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In Earth's mid 21st century, pollution had reached an all-time high. After 1970, no 'green' movements took hold. No city beautification acts were passed. Water pollutants, improperly dumped garbage, hazardous chemicals and other waste had caused widespread sicknesses and diseases in most previously virgin environments such as forests, deserts, and even the first few miles of most shorelines. It was generally believed that some sewers were more hospitable to native life than more obvious locales due to the water runoff through the trash did not connect to the sewer systems.


This by no means meant that the world resembled a gargantuan trash barge; it did however have potent biohazard and chemical pollutants that easily affected approximately five times the space that the hazards physically took up. No place was pristine, but no place was completely destroyed, either.


The job to clean it and save more species from extinction was left to the geneticists. In order to cut cost, so the governments of the world would complain at least slightly less about funding, a single creature- made of genetically engineered enzymes- was created with a heavily instilled instinct. The instinct, of course, was to consume plants and animals from the environment it was placed in order to adapt to that area, and rise up the food chain. It would gain the evolutionary benefits of the organisms it consumed; such as it could gain wings from a bat, scales from a fish or reptile, horns from a goat, etc.


Whether the plants or animals were alive or not meant nothing. As long as the amount of mass was within 40%-120% of its own current size, the entirety of the new DNA would be available for its own use. To begin with however, the engineered enzyme was a single cluster of stomach-acid bearing cells, closely resembling ravenous clear slime. If the slime consumed less mass than the aforementioned percent, it would only 'unlock' some of the organism's traits; if it consumed over the percent, its body would concentrate on growing in size, and not on 'learning' what it absorbed. The slime's great weaknesses, however, was that it was highly likely that diseases and toxins would affect its entire body, its unstable DNA replicating and transmitting its newly discovered chemicals through each cell, before it could generate a venom or bacteria sac. It's other weakness was that whenever it grew, it would get hungry from using up mass. As it regenerated, which it did quickly, it would become hungry as it used up mass to heal. It would also get hungry as it used up mass to change its form, even slightly. All its additional hunger was in addition to becoming hungry anyway, as a matter of course.


The scientists were fearful that a single slime dropped into an environment on its own may die easily, and so it was given four additional skills that no plant or animal has.


One- each slime, while still kept in its ID coded canister, was given a small piece of DNA from a difficult to obtain, endangered, or simply out-of-place species. An example might be that Venus Flytrap leaves could be fed to a slime meant for the ocean; as it is a species guaranteed to not be encountered there. A handful of fireflies could be given to a desert slime, abolone shell given to a forest slime, or even whale given to a slime meant to be released in the sea- ensuring the slime would not have to bother hunting such a large thing later on.


Two- the slime may evolve into anything, but the scientists would need to know which creature was theirs if they needed to retrieve it or study it further. In order to ensure they always knew if a creature was theirs, no matter where it was released or how it evolved, they hard-coded the slime to eventually evolve into a creature that represents the unquestioned ruler of any food chain but does not exist in nature, which causes it to stand out easily- a dragon. The scientists knew that dragons could be many shapes, from Chinese, to wyvern, drake, dragon, linnorm, land, ampithere, sea, or wyrm. A slime could become any of these, and decide for itself its colors, patterns, skin types, etc, but it would clearly be a dragon to any who look upon it; though it would only use traits of plants and animals it had consumed in order to tailor its looks.


Three- to fill out a dragon's ability list, guarantee benefits over all other life, and help with diseases and cures, the slime could gain elemental powers from chemical agents, and could replicate any medicines, poisons, or diseases it encountered.


Four- if the slime found a deceased human, then the slime could consume the human's brain to learn at least most of what they knew. This was meant as a possible environment save, since the human would SURELY had died due to toxins that they released themselves and the slime would have to find how to counter it. Surely.


With all that planned in scrutiny, the slimes were ready to be released in order to do their four jobs- 'rise to the top of the food chain they are introduced to', 'quell the numbers of overpopulated species', 'deal with' infected or diseased organisms, and 'become a dragon'.


A safeguard was put in place to make sure that the slimes would only be in the area demanded of them, making sure they stayed out of each other's territory, and within the area of most dire need of their services.


But one test had to be run first at the main facility in Southern California. Three ants were placed in a seperate container with a slime that had not yet had its first meal. The slime was uninterested. Considering the slimes to be a wasted effort and failure, they were disposed of in a completely irresponsible manner, out of spite. The scientists acted like angry poorly-behaved teenagers and they stole the canisters of various slimes, smashing the canisters open as they threw them out the window of their vehicles while joyriding. The synthetic territory marker chemicals were left at the lab, unused. The slimes were free.



