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Go Fish - Dragon Edition

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I have no hatchlings so go fish (and I must compulsively post) uwu


4G+ even green lineage with at least five different breeds

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Go fish. I can breed https://dragcave.net/lineage/xci0G but kept none of the offspring.


The most recent release when you joined DC (so if you joined November 20, 2016, it'd be witchlight)

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14 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

Doesn't every dragon that has wings have multiple wings (at least 2?)



A regular non-holiday breed you'd consider "innocent"?

well, yes, but how often do you find something [undamaged] with naturally one wing?


go fish


since I guess people do this, let's try this again (and I'll reword it so no one can be smart about it)

lineage with at least four different breeds of dragons with multiple pairs of wings

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https://dragcave.net/lineage/Zgidm ? One of them has several pairs of illusory wings

How many breeds do we have? Skywing, lumina, dark lumina, snow angel, nhiostrife wyvern, aeria gloris, blusang lindwyrm, wintertide, lacula?


A hatchling whose "Aww... " blurb takes more than a line on the page

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