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When You Become A Pokémon

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Dusky threw herself into her sleeping bag, exhausted. Her Braixen, Altezza, was already dozing off, and her Umbreon Dammerung had prowled outside. As Dusky curled up, she reflected on the fact Damnerung wasn't going to be showing up until it was light out.


Then she closed her eyes.




She wasn't sure how long it had been, but her eyes snapped open. She was floating motionless as a bloodstained Espeon and an equally bloodstained Umbreon looked at her.


There were lines of infnity energy running through the cavern.


Espeon nodded nigh imperceptibly - and Dusky was thrown into another place altogether.


She caught a glsnce of Leafeon eyeing a great statue of Dialga, his eyes glowing green. It felt wrong - and then she was on her feet again. She couldn't move. She looked out over a rolling plzin.


Days and nights passed in seconds. The world around her sickened and died. But she was immortal, she was trapped. Then they came. Umbreon and Espeon. They destroyed her.


But the nightmare wasn't over. Now she was suspended in a void, blood leaking from her. The world beneath her shine with a red light, before consuming iyself, and she was alone.


Seconds turned into eons.... and then they returned.


More nightmares flashed through her. More nightmares of immortality. Of being trapped.




Her eyes snapped wide open, her tongue stuck out as she panted... wait, psnted? Her world was so much bigger. Dusky tried to stand, only to fall. She caught sight or a red Flareon tail. One near black paw was in her girld of vision. Her ears were too long, she could feel them.


Then Altezza awoke. "Flareon! Who are you?!"


The Braixen marched over, snarlung and fluffing all her fur out. The tent floor suddenly felt much watmer.


Too warm for a human, not for a Flareon.


Altezza was practically standing in front of the newly transformed Pokémon. "You. Where is Dusky?"


Dusky tried to speak, but it came out jumbled and clipped. "I-I Dusy, I Dudky."


Altezza had a look of disdain on her face. "You can't even talk properly, liar? What sort of lame excuse for a Pokémon are you?"


Then Dammerung came in, the blue-eyed Umbreon's paws barely making a whisper. He saw Dusky and Altezza, and made for them.

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The bloodstained Umbreon scowled at the orb of energy. "Are you sure?"


Next to him, an equally bloodstained Espeon nodded. Like Umbreon, she peered into the energy orb. It glowed red, illuminating the cavern. "I'm sure. If we are to stop him, we need more help. We need to call them."


Umbreon sighed, and summoned an arcane cloud of energy before blasting it into the ball. "Dream on, humans. Legends are awaking, the monster Leafeon rises."


We curse you, we bless you

For ever and ever and ever

The monster Leafeon cries to the earth

And the earth lies bare before him

For ever

Legends rise

But beware the shadows in legend

Even gods are not to be trusted

For that shadow is long and dark

Its bearer ages old...




You've been turned into a Pokémon! Last night, you were sleeping as usual, and then you had dreams. Dreams of a bloodstained Umbreon and Espeon. Dreams of a Leafeon who awakened Legends. Nightmares of your worst fear come true. The next morning? You were a Pokémon, and you need your Pokémon friends to help you now. But wait! It seems there are others turned into Pokémon...




The Kalos region is a diverse land in a world of even more diversity. It's also the epicenter of the transformations. World map:


user posted image




DCF and Freeforms rules apply.

No oneliners. I'm on mobile, and if something looks too short to me, it is.

Introductory paragraphs required. No form.

PG13 please. I can understand some gore during a fight, but please don't get graphic. If someone gets their head smashed against something/a similar level of gory, fade to black. No ...erm... naughtiness please. Profanity is acceptable if you aren't slathering your posts with it and use it sparingly. I'd prefer to see damn/hell for swearing, though.

No godmodding. Please.

Powerplays should not be everywhere. It's acceptable if you are Mega'd out or using a Z move, otherwise nope, and do NOT make your character hit everyone or dodge everyone. Roll a RNG. If you roll below the accuracy of the move stated in canon, you got hit. If you roll higher, you didn't. Be sure to account for evasion/accuracy modifiers too. -- accuracy always hits.

No members of the Sue family allowed here.

Any Pokémon can be played except Legendaries. Shinies are allowed, so go ahead! Sun/Moon Pokémon are allowed, as long as they've been officially revealed due to spoilers. If you really want to play one that's not officially revealed, it may be possible. You can play canonical variants other than Alolan forms or a noncanon variant that does not change typing/moveset. For noncanon variants, please make sure they are recognizable as the intended Pokémon species.

You can have as many OCs as you can RP. They can know your name if they know, but unless you're really famous those who don't know you won't know your name.




OOC: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=ST&f=36&t=176468

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I smiled as I patted the top of my favorite and only shiny I ever had. Globbers the Shiny Reuniclus. It felt weird the first time sticking my hands through the liquid around his body, but he seemed like he rather enjoyed these head rubs and I really hated to see him disappointed. He was the only one I ever kept out of his Pokeball because of how much he meant to me. Although, I did recently discover a new Pokemon that came from the Alola Region called a Stufful named Nutmeg. When I looked down on it, she had one of her paws raised and seemed to be trying to get my attention on how cute it was. I had to admit, she was pretty cute.


And then there was my oldest Pokemon. A Pidgeot with rustic red feathers instead of the normal brown named Rusty. I know, so original, but Rusty was there with me through thick and thin. He was the first Pokemon I received as a kid and he took me all the way to the Kanto League. Rusty ruffled his feathers as he settled down for the night as he perched in a tree. Globbers muttered something cutely as I stopped rubbing his head. Boy, how I wish I could understand him some days! I yawned as I went to my tent which Nutmeg was already falling asleep. I yawned before getting in my sleeping bag and falling asleep.




I don't dream very often but it was then I found myself in the middle of a parcular dream with a blood stained Espeon and a blood stained Umbreon. I curiously looked at them as they brought me to a never-ending place with a Leafeon staring at a Dialga statue. What was going on? It felt like an eternity before I finally dragged myself out of the dream.




I woke up in a daze, I could feel my arms swinging round as I tried to shift myself. "H-hey!" a voice squeaked. "I'm trying to get some sleep so I can look as cute as possible." I grunted, not thinking about it for a second. "Globbers, how'd you get in?" the same voice asked. "Glbrs?" I muttered, scanning the tent and seeing no sign of my shiny Reuniclus. "Wait, where is Dalek?" the voice asked and I finally turned to see Nutmeg staring up at me. Her eyes widen as she ran from the tent. "GUYS! THERE'S A WEIRD REUNICLUS IN THE TENT!" I wanted to face palm at the moment before I realized, my hand was covered in a liquid gel. "Nu...meg," I gasped out as I somewhat stumbled out of the tent. "It's Dek." "Hold it Reuniclus!" a voice squawked. I caught my breath when Rusty flew down, his wings spread out, trying to protect the others. "Ust," I gasped out. The rustic Pidgeot looked at me curiously. "Are you trying to say my name?" Rusty asked, titling his head. "Can you not talk?" I shooky head, but ended up, twirling to and fro. "I don't think it can move properly," a rather dashing voice said. "Glbrs!" I exclaimed. "Wait a second," Rusty said, obviously putting two and two together. "Dalek? Are you...a Reuniclus?" His beak dropped as I nodded slightly. "Oh boy," Nutmeg said. "I think we have a problem." I rolled my eyes. Yeah, no kidding.

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"Goodnight, Tricky."


Tricky was Felix's Sylveon. He had found her as an Eevee on the Streets of Lumiose City. She didn't seem to have a trainer, so he decided to take her with him. They grew very close to eachother as time passed by and when she evolved into a Sylveon he had a self-designed cape made for her. Flitter, his Yanma, and Pyre, his Salandit, that came from a faraway region called Alola, he Always kept in their pokéballs, but he had never even actually caught Tricky, they were just friends. Felix only called her Tricky when they were alone, in company of other people he called her Sylver.




A weird dream... A bloodstained Umbreon and Espeon... An endless space... A Dialga statue... A Leafeon looking up to it...




Felix jerked himself awake. Or something close to that, as he hardly actually moved. His body seemed to weigh a lot more now than it did before he fell asleep. He tried to stand up straight, something about his hands felt wrong - like he didn't have any fingers - and his entire balance was different. When he looked at his bed he saw it was damaged, as if it was cut with a kinfe in two places... exactly where he had put his hands while standig up! He immediately tried toget his hands into his field of view, and he saw what he already expected: he had become a Bisharp.


Tricky had already noticed this and, startled, she released Flitter and Pyre. Now she realised that Felix was gone, she began to get worried.


"Who are you? And where's Felix?"


"Tri-y, it's me."


Tricky blanked out. This Bisharp knew something only Felix could know. No, this Bisharp WAS Felix. "But how?" Flitter and Pyre were just as confused.


"I don- -ow. I -eally -on't -ow." Felix said, now finding his balance and getting used to the amount of force he had to use to move his body. No fingers, heh, that was going to be difficult.

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((I guess I'll just list my partner Pokemon as I go? And I hope you don't mind me making up rival for myself and crowning myself champion. I figure plenty of people have had chances to become champion, considering the main games.


Right now there's Archeval the male Garchomp, Skyflame the female Talonflame, and Primum the male Empoleon who have been mentioned by name. I'm not gonna bother listing Esk's Pokemon right now, but he's probably going to show up again sometime.


Let me know if something isn't okay and I'll change it.))


Another run through the Elite Four. Another easy victory. All that was left between me and the title of "Champion" was a kid. He had beaten the previous Champion mere hours ago, unaware of the fact that I was preparing to run through the Elite Four again. A shame, really, as I would have liked to dethrone someone who had built up a reputation. Oh well, I supposed it couldn't be helped. Training was training, after all, and the money I earned from beating the Elite Four definitely wasn't pocket change. As the platform I was standing on rose into the Champion's Room, I winced. I never really got used to the unnatural brightness in the room, no matter how many times I went through it. The architecture was really something though. "Beautiful room, isn't it? It's a pity that you won't get to enjoy it long." I remarked as I walked towards the current Champion. But as I took a better look at the Champion, I stopped short. For a moment, I was too shocked to move, before my face broke into a grin. "Well well, look who we have here! I didn't know you'd be here, Esk, or I'd have brought Primum. But what's done is done, and can't be undone. I'm not stopping my streak for you, so you'd better get ready to lose again." Smirking, I straightened the collar of my black trench coat and threw out a Pokeball. "I'll even give you an advantage and let you see who I'm sending out first. Archeval, let's show Esk what it means to lose!"


