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  1. hmmm was he doing those things and is his scroll unhidden? is his name on that scroll tj09 as well? was he discussing it in discord? You seem to have as many questions as I do, did you actually know the answers? Seriously would like to know, will he be breeding these other two headeds or more purebloods?
  2. I'm not spamming my own thread, each post is to a different person, putting them all into one post would confuse them even more because apparently ya'll can't tell what I'm referring to ,also a point as ridiculous and not a person again are you not actually reading my post its plan and simple. Nice long post olympe, and completely different than what i call a cold contact email,that is exactly an example of harassment that you posted. this is what i am saying is ridiculous to call harassment 12 pm Hey I noticed you have an X type dragon would you mind breeding it for me? I can offer a trade in return. 12:01 No I don't breed upon request, my dragons are mine and i do not breed for others. 12:02 Fine thanks was just hoping. tell me is that harassment?? can you people not see the difference between them? where did you come up with that 8 scroll thing?and people from work and stuff. There are many people here who have multiple players in the same household, fyi that means same ip address, they are not multi scrolls so having a registry only the mods and tj can see makes sence so innocents aren't penalized for playing a game cause there are those who ruin it for everyone. have a video conference or a picture with each of you and your niks all together or something, There were a few people that lost everything because roommates used same ip. So you can play how ever you want but people in the same household can't, that's not really fair is it. its like having member verification like other sites have. breeding value, true not your dragon not your stock, i'm discussing my stock, you make it sound like everyone will be required to put a dragon or two up for stud, like seriously, why bring things up to the point of absurdity, again the point is absurd levels not the person, i have to point that out cause people don't know how to tell the difference apparently. as for this will lead to more harassment, its really not, if its run like the hub, then its no worse than the hub. and why have mods if they are not to stop harassment, or are they only good for identifying people spamming, This is the only BB board system i've even been apart of that calls on topic posts spam just because there are more than one. Not sure how my post got split up in two by the quote so my post is in half, so the first part of my post is on top but should be following it.
  3. oo congrats you made a zombie!
  4. If you don't say examples of those other forms of contact, then yes still a regular cold contact in pm message is not harassment and trying to lump it in with other harassing activities really is ridiculous and everyone trying to insist on adding harassing activities to things that are not harassment, and lumping them together is ridiculous. I'm not saying there is no harassment, but calling any email/pm's /contact about studding or trades or breeding all lumped together into harassment just makes real harassment fade to the background. Anything that is harassing behavior is what mods are for. Just being contacted is not harassment. It is the definition of what a ridiculous argument is(or what it used to be back early 80's debating rules) Taking something to extreme or overly exaggerated positions. But this is a discussion on studding and not a harassment thread. If you fear studding out your dragons do not put them on the hublike ads or marketplace or what ever would work best, which is what i'd truely like us to discuss, what sort of option would work best. If you would never want to do or have anything to do with studding out your dragon then, its quite simple for you. Don't do it. Like trying to make neglected or vampires, you don't like killing your dragons, then don't do it.
  5. Really I don't think there would necessarily be more contact then there is for the trading hub. Might also be a good way to identify multiscrollers, but multiplayer households should have some kind of registry, not fare that i can't trade with family members, hell we discuss it over dinner!! Also for those who try to breed for value for good trades, or to show case exception lineages, why would that be wrong? Also already said i would definitely put my prize up for studding, also i mentioned a time limit for the transaction, maybe two weeks or so and it just comes back to your scroll, sort of an automatic thing, and I really don't see TJ or the mods being so mean as to say oh well your screwed if they close someones account and you have proof your dragon was out to stud with them. maybe even keep owners name on that dragons pages and have studded to field, so they can see. We spend shards for market why not for stud, the stud gets half the price of the ad placed maybe, like if they ony offer 100 shards i'd never take it but if someone pays 1000 shards to run the add, my stud fee would be half that, that's fine for a one on one person exchange but for a multi scroller that'd be a big amount to loose.
  6. I'm am saying that just being contacted is not harassment and calling it that is ridiculous. No ifs and's or buts on that. Being contacted repeatedly when told not to, being asked repeatedly for something and that whole 300 prize dragon massbred, like wth is that about? lol Those are two different things, trying to lump them together is wrong, and trying to make my answer about it lumped together is wrong as well, and honestly if you want 0 emails and messages then yes log on as hidden, and never go to your inbox.There is a point where you have to interact with people when you sign up for a site where you are supposed to interact with others. If you do not want to interact then yes do not have a forum account, you can come on and browse news and such without logging in. Just being cold contacted about a breeding or what ever does not equate to harassment, stop lumping it together. If you are already getting harassed then this suggestion really isn't going to change that. Mods are here for a reason use them. People who harass need to be banned, that's just simple. Same thing here, if you trade on hub then you shouldn't have an issue with something very hub like. hahah true btw, What was that other way to breed between scrolls which is better than studding out? Really curious about that.
