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Dreaming of Dragons (closed) OOC

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[iC Thread for the actual RP]

sry for the lame title that took forever to think of ;;


Just a fun casual RP MidnightStar89 and I want to kick around. This will be slow because I have a bunch of RL stuff happening for the next week or so, also timezones are a thing.




Basically it's urban fantasy Earth, with low level magic and fantasy creatures (werewolves, vampires, chupacabras) being commonplace, but dragons and strong magic are legends. There are stories, but fierce debate is to be had about their existence. Some think they were hunted to extinction by zealous knights who feared the dragons' ability to use strong magic, or people who wanted that strong magic for their own.


In reality, the dragons went into hiding, using their connection to magic to bend dimensions to their will. They now hide in between places that few can reach, since they took the strong magic with them. However, they suck at repopulation and like messing with people, so for new blood they have some appointed dragons pick a few chosen humans/other creatures (doesn't have to be human as long as it's sentient!) through weird mind stuff/dreams and offer them the ability to turn into dragon shifters. Hilarity and accidental transformations ensue.


As the real world is the basis for this, many types of dragons exist according to mythologies; however, new dragons will be in "default" forms, which will be Western or Eastern compared to whatever culture they identify with more strongly. They will have the ability to alter their shape more to suit them when they learn how to, which is where all those other types of dragons come from. Elder dragons live in between dimensions or in secluded areas, in small groups or alone, but they're all connected via dreams.




Our human/other characters start out dreaming. At first it's the usual mundane fare, until they feel a pull that takes them from their separate dreams to this weird combined dreamscape where they meet. A stranger meets them there, and starts telling them of dragons...


When they will wake up, most will have vague recollections that bother them, but nothing much comes of it until one or more of them has a surprise transformation that gets splashed on the news. Things unravel from there.


Feel free to suggest things that should happen, since we need plotty ideas beyond the initial transformation/getting used to things. Things are subject to change! (haha, see what I did there)


Rules, Ish


- Follow DC rules, keep it PG-13

- Romance is allowed if you want

- Literate, shortish posts (<5 paragraphs) preferred




We can have human/other dragon-to-be characters, as well as "elder" dragon characters! Just add characters as needed, with form. Also we can pick up and drop whatever NPCs necessary. Since our characters can come from anywhere in the world, the timeline will probably be pretty broken up at first, with them only meeting in dreams.


Post your character forms, or just if you're interested! I'll post my 2 tomorrow (technically later today oops), and MidnightStar will post theirs, and then we can start. I'd like to start out with the first dragon to make contact in the initial dream, but other established"elder" dragons can appear in later dreams. Elder dragons also don't have to be super old, they can also be varying levels of recently turned.


Here's a basic form, otherwise run rampant:

[b]Dragon Shape:[/b] (either Western or Eastern if they're new)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (keep it short)
[b]Personality:[/b] (optional)
[b]Location / A little history:[/b]


Samuel Feng (ShaydraSilversky) [x]

Emma Kuusisto (MidnightStar89) [x]

Nistit (skwerl56767) [x]

Kari Laberge (TehUltimateMage) [x]

Gaichu (rampaging wyvern) [x]

Steven Murray (Esko_The_Wolf) [x]


Strykus (ShaydraSilversky) [x]

Tralok (MidnightStar89) [x]

Erenik (Esko_The_Wolf) [x]

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Sounds interesting! The only thing I'm nitpicking over really is that it sounds pretty similar to YAAD 2.0(which is probably buried by now due to inactivity), but I'm actually more curious about what you can play. Do you start out as any sentient creature(basically any animal that's self-aware) or is it restricted to certain types(like humans/humanoids only)? I may join this but I'll have to make up my mind on who I'm playing as first. tongue.gif Also, "urban fantasy" is making me envision Earth as it is now in real life, but with the magic and creatures you're talking about. I'm not off the mark, right?

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Oooh, this does sound similar to YAAD 2.0, but I like it! I may join, but for a while I'd be slow too, since I lost access to a computer for an indefinite amount of time.