As the Pokeball touched down, it released a male Garchomp wearing pieces of flexible armor. Casually extending my hand, I caught the Pokeball as it rebounded. "Who's it gonna be? Or are you too intimidated by Archeval to make your move?" I taunted as Esk returned my smirk and sent out a Hydreigon.


"Oh no, I'm just giving you a chance to take your challenge back before you regret it."


"It'll be just like old times, won't it? Except I'll be winning this one."


"That's what they all say, too bad it isn't true."


"Let's do this."




"Well I have to say, you've definitely come pretty far since the last time we battled. How long has it been, 10 years? We've seen each other plenty but I haven't had the time to truly battle with you. It was entertaining as always."


"Heh, you mean you didn't believe I'd win? I'm offended. You're the only one that puts up much of a fight anyways, I don't call you my rival for nothing."


"That's true. Well, time to get you in the Hall of Fame yet again. I don't even remember how many times it's been now. "Girl Breaks World Record for Most Entries in the Hall of Fame." Quite the title, eh? You're definitely not slacking off."


"Pfff, like I'd ever slack off when it comes to Pokemon. You know I breed my Pokemon to be the best of their species. Primum's the only one who I didn't do that for, and that's cause he was my starter."




"Skyflame, let's fly home. Stick to the clouds, there's bound to be some reporters looking for me. They never get tired, do they?" It was nighttime already now, and I knew my Pokemon were tired from a long day of battling. "Are you sure you can handle flying back? I could always find a place to stay around here if you can't." I spoke softly, stroking Skyflame's feathers. She nodded resolutely, eyes glinting with determination. "All right then. Take us home."


-minutes later-


As I arrived back at my home, I yawned and threw open the door. Flicking on lights haphazardly, I headed to my backyard to allow my Pokemon to roam free. "Goodnight guys, you all did really well today." I said as I closed the door and headed for my bedroom. Finishing up my nighttime routine, I flopped onto my bed and fell asleep almost immediately.




I was in a dark cavern, watching as two bloodstained Pokemon communicated silently. Espeon and Umbreon. Those two eeveelutions were special or something, right? They always seemed to be the stars of every story. The moon is too bright? Blame it on Umbreon. You feel like someone's watching you in the daytime? Blame it on Espeon. Mysterious events keep happening around you? Blame it on Umbreon and Espeon. As the scene changed, I noticed a Leafeon staring at some legendary Pokemon. Weird. I never really liked Leafeon and this one just looked creepy.


But then... then there were...




It took a moment for me to wake up fully. What did I do yesterday again? Oh right, I battled Esk. Groaning, I tried to rub my eyes, only to smack the sides of my face. Huh? My face felt funny. Rolling onto my side, I was startled by the sudden disappearance of the bed. I hit the ground with a thump - was that cracking wood I heard? Did I suddenly gain weight overnight? I tried to stand, only to fall over even less elegantly. What. Was. Going. On. I knew I could be clumsy sometimes, but not THIS clumsy. Wait... were those claws my hands? Rough dark blue skin, sharp white claws, red and yellow markings. All signs pointed to Garchomp. Was this a dream? But I had DEFINITELY felt it when I hit the ground. Plus, the surroundings made too much sense for it to be a dream of mine. My dreams were practically never in an ordinary setting.


Ugh. I was 99 percent sure that this wasn't a dream, but there were always firsts, right? And being a Pokemon actually seemed pretty cool. I mean, I was slightly disappointed I wasn't a cool legendary, but Garchomp wasn't that bad. I always felt like battling would be more fun if you were actually the Pokemon. Of course, it'd also hurt a lot more, but Garchomp's abilities were pretty good for defense anyway. Sand Veil and Rough Skin, as well as Sand Force when Mega Evolved. Besides, my strategy had always been "knock out the opponent before they can hit you." It had gotten me this far, so I had no reason to believe it would fail me now.


I figured I should start with standing up before thinking of anything along the lines of battling. I wouldn't be much of a fighter if I couldn't move, after all. Using my claws to prop me up, I slowly inched my feet below me before managing to stand up. Strangely enough, having a new tail to control actually helped my balance. At the very least, it acted as a counterweight to prevent me from falling onto my face. That was a great deal easier than I thought it would be, considering my usual level of grace.


Just as I was about to officially congratulate myself, I heard an ominous cracking below me. The next thing I knew, the floorboards gave way and deposited me on the floor of the kitchen. That was really loud. I was glad that I had paid for my own residence with my battle winnings, or my parents would surely have come rushing down to see what the commotion was about. As it was, I was pretty sure that my Pokemon had heard all the noise I had made. I would definitely need to explain myself.

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It had been a very long day.


Sheri sighed as she finally finished arguing with the frame for her tent and tugged the plastic sheet up and over the metal skeleton. Really, it was a poor excuse for a tent - nothing more than a flimsy half-rusted framework with a tarp loosely draped over it - but hey, it kept the rain off her when she slept, so at least it did it's job.


Pity it didn't always keep the bug Pokemon out. Or would-be thieves, but anyone foolish enough to sneak past her lazy-as-a-Snorlax guard-Pokemon usually found, upon reaching the tent, that they'd made a very poor life choice. Sheri smiled as she absentmindedly reached down to scratch behind the ears of the Pokemon beside her, a beautiful silver Ninetales with a thick black collar, adorned with bells, around its neck, who responded to the gesture with an affectionate nudge on her leg.


"Wonder if you'll get to add to your score tonight, Ginny?"


The Ninetales answered her with a soft yip before padding off to join his teammates by the softly glowing embers that were all that remained of their fire, sitting down beside the great, snoring form of the Gyarados that was SUPPOSED to be on guard duty, and the minuscule but also contentedly asleep Butterfree. Once curled up, the fox turned back and almost seemed to smile at her, as if to say, "Don't worry, I've got this."


Or it could've meant, "Look at these lazy dorks." She could never quite tell what Gin was thinking.


With a groan and a soft "fwump", Sheri collapsed onto her sleeping bag, rolling over the day's events in her weary mind. First the battle with the Gym Leader, against a type that was almost-unheard of back home in Johto but had fallen quickly to the combined might of her team, then the fracas with those red-suit-wearing buffoons in the factory that had seen half of her team so badly injured as to need to be sent home to recuperate for a while, and finally the long hard slog through that Arceus-awful labyrinth of a cave...


The ground had never been so comfy as she drifted off into slumber.






Light. Movement. Noise.


Forms. Rust smell. Pokemon. Light. Sun. Moon. Eyes. Eyes. Staring. Stop. Eyes. Movement.


Green. Another. Leaves. Evil. Evil. Staring. Cold. Unmoving. Cold. Beast. Time. Ancient. Dialga. Fear. Fear. Fearfearfearmovepainmovecan'tdarkTHEY'RECOMINGMOVEMOVEMO-




Sheri shot up, violent shuddering wracked her body as she gasped for air. A nightmare. It had just been another nightmare. But, something still felt extremely wrong. Her body felt oddly light, cold, and she glanced down as she couldn't feel her feet, maybe that annoying fox was sleeping on them aga-


She had no feet. Or legs, for that matter. Just a white lining, like the edge of a shirt.


Her body was much smaller, rounder, pale to the point of being completely colourless were it not for the deep red band that circled her midriff. She reached to tug at it, which was when she noticed her hands. They were tiny, absolutely tiny, just a trio of fingers at the end of wide, almost dress-like baggy arms, a pale blue circle and half-moon against purest white.


Slowly, she reached up to her face, feeling deep pocks around her mouth and eyes, like some kind of mask, before reaching up further, stopping when the probing fingers found two bumpy little stubs, hard as rock yet smooth and cold, so very cold. Like ice. Like the horns on a Froslass -


She screamed and jumped to her feet. Momentarily forgetting that she didn't have feet anymore, before she seemed to shoot further upwards, arms flailing wildly as she bumped into the tarp of the tent and tried to find purchase - oh Arceus it felt like it went THROUGH her hands - before bouncing back towards to floor, landing back on the sleeping bag with a hollow noise.


It was at that moment that a slender muzzle poked through the make-shift tent cover, followed by amused red eyes.

"Really, pet, such a fuss you're making. What, did you see a gho-"

The fox's words were cut short when he saw the white and blue form struggling to stay upright for longer than a few seconds. For a moment the two simply stared at each other, minds trying to process what they were seeing and hearing.


Then the muzzle split into a wide grin.


"Darling, I know you say you're as cool as ice, but don't you think you're being a tad too literal?"

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((Diamante the female Gardevoir is introduced in this post.))


Groaning, I laid my head on the ground and gave up on movement. I highly doubted this was a dream now. Seeing as my attempts at standing had been disastrous, I figured I would just lay here until my Pokemon located me, being the lazy person that I am. It didn't take long before a crowned blue head found me lying on the ground. I tried to yell out Primum's name, but all that came out was a weird cross between a groan and a roar. Right. I was a Pokemon now, attempts at normal speech wouldn't do anything. Before I could try again, Primum moved in a flash and held a sharp flipper to my neck. I was beginning to regret training my Pokemon to detain strangers in my house. What could I do to convince Primum that it was me, Cyrelian? Well... I could write out the old nickname I gave him, but that would be incredibly embarrassing. It was a life and death situation right now, but if I were to die, I'd at least like to preserve my pride. Before I could deliberate further, a sharp poke to my side made up my mind for me. Using my newly acquired claws, I managed to scrawl out the word "Cutey" next to me.


