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The Caravan

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The Caravan.


(Based off my NaNo this year) :3


OOC Thread and Character Sheets


Please read everything in this OP. This is a slightly confusing RP and I'd like it for people to get what's going on. I'd know if you didn't read it.


It was night, the eleventh hour, the air thick with smoke that had been cast off by the large chimneys of the factories nearby. A girl was in the alley, and she clutched the invitation that she had received with anticipation. The words were printed in bright, black letters, bolded and indented so that the writing showed on the back of the paper it was written on.


For the last few days she had felt as if someone was following her, watching her, wherever she went. It scared her, made her nervous. She kept checking behind her, looking around when alone. The day came when she came home and there was a mysterious letter on her table, with no trace of her house being broken into. She had picked it up, intrigued, and opened the envelope, taking the letter out to read.


You are in grave danger. You must come to the alley west of Spyglass Hill Lane, and meet us at the eleventh hour after noon. You must seek our help.


The words puzzled her, and she decided to go to see if they could help her in any way. What did it mean, that she was in danger? The only way to find out was to follow the instructions on the inexplicable letter.


She heard a sound in the corner of the alleyway and turned to where it came from, goose bumps on her arm and the back of her neck bristling with fear. The shadows parted and the moon shone on a figure at the back of the alley. A short, muscular man appeared from the shadows. He had an unreadable expression on his face, and he stepped towards her. The girl took a step back, confused.


As sudden as a lightning strike, he disappeared and appeared behind her, clutching her arm with a strangely powerful grip. She cringed and flinched, gasping in shock and surprise.


“Come with me,” He whispered hoarsely directly into her ear and she found herself being pulled into the darkness. She let out a scream out of pure fear, and the sound rose up to the night air, the moon shining through the dark depths of the city.




"Leader, AN DORCHADAS has taken more action. There are Chasms lurking all over the city. We fear that they will become stronger, and take the gypsies into custody faster than we can. They must be diverted." A short man in a uniform paced back and forth within the office, addressing The Leader with reverence. A man in the shadows leaned back in his chair even further, his feet clad in shiny, polished dark dress shoes.


"We're in no rush." The Leader's voice, dark and oppressing, came from the dark. "We'll just see how they are doing."


"Yes, Leader." The man bowed.


There was an ominous pause.


"By the way, I haven't seen those children for a while. And that kid... where are they headed?" The Leader spoke into the silence. His voice was quiet and not at all urgent, but the tone of his voice gave away his curiosity.


"They seem to be at a small area in the western suburbs," The short man replied, and asked The Leader, "What do you want me to do with them?"


There was a pause, and the chair swiveled around, flinging the feet into the darkness on the other side. "They're no threat at this point, but it's best to get rid of small problems earlier on. They know our secret. And they may rebel."


The small man held his breath, awaiting his command. Then The Leader gave his order.


"Annihilate them."


═════════════ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ════════════




Long ago, Travellers, or Gypsies, roamed the earth. They weren't just normal people. They were from another earth, gaining their way to the world by means of a special portal, and had special powers. They could do anything ranging from being able to create things out of junk on a whim to being able to bend objects only with their mind. The humans and Gypsies lived in harmony with each other.


But one day, a Gypsy boy accidentally caused an acid pipe to leak with his powers, killing more than a hundred people in a village. The country started to grow resentful and afraid of the Travellers, and after that incident killed and burned the travellers that stopped at towns at the stake. A handful of Gypsies survived the Gypsy Massacre Period, and as more and more time passed, they disappeared from existence. The ones that did survive passed down the legacy of their magical powers to their descendants. These descendants eventually joined society, and lived among them, not aware of their own powers.


It is the 21st century, and not a soul knows about the Gypsies anymore, save for two secret organizations. They rival each other discreetly in their research and activities.


