragons, mostly young ones. The balloon worked in the kitchens for a while, but couldn't bear the sight of so many starving dragons. So, it decided to take immediate action to mend the situation, instead of standing around and giving them nothing but food. Had it been paying a little more attention to its surroundings, the eggy would have noticed the song "The Road to Hell is Pave with Good Intentions" playing in the background, but it didn't. Within a week and a half, the eggy had hacked into most of the banks in DC and transferred half the money in each to another bank account. Being a smart little eggy, the balloon bribed a foolish human into withdrawing the money from the account and inconspicuously dumping it in various trash cans. Two days later, after the human had been caught and incarcerated, the eggy collected the trash bags full of money and went into hiding among the poor. As time passed, the eggy slowly distributed the money, making a lot of people happy. The balloon was soon left with nothing but a feeling of goodness and a high reputation among the poor. It wandered the streets for a while, keeping tabs on how the money was being used, until the homeless it had helped gave it a gift: a modest castle made out of tires, cardboard boxes, and old blankets. The eggy now lives in the most luxurious house in the slums of DC, and is perfectly happy despite the investigators that come knocking on its door from time to time. To ruin its life, however, we are going to transfer it to the home of number 43, halean!!!


The second eggy, and more of an outcast than a runaway, is A WATER EGGY FROM THE SEA SIDE PARADISE OF ALABASTER_DEMON! This water has always been pampered with great luxuries, and is very biggety. It spends a lot of time with the mermaids that swim in the beautiful sea, telling them tall tales about adventures it has never been on, happily accepting their lavish praise. It ignores any duty or chore which it is given, and didn't believe that it would ever be kicked out of its own home. Well, that's exactly what happened. The other dragons, annoyed with the little water eggy, ambushed it in the middle of the night, knocked it unconscious, and carried it halfway around DC. When the eggy awoke, it was certain it was in a bad dream. Stuck in an unknown land, surrounded by strangers, without any gold. Those who walked past it either didn't see it, or looked at it with a disapproving glare. It was in the middle of CH, Concrete Heaven, the only purely human city on the planet. Days past, and the eggy didn't wake up from its dream. Its little blue puddle was beginning to dry up, and the rich color of its shell was starting to fade into a dull gray, just like its surroundings. It began to beg, sitting at street corners wrapped in yesterday's newspaper, trying to pull through. Some people would give it a couple of coins, but they were few and far between. It was lonely, a feeling which only increesed when it tried to talk to the local poor. They all thought that the eggy was a joke, because they didn't understand how one could be stupid enough to get kicked out of a good life. After a while, the eggy tried to force itself to wake up (because it still thought it was wandering through a nightmare). And how do you wake up from a dream? You die. Many things became daily activities for the water: jumping off bridges, jumping in front of cars, starving itself, depriving itself of sleep, scratching at its shell with pieces of scrap metal, and countless other suicidal stunts. Nothing worked. It was a dragon egg, far too tough to be harmed by anything made by humans. But it kept trying. Slowly, this life drove it to madness. It began talking to itself, and soon developed multiple different personalities which could all argue with each other at the same time; it babbled about the end of the world, giant purple monsters, green-eyed unicorns, and other just-so things; and sometimes it even drew on the walls and sidewalks, etching abstract patterns and symbols into the concrete. When we found it, it was color-blind, copletely dry, and mindless. We don't think it even knew we were there when we tranfered it to its new home: the cave of number 39, Webster23!!!


And that, my friends, is a much better account of the lives of those eggies than what was provided in the LEN. Sorry that the story was sorta lame today... I was kinda brain-dead and idea-less.


Have a nice day!

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Hello everyone, welcome to DC's very own ghost town! This world has quite a few haunted houses and abandoned castles, but this is by far the most recent town to have lost all its citizens. We managed to track down some of the younger dragons that once lived here, and have handed them out to random strangers. Here are the stories of six eggies which fled the town within the last week:


First, we have the founders: A NOCTURNE AND A SPLIT, WHO ONCE LIVED WITH THE INFAMOUS ROCKIN' ON! These eggies, having gone to California and made a fortune during the gold rush, bought an old cemetery and transformed it into a cute collection of houses. While everything that existed above ground in the old graveyard was done away with, all the dead still remained buried in the ground. Many argue that this is the main reason that the town had to be deserted. The nocturne disagrees. It thinks that everyone left because the media had some fun, and made up a story about a war starting in that section of DC. For about a week, the news announced battles and bombings, causing quite a bit of panic. While it is true that the media did this, the split doesn't think this was the primary reason of abandonment. It simply thinks that the little suburb wasn't planned out very well, so everyone went looking for their own version of paradise. Whatever the reason, dragons simply started disappearing. They abandoned their HoverHomes and specially designed ComfyCaves and houses made of ticky tacky, practically going up in smoke overnight. When hardly anyone was left, the nocturne and split left too, with the plan to gain a little more recognition, do some remodeling, and then try and start over. They're not having much luck, though, so we got them settled into some homes of their own: the nocturne with number 47, Catlover3288, and the split with number 33, Cheeselo!!!


The nocturne wasn't completely wrong. Some of the inhabitants did indeed leave because of the stories that the media was spreading, such as A PINK AND A HORSE EGGY, BOTH OF WHICH WERE ONCE OWNED BY JAYME! These two eggies are young, innocent, and simple-minded. They take almost everything seriously, and, as a result, are fairly easy to offend. Their minds aren't very strong, and they can easily be tricked by other dragons using nothing but a few telepathic sound effects. When the news began talking about a war, with bombs flying around and dragons dying bloody deaths, the two eggies couldn't take it. The horse was the more badly affected. It began hearing the wails of dragons as they were shot out of the sky, and could even see bombs whizzing by overhead. The pink, while it believed every word it herd, wasn't as badly off as its friend. As quickly as possible, the eggy left, taking the little horse with it. It may take a while for everything to return to normal, if that happens at all, and until then we have placed both the eggies in homes without radios in them. The pink went to number 22, frozen.ice, and the horse is with number 17, DeathDymin!!!


The last eggies we have time to talk about left for reasons we cannot explain, but appear to be connected to the cemetery on which their former home sat. They are A SWALLOWTAIL AND A NEOTROPICAL FROM THE ROLLING PANDA SANCTUARY OF DARKDAMSEL09! Both are stark raving mad, and won't stop babbling about the specters that haunt them. As far as we can tell, it all started a few weeks ago, after a mild earthquake. The earthquake had been so weak that most dragons, especially the larger ones, didn't even notice it. It was, however, enough for these two eggies to think they were living on something's back, and that that something had moved. They seem to think they are on a large turtle, who has just woken up from a long nap and is about to shake everyone off its moss-covered shell. Not only do they think they live on a giant turtle, but they also think the turtle has possessed them. It talks to them, whispering to them when they sleep, commanding them to do certain things. Sometimes, they say, the great reptile sends ghouls out to punish them for anything they did wrong, and makes the two eggies easy to find by marking their shells with glowing red streaks. This is also the reason they left, apparently; they were running away from certain death. All that we can conclude from this odd story is that both eggies have completely lost it, or are just intent on creating a new religion. Besides, that red stripe which was noticed on the neotropical is just part of its normal design, right? And the slight reddening of the neotropical just means its shell is thinning in preparation for hatching, correct? Yup, as we thought. So, without further questioning, we are sending them off to places that can provide padded cells: the swallowtail gets to be with number 26, Emerald_Shadowclaw, and the neotropical with number 6, Alexis_Hunter!!!


If you still don't understand why we're telling you all this, let us make it perfectly clear: DO NOT GO TO THAT TOWN!!! It will drive you and your dragons INSANE!


Have a nice day!

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Friday the 13th! A day filled with superstitious people acting paranoid! But why do these superstitions even exist? Why are people so worried about stepping on cracks and spilling salt, or are so obsessed with hanging rabbit feet around their necks and carrying around four-leaf clovers? Well, in this GIVEAWAY OF AWESOMENESS a couple of superstitions will be explained.


The first superstition we will talk about is a fairly common one: don't let a black cat cross your path. This comes from the actions of one eggy, A PILLOW FROM THE COAL MINES OF CATLOVER3288! The little pillow, having been living around the mines, is covered with a layer of black dust. The dust turns its velvety shell the color of night, and is as permanent as sharpies. One particular dragon, an electric, loves the color black above all else. When it saw a fluffy little eggy sporting that color, it assigned itself to be the young one's bodyguard. Whenever the eggy ran away, or got into trouble, the large beast would be there to find it and help it out. Wherever the eggy went, it left a trail of coal dust, which the electric dragon followed. Everyone it encountered was questioned about the whereabouts of the living treasure. Those that didn't give satisfactory answers were blasted with a ball of high-voltage power. Many who saw the eggy thought it was a simple cat, for a black pillow was unheard of in most parts of DC. Due to the terrifying over-protective electric which followed it wherever it went, seeing the black ball of fluff began to be considered bad luck. One day, after a little begging by the eggy, a skywing took it for a quick flying trip. Without a black trail to follow, the electric was unable to find its prized 'possession,' and eventually gave up and went to tail a black stripe hatchie. The skywing took the pillow to another cave, belonging to number 24, Kaini!!!


The second superstition is this: don't rock an empty rocking chair. This stems form the actions of one little SUNSONG EGGY, FROM THE LITTLE TOWN WHERE CATLOVER3288 LIVES! The town it has lived in thus far is pretty basic. It's got a small store, a market, rows of houses, a hospital, a school, and a nursing home. Every day, while running errands or going for a walk, the sunsong passes by the nursing home. Usually it looks through the window. For the most part, it sees the same thing day after day: a bunch of old people sitting in rocking chairs, knitting or reading newspapers, bobbing back and forth slowly. One day, a rocking chair was empty. It moved back and forth, squeaking, and then stood still. Within a day or two, someone else began to sat in the chair, but the eggy's mind had already become warped. In its mind's eye, the chairs ate people if they were made to rock before anyone sat in them. If you got too close, SNAP, you'd be gone, leaving nothing but a squeaking high-backed piece of carnivorous furniture. This was scary. If humans started disappearing, who would be there to tell it a bedtime story every night! From that point onwards, the eggy made sure no chairs ever rocked without being sat in. If it heard the squeak of one, it would run over and check to see if it was occupied. If it wasn't, the eggy made sure it was completely destroyed and burned before it could do any damage. The eggy's hearing became incredibly sharp, to the point where it could hear a rocking chair from many blocks away. The eggy was moved to a rocking-chair-less location once it was found to be the source of the calamity, but the idea that an empty rocking chair in motion resulted in its destruction and burning spread like wildfire, and remained a widespread superstition. The little sunsong now lives with number 36, Rascal1414, who is still there to tell it bedtime stories!!!


That is all we have time for today, but now you know what people are so worried about. The reason why Friday the 13th is associated with these things is another story entirely, and a little too long to tell, involving pitchforks, fires, damsels in distress, and a toad by the name of Larry.


Have a nice day and weekend, everyone!

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WELCOME TO A GIVEAWAY IN SUSPENDED ANIMATION! Well, actually, the giveaway itself is not in suspended animation, seeing as that wouldn't really work. However, the victims of this giveaway are! But what do you do with a bunch of eggies which have been immobilized? I've got one word for you: Fashion!


First on the red carpet are THREE FREEZY CHEESY CHEESE EGGIES, FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! The cheeses have been strung together on a necklace, which a proud silver dragon is currently wearing. First, the eggies were warmed and softened, and molded into more circular shapes. Then they were sprayed with liquid gold, encasing them in a hard metal shell. Looking completely unlike cheese, they were placed together on a strand of bronze string (rumored to be spun from the color on a Tinsel dragon) and bestowed upon a fashionista. The necklace was so popular for fancy dinner parties, however, that no one bothered scraping the gold off to check on the eggies! After about a week, stuck inside a casing that heated up like an oven, the cheeses began to mold. When next they were seen, each was a different color: one was brownish green, one was blueish cream, one was redish pink. None of them smelled too bad, the strongest being the blue cheese. Having decided that they're too rotten to be of any use anymore, the cheeses are being shipped off to numbers 30, XxdragicexX, 12, sheppardkid, and 42, dreamgirl5!!!


Second and last, floating down the catwalk, is A BOBBING BALLOON EGGY FROM THE STUDIOS OF WATERSCORPION! Amazingly enough, balloon eggies still float when in suspended animation, making them perfect for use in levitating accessories. This particular balloon is part of a hat. The hat is made up of a wire frame, covered in ladybug-dragon hatchies and white buttons, with the eggy tucked inside. When placed over someone's head, the entire hat floats a few inches higher than it usually would without the balloon. Incredibly enough, the hat will also follow the head, always staying above it against all odds. Well, almost all odds. During a flying acrobatics competition, a low-flying dragon's claw nicked the hat, sending it flying into the air. It landed on a bare stretch of land, where it floated for a while. A little later that day, a passerby noticed the curiously floating hat, and took it home, along with the eggy. This passerby was none other than number 17, Hacart!!!


Short, sweet, on time. Perhaps next time I'll think of a better idea to write about... All the same, I hoped you enjoyed this little story!

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Dragon Cave: A place filled with mystical reptilian creatures that can fly and breathe fire. They come in all flavors, but everyone recognizes what they are. DC may be ruled by these incredible beasts, but they aren't the only ones. Chickens seem to be the only non-reptilians who get any credit for existing on this world, but there are others, and while they all know what a dragon is, they aren't all familiar with dragon eggs. So here are a couple of stories about some animal-egg encounters.


First, let me get everyone on the same level about the size of these eggs: they are, at least for this story, about the size of an average backpack filled with books.


Our first encounter involves a vulture, and A RED DINO EGGY FROM THE UNCOMMON CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! This dino, on its way back from getting some ice cream, walked a little too close to a mangled piece of roadkill. As a matter of fact, the eggy even stepped on part of the corpse. It was pretty flat, and the dino didn't notice, but it still reeked of rotten flesh. Vultures, the best at finding meat that's free for the taking, soon began to circle over the eggy, while it simply bounced around with its frozen dessert. In a single quick swoop, one of the giant birds scooped the eggy up and took off towards the top of a cliff. It could sense that there was warmth under that hard outer shell, and wanted to get to whatever tastiness there was. Having dealt with bones filled with bone marrow, the vulture thought it knew what to do: fly out over a rocky area and drop it. Much to the surprise of the scavenger, the spotty round eggy didn't shatter into a million pieces, leaving the gooey inside easily accessible. Instead, it bounced. With audible thunks, the little dino went bouncing over the hard rocks. After only a few rebounds, it landed not on another rock, but in a hole. A high-pitched scream rose above the landscape as the slightly-dented eggy fell down the chimney of number 37, warpster1!!!


