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  1. I've seen people with a medium progress level of dementia who didn't stutter, and most people don't until they're close to losing their speech altogether. *shrugs* What you can notice is that their use of language goes down, sometimes rapidly. They speak less of their own accord, and when they do, they resort to the same common phrases over and over. And if you aks them for something specific - like what they had for dinner yesterday - they won't be able to give you a correct answer. The most likely answer is something like "The usual, you know?". No specifics, just something to cover up their lack of memory. This, however, does not mean that all people with dementia lack a will of their own, quite the contrary. That being said, I'm just now watching a cut of the highlights of the 2nd presidential debate, and noticed something. Most of the time, Trumps facial expressions are... lacking. There just isn't much to see. Also his hand gestures, they're usually restricted to a small number of mostly slow gestures. But when the point about "foreign entanglements" came up, Trump was way, way more animated, but in a way that makes him seem really, really nervous. At least as long as he's talking about his bank account in China. This changes abruptly when he goes back to blaming Hunter and Joe Biden again. I really think that this bank account (which, apparently, isn't closed as Trump claimed) should be investigated a bit more in-depth.
  2. Maybe because I saw a dragon named Bob that perfectly fits into a lineage project I'm working on, and I'd like to ask for a sibling or offspring? Which, while not officially part of the game, is quite possible on the fo5rums. (And, yes, I usually offer an at least equivalent exchange when asking for breedings.) We don't always have the codes or links to a dragon's lineage handy, after all.
  3. More like 15, it will be 16 by the time she leaves office. Four full terms. Also, her leadership qualities are so-so. Yes, she'smostly good for Europe - but she's better for Europe than she's for Germany, if you catch my drift.
  4. An alternative layout that could involve looking through hundreds of Bobs, if not thousands. Even if your own dragons are displayed on top, what if you're looking for the original which happens to not be on your scroll? It's not always easy as with Missingno, where you can tell at a glance whether that's the dragon you're looking for or not. Inbred checking is something I only trust to external fansites by now, unless the lineage is no higher than 4th gen. Still, for those pesky low-gens, it's still easier to memorize names than codes because most names are not a random string of five characters. The same way that other players' hunting and breeding affects your chances to hunt and breed, to find something but a wall in the AP or how much a dragon costs in the market. (And, yes, I'm still against AP walls literally taking out a big part of gameplay unless you raise what someone else forces you to raise.)
  5. Looks like your signature really checks out then.
  6. I hate to disagree regarding Trump and dementia, but he sure shows signs of it. His whole speech patterns - repeating himself ad nauseam, often pausing before repeating. If you think that looks like he forgot what he was going to say, you're most likely right. Also the way he treats "facts" or "truths" he tweets - it's like he expects other people to forget his old tweets as fast as he does. And if you're going to ask me how someone with dementia is able to lead a country, just look around yourself. (Do you really want to ask me that question again?) Also, at this stage, using the technique best suited to the person, people with dementia are often quite easy to influence. And the way to do it with Trump seems to be flattery and maybe some hints of "You really need to sign this, Mr. President, you're the only one who can..." Also @Wizardwoman Care to align this with your views? https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LNS14000031
  7. @Fuzzbucket Loved that vid. So did my daughter. I just did the maths including the case numbers of today. There are 69 new cases. Combine that with the rest of the week, and we reach a whopping 219.6 new infections per week and 100 k population.
  8. Codes are usually harder to memorize than a name. Also, many people preferred code display on mouse-over. This, however, is never instant and quite hard on mobile.
  9. @Wizardwoman You forgot to add /sarcasm to your post...
  10. I think that argument goes both ways. There's my side, which says that exclusivity is fine and you can find countless ways around it if the name is taken, and that exclusive names have their benefits. And there's your side, which says that only this exact name [insert your name of choice] will do, and nothing else, and every other argument pales in comparison.
  11. Well, add a descriptor. I tried exactly four times, each one a success. If you'd like to take one of those for yourself, let me know:
  12. Well, names can still be made unique with other methods. You want to name your dragon "Bob" after your deceased father? How about... My Dad Bob Bob Best Father Ever Bob Daddy of the Year/Decade/Century/Millenium Daddy/Dad/Papa/Pa/... Bob (Whatever you actually called him) In Memoriam Bob And so on and so forth. You might add your Bob's middle initial for customization. For further customization, add the initial of the family name. Or use slightly creative spelling. Bobb, for example. Or B'ob, Bo'b or even B'o'b. A different nickname if applicable - Bobba, Bobby, whatever. Combine these methods, and you'll get your memorial dragon for your dad named Bob - and the name even expresses more than the mere given name - your relationship to Bob and probably even what you think of him. You can further add to the memorial by describing your dragon. There are countless options, if you're willing to put in the effort. What you probably won't get is a dragon named merely "Bob" - but how much significance is in a common given name?