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Thanks for the interest, guys! If you all joined I think that's enough people. Just skimmed YAAD. Those posts are ginormous o__o I'd prefer smaller ones, lol. I guess it's similar on the surface with the dreaming and dragoning, but this is pretty plotless (like YAAD 1.0 seems to have been?). It also takes place on an Earth with fantasy creatures as skwerl56767 said.


And yeah, new dragons can start off as any kind of creature with a certain level of awareness (bacteria, plants, fungi: prrrrrobably not something you want to grant fire-breathing powers), if you're up to portraying the cognition kinda realistically at first (no poem-writing dogs or moralistic vegetarian falcons until they get the dragon brains to handle it and angst about it). Humans have the easiest time adjusting and are most common, but some of the dragons picking the new blood have eccentric interests, and may be a bit mad-sciencey. I might have a dog character later, but here's a university student and an elder dragon. (oops, forgot some things in the form. fixed!)



Name/Species: Samuel Feng / Human

Age/Gender: 20 / Male

Dragon Shape: Eastern

Appearance: [now with pic!]

-- Human: Short scruffy black hair, brown eyes, somewhat light skin, very short (5'5'' or 1.65 m), dresses in dark comfortable clothing that sometimes veers towards hipster.

-- Dragon: Gold, with beige belly scales and dark brown eyes, leonine mane, tail fur, and antlers.

Personality: Proud, smug about his intelligence, cagey, pragmatic, bitterly sarcastic, a little dramatic.

Location / A little history: Oregon / University student (aiming for BS in Geography), child of divorcees, younger brother in his father's custody in California. Mother is an ex-military werewolf (condition was not passed on to either son). Father is Chinese and mother is from Thailand, but Samuel was born in California and knows little of his heritage.

Other: Wants to be a werewolf but keeps chickening out, so he might try to change his scaly form for something a little furrier when he reaches the customization level.



Name/Species: Strykus / elder Dragon

Age/Gender: ? / ?

Dragon Shape: Eastern with occasional feathered wings

Appearance: [now with pic]

-- Dragon: Long body and tail, seemingly variable length, with large dusk-pink scales and darker purple patterns that shift. Feathery dark purple mane that runs down the spine from head to hindquarters, with darker wing and tail feathers - the longest feathers iridesce dark green. Sky-blue mirrorlike belly scales. Doglike face, wet nose, purple ropy whiskers, dark grey-blue eyes framed by purple fur eyebrows.

Personality: head in the clouds, hard to get them to take things seriously, weak sense of self, cares about others; very knowledgeable, but picky about what parts to divulge.

Location / A little history: Unknown, Dreamscape / Strykus was born old. They don't remember what they used to be, but they now work as the main "dream coordinator" for all dragons. Do they even have a physical body? Who knows.

Other: Very skilled in magic, especially of the mind, and has empathy skills.

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I finally managed to get time to come here again (: So let me post my characters! ... Sorry if Tralok is a bit OP, he won't steal anyone's power, don't worry c:


Name/Species: Emma Kuusisto / Human

Age/Gender: 17 / Female

Dragon Shape: Western


-Human: About 1.8m tall, skinny. Black straight hair reaching her shoulders, pale skin, green eyes, usually wears casual clothes like a hoodie and jeans, prefers black or purple.

-Dragon: Length is about 7m (counting the 2m long tail), height 4m. Black scales, skin on wings is dark purple. Has a silver colored spike mane (each spike around 10 cm long, 5 cm apart from each other) going from her forehead to the end of her tail, the tail tip is a blade-like spike. Has silver-colored horns, just two straight ones that are 30 cm long, on her head. There's also a thick 20 cm-long spike on her nose, not really at the tip, but not at the forehead. Also has bright green eyes~

Personality: Curious and adventurous, pretty spectical about strangers and new weird things. Likes nature and magic, but afraid of big amounts of it. Hates having responsibilities and big tasks, likes to push them to other people. Also pretty social, likes to talk a lot.

Location / A little history: Finland (City is Tampere) / High school or college student, whatever you call it... Emma has a basic finnish family, having an older sister, mother, father and their dog Rex in the family. Her whole family is just humans, but his dad works in a world-wide organisation, researching magic and creatures that have it (works especially in Europe). She is very good at languages at school, that's why she has very good english, at least at most of the time.