Next, we've got a story involving a motherly mouse, and A PLAIN LOOKING OCHREDRAKE EGGY FROM THE LITTLE FARM OF ANNIELYLA! Even at the farm, this eggy has always had some trouble with motherly animals, especially chickens. Since its coloring is plain, and not too different from a brown bird egg, the female chickens are always trying to take care of it. But it's not just the fowl. On the eggy's most recent walk through the countryside, it came across a friendly little field mouse. At first, the mouse kept its distance, but the eggy could tell that the rodent was always around. The fuzzy brown critter darted through the tall grasses, staring out at the eggy with beady black eyes. It didn't even go away when the eggy stopped under its favorite tree to take a nap, an area renown for its rat snakes. When the eggy awoke, it noticed it had slept longer than usual. The reason turned out to be that it had been made comfortable. An intricate nest of grasses had been woven around it, and a tiny brown body was resting atop it. Whenever one of the snakes, mouth watering with the thought of fresh mouse, got too close, the mouse would bare its teeth and lash its tail, chattering loudly. At first, the eggy was astounded that the snakes backed off, until it noticed the tiny red bite marks along their necks. When the mouse noticed the eggy stirring, it ran towards the edge of the tall grass, and then turned to look at it expectantly. The eggy followed, mostly because the rodent wouldn't have it any other way. After only a few minutes of walking, the pair reached the mouth of the cave of number 10, Blood-Otherium!!!


The last encounter we will talk about involve an army, and AN INNOCENT GLORY DRAKE EGG FROM THE SUGAR CANE FIELDS OF SHEPPARDKID! This eggy spends most of its time out among the towering stalks of sweetness, wandering aimlessly through the fields for hours on end. One day, a few ants approached it. Now, the ants of DC aren't like those on Earth. These ants are about twice the size of a standard deck of cards, fat, shiny, and incredibly well organized. The glory found itself encircled by about four ants; not enough to carry it off, but enough to keep it from going anywhere. One of the ants crawled on top of the eggy, and scraped its jaws around the shell. Then it ran off, quickly disappearing among the sugar cane. The remaining ants kept the eggy in that same place until the return of their companion, which took about half a day. When the ant did return, it was followed by an army. They grouped themselves around the confounded dragon egg, and lifted it onto their backs. Off they went, marching quickly, weaving through the cane forest. The anthill was just outside a small collection of caves. To the ants great disappointment, the eggy didn't fit. As they decided how to deliver this sweet tasting treasure to their queen, the glory sneaked off to find shelter in the home of number 2, Ninetails!!!


Not all eggies had such a happy ending. Despite their tough shells, some do indeed end up getting eaten or destroyed in some way or another. But we have no time for those sad stories today.


Sorry for the lateness! Hope it was enjoyable!

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HELLO AGAIN, EVERYONE! A few things have happened since the last drawing, most notably DC's birthday and the great pygmy release. But another thing, at least for me, was the end of the school year, and the start of summer! And my school year just ended yesterday, so I'm a happy camper. But I'm not the only one in DC with cause to be happy. On the contrary, many of the dragons are jumping with joy for one reason or another! So here are a few short stories telling the reasons why eggies are either frolicking through fields of flowers or banging their heads against a wall.


First up, we've got a PURPLE DINO EGGY FROM ANARIE! This eggy has spent most of the school year doodling and writing. Its notebooks are filled with everything from random doodles and quick sketches, to detailed works of art, captioned and dotted with speech bubbles. As the dino's grades went down the well, a masterpiece was being created. The teachers gave up trying to get the eggy to pay attention long ago, deciding the thing was just too stupid to understand what they were saying. But despite their narrow views, this dino is a genius. Just as school comes to an end, it's getting a beautiful graphic novel published, an amazingly beautiful graphic novel with a wonderful plot and a high price tag. Despite its cost, humans and dragons alike are eagerly awaiting this book. Hoping to hide from fan-girls if this publication becomes too popular, the eggy has found an alternative place to stay: in the caves of number 34, scm7271999!!!


Next, we’ve got a LITTLE CHICKEN EGGY FROM CATLOVER3288! While this eggy went to school every day, it did not go to learn. Near the beginning of the year, the chicken figured out that it was not wanted among the masses of dragon eggs. So, instead of showing up to class, it went in search of a job. The best-paying one it found was to ring the school bells. The eggy took this job eagerly, and began making the system better. It placed speakers throughout the school, wired them all together, and hooked them up to a magically suspended, hollow metal sphere. To ring the bell, the eggy donned a suit of chain mail, climbed into the sphere, and jumped around as much as possible, making the metal ding repeatedly like all good school bells should. Although this job was a steady source of income, the eggy found it incredibly exhausting. The chain mail was heavy, and there was a vast amount of exercise needed to get the sphere to sound like a bell. When the last day of school finally rolled around, the eggy had accumulated a nice pile of gold, and could have slept for a month. With the riches it had earned, the chicken moved to the fancy part of town, and took a long nap in the cave of number 42, EragonSaphiraRider!!!


Another eggy from Catlover3288 is a WONDERFUL WHITE STRIPE! This is the kind of eggy who will take any excuse to throw a party. With both DC’s birthday and the end of school happening at about the same time, there is a HUGE party planned. According to the numerous fliers and posters that have suddenly sprung up all over DC, there will be cake, pie, ice cream, cute kittens, balloons, plenty of water to swim in, good food, champagne, and something about a real-life Portal simulation. Best of all, everyone is invited! Tell your family, your friends, and even your alien godmothers, because this is going to be one of the biggest parties of the year. The party will be taking place at the cavernous halls of number 9, Lolchen!!!


Not all eggies are thrilled about the end of school, such as this PINK EGGY FROM ROCKIN’ ON! Over the course of the school year, this little eggy had developed a crush on one of the hatchies. For a long time, the pink had had its eyes on the young dragon, but never found the courage to approach them. Now, with a long vacation ahead, the eggy is filled with irritation at its own shyness. It fears that the hatchie will develop a love interest over the summer, or will grow up and get a mate. The pink has missed its chance… Or has it? I happen to know where this hatchie lives, and have arranged for the eggy to be shipped over there as a little surprise. In only a couple of days, the little eggy will be arriving at the caves of number 17, Daftwizard!!!


Next up, another eggy from Rockin’ On: A CRIMSON FLARE PYGMY! This is one of those new dragon species, whose existence has just recently been made known to humans. The cute little pygmy dragons are all the rage right now, and everyone is running around DC trying to find them. Some of the wild pygmies aren’t enjoying their sudden popularity, and don’t like the idea of living in luxury with humans. Not so for this little crimson flare! It can’t wait to be picked up and taken to a place full of cream and satin pillows. In its mind, the wild is a forbidding place, where mysteries and dangers hide in every shadow. The crimson would much rather curl up on a rug before a crackling fire than wander around the woods in the cold, so it was more than happy when it was suddenly picked up by number 26, Tayiadragonbite!!!


Our last eggy today is yet another one from Rockin’ On: A FLUFFY PILLOW! As the sun set in the distance, turning the sky a golden orange, this little eggy danced around a great bit bonfire outside a cave. Many dragons were gathered around, sharing stories and soaking in the heat of the fire. As the pillow twirled and hopped around in circles, it thought of how it never once got burned that year. This is a rather miraculous feat, considering the most popular prank played on pillows is to light them on fire. Wanting to share its success with the other dragons, the eggy turned away from the fire and towards the hatchies that were gathered nearby. As it began to speak, a small plume of smoke rose from behind it. Some of the hatchies sniffed the air with concern, while one of them giggled upon realizing what was going on. Suddenly, the eggy noticed as well, and started to jump up and down frantically. When the flame, burning away the soft fluff that clung to its shell, refused to go out, the pillow ran into the woods. Water! It had to find water! Onwards it ran, until the soft orange glow faded into the darkness. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the eggy heard a soft trickle not too far off. Without bothering to see where it was, the eggy leaped towards the sound, sighing as the cool liquid extinguished the flame with a hiss. When it finally looked around, the eggy found itself in an unfamiliar cave: the home of number 39, Alphonso!!!


And that’s it! Everyone should be happy, whether they have a reason or not. These aren’t the best stories, though. I accidentally deleted the story right before I finished it yesterday, so this has all been sluggishly rewritten despite my sudden lack of muse. I hope it was the least bit enjoyable, though!


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Here we are once again, all gathered for yet another EGGY GIVEAWAY! There were two things I felt like writing today: a ghost story or something to do with insanity. Seeing as I am unable to make ghost stories truly scary, you're all about to witness the rise of one eggy and the fall of another, and it all has something to do with the state of mind they call 'madness.'


We've only got two eggies today, A RED DORSAL AND A THUNDER, BOTH FROM THE WONDERFUL CATLOVER3288! These two eggs are both peas in the same pod. Being the best of friends, they do almost everything together. Both have their own little individual habits and quirks about them, too. The thunder plays the lottery. Every day, it puts aside a little money, sometimes more than other times. At the end of each week, it uses that money to buy itself a few tickets. It is convinced that if it plays the lottery diligently enough, that eventually it will win and all the money it used will have been worth it. The dorsal eggy is more of a collector. Whenever it finds a stone that sparkles in the sunlight with crystals, or a dragon scale that’s a certain color, it will stash it away in one of its many hidy-holes. Nothing much came of these two habits for the longest of times. The thunder bought tickets, yet won nothing, and the dorsal slowly built up its collection, but didn’t do anything with it. This of course changed when the thunder’s ticket was a winning one. Rumbling with delight and sending off random sparks, the suddenly-rich eggy began planning a trip, one that would take it around the world with its best friend. The trip lasted quite a while, and was very glorious and successful. About half-way through it, though, the dorsal began to act strange. The first signs of its transformation came with intense paranoia. At every noise, every whoosh of the wind, every note that the birds sang, the eggy would look around wildly and shrink away. To the thunder, this behavior appeared to wear off fairly quickly, but it failed to notice the dazed way in which its friend walked around, and how it muttered to itself. As a matter of fact, the thunder didn’t start to worry again until the pair returned home, and the little dorsal went straight to its collection and lit it on fire. This was bad. The dorsal had always loved its treasures, and now it had gone and destroyed most of them! The thunder sprang into action, keeping an eye on its friend all the time. It was then that it noticed everything else. The dorsal talked almost constantly, sometimes in the voice that was its own, and sometimes in a strange and rasping voice. It argued with itself, and even stopped eating because the two voices couldn’t agree on what would taste better. While the seemingly possessed eggy was no longer very aware of its surroundings, and didn’t move around much, it would sometimes wander off in the middle of the night, presumably in search of something. While the thunder did its best to never let the dorsal out of its sight, it did fall asleep a couple of times. It was during one of these naps that the dorsal went wandering. In order to keep the little thunder from running around like a chicken without its head, we are going to send it to a remote tropical island where it can relax while we try to find the dorsal. If we do find the dorsal, it shall be sent to a special place with soft white walls. While we cannot disclose the locations of these two areas, we can tell you that the thunder will go to number 10, WaterScorpion, and the dorsal to number 27, Mysfytt!


And that's about it! I hope you enjoyed this little story, and would like to remind you to not ignore sudden outbreaks of paranoia.

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Nightmares. We all have them. Sometimes we're stuck in them, wandering around filled with fear. Sometimes we cannot remember them, but wake up with a start and know that something freaky was going on. We humans (and robots trying to take over the world) are not the only ones with the capability to have scary dreams. All dragons, especially the more docile ones, have to live through a nightmare every once in a while. And thus, I welcome you to A SPINE TINGLING, SHIVER CAUSING GIVEAWAY! If you’re an eggy, that is…


First, we've got a PAIR OF THUNDER EGGIES, BOTH FROM THE SKY HIGH CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! All thunders learn from early on to stay away from water. If the electricity stored within them is released while the dragon is near a pool, or in a rain storm, the energy will spread through the liquid and zap anyone it touches. Depending on the strength of the electricity, the zap can be fatal to even the strongest dragon. These two eggies have always feared the idea that they could accidentally kill someone just from being near water. Since they're still young, they are not yet able to store very large amounts of electrical energy, but reality tends to get distorted in the dream world. Having fallen asleep together while telepathically linked, the two thunders landed in the same nightmare. They found themselves in a very wet world, filled with oceans, puddles, lakes, rivers, rain, marshes, swamps, and sprinklers. Life was everywhere. Plants, animals, dragons and even humans wandered in and out of sight. To add to the horror, both eggies were crackling with more electric power than an adult thunder. Whenever they moved too quickly, a bolt of energy would spring from their shells and zip through the humid air and the moist ground, leaving the smell of burning bodies behind. The dream continued until everyone had been reduced to a pile of ash. No longer did the eggies wander over soggy ground. Instead, they were treading on a thick layer of what was left over from the mass deaths. At that moment, a shriek ripped through the air, coming from somewhere in the distance. At first, the eggies thought it was the sound of another dying dragon. But the shriek came from beyond the dream, where an ochredrake had gotten into a fight with a young spitfire. The noise generated by the skirmish roused the two thunders. Upon waking, they immediately sought out a dryer spot in the cave. This proved impossible, and sent the pair into a state of shock. So, we are transporting them to the desert, where water is very scarce. They will have new homes with numbers 3 and 48, LollieLauren and Annatjie!!!


Unlike this next one, that last nightmare required quite a bit of back story. The fears of this eggy are much more easily explained: it's a PAPER, ALSO FROM THE CAVERNS OF CATLOVER3288! I'll give you one guess as to what its nightmare was about. Fire, of course! This delicately folded eggy is very vulnerable to the heat generating flames. Naturally, it almost had a heart attack when it awoke in a burning forest. Everywhere it looked there was fire, licking at the trees and reducing everything it touched to cinders and coal. The eggy tried to run, but found itself rooted to the spot. The fire got closer, growing in size like an approaching tidal wave. With a fierce crackling sound, the wall of flames crashed down onto the eggy, and began to greedily burn through the thin paper. The eggy squealed, and was then buffeted to one side. As it died in the dream, it woke with a start. A worried looking hatchie sat next to it, gently rocking it. The eggy immediately jumped away, afraid that the hatchie would turn into the deadly fire that had engulfed it just moments before. In order to keep it from dying of fright, we are shipping the eggy off to a cave in the damp marshlands. Hopefully this will quell its fear of becoming a pile of ash. The cave that will now be its home belongs to number 32, Lalasa!!!


