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Exalted:End of an Era

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Exalted: The End of an Era


Some terms are found in the Glossary in the third post. PM me if you want/need something added/clarified.




The setting is the world of Exalted – this world was not made by me, and all credit goes to White Wolf Publishing for making the Exalted universe. The main location is the world of Creation, an encapsulated world with the Wyld, which is pure, unbridled, chaos on its sides, Yu-Shan, the heavenly city above, and the Underworld beneath.


Map of Creation


The level of technology varies by location, but most weapons are of the medieval era. Cannons, as well as guns, exist but are fuelled by Essence instead of gunpowder. A few Warstriders remain from the First Age but are so rare that PCs will have to quest for them if they wish to use them.


A Creation year is slightly different from our year. Creation has 5 seasons of 3 months. Each month has 4 weeks of 7 days. At the end of each year, there is a period of 5 days known as Calibration. During Calibration, the moon is not visible, and any summoning attempt is easier as the boundaries between the Demon Realms and Creation are weaker.





I'm not going to go into too much detail here, just what’s needed for the RP is explained.


Primordial War:

The Gods created the Exalted to fight the Primordials, since the Gods were under a Geas not to raise their hands against them. Exalts are mortals that are granted divine power. The Gods involved and the Exalts created were:


Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun: patron of the Solars. Only 300 of these were created.


Luna, the Silver Lady: patron of the Lunars. 300 Lunars were created – one for each Solar.


The Five Maidens: patrons of the Sidereals. Despite there being only five Maidens, a hundred Sidereals exist.


The Terrestrial Exalts were not created by the Gods, but by the Elemental Dragons, who are the children of the Primordial Gaia. Gaia sided with the Gods against her brethren after being seduced by Luna and as such, was spared their fate at the end.


Some Primordials were slain, creating the Underworld with their deaths and disrupting the natural cycle of reincarnation. The rest surrendered and were banished. Their prison became known as Malfeas. The banished Primordials laid a curse on the Exalted, which would become their downfall.


The slain Primordials became known as the Neverborn. Those banished become the Yozi, demon kings.


The First (Golden) Age:


During this time, technology prospered, and many wonders were built. The Solars ruled with the Lunars at their side as consorts/bodyguards/etc. The Sidereals become their advisors, and the Terrestrials served as the bulk of the army. However, the Primordial’s curse started to corrupt the Solars. The Sidereals consulted the Loom of Fate and determined that the best course of action for Creation was to erase the Solars. They provoked the Terrestrials into an uprising, which killed all Solars and some Lunars. The surviving Lunars fled into the Wyld.


To prevent the Exaltations from reincarnating and forming an endless war, the Sidereals created a Jade Prison to contain them. Most were caught, but a few escaped.


This ended the First Age.


Second Age:


The Sidereals formed the Immaculate Faith that taught the Terrestrials that Solars and Lunars were Anathema to Creation and should be hunted down and killed. To oversee these Wyld Hunts, the Sidereals took advantage of a Fair Folk invasion to install a powerful figurehead, the Scarlet Empress. Under their guidance, she was able to reactivate the Defense Grid, an ancient weapon system that had protected Creation in the First Age, and drive the Fair Folk back.


Knowing that they would also be considered Anathema, should their existence be widely known, they wove a powerful Charm that hid them – even the Loom of Fate had difficulty in holding the knowledge of their existence.


The knowledge of how to repair and build some technology was also lost with the absence of the Solars and Lunars, and many of their wonders fell into disrepair and ruin.


Many centuries passed, and the Scarlet Empress became more than a figurehead. She became the absolute ruler of the Realm. Then the Empress disappeared without a trace, with no word to indicate when she’d return. The Realm fell into internal conflict without her guiding hand, the Great Houses vying to put their own candidates on her empty throne.


During this period, the Jade Prison was broken by an undead army, releasing the trapped Exaltations. The idea was to harvest them and corrupt them for another purpose. However, this did not go as well as planned…… only half were caught, and the rest slipped away and reincarnated as Solars.


With the Realm in disarray, the Solars were able to gather more strength than before. The Wyld Hunts used to kill the newly-Exalted before they had a chance to learn to control their powers, but the disappearance of the Empress was a blessing for the so-called Anathema.


This is the Age that Creation is currently in.





The Scarlet Empress has returned from an extended absence and with her return, a wave of change has rushed over the world of Creation. No-one knows where the Scarlet Empress has been, or why she was away for so long. The Terrestrial Exalts have hunted the Chosen of the Sun and Moon as Anathema since the dawn of the Second Age, but never before with such careless regard to those caught in the middle.


By order of the Empress, the city of Lookshy has been destroyed, killing mortals, Terrestrials and Celestial Exalts alike. She claimed Lookshy was a haven for Anathema, and as such, its very existence was a threat that could not be tolerated any longer. This has caused massive unrest within the Celestial Bureaucracy. After all, the Chosen of the Stars were responsible for putting the Empress in power in the first place.


Amidst this chaos, old threats to Creation re-emerge. Pure chaos waits on the borders of Creation, while the undead hordes stir beneath. Demonic plots corrupt the very fabric of the world, and even further from the eyes of Fate, a forgotten being stirs in slumber. His servants are about to re-enter Creation to seek the resources necessary to repair his body.


Our story begins just after the destruction of Lookshy, as the survivors try to piece together a future from the shattered past.


Can the Terrestrials and Celestials manage to put aside the ingrained enmity for the sake of Creation and start a new Golden Age? Or will Creation’s existence be changed beyond recognition and converted into an extension of the Demon Realms? Or possibly, will it cease to exist entirely – dragged into the Endless Void or dissolved back into Primal Chaos?



I reserve the right to add/alter the rules as the need arises.


• No powerplaying or Godmodding (I know Exalts are powerful, but don’t overpower them)


•Characters, especially Solars, are effected by the Primordial's Curse and as such require flaws. (No Mary/Gary- Sue's please)



•Keep swearing to a minimum. Common curses on Creation such as ‘Malfeas blast it!’ can also be used instead of harsher swears.


•Keep everything PG 13.


•Minimum of 4 sentences per post and try to be literate, but a few spelling/grammar mistakes are acceptable. This is a very cinematic RP so try to be descriptive in your posts.


•Character sheets should be PMed to me for approval. Also feel free to ask for some guidance via PM too.


•A limit of 2 characters per player (exceptions/changes to this may occur)

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Types of Exalted:


There are two classes of Exalts: Terrestrial and Celestial. Exaltation generally occurs during puberty for Terrestrial Exalts, and in the mid-20s to 30s for the Celestials, but exceptions are known. All Exalts are associated with a magical material and often wear armour and carry weapons made of the material. All Exalts have an anima, an aura, which surrounds them when a large amount of Essence is spent. All animas provide light strong enough to read by.


