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    Artist and Exotic-Pet-Rescue worker

    I'm not really active here anymore, though I want to be. This is a place of such good memories and where I met by best friends. The roleplay section isn't what it used to be, though. New Beginnings was a DCRP that reached 3,000 pages; it was wonderful to be a part of such an experience.

    I'm semi-active on The Endless Forest under the same username.

    The CYDA LUVA83 is a native species of Dragcave Forums. It is a lurker of the Dragon Requests and General Discussion, though it had been spotted migrating to the role playing section, on the lookout for anything that catches it's interest. For some odd unknown reason, this species is indefinitely obsessed with the wonders of Dorsal Dragons, and it would kill anything for chocolate milk and bacon. It's personality is a nice one overall, thought the newcoming species to the Forums may think it is a meanie. When irritated enough, it has its BOOK OF DOOM, whose leather-bound spine can break, well, a spine. Its words will float off of the page and strangle the offender, while the paper, razor sharp, can decapitate a person in ten seconds flat. During this time though, the prey might escape this terrible fate by offering up chocolate milk and bacon. Approach with extreme caution. This is Animal Planet. ~AP Description by Darkshadow