  13. Woohoo, 98 new cases in Solingen today! /sarcasm Okay, so I'm not sure whether to react sarcastically or with black humor right now. I guess I don't deal well with that. Oh, and my coworkers and I need to get tested for covid again, just because of our job/clientele. Well then. And, from (I think) next Monday on, we need to fill out sheets where we need to check/cross out all kinds of symptoms we experience that might be related to covid - cough, trouble with breathing, fever, unusual tiredness, sore throat and sniffles/congested nose (or something along those lines). Personally, I always have a congested nose, so, well, no idea how well that's going to be received. 😛 Oh well, we'll see.
  14. You're right. My bad. Somehow, things must have gone wrong in that weird brain of mine. Which means I need to correct something else, too.
  15. @Classycal That's quite a lot. If we presume that half of your active cases got found in the last week (it might be a little less, to be honest), then we arrive at an incidence of 100,000/35,098*54=153.9, so roughly the same order of magnitude as my hometown. As I said before, it might be a little less since not everyone recovers after 2 weeks, so maybe around the 120s to 130s? Still a lot.
  16. From what I read, people become infectious around day 3 after catching the virus. Which means they run around for two days spreading it before the first symptoms turn up.
  17. Actually, I recently read that covid usually shows after around 5 days, although I have to admit it must be easy to mistake for a simple cold at first.
  18. Have you seen the new numbers from France? Over 40 k new cases today! Over 20 k for Spain and the UK each... I think I'm starting to get panicky.
  19. The stricter measures are a joke. Oh, you now must wear a mask in highly frequented areas outside - like a market or a pedestrian zone. Oh, you now cannot meet with more than (I think it was) 10 people in public (restaurants and the like). You know how people circumvent that rule? By just ordering two separate tables. Not to mention by driving to a different town where these measures aren't in effect just yet. And, no, no real lockdown in sight. Business as usual, and our politicians are twiddling their thumbs waiting for the vaccine. Btw, the Netherlands are already so badly affected that Germany took a number of their sick people, probably those in need of an ICU.
  20. I recently got a message that went something like this (translated from memory): I had a dream. It's the summer of 2021, a new diarrhea pandemic is running rampant. We're all sitting at the beach wearing diapers, and I think, "Well, 2020 being at the beach wearing a face mask wasn't all that bad." Also, I recently started doing some "mathcrobatics", and I realized that, right now, Europe really is in a bad situation regarding corona. How, you may ask - well, I decided to compare the numbers of the worst-affected countries to the US' numbers. Of course, this means I have to put the numbers into perspective regarding the countries' population. And I did it like this: Germany (population of 84 million) has about a fourth of the US population (332 million), so in order to compare numbers, I'd have to multiply Germany's new cases by 4. Simple, right? The results are kinda frightening. Let's take todays number (roughly projected towards a population of 332 million). Let's call it the "US index" for short. US of A: currently 53 k new cases. (Will probably rise a little bit more.) Russia: 35 k (US index) Spain: 119 k France: 135 k UK: 132 k Italy: 83 k Germany: 41 k Ukraine: 50 k (roughly) Netherlands: 170 k Belgium: 300 k (almost) Czechia: 290 k Poland: 87 k Romania: 85 k Portugal: 83 k Switzerland: 214 k Belarus: 25 k Austria: 74 k Ireland: 80 k Luxembourg: 227 k And so on. the numbers themselves are nothing short of terrifying. For fellow German or those interested: I broaded the countries we share a border with. It's truly disheartening.
  21. Sounds like something he'd do. Or declare he switched parties mid-election. Or that he now represents both parties and thus, won. Because everyone voted for him. 😛
  22. @Astreya Oh boy! I remember learning typical items on a French menu in my French class - I think it was the beginning of year 2, though. I can't imagine how tough it would be with a language like Japanese, where some things are written in unique signs you won't know unless you've learned them already. At least you had your lectors with you to help out. Or did you have to pick things at random? 😛
  23. Well, I've been to one exactly once, about two years ago. All by myself and only for the experience.
  24. @Fly-by-Night According to what I could find, it's been closed for over a decade, so it's most likely not corona-related.