Terrestrial Exalts


Commonly known as Dragon-blooded, these Exalts are the most numerous on Creation. Dragon-blood Exaltations run in bloodlines, and as long as there’s one Dragon-blood in the ancestory, anyone can Exalt. Most are related to the Scarlet Empress, a deliberate design by her to ensure she retains complete control, and are loyal to the Empress.


Dragon-bloods tend to live a few centuries but rarely beyond six. If a Dragon-blood looks old, then they have lived a long time: 500 years or so. There are five kinds of Dragon-blood, depending on the patron Elemental Dragon. The elements are:

Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Air.


Dragon-blooded are able to manipulate their element and are unharmed by natural sources of the element. I.e., a Fire-aspected Dragon-blood would not take damage from a campfire. Dragon-blooded are associated with the magical material of Jade. The anima of Dragon-blood is dependent on their element.


Celestial Exalts


These are more powerful than the Dragon-bloods, though less numerous. Only Celestial Exalts have caste marks. These appear on the forehead of the Exalt when Essence is expended.


Sidereals (100)


The Chosen of the Stars are rather tricky to pin down; not only is Fate confused about whether they exist or not, one is never sure if the person you’re talking to is a Sidereal in disguise.


Most Sidereals pass themselves off as ordinary mortals, even though they do need to move around a lot as their longevity is exceptional. They can live for a few millennia. The oldest known Sidereal (at least to Fate) has lived since the First Age and is nearing the end of his third millennia.


Sidereals are capable of manipulating Fate, reading the future and are often behind every single Event in Creation. The Sidereals are also the Celestial Bureaucracy. The magical material of Sidereals is Starmetal.


Despite the growing threat, Sidereals are still divided. There are those that still think Solars need to be removed: the Bronze Faction. The other main faction is the Gold Faction, those that disagreed with the uprising, who are still a minority compared to the Bronze. There are other points of view among the Sidereals, and that just causes more conflict in the ranks.


Sidereals have 5 castes, dependent on the Maiden that Exalted them:

Battles, Endings, Journeys, Secrets, and Serenity. The caste marks are astrological symbols:


Battles: Mars (the male Genesis symbol), Endings: Saturn (a weird looking h),

Journeys: Mercury (female genesis symbol with horns), Secrets: Jupiter (a stylised no. 4), Serenity: Venus (the female Genesis symbol)


Their anima is just a colour associated with their Maiden: Battles = red, Endings = violet, Journeys = yellow, Secrets = green, and Serenity = blue.


Lunars (just under 300)


Lunars are the shapeshifting Chosen of the Moon. Lunars have a Totem animal that they identify with and can freely shift between that form and their human form. Lunars also possess a midway form called the Warform (think werewolf style things for this). Originally created to be the perfect partner for Solars, Lunars are the most versatile of the Celestials. The exact number of Lunars is unknown as some fell to Chimeraism just after they fled into the Wyld. Chimeraism is a state of being in which a Lunar loses control of their shapeshifting ability and becomes a mindless beast. To avoid this condition, Lunars have Moonsilver Tattoos all over. Moonsilver being a magical material, and the material linked to Lunars, is resistant to the mutagenic effects of the Wyld and helps the Lunar to retain their form.


Lunars can live for no more than two millennia.


There are three castes remaining of Lunars, the Wyld forced the amalgamation of the original five.


The Original five are: Full Moon, No Moon, Waxing Moon, Waning Moon, and Half Moon.


The three remaining castes are: Full Moon, No Moon, and Changing Moon. The caste marks, in order, are: a filled silver circle, an empty silver circle, and a silver crescent.


Lunar animas are silver in colour and often depict the Lunar’s totem animal.


Solars (was 300, now 137)


Solars, Chosen of the Sun, are the leaders of the Celestial Exalt Pack. Their original purpose was to lead the Exalts against the Primordials as generals. After the war, the Gods retreated into Yu-Shan and left the Solars in charge of Creation. Technically the most powerful of all the Exalts, Solars were the main targets of the Realm’s Wyld Hunts until the Empress’s disappearance. No Solar remembers the time spent in the Jade Prison and as such, most find the world has changed drastically. Solars can live for a couple of millennia – unless the Wyld Hunt gets them first.


Solars are linked to the golden magical material of Orichalcum.

Solar Castes are named after different times of day: Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night, and Eclipse.


The marks that go with these castes are: a golden rayed sun, a filled golden circle, a half filled golden circle, an empty golden circle, and a golden circle with a dot inside. Solar animas are golden, depict powerful animals, or abstract forms. All can be seen for a long distance and are very impressive.


Abyssals (100) and Infernals (50)


Although these were not among the original set of Exalts, Abyssals and Infernals are classified as Celestials due to their origin as corrupted Solar Exaltations.


Abyssals are the ‘dark mirrors’ of Solars, creator turned destroyer. One hundred Solar Essences were corrupted by the Deathlords and turned into Abyssal Exalts. The primary purpose of Abyssals is to drag Creation into the Void of Oblivion. Abyssal use weapons and armour made of Soulsteel. Abyssals also use titles rather than names, as their name is sacrificed to the void upon Exaltation.


However, some Abyssals have renounced their masters and turned rogue; it is rumoured that some even seek to return to their Solar origin. Abyssals have a similar lifespan to Solars. Rogue Abyssals suffer from the wrath of the Neverborn. This results in their Death Essence erupting in unpleasant ways.


Abyssal castes are: Dusk, Midnight, Daybreak, Day, and Moonshadow. The caste marks are identical to the Solar equivalent, but are black not gold, and as their Anima flares, the caste marks bleed. The animas for Abyssals are tainted versions of anything a Solar can produce.


Infernals are Solars that have been twisted by the Yozis. Their purpose is to find a way to break the prison that holds the Yozis. The Exaltations of Infernals have been twisted beyond recognition of their origin and are completely loyal to their masters. So unlike Abyssals, Infernals cannot turn rogue and start upon the path of redemption.


Due to the changes wrought by the corruption of their Exaltations, Infernals have the shortest lifespan of any Exalt, living for only 150 years after Exalting. They use weapons and armour made of Tainted Orichalcum.


Their castes are: Slayer, Malefactor, Defiler, Scourge, and Fiend.


The marks are: crossed blades, an hourglass, a green flame, a green/red swirling circle, and a dark circle. Their animas are anything demonic or unnatural.


Magical Materials:


All magical materials are stronger than normal materials, and items of magical material can break weapons/armour made of normal material. There are some differences between the magical materials though.


Jade: Exists in 5 different colours: red, blue, green, black, and white. All types of jade makes fast, light weapons and strong, light armour. Elemental effects are added on different colours: red = Fire (burns), blue = Air (knockback), white = Earth (stun), green = Wood (poison) and, black = Water (slow).


