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The RP


The forms go here and chat, I want all DC rules to apply and no dirty talk or swearing, also fighting or spamming. The OOC is for talk about the roleplay, I will report something like:

"gtg, bbl. see you!" or "I had a bad time at school today". Please, do not do this.


All the rules of the RP are included here.


Charrie name:
Type of Dragon:
Powers (Read the rules):
Stage (1st stage hatchie, mature, adult, ect):
Clan or Loner?

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Username: TotallyDrow

Charrie name: Vrael

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Ice Dragon



Vrael, is a very wary hatchling. When he had hatched from his egg, he was in the posession of a human trading merchant. Scared for his life, Vrael managed to escape the merchant, and hide amongst the sewers of the village. He would wait till it was night to make his grand escape from the village, when there were less human's roaming the alleys, and when the temperature was much cooler.


After escaping, Vrael headed south, into the northern part of Ensia forest. Whilst taking refuge in the forest, Vrael had proven to be a very efficient hunter, managing to catch a few rodents here and there. Unable to fly, and unable to swim. Vrael is now trapped in the northern part of Ensia forest. He takes refuge within an abandoned badger hole, which is distinguishable by the constant cool breeze that escapes the entrance, and the distinct hatchling cries that echo throughout the night, before Vrael goes to sleep.


Not being around other dragons, for the first few days after hatching, has made Vrael very wary to others. He find's it hard to gain the trust of other dragons and would often remain suspicious. He does not have the same bonds a hatchling would have with its parents, as Vrael has never known his. He may act rude on occasion, and may be selfish, as he has never experienced living with other dragons. Being born in the center of a village market, and having to escape through a crowded village center, has given Vrael a small phobia towards the human's.


Powers (Read the rules):


Ice Enhancement's: When in dire times, Vrael can call upon his inner power source, to utilise the cold air around him into forming around his claws and tail. Enhancing the sharpness of his claws and tail and increases his attack range by 30%. Persistant use on this power however can prove fatal for Vrael, as it slowly start's to drain the inate coldness within all Ice Dragon's. It would leave him with a high temperature, which for an ice dragon is very dangerous. Vrael can only use this power to full effect when fully matured into an Adult.


After he reaches Maturity, Vrael is also able to secrete a fluid from his fangs, much like snake Venom. However rather then killing the target, this secretion slowly freezes the muscles for a period of 10 minutes. After the time runs out, the freezing stops and and muscle returns to normal. On smaller targets, such as prey (Up to the size of deer) the freezing effect, affects their whole body.Mature Hatchling: Prey smaller then him. Adult: Prey up to the size of a full grown deer. On other adult dragons the effect can at most, only affect one limb, it will never be able to fully incapacitate a full grown dragon.


Also as an ice dragon, rather then breathing fire, he has ice cold breath, which freezes rather then burns.


Stage (1st stage hatchie, mature, adult, ect): 1st Stage Hatchie

Clan or Loner? Loner. (As an egg was stolen from the nest by Humans. Managed to escape before being traded away by a merchant)




Can be distinguished by a scar, over his left eye, which he obtained during his escape from the human village, he had grazed the underside of a sewer entrance, while charging into it for safety...


P.S Ill be back in 1 hr and a half. Gotta do the grocery :/

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It's fine biggrin.gif. See you later, 10:53 for me... I'll probably be going to bed soon.

Also, would you like Crisie to interact with him?

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Here are my characters Dragongirl. The bottom one is the evil character.


Username: Drakossozh


Charrie name: Tobias

Gender: male

Type of Dragon: Ochredrake

Personality: Tobias is a fairly calm, decent mannered young drake. He likes to be around others and enjoys talking and singing. He can be intimidated by larger dragons though and often has times of low spirits while missing his parents.

Powers (Read the rules): Vocal magic: he can imitate voices and throw his voice very well. He can even make his voice seem to come from multiple spots at once. If he is angry enough he can use a sonic screech to bring harm to his enemies. But this leaves him drained of energy and his voice becomes sore and raspy so he can't use his other abilities.

Fire breath.

Stage (1st stage hatchie, mature, adult, ect): winged hatchling

Clan or Loner?: Clan

Other: He hates seeing his friends get hurt.


Charrie name: Grehyen (gray-en)

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Frilled

Personality: Has a cocky and stuck up personality. He tends to ignore what he is told to do by others and can be quite disrespectful. His personality changes over time and he becomes friendly and even helpful towards those he is close to. But he still acts stuck up around those he does not know.

Powers (Read the rules): He can breath both fire and ice and is a fairly good fighter.

Stage (1st stage hatchie, mature, adult, ect): winged hatchling

Clan or Loner? Clan

Other:Tends to walk around proudly with his head held high. He will rattle his frills when agitated.


Charrie name: Midnight

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Black/Vampire

Personality: Sadistic and a bit crazy. He loves battle and causing pain to others. He hates to fail and has a high degree of respect for his master(the main evil character)

Powers (Read the rules): Fire breath.

