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On a planet called Enchantasia, which in the distant past was once named Earth, challenges are arising to defeat the peace that has been kept for so long. Since the fall of the human era, after the plates formed Pangaea again, all of nature thrived without their toxins and constant lifestyle develompents. Time passed by and soon all traces of human civilization disapeared beneath layers of earth, becoming part of the sediment and the planet's past. Dragon's returned and with them magic. Few humans remained and those that did had gone through several generations by the time the dragons arrived; these humans too had forgotten the world their predescesors had built and lived on little more than the land beneath their tired feet. Still, more years passed and a state of blissful melancholy befell the planet, eradicating all human aggression. Animals of all kinds, new and old, lived in perfect balance. As a result, those on the brink of extinction were beginning to grow, kept at a proper level by natural selection.


Sadly, the perfect place to exist and to coexist with others is now facing certain perils and might just come to ruin!


For many a millenia Enchantasia has been a place where both magical and non-magical beings can live together in peace and harmony. However, for as long as Enchantasia has existed, there has also been the one exception of an individual who despised the sanctuary and its peaceful complacency. This individual is known as Gaevor and his sole mission is to disrupt the balance of Enchantasia and turn it into absolute chaos. He bears a terrible grudge against Isthstaria and finds that the blissful peace of Enchantasia is nauseating. He blames Isthstaria for all his misfortunes and has engraved it in his heart to seek out and execute his revenge.


Luckily, for those which reside in this haven, they have said Isthstaria, who in the eyes of the magical, the non-magical, and even to Gaevor, is regarded as the Emperial being of Light. They strongly believe that she is what keeps the peace and balance in Enchantasia and they are correct. Because of this though, Gaevor has reason to, and for ever will, believe that Isthstaria is his enemy and is someone to be eradicated from the world in order to make real his own vision of how it should be.


As a result, an epic battle had waged both on the surface and in the shadows of Enchantasia and the balance for power was fought to be gained by either side. Gaevor had never won his war but any day could be the day that he finally comes to reign, for he had already overtaken many lands and was proceeding to the mainland. There, Isthstaria and the surviving few of the magical and non-magical beings laid in wait to confront him for the final time.


Gaevor had come in with hellfury in his eyes and legions of dragons who either supported him, or were forced to fight. Isthastaria and Gaevor battled in the sky while their followers battled one another. Unfortunately, this time, good did not have the power to conquer evil. Evil had won by sheer number alone. In the sky, Isthstaria mourned for the good and the inncoent who were being harmed because she could not protect them; it broke her heart. One fatal mistake and Isthstaria was defeated; she looked away for just a moment to see her beloved creatures and Gaevor struck her down. Their battle was not yet finished but Gaevor ensured that it would be; he'd confiscated a young dragoness and held the poor thing in his claws, prepared to kill. He gave Isthstaria a choice:


"Surrender, Enchantasia to me or watch as I slaughter every one of your beloved dragons, humans and animals alike." Isthstaria never even considered the option of leaving her precious creatures to die, so she chose to do the only thing she could; she surrendered.


With every ounce of power they had, they battled their last battle, only to lose to Gaevor and be faced with yet another battle; the battle for survival under Gaevor's reign.


Now, Isthstaria is being held prisoner by Gaevor and is guarded by many, many levels of converted dragons. These converted dragons are those who, when faced with the choice to convert or be erased from existance, chose to convert and now do Gaevor's biding. Many dragons, like those that guard Isthstaria, have converted under the circumstances and make up an impressive few hundred, in a seemingly undefeatable army. These dragons are prisoners to themselves, seeking to be rescued but either do not have the courage to act out, or are being influened by a greater source. This greater source would be the Magi dragons under Gaevor's control; they are regarded as one of the most powerful dragons to exist because of their awesome magical power, but Gaevor keeps them at a state of malnurishment so that none are ever stronger than he is. This same treatment is applied to all his imprisoned forces; the stronger a dragon you are, the worse your conditions are.


Gaevor is compulsive, selfish and vain. His ego matches his towering frame and his overwhelming powers. Gaevor is what you might say a dragon gone wrong. He was born a Guardian of Nature but his personality warped in a way that should not be possible for a Guardian of Nature to be able to be warped. Yet, it still happened and thus explains his incredible power, only rivaled by Isthstaria who is also a Guardian of Nature and is, as incredible as it may seem, the blood relative of Gaevor. Given the circumstances, you could say that the evil in him is none other than jealousy but, from that root it grew itno something that had little other than one objective: Take down Isthstaria, who had become the enemy and ruin Enchantasia.


