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FairyTail RP, open and actively looking for people to join (Please join, we swear not to bite much)

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Andromeda nodded silently and looked out around the room at the three halls that led out into the unknown.

They all looked identical from where she sat, with tall archways and black corridors leading away. All of them were full of webs and debris left by the spider infestation which meant that the only way to get through would be to burn them as they went. 

Andromeda shrugged after a moment of thought and ate the rest of her rations, resting for a little under an hour with the others. 


When everyone was rested Andromeda stood up and made her light go back over her head and gestured to the three tunnels.
"Pick one." She said wryly. 


"We should just go clockwise." Midori said instantly. "We go to the doorway to our left whenever we come back here assuming we don't get lucky the first time." She explained, going to the door the group had entered through and using one of her crystal spears to carve a star on the arch. "So we can find our way out." She explained before anyone could ask.

Andromeda looked at Barty and shrugged, then created another light bridge to the first opening. 


The archway was as dark and foreboding as it had looked from where the group had rested. Each was covered in webs and had long stone hallways stretching down into inky blackness. As before there was writing and pictures on the walls as well as trophies, but because of the spiders these had either been covered up or destroyed. 

"Do we have any fire?" Andromeda asked quietly, staying away from the webs as much as possible. "Maybe we could go make a torch or something? We could just burn the webs that way."

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"I don't really want to waste too much magic using lava make. Do either of you have wood? We could probably soak some cloth in the oil from the way we came through, assuming it didn't all burn up" Barty suggested, glancing into the entryway they'd come through. As he'd suspected the oil here was still visible, it must've been too far for the fire in the pit to reach.

Barty stood up and turned to Midori.

"My, you're maker magic is mainly diamond make, but didn't you say it's more carbon make, just focused on diamond?" Barty asked her.

Midori tilted her head in curiosity and replied, "Yeah... why are you asking".

Barty smiled, "Well if we don't have any wood, something that'll burn is coal, so long as you get it alight. If your maker magic was carbon based, you could probably make coal couldn't you?" Barty suggested.

Midori frowned, "I'd never really thought of that... it isn't as simple as what you do with your earth make, you're just turning the earth to liquid, and the side effect is it turns to lava... diamond into coal would be a big stretch," Midori replied.

Barty nodded. "Well it was just a suggestion, unless we want to grab one of those spears on the walls and use the wooden handles for a torch, but I don't really want to touch anything," Barty said before turning to Andromeda. "No chance you can just light blast your way through the webs Andy?"

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(sorry, Eric's from another RP I'm doing.)


Andromeda looked at the spiderwebs that crisscrossed in front of the archway and down the hall, then shrugged and made a slashing gesture. 
"Star Light." She said as beams of energy lanced out and began to cut the webs to ribbons.


Dealing with the webs like this wasn't the best way of doing it as Andromeda had to cut through multiple areas in order to clear the way, but after a few minutes there was a usable path down the hallway. 

Andromeda gestured and sent her orb of light down the tunnel a ways, but didn't see anything beyond more darkness, so she began to walk down into the tunnel with Midori following along.


Just like the halls before the place seemed like a maze, and the group had to be on a constant lookout for traps of both mechanical and magical nature. Now that they were actively searching for them, something that did take time but was much safer then blundering along, the group didn't have any troubles. 
The spiderwebs had disappeared completely after a few minutes of walking, and the dust had returned, deadening the sounds of the group's progress, making it seem as though they were walking inside the belly of a great beast.


It was almost ten minutes of walking before the group hit another door, this one round with what looked like flower petals making up it's center. (Looks like this.) 

To either side of the door stood a pair of statues, one with the head of a hawk, the other with the head of a crocodile. Both appeared to be made from bone and stood at about ten feet tall. Both of them grasped an enormous swords hilt, it's point on the ground. Both of the swords were easily as tall as Andromeda, and both looked like they could easily destroy anything they were swung at. 

The two statues remained completely immobile on their raised plinths, their empty eye sockets silently judging the group. Andromeda shivered just seeing the two statues, and could practically feel her skin crawling. It was like a thousand eyes were watching her and the group, all of them silently waiting for the group to make a move. 

"Think those are the guardians?" Andromeda whispered from where she and the group had halted. 

"I bet they are." Midori whispered back. "Odd that someone would make guardian's out of bone though, it's easy to break, doesn't make for a very durable guardian."


"No way are those things just bone." Andromeda said immediately. "Can't you feel the energy from them? Those things are seriously protected. I bet they're as hard as steel and strong enough to swing those swords around like they're nothing." She said, looking over the two enormous statues. "I wonder how they're triggered though. Is it just proximity or do you have to try and force the door." 

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(Sorry for late/short reply)


Barty frowned, he was unsure how close was safe to get to the statues.

"I can't see any specifics runes anywhere..." He said quietly to the others.