Other: Emma has always been interested in magic, and creatures that were rumored to exist. That counts in dragons. She wants to follow her father's footsteps, just because the job is interesting.




Name/Species: Tralok / Elder dragon

Age/Gender: unknown / unknown

Dragon Shape: Western (specifically a wyvern)


-Dragon: Tralok is a huge dragon, bigger than most of the elders. Although, can change the body's size when wanted. As a wyvern, has no front legs, but the wings work like them too. The insides of the wings have no specific color, but they alter in the colors of space, sometimes purple, sometimes green, the pattern always changes. Also the flesh of this dragon is the same 'color'. The scales are a dull basic gray, and the eyes are bright purple, with no pupil in them. The tail is enormous, double (or more) the length of the body. Tralok has a feather or fur-like mane on the back, changing color from purple at the head to red at the start of the tail. The tip of the tail is four spikes, surrounding a floating orb that has colors of the space, changing all the time.

Personality: Calm, reasonable, but sometimes (and pretty easily) very furious. Usually thinks of others before self, but can sometimes be a selfish little devil.

Location / A little history: Unknown, Rarely Dreamscape / Tralok was born as a guardian, to guard what? Magic, of course. He (or she) has that orb on his tail, and through that he can see anything that contains magic. He can watch a traveller's path, or see what's happening to a planet far away. Why space colors? Because they look awesome.

Other: Extremely skilled in magic, he could steal away one's magic, if it was used for bad for too long. He works by karma, which of course exists in this world. Also, the orb on his tail can be removed, I mean, it floats, of course.

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Whoo, join the party! Tralok's level of OPness is probably kinda necessary, we can work stuff out as we go. Added your characters to the first post, with link to the post they're in. New characters can be added anytime if you're able to handle 'em, and I'll link the post with their form on it.


Also I got excited and drew some pics for my characters, which are now in their forms! I won't make an IC post for a day or three (so many tests @__@), so plenty of time for more forms to roll in.

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Eeeeee I love the drawing of Samuel! He's too cute. I'll have my characters up in a few days (including another lazy college student.)


Question: The transformation happens once, right? They're not shfiters, are they (other than the "shifting" that happens when dragons have enough magic to change form)?

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Haha, Sam sure would be surprised to hear that. And yay college kids! Dragons sure like young educated barely-adults.


Oop, I think they're shifters. Did we say it was gonna be permanent, Midnightstar? Which do you guys think is better? If they're shifters, they'll probably need time, guidance, and the right state of mind to turn back from their initial transformation if they want to go back, and more training to get used to shifting back and forth in general. It's the dragons' way of having a "trial period". They're not complete pricks (mostly...).


Also, should there be separate IC and OOC threads? not sure if I can handle that level of srsness but this is would be a lot to sort through to get to IC posts.

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Hmm, I think we never said anything about permanent-ness. I like the idea that they need guidance and blah blah blah, what you explained.


Also, maybe we should have separate posts... I mean, if you want to make one. This isn't that big of a roleplay, but it would keep things more clear, wouldn't it?

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Maybe the dragons know that we like to over-dramatize things. xd.png More fun for them!

I like the idea of regular shifting, but I'm biased because I'm already in two other roleplays where the transformation is permanent. Maybe the shifting is just really exhaustive, so we won't want to do it often? That's kind of a happy medium.


So I did make a sheet, but my character doesn't start out as a typical fantasy creature, yet it is a fantasy creature... will it work? I could always change it to something more usual. I just tried to pick something that I thought I could play without it being trite, and of course I choose a creature that really isn't in typical fantasy. tongue.gif


Name/Species: Nistit / The actual art. Her species are the the bipedal-fox-creature-things to the right and upper left. Aren't I so descriptive? I'm sure these guys have some kind of lore as the artist likes to do that with her creations, but I can't find it... So I'm calling them Skraat here. They're a race of short(maybe 4-5 ft tall at most) canine-like creatures that live in the thick woods of the Rocky Mountains. They prefer to stay away from humans, but those in nearby rural areas complain about their lack of respect for property rights. A few government programs and some religions are focused on converting these beings to true citizens of the US, in a manner similar of that to Native American tribes, though many people are against the idea as the Skraat are notorious thieves. Skraat leaders call the "furless ones" greedy and deceitful though(hypocrite much?), and generally any sort of positive relationship with a human is looked down upon. However, Skraat glorify fire, and is easy to earn one's trust with it.