With Enchantasia gone flip side, it's up to your characters to find a way to rescue Isthstaria and return their home back to it's former brilliance. You must be careful though to take every precaution whether you think it is necessary or not, for the punishment for treason against Gaevor, can result in your character's iminent death... or far worse if you're part of the Resistance.


Take care to remember that you are under the very watchful eye of the converted dragons and that whether or not they want to be saved, they are obligated to report you to Gaevor despite their will.


You can choose to be a converted dragon, a dragon that is part of the outside rebellion, a dragon that willingly supports Gaevor, or a non-magical being (human or animal) which are, in general, ignored by Gaevor and deemed as harmless.


Isthstaria, the Emperial Being of Light, and Enchantasia's fate depend on you and your actions now. Will Enchantasia remain under Gaevor's terrible influence with Isthstaria, trapped beneath his rule, for an eternity? Or will Isthstaria come back into power and rebuild the world unto it's former glory and grace.


It's all up to you and your fellow players now.








  • Powerplaying, Godmoding, Chat Speak, Leet, etc. is prohibited!

  • Keep flaws in your characters, and make them realistic. Aka; No Anti/Gary-stus and/or Anti/Mary-sues.

  • No swearing. Though cute representations like 'fudge' or 'crappers' are tollerable.

  • Keep everything PG 13. Kissing and PDA are alright but only lightly, don't lay it on thick okay?

  • Minimum of 4 sentences per post. This is preferred but I know, even I have my craptastic days where one or two miserable sentences are all I can manage. Just wait until you're ready to roleplay properly and join in when you can..

  • Respect each other. Negative behavior (OoC) is not acceptable. Kicks and Personal Conflicts should be dealt with in PMs.

  • Please use proper spelling and decent grammar. Don't stress too much though, leniancy is one of my better qualities but textual talk is the one thing I have zero patience for.

  • Character sheets should be PMed to me to be approved. Or posted in the OOC thread, it helps people know who you are and what characters you have so I can keep order in the Roleplay. It'll also help you, if you ever need reference for other characters or even for your own.

  • Don't you dare leave out the Key Word; "Awesomesauce"

  • There is no particular limit on how many characters you have but please, don't over do it. If you can't keep up with your own characters, you'll slow others down and confuse the roleplay too. My recomendation is no more than one per type of available player (non-magical being, rebellion dragon, converted dragon, willful follower of Gaevor dragon).

  • DC Dragons ONLY. I can't stress that enough! Though unique differences in characters either through breeding heritage or simple geneal mutations are acceptable to a degree. Try not to go too against your native species without a good reason, which will be expectd to be included in your forms.


One little thing I should include; It's perfectly okay to influence NPC Dragons because, of course we don't, and probably will not ever have, three hundreds of dragons including those of the rebellion and of non-magical existance. You are fully capable of interacting with these NPC Dragons but you can not make them do the following:


  • Release you when you are captured.

  • Kill another player's character without mutual consent.

  • Release Isthstaria.

  • Attack/kill Gaevor or other converted dragons, unless they are part of the Resistance and are permitted by myself, the OP, to do so.

  • Attack/kill Isthstaria or members of the Resistance, unless they are one of the converted dragons and are permitted by myself, the OP, to do so.

  • Aid the opposing side in any way such as smuggling information etc. That must be done through your own resources and skills.

  • Act out in any way that goes against their designed purpose.


There might be more as things move along, but for now this is enough.




 • [B]Forum Name:[/B]
 • [B]Name:[/B]
 • [B]Age/Age Appearance:[/B]
 • [B]Gender:[/B]
 • [B]DC Dragon:[/B](if you are one)
 • [B]Physical Traits specific/unique to DC Dragon/Human:[/B]
 • [B]Personality Traits:[/B] (what are they like, how do they react to certain things, etc.)
 • [B]Mental Characteristics:[/B] (do they have any beliefs, any views about the world or about others, or are they even sane etc.)
 • [B]History[/B] (Since most were born and lived in the same fashion, how are their lives affected by Gaevor and what side did they choose and why.)
 • [B]Role:[/B] (Converted, Resistance, Willing? or Non-magical Supportive/Non-Supportive of what side)
 • [B]Other:[/B]
 • [B]Key Word:[/B]


To reiterate one of my rules, I'll say this; Once the OOC is created and up and running, please post your forms there. Until then make reservations and, after it's approval, send the joining forms to me via PM's until told otherwize.



