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I accept IOUs on case-by-case basis. PM me to discuss!Life's a little hectic right now, so please PM if you're waiting for me to RP post! Thanks and apologies!2l8husi.pngXmas2009-1.pngVal2010.pngARK2-1.gif ~~ My Wishlist ~~ ~~ Special Dragons & IOU's ~~ ~ Firefly RP: In the Black ~

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    European Union
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    I'm on Central European Time (GMT+1).


    I breed NON-SILVER/GOLD babies from my dragons for free. This includes common babies from Metal x Common.
    I can breed 2G purebreeds of everything except Almandines.
    I have 3 Guardians of Nature. Ouroboros (F) breeds Avatars of Change, Iluvatar (M) breeds Avatars of Creation, and Shiva (M) breeds Avatars of Destruction.

    Please ask politely and pick up any eggs asap. You're free to freeze/bite/neglect the offspring, but don't abandon, trade or deliberately kill them.

    Viridian Whisper: http://dragcave.net/view/cW24
    Elegance Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/Qnk6
    Firenze Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/9Skl
    Neptune Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/AuAn
    Skylark Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/7gG9
    Magenta ap Beaumayn Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/WkUC
    Storm-Rose Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/vqSh
    Illum Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/I4Px
    Stormborn Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/HXgt
    Kaim Whispers: http://dragcave.net/view/QdQm
    Kitara Whispers http://dragcave.net/view/Eo7l


    OPEN IOU's:
    - Kegluney: 2G Silver from Christie<br><br>FULFILLED/PAUSED IOU'S:<br>(* IOU's are paused if player is no longer active. Will be resumed when they return.)<br>- (*) Kikibug13: Something nice<br>- (*) Tabitah: 4G Se7en x Mint<br>- (*) Valeth: 4G Logic egg<br>- (*) Wolfsong 442: Galletian Victory x Guardian, 6/10 nice Ridgewing eggs<br>- Dragonmage: 2x CB GW, 1x CB RB, 1x CB Neb<br>- Myokomiyizaki: 2nd gen Geode from Stone parents, 3rd gen Water from WaterxGold line, 2nd gen Stripe from StripexBalloon, 5th even gen Pink from PinkxPurple checker<br>- Riverwillows: 4G Bronze x Red Nebs, 4G Bilbo x Black<br>- ShadesofChaos: 4x CB Silver female and 2x CB Gold egg, 2x CB Silver egg and 2x CB Gold egg<br>- Tabitah: 4G Anzu x Neotrop<br>- Valeth: 4G Satan egg, 4G Babsang egg<br>- Wandering4Ever: 2nd gen Metal from Frills, 2/2 Pinks from Bright Pink lineages<br><br>OPEN UOMe's:<br>(* Player not active at this point, or delay beyond their control.)<br>- (*) Dragonmage: 3G (5hNqS) Lung Ying Jassith x Green Neb (3rd - egg 3)<br>- (*) Riverwillows: 3G Logic x Water (2nd on list)<br>- ShadesofChaos<br>2x (8lxm2) 3G Virn ze Lunar x Winter (nr 5 and 6),<br>2x (Uy9Ki) 3G Crazy Little Diamond x Pillow (nr 3 and 4)<br>- (*) Tabitah: 3G Sogoruko Statr x Swallowtail<br>- (*) Valeth: 3G Shao Shi x GW (nr 3 on list)<br>- Wandering4Ever: 3rd gen Silver Shimmer from (8sEEs) (Shine) x Hellfire (Spiral) (5th on list - egg 5)<br>- (*) Wolfsong 442:<br>3G Silver Shimmer from Color x Moonstone (1st on list), <br>3G Gold Shimmer from Virn ze Lunar x Harvest (2nd on list)<br>- (*) Kikibug13: 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from (gp7qN) (19th on list)<br>- Myokomiyizaki: 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from (brFA8) (43rd on list)<br><br>FULFILLED UOMe's<br>- Riverwillows: 3G Izaya x Red<br>- Tabitah: 3G Shimmerenden Drachen x RB<br><br>NOTE TO SELF: <br>Do not take IOU's from Voardrem, Sarantha, Richie/Trixxon!<br><br>POTENTIAL SHIMMERSWAPS<br>Arlymaye<br>Dubious<br>Panic Siren: 1x 4G Jewel (me) : 2x 3G High Queen


    Xeyla for gifting me a Tan Ridge egg!
    QAnais for glomp gifting a Purple Dorsal hatchie!
    Dubious for being awesome <3
    Lyricmaniac for glomp gifting me a Tan Ridge egg!
    Wolfsong for being amazing <3


    I'm married to Svataben and Oddsoxdi. We're a ménage à trois! <3