As Primum read my messy scrawl, his eyes widened. For a moment, he simply fixed me with an exasperated glare, almost as if he were asking me "Is that really the only way you could think of to let me know it was you?" Then, with a single fluid motion, he removed his flipper from my neck and helped me up. I was still a bit wobbly, but I could shuffle around on my own. As soon as I was sure I had my balance, I gazed sadly at my ruined floor. That wouldn't be cheap to replace, nor would the hole in the ceiling do me any favors money-wise. But now that I was a Pokemon, did I even need a house? I started to analyze the potential outcomes of the situation before a slightly impatient huff from Primum brought me back to reality. He gestured at the back door, which was left open. I guess he wanted me to go outside? Primum had never been the most vocal of my Pokemon, but he had always been a calm, collected leader.


As I slowly wobbled my way to the door, Primum kept a close watch over me. He didn't speak a single word, nor did he have to. There was a certain nonverbal communication I shared with my best Pokemon, especially with Primum. He had been the first Pokemon I ever trained, and I had been his first trainer. Sure, he used to get a bit exasperated with me, especially when my younger self gave him a ridiculous (and horribly misspelled) nickname, but he stuck with me through more risky situations than I could remember. I could always count on him to finish a battle my other Pokemon couldn't. As we reached the door, I suddenly noticed a very real problem. The other side of my door had stairs. How could I conquer such a powerful enemy? I made a dramatic fainting gesture as best as I could in my new form, and looked pleadingly at Primum. His only reaction was an exasperated sigh and a facepalm.


Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted into the air. A pink glow surrounded me and I recognized it as Diamante's Psychic. She seemed ready to apprehend me, but a look from Primum made her gently set me down again. An energetic Skyflame suddenly swooped in front of me, missing my face by mere inches and causing me to lose my balance. For what seemed to be the umpteenth time, I collapsed forward and hit the ground before I could catch myself. Owww... my face was really taking a beating today. "Skyflame! Don't do that!" Diamante reprimanded, but her efforts went largely ignored. Skyflame was easily the most excitable out of my current team, not to mention the most immature. Sometimes even I had trouble getting her to listen to me, but her performance on the battlefield made it worth it. As of now, she was currently having a laugh at my expense. Growling, I slowly regained my footing and returned to a standing position. Sensing another attack, I ducked just as an orange blur rushed past me. Seemingly unaffected by my annoyance, Skyflame only continued to caw loudly.


"Ha! Would you look at that! The Garchomp can't even stand properly. Plus it's some weird black color instead of blue."


Now that she mentioned it, I was a slightly different color than normal. It was really just a very dark navy blue, but it looked black under most lighting. Huh. That was pretty interesting. Ignoring Skyflame, I decided to observe my new body some more. This whole thing about turning into a Pokemon was really more surprising than I expected...


((More intro post sections to come, I'm splitting it into parts so no one gets overwhelmed. What are you talking about I'm totally not cutting this short cause I'm sleepy and have work to do.))

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"Rusty, you're her veteran Pokémon, what do you think?" Globbers asked as he helped me stay afloat. Rusty looked puzzled at me before replying. "Well, there must be a reason as to why she is a Reuniclus," Rusty said. "Dalek, is there anything you remember differently from what you did yesterday?" I shook my head carefully, Globbers holding me steady with one hand to stop me from spinning. "Drem Eons," I managed to sputter out. "Drem Eons?" the trio asked in unison. "Hmmmm...." Rusty said, clanking his his left talons in the ground. It was the bird version of finger drumming. He normally did this when he was thinking really hard. "This is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma." It was then we heard a click and a light formed into a Swellow.


"What's the matter Gramps?" the Swellow asked, ruffling his feathers in pleasure. "Is the universe being too clever for you again?" "Sklardrog," Rusty said, seemingly annoyed at the Swellow. "Don't make me peck your tail feathers again." A gleam of hatred burned in Rusty's eyes as he stared at Sklardrog. What was going on between the two? Did they not like each other? "You're just jealous of my Boom Burst attack," Sklardrog bragged, puffing up, making him look bigger. "Guys, I know you have your rivalry, but can you please save it for later?" Globbers said. "We have Dalek who can't float like a proper Reuniclus and can hardly talk properly. What would happen if a random trainer comes by and sees us standing around with no other trainer in site?" "Oh," Sklardrog said, his beak dropping as he looked at me.


I noticed Rusty puffing his feathers up. "What's the matter Sklardrog?" Rusty mocked. "Is the universe confusing you?" Sklardrog gave Rusty a look of disdain before he muttered something. "GUYS! CAN YOU PLEASE STOP FIGHTING FOR AT LEAST A FLIPPING HOUR!?" Nutmeg screamed. Rusty and Sklardrog looked at each other before nodding slightly. "Thank you!" I looked over at Nutmeg who had a paw to her head before looking at Globbers. "Uh...so...now what?" he asked. "If we start asking around, it's going to draw suspicion to us," Rusty replied, continuing to drum his talons into the ground."So I suggest we get Dalek to learn how to talk." "Final," I said, glaring at my two bird Pokémon. "You two re in big trubl."

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Crickl...crak ak...ffffrrrrr....


Ahh, home. Home is the best and ultimate pleasure for someone like me. I just love curling up in a nice, big recliner and daydreaming into sleepiness, accompanied by my life-long companions and a steaming cup of hot tea. Especially during this time of year—the air was getting chiller and crisp, free of the oppressive mugginess of the summer months, and the trees were on the turn. It was something of a guilty pleasure, though...knowing what I did, knowing what I involved myself in. At times, the memories of dealing with self-supposed hierophants and all manner of tyrannical overlords was taxing, and every encounter with the loathsome bunch left its mark, in some way or another...often deeper than I liked. Not long ago, one, with their obsession with supposed “liberation” had popped up in Unova...another, too recently and too close here in Kalos, seeking genocide on a global scale, the elimination of all Pokémon...


Sarah stirred, her paws kneading my lap and her tail readjusting with a flick. I ran my fingers through the smoothness of her dark orange fur, lightly pressing some down to get a better look at the few silvery strands scattered here and there. This was my Raichu, who had been at my side since my journey began 13 years ago. She was tall, almost 3’ ½”ft tall, which she was sure to reach in the near future, and heavy as a sack of bricks, which is why I’d taken up residence on the floor in a fuzzy Raichu-themed beanbag chair to accommodate her girth. That was one thing, too—as old as she was, she still had yet to kick that notion that she was still Pikachu-sized. It was cute, somewhat irritating due to her insistence upon napping on me all the time, but cute.


I rested my hand on her haunch as she stretched out her powerful back legs, thumbing over the distinct parts cut in arcs in a group of three. All over her body were these battle scars, remnants not of our struggles together, but of her own life before we met. Whatever had occurred in her past, back when she lived in the Viridian Forest, she seemed to still carry a part of it in her heart, always driving her forward. Sarah had been with me since the beginning of everything, had overcome a myriad of obstacles and hardships with me, and had faced a pantheon of Legendaries and their captors and quelled them all, with a smirk on her face and a glint in her eyes. I would never doubt her, and I knew her faith in me and herself would never falter.


In the corner right of our spacious cabin, sitting at a desk decorated with orbs, books and stands hung with contest ribbons, sat my Gardevoir Leon. He was accompanied by a sheaf of stamped documents and a penpad, and was busy typing away at a keyboard. The blue-white reflected in his pink eyes and cast shadows behind his monocle.


Leon had been one of THE most difficult acquisitions of my party. I had had need of a partner in the vein of Psychic types, as they are well known for their intelligence and adaptability, and during my tour in Hoenn I’d come across the breed when a sick boy named Wally obtained a Ralts. Seeing how empathetic they were, they’d be an excellent choice for another life partner, as was dictated by my line of work. As I was averse to capturing Pokémon by this point, I had spent weeks on Route 102 tracking his whereabouts, armed with naught but a sack of mixed Berries and a ton of patience. After several close encounters with this overly cautious Pokémon (and at least seven sacks or more of Apicot berries), he eventually came to accept my companionship, and he’s been with me since. The monocle is a gift from me, used to compensate for the bad vision in his left eye, which he’d often squint when he focused.


He’d incredibly kind-hearted and smart, taking it upon himself to learn the written human language and write it in turn. Now he was self-employed as my accountant of sorts, organizing my emails and other clerical work in his spare time. But anyone who took for granted Leon’s scholarly demeanor was certainly in for a surprise—his psychic ability is immense, and his fortitude has been hardened by felling a thousand foes that would seek him and his companions harm. He might seem a little vain, what with all his ribbons from the Cleverness and Beauty categories on full, but he’s really actually modest about it. If there’s one thing I could say about Leon, it’s that his dedication to what he holds dear is admirable....even if it can bring out the worst In him sometimes...


Leon got up and lifted his chair and slid it back soundlessly into place. I watched after him as he went, heading toward the kitchen in the next room. Before doing so, he motioned toward a bundle of white and blue lounging in front of the fireplace. She regarded him with a huff, “ “Miaou...mia-miaou,” and turned back, adjusting the thick navy bandana around her neck.


This was Paschien. She had been a sudden befriendment on Route 6 here in Kalos. I’d found her as an Espurr in the grass next to the walkway. She had been suffering from an infected lesion around her neck, and I had taken it upon myself to take her home and care for her. She hadn’t been happy with me for it, biting the soft of my lower thumb and scoring me up and down my arm, but a few weeks of captivity and some much-needed TLC she eventually came around. To me, at least.


Paschien had a tenuous relationship with Sarah and Leon. She didn’t seem fond of Sarah’s occasionally bouts of excitement or frustration, nor did she approve of Leon’s gentle and sometimes insistent helpfulness. Her aloofness had eased a bit in recent history, but still, she remained resistant to change. The last few days had been the hardest, seeing as my employment was leading us toward a far-off land, full of new sights and sounds and smells she’d immediately dismiss and abhor. It didn’t help that she was deeply self-conscious of her neck—while the wound had healed, the fur never regrew, leaving her without the fluffy “scarf” Meowstic were known for. And to her, the prospect of this new lot of people seeing her “deformity” was probably mortifying.