"I really don't want to get too close to them, who knows what'll trigger them," He groaned.

"We could always walk back and hope a different path doesn't have any of them... Do you wanna try approach them with the key? Maybe they'll recognise it and let us pass?" Barty suggested.

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(No problem)


Andromeda frowned as she considered the two statues if front of the group, trying to figure out what the best way to deal with them was. She couldn’t see anything written around them, although that didn’t mean anything because a lot of rune enchantments were invisible until triggered.


”We could just destroy them now while they’re not moving.” Andromeda suggested. “Maybe get rid of the problem before it gets the chance to even be a problem.”


”It could work...” Midori said after a moments thought. “Or it could just piss them off. I mean, if I were to leave guardians in a tomb I would put protection around them to protect from that kind of thing. That’s just me though.” She said before finally looking back at Andromeda and Barty.

“I say we just go for it. We present the key and walk forward. If they activate we can try to destroy them, and if that fails then we run like hell. Maybe drop them in that big pit like the spiders. I doubt they can climb out all that well.” 


Andromeda shrugged after a couple seconds thought and pulled out the tombs key before slowly advancing forward. 


Andromeda got to within ten feet of the statues before both came to life. Minuscule runes, so tiny that they couldn't be seen without a magnifying glass, flared up in a pale blue color all across each statues body, working from their feet all the way up to theirheads. Blue orbs appeared in the statues eyes and focused on the group as both statues hefted their swords with both hands, and stepped down so that they stood in front of the door.


”This is a place for the dead, not the living.” The crocodile headed statue said menacingly, it’s voice sounding like that of death itself. “Leave now or face the judgment of the gods.” 


“Only the righteous may enter, and though thou carries the key to this place, thou are not of the same line as the person whom we protect. Tomb robbers I name you, and this warning is all that will be given to thee. Go back to thine shameful lives or have them end here. One more step forward and your bones and flesh will be left to turn to dust and thine souls will be used to fuel our fury.” The eagle headed statue said in the same voice as the crocodile.


”But we’re here on orders from one of the family members.” Andromeda said after a moments hesitation. “The family member told us to come and retrieve one of the items from this tomb.” 


“We are two of the many guardians of this tomb, and we do not suffer liars and thieves. Leave now and keep thine disgraceful lives. Stay and thou will meet your damnation.” Both statues said at the same time, their voices like thunder as they both spoke.


”I’m open to suggestions here guys.” Andromeda muttered as she frantically tried to come up with a way to outsmart the statues. They were both terrifying in their inhuman ways, and just having the pale blue orbs focused on her made Andromeda want to run and hide.

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Barty was both annoyed and relieve. Annoyed that the statues hadn't just stayed still and let them passed, and relieved that they hadn't outright attacked.

"Excuse me but is there anything we can do to verify our identity? This place tends to move so we can't really go and get Sir Perona and bring him back. It'd take too long and the location of this tomb may have changed," Barty said, deciding to approach the situation peacefully.

"We cleared out the tomb of spiders which were infesting it... uhh" Barty started searching for things.

"We have an image of the box we are looking for, it was given to us by the current head of the Perona family.

Barty pointed at Andy.

"He kissed the back of her hand! Do you have any way to test for... spit?" Barty asked, grasping for straws. He turned to Andy and gave her a pained look.

"You haven't washed your hand yet have you? This could be the difference between life and death!" He turned back towards the guardians.

"We have the compass that can find the tomb, also given to us by the family," Barty exhaled quickly, the looks of the statues were really freaking him out.

Oh why couldn't Nathanial have come with us!? He would've crushed these things in seconds! Theres no way I can do that, especially not after I expended so much magic back in the spider room!

Barty exhaled loudly and stood up straight staring back at the statues.


(I really can't do much at the moment :P )

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(Sorry I’m trying to leave things open, but I’m failing. Feel free to control where we go and what we do if that makes things easier. The guardians are NPC’s as well so feel free to control them as well.)


The two statues stood still as Barty spoke, the merciless blue orbs that were their eyes boring into him. They didn’t speak immediately after Barty, and remained silent for a few moments after he had finished talking as though both were in thought. Faint whispers filled the air as though dozens of tiny voices spoke around the group, each conversation to far away to be made out. The air felt heavy and uncomfortable as this happened, as though the room were suddenly filled with people. Just as quickly as it had started the whispering stopped and the room went back to its gloomy, silent self again.


”I cannot scent one of the dead’s family on thine flesh.” The crocodile headed statue said. 


“I cannot see any lies seeping from thine lips either.” The hawk headed statue said a moment later.


The statues both went silent again and the whispering returned, as did the uncomfortable feelings that came with it.

Though both statues remained completely still, their eyes focused on Barty it was also obvious that they were communicating with each other on a level beyond speech. 