Orichalcum: Makes accurate, fast, sharper weapons and armour that can absorb more attacks. A golden metal forged in lava.


Tainted Orichalcum: Does the same as Orichalcum, but is dull in colour and is forged in vitriol.


Moonsilver: Makes very accurate weapons, and Moonsilver armour can shapeshift with its wearer. A silvery metal that has never felt the heat of the sun during its forging process.


Starmetal: A rare metal extracted from meteors. Starmetal has a unique ability to reweave Fate around itself.


Soulsteel: A jet black metal forged from human souls This material drains Essence and deals heavy damage.



Playable Characters: (others may be available on request)




Solars of any caste, here are the stereotypical jobs of each Caste (don’t feel restricted to these though):

Dawn: Soldiers/Generals

Zenith: Preachers

Twilight: Teachers/Sorcerers

Night: Spies/Assassins

Eclipse: Diplomats




Any caste, even one of the Original castes if you want to play an older Exalt. Anything goes here (pretty much). Play a Lunar that stays in animal form if you really want.




Any of the 5 elements, any job. No Realm Dragon-bloods; their loyalty to the Empress may be a little problematic.




Rogue Abyssals only, any caste. Just be aware of the consequences that follow this path. Again stereotypes, but no restriction.


Dusk: Soldiers/Generals

Midnight: Preachers

Daybreak: Teachers/Sorcerers

Day: Spies/Assassins

Moonshadow: Diplomats

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Character Sheets:


Essence (between 3 and 6):
Specialisation (best skills etc):





Anathema: A deregatory term for Celestial Exalts.


Beastmen: Animal-human hybrids.


Deathlords: 13 high essence Solars that were killed alongside the Neverborn. The disrupted cycle trapped these with the Neverborn and eventually corrupted them.


Essence: Magical energy. Also a measure of how powerful an Exalt is.


Exalt: A mortal that has been given divine power.


Exaltation: The part that carries the power of an Exalt. The process of attaining the power of an Exalt.


Fair Folk: Formless beings that live in the Wyld. Any fixed form is an affront to them, so they seek to expand the Wyld over Creation.


Geas: A promise that was sealed by Fate. Considered unbreakable.


Great Houses: Powerful Dragon-blooded families. Founded by the Scarlet Empress. Each Great House is headed by one of her children.


Lookshy: A now ruined city of a military power.


Loom of Fate: An ancient artefact that shows the past, present and future of Creation.


Neverborn: Primordials that were killed in the war. They seek Oblivion to end their existence.


Malfeas: The demon Realm, also one of the Primordials.


Oblivion/Void: The Ultimate end of all existence.


Primordial: The creators of Creation. Death wasn’t meant to apply to them, so when the first fell in battle, it disrupted the workings of Creation and created the Underworld. The slain Primordials are not truly dead, and the existence of Creation is torture to them.


Realm: The majority of Creation that is under the Scarlet Empress's rule.


Warstriders: Large battle mechs


Wyld: Formless primal chaos that surrounds Creation. Weird things happen when in here.

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((Reserved for accepted Forms))


My characters:

Name: Pheonix

Exaltation: Dragon-Blood

Aspect/Caste: Fire

Essence (between 3 and 6): 4

Description: A long red-haired woman with piercing green eyes. Tall, with a distinctive military bearing. Formally a lieutenant in Lookshy's 7th legion.

Personality: Quick to Anger, comes off as arrogant. The worst of the stereotypical Fire Aspect traits seem to be prominant in Pheonix.

Specialisation (best skills etc): Martial Artist, often used as a front line destructive fighter.

Weapon/Armour: Red Jade Tiger Claws. Plain armour bearing the 7th legion insignia, plus her rank insignia.

Other: Bears a scar on her left leg from a previous battle with Beastmen. Holds a grudge against their Lunar leader - the blade that inflicted the wound was poisoned - and every Calibration the poison flares up rendering Pheonix unable to do much. She wants to find the Antidote - but fears the only way is to confront that Lunar again. Is part of Shaya's unit... so is used to Solars (somewhat).


Name: Web of Inevitable Descent (Web)

Exaltation: Abyssal

Aspect/Caste: Moonshadow

Essence (between 3 and 6): 5

Description: Very pale skinned woman with raven hair. Very thin, looks sickly and weak. Tries to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Favours a flowing black dress.

Personality: Rather quiet, keeps to herself. Thoughtful and can often show wisdom thats beyond her apparant age.

Specialisation (best skills etc): More of a Diplomat than a fighter, Web tries to stay out of any conflict and, surprisingly for an Abyssal, hates unnecessary violence.

Weapon/Armour: Doesn't wear armour, as her frame is too weak to carry the extra weight. Keeps a Soulsteel dagger on her belt, but has never been seen to draw it.

Other: Web has gone rogue from her Deathlord, The Shadow of Cities, and is attempting to revert to her Solar form. Her reasons for this are unknown at the start, but will be revealed as the RP progresses. Also her real (former) name is Marissa.


Mistress of Whispers' characters:



Exaltation: Solar

Caste: Dawn

Essence: 5 Shaya

Gender: Woman

Description: Sleek black hair, amber eyes, tanned, lithe but muscular. Shaya Orestes

Personality: Commander in Lookshy's 7th Legion. Battle-hardened and confident. Used to be boisterous and loud, but turned very quiet since the destruction of Lookshy; like the calm before a storm. Advocates going to all-out war with the Dynasty and destroying the Empress before she can strike again. Likes women.

Specialisation: War, tactics, combat (best with a sword, but also pretty good unarmed or with a bow). Archetypical Dawn in this respect.

Weapon/Armour: Jade Daiklave and full armor with rank insignia. Jade compound bow. All equipped with Essence Harmonizers given by her superior officer. Might strive to find Orichalcum items once her secret is out.

Flaw: Overconfident - will take on any foe (the bigger, the better) and does not back down.

Background: Shaya grew up in Lookshy as a beloved daughter of one of the more military Gens. She joined the 7th Legion (a given in her family) and rose quickly through the ranks. When the Mask of Winters took Thorns, Shaya advocated liberating the city. This was denied by Lookshy's City and the River Council, but Shaya retains an abiding hatred for all things Deathlord.

During a long patrol, Shaya encountered an Abyssal exalted terrorizing a small village. Knowing no fear, Shaya engaged the Abyssal in combat and would have died if not for the timely intervention of the Unconquered Sun. No one was more surprised than Shaya at her sudden exaltation, save perhaps the Abyssal as he died. Her men, witness to all, have remained loyal to their commander despite her exaltation. Back in Lookshy, Shaya dutifully informed her superior of her 'changed circumstances', but against her own expectations she was neither hunted down and killed, nor even removed from her position. She sometimes wonders why this is, but doesn't much care: she is loyal to Lookshy and relieved that she may continue to serve.