Name: (remember, your character will not recognize itself as having a name yet, but you should still come up with one for us to recognize you as)

Bonus DNA: (the name or link of a real life, non-extinct species of plant or animal you want abilities from. I will unlock 100% of this species' DNA and powers for you)

Starting location: Choices are suggested to be desert, forest, beach, swamp, or sewer.

Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime (everyone starts this way, but it changes probably before the third post)

Equipment: (just a placeholder until you start finding DNA and special abilities, which is likely the second post)




Information on Azure Wyrm official events is listed here.


I constantly update the character sheet with unlocks, senses in use, location, and event information here.


Our official Discord server is [url=https://discord.gg/rpF3rK2]hidden in this link[/url].

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Q: Can I still join after the RP has already been going on for a few months?


A: I can always let new people in without ruining the story for anyone.


Q: I wanna start in a certain area. Can I?


A: The starting zones I have listed are geographical locations I have knowledge of, because I've lived in them. Suggestions were made before of other places, but I didn't know enough about them so we'll stick with the ones we got until I get to travel the world more.


Q: When do we get the abilities of the creature whose DNA we selected to have at the beginning? Does it appear gradually over time or do we get it in addition to our first consumption? Or do we have them now?


A: You've already got 100% of the species unlocked right off the bat. However, to make use of any of it, you've gotta find some biomass to repurpose, like plants or animals to absorb. You'll undoubtedly get more DNA this way, too.


Q: Do we choose how the slime changes in form or would that be you?


A: You do. But remember what is said above- every change you make to your body makes you hungry (you used up either what's in your stomach, your own mass, or both to make the change). You also won't go from pure slime to 'fully formed' in a single shot.


Q: Do the slimes need gills in order to survive under water?


A: Once you develop a respiratory system suited to breathe air, then yes you need gills to breathe underwater. If you don't have the ability to breathe yet, then you can go wherever. This also counts backwards- if you grow a respiratory system suited for underwater, then you'll need to find something amphibious or air-breathing in order to leave that environment.


Q: You made a description into a link, but I don't know what that is still.


A: I make sure every image URL I use has the name of whatever it is in the URL itself so you can google/wiki it. I'm also in the midst of salvaging every image to the Azure Wyrm facebook page so we don't have to worry about sites going down and the picture being gone, and the story get confusing because no one knows what was supposed to have been referenced.


Q: You said I unlocked _____, does that include _____?


A: Yes, when a specific creature/plant is stated instead of one or some of its parts, you not only unlocked the creature's body in full, but you can choose certain parts. An example might be you unlocked both "bat" and "fly", but you want fly's eyes and bat wings. That isn't just possible, its encouraged. Say you also unlocked 'fire ant' and 'iguana'. You can have scales as skin from the iguana, but turn them red since that's the color fire ants are. In addition to this awesomeness, fully unlocked creatures also give you their instincts. This way people with less knowledge in biology can reap the full benefits of the creature by just concentrating on the creature's instincts, and I'll let you know how it would act in the given situation and you can decide for yourself if you bother or not.


Q: There's all these starting zones, but are we ever going to meet?


A: Yes.


Q: If we're all going to meet, why all the starting zones?


A: Since you can only unlock things at a certain ratio to yourself (you can eat one ant and gain nothing, but eat enough that it equals 40-120% of your own mass, and you unlock everything) you have an unquestionable guarantee of missing out on nearly everything in the world, no matter where you start. A bus-sized dragon will not even bother with eating ants, let alone find enough to count. But you can get those unlocks from players that started in the other starting zones- so you might not miss out on stuff after all.


Q: Can I find new DNA, eat it, and make use out of it in the same post?


A: No. You can eat something without knowing what it is right away, yes. That's highly encouraged! But using its biomass to grow parts you unlocked through your bonus DNA, as an example, is not something you're allowed to do as soon as you eat it. Reason being is you need to digest it first so its mass can be repurposed.


Q: Does changing colors take time or mass?


A: No. As long as it is a color or combination of colors you unlocked, you can just turn whatever part/s whatever color/s you want whenever you feel like it.


Q: How fast can I grow?


