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For me: Super Mystery Dungeon is just a perfection in itself. Despite story being repetitive, you can also mess with others too!


The dungeons seem to be moderately-leveled to me, all the way to even a finale.It's a archetype for "use your items in a clever way," That means you shouldn't make a mistake... or you'll fail a dungeon.


Just so you know, I had one funny moment where I almost failed the dungeon, but turned into glorious victory - Blastoise Crew. Magnitude is bad enough, but 10 in Magnitude strength? OVERKILL. Thankfully, I 'cheated' in my own way - Sleep Wands. These ones are lifesaver. Too bad they don't work at battle against Jirachi, heh.


Next time, I'll first neutralise Room-Wide attackers, for this situation not happening again.


Other dungeon - an outlaw near stairs, but we were near stairs too. Question - why sheriff can't catch that outlaw was answered - he just didn't bring partners.

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