Important Characters/Roles/etc.


Isthstaria, the Emperial Being of Light, is the star of Hope for those that wish to return Enchantasia back to its original state. She is a Guardian of Nature and weilds great power, enough to defeat Graevor with the help of those who still believe in her. While rescuing her is indeed going to be an obstacle on its own, there is still the entire journey of restoring Enchantasia after battling it out with Gaevor. Isthstaria, amongst those of the Resistance, is the main Protagonist but she is considered idle during her entrapment.

• Gaevor, the evil force that has taken over and ruined Enchantasia, is the super villain of this tale. He is a Guardian of Nature and blood relative of Isthstaria, he is her elder brother and his rage began from the seed of envy. Once it was planted it grew around him and ensnarred him in its negativity, creating a terrible and frigtening monster out of what is supposed to be a procteive species of dragons. He had envied and begrudged his younger sister for her excellence in life and all things where he lacked considerably in comparison. Only through his unnatural development did he become a force to be reckoned with but as a result he is broken and warped and cruel. He is the main antagonist.

The Converted Dragons are dragons that are entirely under the control of Gaevor. If given an order they have no room to argue and have zero margin for error. If a task they've been given is not completed or is not done to Gaevor's liking, he is swift to carry out punishment. These dragons live in constant fear, and if they should ever stray, they are quickly snapped back into obedience by the Magi Coven. These dragons are not essentialy evil but they will do evil things. Every one of them are living in a nightmare that they can not fight against and are desperately, secretly, hoping for the revival of Enchantasia. For the meantime, they must first survive.

The Dragons of Resistance are dragons who have, despite the odds, banded together in an underground operation to rescue Isthstaria and fight against Gaevor once more for the control of Enchantasia. They must gather all those that are willing and those that are unaffected by the Magi Coven Magic, and the only way for that to happen is to be caught and tried by Gaevor's Court. There, you're given two choices, be converted and submit to the Magi Coven Magic, or choose rebellion and face the consequences. Those of the Resistance have it bad in terms of living conditions; they must live far from the main land and keep themselves off the radar. The areas where they tend to group up are under constant suspicion of Gaevor and thus are given only the bear minimum resources to live. It's common for fights to break out and for uneasiness to spread like wildfire at the slightest hint of danger, but they are a family and despite their only just liveable conditions things are warm and friendly wherever you go.

Non-Magical Beings are basically humans and animals. Anything applies in terms of species and ethnicity as well as sexuality but don't start creating dinosaurs and dodo birds. Be REASONABLE! In any case, they have very little importance; their only part is to act as support or to get inside information. Because they are entirely underestimated they are given little attention which gives them an advantage of leniency. In other words, they can go where dragons can not; smaller animals in particular are very useful. However, they can't be used as NPCs unless with a good reason. They are more like secondary characters you can add into the 'other' section. This applies to animals only. Humans require their own form.

The Magic Coven and the Magi Coven Magic should quite assuredly be placed on your Do Not Mess With list if you have one. While they are in a considerably poor state of health, their magic is still awesome in its power and should be feared by those converted or otherwize, and should be regarded as something to not get noticed by. The Magi Coven is a group of Five Magi Dragons, chosen to represent the five recognized elemenets; Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit. They walk in a formation that is respectable to each of their symboled rank. Spirit stands at the head of the group with Water at the left and Fire at the right; to the left of Water is Air and to the right of Fire is Earth. Each of the Magi Dragons excels in the magic of their element and together are a fearsome power; at their full health they could easily come to par with Gaevor, thus their situation. These dragons were once a close ally to Isthstaria and helped her to maintain the elemental balance but upon her defeat they too were overtaken and put under Gaevor's command. The only reason Isthstaria wasn't was because it is impossible for Gaevor to control her no matter how weak she may be. This same reason is why he can not kill her no matter how much he might wish, even so, he does enjoy watching her suffer by his hand as her precious Enchantasia is ruined.



The hierarchy of the Enchantasia's current government is as follows:


Gaevor, stands at the top of his grand tyrannical structure. He governs the land with fear and violence, his word is absolute; his word is law. Everything he says goes: if he says that it rains then the sky had better rain for the sake of the dragons or they should feel his wrath soon after.