And thus concludes our nightmarish story. Don't let your mischievous hatchies hear it, because they'll go off and pass it on to unsuspecting and innocent eggies!

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WELCOME, NEW AND OLD PEOPLE, TO THE FIRST GIVEAWAY AFTER THE CHANGE! As the clock chimed midnight for DC, the cave became shrouded in a cloud of downtime and nyan. For two hours, masses of dragons and dragon keepers either hopped around unable to contain their excitement, or paced from side to side with a confused look on their face. Then, suddenly, after everyone was dragging their feet and falling asleep, the cave returned. It was different, no doubt about it, but still the cave everyone has always loved and always will love.


But how has this sudden overnight change affected eggies? Well... Read on!


First up, a story about two active participants in the changes: A CHEESE AND A PAPER, BOTH FROM THE MAGICAL MYSTICAL FOREST OF CATLOVER3288! Whether it was through a glitch or a gift, these two enchanted eggies had a little more magic in them than is usual. The cheese found that it was able to selectively mold, forming little spots of different colored fuzzes wherever the eggy decided they should be. The paper was able to unfold itself into a single large sheet, which functioned like a magic canvas. Legend has it that magic canvas’ transform what is painted on them into a real thing. Of course, problems began to arise when the cheese began using its colorful mold to draw random maps on the paper. As the cheese used up the colorful spots, they began to deepen into holes, giving the eggy a very distinct swiss-cheese look. The map, drawn onto the thin canvas provided by the paper, began shaping the surrounding landscape. Mountains and deserts and forest began to grow and spread; lakes dried up, rivers formed out of nowhere, and everything was thrown into disarray. When the great God of TJ realized what was happening, he immediately hid DC while he sorted everything out. Although he was unable to reverse the changes, he was able to magic the two eggies to places devoid of ink and parchment: the cheese to number 57, Dragon and Cat Tamer, and the paper to number 16, user560!!!


Next we’ve got a pair of tight friends: A WATER EGGY UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE OF ERAGONSAPHIRARIDER, AND A SUNSONG EGGY SITTING IN A CORNER IN THE CAVES OF GHB523! These were the closest eggies we’ve seen in a while, always together. If one was ever seen without the other, something was seriously wrong. When there was one cave, staying together was no problem. But as they were sleeping, the air filled with magic and separated the two. When they awoke, everything seemed wrong. The water eggy found itself on a sandy beech, overlooking a vast ocean. The sunsong was surrounded by shadows, for very little light reached through the thick jungle canopy all the way to the ground, and had to gasp for breath due to the immense humidity. After the initial shock of being in a strange place wore off, both eggies nearly died from a heart attack when they realized their friend was not there. The water began running around all over the place, questioning every dragon it met and knocking them unconscious if they had no information to offer. The sunsong, on the other hand, went into a daze, and simply walked around looking as if it was searching for death. Both were quickly picked up by some concerned dragon keepers, who are making sure the young ones don’t die. To make sure this task is easier for whoever gets these eggies next, they’re being sent to neighboring caves: the water to number 23, ShinyDazzlight, and the sunsong to number 34, PieMaster!!!


The night of The Change will forever be remembered as NyanNight by those who stayed up through the wait. The rainbow poptart kitty has not only infected humans with its crazyness, but has also reached out to touch the minds of some eggies, such as this BLUNA, SUN, AND SEAWYRM PYGMY TRIO FROM THE COLORFUL WATERFALL CAVERNS OF SUZAMAWOLF! Lined up in the most rainbow-like pattern they could muster, these three eggies have been dancing around the caverns driving everyone insane since the cave came back. Lined up and moving as one, the trio zigzagged in and out of the veil of water that falls across the entrance of the cavern they live in. As sunlight filtered through the falling water, it reflected off the dazzling shells of the three eggies, illuminating the room with rainbows. To worsen the matter, the three have been chanting NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN nonstop ever since they started. Every single dragon signed a petition to get rid of the disturbance, and sought out Suzamawolf (who was holding a pillow over their head). A decision was rapidly made, and the three eggies were sent away to different places: the bluna to number 14, lucky333123, the sun to number 44, Dixie200, and the seawyrm to number 3, lela9b!!!


Another thing that changed was the codes for dragons. Dragons have always had an extra layer of pigmentation where their code has been stamped on them, so the mess of letters and numbers isn’t visible. However, when five character codes began appearing, some of the pigment layers became faulty. Such is the case with a WHITE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF SAPHIRASAPPHIRE! One letter of this eggy’s code became clearly visible after the change, branded to a spot on its shell. Filled with embarrassment, the eggy began scratching up against rocks, and rolling around in the sand, determined to rid itself of that letter. Soon, its shell started to wear thin, to the point where it was almost transparent. Then it broke, and out fell a small white hatchie. At first, it was relieved! Finally, it had managed to free itself of that humiliating letter. But upon closer inspection, the white’s spirits fell. There, clearly visible on its thigh, was that irritating letter. Since we don’t want the little one feeling like a stranger in its own home, we are sending it off to a place filled with dragons that have had pigment layer errors: the cave of number 39, asluglicker!!!


Last, but certainly not least, we have A MAGI, A RED DINO, AND A BLUE DINO, ALL FROM THE MAGNIFICENT CASTLE IN THE SKY OF PINCH OF STARDUST! When magis were granted with the power to teleport young dragons from place to place, the magi eggy felt like it should start practicing. Acting completely arrogant, the little eggy waddled off to find some of the dumbest eggies it knew: dinos. It got both the blue and the red to sit still in one place, then focused all its magical power on them. Suddenly, the magi disappeared. The two dinos looked at each other with blank expressions, then fell over laughing. When the magi reappeared, however, they stopped laughing and started looking dumb again. Fuming, the magi marched over to the two dinos, and touched shells with the red one. It tried again. This time, the red dino vanished, followed by the magi. Neither reappeared that time, so the blue dino simply shrugged and turned to leave. At that moment, an adult magi was practicing its teleporting powers as well, and accidentally sent the dino away instead of the pebble it was aiming for. But where did all these eggies end up? The magi was found upside-down in a tree outside of the cave of number 19, koowie, the red dino ended up at the bottom of a pond near the home of number 41, Sparkgirl, and the blue landed on the head of number 8, .Big.Pimpin.!!!


And that's all the eggies we could find to talk to. Quite a sizable bunch, if you ask me! I hope you enjoyed this slightly-late story!

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Welcome, everyone, welcome to the EGA SPONSORED TOUR OF THE IMAGINATION MACHINE! Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? Well, that's because it was made by one of those crazy young dragons. But before I spoil everything, follow me! Mind your head, though, there are some low doorways on the way.


Behold, the Imagination Machine! What do you mean, you can't see it? Oh. Right. You there, by the wall, could you switch on the light? There. Behold, the IM, made by none other than a SPLIT EGGY, FROM THE LAIR OF SENEAR! This split, like all others, has two sides capable of independent though. One side is completely mute, and rather dumb, but has an extremely vivid imagination. The other side is lively and intelligent, but is so focused on fact that it lacks the power to conjure up fantasies. The imaginative side, while not very bright, wanted the other side to know what it felt like to dream up entire worlds that exist only in the mind, so it started sending images across a telepathic link. The scientific side (which also happened to be the dark side) was completely baffled by these images, but began to study them when they wouldn't cease to come. Finally, after many sleepless nights and canceled dinner parties, the eggy came up with the IM, a machine that taps into two separate minds, allowing one to wander among the thoughts of the other. More sleepless nights were then spent by the two sides exploring the other half, the dark side full of wonder at the bright colors, and the light side perplexed at the emptiness. The side effect to using the machine, however, is that part of an eggy's memory gets erased. For some random and unknown reason, the part that gets erased is the part that stores information about their home and owner. Thus, upon leaving the machine, the split wandered around until it bumped into a human, which it now considers its master: number 70, chee!!!


Now that you know all about the Imagination Machine, I've got some stories about other eggies that have gone into it. They're all locked up in cages behind that orange curtain over there, and will be released as I finish the stories so they can chose new owners.


First to go in after the split were A MAGMA FROM THE VOLCANIC HOME OF ASLUGLICKER, AND A SKYWING FROM THE CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS OF CHEMIST98! Upon entering, they both found themselves in places they would never go of their own free will. The magma didn't notice at first, simply thinking it was walking along the top of a cliff that reached up to where the clouds were. Then it looked down. For miles and miles, there was nothing but thin air. It was even above the height at which dragons fly. Immediately, it felt sick. It was used to the warm underground of volcanic tunnels, and yet there it was, floating through frigid air with nothing but clouds as company. While it was becoming queasy, the skywing was becoming claustrophobic. It was stuck underground, far beneath the surface and the wind it loved so much. The walls emitted warmth, and an orange glow was coming from somewhere down the tunnel. The eggy went towards it, and soon found itself looking down a huge shaft. Above, a tiny circle of blue sky was visible. Below, rivers of molten rock made their way across a black wasteland before disappearing into the dark mouth of a cave. Then, both eggies began to fall, plummeting towards certain death. Right before they hit the ground, the IM flung them out. Now, stand around these cages so the pair can be released. It looks like the magma goes to number 21, PuddingMonster, and the skywing to number 64, Madzi_Jade!!!


Next we threw in two eggs which, while both small, are still drastically different in size: A CHICKEN FROM THE WELL KNOWN HALLS OF CATLOVER3288, AND A NILIA PYGMY FROM THE FANCY PALACES OF ANARIE! Now, this chicken is not from space. It is naught but a small bird which has such a small brain that it could be considered a vegetable. It didn't know what to make of the swirling colors and columns of gold which it found in the mind of the energetic nilia. After wandering around for a while, the chicken sat itself down on what it figured was a rock (although it was actually a turtle covered in gold leaf with crystals embedded in its shell) and tried to determine if it had a headache or not. The nilia, on the other hand, found nothing. There wasn't even the emptiness that would be found in the mind of one who cares only for what is proven to be true. There was simply nothing. Even the little pygmy eggy seemed to disappear, for it was too much for the simplistic chicken's brain to deal with. Then, as the chicken became hungry, the nilia could see the faint outline of a pile of grain. But it too disappeared after a while, leaving only the soft rumbling that signifies an empty stomach. After what seemed an eternity to both eggies, the IM spat them out. They're both still a bit flabbergasted, so I'll just hand them out to random people: the chicken to number 13, Anarie, and the nilia to number 53, Orlageddon!!!


Next, we have a pair of very similar eggs: TWO PURPLE DORSALS, BOTH FROM THE SAME MOUNTAIN-DWELLING LALASA! While very nearly identical, both have drastically different memories. While wandering around, one of the dorsals was surrounded by shadows. Dark figured kept coming forward until they were almost visible through the dense fog, only to drift away again. Screams of pain and terror echoed through the air, hinting at a dreadful past that couldn't be remembered. There was no warmth of a mothers belly as she lay on her clutch, no protective wing cast over the young. Only fear and suffering. The other dorsal, on the other hand, found itself surrounded by smiling faces, and lots of them. Large adult dragons were everywhere, and all of them were careful to avoid stepping on the little eggy. Bouncy hatchies romped around, occasionally coming over to poke the dorsal with curiosity. One of the adults never left the eggy's side, and was always there to snap at anyone that bothered her little treasure. It was just starting to enjoy itself, when the IM kicked it out. From the other side of the machine, the other dorsal heaved a sigh of relief. Now they're both here, in separate cages because they were getting into a fight, ready to go to good homes. There they go, running in opposite directions, one towards number 38, ab613, the other towards number 17, ShatteringGlass!!!


We've got one last pair of eggies, A PINK FROM THE FLAT-LANDS OF RASCAL1414, AND A CANOPY FROM THE LAKES OF WATERSCORPION! While these two looks rather different, they are a perfect match in personality. Still, it was rather surprising when they bumped into each other inside the IM. Their minds were so similar that the machine didn't no what else to do with them, so it combined them. As the two became friends, the world they were in changed to reflect their relationship. At first, they were both in a lush forest, where they could walk for hours and just chat away about the weather, or the great Change. When they considered each other friends, the trees gave way to a beach scattered with giant air-filled balls and sand castle making tools. After a while, though they didn't intend it to do so, the scenery changed to look like Venice, and the sun began to set. Blushing slightly at the romantic feel that hung in the air, the two wandered past bakeries smelling of fresh pastries and candle-list restaurants. All too soon, it was all over. They walked out of different sides of the IM, radiating disappointment. I have no doubt they'll choose two neighbors as their new owners, but let's open the cage and find out. Indeed! The pink is heading straight towards number 41, SaphiraSapphire, while the canopy is going to someone who lives only two caves away: number 40, XxdragicexX!!!


And that is all I've got for you, folks! The exit is right over that way, past the red wall, down the hallway, take a right, and take the third door on your left (but not the one with a werewolf behind it). Come back soon!


Can you tell that I was making that up as I went along? Hopefully it's coherent.

And I didn't do the 41, 40 choosing on purpose! That was all random.org. xd.png

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Alien invasions are not a strange thing in DC. Most notably, there were the Space Chickens (and the less well known Space Cows), but many many beings have landed on this little planet, and either picked up a few souvenirs and moved on or blended in and stayed. The first to notice these invasions are usually the eggies, because they aren't focused on some important task that makes them blind to everything else. So, for this giveaway, we shall be talking to some young 'uns who have experienced outer-spacey life first hand!


