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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Silver_egg.gifCB Silver



I need two CB Male Royal Crimson hatchies, one CB Female Lacula hatchie. For a lineage.


(The trade)


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user posted image - 2g Rosebud from Caligene with multi part parent names like https://dragcave.net/lineage/WEKWP

user posted image - 3g Rosebud from Khusa checker

user posted image - 3g Rosebud from Dark Lumina checker

user posted image - 3g Rosebud from Teimarr checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/uuYwS https://dragcave.net/lineage/3fR83

user posted image - 3g Rosebud from Sunsong checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/TYtms https://dragcave.net/lineage/Puybb

user posted image - 4g Rosebud from Monarch checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/T1oQ1 https://dragcave.net/lineage/pXOAr

user posted image - 5g Rosebud from Gaia checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/B26uF

user posted image - 4g Heartseeker from Albino checker unrelated to these

Radiant_Angel_egg.png - 3g Radiant Angel from Sunsong checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/sl3aI https://dragcave.net/lineage/2rjML 



- Check out the "my lineages" link in my sig for oodles of nice things I can breed!


Please PM to discuss--especially before breeding 2gs! :) 

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2G Floral-Crown from Silver

2G Val’ 09 from Purple Floret hatchie bloodswap 

2G Rosebud from Purple Floret bloodswap 

2G Floral-Crown from Purple Floret bloodswap 

2G Arsani from Purple Floret bloodswap 

2G Soulstone from Silver hatchie

3rd EG Soulstone from Nhiostrife checker hatchie bloodswap really need this pm me if you can breed this but don’t want a bloodswap


Can breed:   I am willing to breed most Valentine’s for free just send me a pm  

Arsani 1 CB left 

Heartseeker 1 CB left     

Heartstealer 1 CB left     


RA 1 CB left 

Rosebud 1 CB left 

Soulstone 1 CB left 

Sweetling 1 CB left 

Val’09 1 CB left    




Mates needed:   


*****3rd EG Soulstone from Nhiostrife checker

******2G Mutamore from Bronze Shimmer unrelated to This or This i only breed checkers so this baby will remain unbred till i get an appropriate mate (willing to breed/trade as much as needed for this) pm me to work out a trade   thanks so much!


also looking for       

2G Any Valentine From Purple Floret, or Aether (no FC or Soulstone for Aether)    


Arsani from Script, Bolt      

Floral-Crown from Script, Bolt     

Rosbud from Script, Bolt      

Val’09 from Script, Bolt

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Heartstealing_egg.png 2nd-gen heartstealer with an upside-down mint father. https://dragcave.net/teleport/fe74dfddbd8eb02af749ae315581af88

Floral-Crowned_egg.png 2nd-gen floral from gold. https://dragcave.net/teleport/2eae5183fdaf017caa195a880487563e



A 2nd-gen floral with named parents. Lots of pairings I'm looking for: gold lunar, silver lunar, gaia, white, almandine, green copper, green firegem, rosebud, mistletoe, ribbondancer, terra, specklethroat, spring, crimson,colossus, pink, lumina, frill, diamond, fever, dark lumina, celestial, vine, carmine, BBW, tiemarr, and black.


I'd also take a Val 09 from floral.


PM me or offer on the links, thanks!

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Copper_Dragon1_egg.png CB teleport

Radiant_Angel_egg.png SAltkin, even 4th gen, but messy. Five SAs (Grave Dragon) in base and not inbred.




CB copper rainbow (red) or green

CB chrono xeno

CB mageia xeno

CB gold or silver (I can try ^^)

CB arsani (nice code pls)


2G Arsani from red or blue Gemshard

2G Arsani from Pink

2G RA from Red

2G RA from Blusang

2G RA from Aether

2G RA from Gold

2G Sweetling from Pink

2G Sweetling from Blusang

2G Sweetling from Aether

2G Valentine from Pink


I'm happy with eggs or hatchies alike.

Signature applies. Also pm me for other offers! Especially for the SAltkin since I'll freeze it if it stays with me.

Can do both for one depending on your offer.

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(sorry about the huge, blurred screenshots - since my last browser update my message editor zooms them automatically and won't let me scale them anymore -_-)



kfhwafuz.png   ung22xtc.png

uy77jmvi.png   m8bqdn89.png


anckm8ro.png   doszilcs.png   axsuf3q4.png




2nd gen r2m33d.jpg from Spriter's Alt


WOULD ALSO CONSIDER - WILL TRADE MULTIPLE : 1 (except the SA-kin - sorry, I'm picky with that one)

2nd gen 11uapgp.gif/242blae.gif from Silver mate / 2nd gen r2m33d.jpg from Prize

3rd gen EG Valentine egg from Valentine x Silver checker with one Spriter's Alt in base, similar to this


Please PM me! :)

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All CB holidays (Black Alt Sweetlings available for Alt swaps)

image.png.f83bdc7d531a4f350118034b7f790fd9.png 2G Alt Sweetling x Fell (for 2G Alt Sweetling swap) Note - will be Pink on non-Black Sweetling scrolls

image.png.c49ac5992012af633ac4b90756e164e9.png 2G Floral x Garland hatchling


Checkers listed below linked here (happy to breed most for free - just ask!):

