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If the avatar above you was a pokemon.

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Still Jigglypuff. I'd say Cleffa, but it would be an insult to the Clefairy family.

(Firstly, Jigglypuff is way better than Clefairy. Secondly, mad.gif )



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(@MW: I laugh at your anger xd.png )


Girantina, of course! How many other gold dragon Pokemon are there?

( Shiny magicarp and other stuff i cant think of right now )






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Dalek? Joking






(I say ditto when I have no idea tongue.gif)

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Still either Charizard or Giratina, I think.


Hmm.. Haunter? That facial expression is, um.. slightly creepy.

Slightly? That's the smile of a kid who killed his family and would quite happily kill you too.

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