But, regardless, Paschien could be sweet. Very down-to-earth, sometimes too no-nonsense for her own good, but well-meaning. She had an arsenal of powers at hand, unwilling to let a single weakness break through her, and she held herself with such an air of self-confidence it was frightening.


I gave Sarah’s cheek a squeeze, causing it to sparkle with electricity. She raised up, squeaking with complaint. Leon had walked back in, offering a tiny mug to Paschien and holding out a normal one to me. I took it with gratefulness; Twilight Repose was the best tea for sleep.


“Come on, guys. Let’s wrap it up for the night.” I gave her a little push to encourage her to move.


Everyone began to gather up for the night. Sarah rolled lazily to her feet and shook herself out. I waited for her to leap up the banister to my bed, but instead, she went to the game shelf and pulled down a box. She held it out, not for me to take, but as more of a question.


“Really? Weren’t you just asleep? You want to get up and immediately get into something?”


Sarah bounced on her kangaroo-like feet, tail waving back and forth. “Rai!”


I shook my head at her. “Don’t you know we get tired sometimes?”


I looked between Leon and Paschien for assistance. “Hmph. Well...what do you all think? You wanna entertain her with a bedtime boardgame?” Sarah’s wiggling intensified, her blue eyes shining. Leon gazed at me for a moment before nodding. Paschien didn’t respond, but Leon would be likely to draft her into the game if Sarah didn’t.


Sarah exclaimed and set the box down for a moment, rushing over to pounce against me with her arms out. I caught her with a stumble, hugging her close as she vocalized her happiness over and over.


“Okay, okay, ha-ha! You’re getting your way and you love it. Just try to keep the noise to a minimum, ‘kay?” I set her down and she nodded. Leon drifted over next to her and I hugged him sidelong, avoiding the pink semicircle protruding from his chest.


“Alright guys, good night. I want the house in two neatly rows in the morning at the very least, okay?”


I went over to the fireplace and picked up Paschien without any objection. I sat her in the crook of my arm and rubbed her ears.


“Make sure they douse the fire tonight, okay?” Paschien, adverse to many expressions, smiled.




I scratched under her chin and set her back down in the orange glow. Bidding them a last farewell, I went upstairs, welcoming myself to the cool of the dark.”


It was dark. Hot, hazy, deafeningly dark.


And then, suffocating—


Drowning?! I slung my arms in a flail, feeling something resist my movements all around. When I breached the surface—Air! Water??—I saw a raging sea, and a salt-white cavern in which strode...




A flash! I fell into the water and into a ruin of some sort. Then, two more Pokémon, and Umbreon and an Espeon, stared through me, but I knew. I knew they were looking for something, the Leafeon from before.


They were bloody, the two of them.


An unbearable pain ran through me, grabbing my bones and stretching and bending them, building new pathways for the blood to flow through. My jaw locked and broke, vision speeding into the distance and color becoming sound—



I awakened in a split second.




I rolled onto my side and...




There...was a wing on the floor? Did a Zubat sneak in? Ah! Did I hurt it?!

I rolled back onto my back and sat up, situating my feet under me and standing up. Something weighty near my butt seemed to balance against my heavy-feeling head and arms. Why did I feel like I had training braces on my arms?

I held up and arm. Too dark to see, really. I went over to my night stand, hitting the nearby dresser with—


...a tail??? I didn’t wear a disguise to bed again, did I? I turned the switch. Three red claws shone in the lamplight. I raised my arm to guard my face.


Sand-blonde scales shimmered on my skin—my skin?!—between long bony struts. On the edge, a considerable portion was decorated in teal. When I flipped my hand over, the wing—yes, it was a wing!—shimmered, leathery teal stretched over the struts like canvas. The three red claws, fully opposable somehow, were where my fingers were before. I flexed them out, feeling new muscles that controlled the struts.


“I...I-I’m dreaming. This is a dream...”


I looked at the ground. Red talons sprung out from the same sand-colored scales, leading up to a rust-red pathway of scutes. When I pressed a nail against them, they gave slightly. In comparison, the scales surrounding the scutes were diamond-hard.

I could feel the fear clouding my mind. Sometimes, I’d get stuck in lucid dreams and have to force myself out of them. I felt around for the struggling static-sensation of a dream holding me tight, and closed my eyes. I breathed in, out, in, out...when I opened my eyes, I’d be back in bed, like always...


I opened them. Held up my hands.


The teal-sand-rust remained.


“No...No! This isn’t...no, it’s not-!”


I stumbled forward, slapping my feet against the wood hard as I tripped over my shoes. The stairs were nearby. If I could get down them, the others could maybe—

Talons clicked rapidly when I thudded down the steps as quick as I could. Just a couple more—





((More later! If I double post, don't mind me; just extrapolating on the transformation. Links are images for you! ))

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“You have to unlock the legs before you fold them out.”


“You think I’m stupid? I can’t get them loose...ah...agh!” SNAP! “I got it!”


The legs did indeed pop out, as described. Leon assisted Sarah as the stood the table up in the game room, just behind the living room. There was a good deal of mood lighting, with mahogany chairs backed in crimson and a single hanging stained-glass lamp overhead. Leon lit a couple incense and placed them in ornate stone holders, letting the embers burn red like eyes in the dark. Vanilla and iris filled the air, smoke rising into ribbons and serpents.


“Hand me the box, please.” Sarah held it up to him to sit on the table. Nearby, leaning against the door, was Paschien. She didn’t feel inclined to join in the ribaldry, but Sarah had pleaded with her to sheer annoyance. Games were a foreign concept, reserved as a distraction for humans, but here these two were, playing domestic. She’d scoffed at it plenty of times before, and didn’t bother wasting her breath.


Both sat down, Leon on one side, Sarah plopping down on the other on the left. She patted the adjacent seat, welcoming her over.


“I don’t know what this is. I won’t know what I’m doing.”


“You don’t need to!” Sarah reassured her. “I didn’t either at one point, but, eh, here we are! C’mon!”


“I can’t read.” Sarah laughed.


“So? Neither do I! Leon’s the brainiac here; he’ll teach you.” Leon replaced the lid to the side and took out the tokens and cards. This was an especially nice set, complete in a velvet-lined tin with metal figurines. He laid out the board and smoothed his hands over it, freeing up the eraser shavings from their last game.


“Hah, yes. If Sarah can be taught, then anyone can.” Sarah frowned.


“I’m offended.”


Paschien decided, for some indiscernible reason, that she should play. It felt unlike her, but she didn’t try to fight it; at the very least, it would stop both from being as incessant for awhile. She hopped up on the chair and slipped a pillow from the couch to prop herself up on. The Gardevoir had the table laid out for everyone: the board, four decks of cards, all the figurines, and a small envelope.


“ “Right, now listen up, Paz. It’s a simple game and a simple concept, so you’ll get it fine! I’m really good at this game, but I’d watch that tool across the table. He’s nothing but a dirty ch-“ Leon raised a hand to quiet her.


“The name of the game is ‘Intel’. An old army veteran named Major Diane Payne has invited 6 guests to her old barracks to award her vast fortune to one of her choice. When the guests arrive, they discover her body, lying dead under unknown circumstances. The goal is to find the murderer using “Intel” found from cards of the same name, as well as the means by which she was killed. You’ll be using the process of elimination, as well as innate skills on Character and “Talent” cards pulled to gain Intel and engage in subterfuge.”


He pulled a card each from three of the piles and placed them in the envelope, placing it in the Courtyard section, and then shuffled all four piles together.


“This is the ‘Confidential’ file. You can either voice an ‘Implication’ to check your facts around the table, or ‘Indict’ to gain access to this file. If you’re right, you win—if not...” He aimed a finger at Paschien.


“You get sent to the Firing Line, and you’re out of the game.”

Paschien scratched at the bottom of her chin. It was an interesting concept. Brutal, conniving...but interesting. She nodded after a moment.


“I think I understand.” He motioned out to tokens, matched up with colored cards with portraits on them.


“If you’re ready, choose a character. Make sure you look them over well.” As she reached out, Sarah leaned over and grabbed up a buff army person on a red pedestal. She waved the card around, proud and smug as all get out.


“Hah! I’ll be playing as the unconquerable Corporal Crimson! One per game, he can bully any player into showing him an Intel card type of his choosing!”

Leon studied her face before reaching out to a lithe man in a set of robes. His ears were long and his eyes were almond-shaped.


“I shall play the part of Inquisitor Indigo: a mysterious wizard who’s rumored to be from another dimension. He can Teleport at will once per game and Imply/Indict the same turn.” He chuckled lightly.


“He’s the only choice for someone of my caliber.”


“Pfft, yeah, don’t I know it? You just like him ‘cause he’s like that OP controller you play in Monsters and Masterballs.”


As the two bickered, Paschien looked over the remnant four. One that caught her eye was a long-haired man in a high-collared duster and tall boots. The texture indicated a fringed scarf tied around his neck. She picked up the set and examined it, but not long before Sarah squished against her side.


“Ooh! Hey, that’s Albin Alabaster, Lexy’s favorite character! He can steal up to three dice rolls from other characters to store and use as his own. Legends say he’s an ancient vampire, come to relinquish his stolen fortune from the dead Major, buuuut he’s probably just Payne’s angsty great-grandson.”


Paschien decided to take this one as her own. It felt right, somehow.


“ “Hey, we need tally pads, Leon.” He looked around the table, lifting a folder nearby, confused.


“Oh, yes...I guess I forgot.” He reopened the tin and went to lift the velvet-covered mold inside.


As soon as light hit the inside, painted pencils glinting and knocking against the box, he froze. But, really, he didn’t know why. Sarah and Paschien looked at him expectantly.

“What’s wrong? Is there none in there?” His arm stayed in place as he stared, slowly putting it and the mold down. He tilted the whole thing toward them. They leaned in.