First, let me introduce you to this PAPER AND PURPLE DINO, BOTH EGGIES FROM THE OBSERVATORY OF CATLOVER3288! Being young, neither is very keen on listening to their superiors, and they almost always stay up way past their bedtimes. Sometimes, the two sneak into the room with the larger telescopes, and spend hours gazing up at the star speckled sky. One day, they spotted a shooting star. The only strange thing was that the star seemed to weave through the sky, changing directions and doubling back on itself. Then it stopped moving around, and began to grow as it came closer. Bigger and bigger it got, until the eggies could see that it resembled a glowing sea-urchin more than anything else. A bright purple light blinded the eggies, forcing them to turn away from the telescope. The next thing the paper knew, its friend was gone. The dino had simply disappeared! Looking at the sky again, the paper noticed the spiky craft start to pull away. Before the eggy lost sight of the strange object, it flicked on the laser-sight and aimed it straight towards the UFO. While the laser isn't particularly harmful to most life on DC, the spaceship shook violently and let something fall back down to the ground. The paper rushed outside, determined to reach the dino before anything else happened, but got lost in the dark. Both eggies ended up wandering around aimlessly, trying to locate a landmark they knew of, until they bumped into someone's house. The paper is now sitting on the porch of number 48, Suzamawolf, while the dino is glaring at the cat of number 66, chemist98!!!


Next, we've got a SWEET SPLIT EGGY FROM THE SCRAPYARDS OF 00N0B0DY! While wandering through the piles of junk metal and old cars one day, this eggy ran into some Space Chickens on a mission to create a new weapon to use in their plans of world domination. When they heard the split coming, they all ran and hid among the scrap metal, leaving their half-finished creation sitting out in the open. Curious as to what the thing was, the eggy approached it and gave it a good jab with a random object that had been laying on the ground nearby. The thin aluminum sheet that covered the thing broke, and a greenish goo oozed out onto the ground. It appeared to be alive, twitching and sliding around. The eggy poked it, too. The green stuff then turned bright red, and heated up to the point where the sand beneath it melted into glass. The thing expanded, pulsating rapidly. At that moment, one of the chickens hit the split with an old steering wheel, knocking it unconscious. The eggy awoke a week later, suffering from amnesia, safe in the caves of number 26, blackchimera!!!


And last, we've got A MAGI EGGY ON A CAMPING TRIP WITH PINCH OF STARDUST, AND A BELIEVED-TO-BE-ALIEN MISFIT PYGMY CURRENTLY IN THE CUSTODY OF ROCKIN' ON! The young magi was out of itself with excitement, for this was its first time in a pine forest. It did its best to help with everything, which both amused and annoyed the older dragons at the same time. While the eggy was cute, marching around trying to make everything perfect, it kept getting underfoot. As the sun began to sink in the west, the magi was sent off to gather firewood, so it would be out of the way while dinner was prepared. It was alone in a small clearing, leaning against the small stack of wood it had collected as it rested, when the Flash happened. Just as the sun disappeared under the horizon, blue light illuminated every nook and cranny in that part of DC. Blinking wildly in an attempt to speed up the return of its vision, the eggy caught sight of the misfit. It was also an eggy, although it didn't act like one. The swirly patterns on its shell seemed to move, as if they had been stirred with a stick. Then the tiny eggy tensed, and the moving stopped. The magi approached in a friendly manner, but halted when a hissing growl was let loose by the misfit. This was strange. While extremely mischievous, that type of dragon wasn't known to be aggressive. The noise attracted other dragons, some of which sensed the slight difference in atmospheric pressure around the newcomer. The crowd thickened quickly, until Rockin' On showed up. Casting a sack over the little misfit and throwing it over her shoulder, the dragon keeper dismissed the dragons and went off to find an adult magi to teleport the stranger away. Abandoning its pile of firewood, the magi eggy secretly followed Rockin'. When the misfit disappeared, heading off to a place where it could be watched and interrogated, the magi was caught in the teleport beam and also vanished, ending up in a random cave somewhere at the edge of the forest. The misfit is now in the labs of number 53, Cir_C, while the magi is settling in to its new home with number 30, Classycal!!!


And that is all the alien encounters we have time for today. Don't forget to report any strange happenings to the Alien Tracking Department!

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It's the carnival! It's here! In town! TODAY! It’s perfect place to send all your young dragons so they're not underfoot or upsetting the older members of your cave. Once there, you can forget about them for the entire day. Yes, you heard me, the entire day! But what do they do while they're there? Well, that's why we're here. In this Eggy Give Away, we'll be monitoring some eggies to see just what's going on at this fair which sprung up overnight.


First, let's go have a look at the eggy by that roller coaster over there, A SWEET NILIA PYGMY FROM THE CAVES OF PUDDINGMONSTER! One of the roller coasters has so many loops, turns, and sudden bursts of speed that every car is encased in a transparent ball, so that there is no danger of the passengers falling to their deaths. The nilia got a car all to itself, which it thought was a stroke of luck, seeing as the cars can get quite crowded at times. The buckles that were supposed to secure the eggy in place, however, were a bit too large. While it did its best to shorten the straps and get buckled in, the ride started. Immediately, the pygmy was flung from its seat as the train sped around a corner and into the first loop-the-loop. For the rest of the ride, the eggy was tossed around like a rag-doll. One second, it was on the ground, staring down at the ground, the next it was upside down and backwards, looking straight ahead at the next turn or mountain. By the time the ride was finished, there was no doubt that this nilia had scrambled innards. Dizzy and in pain, with a dented shell and some sort of concussion, the pygmy wandered away from the crazy ride. It ended up stumbling around blindly, until we picked it up and shoved it into the arms of number 75, KuukiKiller!!!


Now, if you look over towards the cotton candy stands, you might notice A GREEN DINO EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! It's no joke that dinos eat more in a week than most dragons do in an entire year, and this green one is no exception. Someone made the mistake of pointing it towards the part of the carnival where food is sold, and it is now busy stealing sweet confections from right under the shopkeeper's noses. Its growling stomach kept urging it to get more, to the point where the young dino crawled into one of the cotton candy machines. As it sat there, trying to get the stickiness off its shell, the machine roared to life. The chamber inside which the eggy was siting began to spin, sending all its contents flying towards the walls. A mechanical arm came down from somewhere up above, and tossed the sticky stuff (and the egg) back towards the center of the cylindrical space. The process was repeated numerous times, until the cotton candy was as puffy as the clouds in the sky above. When the machine was finally switched off, and the candy was put on sticks and sold, the dino looked no different than the rest of the sweet wads of fluff. So, of course, no one noticed when it was sold to number 66, DarkPanther!!!


Let us move away from all this food, before we are too tempted to fill up on junk, and go look at the paintball field. It appears that a pair of eggies is collecting their guns right now, A CHEESE AND A MAGMA, FROM THE CAVERNS OF SUZAMAWOLF! But these are mischievous little eggies we're talking about. Naturally, their intentions go beyond winning a simple game of paintball. Between the two, they only got one paintball gun. Pressing against the magma, the cheese eggy warmed itself up until it was soft as putty. Then, a small chunk of cheese was ripped from the eggy, splashed with some paint, and stuffed into the gun. The magma shot the cheeseball, which bounced back a considerable distance after hitting its target, and reloaded as the cheese fetched back their ammunition. It was a brilliant and working plan, until a gang of hatchies took over the game, using some form of exploding paintball. Beaten and splattered with color, the eggies retreated. Thinking of the humiliation that would greet them if they returned home, the two went in search of another place to live. They ended up in different caves, the cheese with number 26, alabaster_demon, and the magma with number 41, dizmo!!!


The cheese and magma hadn't been the only eggies in the paintball field. Also there, and less ready to give up in their war against the hatchies, was A GEODE AND A MAGI, BOTH FROM THE CPA LAIR OF LAGIE! Determined to emerge triumphant from their battle against the older dragons, the eggies changed their strategy. Instead of shooting paintballs at the cheating hatchies, they began shooting insults. It didn't take long to get the hatchies all fired up and ready to give chase, so the eggies ran off into a house of mirrors. Blindly, the others followed. Once inside, the eggies had the advantage. Using its weak teleporting powers, the magi moved its friend to different places, causing the hatchies to run into walls and get lost. Eventually, the eggies managed to separate their adversaries. From there, they picked off individuals, either leading them deeper into the maze or teleporting them to a different ride entirely. Satisfied that they had won, the eggies left the house of mirrors. However, the magi made a mistake, which is common among young teleporters, and sent them both beyond the carnival walls. The geode ended up in the home of number 54, Doom_Salad, and the magi tumbled into the caves of number 30, Kannuchi!!!


Is everyone here familiar with the Twister? It is an interesting ride, designed to make it appear as if the car the passenger is in is going to collide with other cars. Usually, rides like this are completely automatic, but every once in a while you find one that isn't, such as the one that is being operated by A FLAMINGO AND A STONE EGGY, FROM THE CAVES OF CHEMIST98! The responsible white dragon that was in charge of the ride was getting terribly hungry, so it left this pair of rascals in charge. Unsure of how it all worked, they simply waited until the ride was full and then started pressing buttons. The flamingo was the first to find the On button, which instilled arrogance in it. It proceeded to march around trying to look important, pushing buttons and pulling levers with dramatic slowness. The stone, on the other hand, was just pushing stuff at random. While the eggies were concentrating on the control panel, the ride was spinning out of control. Passengers screeched as their cars collided with each other, or with nearby rides. Those who could fly made good use of their wings, and abandoned the haywire Twister. Others weren't so lucky, and were left holding on for dear life. When the stone finally found the Off button, all but a few of the original passengers were gone. They had either flown away, jumped, or been flung off. They lay scattered around, inspecting their wounds and cursing the two eggies, which had seen the damage and fled. The two made a desperate attempt to hide from the angry mob that was sure to come after them, so they hopped into a pair of bags that were sitting on a bench. When the owners of the bags didn't notice the added weight, the two eggies were carried away. When they come out, they'll find themselves in unfamiliar caves, the flamingo in those of number 33, SilverDarkness, and the stone in those of number 7, Twilightdreamer1979!!!


Bumper cars have always been a favorite at any sort of carnival, fair, or amusement park. They're not nearly as nauseating as roller coasters, or as scary as Twisters, but are just as fun and useful for revenge. Two eggies are over by the ride right now, ANOTHER CHEESE AND ANOTHER MAGI, BOTH FROM THE GOLD MINES BELONGING TO PINCH OF STARDUST! Earlier, the cheese had unknowingly eaten the magi's Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. When the magi learned of this, it was infuriated. The cheese would pay for its crime, and what better way than with the usually-fun bumper cars? Acting friendly, the magi offered to pay for the cheese's entry ticket. The eggy gladly accepted, and soon they were both sitting in little cars. When the ride lit up, and the cars became movable, the magi attacked. Starting from one side of the floor, the magi pushed its car to full speed, heading straight for the unsuspecting cheese. THUNK! The collision sent the cheese flying out of its car. It landed in the middle of the floor, and before it realized what was going on, the magi was already heading for it again. SQUISH! The cheese was flattened between two cars, and was deformed so much that no one would recognize it as being an egg. When the ride was over, a smug magi and a pancaked cheese left the ride in opposite directions. Neither wanted to be anywhere near the other, so they planned to live in the streets until they could be sure that they could return home without bumping into one another. To make sure they didn't go through the harsh life of the homeless, we gave them to random people: the magi to number 45, miggyrox789, and the cheese to number 32, rawr0401!!!


There appears to only be one eggy left now, A PYGMY FROM THE HALLS OF CLASSYCAL! It came looking for an adventure, but didn't get enough of one. Wanting to explore undiscovered lands, full of monsters it could fight and wild dragons that no one knew existed, the pygmy made its way towards the water-balloon-fight area. While no one was looking, it hopped into one of the buckets that contained the water balloons. When it was picked up and fitted into the slingshot used to launch the balloons, the eggy made sure it was aimed well above the intended target. When it was released, the pygmy whizzed through the air towards the outside of the carnival. It landed in a garden, at the paws of a young dog. The puppy growled, and then began to bark and yap as if the sky was falling. It made enough of a racket to attract the attention of the owner, number 48, Annatjie!!!


And that appears to be it! The carnival lights are being turned on in preparation for the coming night, and all the dragons with a bedtime are going home. Don't forget to go check the place out! You never know when it might disappear.


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Hey! You there! Random passerby person! Look over here! It's EGA'S SANDWICH BOOTH! We've got wonderful sandwiches, adapted from recipes that come from all over DC. Please, sit down! Here are today's specials:


The simple KAKARU_OF_DOOM SANDWICH, MADE WITH A FISHY SHALLOW WATER EGGY! Shallow water's have a very distinct bubbly texture. They are so full of air, in fact, that you can still feel them bubbling in your stomach. Eggies are even more interesting, for they have a squishy soap-bubble feel when cooked. The younger shallow water's have a natural flavor akin to that of a tropical fruit punch, which is why we also offer Goldfish Smoothies, or the fermented Goldfish Champagne. The smoothie is a particular favorite of number 35, Emmejo!!!


The most fancy sandwich we offer is the CATLOVER3288 SPECIAL, MADE USING A MAGMA, A PAPER, AND A PAIR OF GREEN DINO EGGIES! The process used to create this is not exactly simple. First, the dinos are set loose in a room filled with different foods. The green type of dino tend to end up flavored like what they ate, while still retaining a kind of sap in their shells which tastes like green mesquite. Once the dinos have eaten their fill, they are wrapped in a few layers taken from the paper eggy's shell. The rest of the paper is wrapped around the magma, causing immense amounts of smoke and lots of heat. All of the paper-wrapped things are placed in a small oven-like chamber, and left for a few hours. When done, the paper has become crisp, and usually has some burnt edges; the magma has produced enough smoke to fill the Empire State Building; and the dinos have been smoked and roasted in their own shell sap. After the flavorful parts are extracted from the dino eggies and turned into sandwiches, there are a bunch of leftover parts. Thankfully, there are some kind people which can (apparently) use the stuff: the still-smoking magma goes to number 28, Vaprrenon, the crispy leaves of paper go to number 64, Popuri, and the remains of the dinos go to numbers 23 and 41, DarkDamsel09 and halean!!!


Of course, we've also got vegetarian things, such as the SUZAMAWOLF SALAD SANDWICH, MADE WITH A MAGMA, A GEODE, AND A VINE EGGY! This is an extremely simple recipe, but does take some time. The geode, rock hard and covered with sharp little pieces of crystal, is used to bust open the magma and pound the vine until it's flat. The hot lava-like substance inside the magma is spread over the flattened vine eggy, which is then rolled up into a long green log thing. After the vine has cooked, it is scrapped off of the hardening lava and turned into a 100% no-meat sandwich. All of the parts go to different places after that: the geode, now useless since the crystals have become dull, goes to the rock garden, where it is usually snatched up by number 17, Nogard145; the pieces of magma are placed in a fancy looking bag and given to the first person who walks by, which in this case is number 14, Siryuki; and the vine (in the sandwich) is sold to a vegetarian, or someone with vegetarian dragons, such as number 57, Cabalsux!!!


