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Go Fish - Dragon Edition

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This works similar to a game called Go Fish, but designed to be simple for this thread. A player will call for a specific dragon/creature, if the next player doesn't have it, they say Go Fish. If they do have one, then they link their dragon/creature (view/lineage both fine). Creativity is highly encouraged here :)



Player A : CB Neglected?

Player B : Go fish. 4G Prize? 

Player C : 4G Prize. 2G Female Gold?

Player D : Go fish. Inbred Hellhorse?


Literally anything goes as long as it abide by the site and forums rules.


Let's start: CB Female Frostbite?

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Go fish. All of my black alts are messy!


Z coded (code that starts with z) Zyumorph?

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Go fish!   There are gendered paper dragons around?!? :mellow:


S2 Male Frozen Yellow Undine?

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(yup) Darn Ninjas Ruby's prompt


PB EG gen 8 or higher (breed not relevant)

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