One organization is a dark organization called AN DORCHADAS, or The Darkness. They are lead by a sinister man, also known as The Treoraí. They are searching for the gypsies, and the gypsies that go in never come back out. The other, The Motorcade, is a 'good' organization whose purpose lies in rescuing and keeping the gypsies safe, and making them aware of their own powers. But indeed, peculiar, dark things have happened in this organization. Secret, dark and sinister things.


The Caravan: A group of gypsies who have escaped from the Motorcade, and are running from both organizations. The original members escaped have learned the secret of the Motorcade, and they are recruiting new gypsies who haven't been found by either organization yet. They quarter in a used caravan and travel around by means of teleportation, at the grace of one of the gypsies.


═════════════ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ════════════


This RP will be Semi-Lit+


You can be a gypsy, although you aren't aware of it yet, and you have been found by either the Caravan, AN DORCHADAS, or The Motorcade. All player gypsy characters will eventually end up in the Caravan, but you can choose to have an interesting start. The Caravan will hunt you down nonetheless. >8D


You can also be an existing member of the Caravan, and help the gypsies find their way to your little group. If you are a caravan member, then you were with Rath and the others as they escaped from The Motorcade. Put that you are a Caravan member in the PM under the 'who they encounter first' section, and I'll reply with the information if you're accepted. These will be limited since we need more gypsies than Caravan members.


On powers: Please don't make your power over-powered. () I might refuse one that is like that. And on powers that control other people, it isn't preferred, but if you are going to do it, please, please, please ask the player for permission to control their character!




I will update the rules quite a bit if I see fit! So please check these rules once in a while!


•No powerplaying, God-modding or anything of the like. Would you like me to control your character without asking?

•Please try to post with proper grammar, correct spelling, and with at least five sentences per post. Just so we could get things going. It's hard to reply to: "He took a nap."

•No negative behaviour in any form is acceptable. (aka. treat others like you'd want to be treated)

•Keep romance to PG 13. No, really!

•OOC posts in brackets, please? Don't want confusion. And also, I don't really mind if you have an entire OOC post.

•Please make your characters realistic. (That means Gary and Mary, you're out!)

•Please PM me the forms, and put the word 'cryptophobia' somewhere in the form to show that you have read the rules.

•You can have up to three characters for now.

• Please no excessive swearing. I know it helps push the mood but.. just be careful? I am not very fond of swear words.

• I will be quite strict on rules and such, so please, please read them carefully. That goes with everything in this post. Since this is quite a confusing RP, it is necessary to pay attention. :3

•I can add more rules. Because I am the Treoraí! D:


Character Sheets:



Character Name:


Age: (Around student age is preferred)

Appearance/Personality: (Just a picture or a short paragraph describing your character will do. Around... six sentences, let's say? Also, remember that they aren't actually gypsies, they're just regular kids. It's not not allowed, but I noticed how so many people are putting actual gypsy pictures. xd.png

History: (Don't need much if they're normal kids, but if you want to incorporate something interesting in there, be my guest. You may also omit it and play it out. :3 And please, please please... just a reminder.. most of the gypsies aren't aware that they are. It's been such a long time that they've disappeared from existence, in societies eyes.)

Power: (This will not be shown in the post where all the character sheets are kept. It's a secret. MWAHAHA)

Who they encounter first: (Basically who finds them first. If you want to make it easy, you can make it that the Caravan find them first. I'll tell you how they do, and you can play it out) smile.gif


There are only five free Caravan member spots. >, < (As in, the people who originally escaped from The Motorcade)

1. Rath

2. Valadian

3. Lance

4. Bruxa





[B]Character Name:[/B]
[B]Who they encounter first:[/B]


Misc. things you need to know:


•There are creatures sent by the AN DORCHADAS called Chasms to hunt the gypsies. They are pretty much shadows that can twist to any shape or form and they can inflict considerable harm on one. Only the Caravan are aware of these creatures, and they are often sent to help defeat the chasms attacking the gypsies.