Another simple sandwich, but one which is usually reserved for the undead, is THE RAWR0401 WRAP, MADE FROM A ROADKILL VAMPIRE EGGY! A roadkill vampire is a piece of roadkill which has been saturated with a Vampire's venom. This eggy was found by the side of the road, and when injected with the venom it became a little vampire itself (which is incredible seeing as we usually just end up with a blob that is cold to the touch and absorbs blood). The eggy was then submerged in a a bucket of zombie chicken blood, and allowed to absorb all of it. It was then wrung out, and submerged again. By about the 4th submergence, the vampire turns a bloodshot white. Then it is wrapped in a tortilla, and given to some creature who wants to tempt the dead back to life. This particular wrap went to someone who needed to keep a Vampire dragon away from their prized eggs and hatchies: number 49, IceFang!!!


Our last special available today is THE PINCH OF STARDUST MAGI 'N' CHEESE! When these two types of egg are boiled together, the cheese inexplicably reverts back to curds and whey. Each little piece of curd tastes a little bit different, and the flavor is as predictable as a financial crisis. While the cheese goes back a stage, the magi dries out. When removed from the hot water, the orange color on its shell can be flaked off and crumbled into dust, leaving the eggy pale. This dust is as magical as the dragon it came from, and can do strange things when ingested. The curds are sprinkled with this magic dust, and then sandwich-fied. The whey, and any leftover curds, are passed on to number 66, dragon_mando, and the no-longer-orange magi is given to a random person such as number 44, Amut un Rama!!!


Short and sweet! DISCLAIMER: We don't think that any eggies were harmed during the making of this story, but we won't be held responsible if we're wrong.

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Summer is the season to travel in, when there is no school and plenty of time to lounge around doing nothing, or go see some sights. Eggies aren't too fond of either of these ideas; they want to run around and be childish, not read books and walk around museums all day. Usually when their owners travel, the young dragons simply stay home under the supervision of elders. While they themselves don't like traveling, they do miss the dragon keepers that leave, and always prepare some sort of gift for when they return. Here's what some of those mischievous eggies are planning (note that these are also eggies who are planning surprises for dragon keepers who are traveling, since their owners are the lazy kind who stay at home):


First, we've got AN ELECTRIC AND A DARK MYST PYGMY EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF ANARIE! Knowing that bugs can be a major problem during the summer, these eggies have created webs to catch them in. Using the bands of electricity that are neatly wrapped around its shell, the electric eggy created a weaving, supported on a frame of copper poles assembled by the pygmy. When complete, the two creations looked like sizzling spider webs, which zapped anything that got too close. The amount of electricity discharged by the webs is enough to kill bugs, but can barely be detected by anything larger or more complex than a hatchie. The electric was last seen proudly marching off to the cave of number 4, Yeffal, while the pygmy was on its way to the home of number 43, grantm56!!!


Next, we've got A CHEESE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF AZURAGOSA! The wizard that makes this kind of eggy had been experimenting with different cheese types and additives. This particular cheese is soft, and sweetened with powdered sugar. As a result, it has the consistency of clay, and the flavor of cream cheese icing. It didn't take long for the little one to come up with a plan, and soon it could be seen modeling itself into a perfect replica of a cupcake with a cherry on top. It even stained itself with food coloring to add to the impression. When it walked out the cave in search of the intended receiver, some dragons were convinced it was a walking pastry. Now it's sitting, with a crowd of drooling hatchies around it, on the doorstep of number 67, annageckos!!!


Next we have a CHICKEN, A BLUE DINO, AND AN ICE EGGY, ALL FROM THE WOODCARVING CAVERNS OF 00N0B0DY! The trio had always wanted an excuse to try their hand at woodcarving, and now they had one. What better way to greet someone upon their return home than to hand them a intricately carved piece of wood? Lacking tools, the ice broke off the icicles that hung from its shell, and handed them out as a substitute. These proved to be lousy, for they simply melted and made the wood damp. As the icicles turned to water, the chicken had an idea: They could carve figures out of the dragon-sized ice cubes which were in the freezer! Using the heat of their own shells to thaw the ice slightly, and then carefully scraping it with rocks, they soon had the beginnings of a masterpiece. The only drawback was that they had to work inside the refrigerator, else the sculptures would melt. When they were done, the dino bribed some ice hatchies into helping them transport their gifts. Then the three eggies set off in different directions: the chicken heading towards the home of number 61, Fhee, the dino going to the caves of number 49, Unscrupulous Dragon Trainer, and the ice heading over to number 51, Lilala!!!


And, of course, there just had to be ANOTHER CHEESE EGGY, THIS TIME FROM THE HALLS OF PISKURKA! This cheese knew nothing about the great vacationing going on. When it saw all of the other eggs preparing gifts, it went into panic. Everywhere it went, young dragons were making nice things for dragon keepers that were gone, and it wasn't doing anything! It felt like a very horrible eggy, and immediately went about finding a gift of its own. After days of trying to think of an idea, and searching for something to give to one of those kind humans, it collapsed in a pile of melting cheese and dismay. Still, it wasn't just going to give up. As quickly as it possibly could, hoping that the vacations weren't over yet, it found a nice ribbon-wrapped box and dragged it to the first keeper-less cave it could find. Then it hopped inside, shut the lid, and waited. The person who's going to find it waiting for them will be number 35, Kamiko_Cullen!!!


Then there is A MISFIT, A SUNSONG, AND A BBW, ALL FROM THE VAST CAVERNS OF DOYLJ! While learning how to hunt from some of the older dragons, the misfit came up with the idea to make glowing frogs. After telling its friends about the plan, the three eggies began practicing their frog-catching, until they could capture them without causing any lasting damage. Once they had a sizable bunch, all living in an artificial pond inside a little cave, the sunsong started restricting their diet to nothing but glowworms and fireflies. The BBW was kept busy keeping the misfit out of trouble, because the pygmy eggy was constantly trying to steal frogs and set them loose in dragon nests. After a couple of weeks, the frogs began to light up. At first, the development was only noticeable in the deepest dark, but soon it was easy to see that they were glowing, even in broad daylight. Confident that their gift is perfect, the eggies have all taken a few and gone to the caves of the giftees: the misfit to number 48, AerisAquata, the sunsong to number 9, RandomestDragon, and the BBW to number 79, Mistshadow!!!


Next up, we've got A RED, A GREEN, AND A PURPLE DINO, ALL FROM THE 3288 CAVES OF CATLOVER!!! Being lovers of food, this trio knew exactly what it was going to do: prepare delicious platters full of food. Off they went to the kitchens, each armed with their own specialty recipe. The red went about finding and chopping exotic fruit, until it had a bowl full of sweet-smelling colors. To finish it off, the red tipped the fruit into a frying pan, caramelizing the already tantalizing treats, and then covered them with whipped cream. The green dino made a creamy soup, full of green things that no one really likes. Leafy greens, such as spinach, broccoli, artichokes, and asparagus were all thrown into a blender with some heavy cream, and churned into a pulp. Then the dino cooked them, tossing in cheese so it would melt, and adding spices. The result was a pot full of a green, cheesy liquid that smelled and looked nothing like vegetables. The purple dino, while still a complete vegetarian, prepared a large fish. It chose a type of swordfish with incredibly blue bones, and fried it in a wonderful marinade. When cooked, the purple dino took all of the major bones out of the animal's body, and carefully arranged them atop the meat. The result was a perfectly prepared fish with its skeleton lying on top of it, surrounded by numerous types of seaweed and mollusks which had been cooked alongside it. With their meals prepared, the dinos went off to find recently-returned dragon keepers (so that the food would get eaten before it got cold). The red went to number 84, sei_chan65, the green to number 27, Thunderwing, and the purple to number 54, Lullakai-Shi!!!


And now, for another bunch of eggies which includes a pygmy: A CRIMSON FLARE PYGMY AND A GEODE EGGY FROM THE ONE, THE ONLY, ROCKIN' ON! Being very fond of gems and precious stones, the geode wanted to dig some out of the earth as its gift. However, it wasn't quick enough to run up and down mountainsides looking for the right type of rock to dig through. Thus, agreeing that it would share the loot, the geode enlisted the pygmy to find the right location. Once found, the pair did their best to tunnel through the hard stone, hoping to find at least two pretty crystals. When they finally hit gold, they had already dug a five meter deep hole. They broke through the roof of a small cave lined with every color and size crystal you can imagine. Some of the crystals were huge, spanning the entire length of the cave and disappearing into the wall beyond, while others were so tiny that clusters of them looked like nothing but fuzz. Trying not to be greedy, the two eggies took their pick and returned to the surface. Before departing, the geode rolled a large rock over the hole, hiding it from others. Then the two strolled off towards random caves, the geode to the home of number 81, The Dragon Keeper, and the crimson flare to the home of number 32, Senear!!!


Next we've got A VINE, A HELLFIRE, AND YET ANOTHER CHEESE, ALL FROM THE RIVERS OF AWESOMESAUCE OWNED BY PINCH OF STARDUST! Having nothing better to do, these three decided to repair and give away an old cuckoo clock. They repaired everything they could, using excessive amounts of glue, and re-painted it to make it more snazzy, but a couple of pieces were missing. The pendulum that swings back and forth, marking the ticking noise, was missing its weight. The hellfire volunteered to be the weight, and glued itself in place. The flame that the eggy radiated gives a nice effect as it swings back and forth. The other part that was missing was the little cuckoo bird that comes out of the clock at the top of every hour. Thinking itself the most flamboyant of the three, the cheese volunteered to replace the little bird. That left the vine with the task for carrying the clock to where it was supposed to go. On the way over, however, some of the pieces fell off. The vine didn't notice, and kept on walking, but both of the other eggies came loose and fell to the ground. Now they are spread out along the path: the hellfire by the cave of number 20, joanne, the cheese in the garden of number 69, AudreyAllison, and the vine waiting before the house of number 42, Tasokie!!!


Second to last, we've got ANOTHER HELLFIRE AND A GLORY DRAKE EGGY FROM THE GOLDEN CAVERNS OF RAWR0401! These two are both skilled weavers, and decided to make a large rug as their gift. Together, they got it done in double time. The hellfire wove in different shades of red, adding them in a seemingly random mosaic pattern, and creating an illusion of movement. The glory added rich royal colors, mainly golds and deep shades of purple, painting a night scene by a shimmering lagoon. When it was done, the weaving was breathtaking. The eggies were eager to carry it off to a nearby cave, but they couldn't decide where they should go. The argument grew louder and louder, and soon they were both tugging on the rug, trying to win the right to chose where the rug would go. The fabric had other plans: it tore. Both eggies stormed off, carrying half of the woven art, until they reached different neighboring caves: the hellfire sat down before the home of number 8, Brisingrlover, while the glory went to the home of number 17, SpiritOfSakura!!!


Finally, last but not least, A NEBULA AND A VINE FROM THE GLASS DOMES OF ALABASTER_DEMON! The little nebula eggy wanted nothing more than to bring a star down from the sky. The vine, while knowing nothing about how the heavens worked, agreed that it would be a splendid sight, and so it decided to help make it a reality. For many a long night, the nebula sat out under the stars and thought about how to make them come down. The vine did its best to stay up with it, but always fell asleep after the first couple of hours. One day, while the nebula was staring at the same patch of sky that it had been staring at for the past few days, the vine jumped up in delight. It squeaked and squealed and finally calmed down enough to point out the two new specks of light which had appeared on its friend's shell. Now the vine had a plan. Telling the nebula to continue staring at that same place, it ran off to find some water which was supper-saturated with minerals. Then, over the next several nights, the vine slowly dripped the water over the spot where the new stars were appearing. Amazingly enough, its plan worked. The water condensed as it ran down the nebula's shell, leaving behind the minerals. With the careful application of the water, the vine controlled the built up of the minerals and made sure that any crystals which began to grow only did so on the two bright spots. Eventually, two decent sized rocks had formed on the nebula's shell, each one so full of crystals that it twinkled like a star. After the two eggies had polished the rocks and made them nice and round, they went their separate ways to find someone to give them to. It didn't take long, as soon both were waiting for the vacationing to end, the nebula outside the cave of number 29, Kaini, and the vine outside the cave of number 77, masterkat6!!!


And that's all I've got for you today! Terribly sorry for all the lateness. My muse was being sluggish. Look at that! Over two hours late! That... makes me feel sorta bad... Sorry!


A NOTE FOR WINNERS: some of the donators won't be able to send PMs until tomorrow, either due to time zone differences or internet availability (or because they fell asleep waiting for this incredibly late giveaway). Don't worry, they haven't disappeared completely.

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Yet again, we have a DONATOR WRITTEN EGGY GIVEAWAY! Yes, that's right, most of the stories you are about to read were written by the wonderful people who donate eggs. Only one is written by me, and that is because english isn't the donators first language.


So, without further adieu, I give you a firework filled evening of eggies!


First, are a green, a red, and a blue dino eggie from the scroll of Catlover3288! These dinos, looking for food, discovered a box of fireworks for the upcoming celebrations. The dinos thinking these fireworks were food that needed to be cooked over a fire, started to get a fire started with some stones that sent a shower of sparks whenever you hit them together. They started a fire and the blue dino went to get the fireworks situated on a stick. The fireworks started smoking and then started exploding in brilliant colors of red, blue, and a yellowish white color. The dinos, frightened by the sudden colors, freaked out and started running when they heard the explosions created by the fireworks. The dinos went in different directions and finally stopped when they were tired and out of breath. Totally lost the dinos wandered into the nearest cave they could find. The green dino goes to #18 dr.bieber229, the blue dino wandered into #44 AmericanGirlForever's cave and the red dino found #27 Jadeunicorn's cave!


Here's the story of a Pink eggy from the cave of Kaini!

The little pink egg knew something was going on when Kaini came home to the cave one day, laden with boxes, and started decorating the cave in reds, whites and blues. Excited and wanting to help, the egg crawled into one of the crates, only to find it was surrounded by colorful sticks with string attached to them. These were of course, fireworks, but the little eggy didn't quite understand. Thinking they were decoration too, it started spreading them around the cave, even giving a few to the older dragons as gifts to celebrate whatever Kaini was so excited about.