Inside, apart from the utensils and pads, unbroken and green...lay a single curled leaf.



Leon’s face was dark and unreadable. Paschien didn’t understand, but Sarah mimicked his expression.


“It doesn’t mean anything. We used this when we stopped for camp earlier this week.”


“No,” he asserted, “it’s perfect, like it was grown there. It would be dried by now...”


A loud thudding noise came from the stairwell next door. Everyone threw down their held items and rushed into the living room.



At the bottom of the steps lay a form, hardly lit by the dimming fireplace. Sarah sent electricity through her tail as if to discharge. The bolt lit up bright, casting a yellow-white light on the room. There was a collective gasp echoed through the room.


A Noivern. It was Noivern, but not one by any normal standards. Its body was sandy-colored, the ends of the wings adorned in teal. Its belly scales were rust-red, and the membrane in its wings was the same teal, discolored here and there with veins and capillaries. Its bat-like nose and claws were ruby-red, and the insides of its cumbersome ears were teal, as well. The colors were uncannily familiar to each of them, as if they’d seen them recently...


“A Noivern! What’s it doing in the house?!”


Sarah went over to it, holding her tail secure in one paw. She gave the Noivern a nudge, hearing it groan and twitch.


“Well...” she considered some possibilities before speaking, “maybe it came in while we were gone?”'


“Pah. We lock the door every time we leave the living room.”


“Lex would not leave us in a vulnerable position. Anyway, the house is invisible to outsiders. It would’ve had to come in some other way...” He fingered at the pink arc in his chest.


“Maybe we should talk to it?”


“Or dispose of it—“ he paused. “Where is Lex, anyway? Is she still in bed?” Sarah hopped over the dragon-bat up the banister, leaving her companions in the dark. After some audible rummaging through her room, she came back down, worry creasing her face.


“She’s not there! She didn’t get called off, did she?”


“She would’ve told us. We have to travel with her—“




The Noivern arose, rolling onto its feet and pushing itself erect with its wings. It rubbed at its head before licking its maw, opening its eyes to reveal blue-green eyes.


“Guysssss, ssshut up. I’m right herrrreh.”


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((Just assuming the Pokemon can talk...))


As I continued to look over my form, I began to get accustomed to the way my new limbs worked. That folded like this, this bent that way, and so forth. When a swish of my tail nearly hit Primum, he cleared his throat pointedly and stared at me until I stopped moving. When he was satisfied that he had my attention and everyone else's, he began to speak.


"While I know everyone is rather confused by the Garchomp standing before us, I can assure you it is indeed Cyrelian. She has proven it to me that it is her through methods that do not need to be discussed at this time. It may be tempting to try and find out what caused the sudden transformation of our Trainer, but our first priority should be helping Cyrelian become accustomed to her new form."


His voice was deep and authoritative, qualities that made him a natural leader. Though Skyflame would usually challenge him, today I could see that her interest was piqued. She had a sharper mind than she let on about. Unfortunately, her curiosity and impulses usually took priority over rational thinking. She did pale slightly when she caught my eye, probably regretting the jabs she made earlier. For my part, I just smiled, which made Skyflame pale even more. Turning away quickly, she shifted her weight from foot to foot, a sign she was nervous. Of course, I wasn't actually going to punish her (besides maybe giving her an extra difficult training regimen), but it was fun to watch her squirm. I know I probably sounded kinda cruel, but most people did the same thing to other people, so it was fair game. Besides, it was all in good nature. At the end of the day, both my Pokemon and I always forgave each other for the small jabs and insults we tended to throw.


A movement from the shadows caught my eye, revealing the form of Archeval. He smoothly made his way towards us, quiet and imposing as always. Though Archeval had it in him to become the leader of the group, he usually preferred to keep to himself. You could see from the way he held himself that he was assertive and assured, although there always seemed to be an aura of mystery around him. He was one of the hardest to read in my current party but he was easily one of the best battlers I had ever trained. One look at him practically screamed power at you, from his specially designed armor to the rarely-used but still present Garchompite attached to one of his bracers. Ah... that reminded me. Since I was a Pokemon now, would I still be able to Mega Evolve my Pokemon? Would I be able to Mega Evolve? I made a mental note to pursue the topic further at a later date when Archeval began to speak.


"I could help. She is a Garchomp now, and I would be the best choice. If we do decide to allow me to train her, then I would like to request Diamante's help. Her psychic abilities would be useful."


With that, Archeval took a step back into the shadows and watched silently. That was Archeval for you. I wasn't sure if he spoke less, or Primum did, but they both seemed to be relatively reserved. When it was clear no one else was going to speak, Primum cast a quick look around the gathered group and tabulated their responses. When he was met by nods, he looked at me.


"All that remains is your approval. If you agree, then I will send Diamante with you two."


I could see that Primum was still concerned about me, but I smiled and attempted to reassure him. Being a Garchomp was a bit surprising, but nothing I couldn't handle. I had beaten every champion from Sinnoh to Kalos, something like this couldn't faze me! At least, that's what I told myself. Looking to Archeval, I gave him a slight nod. Though I had known Archeval for years, I couldn't help but be a bit intimidated by him. He was pretty tall after all, though I had gotten a slight height boost from my transformation. I stood at around the same height as Primum now, whereas before he would tower over me by a good five inches. Oh! That reminded me! I gestured at Diamante and pointed at my head and mouth, trying to indicate I wanted to talk. Though she looked a bit surprised, she obliged and began to use her telepathy.


"Let me try and find my Key Stone! I'll get my Mega Stones for you guys too and grab my bag just in case! I'm sure something will be helpful later."


Nodding at me to show she understood, she broadcasted the message to the other Pokemon. Though Primum seemed to hesitate for a moment, he eventually nodded and allowed me to go inside. Unfortunately, I still could not scale the stairs and had to be lifted by Diamante. Once I got inside, I realized that there were still more stairs leading to my room. Half exasperated and half sheepish, I shuffled back to Diamante and gestured at the stairs leading to my room. Once again, I received a lift in the form of Psychic. I turned around and smiled at Diamante as best as I could to express my gratitude, then got to work looking for my belongings. Hmm... where had I left my Key Stone? I carefully slid over to my desk, making sure to keep all of my limbs in check. It was a bit difficult, but I eventually found my Key Stone and my bag. Inside it was all the Mega Stones I had collected over my journey, as well as various potions and remedies.


Using my claws as tweezers, I pinched the Key Stone and deposited it into my bag. It fell in with a soft clink as I delicately closed my bag and tossed it over my head. It was a bit small for me now, but I could fix that later if I needed to. Slowly, I made my way back to the top of the stairs and signaled to Diamante that I was ready to come down. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I pointed at my bag excitedly. Mega Stones! I wanted to say, but I settled for just communicating the fact that I found my bag. Diamante seemed to understand though and pointed to the Gardevoirite on her ear crest to let me know. Helping me down the stairs again, she nodded at Archeval. Taking that as his cue, he set off towards the forest with me trailing behind him.

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"Good job, Keevile."

The Sceptile turned and flashed a happy smile at the young girl as he turned back to his normal form. She made no attempt to throw a pokeball to reclaim her pokemon, as some trainers did, instead preferring to allow her favourite pokemon (and closest friends) to roam the world with her.

Mia did, however, turn a pokeball in her hands before depositing it in a slot that would send the pokemon inside to the computer.


Looking around, she could see a nice place to rest along R9; she pointed it out to her pokemon, who all nodded. Falskona, a Skarmory, flapped her way up to a perch in a tree to roost. Smiling, Mia set up her tent for the night. Keevile made sure that Plushie didn't get into any trouble - she was a rather naughty Plusle.


It wasn't long before the tent was up, and Mia settled into her sleeping bag with Plushie, Keevile standing guard outside. Feeling safe, Mia drifted off to sleep.




Her eyes opened, and a blood-spattered Umbreon stood before her.

Mia tried to move, to speak, but to no avail. She was no longer human; she was an Espeon, covered in as much blood as the Umbreon on the ground, and floating. Wisps of something - mist? Electricity? Pure energy? - webbed throughout the room. But as Mia turned her head to look, she was taken somewhere else.


She was in a statue, with a Leafeon staring at her. The world seemed green, or was it her eyes? She couldn't move. Time seemed to flash forward, eons passing in moments. The trees grew old, withered, and died. When everything was gone, the Leafeon destroyed her.


More nightmares came and went, of being trapped, of the world dying around her. Always, she was destroyed by a form of Eevee, bloodstained and staring at her throughout the endless torture.




Her eyes opened again and she bolted upright. Looking around her, everything seemed normal. A little brighter than before, but surely that was because it was daytime, not dusk, right? Her legs felt odd. And Plushie seemed... bigger... than usual? Ok, that wasn't right. She tried to stand up, and fell over, landing on all fours. She wobbled for a second, then steadied. This felt... right. Looking down at her paws, she - wait, paws?! She scrambled backwards with a yelp, waking Plushie and attracting the attention of Keevile, who peered inside curiously, then stepped inside, readying a leaf blade.

"Who are you, Absol? And how did you get in here?"


Absol? Well, that explained the paws... she sat down (like a human, which looked very odd) and raised one to her face, finding the hard horn-like thing protruding. Well, this was odd...


"Can't you speak? Who are you? And where is Mia?"

Uh oh. If she didn't explain herself soon, she'd be beaten up and removed from her team... by her own precious Keevile. She opened her mouth, trying to figure out where her tongue was supposed to go.

"I... M... ee... a!" She was quite proud of herself for the effort. "I Mia. Keevile... No hurt. I Mia." Speech was getting easier.


Keevile's leaf blade disappeared. "Mia?" he asked, trembling. "Oh no... What's happened to you?" He stepped over, with his usual grace, and offered a hand. Mia put a paw in it, and then shuffled awkwardly, still unsure of how her legs worked.

"I don't know," she whined. "I had some nightmares, and then I woke up... Like this." Some more shuffling, and she was on her feet. "Thank you..."