Reflection Magic: He can bend any no living material to his will. Say humans shoot a volly of arrows at him, he can use the ability to turn the arrows around and shoot back at the humans. He can even bend light to create illusions. His power has a few drawbacks though. He cannot bend living things(plants, animals, dragons, ect) and his ability can only be focused in one spot at a time. So if he is using his ability to make an illusion he won't be able to reflect magic or flames shot at him.

Stage (1st stage hatchie, mature, adult, ect): Adult

Clan or Loner?: Evil

Other: He absolutely hates humans.

Edited by Drakossozh

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Dragon i was wondering if i Could edit my powers abit.


I neglected to add the defensive capabilities to it :/


Defensive Capabilities:


Before adulthood, Vrael's ice enhancemences, may encase vrael in a sphere of ice, as a defensive precaution from danger. Whilst in this state. Vrael is forced into a hibernation mode.


Is that ok?

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It's fine biggrin.gif.

Accepted Drak!

Inkheart will be the main boss, see my post on page... 2... or was it 3?

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Username: Rixie Pakuna

Charrie name: Volcanic Steel (Steel for short)

Gender: to be revealed... but either way, acts male. so for now, assume male. :3

Type of Dragon: Guardian dragon


-confident and brave, but recognizes and respects authority.

-will take weaker dragons under his wings/tail shield.

-refuses to appear pathetic or weak in front of others. (proud)

-always wants to prove self to be a prime example of the strong protectors that Guardian dragons are known to be.

Powers: (basically same as any other Guardian dragon)

-deflective tail-shield and wings

-powerful observation skills

-good at protecting others and leading others to safety

-not too good at hunting... but very good at detecting prey (scent of sight, smell, etc. are very sharp, and he can point out prey)

Stage: 1st stage hatchie (close to 2nd)

Clan or Loner? Start as loner, join clan when meets?


History:Steel was born in his/her nest with one little, delicate sister, and one egg that did not hatch at all. His/her mother had left just hours before, but to where and why, neither of them knew. They forced themselves to venture out of their cave/nest. Capturing and eating everything they can, it still just wasn't enough. The little sister, who was already small and thin, grew so weak that she simply could no longer move. Steel, who was desperate, offered every morsel of food that he/she could find to the small hatchling, but to no avail. Finally, the little scrap whispered that it was no good, that Steel was only wasting what precious nutrition was available, and that he/she had to go on. Steel refused, and left the food by his/her poor sibling's mouth until another painful day passed and she died. Her last words to Steel were: "You have to survive. You have to go on. Live life for both of us." Heartbroken, he/she ate the stale food that his sister had refused to until she died, and continued on, determined to never fail to protect the weak again.

Summary: (for lazy people) Steel was born with his/her sister, parents nowhere in sight. Despite his/her best efforts, the little sister died of starvation, telling him to go on, thrive, and live life for the both of them. Heartbroken, he/she continued on, determined to never fail to protect the weak again.


I may want to add in more characters if I find that I can easily keep up with the thread. Is that all right or should I add them now?


Username: Rixie Pakuna

Charrie name: Forest Rusher (affectionately: Rushling)

Gender: let's just go with female I guess...

Type of Dragon: Whiptail


-ADHD. big time.

-almost rudely honest, pointing out things in the bluntest and least sugar-coated way possible. (says things how she sees them)

-hyperactive and always on the move

-very playful, very innocent.

-often forgets why she was upset or angry

-easily distracted

-did I mention ADHD?


-super fast, to the point where she leaves even other Whiptails of the same age behind

-practically never runs out of energy

-potentially fast enough to run over water

Stage: 1st stage hatchie

Clan or Loner? Start as loner, join clan when meets?


The war affected Rushling horribly. One moment she was happily, innocently playing, rushing about the forest joyfully. The next, as she was returning home from a long day out playing, she found herself surrounded by nothing but ash. Her beloved home was burnt to the ground, her family nowhere to be found. She wandered through the forest, not knowing what to do. The only thing that saved her from wanting to simply die was the occasional fascination of distraction. A random, interesting bug. A particularly soft leaf. A cloud shaped like a dragon wing. Until finally, she came across this Clan of dragons who sought peace. She decided that there was no better place to be, and they would make an excellent new family. Wait! Was that a squirrel?!

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Accepted, just what does ADHD mean?


Bad Main Boss:


Username: Dragongirl10188.

Charrie name: No one knows, but he is reffered to as Inkheart.

Gender: Male.

Type of Dragon: Neglected.

Personality: Inkheart is a sinister beast who will do anything to get his way. He likes to ruin lives by killing or burning homes down with his powers, he thinks he is very powerful. He has gained souls from most dragons and is still searching for a Guardian of Nature's soul, thus he met Crisie.


(He has powerful moves because he is a boss)


Shadow Sage~

Inkheart can release a force of shadows from him, it will knock every thing in the area back, and if something is weak enough (like, dying weak) it will kill them.



He can summon zombie dragons from the ground or shadows, they are quite weak for adults though and he'll only use them when needed and at the last moment. They will die after an hour if they aren't dead already.