A: Think of it like a snail. A snail stretches its tail out pretty far, but it's also comparatively weak at that point since it's usually denser when pulled closer to its body. Well, that's why a slime has to eat a lot after growing, and takes a lot of food before growing too. It doesn't stretch as quickly, but it has to remain dense (or quickly make up for it). This is also why dragon/slime characters are more resilient than most other creatures.

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From the last time I had this RP here, and suggestions I learned I should say from the spot at the Escapist:


Personality: By all means think of what kind of end result you want your dragon to be! Personality is heavily influenced by new instincts being gained through things your slime has eaten, so you might want to think about what species you start with.


Example: You start with plant DNA. Plants don't have instincts (that I'll acknowledge). You unlock a rabbit's instincts. You are presented with a threat. What would a rabbit do? Going all-out war crazy is not how your character would act.

Exception: You'll get conflicting instincts. Let the one that fits your personality end result idea win out!


Every holiday, I do an event and characters get to unlock 100% of whatever their event request was. I'll let people know about this when the time comes. Holidays the RP celebrates are:



Christmahanzakwanikuh (Christmas, Channukuh, Kwanzaa, and No Celebration)


St. Patrick's Day

Valentine's Day

My Birthday (Post on a day that ISN'T my birthday)


Robotica/Robonzaa/Robonodon (Fake holidays invented by Bender of Futurama, for purposes of not having to do any work)

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So, I assume we all start with plant DNA? Or do some of us get given animal DNA first?


Do we have to become DC dragons, or do we choose completely?


Those are the only questions I can think of xd.png I hope this gets approved quickly so I can join!!!

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Woah... I want in! So you've had this RP on this site before? I think that means it has a higher chance of being approved faster.

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A: No, you get to choose any single species DNA- different things people requested before were Sundew (carnivorous plant), Hummingbird, Rattlesnake, Great White Shark, and Lynx. But only one species. Plant, animal, bug, whatever. There are even two other specific "species" I allow, but will never say. Also they don't have official names anyhow. But it cannot be an extinct or fantasy species.


A: You can be any kind of dragon you want! Customize it to your own liking. There's even a two-headed dragon, wooden dragon, and pill-bug dragon I've had play.




I sure hope so!

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Thanks! Can we send in forms now?


Also, do we PM forms or post them here?

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Reading and checking it over multiple times Virrin, I find nothing wrong with it. You've explained everything fairly well and your grammer is fine. Everythings in order for what you need... this is definitely ready to be considered accepted.


Where would you like this and I'll move it there for you? smile.gif

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@Dragonhatchling: Thanks Dragon! Want to update your character over at the other spot?


@Melomancer: Helps if the approver has been a loyal player of the RP for 5 years! (Total news to me)


Okay everyone, looks like I'll get the RP started later today after I figure out your intro sequences.

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I've hopefully updated my other character Viirin smile.gif


Where would you like me to move this? It can go into Other or Freeform Section. Whichever you want.

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I'd suggest Other, as moving I at least tend to check the Other and DC RP topics more than Freeforms. Just a suggestion, though.

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There's pros and cons to either section, which since Viirin (forgive me if you have) hasn't been here since we implimented Freeform, I'll clear up both.


Freeform: Generally more people go there on a day to day basis for the myriad of different rps that abound there. It's basically the same as Other, though more 1x1s or 1x2s or 1x?s show up from time to time and due to the amount of people who cycle through, that section is usually a bit faster paced. Not always, but 50% of the time at least it's faster paced. Depending on where you go that is... but that would be restating that differently. More people tend to join too, which can be good. Rps here generally dont have to go through approval process, though, many get run by me (at least) anyways before people post (I haven't figured out why- not that I mind smile.gif ). People aren't required to post more than four sentences, though if your rules require it, then they follow those. No questions asked. Standard procedure. Hard-core rpers here too, abound by many (including me- but I frequent everywhere- obviously xd.png).


(I haven't lost my rambling I see)


Other Section: You're good old standard rp section where people are required to post at least 4 sentences. No 1x1s or 1x?s are allowed here... and everything has to be approved, as you've already filled. There's not as many people here daily as Freeform, so things tend to be slower. Usually you get a harder-core rper base here with people with longer posts than in Freeform too. Otherwise it's the same old section you knew before Viirin. Friendly as always (not that either section isn't... just... nevermind xd.png).



So yeah, I rambled. Hopefully that helped. There's plenty of actual story-oriented "Other RP" rps in Freeform too, so that's not uncommon.

