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Red vs. Blue

Favourite season?  

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Searched and didn't find anything. If there is already a board, it must have a pretty strange title. xP


Anyway, does anyone else watch/used to watch the amazing machinima, "Red vs. Blue", by Rooster Teeth?


I'm thoroughly enjoying Season Nine, but I kinda miss the nonsensical fun of the "Blood Gulch Chronicles". Still, this new, slightly more plot-driven direction will gain Rooster Teeth a whole new group of fans, which is good for them.


I love it all. <3

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No one wants to talk about Red vs Blue?? lol Well I love it! Haven't watched it in a while, though, need to catch up. smile.gif

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*poofs in for a moment*


And, indeed, there will be very much to catch up on. ^^




I love it, too! Donut is so sweet.

And they're all, of course, completely and hilariously insane. xd.png


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I'm at the very end of Season Three (watched the first season with my sister ages ago, now we're going through and watching it all again), and it's awesome so far! <3

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I love Season Three! =D


A lot of people think it was a low point for the thing, but I love it. Especially the robot army...

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Jump finished Season Four (I've been putting it off) and it definitely seems to be the worse so far. Season two and three were just hilarious, though. xd.png

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Three is hilarious, isn't it? xd.png


I quite enjoyed season four, mainly because of the "quest".

I laugh every time I see those noobs having their casual conversations, oblivious to the havoc around them.

I guess it's an matter of opinion, though. ^^


I hope you enjoy season five more!



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Lol, true, those guys were beautiful. xd.png


Watching season five. I think I'm fifteen episodes in. Sister is great.

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Haha, yeah. Sister is my friend's favourite character. xd.png

She is amazing, and with such a talented mother too...

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I've watched all of it besides the mini series and the latest season. I've loved all of it but I missed the more sarcastic Church. I wish they'd bring that back with him I loved him throwing fits.

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Zovesta- Reconstruction is the best in the Recollection! =D

I love the end. It's just...it's epic, and suspenseful...

And, yes. Then you get your mind blown. xd.png


Demonic-person: I've watched it all, except the newest mini series.

I missed Donut most, I think. =(

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how....how am I meant to decide which one is my favourite?

how can you even ask that?

and why are there so few people commenting in this thread?

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I know! Heathens. xd.png


I don't really have a favourite, either. It just sounded like a good poll.


Are you a Red or a Blue, then? xP

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I love this series. Probably watched it too quickly, but the action scenes are awesome. Wishing Season 10 would come out.


Out of the currently released seasons, my favourite is either Season 8 or Season 9.


Favourite characters:

Red team: Grif, with Donut being second favourite.

Blue team: Church, Tucker was a close runner-up.

Freelancers: Washington, though Wyoming is pretty funny too. xd.png


If that question (Red or Blue?) was directed at anyone reading this thread; I would have to say that I am a Red. Sarge is pretty cool/funny, would be eventful serving as his subordinate. Though, I wouldn't mind being a Blue (or a Freelancer) either. laugh.gif

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Woot! I'm a Blue, too, although I adore most characters. <3


Omen- Oooh, cool avatar!


The Ice Fight in Season Eight is my favourite animated sequence. ^^

My favourite characters are...


Red Team: Donut, with Simmons in second

Blue Team: It changes A LOT. Possibly Tucker, but I adored "Blood Gulch" Tex.

Freelancers: York. <3

Although, I think CT's voice actor is simply amazing.


Dirty Red...xP


I think either would be good. It'd be too much work being a Freelancer, though.




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Season 9: Episode 2 is my favourite episode for action sequences (mind you, there are some pretty awesome sequences in other episodes too!). I guess I like it because North and South sorta work as a team, but not all that well. laugh.gif


*Attempts to think of something Sarge would say without using "Dirty Blue"* Can't think of anything. ;_; Pretty much all he says apart from degrading Grif. Speaking of Grif, I felt sorry for him in the fight against Tex. Forgot which season it was, but it was R&B vs Tex). laugh.gif


I'd love to be a freelancer, wouldn't be as boring doing the same thing day in and day out. Then again, the Reds/Blues tend to make their own entertainment. xd.png I'd call myself Agent Awesome, just because. Just kidding, no idea what I would call myself, barely know any American cities, let alone States (kinda backwards, but saying it in reverse wouldn't work).