Unfortunately, it held one out to an ember dragon that accidentally lit the fuse.

Kaini heard the resulting explosion, and ran over in time to see the little charred eggy flop to the ground, with a very angry ember dragon glaring down at it.

Kai saved it from whatever retribution the ember had in store, but decided she needed to find the egg a new home where it would be less destructive. So it ended up being left in the hands of number 15, silvereye12!


From the cave of Classycal, we have a cute little Magi eggy who keeps bragging that its bright orange color is dandy. The other eggies, hatchies, and dragons have taken to calling it Yankee Doodle. They tease the little eggy because it jumps every time it hears a loud noise that it heard somebody say was fireworks. It thinks works of fire sound terribly dangerous, but when the little orange dandy decided to be brave and take a quick peek, it was awed by the sight. Suddenly something went wrong and the fireworks stopped! At that point, the little Magi remembered that it was magical and launched itself into the air in a spray of orange sparks and produced its own show of fireworks. All the other dragons said they had never seen such beautiful fireworks and that the orange ones were especially magnificent. When the show was over, the proud little Magi landed right on the doorstep of number 78, nuttymeg3, where it made itself happily at home.


And here comes a mischievous Sun eggy from the petite cave of Elvenimp. Now this little eggy yearned for something exciting to happen. It was getting tired of normal life, the days beginning to feel repetitive . Searching for something exciting and new, this eggy came across the idea that an explosive party would be the answer to his boredom. So it secretively got together all the supplies that would be needed for a firework full night. The crafty Sunset eggy mixed together everything by hand, being careful not to let anyone know of its plans. Then one evening, it set everything up and waited for darkness to fall. Then the Sunset lit up its masterpiece and one by one, the homemade explosions went off. Though while lighting the last one, the eggy became ensnared in the wick and up it went with the grand finally firework. Luckily it untangled itself right before the explosion and fell into the lap of number 24, Isuzu!!!


Last up, we have a Paper, Split, and Nebula eggy from the caves of Piskurka, which have a location that is only ever described as being "over there." Now, these eggies love fireworks. But not just any firework; they love the biggest ones, the ones that go up with a great roar, and shake the sky with their eruption into countless brilliant sparks. So, as soon as people started buying boxes of fireworks in preparation for an upcoming party, the eggies piled together the coins they had collected, and went to market. While there were thousands of different types of fireworks, the eggies went straight for the DT7, the largest firework built to date. When stuck in the ground, it is tall enough to reach the shoulder of a full grown horse dragon, and when lit the fuse burns for half a minute just so you have time to run away before it shoots up into the sky. The eggies bought the giant, took it home, and had it set up by nightfall. The three crowded around the thing, barely able to contain their excitement. When it came time to light it, the paper was the first to light a match. Immediately the other two protested: they wanted to light the DT7! In the quarrel that arose, the paper dropped the match. It bounced on the ground, brushed past the fuse, and lit it. The eggies didn't notice. The nebula was the first to smell the smoke, but by the time they noticed where it was coming from it was too late to run. The firework came to life, shooting up into the air like a rocket and burning the three in the process. Above their heads, the DT7 broke into numerous pieces which exploded multiple times, forming brilliant patterns that filled the sky completely. The eggies weren't watching, though, for they were too busy running away from the dragon keepers coming to scold them. When they stopped running, they had become separated, and found themselves before unfamiliar caves. The paper was at the doorstep of number 1, MisaTange, the split in the garden of number 34, Drakona, and the nebula had somehow ended up balancing on the weather vain that belonged to number 10, funny12321!!!


And that is the end! Enjoy the 4th of July, folks-who-are-celebrating-it, and don't blow up too much stuff of importance!

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Eggy Give Away for 9July


Here it is, short and sweet thanks to many great donations!!


43. SapphireRose wins 9th generation PB stair lineage Pink eggie from Lagie

65. -Rinikka- wins 4th generation even generation Ember eggie from Lagie

50. angelkay wins 3rd generation even generation PB Nebula eggie from Lagie

16. Disolia wins 7th generation Dusk Dorkface Thuwed White eggie from Lagie

22. ForeverFlygon wins 7th generation stair Thuwed Grey(fog) eggie from Lagie

2. DragonMyst wins 3rd generation even generation Purple Dorsal eggie from Lagie

4. Kakaru_of_DOOM wins C/B Thunder eggie from Catlover3288

9. dragonfreak6132 wins a C/B Thunder eggie from Pinch of StarDust

57. elvenimp wins a C/B Spitfire eggie from Pinch of StarDust

60. blackchimera wins a Paper eggie from dragongrrl


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First things first...I wrote the drawing out,WITHOUT the winners inserted..ans Stardust wrote a complete seperate LIST of winners-donators....SO...as she is my EDITOR,and we dont want you all to wait longer...we are simply posting the LIST of winners,etc..and well save the DRAWING write-up for next time..HERE IT IS!



49. ShinyDazzlight wins a 4th gen even gen electric/thunder Electric eggy from Lagie

17. Kajdziro wins a 5th gen even gen Pebble eggy fromLagie

84. masterkat6 wins a 2nd gen PB Coastal Waverunner eggy from Lagie

34. Anarie wins a 6th gen even gen Thuwed White eggy from Lagie

61. Drakona wins a 3d gen vine eggy from Sinsdaemn

53. Ookami11 wins a 4th gen vine eggy from Sinsdaemn

32. Orlageddon wins a C/B Stone eggy from Pinch of StarDust

20. AngelWolf424 wins a 3rd generation Geode eggy from Pinch of StarDust

50. Thurin wins a 2nd generation Thunder eggy from Catlover3288

41. DMDx3 wins a 2nd generation Red Dorsal eggy from Catlover3288

21. Dyzi wins a C/B Glorydrakeeggy from Sir_Read-a-Lot

75. Lady of B'sini wins a 5th generation SunSong eggy from Ookami11

19. RiverStorm wins a C/B Purple Ridgewing eggy from Ookami11

29. lilacamy931 wins a C/B Hellfire eggy from Isuzu

11. SeaSong wins a C/B Horse Dragon eggy from Isuzu

4. Millieclaw wins a C/B Split eggy from Isuzu

15. Belisar wins a 4th generation Split eggy from White_dragon_2k9

6. ghb523 wins a 2nd generation Nebula eggy from Missingheart

40. lindsy95 wins Pink eggy from Dragongrrl

27. Traumeule wins a C/B Rockin' On

24. Dixie200 wins a C/B Pillow eggy from Rockin' On


Hope you enjoyed THAT!

Rockin' On and Pinch of Stardust wish you 'Adieu!!

Edited by Rockin' On

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Sickness is running rampart on DC! Every cave with any sort of sick bed in it seems to be full of miserable dragons, both those in the beds and those trying to take care of them. Dragons have a fairly strong immune system, and tend to recover quickly from illnesses. This immune system, however, only develops properly when a dragon has grown its wings. Thus, most of the diseased are naught but eggs, usually sharing a sickness with the rest of the younglings in a cave. Let's go see what's wrong with all the ones in... that hospital cave, shall we?


First, we've got a POOR LITTLE WHITE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF RASCAL1414! It appears to be the victim of a fairly common disease among its dragon type, Squrmescrach. Every time the hatchie inside moves, a scratch appears on the egg shell, causing intense pain and confusion (because the hatchie has no idea what's going on). Once the little dragon inside figures out that the pain is caused by movement, and stops turning somersaults, the sickness makes the scratches deeper. This is a more severe case, where the shell has been completely shredded by the deep gashes, and the hatchie remains tangled in the mess of eggshell strips. The hospital is moving it to a professional untangler: number 12, ulki!!!


In the next bed, there's a NEBULA EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF CLASSYCAL! It's afflicted with a rare disease called The Nothing, because it wipes away everything. The bright starry designs on the egg are fading quickly, but that's only a side effect. The hatchie inside is simultaneously getting its brain wiped, a process which will continue until it retains nothing, not even basic dragon instincts. This disease is believed to be genetic, due to the way the disease is only shared with siblings in the same clutch. Sadly, there is no known cure for The Nothing, only ways to slow it down or speed it up (depending on whether the egg prefers mulling over a few things or making the strange feeling of forgetfulness be over with faster). Since this nebula has already forgotten about speed, it is being taken away to where its memory can rot away without taking up much-needed space, the caverns of number 9, ShatteringGlass!!!


Across the aisle, there's AN ITCHY PURPLE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF D PIXIE! This ones got itself some Purple Pox, an irritating reaction caused by the oils in a certain type of fuzzy nettle. It was difficult to diagnose in this case, due to the eggy's shell being the same color as the blotches which are usually the first symptom. Without the easy visual check, the only way to prove that the horrible burning itch was indeed Purple Pox was to extract some of the eggy's yolk to see if it had a high concentration of amethyst powder, which is somehow deposited there by the plant. This was long and painful, mostly because the nurse assigned to the task had no experience with such things, and kept poking the hatchie instead of piercing the yolk. Eventually, the illness was identified and it was possible to proceed with proper treatment. Once the itching stops, the eggy will be taken to a place without the fuzzy nettles, the home of number 35, emerald7fire!!!


A row over and two more beds down lay A RED, A PINK, AND A MAGI EGGY, ALL FROM THE CAVES OF PINCH OF STARDUST! These three all got the same disease, the highly contagious Grorooitis. It's not a very difficult disease to fight off, which is why it only appears in eggs, and is one of the most remarkable. It transforms its victims into vegetable lookalikes. The red is becoming a nice ripe strawberry, with a leafy green hat and little dents where seeds have not yet grown in. The pink has grown a curly little stem which put down roots in a conveniently provided flowerpot, and is getting its shell split into petal shaped sections. The magi is turning into an incredible pumpkin, with ribs that circle its shell and a stout stem coming out the top. When the eggs hatch, they'll retain their stems and leaves, and be sent to places with suitable gardens: the red to number 71, Elery., the pink to number 21, Krisaga, and the magi to number 91, darkangelfallen!!!


Over on the second row and a bed down, lie ANOTHER PINK AND NEBULA EGGY, FROM THE CAVES OF LAGIE! These two have a sickness equivalent to the common cold (except for dragons): Shell Shake. As the name says, this contagious disease causes an eggs shell to vibrate. Sometimes the vibration is mild, and goes away in a matter of hours. Other times, the vibration is strong enough to make an egg hop to an adult dragon's eye-level, and doesn't go away for weeks. The pink eggy, which happens to be afraid of heights, has a random strong vibration, which causes it to jump into the air at any random time. The nebula, who envies its friend for being able to go so high, has a constant shiver running through its shell, which makes the poor thing dizzy and scrambles its innards. Both are being treated with the only method that is proven to work: having a stone dragon sit on them. It's unpleasant for all parties involved, but does speed up the recovery. To ensure that the treatment is continued, both eggs are being sent to areas where stone dragons are in abundance. The pink will go to the tunnels of number 60, pokchu, and the nebula to the mountain-top home of number 77, White_dragon_2k9!!!


In the next room over, the first beds are filled with A SUNSTONE, A PURPLE, AND A PINK, ALL FROM THE CAVES OF DRAGONGRRL! These three are in agony thanks to a human disease, a stomach flu. They all got it last night, one after the other, and were brought in this morning after their shells were covered in a pungent slime, considered to be the eggy equivalent to vomiting. They're all nauseous and unable to keep down anything they consume, except the silvery medicine which is specifically made to only go one way. The interesting thing about this illness in eggies is the properties of the slime, different for each dragon type. The sunstone is covered in a yellowish slime, which quickly hardens into a gleaming second shell that must be removed using a type of glass cutter. The purple has slime which moves up its shell instead of down, sometimes collecting into little clumps which get dragged along, until it reaches the top and forms a sticky jello-like hat. The pink secretes two colors of slime, red and white, which ooze out in patches creating a calico pattern. As the colors mingle, they dry into a flaky crust which clings to the shell like a leech. The best cure for this one is time, although the slime must be continuously removed for any recovery to occur at all. Since there aren't enough white dragons in the hospital cave to devote an entire dragon to each egg, the three are being taken to different caves where they will receive proper care. The sunstone is going to number 65, ~AllTimeLow~, the purple to number 61, Bobbica, and the pink to number 14, chocorose!!!


A bed up, we have another from a group of one, A SUN EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF EMMEJO! This one has been given one of the most unpleasant diseases, which no one has bothered to name yet (although it's usually referred to as the Unnameable). It turns the victim into a gruesome being, smelling worse than a surfeit of skunks and looking as distorted and impossible as a cross between a troll and an earthworm. Even worse, the disease causes the victim to gain an angelic aura, which feels so completely wrong that even those in the pits of Tartarus would reject it. The only solution to the Unnameable is to keep the afflicted shrouded in a sweet-smelling cloud, hiding it from view and smell. The aura is practically impossible to get rid of, but isn't as grotesque if the bearer cannot be seen. When the condition finally wears off near adulthood, the dragon becomes as lively as a neglected zombie. Since the dragons in Emmejo's caves would throw the eggy out even if it's hidden from sight, the sun is being sent to the caverns of number 59, MathiasTolerain!!!


Sitting in a corner by the entrance, kicked out because they weren't really 'sick', are A PURPLE RIDGEWING, A PAPER, A PURPLE DINO, AND A BLACK, ALL FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! While these four eggies might not be suffering from disease or crippled by injury, they have experienced a feeling which will never go away: loss. A dragon has never been reported to have died of old age, and no adult ever dies of sickness. Since being killed is the only way for full grown dragons to pass on, loss is not very known among the DC community, at least not among the majestic creatures who make up most of the population. One day, however, a daydream dragon was found dead in Catlovers cave. She had been a wild dragon, not known by those who found her, except for the eggs. While playing outside the caves one day, the black pushed the dino a little too hard, sending it rolling out of sight. The other three rushed to see if it was okay, to find it had collided with a female daydream. At first, they were frightened, because they had been told numerous times that wild dragons were unpleasant and dangerous. The daydream didn't seem to be like that, though, so the three eggies approached to satisfy their curiosity. When they got close enough to hear what was going on, they found the dino and daydream immersed in friendly chatter and gossip. Many times after that, the four had gone to visit the kindly daydream, and soon they were the best of friends. To see her lifeless body lying on the floor of the large main cavern, gashes and tooth marks still spilling scarlet blood over her, broke the four eggs. Never will they be as talkative or playful, always bowing their heads lower than other dragons and shedding a tear at the sight of a wispy blue cloud. Returning to their home would overwhelm them with more grief than they could handle, so they went their separate ways in search of another life. All four have found new homes where they can silently move through life, the ridgewing with number 33, rockonq, the paper with number 7, calvinrules6, the dino with number 55, Unscrupulous Dragon Trainer, and the black with number 88, firegirl!!!


