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DC Related: My Lineage Spreadsheets - Ask-A-Mod  Art Related: Behance(Portfolio) - DeviantART
Currently looking for: ANY FRILLEDS Grown: 374

Tag or PM me to get my attention please!
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Frilled avatar by me, Rainstar banner by swiftyuki, ARK badge by Whispyr, Arts dragon by birdz & hot on fire

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    Art, nature, pets, reading, baking, gardening, video games, anime, vintage MLP.


    Willing to help with art for dragon concepts, just PM me. Not as swamped with RL anymore but may still need poking for updates. PM or tag me for crits.


    Feel free to PM me about breeding any dragons on my scroll. No guarantee I'll be willing to breed for free, but there's no harm in asking as long as you're polite! c:


    All of my holiday, metallic, and prize dragons and their available mates can be found in the Rainstar's Lineage Spreadsheets link in my signature. It's still a WIP but for the most part it should be correct. Eventually it will include all of my common dragon checker lineages and Frilled lineages.


    I COLLECT FRILLEDS AND FRILLED LINEAGES! Any and all non-messy lineages with Frilleds are appreciated. Messies are accepted as long as freezing is okay. I can breed various things in return <3 Now that CBs are available again I have various checker lineages under construction. Check my lineage spreadsheets in my signature if you're interested!

    I also collect Brimstones! CBs and non-messies are always welcome on my scroll. May accept messies for freezing if I have room. ^^


    Blessed Be! ~Rain