I missed Sister, she was good comedy comedy relief (yes I said it twice because RvB is full of comedy). I'd like to know her name, surely if her mother was as talented as she said, she'd have named her too. xd.png


About the avatar, thanks. :3

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I'm definitely a Red team. =V The Red team is fantastic for laughs, while, the Blue team pushes the story along.


Still haven't gotten around to watching Season 7, but the rest was fantastic.

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Omen (or whatever your name is. xP): That was Season Eight, episode ten: "This one goes to eleven". ^^


Myself, my brother and our stepbrothers have our little Freelancer nicknames.

Only one of us, Illinois, is an actual state.

I'm Hattie. Short for Manhattan, because of that episode in season eight where Grif is trying desperately to think of the name of a state. xd.png

(Of course, Manhattan isn't. That's the point).


I would probably get very annoyed at Tucker, if I was a Blue, and leave fir Red Team to join Donut.

...but, in theory, I'm still a Blue.


They have a cooler flag design, anyway.


Sister does have a name. It's Kaikaina, according to her character profile. ^^

I missed her, too. She was my friend's favourite character in season five. xd.png


Zovesta- Oooh, Seven is good. Lopez finally gets a chance to shine. ^^


I made my stepbrother a Washington, for Christmas. He was very pleased.

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Oo awesome. She uh, does have quite the interesting name. Pity she hasn't been called by it through the series (well, from what I remember anyway). Lopez is hilarious too, it's a pity he cannot speak english for it would've made his sarcastic nature even more obvious. biggrin.gif


Manhattan is close enough imo, just from an non-american point of view. Seems everything happens in Manhattan (Prototype comes to mind, as well as a few other movies I am currently having extreme trouble remembering).


If I went for a state name I'd probably go for Louisiana. Just because it's the closest thing to my actual given names. Rofl (and because the series has used most of the cool names ;_;). Or I could always choose an Australian state name. However there are only two states that sound less than corny, and only one I'd actually use. xd.png


Lol, you got it right (Omen being correct). Thanks for the season and episode number, now I can watch it again without sifting through them. :3


So that's two Blues and two Reds. We're in a stalemate. Come join Red base, we have Donut. biggrin.gif


If Doc was actually on a team, he'd probably be a favourite of mine too. xd.png


That sounds like it would've been an awesome present Thorn. biggrin.gif

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I'd have to say my favorite is when Tex makes a major ass whooping on all the guys. I can't remember which season or episode, but not only was I impressed with the effects, but it was very creative and funny. xd.png

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Omen- I adore Lopez, mainly because of Season Seven. xd.png


I'm not American, either. I pretty much only know that it isn't a state because of that show....


Wait, are you Australian? =o

I'm from New Zealand. That practically makes us cousins, in the view of larger countries. xP


I would like "Illinois" as a name. It sounds quite pretty.

Or "Nevada".


Oh, cool. Usernames always confuse me, but "Omen" is quicker to write than "Vampiric".

No problem. It's a good episode. ^^


Donut? Aww, man...

Don't tempt me with your Red ways! xd.png


Well, he thought it was, even if it was basically just a painted Halo Megablocks figure on a mongoose.

I really want a soft toy Donut, but I can't ask for him to make one for me, because he can't sew....


AngelicEvil- Once again...Season Eight, episode ten. xP



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Just watched Season 7 (finally)!


It was great. I just have one thing to say...





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Favourite season? [X] ALL OF THEM! xd.png


Although I admit I've watched chapter 19 of season 8 ("reunion" where they walk into Tex' trap and then all kinds of awesome things happen) and episode 10 of season 9 ("introduction" where the "new guy" kicks everyone's ass and you think: I know that fighting style, that must be Tex! And it is.) most often, I really like the earlier seasons with all that standing around and talking (especially Caboose but that goes without saying biggrin.gif ).

Favourite characters... Caboose, the Meta, Tex and Lopez. Not necessarily in that order.


We are in the future, things are very shiny here.

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