Fire and Shadows~

He can sometimes control fire and shadows from the souls he has gained from other dragons. He also has their power too, like controlling rocks for a grey, or teleporting for a magi, ect.



Quite uncommonly he can get a single animal or dragon to go on a rampage, stabbing their friends in the back and attacking. It will wear off after 2 hours, then the victim won't be able to remember anything. until 10 minutes after the rage has stopped.


Whirlwind Sprint~

He can speed up for a short ammount of time, pushing him with the force of wind. After this he will be out of breath, not too much though.


Stage (1st stage hatchie, mature, adult, ect): Adult.

Clan or Loner? Evil.

Other: Nope.

Edited by DragonGirl10188

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ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, similar to ADD but with Hyperactivity added into the mix. xd.png

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I saw that Shawnee was planning on going and hunting a deer in the morning, and was thinking that perhaps she would see a deer sprinting towards her, and find Rushling chasing it around? And then she could either catch it, let it pass, or jump up to surprise it/stop it in its tracks. But I think it would be funny, to have this tiny hatchling chasing this big deer around. Someone could ask, "And what exactly were you going to do if you caught up to it?"


If this is a bad idea just let me know and I'll find a different way to potentially bring Rushling in. I just found this thought amusing =X

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@Rixie: I need to read this thread more because that would have been hilarious and I just ruined it >.<


@Tiff: You're so evil, Tiff. More drama? xd.png

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Aw it's okay. I'll find another way to introduce Rushling to the clan in a random/strange manner. Maybe next time someone goes hunting? (Got to hunt at least once or twice a day for such a large group of youngsters, I'd think.)


And hm, yes, I smell more drama incoming >_>... *prods Steel over to "protect" the other hatchlings* Ah, yeah... in his/her state, I'm betting Steel could keep it busy for maybe... twenty seconds? And then either go unconscious, hide, or get killed. Preferably not the latter... I would rather not be killed off. I'm sure you understand. tongue.gif


And I'm afraid I'll just have to sleep on that... I haven't been sleeping too well lately and it's 1 AM. Must attempt to actually sleep. I'll be on tomorrow. Hope to see you all then.

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Guys, I'm really confused. You guys are going way to fast for me, and how could Ananda and the other hatchlings be in the shadow dome at one moment and on Shawnee's back the next? Unless they got out before the dome was completely formed, they can't have gotten out of the dome, because the shadows are INDESTRUCTIBLE by normal means. That means that that no matter how strong Shawnee is, she can't break the dome. If Ananda passed out, or if enough light from the fire hit the dome, it would disappear, but I didn't see anyone post that the dome broke from light and if someone made Ananda faint that would be

Powerplaying. (Sorry if that seems godmoddy or anything.)


(And... here's another character xd.png )


Username: Backup77

Charrie name: Jay

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Thunder

Personality: She's really curious. The rest is to be Rp'ed.

Powers: She can create small sparks and arcs of electricity at will, enough to give someone a good jolt, although not nearly enough to permanently hurt someone at her age. Once she starts to fly, she will be able to produce stronger sparks, but still not enough to permanently hurt someone. Sparks are also constantly sparking around her scales, most notably her wings, although these are to small to actually hurt. If she is hurt, the sparks will become weaker and fewer until there is only one tiny arc of electricity every ten seconds.

As a defensive mechanism, she will automatically call a small bolt of lightning from the sky, even if the sky is clear. This only happens when she is in grave danger, or really scared, and drains her horribly, because of her age. As with all of her powers, it will grow as she ages, possibly to the point where she can call a bolt of lightning out of the sky at will once she is full grown.

Stage: 1st, although she is nearing the second stage. Her wings are growing, but are still much to small for flight.

Clan or Loner?: Loner, but will join.


Edited by Backup77

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Can I join? This looks fun!


Username: Fire-Ice

Charrie name: Amazon

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Canopy

Personality: Amazon is very shy. He likes to spend his time alone and hardly speaks to others. If you get to know him though, he will do anything for you. It is very easy for dragons to use him, because he doesn't like to stand up for himself.

Powers (Read the rules):

Sprint Speed: Amazon is able to run faster than most other dragons


Grip Climber: He is able to climb up very steep hills, walls, rocks etc. very quickly and quietly.


Stage (1st stage hatchie, mature, adult, ect): S1

Clan or Loner? Clan


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You're doing really good. :3 It helps that you seem to have an advanced literacy. I've been roleplaying for the last three or four years, and so far I have seen no problems with your posting. In fact, are you sure you haven't roleplayed before? tongue.gif

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Yup. 100% sure biggrin.gif


I try to base my Rping on how Christopher Paolini's writes his stories. Im a big fan of his inheritance Trilogy. Read each book atleast twice now X.x

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Ahhhhh.... C. Paolini >_<.... His writing style is excellent...

Sorry, I'm just intensely jealous of him. xP It is my greatest dream to someday be a well-known author. It's just that the likelihood of that ever happening is so low that it's depressing. sad.gif Not only do you have to write well, but you usually have to have good connections too... and then, of course, a good deal of luck.

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