Other: Shaya was out on patrol with her men when Lookshy was destroyed. She returned immediately when the news reached her and arrives at the scene quickly.


Shaya's Unit

Captain: Shaya. Solar Exalt posing as Earth Exalt.

First lieutenant: Pheonix. Fire Exalt.

Second lieutenant: Gunn. Gunzosha. Patient, prefers a wait-and-see stance so he might take out the threats others have missed. For this reason he often waits out fights, even though he packs the most power of the mortals in the unit.

First lancer: Geminon. Twin to Gemin and a few seconds older. The two work flawlessly as a pair. Tends to be quicker on the draw.

Second lancer: Gemin. Younger of the two twins. Is a near-perfect shot if he has time to set it up.

Thaumaturge: Mouse. Very smart but a bit socially awkward. Carries pockets and pockets full of string, crystal, bottles, insect shells and other weird paraphernalia. Knowledgeable in the theory behind Sorcery.

Scout: Hare. Fast and stealthy, if sometimes a little cowardly cautious. Is a terrible rider (for a Lookshy soldier).

Camp master: Tinker. Older man. Takes care of the camp, cooks the food and does small repairs. Travelled a lot in his younger days and speaks half a dozen languages. Is calm and kind. Shaya suspects he was placed in her group to keep an eye on her (and she is right about that), but likes him nonetheless.



Exaltation: Solar

Caste: Eclipse

Essence: 3 Mia

Gender: Woman

Description: Long white hair, slightly tanned skin, soft-spoken, petite, still young Mia

Personality: Somewhat shy due to her age, but will not be bullied or backed into a corner and stands for what she believes in. Always has (or makes) time for people who need her. Refuses to commit to violence no matter what. Advocates peace with the Dynasty until the Solars have recuperated from their losses. Likes tea.

Specialisation: Diplomacy, languages, all forms of travel, pretty good at sneaking around because she is small and quiet. Can see and speak to ghosts.

Weapon/Armour: Believes violence is always the worst option and wears neither arms nor armour.

Flaw: Softhearted - cannot bear to see people suffer and always believes the best of people.

Background: Mia was a very young girl when the Bull of the North annihilated the Tepet Legions, but she clearly remembers the war. Being highly sensitive, she was acutely aware of the quiet terror that fell over the North as both sides struck each other with no thought to the surrounding lands or people. She saw the Tepet Legions march off to war and never return, save those few ghosts that still wander the battlegrounds.

Mia has been able to see and speak to ghosts for as long as she can remember, and it wasn't until she grew older that she realized that most people could not. While she is cautious around ghosts, as experience has taught her that many are violent, she is driven to help them reach peace. It was this drive that let a malevolent ghost lure her out into the dark and attack her. As she lay dying, the Unconquered Sun came to her and healed her body; her spirit needed no such help, for it remained strong despite the violence it had endured and perhaps it was this very quality that drew Sol Invictus to her.

Seeing the echos of the bloodshed around her, Mia abhors violence. As all Solars in the North, she spent time in the camp of the Bull of the North, but his martial ways and her quest for peace clashed heavily. Nevertheless she remained, hoping to be a good influence on this most powerful of Exalts. When news of Lookshy's destruction reached the North however, Mia knew that she was needed there and the travelled to the East.

Other: Mia was in the North when Lookshy was destroyed. Such news travels (very) quickly and she does have a proclivity for travelling charms, but such a journey still takes time and she will arrive later. Rumour has it that Mia's father was a ghost, but if this is true, Mia does not know it herself.



Biologist's Character:


Name: Hanzo

Exaltation: Solar

Caste: Twilight

Essence: 4 Hanzo

Anima banner: a mandala of an intricate design or schematic


Physical description:

Wiry: he is not a fighter, but has grown muscular with the hard work at the forges where he grew up.

Tall: he isn't tall for a man, standing 6 feet tall, but he has a proud bearing that makes him look taller.

Blue-black hair and black eyes: due to an experiment gone awry, his hair has turned blueish and is now black with a blue sheen to it. His eyes are still the black pools of mystery he was born with.

Age: he looks physically fit and somewhere in his twenties: his prime.


Personality traits:

Smart: he has a sharp mind, an impeccable memory and the ability to learn quickly.

Inquisitive: he has a thirst for knowledge that can get the better of him. Often he stares at things, plants or people and seems to study them, lost in thought. It can be unsettling.

Calm mania: he is a calm man and has a laid-back attitude, but when he gets enthusiastic about something, he can become manic with abundant energy.

Likes: he likes tea. And eating sushi at one of the many small restaurants in Lookshy.



Knowledge: his main specialization is knowledge. With his keen memory, he never forgets anything. And he has read and learned a lot during his time working for Lookshy's Chief Engineer.

Crafting skills: he was trained at the forges and has a lot of hands-on experience with repairing, studying and making of artifacts and other things.

Medicine: he has picked up the basics of medicine as one of his many area's of interest.

Magic: since his exaltation, he has remembered the mastering of the ebb and flow of magic.



Weapons: as all Lookshyans, he has received training in fighting. He has focused on Martial Arts. If he has to, he can handle a bow and blade reasonably well.

Amour: he has no armour of his own, although he has probably worn most kinds of armour, made of most kinds of (magical) material for scientific testing purposes. He has even been allowed to assist on testings on one of the Orichalcum War Striders. Under strict rules and regulation, naturally. Not that he could use it...



Born in a family from a lower Gens, he was raised and trained in one of the many forges that worked for Lookshy's military. As a promising student, he was allowed to assist the Chief Engineer's third Lieutenant in repairing an artifact that required a small army of extra hands.

In the workshop of this Dragonblooded crafter, the walls were lined with schematics of all kinds of mechanical wonders and looking at them made something inside his mind 'click'. He saw patterns and flaws and before he knew it, he was standing at the ancient drawings, working out their essence in his mind.

He drew the attention of the Terrestrial artificer and he was very nearly killed by the Exalt that day for his impudence of soiling ancient artifact schematics. What saved him, was *what* he had drawn on the vellum: a solution for a problem Lookshy had been working on for some time.

He became the assistant for the Chief Engineer himself and he has worked with his master on difficult project, often secret, all of them dangerous. The ancient texts and schematics came to life for him and he has probably seen more First Age artifacts than the Scarlet Empress (or so he thinks).

One day he was working on an Orichalcum War Strider with his master: he had climbed into the monstrous thing to call out the symbols etched in the golden metal. Then disaster struck. Deep inside the bowels of Lookshy, they had missed the announcement of the Scarlet Empress. The blow came unexpectedly.