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@Dragonhatchling: I think "Other" would be a good place, since everyone has always done 4x sentences even without that being a rule, as you've known the first time the RP was here, and at the Escapist.


Exceptions: You can totally post two sentences per post while in battle with another player.


P.S. I am SO GLAD the moderator is YOU! The last time I tried resurrecting the RP here, the moderator wouldn't stop rewriting a single sentence over and over, pointlessly.

And remember the reason it died the first time? That godmodding guy that ruined everything for everyone? With you around, that can't happen. You know the rules just as well as I do!


@Melomancer: Okay, so go ahead and come up with your character's start location and bonus DNA, and I'll get to writing.


@Dragon (again) Rules seem different than first time around. Can I say "And if anyone wonders on how to post and play or whatever, click around in my signature."?

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Two of the scientists who created the slimes got back to the lab late in the morning, after leaving work early and getting drunk.

"Why'd the damn thing ignore the ants?"

"Crap if I know. Get over it, the experiment failed. They're useless."

"Useless! I'll show you useless."

The scientist picked up one of the steel-tipped glass canisters containing what looked like water, but was too viscuous. Slime. He threw it across the room, but since he was still drunk from nonstop drinking, it didn't hit the wall. It hit a hanging shop light over a table of specimen jars and chemical formulas, breaking the glass in a spiderweb formation. When it immediately fell and landed on the table, it broke- as well as a bunch of the aforementioned scientific equipment.

"Damn!" The scientist stormed off. The other watched him leave, and kicked the trashcan towards the table, and swept the entirety of the broken (and not broken) stuff into it without caring what it was. When they were both cooled off, but still very drunk (since they were still drinking) they decided that the best idea they had was to grab a duffel bag full of slime containers and throw them at road signs while they drove off, without caring where they ended up.

After a few hours, their headaches began. Even more irritable than before, the scientist in the passenger side grabbed a canister and threw it out the car window, shattering it on a rock (he missed the "cliff ahead" sign). Barely staying on the road, the driver threw the other canister out his own window on the opposite side of the car, the canister breaking into tiny pieces and exploding, with the slime splattered on a tree.


@Dragonia: The slime went from inactive to very awake in a matter of seconds. Whatever this feeling was, it only had frame of reference of having smooth, tight, inorganic... something containing it, then it wasn't there anymore. Instead, it was replaced with openness all over it, except for the hard and uncoordinated organic surface it was spread over.


@Zeditha: The slime activated, becoming conscious for the first time. It felt something inorganic and sharp on two sides of it.. not that it had sides. But it didn't hurt, it wasn't poking it. But under the slime, it could feel other small pieces of sharp inorganic- smooth and slightly curved. Around its center area, it felt nothing.

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He felt grass lots of it. He didn't know what it was. It felt organic so he absorbed some of it. Then he felt hungry. He absorbed more grass a insect got in the way and was absorbed.

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@Brook - I mean Soulking.. did you read the intro? You're actually in a tree, not on the ground in grass. Also technically you aren't allowed to say grass, but since it's your first post, I'll let you get away with it. So, instead of grass, it's something similar. Writing the bug in was perfect!


"How many more of those canisters you got?" The scientist who was driving asked the other.

He reached behind to the back seat, knocking trash and other stuff over at the same time. He only managed to grab a single canister and bring it back to the front seat.

He waved it in the driver's face.

"I can't see! Don't shove stuff in my face!" As he said it, he grabbed the canister out of the other scientist's hand and threw it out the window at a skunk that happened to be minding its own business. It hit the poor thing, making the canister bounce off of it, clatter down the shoulder of the road in the dirt for a minute, and smash on a guard post.

The duffel bag fell off the back seat in the quick movements of the car, sliding under the driver's seat and interrupting the driver's feet at the pedals.

The driver shoved the door open and kicked frantically, making the duffel bag fly out the door and shatter upon impact with the car's rear hubcap.

Making a tight and sudden turn, the car didn't get the chance to avoid hitting a large rock in the road, which punctured the gas tank. Neither occupant noticed, since it was a big tank and they kept going.


@Jak: The slime woke up for the first time, in pain, but with a soft environment. A soft environment with a bunch of small, smooth, inorganic sharp things poking it from most directions. There was a taste... the soft thing it was surrounded by. Whatever it was, it could tell it was old and had.. vague tastes of other things that left a residue but weren't there anymore.


