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Anime fan | Dragon trainer |

Shoot me a PM! I'd love to chat about anything!Moonwatcher1's ScrollLLEjtAj.gifI'll breed anything for FREE! Just PM me.Avatar by me.•MaskedDeath


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    1428 Elm Street, Springwood, Ohio
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    Currently very active on Webkinz World (once again) come join me! I'm also on the Insider Forum as Whiskey.!


    Trading Status: Active
    *No unfair trades please.
    *If you want me to breed you a specific egg from my current dragons, PM me, I promise I wont bite.
    *I love all sorts of lineages, Inbreeding is accepted.
    *No begging, I'd be happy to get you something for free.

    -If you don't have an egg worth what I'm offering, I'd be more than happy to gift you anything you want, mates of your choice.

    - • Breeding Projects • -
    -None currently-
    Dreamies (In order)
    Striped River Dragon

    Undine egg




    ^Will breed anything for these!

    Be warned, I do know my dragons, and sending me an unfair trade will make the trade cancelled.

    •About Me;

    I would shove this into her hands and then run like a little demon being chased by a sugar-crazy kid with holy water in a squirt gun. - BurntPickle from Felisfire Beta

    Don't bother reading this, just know that I'm the craziest, free-spirited, thrill-seeking gal you could meet. I love friends and would love to chat about anything.

    Dragonrealm, Rolling Hero, LPSO, Minecraft, Temple Run, Traffic Rider, Brave New World-History channel's animated TV series, fairies, Hutch, Lily and Garth from Alpha and Omega, Drawing (ADORE DRAWING!), soccer, wolves, bunnies, kitties, nature, writing, Bakugan, dragons, Webkinz, Medieval stuff, Police shows, Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.), Felisfire, cookie dough ice cream, ghosts, werewolves, creepy stuff, Avalon: Web of Magic, Vampires (Dracula especially), Christmas, Halloween, Ginga Densetsu Weed, Ginga (I am John's #1 fan), Wolf's Rain, Doren the Wolf, Birds of prey, endangered species, Pirates of the Caribbean, Heroes (Love Ted Sprague, Peter, Emma, Samuel, Vanessa and Sylar), Jane and the Dragon (<3), Pawn Sharks, Crossing Jordan, CS Portable, City Gate Suppliers, Reshiram, Loki from Thor, The Last Unicorn, Mikalow Vultra, Iron Man, Kip, Red Meter, Goldeye, Farscape, Narnia, Delco, Owl City, The Band, The Beatles, Bolt, Lord of the Rings, cake, fairies, Stephen King, all fantasy and action/adventure writers, and Pixie Hollow <3
    MaskedDeath: XD Banned for having a strange looking dragon as your avatar.
    Wantdew: Banned for saying Dorsal dragons are strange!
    MaskedDeath: Banned for saying they aren't.
    soulchaser: Banned for arguing about Dorsals!
    - From: Ban the Person above You Thread.
    A mod friend on Dragonrealm named Egyptian Hawk drew my beautiful dragon avvie for me. I am a mod helper with her, please feel free to ask for help on anything. I happen to have extensive experience dealing with cyberbullying. Please don't be afraid to contact me on DR or here for anything. <3