The silence lasted for a long time before finally stopping, at which point both statues focused their eyes on Andromeda again.

”Thou will show us the items thine companion described.” Both statues ordered, their voices making Andromeda shiver as she hesitantly reached into her satchel and retrieved both the compass and the drawing. 


Neither statue seemed inclined to move anywhere, so Andromeda carefully in bed forward and held both out for the statues to see. 

The moment the statues could see both items the whispering returned, only this time it was overwhelmingly loud. The voices were unintelligible and still sounded like whispers, but the volume had been drastically increased. 


The horribly oppressive atmosphere returned, only this time much worse. It was like having a hundred pounds of rocks dropped onto each persons shoulders. Sweat began to form on Andromeda’s face as she struggled to remain upright. It was difficult to breath and every gasp was a huge effort of will. 


The two statues remained still for an unbearably long time before the whispers stopped, allowing the group to breath freely again.


“The compass is an old magic attuned to this place, one which can only be given freely if the bearer is aware of what it is.” The hawk-headed statue said suddenly.


”The fact that thou has it implies that one of the protected’s family has indeed sent you here.” The crocodile-headed statue said. 


“We are bound to obey the families will in this, as are all guardians in this tomb.” The hawk statue said a moment later. “However we are still bound to protect that which was placed in this tomb.”


“If thou wish to take the box from this place, then thou must submit to bear the rings of truth.” The crocodile statue said.


”What are they?” Andromeda asked with interest. 


“The rings of truth are magical artifacts from ages long past. If one makes a willing oath and dons the ring, then the ring will make sure that the oath is followed.” The hawk statue explained.


”What happens if you break the pact?” Midori asked even though she was pretty sure she knew the answer. 


“If thou does not follow the oath that was given, the ring will kill the thou. Over three days thou will experience unbearable pain as thee ages forward to the end of thine life. Diseases, boils and rot will infect thee and all will be powerless to stop it. Thy will beg for death should the oath be broken, but no matter the manner, thou wilt live until the third day has past. On that final day thine magic will be sucked from thee and into the ring, and with the magic will come thine soul as well. In the ring thine soul will endure torments for eternity, unable to find peace or rest.

 Thy bodies will be left as statues in the final moments, unable to be removed or destroyed, a testament to the penalty to oath breakers.” The crocodile statue explained. 


“If thou wishes to take the treasure then an oath must be sworn on a ring. An oath to give the treasure to the family member before midnight of the third day. If the oath is fulfilled then the rings will disappear, if it is not then the consequences have been made clear.”




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Barty was relieved that the statues were believing them but frowned at the prospect of the rings.

He understood the reasoning, and any hesitation now would lose them the statues graces.

"Okay we'll take the rings, but I'd like to confirm some things first," Barty said, opening his hands in a pleading jesture.

The statues did not move but once again Barty could feel their gaze shifted to him.

"If we put on the rings, and make the vow, can we be assured that we'll meet no more strife on the way? Also will you be willing in assisting us on getting to the box, and back out?" Barty asked.

"If we only have 3 days I don't want to waste any time and this place is quite confusing. We don't even know how long we've been in here," Barty continued.

He looked at the two girls, looking for agreement on either of their faces. Midori looked quite concerned but gave Barty a pained nod.


(Fill in the gap with the statues response if you like)


"And what should we do once we've succesfully delivered the package? Will the magic dissapate? Will we have to come and return the rings?" Barty asked. He would be a lot less confidant if they had to get the box, return it and come back to return the rings all in 3 days time.

He looked at midori and Andy wondering if either of them had any more to say.


(You can control Barty a bit if you need to, just to make things smoother)

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“If thou makes an oath as has been described then we will take thee to the box. Once it is taken thou will be led back to this point. When the oath is completed the rings will turn to sand and return to this place.” The hawk headed statue responded immediately after being questioned by Barty. “If the oath is fulfilled then nothing further will be required, the rings will return here on their own.”


Andromeda looked at Barty and Midori as she waited for the statues to continue, but neither seemed inclined to continue speaking. 


“It seems fair.” Andromeda said after a few moments pause. “I mean we do our mission and everyone gets what they want. I say we do it.” She said, looking at Midori to see if she agreed. 


Midori looked down as she thought things through, her face masked by her hair as she considered the options before finally nodding.

“It’s the only way short of destroying this place.” Midori said. “So yeah let’s do it.”


Neither statue said anything in response and instead turned to the door behind them. They both pressed their hands to the surface of the door which suddenly glowed with magic sigils before irising open, revealing another long corridor.


Both statues led the way way down the corridor to a set of metal double doors. Both statues lifted their swords and pushed them into slots on the walls to either side of the doors. 