@Avisk: Jostling. The slime activated within smooth, inorganic... something. Something restrictive, but did allow for some movement. It spun and bounced, then felt the restriction break away, and something wet and foul-tasting came along the dry, shifty inorganic that the slime was on, eventually touching the slime.


@Dragonia: (unlocked: pine needles, grasshopper leg barbs, antennae) The slime absorbed the organic spiny things it found, getting something juicier while doing so. But the slime noticed something else- as it absorbed the spiny things, it got harder to keep its grip on the hard organic cylinder it had woken up on.

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It absorbed at more organics. Being hungry made it absorb more. He began to form a little opening in the future to be a mouth. It had no teeth and was just a small little opening. He continued his feast on the organic material. He felt the organic stuff that held him up start breaking. He then fell off the organic thing.

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Zeditha moved itself over the sharp points of inorganic substance, ignoring the empty land beneath it. Slipping past them, it eventually reached a partially-decayed leaf. It devoured the leaf, happily, and continued on. A fly landing on its back wasn't impressed at being absorbed as well. Zeditha, thinking of feathers, continued on towards the nearby tree.

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OOC: Remember, you guys don't even count as dumb monsters yet. You don't know the names of body parts or animals or anything else- gotta describe things without saying them. The RP just started, so I forgive you guys so far though. But try to not say names of stuff anymore. If it's hard, and you'd like some inspiration, the RP has run elsewhere (check my sig) for over 4 years and you can read stuff there to help.

Also, you aren't able to think abstract thoughts yet- only able to understand what you're currently interacting with. I get what you meant though, Zeditha. Also you don't know the tree is there. Remember, no one can see, hear, or smell yet. A trick I taught my friend to help- touch stuff with the back of your upper arm- your tricep. Describe how things feel- don't say what you think it is. Just describe it.


@Dragonia: The hard but thin organic cylinder mostly remained where it was- but it apparently had an outer shell that broke away and fell with the slime when it lost its grip. The slime felt like it fell at least a few distances of its own size, and landed on something that hurt. It was organic, but had lots of hard, thin, very sharp parts sticking out all over. All over except for the surprisingly soft and thin parts on the ends of some of the thin barbed parts.


@Zeditha: (unlocked: liquidambar seed pod) Being thin and brittle, the flat organic thing the slime consumed was digested quickly. The minor annoyance of a thing with tiny protrusions walking around on its surface was dissolving as well, but slower. Moving along the inorganic at a slow pace and randomly chosen direction, it eventually felt another type of inorganic- but this one tasted bad and didn't shift while moving across it like the other one did.

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It hurt badly and he wanted whatever caused the pain done away with. He started absorbing it to get rid of the pain. He felt better while he was absorbing it. The little organic thing hurt and the pain was getting better. He felt the pain start floating away.

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Zeditha shied away from the nasty inorganic, rolling back onto a thin strip of something soft and bendy, yet tough. Absorbing it, she felt herself grow a bit as she digested the brittle thing. The annoyance on her back stopped moving, and became one round thing rather than six tiny, almost-sharp things.

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Jak moved around, spreading all over the taste. He was hungry, and whatever it was, he was willing to eat it. He slowly tried to engulf the seemingly organic substance with the taste. Giving up after a while, he moved on.


While sliding across the ground, Jak felt lots of inorganic things below him. He slid over a small bit of organic substance, which had a strong taste. He attempted to engulf it once more.

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OOC @ Zeditha: Perfect way to describe it, instead of saying "I'm absorbing the fly. It's legs are already absorbed, and now I feel the mass of its body."


@Dragonia: (unlocked: crown of thorns) The more of the thin hurty thing the slime absorbed, the further into the thing it sunk. It was able to realize this since it felt the now smoothed edges of the thing get higher and higher against its surface, smoothed from the pointy parts being absorbed. But the thing didn't last forever; there was a hole at part of it towards the bottom that the slime could feel a dirty and inorganic something poking through.


@Zeditha: (unlocked: yucca flower) The air itself seemed to move, carrying with it tiny bits of... something. Something that had a taste, but wasn't organic. Was it? Maybe there were tiny bits of more than one thing. Either way, the slime was lucky that the air came from the opposite direction of the nasty inorganic.


@Jak: (unlocked: cotton, skunk pattern) Whatever the taste was, the slime could tell it came from an animal of some kind. The substance seemed sticky, and very wet. Before the slime had enough time to investigate further, the ground itself seemed to move, though not by much.

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