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Scroll | I draw stuff! | I consider all IOUs | image.png | If I am working/have worked on your dragon request and I go on hiatus (fail to reply for 2 months), please feel free to use the art I have provided as you see fit. 


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    Hi there!

    - I take frequent hiatuses, so sorry if I disappear for a bit. I will still fulfill any and all IOUs as soon as possible (my inactive breaks are when I have none).
    - Willing to breed on request, especially if we swap! Looking for holiday mates at the moment (listed in the wishlist below). I have CBs of all the easily obtainable dragons, and of holidays 2010 onward, excluding Val '10 and all from '13, and I can breed low gen metals.

    * * *

    (All non-inbred; prefer named parents. This does not apply to freezie hatchlings.)

    - any S1 thunder (freezing)
    - any S1 gaia xenowyrm (freezing)
    - any S2 blue gemshard (freezing)

    - 2G purple nebula, Shadow Walk mother (mate TMCFk)
    - 2G silver, Marrow father (mate Samhaim Stakes)

    - 2G gold lunar herald, Solstice mother (mate 7GC98)
    - 2G thalassa xeno, Solstice mother (mate rJTuJ)
    - 2G spirit ward, Solstice mother (mate wAIkH + nsbOi)

    - 2G radiant angel, silver mother (mate GfDLr)
    - 2G valentine09, black father (mate Rsv3I)

    - 2G desipis, PB (mate H6Fo4)
    - 3EG grave, PB (mate Oblitus Muto)
    - 3EG marrow, Pillow father (mate Fluffy Demise)
    - 2G cavernlurker, Silver mother (mate Dianne Muir)
    - 2G cavernlurker, Silver father (mate Da'ven Bhoot)
    - 3EG cavernlurker, checkered Spirit Ward mothers (mate e5ckF)
    - 2G grave, Solstice mother (mate f1K4E)

    - 2G yulebuck, Shadow Walk mother (mate cMZlB)
    - 3EG solstice, checkered Daydream fathers (mate bKbsb)
    - 2G mistletoe, Ridgewing father (mate uyUe6)

    - 3EG black, checkered Gold mothers (mate 3qjWu)
    - 3EG royal blue, checkered Silver mothers (mate a8EOd)
    - 2G gold wyvern, Gold mother (mate u34kY)
    - 2G gold, Ice mother (build mate Galeott Aurat)
    - 2G gold, Silver father (mate Lutre Gleam)

    - CB gold (female)
    - CB silver (male)
    - any neglected (male + female + ungendered)

    * * *

    [Dragons on the completed list that I've been a major part of.]
    - Archipelago
    - Arctic Fox
    - Fly Agaric
    - Regal Diamond
    - Stunted
    - Worm-Grunting