He came to in the middle of Lookshy's remains. As he slowly became aware of his surroundings, he noticed the obliterated remains of the War Strider around him.



He has just exalted. The memories of his previous incarnations have come back to him in shards and pieces. He knows a few things for certain: how to speak the languages of the First Age, the wordings of magic spells of power beyond comprehension, and that – somehow – he could have prevented the destruction of his city...


Gildraug's character:


Name: Eleneril

Exaltation: Lunar

Aspect/Caste: Changing moon

Essence: 4

Description: Tall and lithe, Eleneril relies more on speed than of force. She has icy blue eyes, short-cut platinum hair, and pale skin due to staying away from the sunlight. The color scheme of her clothes circle around blues, whites, and silvers; she likes wearing loose clothes and huge scarfs which trail behind her.

Personality: Eleneril seeks to develop a logical explanation for everything that interests her. She has a creative mind, but is quiet and contained. She might seem skeptical, or even critical, when she analyzes, but is, nevertheless, adaptive and flexible.

Weakness: has no love for darkness and becomes impatient easily - then rash.

Specialization: Prefers not to fight; leans slightly more towards the Diplomat. Her anima is an arctic fox.

Weapon/Armour: Eleneril has a Moonsilver sword on her side; the sword has no guard, allowing her to spin it around more freely but makes deflecting blows a lot harder. Eleneril doesn't have armor, but some of her clothes - especially around critical areas - have been reinforced with Moonsilver threads.

Other: After the destruction of Lookshy, Eleneril has been somewhat without a purpose or direction.


And a new aspect that came up in RP:


~ The Circle of the Black Night ~

Despite the ominous sounding name, the Circle of the Black Night is a force for good. Or at least: it *hopes* to be. The greatest flaw of the Servants of the Maidens has always been their inability to see beyond prophecy and fate - if it's not represented on the Weave, then it must not be important. It is this 'blindness' that has led the Sidereals to dismiss the Great Contagion (born from the Void), Fair Folk Invasion (sent from the Wyld), disappearance of the Empress (engineered by the Yozi) and emergence of the Deathlords (created by the Neverborn) as 'blips on the radar'. However, there are five Chosen of the Maidens that, through a combination of experience, wisdom, luck and an openmindedness found rarely in their kind, that *do* see what other Sidereals can't. Calling themselves the Circle of the Black Night, named for the creatures and fates that are not governed by the constellations of Creation, they believe that threats from the 'Beyond' may possibly be the undoing of all Creation. Furthermore, they believe that the heroes of old - Exalted that once defeated even the Primordials - are the only ones that can fight this threat. Theorizing that enemies beyond the Weave's control must be opposed by heroes similarly beyond control, they searched for the wildest, most uncontrollable fates and finally settled on a knot of three threads - a Fireblood, a Dawn and a Twilight Exalt - that was alternately besieged and aided by other threads that dipped in and out of existence. Using the Weave to predict when and where the knot would occur, they sent one of their members, a Chosen of [Journeys or Serenity], to forge a bond with the threads in the knot. Meanwhile, the remaining members work from Yu Shan to hide and protect the knot (and its direct allies) from other Sidereals. Apart from offering guidance and protecting the knot from other Sidereals, the Circle of the Black Night does not interfere with the knot - it fears that if it does, the knot's wild unpredictability (needed to combat the Beyond) will be nulled by the Chosens' own immutable fates.

Members: Walk Silently And Carry a Big Stick (f, Chosen of Battles), ? (f, Chosen of Endings), 'Tinker' (Chosen of Journeys), Silent Falling Tree (m, Chosen of Secrets), Silent Harmony (Chosen of Serenity)

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Hey, this is Dauntingale.

I'm pretty sure I've critiqued this before. Is this the exact same RP that I finished critiquing all those months ago?

If so, I can probably approve right away after a quick check.

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Yep it is - I thought since some Exalted fans found me + old link after it died I'd give it another go.


It is pretty much a copy/paste from the old approved link.

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Shaya reigned in her horse as the terrified animal prepared to bolt. Her scout, a much less proficient rider who went by the name of Hare, had already been thrown and was trying to get to his feet on the bucking and rolling earth. She was only dimly aware of either horse or scout though, as the hairs on her neck and arms rose and a prickling sensation washed over her skin.


Wordlessly she looked at her Thaumaturge; a mere mortal whose Art paled before that of the Exalted, but with neither herself nor Pheonix showing any proclivity for true sorcery, she was a much welcomed addition to the group. The woman, whose small, lithe build and plain brown hair had earned her the nickname Mouse, returned the look with large, terrified eyes. Mouse tried to get one hand free to grab something in her pouch, but her equally scared horse allowed her little leeway. Still, Shaya knew enough - Mouse felt it too.


Shaya and her unit, though not Pheonix, whose terrible pain incapacitated her every Calibration, had been out on a routine patrol to make sure there were no troubles in Lookshy's outlying regions during the nights of No-Moon. Then, suddenly, an impossibly loud sound had rolled over the landscape and the ground had started moving as if in an earthquake. As it happened, Shaya had felt a force of Essence roll over and through her. Something was terribly wrong.


Mouse finally manage to get one hand hurriedly into her pouch to extract a crystal on a long, silvery chain. But Shaya no longer needed the Thaumaturge's scrying abilities - she had already spotted the first trickles of thick black smoke rising over the horizon. It came from the direction of Lookshy. Looksy, where her family was. Lookshy, where Pheonix still lay. Lookshy, HER CITY.


Wheeling her horse around, Shaya did not wait for Hare to remount or Mouse to put away her equipment. "To me!" she shouted, "To Lookshy!" Giving her horse permission to finally run, she galloped off in a breakneck speed. To Looshy. To home. Where something was terribly wrong.



((@ Takhesis: I'm assuming Pheonix doesn't do sorcery since I didn't see it in her write-up, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


@ Both: How many people does a small unit have anyway? Shall I try to look it up in the books, or shall we simply decide on a random number?

Edit: Looked if up and a Magnitude 1 Unit is 2-10 people excluding the Commander.))

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Slowly Hanzo’s consciousness returned. After the magnificent booming voice had stopped speaking to him, he was left with a loud ringing in his ears that made him shake his head. He was lying on his back…


“There was a flash…” The thought came to him slowly amidst the flood of strange new memories of another life.


Tears streamed from his stinging eyes as he tried to blink away the brilliance of the sun. He had to get up! Something had gone wrong. Terribly wrong!


He slowly scrambled to his feet with a groan of pain. His vision returned somewhat and he became aware of his surroundings. In stead of the deep cavern where he had assisted his master with their experiment, he was standing in the middle of a desolate crater. The obliterated remains of an orichalcum warstrider were spread around him like a cracked shell from which he had emerged. And everything was illuminated by a bright golden glow, coming from behind him.