•There are two ways to spell gypsy. One has a capital G (Gypsy) and the other has a lowercase g (gypsy). The capital is used to refer to the Gypsies in the past, and the lowercase one is for the gypsies living in the 21st century, because they become a non-proper noun.


Remember: Most of the characters that are being hunted by the organizations (not already in) don't yet know that they are gypsies and have special powers, unless their families kept the tradition long within their generations, but I'd rather that not be common. In fact, they don't even know what the organizations are, or what the shadows are called. Please try not to include what you know into their confusion.


Current Happenings:

The Caravan members just discovered something strange: The chasms haven't shown up on their tracking device. Also, there are a few character who had encountered chasms all on their own, and after beating them to a pulp, visited the local fun fair. Or carnival? After a feisty time, the three, Rollo, Kolin and Auralia get cornered by a lot of chasms, more than one can imagine. Kolin had climbed a building after his brother, and fell off it, hitting the ground unconscious. Rath, Valadian, Bruxa and Lance rushed to the scene, and they are helping the two gypsies battle the chasms.


Time of day: morning / afternoon / evening / midnight / dawn

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Thanks for your critique!


Changed most of it, although The Leader is supposed to be capitalized. It's kind of like his name, so I just decided to leave that as a proper noun. Strangely, a lot of stuff here are purposefully capitalized, like The Treoraí or The Motorcade.


But thanks so much! That was pretty quick. :3

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Wow, this is really well writtin Lac dear. And soup, it is in the modern day time frame:


It is the 21st century, and not a soul knows about the Gypsies anymore, save for two secret organizations. They rival each other discreetly in their research and activities.



I thought that there might have been a few things, but it seems that soup has caught all of them.


Wait, found a few unless you meant to misspell the word:


Long ago, Travellers, or Gypsies, roamed the earth.




. The country started to grow resentful and afraid of the Travellers, and after that incident killed and burned the travellers that stopped at towns at the stake.





•No negative behaviour in any form is acceptable.


behaviour --> behavior


And that's all dear!

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Oh. Are they wrong? That's the Canadian way to spell them.


Sorry for using British spellings. We're very proud of our 'u's and double 'l's.xd.png

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Hehehe, that's what I suspected dear, so no worries there. The general spelling that I use, and I think most of the mods and approvers do, is the google and Microsoft Word spell check smile.gif

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The Forum thinks that traveller and behaviour aren't real words. I don't have to change them, do I? unsure.gif


We're very proud of-


Anyways, thanks for the help, soup and lovey~

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I don't know. That may be something to ask a mod or an approver.

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Ooh, shank you! I thought so, though. There shall be no prejudice against non US spelling! Actually I just PM-ed Khay about it... blink.gif Whoops.

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Yep, you were just using the British versions; I started to critique "traveller" until I realized it was probably a British (or Canadian? Gosh, Canadian English is so confusing) spelling.


It seems my question got lost in the kerfuffle (and... that is a real word, according to Firefox); would you like me to delete my critique posts?

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Yep, you were just using the British versions; I started to critique "traveller" until I realized it was probably a British (or Canadian? Gosh, Canadian English is so confusing) spelling.


It seems my question got lost in the kerfuffle (and... that is a real word, according to Firefox); would you like me to delete my critique posts?

I answered your question earlier. I quoted the text and she actually does state that the RP occurs in the 21st century/modern day.

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Yep, you were just using the British versions; I started to critique "traveller" until I realized it was probably a British (or Canadian? Gosh, Canadian English is so confusing) spelling.


It seems my question got lost in the kerfuffle (and... that is a real word, according to Firefox); would you like me to delete my critique posts?



Anyways, I don't know if I need you to delete your posts. Is this to clear the thread, or.... (?)


If you want to, go ahead? ^^; I have no preference.

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Deleted them. smile.gif


LoveLost, that wasn't the question I was referring to. Also, I was asking for something more concrete as 21st century does not necessarily mean our world. However, I think it's fine.