Sounds of ancient gears and machinery whirring to life could be heard, followed by loud noises of bolts disengaging. Both of the doors slowly swung wide, revealing a room filled with treasure. Everything imaginable was on display in the room, from jewels and gold to weapons and art. Everything there would make any person rich beyond comprehension and if it weren’t for the statues standing guard Andromeda would have had to fight to keep herself from pocketing at least some of the treasure. 


The hawk statue stride forward into the room and retrieved two items from the room while the jackal statue kept the group outside the room proper. 


When the hawk hawk statue returned it was carrying two objects; one was the box the group had been ordered to retrieve, the other was a simple wooden box which the hawk statue opened. 


Inside the the box were three black stone rings with blue veins running along their surfaces. They all sat neatly on a purple pillow in the wooden box and seemed to chill the air with their presence. 


“Swear now upon the rings that thou will take this treasure and return it to the family whose tomb it has rested in. Swear now that by sunset of the third day it will be in the hands of its rightful owner, along with the key and compass that thou was given. Swear these things and put on the ring, understanding that your oath is thy life, and the failure of fulfilling the oath will lead to the failing of thou’s life.” The hawk statue said, offering the rings to the group. 


Andromeda hesitated for for a brief moment, then looked the statue square in the eyes and nodded.

”I give my word that this box, the key, and the compass will be given to it’s proper owner by sunset of the third day from now.” She said, grasping one of the rings and putting it on. 


It was like Andromeda’s blood turned to ice when the ring settled on her finger. She could feel a deep cold spread down her finger and into her hand, up her arm only to stop at her elbow. It hurt so badly and she cried out when it happened, her other hand immediately trying to remove the ring which was now stuck on her finger. 


The pain lasted for what seemed like an eternity as the warmth was sucked from her arm, but in reality it was less then 30 seconds. The experience still left Andromeda panting on the floor clutching her arm to her chest. Her arm still worked fine but it was cold to the touch and didn’t have much feeling in it.


”All of thee must take the oath before thou can begin the task. Do so now or be struck down.” The hawk statue said, offering the rings to the group.

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(Short post sorry, I'm in the middle of my exams)


Watching Andromeda concerned Barty waited until she looked okay before reaching out for a ring of his own.

"By our guilds honour, I swear that we shall bring this box, the compass and the key shall be given back to their owner within three days," Barty said, taking the ring and putting it on.


He felt a wave of cold radiate out from it and up his arm to his elbow. Barty shuddered and anxiously rubbed his arm, it felt as if someone had just smacked his funny bone with a block of ice.

"Ahh thats cold... Midori you next," He said through gritted teeth.


Midori looked from Barty to Andy with a concerned look before she two reached out and put on a ring, swearing an oath in a similar manner to the others.

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Andromeda was still on the floor gasping in pain when when the others had finished taking their oaths. Her arm was curled up against her chest protectively and she was visibly shivering. The little light above her head flickered and died a few seconds later, leaving the group illuminated by the statues blue glow and the torch that Barty held.


”Are you alright Andromeda?” Midori asked in a concerned tone as she knelt next to her friend. “Does it hurt still or something?” 


“Y-yes, but n-no. So cold.” Andromeda shuddered. 


“Why is she still hurting?” Midori demanded of the two statues who stood silently before the group. “My arms just numb, why is hers hurting so, much?”


”The rings that thou has sworn upon were created using the black void between stars. Magic bound that blackness into physical form, creating the rings. Thine friend uses the stars themselves as fuel for her magic. The ring is the complete opposite of her magic, so both the ring and her normal magic are fighting against one another for dominance.” The hawk statue said calmly.


”Then take it off! It’s killing her!” Midori said angrily.


”We will not. Thine friend is not dying, she is merely in pain. Her magic energy is drained, and as such the ring, being the opposite of her, causes pain. When her magic is restored she will feel a soreness instead of pain. Take her beneath the stars and she will recover quicker.” The statue advised, it’s voice still devoid of all compassion or empathy. 


While the hawk statue had spoken the jackal statue had turned and wandered deeper into the exposed room, picking it’s way through the darkness. The only reason the group could see it at all was because of it’s blue glow, and even then it was faint. After a few minutes the glow began to return to the door, and when it arrived it was carrying the beautiful golden box in its hands. 


The box was exactly as it had been described, and in the picture that the group had been given. It was shining gold with constellations etched into the sides, the stars made of jewels. Other g ms decorated it’s surface as well, making it shimmer in the torchlight. 


“Thine  oath is your lif, break it and die.” The jackal statue said as it handed the statue to Barty. After that both statues returned to the spots where the group had first met them and planted the point of their swords into the ground. The enormous door closed as the lights on their bodies faded, their eyes fading to nothing until they stood as still and as lifeless as the stone the were made of.


”Come on Barty, we have to get Andromeda outside.” Midori said as she pulled Andromeda up and supported part of her weight. “Grab the box and lets go.”


(So the box weighs about 100 pounds just so you know.)



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