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Pokemon X and Y

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With the release of Sun and Moon, we'll probably bid farewell to most of the XY players. A shame really, as I really liked the way XY was designed. The trainer customization really sold me on it, and I hope they decide to implement it again.

Customization's in sun/moon! It was one of the first things confirmed, basically.


Yeah, XY was alright, but it felt more like a demonstration of mega evolutions to me than an actual game. At least we're getting some followup on the whole zygarde thing.

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With the release of Sun and Moon, we'll probably bid farewell to most of the XY players. A shame really, as I really liked the way XY was designed. The trainer customization really sold me on it, and I hope they decide to implement it again.

It's already confirmed to be in Sun and Moon smile.gif

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Trainer customization has already been confirmed to be back in Sun and Moon. They showed it in one of the many videos that they've released.

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I think I will still use X, mostly because I need to finish my Pokedex...and also my beloved Sylveon and Talonflame are on it (hooray for Iloe and Pookie).


Does anyone happen to have a Stantler, Maractus, or Mismagius? I need to get those two in my National Pokedex and then all I will need to do is worry about the legendary Pokemon that I still need.


And I need a Piplup and Turtwig if anyone happens to have any to spare.

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Why is it so hard to find a Nidoqueen/king? Everyone's asking for legendaries or impossible things on GTS. So irritating. I just want to get my shiny charm...


Edit: finally managed to get myself a Nidoqueen, I remembered to check my Y game for an extra Moonstone. No idea where I'm going to get another one unless I restart Y... gonna try to find a Lunatone with a Moonstone. I might try the special training thing again but I failed hard the last time I tried that.

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It's a shame that the XY hype is gone. That was a fun ride.


Is this the right place for Z speculation? If so, I have quite a few theories, most of which are probably far-fetched.


-So one of the creators mentioned they didn't want to do something predictable with X and Y. However, X and Y form a series that is incomplete, which would be very weird to never come back to. My personal opinion is that Z is reserved to close off the Pokemon game series, possibly bundled with a potential Pokemon A.


-Southern Kalos will be explored.


-Z will be a prequel. Sina & Dexio mention that they were Pokemon trainers two years back- a little short of a time frame but whoo retcons. At the very least, they said they got their Dexes two years back. They may have been adventuring prior to this.

*In another supporting point, most of the adult characters are unexplored. So many gym leaders, so many professors, so many evil team leaders and admins. XY is known to have less characterization of those key roles than most other games, so what would be better than to use XY's blank slate?


-On that note, Sina, Dexio, Sycamore, Diantha, and Lysandre will most likely be the main cast. First of all, they would parallel the XY five-man band. Second of all, Sina and Dexio have a color motif commonly found in the player-controlled character and the rival (Red/Green. Ethan(Gold)/Silver and all the others, anyone?). Third of all, Sycamore used to train at the Mega Evolution Spire before he left for some unknown reason, as well as being the only professor (at the time) to battle the XY player, suggesting he was on a journey too. Diantha's last name was never revealed, and she bears a striking resemblance to Sycamore, perhaps being related. She's also an accomplished trainer, since she is the Champion after all. Lysandre is tied heavily w/ Sycamore and his mindset would be very interesting to explore regarding the superweapon.


-Unlikely theory, but I like to think that Lysandre is not a native Kalosian. War is mentioned in the Pokemon series. Perhaps Lysandre is from the equivalent of Nazi Germany, which would explain his ideals; they were rooted in him from childhood! This may also explain why Syca and Lysa are such close friends, as perhaps one saved the other's life in wartime. Alternatively, they were soldiers together. However, Syca doesn't show any signs of PTSD from a war, which rebuts my theory.


-Speaking of Lysa and Syca, what about their similarities to Yveltal and Xerneas respectively? Diantha is also tied to Diancie, and perhaps Sina and Dexio tied to Latias and Latios. No theories yet on why this is. Zygarde, interestingly enough, has no equivalent. Not too concerned about Hoopa and Volcanion, as they  


-As my ideal game would be a prequel, Mega Evolution with stones isn't very well known yet. This could be replaced with a different form of MEvo, or be ignored to return to a "vanilla" style of Pokemon. Syca is noted to have given information about MEvo that gets proven completely wrong in XY- perhaps he's going off of his knowledge of proto-MEvo.

*Pokeballs may not be as widely used as they were in XY, perhaps leading to following Pokemon like in HG/SS?

*Gyms may not be in place yet which would shake game play up a bit, though with Sun/Moon doing the exact same thing it might not happen.


-Assuming Syca and Diantha are related, perhaps the region Prof would be their mom/dad? After all, all Professors have a tree-related last name (Juniper being an exception). Also on the SycaFamily, perhaps Drasna is faintly related too.


-As for the plot, the man in that one swamp house gives out a bad story which mentions men without faces, which could be a reference to Zygarde. The mention of the men being a "horde", with hordes being composed of 5 pokemon each, may call back to the idea of a 5-man band.

*Zygarde is the only known pokemon to be made out of smaller pokemon, at least up to XY. Perhaps the ZyCells are capable of controlling or at least forming other Pokemon, which would make a use for the Horde Encounters.


-Assuming there is a Pokemon Z and not an X2/Y2, there may be a heavy Arceus influence on plot. This is a little more doubtful, but- AZ. His name was never explained, and simply brings up the fact that alphabetically both numbers are opposites. Pokemon is a huge fan of dualities, so why not this?

-Z will likely be more plot-heavy than XY, but less than Sun/Moon. Gamefreak seems to be listening to fans about their gripes regarding games, and so may go for the middle ground between both games' criticism.

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