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I have collected a few, names are: Flames, Aslan, Lad, Molly, Copper, Wolf, Nikki, Oscar and, of course, Dakota. All Webkinz chat is welcome here. No spam Please! you will be reported.

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All of mine are my faveorite, but Dakota is my very fave.

By the way, if you want to know, My Webkinz username is org. My full name is orgando.

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Webkinz are toy stuffed animals that have a playable online counterpart in Webkinz World. I didn't know it's playable online before though. blink.gif I was looking for a black dragon stuffed toy and saw the Lava Dragon. I'm still contemplating if I'm gonna buy it since it's pretty expensive. dry.gif

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Well, my sister was SUPER into them for awhile. I picked up a few that i particularly liked(a pink dragon and a German Shepherd) so we would have something we could do together(aw, bonding).


It was kind of fun at first, and i like the stuffed animals themselves, but I was really glad when my sister finally lost interest.

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Shouldn't this go in Video games..?



Anyway oh geez. I used to have like, tons of these.


But I got kinda tired of them just pandering for more money from us. You have to buy the stuffed animals to begin with, then they introduced a premium membership that you have to pay MORE money for. I quit right after they did that. (plus something else slimy, your accout expires if you don't BUY another stuffed animal within six months or something, rofl)


So I haven't played in years. My account is probably gone because of that silly rule. But I was super into it for a while. Yea it was fun, killed time I guess.

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Oh geez, Webkinz. I had tons of them... I used to be obsessed with Webkinz. I played on it everyday and had a huge house. Then they started the premium membership and I got so mad at the developers for being greedy jerks and so jealous of those players who had the premium membership that I rage-quit. My account's probably expired by now. I've kept the off-line pets, though. The signature ones are actually really cute.

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Don't tell the more mature people but...

*shifty look*


...I have shamefully bought 8. One was a present, which brings it to 9.


But the plushies are awesome though. I played it long before this premium carp, but frankly I don't care about the whole 'extra' shebang. I have:


Bottlenose Dolphin


Black and White Cat

Lil'Kinz Black and White Cat (Code was stolen)

Barred Owl

Holland Lop Bunny


Black Stallion

Siamese Cat


Your account doesn't expire technically, but you do lose some privelages. Though these perks don't really matter such as hosting parties, etc.

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@MaskedDeath it kinda does, it just doesn't totally expire.


If you do not renew your account after one year by adopting another pet or by becoming a Deluxe Member, you will become an Alumni member and your account will not expire. You will still be able to play on your account as an Alumni member but you will

no longer be able to use the Limited Advertising Option (in My Options)

not be able to trade items

not be able to send gifts through the KinzPost Office

not be able to host any parties using the Party Packs

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I have never used any of those except for mail and trading, and I do not care if any of them are not allowed after Alumni membership.

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In elementary school I had at least 30 of these. I don't care about it anymore though, and most of the plushies are gone.

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I used to play with my one Webkinz, but jeez did they totally jump the shark on everything. I generally gauge the lifespan of the game in that when they add gardening you know they're just trying to keep you logging in- and Webkinz added that pretty fast :/

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Ya, you.

Well, a lot of games tend to add gardening options later on because it's an activity that requires you to log on pretty much every day (so it's often used as a measure to keep fans hooked). While I was on Webkinz the Gardening feature was added and I took that as a sign that Webkinz was getting a little bit too...excessive. It's kind of an arbitrary litmus test but it keeps me from staying mired in a single online game for too long.

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I used to have a Webkinz account. Don't really go on anymore but I still have the plushies :3. I have a panda, a golden retriever, a poodle, and a kitten. o-o

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I have an account; Twinklegirle89

I swear, when I was signing up, I didn't put that 'e' in girl! xP

But yea, some of my friends from my old school were playing it, I asked what it was, then I found out two of my cousins have like thousands of them, got my first one, and loved it. I haven't really played it since I found DC, but I still check up on my pets, and thankfully my account will never expire (I got deluxe and accidentally forgot to have them end it, but my mom said I can just leave it like that). Opppsss...

So in the basic order I got them;

Panda - Twinkle

Black Arabian - Lightning

Canary - Chloe

Chickadee - Cinder

Blue whale - Wobble

Lamb - Smiles

Brown Arabian - Thunder (happy.gif Lightning and Thunder)

Hippos - Sally and Herin

Golden Retrievers - Sparky and Hazel

Polar Bear - Icee

Elephant - Ellie

Frog - Frogger

Black Bear - Smokey

Angora Bunny - Mrs. Whiskers

and I know I have tons more... I'm just not sure if I've added them yet... xP


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Wow. Do you have any Signature pets? I'd like to find someone other than me who does. I haven't found anyone else who does.

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I have well over thirty webkinz. xd.png I used to be really into it, but I lost interest in the site. I love the plushies though, and I'll buy one every once in a while. xd.png

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Im girlfairy76 if you want to add me. Im too into Maplestory to play, but check every once in a while.




Spots ( Dalmation)

Mr.Hippo( Blue mini Kinz Hippo)

Cupcake ( Pink Poodle)

Halloween ( Mini Alley Cat)

Chocolate ( Brown Clesa whatever he is horse )

Chi Chi ( Chi Chi Dog)

Brilla ( Brilliant Bandit)


The first three were in my old account, with more, but expired before there were no expiring accounts :3

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Mine are:

Flames (Norwegian Sky Dragon)

Aslan (Caramel Lion)

Lad (Collie)

Molly (Yellow Lab)

Copper (Springer spaniel)

Wolf (Lil' Kinz Husky)

Nikki (Parakeet)

Oscar (Bulldog)

Dakota (Signature Siberian Husky)


(All in the order I got them)

Edited by MaskedDeath

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