Approved! Have fun roleplaying.

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Oh myyy I didn't realize that it was approved. I checked the unapproved section and I was like: D: where'd it goooo???


Just a quick question: If I am to make an OOC for this, then where do I make it?

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You put it in the Unapproved RP section smile.gif

Kay, thanks~


I'll see if I get more players, though, before I make one. :3

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Auralia looked around her at the hole that she had crawled into to escape form something, someone that was chasing her mercilessly every day. It was a shadow, or something akin to a shadow, but then again, who was she to know what a shadow was? Her fright was evident in her eyes as she looked out of the hole to make sure that no one was there and luckily for her, the being had lost her. "Thank you." she whispered aloud to some unseen being before setpping out of the hole and trying to dust herself off the best that she could. Her pack was stashed somewhere around the corner near a large clearing where she watched the gypsies at night as they danced and sung around their fire. They were truly marvelous beings and she adored their existence while hoping that someday she might become a gypsy.


After trying to get the rat pellets off of her and out of her for a few minutes, she finally gave up so that she could get to her pack. It was more of a rigged backpack that was able to carry two more bags on it. She had reinforced the straps several times with a mixture of cloth and ducktape and it even looked like some pieces were reinforced with stout metal. Auralia hated the way that she smelled right now and couldn't stand the fact that she was in such trouble and for what reason, she didn't know.




Bruxa hummed along with her ipod that was stuck in her ears to drown out the sound of everything else around her. It would be another few minutes before she reached the Caravan where she would meet up with Ruth and . Her hand went up to her jaw where a large scar curved along her bone and itched the scar gently. Her dark hair was let loose around her face, hiding her peering eyes from everyone as they passed by, immediately putting her into the genre of goth or emo because of her dark clothes. Speaking of which, as she thought of what they were thinking about her, were in need of some sort of change. Her jeans were black jeans that hugged her hips and butt nicely but then loosened around her knees so that her legs looked lean as well. There were holes in both knees and on her thighs as well but behind them was a layer of bright red leggings. She wore a white tanktop that was covered with a red vest. Around her neck was a silver locket that she never took off and it bounced on her chest as she walked along.


When she reached the Caravan, Bruxa's eyes gained a tender look to them before returning to their normal stony gaze. At the moment, she couldn't see Ruth, but she knew that he would probably be with Valadian, the most annoying idiot in the world. She didn't exactly hate him, but she could only stand him for so long and that was only because of Ruth that she could do that.

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"Oh, look who's back." Valadian spoke cheerfully as he spotted Bruxa and walked towards her, his long, thin ponytail swinging behind his back. He knew that she couldn't somewhat stand him and that was what made him joke around her. Making people annoyed was fun.


"You really shouldn't be wandering around, you know." He scolded her, only half joking. "An Dorchadas is grower stronger, and there are gypsies to be found. We can't continue our mission if all of our members are wandering off to who knows where."


Rath glanced back at the two from the inside of the large travelling wagon, and made his way over to them. He commented, indicating that he had heard him, "Wandering could actually help us find more. Who knows, one could accidentally bump into someone."


The clearing was quite empty, but the large covered wagon, which held around two to three other members, stood still in the back alleyway. It was hidden well; the busy streets of the normal life didn't reach the stony and silent area, and Rath knew that there wouldn't be anyone who'd find a strange covered wagon in the middle of the alleyway. He stuck his head into the caravan, his brown hair falling down around his face. "Charrid," He spoke to a girl with red hair that sat on the bench inside it. "Are there any nearby?"


The girl held up a small device, her green eyes sparkling. "There haven't been any tracked around here for a while, now. Do you suppose An Dorchadas stopped sending out the Chasms?"


Rath shook his head. "That's not possible. They have no other weapon."