Then it hit him: he was chosen by the sun. He had become an exalted, but of the wrong kind! No noble Dragonblooded, but a vile Anathema…. But that was not what it felt like. Disgust and fear warred with exuberant glory within him. He had heard of the Solar exalted. How they had the power to level whole cities…


Suddenly he looked around a second time and realized where he was standing. Lookshy, the citadel and the promontory, the bastion of the Scavenger Lands against the Dynasty, was gone. A crater, nothing more. With him in the epicenter, freshly exalted by the most powerful of Celestial Beings. He turned cold, all life drained away from his face.


“What have I done?”




A brilliant golden mandala, an intricate design of complex patterns, was visible for miles around. Emanating from the crater that once was Lookshy.


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((Pheonix is no spellcaster - of either colour and for a routine patrol I'd assume half a dozen people + commander so six plus Shaya. Pheonix's flashback to events will wait for report time - simply as it makes sense for then... as she's telling it.))


Pheonix winced as the last vestiges of pain finally subsided from her old injury - moving fast did not help at all. She closed her eyes against the light still emanating from the crater, then realized it wasn't the same type of heat and light she had felt from the destructive blast. Opening her eyes again, Pheonix took a closer look at the light - then closed them again as it hurt. But the brief glimpse was enough - that light came from a Solar anima banner.


She sighed as she got up - time for the worst part of any report - damage and casualty assessment. The Realms Defence Grid had completely destroyed the city - Pheonix had heard rumours of its power - but this almost defied belief.


Moving slowly so as not to aggravate the injury as well as not to dislodge any loose rubble, Pheonix headed towards the source of the anima - Immaculate Dogma be damned - if someone was injured, Pheonix was going to provide what aid she could - as befitted a representative of a city that once preached hospitality.




Web of Inevitable Decent - or Web as she called herself, was taking a small break from her fleeing. She had gone rogue from her Deathlord - although he may not have realized it yet. Web was meant to have gone to Thorns to negotiate with the Mask of Winters - but she turned North towards Lookshy instead of continuing on.


She had to be careful however - any denizen of the Underworld could report her altered course, but it was the only place she could regain her Essence without attracting too much attention.


A large ripple disrupted her meditation - it seemed a large influx of energy had entered the Underworld. The advantage was it recharged her proverbial batteries - if a little fast.... the drawback being the direction it came from.... it came from Lookshy.


Web quickly mounted her horse - borrowed for the mission, and took a shortcut back into Creation - using the aftershock waves to reduce the cost to herself in the transfer...

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As Shaya galloped through the grasslands, her unit struggling to catch up behind her, another prickling sensation made her hackles rise. Scanning her surroundings, her gaze fell on a dark shadow cast by a set of large boulders and partially obscured by tall grass.


She hesitated for a moment: the column of smoke rising in lazy circles in the sky had grown by the second and her desire to protect her home was overwhelming, but Shaya's sense for danger rarely failed her. If she rode on now, and there really was a threat lurking in the shadows, she might expose her unit to an attack from the rear - after all, the River Province wasn't safe at the best of times and it was Calibration.


A light tug at the reigns, and her horse changed direction towards the large set of boulders without ever losing speed.


((@ Takhesis: Since Web and Shaya are both moving towards LS but aren't there yet, I thought this might give them an opportunity to meet? If you agree, then what Shaya is picking up on is probably Web exiting the Underworld. If you do not agree, then it's just one of the East's many natural threats. Also note that the meeting likely won't go well at first, since Shaya hates all things Deathlord and Abyssals certainly fit that bill. But I figure they'll have to meet sooner or later anyway.))




Pheonix and Hanzo


As Pheonix carefully makes her way through the rubble and Hanzo looks at the devastation around him in shock, a low sound begins to rumble in the distance. It is a crashing, rolling sound, not unlike thunder... or water rushing to fill a sudden vacuum.


((Given LS's location at the largest rivermouth of the Riverlands, it's probably safe to say that the-crater-formerly-know-as-Looksy will soon be the-lake-formerly-know-as-Looksy.

Also, I apologize if it goes against forum-RP etiquette to 'bud in' on each other's scenes like this, but I figured that with 3 experienced Exalted players we can trust each other to come up with situations that pose an interesting angle and challenge, without f*ing each other over.))




((General question: Did Scarlet proclaim her destruction of LS to everyone, like she once did with her "Hey, I'm the Empress now" message, or only to the people of LS. Aka does Shaya know what happened, or will it be a nasty surprise?))

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In the middle of the crater, the figure at the source of the golden mandala, is a young man about 20 years of age. His soldier's uniform is tattered, the rank insignia of assistant-engineer barely recognizable. He looks physically sound: not a bruise or scratch is visible on him.


He is standing amidst heaps of twisted and melted metal of a bright golden hue.


Hanzo was in shock. When he heard someone approaching, it barely registered. Slowly he turned toward the sound and immediately recognized the insignia of a superior officer. Without a thought he saluted, holding on to the only shred of reality that was familiar at the moment.


He didn't know this officer, but he knew instantly that the armour was made of Red Jade, the metal was unmistakable, having revised and repaired countless such armours in his line of work.


They could only be worn by the noble Dragonblooded officers...


He looked at the woman, guilt and sorrow in his eyes.


"I am so sorry..." He started, but there were no words for the loss of the world he knew. His city, friends, family... all destroyed. How could he ever atone?


An ominous low rumbling sound in the distance made him look around instinctively...?

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((Yes to Web and Shaya meeting, I also suspect that Lookshy would be a shadowland after all the death there... so flooding it would at least contain the problem.... and the chances are Web wouldn't be the only Abyssal that would have noticed the ripples in the Underworld....))


Web paused as she exited the rift she'd created, it would be very bad manners to leave it open. So she resealed it - granted she couldn't repair the fabric completely, but at least no lost souls from either side could cross it now. She became aware of the sound of approaching hoof beats and turned towards the source of the sound. She remained mounted and still, wondering herself whether it was a human rider or something else.


When Shaya gets into veiw she'll see a rather frail woman in a black gown mounted on a well-bred black horse.


[Yes the Black is deliberate.... but it seems to be the classic colour for all of the Deathlord/Abyssal denizens and the Empress did use the First Age Communication system.... so its entirely possible more than Lookshy heard the message.... though I'd say messages like that would need some sort of relay nearby - so Major towns/Cities would hear it - except for Thorns since its Essence flows have been so drastically altered.]




Pheonix returned Hanzo's salute, noticing he wasn't injured as she first thought. The rumbling caught Pheonix's attention too.... the sound was recognizable - not from familiarity but from knowledge of the city and its environs.