Age/Gender: Skraat age: 7; Human equivalent age: 15 years / Female

Dragon Shape: Western

Appearance: Like most Skraat, she has beige fur that fades to a deep brown at the extremities and deep caramel-to-brown eyes. Strips of leather are wrapped around her hips, thighs, and around her forearms and palms for protection. She carries with her a simple spear; this disappears whenever she transforms into a dragon, though the bow she additionally carries with her returns when she shifts back. Additional adornments include stolen false-gold earrings and a discarded pendant with an encasing missing its gemstone.

In her dragon form she is a small Western(maybe 2 ft high; it's adorable!) with slate grey scales and bright orange eyes with yellow streaks. Her horns and claws are dark grey. There are two sets of short, visibly-segmented horns, one just behind the ears and ones at the back of the jaw going backward from the head. A row of small spikes go down the length of the spine that can be flared at will. Her wing membrane and belly scutes are a lighter grey than the scales, her muzzle is tipped with a beak, and the tail end sports a small barb(no poison).

Personality: I've found I do personalities better once I start writing about the creature, so rather than trying to adhere to something I'll just wing it, if that's fine. Some solid things I've already worked out is that she really likes fire and shiny things, and she's wary around people due to rumors in her clan. Oh yeah, and she prefers fleeing over fighting, though she isn't opposed to the latter.

Location / A little history: In the mountains of Montana / Nistit is part of a small clan of Skraat that spends most of its time annoying local farmers by stealing things that aren't essential or valuable, but are still useful to them. Like most Skraat, she was taught many bad things about humans, werewolves, and other humanoids, and despite the lack of evidence for the arguments she absorbed her elder's words greatly. However, she is still very young, and especially loves fire, tending to burn herself with it more than anything. She was taught how to use a spear as soon as she could hold it, though she is an archer at heart. She is a teenager and is already starting to go down the rebellion road, though none of her efforts availed her anything and she's already coming out of it; but changing into a dragon didn't really help with that either.

Other: Nothing I haven't already blabbed on about.



EDIT: Oh hey, I just realized that our shifting characters are starting out really far from each other. Is there a way we could meet up with each other faster than roleplaying through the whole wandering process? (Maybe the dragons think it'll give them more laughs if they group us misfits together. tongue.gif)

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I figured from the introduction that they would meet and interact in dreamscapes, and there would be reports of dragons happening all around the world as opposed to once place.




Name/Species: Kari Laberge // Human (with magic potential)

Age/Gender: 20 // Female

Dragon Shape: Eastern


Human: 5'6, short auburn hair that reaches her shoulders and frames her round face. Has short and messy bangs that are brushed up and out of her light brown eyes. Tanned skin and a wider build. Wears rectangular-framed glasses and prefers brightly colored sweaters and pants or otherwise flashy clothing (to wear ironically). [An old image]

Dragon: Dark red scales and orange underbelly, with goat-like ears, forked antlers and a blue-green equine mane running all the way down her back, ending in a tuff of fur at the end of the tail. About 6 meters long, with short legs. Otherwise, her dragon form is fairly simple. [A quick watercolor.]

Personality: An adaptable optimist that loves to test the limits of rules, especially when it comes to doing a task more efficiently (i.e. the laziest way). Strangely provocative in her day to day habits, Kari likes to push people's buttons to see how they react. Nevertheless, people seem to find it charming and, while she appears aloof she is highly attuned to other people's reactions to her. While she is honest towards others, she has a bad habit of exaggerating her own stories.

Location / A little history: Canada // A University student working towards a bachelor's in Fine Arts. As an only child from a chinese mother and a french-canadian father, there was strong resistance from her parents when she chose her field of study. Sorceror's magic runs through her mother's side, though the extent of Kari's abilities are to make things levitate and brewing some questionable concoctions, neither of which she's keen to show off until the time is right.

