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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Have: 2 x New Halloween Eggs (Kohraki Dragon)


Want: CB Female Black Marrow Dragon

          CB Female Withchlight Dragon


Message me if interested.

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Have: 12 Kohraki hatchlings seperated into 3 trades.

Want: 2G Spriter's Altkin that I don't have, if I have a 2G from the same SAlt sprite, I'll just decline. Also, I am more than willing to offer more than 4, especially for the rarer SAlts. PM me to negotiate about it. The line that is not on my siggy applies. There is also "jaw" and "pun" codes among these hatchies.


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Gold_egg.gif - CB Gold with code name (Eisro)



- 2g Spriter's Alt ❤️







Also, still seeking... I'll pay well for these!



user posted image - 2g PB Pumpkin with either short names or long cute names to match https://dragcave.net/lineage/4ZnMT and https://dragcave.net/lineage/Fp8JL respectively 

user posted image - 2g Pumpkin from Redtail

user posted image - 2g Dark Myst x Pumpkin with nice names to match https://dragcave.net/lineage/UhWDU , unrelated to these 

user posted image - 2g Marrow from Stripe

user posted image - 2g PB Marrow with nice names to match https://dragcave.net/lineage/bMtpL , unrelated to these

Caligene_egg.png - 2g Caligene from male Albino

latest?cb=20171031053452 - 2g Omen from Rift or Boreal

Arcana-egg.png - 2g Arcanas from any of the following: Male Sinaii Krai, Anagallis, or Purple Siyat, or female Lihnseyre


user posted image - 5g Pumpkin x Common unrelated to these

user posted image - 4g+ Dark Myst x Pumpkin unrelated to these 

user posted image - 4g+ Silver x SW unrelated to these (+ does anyone know who owns https://dragcave.net/lineage/T20hV https://dragcave.net/lineage/LlTNC ? 😧 )

Witchlight_egg.png&key=d6850c3a33f4baf6d - 3g Antarean x Witchlight unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/L43Uy https://dragcave.net/lineage/0dVd0 https://dragcave.net/lineage/y2QEj


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Water_Horse_egg.gif -- 4G Waterhorse x Mistletoe checker (Male Waterhorse, Female Mistletoe)
Lineage: JsGIs

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif -- 2G Silver Tinsel (Silver father, Silver Tinsel mother) Gone!
Lineage: Kmicc



Water_Horse_egg.gif / Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif -- Bloodswap!

Water_Horse_egg.gif -- 2G Waterhorse from Waterhorse x Sakuhana

(XMAS IOU) Snow_Angel_egg.gif -- Christmas IOU for a 2G Snow Angel from Radiant Angel x white wing Snow Angel unrelated to any I already have

Silver_egg.gif -- 2G Silver from Male Silver x Female Solstice 

Gold_egg.gif -- 2G Gold from Caligene father x Gold mother

(If you can breed any of these but are not interested in these particular eggs, message me. I can breed most things and am always open to trades!)

Make an offer on my 4G Waterhorse egg!

Make an offer on my 2G Silver Tinsel egg! Gone!

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latest?cb=20191031040549&key=2c0efb8f806 hatchlings




Kyanite_Pygmy_egg.gif CB female Kyanites from Forest, things from my signature. The trading text from my sig applies.

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Gold_egg.gif&key=f91bef301bf0584f809c503 CB gold egg. https://dragcave.net/teleport/423a45673cba45c2e4d26d194a96af21



Best offer of kohraki, 2nd-gen gendered Halloween hatchlings, and/or offers from my sig.

Here is the list of 2nd-gen Halloween hatchlings I am especially looking for:


*female shadow from male skywing

*female grave from male leodon, freckle, melismor, ash or lihnseyre.
*male desipis from female summer or lihnseyre
*female desipis from male gold floret, colossus, or seragamma
*male witch from female falcon, green purple dorsal, gray, striped river, sunset, gold wyvern,
   almandine, colossus, galvanic, rift, speckle, shadowwalker, lurker, or arcana
*female witch from male GoN, sunrise, celestial, or black
*male omen from female stripe, script, purple siyat, skywing, aqualis, galvanic, or witch
*female omen from male witch, ravenclaw, truffle, pyrovar, frostbite, royal blue, sunset, white, or marrow
*male arcana from female fever, freckle, leodon, red, silver, stripe, undine, gaia, red firegem, sunstone, silver lunar,
    luminox, heartstealer, shadowwalker, witch, mistletoe, or garland
*female arcana from male brimstone, purple neb, green neb, fever, magi, red, undine, gaia, or pillow


PM me or offer on the link, thanks!

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2 2g PB Silver Hatchlings influenced male and female

2G Avatar of Destruction for Olive (either) parent
CB Zyumorph - Pink (Coast), White (Forest), Yellow (Jungle), Blue (Desert)
CB blue (coast) Baikala
CB Mariner pygmy
CB Fire Gems
CB Floret Wyvern - Purple
CB Galvanic Wyvern
CB Morphodrake
CB Mutamore
CB Red-Tailed Wyrm
CB Siyat Blue, Purple
CB Tetra

Make an offer on my hatchlings!


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