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CB Codes Group | Trade/breeding info in profile (Updated July 27th 2019) | I collect CB codes! Info in profile.


Protochroma is an adoptables game with an array of creatures featuring colourful variants. Click to see my stuff!

Breeding info regarding all of my dragons, including CB Prizes, is in my profile.

I can be found on both the Unofficial and Official Discords under the name Wymsical.

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    I collect CB codes. Words, phrases, anything containing WYM or GVM, and ESPECIALLY inappropriate things. If you ever find some you think I might like, shoot me a PM. Sometimes I may be willing to work out a deal for code I think is exceptional.


    I currently DO NOT want to be contacted about 2G Prizes from EITHER of my CB Prizes. I do not trade PB Prizes. I post 2G Prizes up for trade sometimes, so keep a lookout!

    Feel free to ask me about offspring from other, non-CB Prizes I own.


    The 2G Prizekin list is OPEN for BOTH Bronze Tinsel and Silver Shimmer. You will be given a spot in line for the Prize of your choice (Bronze Tinsel or Silver Shimmer, if you have no preference that's fine too) in exchange for either of the following: 1 CB good code (egg or hatchling, breed/type irrelevant) OR 2 CB hatchlings of Breeds I Like (listed below, you are free to mix and match then). If a list for either dragon has gotten as long as I am comfortable with, I will close it until it has been cleared out.

    When contacting me please present your offering via a Teleport link, your Prize preference (if you have one), and the gender preference for the offspring. The latter is for safety if you are unable to take your egg when it is immediately ready, as I will influence and raise eggs up until they grow up. If you don't pick up your dragon before it grows up on my scroll, you are sent to the back of the line. If this event occurs two times your spot in line will be forfeited and you will get nothing as I will consider you to be inactive. You may only be in each line ONCE at a time; I do not let people take up multiple spots in a line.

    When I respond I will give you your spot in line, the current day of the week the respective dragon breeds (this doesn't usually shift, but it is possible for it to change by a day or so). Please note that I have my own breeding habits and projects for both of these dragons which means I will not guarantee the breed of the Prizekin you get. It is possible you may be sent something with a disclaimer that the mate will be killed; if you are not comfortable with this you are free to deny the egg with no repercussions. Dragons with this disclaimer are all zombie lineage attempts.


    I do reasonable breeding requests for free. I've got some amusing name/code combinations. I'll also do commons/uncommons from CB Holiday/Valentines/Halloween/Metal dragons. Just shoot me a PM of what it is you're looking for and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it.


    Pairings that still need to be done in breeding the Tinsel to everything project: Itus Canto., Sophos Canto., Mundus Canto., Iratus Canto., Pitfire, Pitfire Reborn, Equinox, Skystrider, Sapo, Cloudplume, Brown Alcedine, Blue Alcedine, Red Xol, Blue Xol, Stratos, Crystalline, Sandwaste, Zombie Amp. (Sunsong), Zombie Lev. (Deepsea), Zombie Lin. (Blusang), Zombie Wingless (Magma)


    My favourite dragon breeds: Stratos, Seragamma, Rift, Ash, Fell, Aeon, Bright-breasted, Deepsea, Green Nebulas, both Ridgewings, and Sunset.


    I have no tolerance for people who ignore my requests to not contact me about specific things listed in my profile and signature.