Valadian didn't wait for Bruxa's response, and he leaped onto the steps of the wagon and jumped to the seat next to Charrid. "Didya make that?" He asked, leaning over her with wide eyes.


Rath stuck his head out to the alleyway. "Come in, Bruxa. It looks like it might rain soon." He invited, and then joined the others inside.

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In a small town, there were two brothers. One, was only two years older, slightly more responsible, and far less handsome. The other was dashing, charming, younger, and far more fun than the other. One was far more flexible than the other. He made a lot of money. That was the young and handsome one. That young and handsome boy's name is Kolin. Kolin was now dancing. He was a very good dancer. He was tap dancing in a white tank top, jeans, suspenders, nice new shoes, and a black fedora. He was very proud of his outfit and was more than happy to be dancing. Kolin danced, switching from tap dancing, to popping, to waltzing with a bystander. At the end, he performed a well known routine made famous by a man named Michael Jackson. He threw his hat out to the crowd, watching as the dropped coins into it.


Kolin stood, catching his breath. He was a thin, lean man, and fairly handsome. He had the silk tongue of a con man, and prided himself in it. Flicking a cigarette into his hand and borrowing a match from someone in the crowd, he lit it and took a long draw out of it. The young man wasn't proud of his addiction, and planned on kicking it, but that would have to wait until he was in a more stable environment. He puffed out a smoke ring and winked at a beautiful girl nearby. Without delay, he walked towards her. "Hello there my dear," He said with his haggard voice. He cleared his throat, finished his cigarette, and chuckled. Offering his hand to her, Kolin smiled broadly. "My name is Kolin. Y'know, I don't say this to everybody... But, you look..." He paused and made a point about looking at her body. "Marvelous,"

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In a small town, there were two brothers. One was only two years younger, quite a bit more irresponsible, had terrible sense of fashion, and far less handsome. The other was funny, collected, uptight about appearance, calculating and grudgingly responsible. This one was far stronger, not exactly rich, but also wasn't poor. This older responsible one's name was Rollo, short for Roland. This man was now watching his brother dance, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. Perhaps Rollo wasn't flexible, but he was strong and could be a good partner so long as he didn't have to do the splits. Which Rollo was convinced Kolin could do. Huffing, Rollo shook his head as Kolin tossed his hat out to collect coins. What a dreadful thing to wear, anyway. With all the money Kolin had, he chose to look like some trash? Rollo, on the other hand, was dressed nicely in nice pants and a shirt a corporate businessman might wear.


Rollo sighed as Kolin took a cigarette and lit it, then turning and taking the hand of the woman. "My name is Kolin. Y'know, I don't say this to everybody... But, you look... marvelous." He snorted and rolled his eyes. "Yes you do," the elder brother muttered, rubbing his temples. "Now I, on the other hand, have only said that to a select few people, all of which I dated..." Rollo continued, talking to himself. He hadn't dated someone in more than a year. It was pitiful, but he really didn't mind. Being a bachelor was freedom... At least, it was supposed to be. But Kolin always seemed to get them into trouble, somehow or another.

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Kolin wasn't done talking with the girl, but he had a bad feeling. Now, he didn't always trust these bad feelings, but this one he did. It was in the pit of his stomach, not in the hairs on his back. And so, he ended the conversation. "Nice to meet you, pleasure to see you, but I have to leave. I've got a Gypsy's soul," He winked at her, scooped up his heavy fedora, and pocketed the change. As the crowd dispersed, he walked to his brother's side. Rollo was dressed polar opposite of himself. And, that was just fine with him. Like any good con artist, he had a wing man. Rollo was always given money and instructed to stand and watch him and "pay" him appropriately. It brought more people in when there was another person watching. Kolin loved Rollo, but, quite often, he was an absolute stick in the mud. Kolin didn't mind though, he was very good at bringing fun to any occasion, even where Rollo was involved.


