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Riders of Berk

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For centuries, the vikings of Berk were at a never-ending war with dragons. The beasts constantly stole cattle from the island to feed their mother, Red Death. Young vikings were trained to fight and kill them. Killing dragons is how one would earn respect and honor. Those times, however, are over. Red Death is dead, and relations with the dragons have completely reversed thanks to a young hero named Hiccup. He befriended and trained a Night Fury, which happens to be the most feared dragon in all of existence. The young viking affectionately named him Toothless, as he first saw him with his teeth retracted. Hiccup and Toothless were the ones who killed Red Death, and now the dragons live happily with the vikings.




You are a viking, learning to train a dragon. Hiccup is the leader of the Dragon Academy, where you will learn about all of the species of dragons and the best way to befriend them. This will also mean using your dragon to help with work around the island (fishing, herding cattle, etc.).

However, strange things have been happening with some of the dragons. Some wild dragons are found to be extremely vicious and untrainable. Not even the most experienced trainers can handle them. Is something else controlling dragons? Has another mother dragon taken over a colony of dragons? It will be up to you to find out.



1.) All DC Forum rules apply.

2.) All posts must be at least 4 sentences in length.

3.) No godmodding.

4.) Do not fight the dragons. Play fighting and wrestling is okay, but no blood drawn.

5.) Hiccup and other movie characters are NPCs.

6.) Put 'Toothless' somewhere in your application so I know you read the rules.

7.) Don't go crazy with the open plotline please.

8.) Have fun!



Character Name:
Dragon Name:
Color differences from standard:

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user posted image

Berk is an island located very far from any other large landmasses. It snows nine months out of the year and hails the other three. To put it simply, life can be a bit rough. The island is mostly rock, but does contain a large forest, beaches, pasture and farmland.

All viking houses are on the main island near the Great Hall. They are fairly small, two floor buildings with a few rooms each. Nontheless, they are warm and comfortable.

There are smaller neighboring islands, but no viking houses or other buildings are built on them. They are still part of Berk, though. Any dragons that aren't specifically owned by someone tend to stay in caves, in the forest, or on the other islands.

The Great Hall is the largest building on Berk. It is where a lot of vikings and their dragons go to eat their evening meal and socialize. Meetings and some classes for the Dragon Academy are held there as well. All other classes are held in what used to be the arena in which vikings fought and killed dragons. There, students learn hands-on methods of working with their dragons. Classes will often be taken to other places on Berk such as the dragons breeding grounds. Once you graduate, you will be classified as a Veteran Trainer and will be allowed to keep more than your first dragon. This is earned by gaining the trust of a particularly temperamental Boneknapper without the aid of your dragon.

Once every year, in December, the dragons migrate to a island a ways off of Berk. The island is very much like a paradise with all the needs of a dragon and its young. No other creature lives on that island, which makes it as safe as can be. After a few weeks' time, the dragons will return with their newborn young.


Dragon Classes


user posted image

Stoker class dragons are known "fierce fire-breathers." They have a superior attitude and will never back down from a fight. You must give them plenty of space and respect while training them.


user posted image

Boulder class dragons are the toughest of the species. They are all associated with the earth, and will often eat rocks. Gronckles are pleased through feeding, while Whispering Deaths simply like having their teeth brushed.


user posted image

Fear class dragons are very stealthy and sneaky. Most dragons in this class have multiple heads. While training these dragons, be sure to attend to each head equally to create one agreeable dragon.


user posted image

Sharp class dragons are very prideful creatures, and spend a lot of time preening. They all have razor-sharp features that distinguish them from other species. Aiding these dragons in their natural behaviors will earn you their trust.


user posted image

Tidal class dragons always live near the ocean. They are the best swimmers, and often use water are their primary defense system. Keeping these dragons wet or near water will help keep them happy.


user posted image

Mystery class dragons aren't hard to train, but are very hard to find. There is very little known about these dragons, but they do seem to be fairly curious creatures. They love to copy things people and other dragons do as well.


user posted image

Strike class dragons are the most intelligent and dangerous breeds of dragons. They are known for their vice-like jaw strength and blazing speed in flight. It takes a lot of time and patience to train these dragons.



Species of Dragons


Night Fury - Very little is known about this elusive and highly dangerous dragon. It is said to be the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. (Strike class dragon)


*NO ONE is allowed to have a Night Fury. Hiccup is the only owner of one and it is to stay that way.