Below him are the Magi Coven who act as a council. They enforce and ensure that all requirements are met to a 'T' by each of the Converted Dragons (CDs for now ;P). They are also the acting jury, judge, and excecutioner for the whole of the 'kingdom,' as Gaevor calls it.


Beneath them are the CDs who are the body guards, the soldiers, the mercs, and the officers etc. of this kingdom. They act out minor punishments to dragons who even look at them in 'the wrong way'. CDs are violent, stoic, and all in all total slave drivers. However, there are two types of CDs; those appointed as what was previously said and those just beneath them known as the Common Converts or CCs for short.


CCs are like the slaves to the slave drivers; they are weaker (are actually the most powerful of the two types of CDs because Gaevor prefers to keep the dragons that have a chance of overpowering him in the poorest of conditions. In his kingdom the weaker dragons are the dragons with the power over the others since Gaevor does not seem them as a threat) dragons that are kept in horrible living conditions so that there are little hope for rebellion. They are claimed by death more often than not by way of illness, and/or general emaciation.


Then, there are the Dragons of the Resistance who, by Gaevor's standards, are the lowest of the low but just above the non-magical beings. These dragons are considered 'free' because they are out of reach of Gaevor but they are not unaffected by his rule. Because Gaevor knows of their existance, though he can do little against them, he shortens their food supplies and makes their lives as miserable as he can. It's not that Gaevor doesn't try to rid himself of the Resistance but they have too large a number for him to just send out random legions of his CDs to combat them. He can't afford to lessen his own security, either; he thinks himself too important and for this reason the Resistance is relatively safe but not entirely. They have little to use as weapons apart from the scales on their backs and their teeth and claws. They depend on the resources around them and are strategic in that they use their surroundings to fight just as mutch as their natural weaponry.


Lastly, the non-magical beings. Consisting of humans and all of the regular animal/ plant life in the world, they are thought to be the lowest of all the beings of Enchantasia for their sheer lack of power. They are small and easily killed with just one strong and well-aimed thwack of a dragon's tail. The animals have many in number but humans, unlike during their age of rule, are very few. They live off the land, build homes out of dried mud and grain and clays. They heat their food over fires, thy fish with spears and hunt in the same fashion. The entire human civilization has gone *poof* they've rebooted. Restarted, gone back in time, you name it! This era is not a human society meant to be built around human kind, it is more of a dragon society and it is built around them. They need little more than a good place to sleep, something to eat and a source of water. Same goes for all living things, that means humans too. They speak in the basic of the human language and know zero technical terms. They might have some clothes from their time but they'd be centuries old and so th main attire is what you make from what you catch. Humans are extremely primative and are only of a minor existance as there are perhaps 30max humans alive in all of Enchantasia.





Please Post all Forms in the OOC Forum.

Please, and thank you!

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On the map:

1) It's WAY too big. It wraps the page (At least, it does on my cubit-long monitor.)

2) What is the land surrounded in white? I can't see anything about it in the key...

3) Remove the second 's' in 'Isthstarias's.' Names ending in 's' don't need a second s, just an apostrophe.

4) What is "Death Day's Pass?" It doesn't have any land marked on the map in that color.

5) What makes the Uninhabitable land so uninhabitable?


Also, it helps if maps have a small writing piece beneath them, that describe the map's particular areas. I can write this for you if you want me to.

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Indeed, DC is preferred. As for your crituqes, yes, I would quite appreciate you deleting them. I would like to clean this up before stating roleplaying.

I deleted most of my posts, and I also worked on those map descriptions you wanted.


Gaevor’s Land

This is the land in which Gaevor lives and calls his own. It takes up most of the land. Save the Resistance, all dragons live here under his iron-fisted rule. It takes the land of former continents North America, Asia, and Africa, as well as most Pacific Islands.


The Resistance Territory

This land is what is left of the free-going dragons. It is only a small section of the supercontinent; it lay on the southernmost tip. It consists of former continents Antarctica and Australia.


Human Grounds

Humans live separate from dragons, and are considered the lowest form of social class. Dragons rarely ever visit this place, and humans rarely ever leave. This is the place where almost all humans live, breath, eat, sleep, and die. It consists of only minor outlying islands.


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Approved! Have fun roleplaying.