Other: Kari is prone to experimenting. Whether this means ignoring the recipe on the box of a microwave dinner to microwaving a lightbulb, she likes to see what happens. She trusts her own conclusions more than common advice.

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Gonna make this thread the OOC thread and start a new thread for IC tomorrow or Friday! I feel like an OOC thread will be useful for any on-the-fly worldbuilding we have to do.


Mage is correct! I like weird mind stuff so most of the interactions will be in dreams at first. Dragons are capable of "teleportation" somewhat similarly to Pern dragons in that they slip into a different dimension to travel long distances in short times, but this is pretty exhausting and/or takes the coordinated effort of a few dragons to facilitate one individual's transport.


(btw I have never read Pern aside from a few snippets and fanfic crossovers, but holy heck does the worldbuilding and sci-fi sound amazing from a quick Wikipedia walk. Also, fandom was wild in the old days.)


@skwerl: Eh, I don't really care about the legitness of your fantasy characters, this is a fun RP. So go wild with your race of furries xP


Also, kind of related but I imagine werewolves in this universe to turn into just slightly bigger wolves, not anthropomorphic (and not so big that they can be immediately distinguished from real wolves by the untrained). Also they can turn anytime they want except the full moon, where they're stuck as wolves. This has led to a slight shift in dog breed popularity away from wolflike breeds, and also a lot of interesting variations on "your mom" jokes for Sam that he ignores.


@Mage: Oooh, Kari's gonna have fun with Sam, he hates having buttons pushed.

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Oh my god this sounds like so much fun, and I have an idea for a character in mind. A bit concerned it'll be a little bit... absurd? I'll check with you, Shaydra~


Edit: have a form. I feel this dragon design is more like a 'customisation' rather than the 'default' I should be starting with... let me know if so, and I'll cut some things.


Name/Species: Gaichu / Brown rat

Age/Gender: 7 months / Female

Dragon Shape: Eastern

Appearance: Have a photo. Approximately a foot long.

Dragon: Lightly built with powerful hind legs. The top of her head, behind the ears and spine are covered in a coat of soft, brown fur save for much of the tail (which still ends with a long tuft all around the tip), and her scales are glossy, leaning towards a whiter shade on the belly and a darker shade on the back. Her eyes are large for a dragon, yet - despite all the other optical improvements - she cannot see red shades clearly. This is made up for somewhat with her ability to view ultraviolet.

Her ears are also rather large for a dragon, resembling a deer's, granting an ability to hear sounds higher than human ears can perceive. Her muzzle is long and doglike, and thick with long, majestic whiskers, hiding rather long incisors.

Possesses fine, delicate golden antlers.

Personality: Quiet, for the most part, careful with thoughts and thinks far ahead for every possible situation she can see coming. Used to urban life and dodging the many hazards, Gaichu has a keen sense for working together and danger. Very much an opportunist, not fussy where she sleeps as long as it's sheltered, or what she eats. She prefers the warmth and company of others, the many rats she grew up with. Any other creature than is nearly her size or bigger is a threat, and as a result she's timid and jumpy out in the open. But don't press her too hard, or dare corner her - she, like any rat, will fight back hard.

Location / A little history: Lives in the walls of a Japanese house on the edge of a major city. Born into a litter of nine kittens, Gaichu learnt her 'name' during her numerous close encounters with a human. It must've been a common name among that family, for they do not give themselves names and only adopt one after they hear it repeatedly. Over her seven months alive, many rats she came to know since passed on, usually from being caught or poisoned.

Other: Has a fondness for chicken bones, and her scales and fur get greasy fast and must be washed regularly.

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Hi wyv! biggrin.gif I think less fur and more scales for Gaichu to start with would be good, since everyone else is starting with mostly scales. Otherwise it looks great! Feel free to add that octopus dragon whenever you want xP


Also, what do you guys think about dragons gaining conditional immortality? They age to adulthood and stop, and can only die by being killed?


Closing the RP to new people for now, because 5 is a good number ^^ Workin' on first IC post after a nap.

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I've read two books and tore a decent chunk out of a third, so I can help. You want me to type up a dedcription? Like, how it works and such?


I love the idea of the age immortality biggrin.gif I've generally liked that in dragons, though that may be partially affected by Dragon Cave, heheh.



