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ANSWERED:Is this allowed?

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Someone is offering dragon sprites for adoption:



Even though they do not claim to own them, I am pretty sure it is not allowed to use sprites as adoptables outside of dragcave

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The pages you linked (I was able to get to them by fiddling with the link a bit) do not contain sprites that are owned by DragonCave. If the site was using, say, the exact egg of a DragonCave breed, then there would be a problem. But they aren't, they're using their own eggs. There is no rule against other adoptable sites using the same format/ideas.

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There are many other adoptables sites out there!  However, if they are using their own artwork, it's not an issue for us.  It would only be a problem if they were using DragCave's artwork.

I also get a blank page, but see a bunch of Magistream links in there.  As far as I know they create all their own work, and that site has been around for several years.

I'll go ahead and close this as answered, but if I'm misunderstanding something , please let me know.

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