She turned around and looked for her bag. Usually, Plushie would have hidden it; instead, she had a shocked, almost upset look, and was holding out her bag. When Plushie was being good, things were definitely bad.

Falskona, woken by the noise, was poking her head into the tent. Keevile filled her in.


"We'd better get over to Ambrette as soon as we can... Maybe someone there can explain this."

The three other pokemon nodded in agreement, and soon, they were off, Keevile carrying the bags, but Mia still wearing her Mega Bracelet. She never took it off.

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((That's fine with me smile.gif Beware of snarky fox Pokemon xd.png And in regards to the blues, I can tell the difference, but not everyone might be able to.))


"Let me get this straight; you telling me that lil' thing is our gal?"


A husky voice rumbled through the air as the Gyarados, now fully awake and functional, a rarity that Sheri had only ever seen during a battle, flicked her tail at the fox Pokemon sat facing her. Between them, the smouldering embers of the fire had once again been sparked into life, albeit with less ferocity, casting a gentle glow throughout the area.


"Nice try, Gin. You think I was hatched last week or summat?"


"No, Jasper, I think you hatched yesterday. But yes, it's most certainly her."


As Jasper growled softly at the insult, Gin turned to watch the Froslass that had once been their trainer. Sheri wasn't paying any attention to either of the Pokemon as they spoke, instead focusing entirely on adapting to her new form and its oddities. After a few more attempts that had seen her flung this way and that, including stuck in a tree, she'd managed to gain some rudimentary control and now hovered just above the ground, staring at her hands as she turned them this way and that.


What worried the fox Pokemon more than the sudden transformation was the fact that, aside from the initial screaming, she hadn't spoken more than a few garbled noises, which was completely out of character. Gin sighed and was about to speak, but a loud thud interrupted him as Jasper slammed her tail against the ground in frustration, the force of the blow making the trees shudder and the fire send a flurry of sparks into the air.


"How can you be sure? How do you know it ain't got summat to do with those boneheaded goons from before?"


The Ninetails sighed as he turned back to glare at her.


"To put into as simple a term as you might possibly understand, it's her scent," the muzzle started to widen into another distinctive grin, "She has this very...unique scent after so much hiking. A pungent odour of fresh manure, punctuated with undertones of sun-ripened socks and old boots. I believe it's a top of the line perfume, Eau De Taurus Farm,"


That earned a sharp bark of laughter from Gyarados, and Gin started to laugh as well, a laugh that quickly turned into a sharp yelp when a small ice-covered rock collided with his head with a crack. Sheri was clearly less than amused.


"Um...I don't mean to interrupt, but shouldn't we be...uh, doing something?"


As he spoke, the diminutive form of the shiny Butterfree fluttered down from where he had been perched near the now-packed tent, the soft blue glow of his psychic fading as he gently landed beside the fuming former human, who was currently struggling to pick a stick, presumably to use as another projectile.


"I mean, if - if other humans see us, it could be...troublesome? Maybe we should, um, move and try to figure this out later?"


"Very true, Ailill, very true. For now, I think avoiding the main roads for now, as well as....."


As the voices of the Pokemon faded into background noise, Sheri continued to struggle with the stick. Even though moving was now....less of a problem, Sheri was unsure which was more infuriating; the fact that her voice still refused to do as she wished, or the fact that her semi-incorporeal form was also still beyond her control, as the stick passed through her hand - She would never get used to that feeling, - for what felt like the fiftieth time. With a snarl, she tried once again, focussing all of her will into her hands as she reached down and -


Finally, she could feel her body actually harden and a firm grip formed around the stick. Triumphant, Sheri rapidly started scratching out the images from her dream...

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((At first I changed my mind and I was going to just go straight to Coumarine City, but seeing as you responded I figured out a way to make it work.))


"No. Not like that, like this."


Archeval lunged forward, extending his tail to act as a counterweight. I awkwardly tried to imitate him, narrowly avoiding a fall but still looking extremely clumsy. While I had gotten the hang of walking around pretty quickly, the more advanced maneuvers still gave me trouble. Although merely being able to walk would be enough to count as "being accustomed to my new form", I wanted to practice other actions as well. I knew that Garchomps were able to fly if they went fast enough, something I had (unrealistically) wanted Archeval to teach me. Of course, he refused and made me practice walking several times. Boring, but necessary. As I tried to repeat the maneuver again, I stumbled and fell over. I didn't even bother trying to get up, instead I groaned and rolled over onto my back.


"This is hard..." I whined, giving Archeval and Diamante a petulant look.


"You're the one that wanted to learn." Archeval replied, face impassive except for a slight quirk of his eye ridge.


"He's right. We offered to protect you, but you insisted on learning the basics of battling anyway." Diamante frowned, crossing her arms sternly. "If you can't handle the difficulty, then you shouldn't have asked Archeval to teach you."


"Fiiinnnnee. You're no fun, Diamante."


With a huff, I pushed myself off the ground and back to a standing position. At least I had practiced talking for long enough that my speech was relatively normal. Nodding at Archeval to let him know I was ready to continue, I began to practice the maneuvers with renewed vigor.


-a while later-


As I finished the last maneuver, I let myself collapse to the ground. Gah, this was so tiring. Hopefully, Archeval wouldn't make me practice any longer. Shifting my body slightly, I tilted my head to look at him. He nodded in approval. Sighing in relief, I sunk back into the ground. I could go for a nap right about now. Closing my eyes, I let myself rest for a moment. A familiar pink glow surrounded me as I began to doze off, carrying me into the air. I hardly paid it any notice save for a quick peek when I felt myself being lifted. Ahh... the sun so was nice and warm today...


-one nap later-


Blinking the sleep from my eyes, I nearly stabbed myself as I forgot I was now a Pokemon. Oh... I couldn't really rub my eyes anymore, could I? Not having hands sure was inconvenient. I felt a twinge of sadness, but quickly brushed it away. Hm, where was I now anyway? I didn't seem to be back home yet, but I wasn't in the forest either. Wait... orange leaves, yellowish brown grass... Route 16? Melancolie Path? Why was I here? The last thing I remembered was falling asleep in the forest. Diamante had been carrying me, right? She would probably know what happened.


Almost as if on cue, two light green arms parted the tall grass in front of me. Diamante! She would know something for sure. "Oh! Diamante, why am I in Melancolie Path?" I questioned, leaping to my feet. Perhaps I went a little too fast, as I nearly fell over in my rush to stand up. Luckily, I caught myself just in time. With a bit of an exasperated huff, Diamante began to explain.


"While you were asleep, we decided to travel to Coumarine City in order to meet Eskiran. What do you call him again, Esk was it? Yes, we're going to meet Esk. It may seem a bit sudden, but without a trainer, a group of Pokemon wandering around with Mega Stones and accessories would immediately attract suspicion. Especially if they're the Champion's Pokemon." Here, Diamante paused for a moment, fixing me with a serious look. "Skyflame and Archeval alone aren't strong enough to carry all of us for that long of a distance when we're not in our Pokeballs and I doubt you can use a Pokeball properly in your new form. Therefore, we have decided to conduct the first portion of our journey on foot. It is vital that no one sees us, hence your rather unusual resting spot. News spreads, and so does gossip. When we arrive-" The rest of her speech was cut off by the sudden appearance of Archeval next to her.


"There's a group up ahead, too large for us to sneak past. Looks to be a team of Pokemon. Ninetails, Gyarados, Butterfree, and a Frosslass. Should be no problem to knock out if needed, but we'll need your psychic abilities."


Giving me a strained smile, Diamante turned to Archeval and nodded grimly. I could see she was tired from using her abilities so often, but there wasn't a better way, was there? Looking at my surroundings, I tried to think of another route to take. The walls were steeply curved inward next to us, offering no alternate routes. Backtracking could offer us another possibility, but that would cost us time. It was already late, and I didn't want to spend the day out in the cold without any shelter. I didn't think my Pokemon would like it either, as it would be a stark contrast to the comfortable shelters back at my house. We could fly over... but we were still a bit too far from Coumarine City to make it comfortably. If we stopped halfway, we would risk being seen and Skyflame and Archeval would be too tired to make quick progress. Dangit, why did Esk have to dislike cities and the cold so much? It was enough of a struggle getting to Coumarine City from Anistar, he could make things a bit easier for me and live on the mainland like everyone else.


It seemed as if there was no other choice. Diamante and Archeval looked like they had already thought this over, though their faces were grim and weary. I guess my transformation was taking its toll on everyone. I felt kind of bad for all the trouble I caused, but I really couldn't help it. It definitely wasn't my choice to suddenly become a Pokemon. Maybe I would have enjoyed it at another time, but not now. Not out of the blue with no explanation, not suddenly happening after those nightmares... Before I could get absorbed in my thoughts, I forced myself back to the present. Now was the time for action, not reminiscing. Trailing behind Diamante and Archeval, I moved as quietly as I could (which wasn't really quiet at all). In between the noise of my footsteps, I could catch snippets of their conversation.


"can't... future... help...?"


"energy... much... knock out..."


"understood... where... quiet..."


"almost... Cyrelian... Primum... behind..."


"but... tails... sense..."


"block... moment... quickly..."


Suddenly, Diamante held out a hand to stop me. "Stay here. Primum will guard you." she said, not giving me a chance to protest. With that, she quickly disappeared behind a particularly thick section of tall grass. Archeval followed her with equal speed, making me realize that they had purposely slowed down so that I could follow along. I was about to sneak after them anyway, but Primum held out a flipper and gave me a stern look. Frowning, I gave him a pleading look but he only shook his head. Huffing in annoyance, I reluctantly stayed in place. However, I parted the grass in an attempt to get a better view of the events about to unfold.