Deadly Nadder - Said to have the hottest fire in all of the dragon world, this dragon sports poisonous spikes on it's tail that can be fired at will. (Sharp class dragon)



Terrible Terror - These tiny terrors are social and like to hunt in packs. They aren't so cute when that happens. (Stoker class dragon)



Hideous Zippleback - a two-headed and two-tailed beast. One head releases a gas, and the other ignites it to cause explosions. (Fear class dragons)



Monsterous Nightmare - These dangerous dragons truly earned their name. They are known for their fierceness and ability to set themselves on fire. (Stoker class dragon)



Gronckle - large, boulder-eating dragons with thick armor, but small wings. (Boulder class dragons)



Timberjack - These dragons attack from above, using their giant razor-sharp wings that can slice through entire forests. (Sharp class dragon)



Skrill - Only found during electrical storms, these dragons are said to ride lightning bolts and have the ability to shoot white fire. (Strike class dragon)



Scaldron - These dragons heat water in their cauldron-like belly, and spray the boiling water at prey and enemies. (Tidal class dragon)



Changewing - hypnotic dragons that can blend into any environment and spray acid. (Mystery class dragon)


*There are three Changewings hidden in the image


Snaptrapper - four headed dragon that behaves much like a venus flytrap with alluring scent of chocolate. (Fear class dragons)



Whispering Death - burrowing dragon with rotating teeth that can bore through anything. It attacks from below and can shoot rings of fire. (Boulder class dragons)



Thunderdrum - sea dweller that can emit sonic blasts and moves through the water like a tornado. (Tidal class dragon)



Boneknapper - a dragon who creates a unique set of armor with the bones of dead dragons. (Mystery class dragon)


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Kaiya & Zeus (Skrill) Moonbeam22

Cregga & Russano (Changewing) Raptor of Dragons

Fiona & Skye (Changewing) MissDarkCeltic18

Nico & Ferno (Monsterous Nightmare) Tiffashy

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Just thinking, shouldn't Vikings and Dragons have capitals? Do correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm actually going through the How to Train Your Dragon series now! Looking for How to Break a Dragon's Heart...

Anyway, so I'm guessing this is more based on the movie than the books, but will it include features from the books like Dragonese?

Is liking the plot! smile.gif

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Yes, it is to be based around the movie more than the TV series and books, but I am adding in dragons not shown in the movie. I'm not sire about capitols though. A lot of dragons still roam the wild, but most stay on the island with the vikings.

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This looks cool, though there is a freeform rp like this. I don't think it counts though since its a closed group and different plot. Are the other movie characters allowed, or only Hiccup?

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You need to add more to the Setting. As of now, it's a picture, but we need some written description of Berk.


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Edited, but I'm not sure what you mean by the first word after the colon. I have a dash after the name of the dragon, but many of them are complete sentences.

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There are no specific classes, or a true schedule. There are dragon trainers and Veteran trainers, and that's about it. I added the veteran trainer test/ graduation test in. Since Hiccup and his friends are still technically teens, they are extremely professional at doing things

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Edited. And yes, students can own a Boneknapper. They are just a bit rarer and that certain one is very hard to gain trust with.

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((Sweet. I guess I'll start off and get the ball rolling))


Kaiya was woken by the usual sound of claws on her roof. She smiled to herself and quickly jumped out of bed. Normally she would have tried to sleep longer, but she was way too excited to sleep in. She quickly got into her normal furred attire of long pants, boots, a shirt, and vest. Kaiya braided her long chestnut hair to the side, grabbed her bag, and headed out the door.


What greeted her would scare the living daylights out of most people. A large dragon the color of a stormcloud jumped from her roof and landed in front of her. It's multi-horned head swung around and it nuzzled her affectionately. "Hiya Zeus," she said scratching him under the chin. "First lesson today, you ready?" Zeus growled happily, sending electricity shooting up and down his grey-purple body. "Let's go then," Kaiya said, breaking into a run towards the arena, Zeus following above it the sky.

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Fiona woke up to the sound of Skye breathing. She woke up and saw Skye a couple of feet away from her. "That's right today's the day we learn the first lesson." she said tiredly and got up. She got dressed and left for the arena. Skye followed not too far behind blending in with the sky perfectly. Fiona was nervous about meeting new people, but she was not going to let it stop her.

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Cregga woke up and noticed that Russano was missing right off the bat.

"Russano!" Cregga moaned as she got up. "We don't want to be late for the first lesson!" Getting dressed, Cregga examined the wall and found the blue and purple dragon, sleeping again. Waking him up, Cregga had to bring him outside to get on him to head off to the arena.

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