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The Caravan

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Lance looked up from rummaging inside the fridge in slight alarm at the mention of the three newcomers fighting outside. “Do you think we should keep an eye on them? They are probably still new to their powers and might not know their strength.” Lance grinned in a rather stupid manner when Kessiah hugged him, “Morning Kessiah! Where did you go last night? You missed out on all the ‘fun’ things that we got to do, rescuing those three from the chasms.” Lance rolled his eyes when he mentioned ‘those three’ and smiled warmly at Kessiah. Lance rather liked the calm girl and he was feeling happy to be hugged by a beautiful girl first thing in the morning.


His forehead was showing a red bump courtesy of his encounter with the bench but he no longer noticed it. At the mention of groceries, Lance looked around and found Kessiah setting out some fruits and vegetables along with some cereal and milk. Lance grabbed an apple and bit into it, smiling like he was in heaven. Gripping the apple between his teeth, Lance found a bowl and began pouring cereal and milk into it. “Yow wa?” Lance gestured at the milk and cereal and looked at Bruxa questioningly.

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Kessiah giggled as Lance seemed to be a bit overly enthusiastic about seeing her in the morning. She glanced outside and realized that the young woman had disappeared into the air and was sitting on a building making the young, doe eyed woman's eyebrows raise in surprise. "I was out getting groceries."


"I told you I would!" Bruxa growled as she sat down on a bench.


"I didn't hear you Bruxa." Kessiah said in a calming manner before turning back to Lance. "Those three are a rather intruiging trio. They seem to hate each other and that girl...she seems contradictory to herself at times. But there is going to be someone out in the world who never ever contradicts themselves. Such is the way of life." she said as she turned back to Lance with a bright smile, her white teeth showing in stark contrast to her ebony skin.


Bruxa raised an eyebrow at Lance, fighting back a small laugh which soon won out causing a small grin to break her stony visage before it quickly mended itself. "I don't eat in the morning." There was a small tone in her voice that finished her sentence for her, ending it with an intended 'But thanks anyway'.


Kessiah was smiling and giggling at Lance as he spoke through the apple. He was one to be funny and that always brightened her day.

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Lance shrugged good-naturedly when Bruxa declined breakfast. The two girls argued a bit about grocery duty, which Lance hated, while he set down the cereal bowl. Meanwhile, Kessiah was giggling at him, possibly because of the apple. Lance winked at her and happened to glance outside the window. Fire girl seemed to have somehow transported herself on top of one of the buildings and was now sitting there while on fire. Lance's mouth dropped open when he saw this and the apple dropped out. The apple was going to hit the floor when suddenly, it stopped and floated up.


“Someone is going to have to bring some clothes for fire girl. And what is she doing? Lighting a bonfire for everyone so that they know where to find us?” Lance glanced at Bruxa and Kessiah. He was most definitely not bringing any clothing for a pretty naked girl. He would probably die of embarrassment before he even reached her. Lance caught the floating apple and bite into it, chewing it absently while he frowned as he glanced back outside the window.

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Rath didn't like to be woken up in the morning by the sounds of angry shouting and insults, but that was the first thing he had heard when his eyes were open. Groaning, he got up and climbed the ladder down. Valadian was already up, although Rath suspected that he never really quite went to sleep in the night.

Rath trudged grudgingly out of the Caravan, and the soft sunlight of the morning could be seen over the tops of the large buildings. The atmosphere was anything but peaceful. There was a strong tension in the air and Rath turned around to head back inside. They could brawl all they wanted. As long as none of the existing members got hurt. He didn't quite care. Rath sat down on the bench farthest in to the right, and he leaned down with his elbows on his knees and pressed his fingertips together.


Valadian was up much earlier than the slightest sound had arouse, but now that it was more late morning, he was sitting silently in his chair at the panel listening to the loud sounds and shouts that were coming from outside the caravan. His pocket suddenly vibrated, and he reached in to pull out his cell phone out of it. He flipped it open. The bright screen read two words, a name, caller ID.

Ravyen... He thought, and then hesitated a moment before pressing the call button and bringing the phone up to his ear.

"Ravyen?" Valadian's voice downed to a whisper. He could hear frantic and short breaths on the other end, and he felt a sharp jut jolt his stomach

"Ravyen? What's wrong?"

"You never answer your phone." The man's short breath had a tone of refreshment to it, and Valadian leaned back in his chair, grateful to hear his familiar friend's voice.

"Yeah, well..." Valadian smirked, although he knew that the conversation receiver wouldn't be able to see it. "What do you need now?"

"I have a problem. Do you think you could get here?"

Valadian looked around the Caravan. The space was vast but there wasn't anywhere the large wagon couldn't land. "How fast do you need me?"

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