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DUPLICATE:Halloween Outfits?

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outfit for halloween is going weird……

I‘m on my phone and540A0E3F-7513-43CB-9C90-2B405E896AC1.thumb.png.12bd36f5424bffa1e26d3bb7613c4e3e.png


and it still didnt work if i request desktop version


it happened earlier today on my computer(mac) too, and after a few refreshes it turned out allright. Now even refreshing doesnt work……


Any suggestion to what I can do?:( I really dont want to lose my costume…

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There's a whole thread about outfit glitches:



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Please see this topic for issues with outfits: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/180761-outfits-are-missing-read-first-post/



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