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Their food levels don't go down no matter how much you leave them.

They did for me once. Long time ago I took a brake, and when I came back all of the food levels were down to zero. They've probably fixed that bug by now, though.

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Im girlfairy76 if you want to add me. Im too into Maplestory to play, but check every once in a while.




Spots ( Dalmation)

Mr.Hippo( Blue mini Kinz Hippo)

Cupcake ( Pink Poodle)

Halloween ( Mini Alley Cat)

Chocolate ( Brown Clesa whatever he is horse )

Chi Chi ( Chi Chi Dog)

Brilla ( Brilliant Bandit)


The first three were in my old account, with more, but expired before there were no expiring accounts :3

Maplestory? What's that? blink.gif


I have an account and I go on every so often. Here are my pets:

Muffin (hedgehog)

Holly (gazelle)

Bubbles (fish)

Bessie (cow)

Clementine (tabby cat)

Balloon (sheep dog)

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My new list:


Flames (Norwegian Sky Dragon)

Aslan (Caramel Lion)

Lad (Collie)

Molly (Yellow Lab)

Copper (Springer spaniel)

Wolf (Lil' Kinz Husky)

Nikki (Parakeet)

Oscar (Bulldog)

Dakota (Signature Siberian Husky)

Sam (Signature Raccoon)

Myu (Signature Bengal Cat)




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Hued to like it, got bored after about half a year. At least the plush was a gift...

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The new Signature Barracuda is coming out next week! It's pet specific items are: Barbarian's sushi platter and Enchanted Royal palace Throne. Does anyone else have Norwegian sky dragon? It was one of the first pets to come out in 2007. I only found one other person who does and she is on my friends list.

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I used to have a Webkinz when I was a lot younger: a horse that looked like my pony. I stopped playing pretty quickly, though I still liked the plush. I didn't like the style of the game as much as I did Neopets.


My younger siblings kept collecting Webkinz and playing on it, though. They've racked up quite a collection between themselves.

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I used to have one. I think neopets is better since it's free and has a more fast paced and detailed feeling, where webkinz was slow and dull.

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I've had an account for about seven years. I think I've grown out of it, but for some reason I can't let the account die. So I get on once a year to add a new animal to my account and that's pretty much it. xd.png


All my animals have food names and I love them. I actually wish I had more time to play it, sometimes I miss the innocence of the game.

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ILoveMyHedgekinz is here! As my Webkinz username suggests, my first was a hedgehog! I'm so glad to see a lot of Webkinz adopters that play this game! :)

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