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Dragon Concepts: Seven-Headed - Waveline  Other links: Behance(Portfolio) - DeviantART - My Lineage Spreadsheets - Ask-A-Mod
Please check my lineage spreadsheets for breeding request and IOU information~
Currently looking for: ANY FRILLEDS Adults: 246 Tag or PM me to get my attention please!
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    Art, nature, pets, reading, baking, gardening, video games, anime, vintage MLP.


    Forewarning, this section needs updating.


    If I offered to help on your dragon request and haven't made good on my promise, please PLEASE PM me. Sometimes I offer help and then forget when the concept gets buried! So just give me a poke if you still need my help. ^^


    Feel free to PM me about breeding any dragons on my scroll. Certain things may have lists/certain mates/breeding stipulations(see below) or I may prefer to trade but there's no harm in asking as long as you're polite! c:


    I am IOU-friendly for the most part, but it may depend on what you wish to trade for! ^-^


    All of my holiday, metallic, and prize dragons and their available mates can be found in the Rainstar's Lineage Spreadsheets link in my signature. It's still a WIP but for the most part it should be correct. Eventually it will include all of my common dragon checker lineages and Frilled lineages.

    I have removed the Shimmer & Tinsel Lists link from my signature, since my spreadsheet is now up-to-date with my Prize dragons. I will create a separate document for waiting lists if needed but at the moment I don't think it's necessary!


    I COLLECT FRILLEDS AND FRILLED LINEAGES! Any and all non-messy lineages with Frilleds are appreciated. Messies are accepted as long as freezing is okay. I can breed various things in return <3 Current goal is to collect a 2G from every possible dragon x Frilled. Priorities are holidays and Seasonals!

    I also collect Brimstones! CBs and non-messies are always welcome on my scroll. May accept messies for freezing if I have room. ^^


    Blessed Be! ~Rain