Now if you all don't mind, it's high time we get out of here. Those white dragons have been eying us for a while now.


I do hope my writing skills haven't deteriorated too much since I last wrote a story, and that everyone enjoyed the tour of a very full hospital.

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Hey everyone! Guess what? I have absolutely no idea what to write about for today's wondrous EGGY GIVE AWAY! So I'll just tell you a little bit about the eggy's families.


First up, we have A LITTLE GRAY EGGY FROM THE PARCHMENT STORAGE CAVES OF D PIXIE! This eggy has an incredible family tree, full of some of the largest and most majestic dragons of its kind. A few generations back, however, one great storm dragon took a liking to a dainty daydream. The rest of the family was outraged, but the storm didn't care. He ran away with the pretty girl that floated idly around on a cloud all day, and didn't return until a few of his offspring were almost to adulthood. Now this eggy's line is peppered with purple and baby blue daydreams, as well as numerous other dragons which married in. All the older pure-blooded grays ran around like crazy trying to prune their lineage and make it as perfect as it used to be. This gray is one of the few of its generation that is the same color as its forefathers of centuries ago. Luckily, this gray knows nothing about its ancestry, because the records were lost when it found itself plopped down in some place called The Cave. A new pedigree has been drawn up for it, clean as a whistle and devoid of any dragons except for itself. This little eggy, pedigree parchment and all, is off to the caves of number 56, Angelofgeek!!!


Next, we have a NICE SUNSTONE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF ROCKIN' ON! This one's also got no documented ancestry, but I did some digging and found out some interesting stuff. The first male I could find in this eggy's lineage really liked rum (and pirates, but that's another story), and often found himself at a pub in the dark of night. One of his drunken encounters was with a pretty lady who was convinced something was wrong with her, despite everything that proved otherwise. This encounter led to the next male in the sunstone's history, a dragon so paranoid that it attempted to grow more than one head so as to look in every direction at once. This, of course, failed (as far as we know), but one of his experiments did lead to an accidental clone. Of course, the scrap of parchment I dug up says that the clone is the offspring of two dragons, but that's just because only a certain leetle tree is allowed to be asexual. This clone had some problems, though, the most notable being that he didn't know a thing about anything (except how to read). This made his entire life rather awkward, because he was always unsure how to respond to a situation, what to say, how to act, or which book to consult. Somehow he made it through life, and even had some children, which is why this little eggy exists today. The rest of this family's story involves a dragon which got tangled up in a banner so many times that an alchemist finally turned the cloth into bronze so they wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. Now, this eggy has done its best to distance itself from its sire, due to its dislike of loud clanking noises, so we are going to give it a little push in the direction of number 68, MousieBrown!!!


Lastly, and probably most spectacularly, WE HAVE A STRIKING BRONZE TINSEL EGGY FROM THE GLORIOUS TREASURE STASH OF CATLOVER3288! Its mother is a diva, who can sing any song but only about as well as a turkey. Her father was from the Valley of Embrosia, but the differences between him and his mate must have been too many, resulting in such a grating voice. Also in this eggy's ancestry is a dragon said to be created out of heaven itself or, at least, the pennies thrown into the Heaven wishing well in central DC. The oldest dragon which we have a record of being in this eggy's family is one tangled up in a twisted ivy, which hardens into bronze over time yet stays green at points so it can continue spreading. While the rest of the line is unknown, we are certain that it must be something completely spectacular. Catlover is getting tired of this eggy's boasting, though, so it will be sent off to the caves of number 70, dracocharky!!!


Well, that's it! Not very much, but I think the amazingness of the donations is good enough, right?

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Welcome to yet another EGGY GIVEAWAY!!! There have been many moonless nights in DC these past few weeks. They're the spooky kind, where everyone becomes a little paranoid and keep glancing over their shoulder as if they expect some creepy guy wearing a cloak to pop up. These nights are followed by abnormally sunny days that seem more quiet than usual. Everyone is rather jumpy, and not just because of the strange atmosphere, but also because of the not-quite-dead eggies that are being found.


Before we reveal what we mean by not-quite-dead, allow me to introduce you to the suspected villain behind the crimes: A DAYDREAM EGGY BEING HELD FOR QUESTIONING AT THE CAVES OF EEVEE_EM! It's very difficult to think this little darling has done anything, because it keeps drifting around on its puffy little cloud looking perfectly innocent. However, something seems fishy about its attitude, and its story. This eggy claims to have been with a nocturn at a statue garden every night. However, it is rather impossible to get an interview with a nocturn, because they're either solid stone or dashing about stretching their muscles, so we have not yet been able to interview the one which the eggy claimed to have been with. Meanwhile, we'll outline the committed crimes, and then send the eggy to a place where it can be watched: the caves of number 60, Madzi_Jade!!!


Before we continue, I'd like you to meet the reason that the victims aren't actually dead as a doornail: A NIGHT GLORY AND A NEBULA EGGY, BOTH FROM THE LABS OF RASCAL1414! These two accidentally discovered a type of Elixir of Life while messing up their owner's organized experiments. A certain combination of chemicals, poured across a mix of diamond and star dust, creates a liquid which ensures that the young dragon inside an egg hatches alive and well. While there is no guarantee that the dragon will remain alive as it continues to grow, it has managed to revive the victims to a certain extent. Despite the eggies's success, Rascal is not pleased with their destructive behavior and has exiled them from her cave. In order to keep their focus on the elixir, we have found some new homes for them. The nebula will go to the caves of number 33, Nals, and the night glory to the caves of number 44, Wanderer!!!


Finally, we come to the first set of unfortunates, A SUMMER, A BLUNA, A NEBULA, AND A MAGI, ALL FROM THE GREAT HALLS OF LAGIE! While they did not meet their fate together or at the same time, each one's story is almost identical. The summer was the first to go, but a week before the incident it received an envelope containing five orange seeds. Nothing was written on the envelope, not even an address, and it had nothing else in it. Seven days later, the summer never returned from its daily walk at sunset. The eggy was found tangled up in algae and submerged in a murky pool. The police, finding no signs of a struggle, or even of another life form having been there at all, came to the conclusion that the eggy had tripped in the dark, gotten tangled up, and drowned. The bluna was the next to receive the warning, but thought nothing of it. When, five days later, it was found dead at the bottom of a short drop, the other two eggies began to get worried. The police, however, once again said it was just an accident, and that the little dragon had strayed a little bit too far off the path. When the nebula received the orange seed warning, it turned pale. For the next three days it wouldn't eat, and hardly slept at all. It did its best to never leave the cave, but it still ended up dead. They found it sitting near the entrance next to a small vial of grotesque looking green gunk. This time, the police claimed it was suicide, but the magi knew better. When it got the warning, it immediately went to the local authorities, thinking it had a couple of days. When the detectives it had talked to, anxious to go out and have some donuts, said they'd look into the case, the little magi made its way back home. It never got there, however, and was found washed up on a riverbank with nasty dents in its shell from floating down the rapids. Since I believe you can guess what the police said, I'll skip that part. All four eggies have been soaking in the Elixir for a day now, and show feeble signs of life. They will be sent to places where they can get constant care, and we'll all cross our fingers and hope for the best. The summer will go to the caves of number 6, asluglicker, the bluna to those of number 46, Thurin, the nebula to number 4, auria, and the magi to the little house by the river of number 14, Cabalsux!!!


The next ones on death's list were A CHEESE AND A MAGMA, FROM THE DUNGEONS OF CATLOVER3288! The cheese was the first victim, which is almost always the case considering how easy they are to dispose of. After eating at a well known DC restaurant, it called a cab to take it back home. The cab, however, drove right past the entrance to Catlover's dungeons, and returned to the restaurant. Witnesses claim to have seen the eggy get out, call out after the cab as it drove away, call up another cab, get in, and leave for a second time. A few minutes later, the magma walked out of the little shop where it worked and stepped into a puddle of yellow goop, which was later proven to be the cheese eggy. The magma was, of course, accused of being the murderer. It was hot enough, liked the taste of cheese, and couldn't prove that it was innocent. It was taken to the police station and told to wait in a room until someone could come in and do the interview. When a police entered the room a couple of minutes later, the little magma was impaled on a spike which had come up through the floor. Although the cheese couldn't be reformed and the spike is now as much a part of the magma as its shell, both have been dunked in the Elixir and are breathing again. The cheese will continue its recovery at the home of number 83, jinglepupskye, and the magma at the caves of number 66, Emmejo!!!


The last pair of eggies we'll talk about were not involved in a murder, but a disappearance. They are A BLUNA EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF MOUSIEBROWN, AND A NEBULA EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF D PIXIE! These eggies are tight friends, and write to each other almost on a daily basis. Recently, their relationship has become a little more romantic, yet is still mostly defined by letters. About a month ago, the bluna stopped receiving mail from its friend. Instead, every day it finds a small box with a beautiful pearl in it sitting on the doormat. It figured that something was impeding the nebula from writing, and that these gifts were to make up for that, so it thought nothing more of the matter. A couple of days ago, the bluna went to visit its friend, only to find it gone. Upon asking around, it learned that it had disappeared the day that the mail had stopped. The eggy had then immediately begun a search for its lost loved one, and has gathered up a small army of dragons to help it. They've not found anything yet, but we think that a thorough search of a certain daydream's lair might yield some results. If and when the nebula is found, it can settle down in the caves of number 29, bebe, with its dear little friend living just across the street with number 74, icecream321!!!


While these mysteries have not yet been resolved, I am almost certain they wont continue due to the fact that the daydream has been caught.


Please note that any resemblance of the above stories to Sherlock Holmes stories is completely intentional and not a coincidence.


Have a nice day!

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Why hello there. Come in, come in. Yes, I'm talking to you, don't act like you didn't hear me. Right this way, please. Don't forget to wipe your feet, and use the hat rack on the left, it will make your life easier. Now then, WELCOME TO THE EGA STORE FOR EXOTIC PETS! Here we sell the most exquisite creatures from all around the world. Each animal also comes with a free eggy to keep it company (or provide it with a snack, depending on the animal). Before you start browsing for your own companion, why don't you come into the back to see some of those which have already been sold, to give you an idea of whats popular nowadays?


If you look to your right when you walk in the door, you'll notice a pair of metal boxes. Each box contains a strange kind of fire breathing chicken accompanied by A CHICKEN AND A THUNDER EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! Actually, we are unsure if the chicken egg is actually from Catlover's caves, but we didn't feel like going back to double check. These firebreathers may not be very pleasant, with their singed ragged feathers and their smoke-bomb scented breath, but they make excellent guards. If anyone unwanted enters their territory, these bird-like things will shoot jets of flame at the intruder until they run for their lives. I wouldn't recommend getting a male, though, because they can be very loud and bossy. Plus, they wake up at an ungodly hour of the morning, and will make sure you're awake too. The thunder is with a male of the species, and I hope that the eggy's habit of making a loud rumbling sound and crackling with lightning will calm down the crazy bird. As for the chicken eggy... I hope for the sake of the buyer that it's just a regular DC chicken. The male, thunder eggy and all, is due to be delivered to number 32, Sumiku44, while the one with the chicken eggy will go to number 76, IZDib!!!


Over behind that file cabinet is a large glass jar, filled with a swarm of Sky Painters and A NEBULA EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF GOSLANDER! Sky Painters are small bugs with dragon-fly wings and a single suction-cup-like leg which they use to latch on to surfaces and deposit pigment. Their bodies are nearly transparent, and if you could get one to sit still for long enough you'd be able to see a messy tangle of tubing. A couple of those tubes are for those basic needs such as getting food to the stomach, but most go from the color glands to the leg. The color glands produce a pigment of whichever color they come in contact with. While no one knows exactly how they use the pigment in the wild, or for what reason, it was discovered a few years ago that a small swarm of Sky Painters could be used to decorate the caves which most people live in. The nebula egg in the jar is to induce the production of specific colors of pigment. When the swarm is released into someone's cave, it will immediately seek the roof as it searches for an escape. As the bugs cover every inch of the ceiling in search of a hole, they leave behind the pigment and create a beautiful starry sky. The buyer of this Nighttime RoofPaper Package is number 58, SapphireRose!!!


Now, over on our left under the coffee stained papers are a couple of cardboard boxes with horned rabbits in them, as well as A NEBULA AND A DARK MYST PYGMY EGGY, FROM THE CAVERNS OF PINCH OF STARDUST! Horned rabbits are a docile and friendly breed, fine with any kind of lifestyle as long as they have a friend. Their distinguishing feature is a set of horns which grow in between the animal's ears, although they are also set apart from the common bunny rabbit by the bleating call with which they communicate. Some of the finer specimens are hoofed, but that's a rare occurrence. Horned rabbits are also known to take on some of the personality traits of their closest friends, but I wanted to see if this aspect of their behavior extended beyond personality. That is why the companion eggs are of different sizes. With any luck, the one with the pygmy will shrink a little over time, while the other will not. The rabbit with the nebula is going right across the street from here, to the home of number 78, Ahmed766, while the one with the pygmy is going across town to number 52, leafyleaf!!!


Okay, stop looking around trying to guess which one's next and look up instead. That upside down tomato plant is where the reptilian Leaf Glyders are hiding, as well as their companion eggs: A RED AND A SPLIT FROM THE GREENHOUSES OF THUNDERSKY86! The Glyders, being experts at camouflage and mimicry, are perfect for use in the field of surveillance. In the wild, Glyders live in the treetops. By laying their small bodies flat against a branch and turning their scales a nice green or a bark colored brown, they can easily sneak around and steal from other animals which have collected delicious fruit and nuts from hard-to-reach places. In order to escape from the angry mob of hungry monkeys and birds which want their food back, the Glyders stretch out their limbs and jump over to the next tree (kind of like a flying squirrel). When working in groups, some of the Glyders will lure animals away from their food by mimicking a mating call, or the sounds of a fight (because who can resist going to watch and bet on who's going to emerge victorious?), while the others grab the loot and run. Trying to domesticate these animals was particularly difficult, until it was discovered that they'll do anything for some cherry tomatoes. The split and red eggies were chosen because they have experience in caring for plants such as the ones which produce the little red fruit that these Glyders love so much. The Glyder following around the tomato-carrying split will be led to number 46, KoyukiZaku, while the one following the red will go to number 29, Chacuano!!!