I could see Skyflame already positioned in the sky, cleverly hovering in front of the sun so the group of Pokemon couldn't see her. Diamante was nowhere to be found, but I assumed she was assisting the two from behind the lines. That left Archeval. I almost missed his figure, camouflaged as he was by the leaf litter. He was crouching behind a bush, displaying the amazing stealth that really set him apart from the other Garchomps. But wait... four "enemies" and only three Pokemon to deal with them. What were my Pokemon planning? They couldn't knock out all the Pokemon in the group fast enough with Primum staying behind to guard me.


Suddenly, I heard a voice eerily similar to mine. It seemed to come from above - did Skyflame learn how to talk like me? I looked at Skyflame again, squinting through the strong sun. I could just about make out a vaguely human shaped silhouette on her back. Ah, so that's what they were doing. Challenging them to a false battle to clear the way. It was risky and required a lot of effort on Diamante's part to emulate a human voice, but it made sure that no one knew I was suddenly a Pokemon.


"Hm, a shiny Ninetails. Hey, Ninetails, your trainer must be pretty strong to have a Pokemon like you. Mind if I challenge them to a battle?"


I held my breath in anticipation. Would the Pokemon see through the ruse? Diamante's voice wasn't exactly the same as mine, but the difference was negligible. Not many people heard my voice anyways, as I preferred not to talk to the reporters. But that was assuming they knew it was me. I was relatively well known, but not as famous as people like Diantha. I knew Ninetails was intelligent though. According to the Pokedex, it held a sort of mystical energy in its tails and could even lay curses on people. I had no idea if Ninetails had a sort of sixth sense, but I knew Diamante had said something about blocking. Argh, if only I knew more.


((if anyone bothers to look, I used a slightly different blue for imitated Cyrelian speech))

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Dammerung smelled her. Dusky. Coming from the Glareon.


"Wait, Altezza-"


The Braixen's stick slammed into his snout, and she snarled at him. Then she turned back to Dusky, who cowered back, before clawing at the Glareon.


"You're not welcome here, luar."


Dusky let out a cry, lashing out with a claw, before Altezza grabbed and clawed hr again. The Brauxen bit down on the Flaeon before pushing her away. There was a cry of pain and betrayal as the Flareon fell backwards... and out.




Dusky got up, bleeding. Traitot... traitor... you... Altezza... I will not... She pulled herself to her paws, falling again and again. Then dragged herself away. Rhe iron tang of blood was left behind her as shw staggered, barely walking. It was bright above her.. but it may as well have been dark ss night to the the Flreon.


She buckled after a bit. She couldn't hold herself up. And she screamed in anger at the traitors. Fire glickered around her mouth, discharged by the force of her wrath. She wasn't far from the encampment. Just far enough trees absorbed her screams and orevented the camp from hearing them.

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Felix looked out of the window. Everybody had been silent since he had told his pokémon that he didn't know what had caused his sudden transformation. A group of pokémon arrived from route 9, the Spikes Passage, but none of them were native to that route... and one of them wasn't even native to the Kalos region at all. And there was no trainer with them.


Then Felix caught something suspicious on one of the paws of the Absol that was with that group. Felix noticed a faint shine and, wait, was that... a key stone? What could and Absol use a key stone for? Unless it... was a trainer. Turned into an absol.


"Tricky, Pyre, Flitter, let's go outside. I've seen something rather interesting."


And so they left Felix's room, left the house and made their way to route 9, trying to stay unnoticed - and succeeding. It was difficult in some parts, but they managed to do it. Now they were fairly close to the Absol. Nobody ever really went here anymore, so they decided to wait the group of pokémon up near the end of the passage, just out of sight of the town.

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Rusty and Sklardrog seemed to shrink under my playful glare, or at least I hope it was playful, as Nutmeg yawned very adorably. "Well, we need to get Dalek off the road," Rusty said, coughing. "I'll be right back." He went into the tent that I made a mess of, appearing a few minutes later with the tube around him that he once used to deliver messages in. In it held a couple of my Pokeballs that I had on hand, the tub of Pokefood, and in his talons held my staff that has been in my family for generations. Once, back in its prime, was a really pretty golden color with a pink tinge to it. Now, it was brown and golden, rust taking a hold of it a bit and looked very worn. I took it from home when I started my journey without my parent's knowledge. They flipped out for days but we're uneasy when I told them I had it. What I learned about it, it held a Mega Stone at the top of the staff, officially making it my Mega Staff.


"Right," Rusty said. "Globbers, hold the staff, Sklardrog, scout the area. Make sure we're not going to run into any humans." Sklardrog opened his beak to say something but thought better of it. Grumbling, he opened his wings, revealing rather extra long wing feathers that almost the ground. With ease, he easily flapped up and disappeared over the trees. "Let's move out," Rusty said. "What abut tnt?" I asked. "Doesn't matter now," Rusty said. Rusty lead the way that Sklardrog flew off with Globbers and I close behind and Nutmeg following in last. "Awww, Rusty," Nutmeg complained. "You know how much I hate getting my beauty sleep!" "It'll be only for a little bit," Rusty sighed. "I promise."




Sklardrog tilted his head and flapped in place. There was an encampment just down below. He was about to turn and warn Gramps and the others about it, but as he turned, he heard a fit of rage coming down below. It wasn't loud enough to be heard directly over the camp, but when he hovered the place where the shouting was coming from, it was plain as day. He debated to fly down there a second or to simply fly back. Curiosity got the better of him before he landed and perched in a tree. He couldn't see who was screaming and hopefully his own voice wouldn't scare the voice away. "Hello," Sklardrog said, trying to be friendly. "Are you okay out there?"

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Dusky bareky heard it at first. Then it clicked. Someone was here. Did they follow her...


"Who are you? Are you... you traitors! Are you still here to kill me?!"


She couldn't see anyone. Her paw scratched at the earth as blood tricked from her wounds. Blood, she tasted blood. She was easy pickings to some scavenger wounded. Altezza's claws were sharp, and she had a feeling this might ne the Braixen come to finish her off.


"Traitor... I'm... ready..."


Dusky snarled.

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As the sound of his teammates' talking washed over him, Gin's attention was focused solely on the Froslass that had once been Sheri. She was furiously scratching away at the dirt with the stick she had a tenuous grasp on, and as the Ninetails surveyed her workings, images that made a vague sense started to appear in them. An orb that, going off the markings around it, was either glowing or pulsing, a trio of Pokemon - they looked like Eevees, but each had a symbol above, marking them out as the three evolutions, Espeone, Umbreon and Leafeon, - and another figure, one that, although it looked like it had been drawn by a young child, was recognisable as a Pokemon he had only ever heard of in books...


Noticing his gaze, Sheri turned to him and pointed at the images with her stick, then pointed at herself.


"Deam. I deam. Tis."


"Deam...? Wait. Dream? This was what was in your dream, pup?"


"Yesh. Yesh? Ye...YES!"


Gin frowned, but before he could think of anything to say -


"Hey, Ninetails, your trainer must be pretty strong to have a Pokemon like you. Mind if I challenge them to a battle?"


The group shot to their feet, eyes and ears scanning every which way and that in order to find the source of the voice, before a sharp snarl from Jasper drew their attention in the direction she was glaring. Vaguely, Sheri could make out the shape of a large bird pokemon silhouetted against the sun, a humanoid form upon its back. To her side, the Gyarados roared and slammed the ground with her tail whilst the tiny Butterfree's antennae with twitching with fear. She could feel their agitation begin to seep into her own mind, but as she turned towards the Ninetails, fear became confusion as she watched him almost calmly tilt his head, ears and nose barely twitching as his gaze never seemed to leave the flying figure.


"Jasper, keep Sheri and Ailill safe,"


Jasper turned and shot the fox Pokemon a confused look, but did not question as she wrapped her body around the two much-smaller Pokemon, still glaring at the bird Pokemon. Gin, however, was the very image of calm confidence as he moved forward, a small smile on his lips.


"Under normal circumstance, my trainer would happily welcome such a challenge. Unfortunately, she is currently....indisposed, and as such we have no desire to battle right now. Though, I must say, this is mighty curious, is it not?"


As he spoke, the small smile widened into a smirk as he turned to look in the direction he believed was the correct one, staring right into the tall grass.


"Pray, tell me this; why is a Gardevoir challenging us to a battle when I can quite clearly smell a human nearby? Is it because, perhaps, your human is...no longer human?"

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There was silence for a moment, then a rather loud sigh.


"I suppose I should have known better than to attempt blocking and telepathy at the same time, especially with my drained reserves, but it was worth a try."


Without warning, Skyflame swooped downwards, landing few feet in front of me and depositing Diamante. With her dress still settling from the sudden landing, Diamante brushed herself off, though it was more out of habit than from any real dust caused by the landing. Her abrupt abandonment of the facade startled me, even though I knew it was pointless to keep it up.


"I would have liked to think I could have beaten you in a battle, but that's irrelevant now. I assume your trainer has been turned into a Pokemon as well? There would be no other reason to make such a specific assumption, and I did notice the slight pause before you said indisposed. There are plenty of possible reasons for you to smell a human nearby. Hmm... would I be correct to assume your trainer is the Frosslass? I hope you'll forgive me for doing so, but I do sense a distinct difference in thoughts between the Frosslass and the rest of you. It's in the small mannerisms as well. Recently changed? Ah, it's of no importance. What I have here is a proposal. You leave us be, and we'll leave you be. No reporting, no mentioning, nothing. We'll both be happily on our way as if this incident never happened. Deal?"


Diamante finished her speech with a slight smile, crossing her arms and looking expectantly at the Ninetails. Her usual teacherly attitude had become brisk and businesslike. I could sense a battle of wits going on here, but I had confidence in Diamante's abilities. I used each and every one of my Pokemon for a reason, and Diamante's was her ability to analyze things. Ah, that's right. Speaking of Pokemon, I should record info about Ninetails. Reaching for my bag, I tried to take out my Pokedex, but stopped halfway. Drat. I couldn't use that anymore either, unless I wanted to stab a hole in my precious data.


