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Exalted:End of an Era

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Silune regarded the tall, red-haired woman for a moment. Then she greeted her with as much neutrality as she could muster: "Captain."


In a confident and somewhat haughty tone she continued. "Your commander has acquired my services as guide and Far East specialist. I will take your unit as far into the East as it needs to go. I'll even make the Border Marches look pleasant if your commander desires to venture close to the Wyld. Great Forks, the Hundred Kingdoms, they don't hold any secrets for me. I know which barbarian tribes to avoid and which Lunar territory is safe to cross. I know the best places to stay and the safest places to eat without being poisoned."


She grinned a toothy grin. She knew she wouldn't be able to rattle a Lookshayan Captain, but she wasn't going to lie about the dangers either.


"Speaking of your unit. I wouldn't mind meeting them." It was a remark aimed as much at Shaya as at Pheonix.

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Shaya nodded in response to Silune's request. Wanting to meet the rest of the people the Lunar would be working with seemed imminently reasonable. Still, she wanted to give Pheonix a chance to get any questions (or objections) she might have out of the way now, without the rest of the soldiers present.


((Shaya will stay in the room, but she's planning to let Pheonix and Silune talk/stare/accuse or whatever they need to do, before bringing in the others smile.gif.


Also, what's happening at the gate? Gildraug, I think you're up there.))

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[heehee, I can see some very interesting conversations ahead... especially with the inbuilt mutual dislike/distrust between Silune and Pheonix


Feel free to interrupt/interject replies where appropriate.]


Pheonix almost grinned at Silune's description of the dangers - as a Lookshayan officer, she was already well aware of them. And she had the training to deal with them. Granted most of her solutions involved some form of violence, but they did work (most of the time).


Pheonix was sure her commanding officer knew about the main reason she'd have for objecting, but she also knew the concept of keeping potential enemies where you could see them.


"Meeting the rest of the unit seems like a good chance to get to know each other better. Though I do believe you have already met some of them within the mansion." It wasn't an accusation as such, but it was a blatant attempt at information gathering - to see how much Silune already knew about them.


While her mind was on newcomers and introductions, she remembered the incident at the gate while on her way over.


"Today seems to be a day for new people." Her comment was very blunt, yet Pheonix rarely made social observations without having a reason behind them.


She wasn't certain how much detail to go into, considering the presence of a Lunar, but she had to make a report. Swallowing her distrust - especially since Silune was an admitted assassin, Pheonix switched to full military mode to address Shaya:


"There's a visitor at the main gate, one who seems to recognise the legion uniform from a brief glance at a distance. The guards are currently barring entry, Hanzo went to see what it was about."


Then she asked the obvious:


"Shall I summon the unit to a specific place for a formal introduction, Commander?"


Pheonix suspected some of them would still be outside the barracks - especially since she'd given them conditional downtime after the battle at Lenco's. That and they needed some unwinding after their Underworld experience.

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((I think calling in the rest of the unit to introduce them to Silune is the logical thing ic, but we're kinda stuck with Hanzo and Mia at the gate until Gildraug posts. How do we want to solve that? I don't think they'd invite Eleneril along, since they still don't know who she is or what she wants.))

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@ Takhesis, I've been trying to pm you, but your inbox is full. Are you still on the forums? I'd hate to lose this RP.

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