Down this aisle, through the teetering towers of book, and... here we are! Inside this glass enclosure are a pair of Plated Lizards, and (somewhere) A HORSE AND A SUNSONG EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF ISUZU! Plated Lizards are large and fierce looking, with long forked tongues and bright yellow eyes. They get their name from the strong black exoskeleton which gives them that peculiar scaleless look. The exoskeleton is nearly impenetrable, making these beasts terribly difficult to kill. Their popularity as horse substitutes for riding into battle is surmounted only by dragons. The only drawback to selling them is the free-egg deal I've got going, because the lizards are fond of deviled eggs to go with their afternoon tea. Those two eggs are probably hiding in that tiny cave over there if they haven't been eaten yet. Unless they don't survive and I have to go find new ones, the eggs and their lizards will be taken away soon. The lizard with an affinity for sunsong eggs with chocolate sauce is to go with number 18, keanai, while the one which prefers grilled horse egg with barbecue sauce will go with number 40, scm7271999!!!


Swimming in that aquarium over there are some Feals, watched from an island by their companions: A MOONSTONE AND A DARK MYST FROM THE CAVES OF RASCAL1414! Feals are, as you can see, small seal-like creatures which lack a face. Their lack of a mouth and nose makes them completely silent, and their lack of eyes makes them blind and, according to most people, rather eerie. Despite lacking three of the common five senses, they seem to get along perfectly fine. They absorb water and nutrients through their skin as they swim through the water, and can sense nearby objects. Everything about them is silent, even the way they splash around in shallow water, but they display their personalities as loudly as possible. One of the Feals is incredibly playful, always nudging others as it attempts to encourage someone to romp around with it. Its companion is the equally playful and energetic dark myst, which makes much more noise than its new best friend. The other Feal is shy and paranoid, so I thought that the motherly moonstone eggy would be a good match for it. The Feals were bought just a couple of hours ago, the playful pygmy's friend by number 45, Lyricmaniac, and the protective moonstone's burden by number 70, Dragonwing1234!!!


You've got to be careful with this next one, and only look at it through the mirror on the wall opposite the pen. Those two animals are White Stags, with their confused companion eggs, A HELLFIRE AND A TERRAE FROM THE CAVES OF CLASSYCAL! These animals are completely white, except for a spot on the back of their necks, which is a startling deep blue in color. They walk with a painful looking limp, get run with incredible speed and agility when startled. The most important thing to remember about these Stags is that anything they look at will turn white. That is why those two eggies over there are not as colorful as you would expect. The only reason the Stags themselves are not completely white is because they can't ever see the backs of their own necks. Because of how dangerous these creatures are, I had no hope of selling them, but I was in luck when a couple of interested scientists knocked on my door the other day. I'm just hoping they come get the Stags themselves, so I don't have to deliver them. One of them, along with the hellfire, is going to number 55, Sir_Read-a-Lot, while the other (and the terrae) are going to number 82, kazuma52!!!


Come come, stop dragging your feet. Look up there, on the wall. Those shadows are being cast by Pery birds, suspended in a cage between the wall and some fancy bright lights I found in the basement, along with ANOTHER NEBULA AND A PAPER EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF DAST! Pery birds cast the shadow of an animal until they kill one of those animals, starting with humans and cycling through most of the living creatures, excluding dragons. These ones, as you can see, are currently looking to kill Koi fish. These birds can arrange their bodies and feathers so precisely that the shadows they cast can be identified even if there are numerous similar creatures. Although those two eggies look a little pale from fright, I can assure you that these two birds pose no danger to their new owners, seeing as they've already killed humans and don't cast the shadows of dragons because they happen to value their life. So, as long as their new homes don't have chickens living in them, no one will end up dead. The Pery bird sitting on the paper eggy will be going to number 79, katkrazy101, while the one poking the nebula will be going to number 38, Ookami11!!!


Lastly, I want to show you the best seller: Cryobats! These four are roosting up on the ceiling, along with A WHITE, A RED, A NEBULA, AND A PINK EGGY, ALL FROM THE CAVERNS OF LAGIE! The breathtaking cryobats live in the coldest regions on the planet, and have a greater wingspan than some dragons. The close lying fur on their bodies is crusted with ice crystals, which glitter in the sunlight like a disco ball. During flight, the crystals melt slightly, and water streams out from the body onto the wings. As the cold air rushes over it, the water freezes again, and slips of the wing. The result is a trail of icy shards which hang in the air for a bit before melting and falling to the ground. As if that wasn't enough, each bat's body is tinted with a different color which seeps out of the fur and gets trapped in the ice, adding a different hue to each animal's light show. These are truly the stars of the show, and sadly I can't keep them here and watch them all the time myself. The one with the white eggy is due to go to number 61, DaSt, the one with the red to number 67, FallenBlaze, the one with the nebula to number 14, Kaini, and the one with the pink to number 89, Dragon and Cat Tamer!!!


Okay, I'm done now. You sure you don't want to look around a bit more on your own? Well, fine, but be sure to come back sooner rather than later! Oh dear, I see you didn't hear me when I said to use the hat rack on the left? No matter, I'll go fetch the chainsaw and pepper.


And to the rest of you, USE THE LEFT RACK! Bye now. biggrin.gif

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Hello, and welcome to the EGA laboratories for the research of dragon evolution. Dragon evolution is a very curious thing, because there is usually no need for it due to the fact that dragon can move to wherever they want if they aren't made to live in the place they find themselves in. However, when breeding occurs between dragons of different types there is a very slim chance that something will change. Thus, evolution is indeed possible. These different members of society are few and far between, but very interesting.


Take this hatchie, for instance: A STONE FROM THE CAVERNS OF EEVEE_EM! Its mother was a christmas dragon, with the results being that some of the stone's scales have gold accents. The young dragon also smells like fresh baked cookies and nutmeg. Having performed all of the tests we can on it, we're sending it to the home of number 53, synditrix!!!


Another example is this BEAUTIFUL SILVER TINSEL EGGY FROM THE GOLD MINES OF CATLOVER3288! A lot of its ancestors are red dragons, leading to this eggy having a rather warm shell. If you hold your hand near the growing crack in its shell, you will feel warm air coming out, air which is mingled with a slight scent of rotten meat (probably because of those maternal great-great-grandparents). The staff here is tired of the smell, so we're sending the little one to the caves of number 50, DragonNeko!!!


Dragon heredity is not only interesting, but useful, especially for identifying the ancestry of cave born eggs. Like with this one, A SKYWING FROM THE CAVES OF KOYUKIZAKU! We know nothing about its lineage, but judging by the steam coming off its shell we can deduce two things: it is related to a dragon who secrets water as an egg, like a water or a waterwalker; and probably a magma, or some other extremely hot dragon. Who knows, it might even be a stairstep with alternating waters and skywings bred to male magmas. You just never know. Since we cannot find out anything else until the little guy hatches, we're sending it to the caves of number 30, traumeule!!!


This lab is also used to learn things about dragons we do not know about, by using cave borns like THIS SPLIT EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF ISUZU! It is common knowledge in DC that splits can only breed withing their species, mostly because of the head problem. However, this egg's colors are split in a different way than the usual yin-yang-type squiggle, hinting at different kinds of two headed dragons. We have a few split hatchies we're studying at the moment, though, and have no time to examine this one thoroughly, so we shall give it to number 21, Aaricia_Rose!!!


One of the weirder cases is that of the bitten, like this VAMPIRE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF EMMEJO! Vampires give no clues about their own family, but instead give us information about the biter's life. It's a strange thing which TJnian theorists (those who theorize about how things work and why) and scientists cannot explain. This vampire was bitten by a very hungry vampire, judging by the stretched feel of the shell, and a careless one, as seen in the cracks caused by the beast's teeth. Not much there, but we used to be able to use it to identify unknown biters before this information was stamped to the bottom of vampire eggs along with the lineage. Since there is nothing more to glean from this egg, we are passing it on to number 10, faz157!!!


And that is about it. Things like this happen rarely, and when they do our little facility is here to take a bunch of notes and act official. Sorry about the lack of writing!


And look at that! I'm a few minutes early!

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Hello all, and welcome once again to THE EGGY TALENT SHOW, brought to you by the Eggy Give Away's radio service! Today's show focuses on those few individuals who have enough magic in them to control things. The following collection of eggs can make something inanimate dance and sing if they want to, but usually they end up using their powers to amuse and benefit themselves, not the others around them. Another thing that these eggies have in common is that they seek new homes, so we shall be handing them out to members of the audience as we present them.


Please note that the eggies are grouped based on what they control, not where they come from. If there is any confusion as to who won what from whom, please check the OP.


Here comes our first eggy, A SILVER TINSEL FROM THE SHINY CAVERNS OF CATLOVER3288! This eggy can control precious metals. It can locate them under layers of rock, extract them from the ground without having to dig deep into a mountain's side, refine them until they glisten even in the dimmest light, and shape them into anything it wants. For a while now, this tinsel has had a little shop where it sold the jewelry and dust-collectors which it created during its free time. However, the eggy is having trouble finding its favorite metal to work with: Osmium. It's a shiny silver in color, with a hint of blue, and looks beautiful when in combination with a duller color such as gold or bronze. In order to continue doing what it loves, the tinsel wishes to be relocated to somewhere near a vein of Osmium. We have found for it a quaint little home in the caves of number 27, daestarr!!!


Coming into the spotlight now we've got A TRIO OF SPLITS, TWO FROM THE CAVES OF DIANEMIST, AND ONE FROM THE CAVERNS OF SHALAREAN! These three eggies all have control over blueberries and elderberries. While they can make some of the best pies, cobblers, muffins and ice cream you've ever tasted, they're also quite mischievous. Just a couple of minutes ago, backstage, all three pelted the host with soft berries. The berries exploded upon impact, spattering their blue and purplish juice all over the poor mans best clothes. So when he comes back out to tell some cheesy joke or tell you some short story, don't be alarmed if he's a bit blue. The eggies's inner prankster has begun to annoy their owners, who are now going to great lengths to keep the little ones away from any berries. This has led to the splits's search for new homes, preferably with berry orchards or a nearby farm. The caves we have found should work out alright, provided the three stay out of trouble: the two from DianeMist are going to numbers 75 and 44, whamm and pippaesq, and the one from Shalarean is going to number 63, MathiasTolerain!!!


Next we've got a bunch of hot 'uns: A MAGMA FROM SHALAREAN, A RED FROM PINCH OF STARDUST, AN EMBER FROM LAGIE, AND A RED FROM KANAYE! While you may think that these four have the ability to awaken volcanoes and spin balls of fire around their heads, their powers are very limited. Due to incidents early on in their childhood where they were either influenced, dared, or tricked into swimming, these eggies can only control swirling clouds of steam. While they're not thrilled about this fact, each has found a way to use the steam to its advantage. The magma, always hungry for something sweet out of the kitchens, fills the room with steam leaving only a small tunnel through which it can walk without bumping into anything. The two reds use steam to irritate dragons who either can't stand the heat or dislike the humidity, purely for their own entertainment. The little ember has got a thing for water hatchies, and uses its powers to hide itself so it can watch the lovely serpentine younglings splash around without being seen. The places where these four live, however, are in the midst of a bad drought, making it more and more difficult for them to summon steam. They wish to be somewhere with plenty of humidity, to make their life a bit easier, so we are sending them to caves in the rain forest. The magma is going to number 68, MousieBrown, Starry's red to number 51, Kamiko_Cullen, the ember to number 9, DianeMist, and Kanaye's red to number 32, Drag!!!


Now we come to a pair which you should hang out with at night rather than during the day: A PAIR OF NEBULAS, ONE FROM PINCH OF STARDUST, AND THE OTHER FROM THE CAVES OF LAGIE! Although these two may grow up to control the movements of stars and galaxies millions of light years away, for now they're stuck manipulating the flight patterns of fireflies. Neither is complaining, though, because drawing in midair with light can be great fun. The buzzing swarms of glowing bugs are relaxing and a delight to watch, but rumor has it that these two eggies are up to something sinister as well. Recently, there have been numerous sightings of the ghostly will-o'-wisps, flickering lights that lead people into dark places from which they never return. For now, sightings outnumber disappearances, but who knows for how long that will last. As the moon grows full, the light's power to draw people to them is increasing. Going off of the theory that these two nebulas are behind it all, we are attempting to weaken their powers by separating them. They've been neighbors for long enough, so now they shall live on opposite sides of the world: Starry's nebula with number 34, Delivrance, and Lagie's nebula with number 16, larzuk!!!


We are drawing near to the end of the show, and have time for only one more group of eggs: A HARVEST, A GRAY, AND A MAGI FROM THE CAVES OF LAGIE, AND A SHALLOW WATER FROM THE CAVES OF KOYUKIZAKU! These four have control over patterns, which they create using specific things. The harvest can bend and weave together stalks of corn without every uprooting them, often creating crop circles. The gray can fiddle with the clouds, writing and drawing things like airplanes do back on Earth. The shallow water can play with the fish, making them swim in certain formations and creating beautiful mosaics by having the light reflect off different parts of the creatures's scaly bodies. The magi's power, however, is rather mysterious. It can create a thin orange mist which floats about a meter off the ground and is invisible unless viewed from directly overhead. This effect looks like its achieved by using billions of tiny orange flakes which only reflect light in one direction: up. The strange thing is that when you walk through a cloud of these flakes, they move aside before you and close back up behind, so you never even notice they're there. These four eggies seem to have a master plan in mind, for they've put in requests to live as neighbors somewhere near a large field. Curious as to what they're up to, we're assigning them to cottages on a hillside which looks out across a valley that's almost all farmland. The harvest will live with number 36, Catlover3288, the gray with number 62, Kanaye, the magi with number 14, Blackice6, and the shallow water with number 2, night-shade!!!


That's the end of the show! Please use the leftmost exit, and watch out for brownie-stealing goblins (they're out there, I just know it!).

This story has been loosely based on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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