After I let my arm fall back to my side, I remained still. Somehow, I didn't think this was a good moment for my usual fidgeting. Diamante did bring up an interesting point. If others had been turned into Pokemon as well, then this could be an important clue. I almost wanted to shout out to Diamante and tell her to cancel the deal and analyze this situation instead, but I knew that deflecting suspicion was more important. Maybe we could find this group again after we met up with Esk. Archeval could probably track their scents, but it would be a lot of work.


Another feeling bubbled up, the feeling of apprehension. I didn't quite trust this group, but then again I never trusted anyone. I could ask questions and attempt to analyze, but I would have no idea if they were telling me the truth. Of course, I could always ask Diamante to verify, but that would be a rude invasion of privacy. It wasn't like I was smooth enough to get them to like me either. I knew a bit about psychology, but I was never really great at giving off a welcoming aura. Esk was the one I counted on when I needed something done that required social interaction. He seemed so natural at it, unlike me.


At least Ninetails wasn't Psychic type, which meant my thoughts were relatively safe. I had quickly ducked away when the Ninetails looked my way, feeling self-conscious and perhaps more than a bit threatened. Curiosity had gotten the better of me however, and I had peered out again at a different location in time to catch Diamante's landing. I knew I had no real reason to feel threatened by the Ninetails when I had Primum next to me, but it was still a bit unnerving.

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Sklardrog tilted his head at the sound of the angry voice. Traitors? Who was a traitor? Clear his throat and deciding to keep his distance for now, Sklardrog spoke. "Ah, forgive me if I'm not understanding. My name is Sklardrog and who are these traitors you speak of?" He felt very smug as he puffed up his feathers. If only Gramps could see him now! But howuch should he tell the strange voice? "I didn't come here to kill anyone, I am but a mere humble scout trying to protect a friend from trainers."


It was then he slapped his beak with one of his wings. "I AM a MORON!" he exaggerated to himself. "Can you understand me by the way?"




Rusty stopped, holding a wing out to signal the us to stop. He looked up and through the trees. Where was Sklardrog? "Out of all the times the buffoon had to go missing," Rusty muttered to himself. I was growing quite nervous as well. "Usty," I said. "Where Sky Dragon?" "Hopefully on his way back," Nutmeg hissed. "He always does this!" "He will be ba..ck," I exclaimed, looking at Globbers who was unusually quiet. He noticed my gaze and did his cute little smile at me, making me smile back at him. "Is it that adorable when I smile?" he asked making me blush.

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Slowly, I came back to consciousness. From the acute pain in my back and legs, I could tell I’d probably taken a tumble down the steps. Foolish of me, I know, but unfortunate proof (unless I really was still dreaming) that I was truly, and really, some sort of monster. The scales and lack of actual fingers had been quite a shock, and they felt entirely too real...


I tried to stand up, having little issue finding my balance even if I was tender all over, and was greeted by—


“She’s not there! She didn’t get called off, did she?”


Who...who was that? It was so loud, so piercing to my overly-sensitive ears that it caused me to wince. It was enough to make my jaws ache, so I lifted my hands to massage my head and ears, feeling shapes and textures that were so foreign I was hesitant to acknowledge them. Oddly though, it was familiar, laced with little inflections that I knew could only belong to one person. Or, really, one Pokémon.


“Sssssarah, ssshut up. I’m right herrrreh.”


S-sarah? That wasn’t possible. Raichu didn’t have the means to speak in human languages, even ones as intelligent as my own. Though there were rumors of half-Psychic Raichu living in distant Alola, she was definitely not one of them, nor was she an apparent cousin to them. So, taking into the lack of logic and the good thumping I’d taken, I licked my lips—or, no, those were NOT lips—and opened my eyes. And I wasn’t surprised.


There stood Leon, Paschien, and, indeed, Sarah. Maybe her gruff squeaking had...somehow...maybe...translated to speech, in some sort of way, to my befuddled brain. I looked at the three of them, their eyes wide in stark, blank stares. What was the problem?


“Guyssss...” ugh, did I break a tooth? My tongue felt thin and less substantial than usual, causing a sort of lisp. I figured maybe I had ingested some sort of psychedelic, but the last thing I’d had was tea. I shot a glare at Leon, who started and raised a hand, as if to direct an attack at me. I was shocked, appalled.


“Leon! What are you doing?!” He, too, faltered for a moment before restoring to the pose he was in. A haze of purple-pink began to grow and thread itself through his fingers. The set in the ring he wore, his Mega Stone, glimmered in the light put off by Sarah’s tail. Paschien, normally unreadable, tugged at one of his waist flaps, obviously disturbed by something.


“Leon, we’re compromised. Do something.”


C...”compromised”? And Paschien was speaking clear and plain English! But...how??? I didn’t have any means of understanding her before, outside of body language and vocal cues, but—




“You don’t get to ask questions,” Leon cut me off curtly. His voice was surprisingly mellow, huskier than I imagined, and dominating. “State your name, your Trainer if applicable, and why and how you’ve found your way into private property.”


I stared at him. Was this the same Gardevoir I raised myself? Surely this was just some horrible joke, or maybe he was trying to direct me through this hallucination that I was....some kind of Pokémon? After a moment of silence, I laughed a bit, in on the ruse.


“Oh, man, that’s funny, Leon. Really funny, in an awfully deceitful and not-actually-funny way.” His hand stayed up, the glow growing stronger and his eyes narrowing.


“What are you on about? Answer my questions, or you’ll suffer mortally for it.”


I clutched back my hands, feeling the struts snap closed. Was he being serious? He was treating me like an insurgent! Well, I couldn’t very well hope to stand against him if he was being hostile, so I figured I’d answer him to the best of my ability. But...it felt so redundant. He knew me as well as the other two...maybe he took a dose of something, too?


“Uhm, for one, I raised you, Leon. You know as well as I do that my name’s Lex, and that I’m your Trainer. And this?” I motioned all around me, “This is our house. I think I reserve the right to sleep in my own bed and fall down my own steps.” I shook my head at him.


“What’s your problem, anyway? This isn’t like you at all, and this talking nonsense—“ Leon flicked his eyes to Sarah.


“Taze her.”


“What?!” Taze?! TAZE?! Was he crazy?! “I’m not an intruder! Listen to me, Leon! Stop!!!” I scooted back as far as I could and as fast as I could manage. The weird tail-appendage stopped me, however, against the back of the steps. I could see Sarah walking toward me, her tail dimmed but still too bright for comfort, knowing full and well what was coming.


“NO!! SARAH!!!




A moment of bright. Vibration. And darkness.


The Noivern, calling itself by discomforting name, spasmed for a moment before falling limp again. Sarah’s discharge was enough to knock it out, but not nearly enough to kill, thankfully. She was glad; she may love a good fight, and it was gratifying to blast an opponent into oblivion, but some ‘Mon that was entirely helpless? It upset her stomach, but she knew it had to be done. Leon wasn’t wrong in his decision—this could’ve been the work of the overseas corporations they were being sent to investigate soon—but from the look on his face, she could tell he wasn’t happy with the prospect of it. Especially considering that one tiny issue...


“Leon...what do we do now? S-she’s gonna be out for the count for awhile.” Leon stood with one hand on his hip and the other rubbing the plate in his chest. He was nervous, enough so that even someone other than an Embrace Pokémon could tell it. He was quick to deduce a solution, as always.


“We take it to HQ. This could be a sign.”


“A ‘sign’? Another? You don’t honestly take those to heart, do you?”


“Yes, I do,” he said, casting out Psychic to bind the Noivern’s wings to its sides. “Wholeheartedly, too. I’ll admit, I was doubtful earlier, but this...” he lifted the dragon-bat into the air, its head lolling to the side, “...it’s too convenient to lack an excuse. People don’t just...” Leon sighed, rubbing at the bridge between his eyes, “Pokémon don’t just appear out of thin air.”

Weird. Was he considering what the Noivern had implied? It kind of sounded that way to her. Sarah trailed next to the floating dragon, laying a paw on its face.


“Leon...she said her name was Lex, that she was our Trainer.”


“So? Humans are known best for their jack-jawing.” Sarah studied its features. It didn’t exactly look like her best friend, and she had known her the longest besides the Blastoise named Aiden, but in some way she could see some resemblance. This Noivern even wore the same colors as her Trainer, with the beige, rust and teal. And unlike Paschien, who had been with them for a scant two years, she knew a sign when she saw it.


“Pft, someone’s in denial. You just said it was a sign.” Leon left the body floating in place as he went up to Lex’s room. As they waited, Paschien wandered next to her, looking at the Noivern.


“I assume we wouldn’t be taking this so seriously if it wasn’t important.”


“Well...” Sarah scratched at a spot behind her ear. Typically, Lex would give her a good scratch there just when she needed it. “When the Legendaries get involved, nature has its way of showing it. I think what Leon wanted to say was that it’s not every day you hear of humans turning into Pokémon.”


“But we don’t know that that’s what happened.”


“Mmhh...I dunno...”


For fear of sounding stupid, she didn’t want to tell her she believe it could be Lex. Why would a random multi-colored Noivern know their names or their position? And as far as they could tell, there was no sign of forced entry. It was possible that it could’ve been teleported in if a Legendary was involved, but why? That same question seemed to be eating at Leon, who was coming down the steps with a complex expression on his face. He had packed up a bag—a fringed backpack with a yellow to blue ombré in the fabric—and packed it tight with surely important items. He motioned for them to head for the door, psychokinetically blacking any remaining light out. The only source of illumination was of the coming morning outside the door.


As soon as Paschien and Sarah exited, out into an expansive forest cool with dew and seasalt, the Noivern was floated out behind them. Leon was the last to leave, making a clenching motion to set the hidden locks in place, and tapping an invisible button on the side of the cabin. With a wave of energy, the house disappeared. He looked toward the three.


“We should go South. Avoid contact if possible, and destroy anyone that would try to harm us. Split up only if necessary. Understood?”


Sarah nodded with a “mhm”, and Paschien followed, silent. They made their way down the route.

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((I'm waiting on Dusky to reply. I've seen her post in other RPs, but not here :/))

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