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I am not usually a person who concerns herself with lineage, but I do have some dragon couples on my scroll that makes me proud. You may recognize them from eggs found in the AP. 


My Scroll (mostly in order in regards to how I obtained them)

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    I am not a person who is strict when it comes to lineage, as I appreciate just being able to have the dragon on my scroll. But I do have some couples who have produced favorable offspring (such as my CB Stone couple who are known to have Geodes). Most of my breeding is for personal reasons, but I would not mind breeding on request or for trade (although I have few things that I now want).

    Below is the list of my permanent couples who will never be bred to another partner. There is also one semi-canon couple who I kept because I like the result of the match-maker event in 2013. New couples are the pairings that I just recently tested and will most likely continue to breed (and will probably have the eggs in the AP). I don't really breed my drakes, pygmies, or two-headed dragons. So no pairings are listed for these types.

    1) Cerul (Skywing) x Alchemilli (Ribbon Dancer) -
    2) Galahaad (CB Guardian) x Taaburbuuryet (CB Thunder)
    3) Gatolla (CB Harvest) x Abrihet (Autumn Seasonal)
    4) Gurnemains (CB Stone) x Conduiramour (CB stone) - known to produce Geode
    5) Tik-Tok (CB) x Doefeather (Gold) - known to produce golds
    6) Brightsnow (CB Winter Magi) x Blushingmask (Silver) - partial lineage
    7) Newtspeck (CB Turpentine) x Cikirsa (CB Lumina)
    8) Mlezi (CB GoN) x Duni (CB Tsunami)
    9) Jethamu (CB Green Copper) x Sahasanu (CB Arsani)
    10) Goldburn (Gold Tinsel) x Keyi (CB Black Tea)
    11) Nirnasha (Black Marrow) x Shermarke (Red Copper)
    12) Intambo (Blusang) x Taphin (Red-finned)
    13) Brences (CB Radiant Angel) x Yelena (CB Frilled)
    14) Zidane (BB Wyvern) x Firelily (CB Golden Wyvern)
    15) Nefu (Daydream) x Araawa (White)
    16) Dodd (Silver) x Brygdylla (CB Cave Lurker)
    17) McGirky (Tri-horned) x Makonkie (CB Speckle-throated)
    18) Carmaja (CB Seragamma) x Razzmattazz (Hellhorse)
    19) Cedarsmoke (CB Magi) x Shangilia (CB orange Pyralspite) - new couple
    20) Choto (Black Tea) x Kulula (CB pink Pyralspite) - new couple
    21) Unothi (Hellhorse) x Utulivu (CB red Pyralspite) - new couple
    22) Tapishi (Undine) x Fretta (NPC White) - event pairing (will never breed)
    23) Fenyang (Grave) x Cinca (CB Gemshard)
    24) Hurthwell (CB Caligene) x Strumajen (CB Celestial)
    25) Ranofer (CB Mutamore) x Taemane (Diamondwing) - new couple
    26) Ragnachar (CB Aeon) x Obilot (Thunder) - Obi is the daughter of Heimdall and Taa
    27) Plz (CB White Zyumorph) x Charitomene (CB Garland) - new pairing