Val'09 - 3G offspring: Azure Glacewing, Green/Pebble, Blue Lunar, Moonstone, Nhiostrife, Nocturne, Almandine, Chrono, Gaia, Thalassa Xenowyrms

Val'09 - 4G: Canopy, Purple Nebula, Nhiostrife, Nocturne, Royal Blue,

Alt Sweetling - 3G: Aeon, Aria, Carmine, Red Dorsal, Electric, Red Gemshard, Gold Lunar, Pyrope, Royal Crimson, Shadow Walker, Silver

Alt Sweetling - 4G: Carmine, Red Dorsal, Red Nebula, Pyrope, Royal Crimson, Shadow Walker

Alt Sweetling - 5G: Royal Crimson, Silver

Rosebud - 3G: Black Tea, Coastal Waverunner, Blue Gemshard, Horse, Blue Lunar, Green/Purple Nebulas, Spring, Gaia

Rosebud - 4G: Coastal Waverunner, Moonstone, Waterhorse

Heartseeker - 3G: Lumina, Gold/Silver Lunar, Red Nebula, Royal Crimson, Stripes

Heartseeker - 4G: Gold Lunar

Arsani - 3G: Ice, Blue Lunar, Moonstone, Green Nebula, Nhiostrife, Thalassa

Arsani - 4G: Nhiostrife, Silver, Skywing, Tsunami

Radiant Angel - 3G: Aeon, Avatar of Change, Gold, Gold Lunar, Royal Crimson, Pyrope

Radiant Angel - 4G: Black, Royal Crimson, Pyrope

Heartstealing - 3G: Blusang, Green Copper, Blue Gemshard, Lumina, Silver Lunar, Nhiostrife, Silver

Heartstealing - 4G: Blue Gemshard, Lumina, Silver Lunar, Nhiostrife, Silver

Mutamore - 3G: Celestial, Silver Lunar, Silver

Soulstone - 3G: Gold Lunar



2G Alt Sweetling x Red Zyumorph, Leodon, Silver Lunar, Dark Lumina, Red Fire Gem

2G Floral-Crowns

- Offers!

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CB Female Silver Tinsel ready to breed

CB Male Bronze Tinsel (ready to breed on Feb 14)



Bloodswap for whatever pairing you're interested in


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#1 Freezebie (hatchies): Mutamore, Soulstone, Floral   gone thank you

#2 2G Heartseeker x Sunstone hatchie

#3 3G perfect checker w all Alt Sweetlings x Black

#4 2G Heartstealing from April Fools Mint

Still CB Pink Sweetlings, CB Heartstealings, CB Heartseekers to breed plus a bunch of checkers here (order is 2G Valentine then mate) - Trade takes priority but I'll also breed for free if requested~



For each link: CB aeon would be AUTO, also love CB Xeno or Zyu (esp. white/blue/yellow)

Also looking for 2G Heartstealings x Gold/Blue Lunar (2 is auto for #3) - nicely named parents preferred

Other offers? (a 2g prizekin in my sig is auto for everything also XD but I'm not holding my breath)

PM me if you want to split up the link or combine or different combos or to ask anything else~

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21 hours ago, Dragon_Arbock said:


CBs to breed:

Rosebud_egg.gif Rosebud x1

Heartseeker_egg.gif Heartseeker x1

user posted image Aransi x2

user posted image Radiant Angel x1

user posted image Heartstealing x2

user posted image Mutamore x2


Will breed for free now if anyone wants them.

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traded thank you ❤️ 

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user posted image  CB Bronze Lunar Herald - No trade link yet




Gold_egg.gif  CB Gold

Silver_egg.gif  CB Silver

user posted image  CB Magma

Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif  CB Zyumorph (NOT Red or Black)

user posted image  CB Xenowyrm

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png  CB Blusang Lindwyrm

user posted image  CB Lumina

user posted image  CB Gemshard

LunarH-egg-rotator.gif  CB Lunar Herald (not Silver or Bronze)

user posted image  CB Copper

user posted image  Offers? Check my Wishlist for ideas.

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Mageia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Mageia Xeno




user posted image Cheese

Or one of these hatchies:


user posted image Colossus (2M/1F)
user posted image Red Gemshard (1M)
user posted image Blue Gemshard (1F)

Baikala_brown_female_hatchi.pngGreen Baikala (2M/1F)
Baikala_blue_female_hatchi.pngBlue Baikala (2M/1F)
Black_Truffle_hatchi.gifBlack Truffle (3F)
Floret_Wyvern_hatchi_gold.png Gold Florent (2F)
Siyat_purple_mature_hatchi.pngPurple Siyat (2M/2F)
Siyat_green_mature_hatchi.gifGreen Siyat (3F)
user posted image Kyanite (3M)




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Have: 2d gen bronze tinsel egg from Blusang, precoged female

Want: 2d gen prize from non holiday mate (from female if it's a bronze tinsel), CB ND


Please PM if you're offering a hatchling, I need to know its gender.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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