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You are reading this.


This post was edited.


This is bold text.


This is italic text.


The name of this thread is "STATE THE OBVIOUS"


I use correct grammar.


This post begins with "You are reading this."


I have a signature, avatar, and username.


I have a password.


I don't like idiots.


I like nice people.


I have a Photobucket.


Everyday I eat something.


Everyday I sleep.


You always wake up after sleeping unless you die.


I like Sunny Milk.


"Forum Games" is in the "General Discussion" category.


The forum has moderators.


This post is long.


The statements in this post are spaced out.


I play Dragon Cave.


I have internet to play Dragon Cave.


To use the internet, I have a computer.


I am typing on the computer, so I have a keyboard/motherboard.


There are keys on the keyboard/motherboard.


I am moving my mouse, so I have a cursor.


I have a cursor, so I can click on things.


I can click on things, like to play Dragon Cave.


This is a cycle.


You must follow the rules.


Rules are sometimes complicated.


Complicated rules are boring.


Boring things aren't fun.


Fun makes people happy.


Happy people have a good life.


Good lives are happy lives.

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