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Rainy cloud = Neglected, Phoenix = Zombie (and zombie to be)

Can breed for free if dragon corporates. PM if needed!

I do whatever I wish with traded goods. Specify what you don't want me to do if you care.

Accept IOU.

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    My DC Memorabilia:

    - Joined DC around June 2015, started forum Oct 2016

    - Found my first 2G prize-kin in AP on 2017/02/02

    - Found my first 2G SAltkin in AP (only one thus far too) on 2017/2/15

    - Traded my first CB silver with 4 new releases on 2017/03/24

    - Was gifted my first 2G prize on 2017/07/08

    - Put DC aside after Val 18. Faded in and out of DC a couple of times during new releases, like May & Jul '18, and Sep '19.

    - Returned Nov '20!

    - Was into zombie and neglected making at this time. First neglected ever had was made Nov 2020, second Dec 2020; got the last one through a trade in Dec 2020/Jan 2021. None are CB though

    - Traded a 2G Salt kin plus a 2G from CB alted black with a 2020 Xmas egg with the code CF**k

    - Got my first zombie 12/31/2020! Last day of the year luck :P

    - Got my first CB Staterae by trading 4 skittish hatchies! (thank you inf) 2021/09/03

    - Goy my first CB Gold through a trade 2021/09/09



    2G spriter alt kin, CB gold, CB Staterae, CB neglected

    High gen PBEG & pretty checkers
    (I'm not as interested in continuing checkers, but I like to keep pretty >5 gen things on display, as they are here: 24148)


    If there's something you want from my scroll, feel free to PM me!

    Anything with a G-number trailing its name is a PB EG dragon (G1 = CB), with a K-number is checker (I'm reworking them but previously even misgendered ones are labled K's), with a S is Stair/spiral, E is EG, and SA is SAltkin

    Also checkout my special groups for specific requests!
    CB codes 143530
    2G prize/kin 20465 (none of them make checkers yet)
    Altkins 143471 :)


    I ship Drarry, Johnlock and FrostIron. I get very offended when people point finger at me for adoring them. Thanks for cooperating.