"Hey, hey..." Kolin glanced around anxiously for whatever may be following them. They'd been attacked before by something Kolin couldn't explain. Now, he had that feeling that he'd gotten before. He trusted this feeling and wished that Rollo would start to do the same. "Rollo, it's time to get a move on. I've got that feeling again, y'know. That uneasy one. I don't want to stay here any longer. Besides, I'm sure that you'll find a girlfriend in the next town. Maybe then you'll stop being so *fill in the blank with your choice swear phrase* touchy about everything," He flicked a cigarette out and offered it to Rollo. "Here, it'll cut your nerves down a bit. Take it while we go. I hate not leaving when I feel like this, y'know, watched."

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Auralia was shocked by the sudden audacity of a man that was near her as he held out his hand to her. The complement brought a slight blush to her face, however he was strange enough to cause her to keep her hands to herself. When another man seemed to speak up, he stated that his brother, or so she guessed, stated that he always told that to the women that he met. It was odd, that they would be like this out in the open with a stranger near by but then again, maybe they hadn't seen the thing chasing her.


When the younger of the two turned around after stating that he had a gypsy's heart, Auralia hoped he had meant it literally. "Do you really mean that?" she said her voice soft and gentle but her eyes questioning him, begging him to really be a gypsy like herself.



((editing in Bruxa))


Bruxa looked harshly at Valarian as he walked up to her and told her to not wander around. "I wouldn't have to wander around if you weren't here." Her voice was cold as he spoke. "Besides, I was getting groceries." she said and shoved the bag of groceries into his arms before realizing that Rath had poked his head out of the Caravan. In response she nodded and looked defiantly at Valarian as if to say 'See?'


Bruxa smirked at Valarian as Rath asked Charrid if she could sense anyone around them and it seemed like she couldn't which was either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the area that they were in and honestly, Bruxa didn't really care.


"You mean I have to be in close quarters with that idiot?" she asked in mock annoyance as she climbed into the Caravan and sat near Rath. He was always comforting to her despite his younger age. Just the fact that someone cared about whether or not she was wet and cold was something that mattered to her and it mattered a lot.

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Rollo watched as Kolin broke it off with the girl quickly. He was about to ask what that was about, but Kolin was already there beside him, telling him that they had to move on. "Moving on sounds good to me. I hate this damn town," he growled, crossing his arms and glaring icily at Kolin, his shoulders tense. "I'm perfectly fine a bachelor! And I am NOT goddamn touchy!" he shouted, eyebrows knit, his mouth in an angry snarl. Rollo's hand's were clenched in tight fists as he eased his breathing, though you could still see the steam coming from his nose. Taking the cigarette, Rollo lit it and put it to his mouth, glaring at the sky. "Right then, let's get a move on," he muttered, clapping Kolin on the back and moving past him, only to come to an abrupt stop. "But where to? If we're leaving we should plan and know where we're going," the elder brother murmured, thinking. "Whereabouts is the next town?" he mused, scratching the stubble along his jawline. "We need to move- Hey, that girl's still here, Kolin. I thought you got rid of her!" he growled, glaring at the woman. "Go away and leave my brother alone, you hear? You're going to stop prodding and you're going to go away now," Rollo snapped, his voice crisp and cold like the daunting and unloving glaciers that dot the arctic oceans.

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Auralia glared back at Rollo just as hard as he glared at her. Despite her kind voice, she wasn't going to take rude nature from anybody. Didn't matter who, or how big...she could just incinerate them if push came to shove. "Who are you to tell me what to do?" she said and folded her arms underneath her bust. Her body was planted in the ground as if she would not move even if heaven and earth were to fall down about her ears. "I asked a question and I bloody well expect it to be answered." she stated and made sure to keep herself from getting too angry. If she did get too angry, she would never get her answer AND those beasts would be after her again and hunting her down. "Now, were you serious about having the heart of a gypsy?" her question was pleading, begging, hoping for there to be some amount of truth in their statement.

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