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*grabs Robby and bounces around in circles- YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAY

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Thanks but no thanks, we don't really need one. Again, thanks though.

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Gaevor humbled himself by stalking along the path to the penninsula where his damned sister resided under imprisonment. As he neared two guardian dragons reacted to the sound of approach but went stiff with fear as they saw who deigned to present themselves in this restricted area. With a huff of approval he passed them by, his massive body rocking side to side with each heavy footstep. Soon the prison with which held his greatest enemy came into view. With the mixed emotions of hate for the dragon waiting there and wonderment to his achieving her capture, he called out into the blackness of the hollowed mound of rock and earth, forged by the Magi Coven.


"You have a visitor my dear sister." He cooed cruely.


Shuffling could be heard from within as a magestic beast who, although appeared exactly like her brother standing beyond the confinement, was far more graceful and beautiful. A true Guardian of Nature.


"What do you want with me, Gaevor?" Came the soft but defiant voice.


"Come, now, Isthstaria, that's no way to treat your ruling King." Gaevor was enjoying the knowledge he reatained and intended to share, for he knew it would hurt her heart and that brought him great pleasure.- "I've come bearing wonderful news!"


Isthstaria seemed to stiffen and a single undertone in her voice betrayed her worry and heartache.- "What have you done, Gaevor! Tell me! What have you done!"


Gaevor chuckled icily and turned away from the fretting dragon, his head held high in utter satisfaction.- "I've only just executed a few strays, I thought you should know that the kingdom is running as it should."


Isthstaria felt hollow inside, her heart clenching and squeezing with each merciless beat. She was left in her agony as Gaevormade to return to his kingdom's capitol. If he had been feeling irritated before, it was gone now, replaced by the lovely feeling of his sisters bitter sufferings. He was in the mood to make a decree of some kind to further the misery of the dragons beneath him.


"Ah," he said to no one as he breathed int he smell of blood, sweat and tears, the basis of his kingdom. "A King's work is never done when dealing with dragons who have tendencies of treason." A sadistic grin met his features at the thought.

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Vrashay woke in his hut in the rebel town. One of the far off places, with all the rumers of the king you'd think he'd want to rid them right away. But most of the rebels already know that the king is far to paranoid to send the needed amount of forces to wipe them out. the rebels where too far spread for him to attack all at once anyway. Would leave him with holes in his oh so needed defense. Not like the entire place that still had free will wanted him dead. Vrashay snorted. The fool knew how to make enemy's. And those that make enemy's are removed from power.


He decided to go hunting for breakfast. Maybe see if he can catch anything else as well. The rebels where always low on supply's. Every little bit counts. A hatchling fed, a sick one healed a new weapon that will some day save a life. You name it.

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((That's okay I've made one that has the map and the form and such on it, too.


Edit, LLD there are no Converted Dragons in the Resistance Lands and those who fight with the Converted Dragon guards will be taken to trial for treason. Fights within the resistance are fine and all but not with the CDs.))

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Tsuni looked up from the bottom of the dead tree she lived in. She climbed up the tiny branches to the top. As she looked around the half-dead forest, a little caterpillar made it to the top where she was. Tsuni looked at the caterpillar. It looked back. Tsuni couldn't take how ugly it looked. She dove back in te tree trunk. I wonder what's he doing now, since he brought all these creatures here. I just can't speak up... she thought. Tsuni had never talked, just talked in her mind. I have to get something to eat... Maybe that weird thing I saw... she thought. Tsuni climbed back up to find the caterpillar gone. She sighed and picked up a dead plant to eat.

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Gaevor made it to his kingdom's peak, it was a radical mountain that was dark and grueling and he loved the view that was cast beneath him. Staring below from his perch he could even glimpse as far as the Death Day's Pass but no further. This pissed him off because if he could only see what the Resistance was up to he could overwhelm them! Gaevor ripped open his jaws and roared with his insatiable anger and thirst for power. He crushed a rock in his claw.- "Just you wait, Isthstaria, I'll put your perfect Enchantasia to ruin....GUARDS!" He hollered, slightly peeved."Get together those damnable dragons and start putting them to work! I want to have their claws ripping into the earth scarring my rule deep into the ground so that it remains forever! Proof of my great kingdom!" He laughed heartily and was caught up in his personal humor when he noticed the guards were just standing there. He charged the dragons and gave a terrible roar, his neck muscles quivering from the force.-"GO, YOU FOOLS!'' The guards scrambled off in fear and Gaevor felt pleased with himself. Edited by Chasilin

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"Hmm.... sounds like he's not happy." Vrashay muttered to him self as he heard a faint roar. "I wonder who got on his nerves today." he said as he went about his job in the resistance camp. Carrying supply's from point a to point b. With the camps always on the move to avoid being pin pointed. Once pin pointed you risk being captured if ya did not move.


