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Here I come again~!


Herbivores eat plants.


Carnivores eat meat.


Omnivores eat plants and meat.


This is a sentence.


Schools hire teachers.


The TARDIS is from Doctor Who.


The sentence above is so obvious, even one who has not watched the show may recognize it due to many references.


There are eight planets in the solar system.


Pluto no longer counts as a planet.

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I am crazy.


The person above me can think of lots of things.


I love my little pony.

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If you can read this you know how to read.


Wool comes from sheep.


Fish breathe in water.


Humans cannot breathe in water.


Most mammals give birth to live children.


Reptiles usually lay eggs.


Birds lay eggs.


Birds can fly.


Airplanes can fly.


Boats float.


Wood floats.


Most rocks do not float.


Humans can usually float.


I am posting in a topic that is located in Forum Games.

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It's been a week since summer solstice.

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I like My Little Pony.


I like Rainbow Dash.


I have 2 tabs open.


One of the tabs is Facebook.


The user above me has a Forum account.


It's 102 degrees outside.


Its 81.9 degrees inside.


It's hot today.


There are trees outside.


Cars run on gasoline.


Cars are different colors.


The sky isn't always blue.


The grass isn't always green.


I like the forums.




I stopped talking it caps.


I am typing.


You are reading this.


Questions don't always have answers.


Opinions are not fact.



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this sentence is written in lowercase.

This, sentence uses incorrect grammar.

I just edited this post.

Edited by greenglassesgal

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I love you.

I love you too because we share at least 3 interests

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My country just lost their football (soccer for all you Americans) game in the European championship sad.gif

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TPAM was born when I did my Abitur (A-levels equivalent)

I waste way too much time on the internet.

Joss Whedon is really cool, because

....he kills people I like

...."Once more with feeling"

....he finally let Kitty and Pjotr sleep with each other

...the Avengers - all of it


Neil Gaiman is really cool because he's Neil Gaiman.

Edited by herk

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I Am Currently Using Kanaya's Typing Quirk. But I Am Also Using Nepeta's Hue Of Text. I May Be Annoying Many Who Read This Post. I Extend My Deepest Apologies.


...Geez, that was really hard to type. Flipping capital letters on every word. dry.gif

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If you see a small, blue, flying orb of light that constantly screams "HEY! LISTEN!", it means you must run away fast. Or it means you are playing the Legend of Zelda.

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