Name/Species: Steven Murray/Human

Age/Gender: 19 Years/Male

Dragon Shape: Western

Appearance: Human


Personality: For the most part, I will write this out. But, Steven is rather nervous, shy, and not mentally made for social interaction, as some would say. He's generally very awkward around people, despite encouragement and "you will do fine" s. He is a dreamer, and often blanks out fantasizing about things, creating fantastic images of possible futures.

Location / A little history: University of London (aiming for a degree in Biochemical research)/He was the second child to be born out of four, to a British mother and a half-oriental father.. He wasn't pressured to be the example like the oldest, or jealous like younger ones typically are. He was content with nibbling on cheese and watching the hell his siblings went through. He hadn't experienced many tragedies; sure, grandparents died, but no siblings or anything like that.

The family wasn't rich, but in a superb financial situation. They were able to afford Steven and his older brother to go to high-level universities.

Other: He absolutely loves cheese; all cheese, any cheese, cheese cheese cheese!



Name/Species: Erenik/Elder dragon

Age/Gender: Very, very old/Presumably male.

Dragon Shape: Lindwyrm

Appearance: [X]

Personality: Erenik is very wise, and a great source of advice. I'll write the rest out, okay?

Location / A little history: In a dimensional sort of room thing, filled with time gears, a ring of magic books that float, and time-related things/He was actually born to dragons, a very very long time ago. He became, well, a time master after he first introduced the idea of hiding in dimensional rifts to survive. He doesn't nessescarily remember his early days, but he could look it up in his books.

Other: As said before, he has a very strong affinity for time. He can observe things in time, and he can fiddle with it, whether actual time or what someone remembers. He never does this, though; one little change can mess everything up.

A force records history and stores it in magic books, the books Erenik has access to. He has a ring of eight floating books at one time, but of course, all of history cannot fit into those books. The rest of them are in bookshelves in his lair, and he can switch if needed.

The force doesn't catch all history. So a few things may not be findable.

(I apologize for the OPnrss, but it seems that the elders need to be a little OP)


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Though if dragons ate immortal, why do they need to repopulate? Unless there's something going around killing dragons, ehehe...

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IC thread GET! It's always a struggle keeping my posts semi-short, haha. Feel free to have your character be the one approaching.


And oops, you're right, Mage. I wanted this to be fun subplots and not epic grand plot fight against doom so uhhhh... I guess only some dragons are immortal if they're given enough magic for a purpose, like magic/history-guarding or dream-organizing, and these are Elders. The rest just live pretty long. (Elders can probably also take apprentices to replace them?) So not every non dragon-to-be has to be an Elder. Let's not have any more b/c OPness, shall we xd.png


Thanks for the offer Esko, but let's not make this a Pern RP xP Wikipedia's p helpful anyway. And Erenik might be useful for some future stuff MidnightStar and I were talking, about memory spells. Maybe not actual time travel though.


why are there so many Asians/part Asians omg, also all the elder dragons have k's in their names

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Alright, adjusted my character! I'll begin writing up my octopus dragon's next, in a few hours (been waaay too busy today :'D), and see about dropping a post sometime thereafter~


because they are great, and so is the letter k, i guess

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I know it's finals season (just finished mine last week), but it's a little sad that this flopped before leaving the starting gate! You guys still interested? How 'bout I move the RP along, and the ones who haven't posted yet can jump in later?

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Nah, wyv and Esko hadn't posted yet and I also had finals/getting home from uni on my hands. Gonna work on a post now, those who haven't yet can jump into the dream whenever.

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Yeah, I'm not sure what it is but RW and Esko don't post a whole lot. Probably something to do with school(that seems to be getting hectic lately tongue.gif). We can keep going, I'm fine with it.

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Yeah, I'm not sure what it is but RW and Esko don't post a whole lot. Probably something to do with school(that seems to be getting hectic lately tongue.gif). We can keep going, I'm fine with it.

Correct, school. And the fact that I lost computer access and my phone screen is broken as hell.

A post will come eventually.

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omg it's a wild esko i haven't seen you in ages

My final project is due tomorrow, so let's see where I am for a post on Wednesday. smile.gif

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