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Dalek Raptor

Contagion vs Cure

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So, I noticed a lot of people upset at the fact of the boost for the Contagion until today where Curers took a gigantic leap and everyone thought it was a glitch. Being one if the first Contagion Spreaders, it was a shock and really disheartening to see that everyone who was spreading it, quit.


So I have a brilliant solution and I will keep tabs on this thread and that way people could still have fun having a friendly competition and how it should have been tongue.gif


Rules: The counter will start off at 500 and depending on if you're for the Contagion, you count upwards to 1000, Curers, you count downwards to 0. If Contagion wins, we shall spread the the Goo on the Curers dragons! If the Curers win, they disinfectant the goo the Contagion's Dragons!


Curers: 2


Contagion: 4





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