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Dragon Caveology

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I think all of this can be summed up in three words: play the game.

If you want to get good at a game, you have to play it, frequently.

But these tips give specifics. I do not see your problem with helping out newbies.


And I also think that this needs a bump, so that everyone can find it easily tongue.gif


If you have any more tips, please do post them smile.gif

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Thanks jetcomb,

for posting how and where to get the no page style. I did not know before.

There have lots of good tips here, hope more to come.


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this is and has been quite useful to me as a new player like very much

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Oh yeah, another tip:


When there's a will, there's a way:

During holidays/new releases, there's usually not a lot of people in other biomes. Especially during Christmas, when everyone else is looking for a holly. Guess what's exchangeable for a holly? Cb metallics, neglecteds, cb blacks, cb stripes.


I'd suggest starting up an experiment few days before the holiday or stalking other biomes and getting Cb metallics or other rares. I got my first cb silver and traded it for my first holly this way.


People also throw away a lot of rare/uncommon dragons in the ap in the first hours of the new release/holidays to make room, so you can snatch them up. Additionally, to do this you need scroll room, so I'd suggest not catching any more new eggs after the last 3 days before the holiday drops start (usually a week before the holiday-ex. February 7th for Valentines, so you need to stop catching eggs after February the 4th). I've seen golds, silvers, and cb blacks being dropped on Christmas.

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