"Vrashay!" the head dragon of the camp called coming over "We need to see what the king is up too. How do you feel about that task?" he asked. Vrashay sighed "Those guys hardly return though. How wou-" he was cut off "Vrashay, you joined this resistence, for it to work we need to know what our enemy has. Yes the spys keep vanishing. And I know what you went through, non of us are free from suffering from the fools ruling. I need you to just gather some information on the capitals doings. What are they doing, what are there guard numbers. Stuff like that. We got agents in there already to back you up to get you in." he explained "You'll be a cargo lifter. As well your doing that already you should do just fine. There wear houses are in need of more workers. You'll be joining them so you have a place to 'work' at. While your there ask questions, find out what is going on." he said. "what ever you do though. Do NOT fight the guards. We'd lose you for sure."


Vrashay sighed "Got it, I'll go pack up." he said and the leader nodded as he went off.

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Tsuni looked out into what she could see- a dark cloud. It was there ever since Gaevor ruined Enchantasia. How could she save Isthstaria, the only person that could probably beat him? She would have to get captured, for sure. But she wouldn't be placed In the same room as Isthstaria. Sighing, Tsuni climbed on one of the trees. The tree leaned over, almost touching the ground because Tsuni was too heavy. It's never gonna work... I can't raid with all those weird things... I don't even know what they are! Tsuni thought. She had planned to raid Gaevor's place with those creepy things. But that wouldn't work out. She was scraed of those things! But, maybe like the thought before, she could team up with other dragons. but how would she find them? Besides, it would be take a long time to reach Gaevor's place.

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As the guards left, finally out of ear and eye shot, they felt their bodies visibly relax. Their hips rocked and their shoulders rolled under their worn and filthy hides, scales unpolished and chipped in various places. Life was a constant battle of trying to remain on the good side of Gaevor. One of the dragons, a ridge-wing looked to it's spotted wyvern companion.-


"I'll take the east side, you take the west." the dragons came to a stop and the wyvern nodded before going off to the west to rouse the Common Converts and to get them to work; the ridge-wing did the same for the east.


It is a hard and long journey to travel as far as the guards did for that day and by the time they would get done it would have been well into the afternoon. With each dragon they awoke and bullied into getting moving, more tension crackled in the air; but the air there was so stale and reeking of death, blood, sweat and dragon leavings that the tension was buried and forgotten. The CC's simply dragged their tired selves about, moving large boulders to clear path ways, marching out to the borders and digging trenches and several traps. It was a long and painful day's work.



Back in the Resistance Lands the general referred leader amongst all of the smaller and scattered rebellion camps was organizing ways to coordinate attacks and as well portion out the land so that the dragons could feed. The problem was that even though there were so few of the resistance, there were even fewer non-magical animals in the area thanks to Gaevor burning down their homes and creating the Uninhabitable areas.


This dragon was an Electric Dragon with mysteriously white lightening rather than the usual, and generally expected piercing yellow. His name is Leucetius and even though it isn't an official standing, as it has been said, he is regarded as the head of the Resistance above all the minor leaders of the smaller groups spread out amongst the Resistance Lands.



((I'll be adding a list of names you'll want to know on to the OOC First Page, including Leucetius, the head of the Resistance, names of minor leaders and their groups and of course the human leaders if there are any and even some of the leaders of groups of animals for when the dragons (or they) seek council from one another. Such as the wise stags who roam the forest instilled with unfathomable amounts of knowledge and the only ones who can compete with dragons in that division.))

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((I Deleted My Posts))

Bloodvein looked over the Gaevor's land from a hill. He thought to himself Got to get back to guarding. Then Bloodvein got up and flew towards the dungeons/prisons (Whatever u call them) He walked in and rawr'd then stood near Isthstaria's Cell wathing his lord "Gaevor" talking to Isthstaria. Bloodvein stood back in the shadows, Quietly listening to their conversation.

((My posts get longer the further into the rp i get!))

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