"I think we ought to move out of this crater..... I have no clue how long damaged water defenses will hold." She paused mid-turn as his apology registered, and refaced him.


"No matter what you think, you are not responsible for this.." She failed to find the right word, so she gestured around them, hoping that would get the message over. "Don't doubt me on that - at least not right this second. I have no inclination to argue that point in the middle of a flood-hazard." Pheonix eyes flashed slightly as she spoke, a few motes of her Fire based power leaking out to try and lend her words authority.... not that she really had any authority over one of the Sun's Chosen.

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Hanzo was surprised. He had expected this Dragonblooded officer to have killed him where he stood, as - according to the Immaculate Faith - she should have done. She had no idea what he was capable of, yet she had a certain authority to her voice when she assured he was not responsible.


The woman's energetic words of urgency stirred him out of his lethargic state. The time for mourning would come... later. He decided to trust her. For now.


"Yes, sir." He started moving in the same direction. It was quite a long distance to the edge of the crater and he was not sure they would be able to outrun the sea rushing in.


"We will not make it on foot, sir. Allow me to assist." He stopped and concentrated. Hanzo had never performed any thaumaturgical ritual, let alone true magic. Yet somehow he knew what he was doing as he summoned forth an Essence bubble with the Sign of the Horseman. The bubble took on a green hue and when it flared in intensity, a large green horse stepped out of it, tossing and stamping, eager to be ridden.


A brief flash of exhilaration coursed through his veins as he admired his summoned horse, momentarily intoxicated by the success of his first magical feat. He approached the horse and patted his white mane and green coat. He leapt onto its back and held out a hand to the red haired officer.


"This will be quickest. Trust me, sir."




The young man's Anima banner, of which he seemed unaware as of yet, had quieted down from the totemic Mandala to a brilliant glow. A bright circle on his forehead, half filled, shone brilliantly. The Anima did not seem to emanate heat...


((I hope that 'The Horse that travels Earth and Water' is not too powerful a spell to know as a newly exalted Solar?))

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((Thats fine... Solars can be powerful casters.))


Pheonix took Hanzo's offered hand - after all as a Fire Aspect she really didn't want to be in the crater when it flooded. There would be time enough to explain things once out of the danger zone.


She figured that all his questions would come at once - and if she could answer them she would. Especially concerning why she didn't attack on sight, as the teachings called those like him Anathema. As a child she may have believed it - but life has a funny way of challenging beliefs.


Horse back was certainly faster than foot - although any extended period would most likely irritate the injury.


To buy them some extra time, Pheonix called on her own power to create a wall of flame between them and the encroaching waters. It wouldn't stop the flood - but it would at least reduce the force of the first wave.


"Sorry if this hurts..." Pheonix said, her own anima being fire would be at least disconcerting for others in close proximity.


[Feel free to have that wall doused as they flee]

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Shaya eyed the woman before her. She was pretty, if too skinny, with her pale skin almost glowing against the dark of the shadows and raven-black hair. Casting a glance over the surrounding area, she could see no other people. What is a woman doing alone out here, and during Calibration too? Then she evaluated the horse; a beautiful animal and obviously well-bred. What is a *rich* woman doing alone out here?


Smoothly taking both reigns in one hand, Shaya brought her horse to a full stop. It was a simple motion; a casual move for an experienced rider. It also freed up her sword hand.


"Greetings" she called out in a carefully neutral voice*. "I am Shaya Orestes of the Seventh Legion. I ask that you identify yourself."


((* Carefully neutral to 9 out of 10 people perhaps, but not to a Moonshadow. Shaya is wary of this stranger and ready to deal with the situation quickly so she can continue on home.))


((The 1st Age Com system was probably tuned in to every single village in the 1st Age. So every village and city that stood then, must have heard the Empress' message. Shaya, in the middle of nowhere, probably didn't.))

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(Good Point .... so its a nasty surprise to Shaya when she gets back.... and I suspect Web will need to do some fancy talking soon.... )


Moonshadow Exalts were trained to identify and assess the emotional state of others from subtle clues. It was why they made good negotiators for the Deathlords.


Web was able to tell from Shaya's stance that she was wary - that could be attributed to the season as well as to her own presence. A member of the 7th? Perhaps she'd be able to assist me... or at least be able to direct me to those that can.


"My name is Web." She replied to Shaya's request, "I seek shelter from a being known as the Shadow of Cities - a minor but powerful Deathlord." Web figured that one of Lookshy's legion would at least be familiar with the term, "He will not like my actions of late and would seek to punish me." Or those I care about... she added silently - hoping that Griffin had managed to evade capture. He was the reason behind her betrayal of the Deathlord....

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Hanzo felt the heat emanating from the red haired dragonblooded. He tried to concentrate on getting them to safety and ignore the burning heat on his back. The magical horse did not seem to be bothered by the fiery woman on his back.


The flood guards finally gave way to the sea and with a triumphant roar the waters crashed through, the wall of water chasing the fleeing riders with frightening speed. A loud furious hissing erupted behind them as the sea met the wall of flames, diminishing the power of the first wave, but hardly stopping the onrushing water.


The horse was as fast as any real counterpart, but even at its break neck pace, it could not outrun the sea. With the edge of the crater just a dozen meters away, the water caught up with them and swept them up and away, rushing them with even greater speed toward the high bank.


A spray of salt water shot up in the air as it hit the wall of the crater edge, launching the horse and its two riders into the air in an angry fountain of foam and water.


Hanzo and Pheonix landed on the shore of the newborn inlet with a crushing blow, a few feet away from each other. The horse had vanished in the onslaught and everything was drenched. They were hurting... but alive.


Hanzo got up coughing, glad they had made it. At least... he had made it. He looked around for the Fire aspected officer and saw she had landed on the edge as well. He was relieved.

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Pheonix coughed as she slowly sat up from where the water had carried her. Winded, definitely winded She thought as she mentally checked herself over for any new injuries. Her own anima had been doused by the soaking - but it had served its purpose, as a makeshift shield.


Although the impact really did not do her old injury any good - it hadn't reopened, the scar tissue was a little too tough for that, but the pain flaring from it just got worse. She cursed her wound and the poison it contained - as she did every Calibration, - and like every Calibration, her curses had no real effect.


Now she looked to see where the Solar had ended up, figuring he'd have quite a few questions to ask her about all sorts of things. She spotted him a few feet away to her right, in a similar state to her, drenched and winded - minus the annoying injury.


"I believe I owe you a few answers - as well as for the rescue." She said, indirectly thanking him for the aid. "I'm pretty certain you have lots of questions to ask. I'll answer them - if I can."


