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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Silver_egg.gif CB Silver Egg



Sweetling_hatchi.gifHeartstealing_hatchi.gifSoulstone_hatchi.pngSoulstone_hatchi.png < These specific CB Valentine Hatchlings

Radiant_Angel_egg.pngRadiant_Angel_hatchi.pngRadiant_Angel_mature_hatchi.png 2G Radiant Angel from Gold or Silver Shimmer or Spriter's Alt *Will add more for this if requested*

Mystery.gifqyu.png Pretty or Interesting Offers!


Top Green Line in signature does NOT apply to this trade.


Offer on my CB Silver

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Bronze Shimmer-scale adult x holiday mate of your choice (pink sweetling, radiant angel, heartseeker, floral-crowned) - can breed on Valentine's Day!




Floral-Crowned_egg.png 2g from bronze shimmer swap


Feel free to PM me :)  - working on a trade, thank you!

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Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif 2nd-gen bronze tinsel from arcana. https://dragcave.net/teleport/573c5c6b88df2520824abb5b7000e437



CB metals and/or 2nd-gen Valentines from named parents. I'm specifically looking for these pairings:

*Sweetlings from hellfire, lumina, or nhiostrife

*Soulstones from blue firegem, silver lunar, or purple floret.

*Florals from gold lunar, silver lunar, or green siyat.


PM me or offer on the link, thanks!

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Zyumorph_alpine_egg.png  z-code black zyu (alpine) teleport




CB chrono xeno

CB mageia xeno

CB copper (any, but prefer rainbow or green)

CB gold or silver (I can try ^^)

CB arsani (nice code pls)


2G Arsani from red or blue Gemshard

2G Arsani from Pink

2G RA from Red

2G RA from Blusang

2G RA from Aether

2G RA from Gold

2G Sweetling from Pink

2G Sweetling from Blusang

2G Sweetling from Aether

2G Valentine from Pink


see signature, pm me for other offers


Found something nice, thanks :D



Valentine_hatchi.gif CB teleport


codeswap (no eggs please), can also be an arsani hatchie with nice code


will keep her

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2x CB Alt Sweetling x your choice of mate, ready to breed

latest?cb=20100219162403    latest?cb=20100219162403





2g Prize (any)

Done, ty!

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Can breed:   I am willing to breed most Valentine’s for free just not my CB’s just send me a pm

Arsani 1 CB left

Heartseeker 1 CB left   

Heartstealer 1 CB left   


RA 1 CB left

Rosebud 1 CB left

Soulstone 1 CB left

Sweetling 1 CB left

Val’09 1 CB left  




Mates needed: 


3rd EG Soulstone from Nhiostrife checker

2G Mutamore from Bronze Shimmer unrelated to This or This i only breed checkers so this baby will remain unbred till i get an appropriate mate (willing to breed/trade as much as needed for this) pm me to work out a trade


also looking for     

2G Any Valentine From Purple Floret, or Aether (no FC or Soulstone for Aether)   


Arsani from Script, Bolt    

Floral-Crown from Script, Bolt   

Rosbud from Script, Bolt    

Val’09 from Script, Bolt

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Gold_egg.gif 2nd-gen gold from arcana. https://dragcave.net/teleport/12fc623d6ff3bdef737538526b458d4b



2nd-gen soulstone with named parents, from any of the following lineages: blue firegem, silver lunar, purple floret, sweetling, or sunrise.

2nd-gen sweetling with named parents from nhiostrife.

2nd-gen floral with named parent, from rosebud or green siyat

Other 2nd-gen floral with named parents; I'll decline if I have it already


PM me or use the link, thanks!


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Sweetling_hatchi.gif 2nd G from Alt Sweetling x Sunrise (offer here)

Sweetling_hatchi.gif 2nd G from Alt Sweetling x Pyrope (offer here)

Sweetling_hatchi.gif 2nd G from Alt Sweetling x Fell (offer here)




***** Will trade 2:1 for egg from Sweetling Alternative, or other 2G Alt Sweet from Gold unrelated to this, this, this, this, this, this

can also add / trade something else if you have a 2G Alt Sweet x Gold 

If not that, then one of these:


- any other 2nd G Sweetling from Alt Sweetling, looking for different pairings (esp Sapphire)

- 2G SA?

Please PM before breeding if you are interested in one of these, feel free to PM regardless

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All CB holidays (Black Alt Sweetlings available for Alt swaps)

image.png.ddbd11a5679c68742cfef679f63a62ef.png 2G Alt Sweetling x Val'09

image.png.0a14305dab5a0529f9230bc504887652.png 2G Sweetling x White Zyumorph

image.png.3e896f591414db4cd99b86c941c2a6ce.png 2G Sweetling x Aether

image.png.927f98d0b8dcdd945a13e22049f02bbc.png 2G Floral x Mint hatchling

image.png.c49ac5992012af633ac4b90756e164e9.png 2G Floral x Garland hatchling


Lots of Valentine's checkers linked here:



2G Alt Sweetling x Red Zyumorph, Leodon, Silver Lunar, Dark Lumina, Red Fire Gem
3G Heartstealing x Nhiostrife (for 34oTU, preferably unrelated to h5PbL)

2G Floral-Crown x Frill, other pretty pairings

2G Arsani x Purple Siyat, Green Siyat

- Offers!


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