[Time for Hanzo to ask everything he can think of.... presumably based around what happened, why she was so sure he wasn't responsible and why she hasn't tried to kill him yet.....and possibly about her injury/poison if he heard her curses]

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As Web explains that she seeks shelter from a Deathlord, Shaya's demeanour shifts subtly. Rather than overtly cautious, she seems to become protective - not against Web, but of her. She must be an escaped prisoner; that would explain why is is so skinny and pale - and she must have stolen the horse in her escape.


Nodding her head once to Web, Shaya glances back at her unit who has finally caught up with her. She is about to speak, when Web mentions fearing punishment for her actions and Shaya's demeanor changes once more. Her warm amber eyes narrow in suspiscion: prisoners are tortured; punishment is... for others.


"And what is your relationship to this Shadow of Cities?" Shaya asks. Her voice seems calm on the surface, but carries a dangerous undertone. Half hidden behind the mane of her horse, she lifts a single finger in what must clearly be an order, as her unit fans out - trapping Web between themselves and the rocks behind her. It is clear that a lot is riding on Web's answer to Shaya's question.


((Btw I don't know if it would change Web's reaction one way or another, but it might be relevant that Shaya is posing as an Earth Exalt. I figured that, as a Dawn, she's either pretend to be Fire (have Melee) or Earth (have War). Given that Pheonix is fire, I thought Earth might be more likely.))

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(It may..... but since Web is trying to run from a Deathlord, an Exalt would be helpful in that regard.... and it would make sense to hide as a Terrestrial for everyday activities)


Web considered her next words carefully, as she saw how quickly Shaya's general pose changed from caution to protective to suspicious through out her small speech. Finally she decided on being honest, at least as much of the truth as she dared, since she knew emotions against her kind would run high.


"I was a messenger for the one known as Shadow of Cities." Web replied, "Between him and his agents - transferring orders and the like. I was meant to go to Thorns to negotiate a ... pact... between him and the Deathlord that now rules there." She paused to try and judge how her words were being taken, but felt compelled to finish her story before anything else could occur.


"I decided against going. One Deathlord is bad enough, but enabling two to join forces would be unforgivable.... I have seen too much of the results of their efforts. Betrayal is not forgiven, neither is failure for that matter...." Web seems to withdraw into her mind at that point - as if remembering the result of a past failure...


[i think her nature may be known by now.... though she has not called herself an Abyssal/Deathknight... though after admitting betrayal... that would be a good time for one of the other agents to show up...]

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Shaya hesitated for a moment; doubt and caution clearly visible on her face. Web seemed sincere, but anyone working for a Deathlord must be a born liar in Shaya's eyes. Her hand reached for her sword and the air was thick with with the promise of violence, but then, as if she hadn't just debated killing the woman in front of her, she swung off her horse with casual ease.


"Well then, Web, I hereby take you into custody. If what you say is true, Lookshy and the Sevent Legion will protect you from your former master in exchange for information. But be aware that you are given no free pass for crimes you have committed in his service."


Shaya moved towards the pale woman, moving with a confidence that seemed to belie her 'mere' Terrestrial status*.


((* I'll leave it up to you if Web thinks that Shaya simply hasn't caught on that she's an Abyssal, or that she has some hidden advantage.))


((Cue the other agent(s) now? Btw I don't know how Web's fighting skills are, but Shaya and her unit will protect her. Now that Web is in their custody (as far as Shaya is concerned), they are honorbound to see to her safety.))

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Hanzo heard the officer curse a wound. "Are you hurt, sir?" he started, then he just could not contain himself any longer. He slowly advanced on the Jade armoured woman, firing off his questions in rapid succession.


"What happened? Why did you claim my uninvolvement? Do you realize what I have become? For that matter, why haven't you tried to kill me?" As an afterthought he added a respectful "... Sir."


"If I am not responsible for the Murder of Lookshy, then who is?" He suddenly stopped in his tracks and cursed softly looking at the watery grave of his city. "We have to perform the proper rites, or this place will be crawling with angry ghosts come nightfall."


He offered his hand to help the injured woman up. "I have been trained in field medicine, if you need medical attention."

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[Web hates violence... but she does know at least how to fight. Plus it would be a vent for the inevitable Resonance she's building ... ]


Web nodded at Shaya's announcement,


"I understand. I will offer no resistance to you or your unit."


As Shaya approached, a miasma seemed to encroach on their location. One that was familiar to her from her past - it seemed that she had been found by others.


"Crap...." Web muttered, "It seems that I had less time than I thought..."


The shadows reformed into two other Abyssals, one female with a bleeding Daybreak Caste mark - the other a Male Abyssal holding Soulsteel throwing knives in each hand.


He spoke, just the one word, "Traitress."




The expected barrage of questions came, so Pheonix decided on the order of answering.


"Just an old wound that flares up every single Calibration." She said to answer the injury question. She took his offered hand to get up - favoring her left leg as she did so.


"Yes I know what you've become, and I haven't tried to kill you due to a little known fact. My direct superior officer also bears the mark of the Sun."


"The answer to what happened, why I claimed you weren't responsible and who is responsible, one and the same: The Realm headed by the Empress - the Defense Grid fired on the city."


"I believe the rest of a complex explanation can wait til the rites have been performed." Pheonix looked out towards the direction she had taken, "That way the patrol should have returned - and I'm only telling the tale once."

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Without blanching, Hare reached down to Shaya's saddle and tossed her her helmet. Catching it, Shaya easily slipped it on and drew the white Jade visor down to obscure her face. It was an immediate and instinctual reaction on both parts; honed to perfection by years of doing it - and an odd opening move for any fight.


Shaya didn't hesitate as she interposed herself between Web and the new arrivals, even as the rest of her group fanned out further; save for the Gunzosha they all knew that their best chance would be delivering attacks from range. Two drew staff-weapons, with one of them moving to block the Thaumaturge from attacks - it would be impossible for a mere mortal to stop an Exalted spellcasting, but she could attempt to disrupt them enough to ensure a delay. An older, stout but strong-looking man moved far aside and started rummaging in his pockets, while the small, lithe scout seemed to disappear from view entirely.


Drawing her sword, Shaya infused herself with Essence and closed the distance between herself and the attackers in a single leap ((jumping charm)), all the while making sure to keep herself between them and Web. Singling out the most dangerous of the two Abyssals, she taunted "I hope you are ready to return to the hellpit you come from" and launched into an attack.



((Maybe it's time to specify Shaya's unit? 8 people including her and Pheonix - so 1 scout/ranger, 1 Thaumaturge, 1 Gunzosha, 2 ranged fighters with essence weapons and 1 quartermaster/tinkerer who might have some explosives on him?))


((Btw I have no idea ooc which target would be the most dangerous, because the right thrown-charms and the right occult spells can both pack a punch. Shaya has a good tactical eye though, and combined with Foolhardy Contempt she probably knows exactly who to go for smile.gif.))

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