  7. oh absolutely not, theres a segment who've argued against suggestions before because they weren't really real world acceptable, that was sort of an aside, if you really wanted to be real world you'd put life spans on them,(I do NOT agree with life spans) and dude i have over 2 k cb dragons and i only collect them, lineages aren't actually my thing, unless it's a second or 3rd gen pb. and you are 100% correct no one has to breed there dragons! I'd be fine loaning out a few of my dragons, but I also have some I wouldn't loan out. but like you said no one has to breed there dragons at all, but for those who want to they should be able to. I only toyed with the idea for lifespans, when someone usually points out real world feasibility. omg could you imagine loosing your prize?!gosh no! I actually have a few 2nd gen pb prizes, there are many people with not only one or two but 3 and 4 prizes, If i could loan my prize, which has naming restrictions to someone else who only has one, we could both get a second gen of our prize dragon if we wanted too. I know about 12 other prize winners who'd love to be able to cross scroll breed.Again, no one could force you to stud out your dragon, and if you'd rather not stud out or receive the serverses of a studded dragon, why stop others who want to be able to stud out there dragons or receive the serves of a stud. Could be a way to also make more shards for the market. Stud fees for some thoroughbreds can be high, as well as for some *****es, and queens, as well as loaning out rare exotics to breeders, like our snakes.
  8. -no I see that adversarial attitude on almost all suggestion threads, its usually the same culprits committing the abuse but they seldom notice it. I don't mind my suggestions not being taken, but "shot down" is different, even the fact you used it instead of saying simply not taken is rather pointed. -omg people have suggested dragon fighting?wow! -if not a transfer of the single dragon to be studded, how else would be a better version of cross scroll breeding?I was keeping studding as a real world equivalent. -I totally agree on hard limits on whats allowed with the loaned dragon, a loaned dragon would have to have only breeding as the available option. -playing and being active on the game is not the same as being active here in forums, also a single cold contact email is nothing something to be upset about, seriously that's an individuals issue. Yes harassment is a real thing, and something you should take to a mod, It is a thing but not as significant as people try to make it out. There is no way to stop being contacted at all if you are on the forums, only sure way is to not be on them. Otherwise the mods are here for a reason, so if you are experiencing harassment reach out to them. Using it as an excuse of something that might happen is not a valid argument against. -Just because something is shot down, does not mean its going to be a negative addition to the game, again if you don't want to do something in the game then by all means do not do it, no one is going to force you to stud out a prize or your upside down mint, or the really cool code to go with your really cool code. ie would love to find someone with a paul code for my blart code!!lol
  9. I actually had an idea to have a time limit on dragons, you know pets do not live forever, they do die, they should implement a life span, if we really wanted to be realistic. Then you would definitely want to breed not just have tons of dergs on your scroll. would make breeding lineages on everything more desirable, then i would definitely want to have my Xerxes loaned out.
  10. Capital letters is not just shouting, its also for emphasis. and shouting is secondary. Full capitalization is used for many thing, titles, emphasis, display. Its in context for how its used,it goes along with the whole tone thing. Also yes you can do it the other way around as well. Or like many of use we discuss breeding with those in forums and discord. You'd be able to title it for someone else to find it. Also some people are not easily found and while they have no issue with breeding for someone, they might not be able to be contacted, so this would also be easy to find. its not like you have to go look at the ads, so even if someone is requesting a specific dragon, if the owner doesn't see it , then it doesn't matter how often they post for it, and again hardly harassment after all they are using shards to place the ad, lol. but harassment aside, because there is no contact between scrolls temporarily having someones dragon, really wouldn't do anything, maybe keep things like kill freeze abandon locked, and only breed available.Don't see anything else dangerous for it being at someone elses scroll. Not sure what that guys issue was, if you had a schedule laid out for when how often and such about breeding then, other than you not doing your side of the trade/breeding then I agree he was being an ass, and yes I'd call it harassment, but to many people here consider just blindly emailing someone with a request as harassment, and its not, if they say no and you don't contact them again except to say thanks anyway, then that's ok.
  11. I've been contacted, but contacted and harassed are two different things, also I don't mind breeding anything for anyone who asks for it, otherwise whats the point to the game. Also like the trading hub it does not have to be a direct contact, have ads for needing a stud, must be X, Y and Z, for my , name derg here, with maybe a view of that dragons page. It would be a set amount for the "ad" kind of like the hub, and then matching the set off. Have decline or re-offer as the options. See, there's no need for contact. Although if you don't want to be able to be contacted why would you have such a busy forum account, you'd think other than reading the news you'd be hiding from the fretful being cold contacted. Also if this has been put forward more than once then there are more people who want this to happen other than just one. heck the first person who commented here said they liked the idea. so that's two people of 4 so far. Also people have a tendency to be shot down hard here because of a few vocal commenters who comment all the time, so no wonder people post then never come back here, because those who think they are writers don;t seem able to write nicely, and while each word may be proper, the "tone" definitely is not. I seriously don't know why these suggestion threads have to be SO ADVERSARIAL. The reputation of the forum is horrid. Also the it's never been allowed before reason is ridiculous as well as an argument against such a suggestion, if you can't offer an actual reason just watch the thread for real discussion.
  12. High fees or even it being locked up for a while, something like you only get one shot at it but its stuck on the other persons scroll for 2 weeks, if they want a second shot they have to wait 2 weeks until its back on the owners scroll and then they have to pay again.
  13. You are gonna get request either way, its not really gonna change, whats the difference between contacting someone for a second gen egg and requesting a stud fee, you don't want request hide your scroll. Its not like they knock on your door its a pm message just delete, and as usual if someones being abusive report that immediately.Other than that the complaint about being contacted is ridiculous.
  14. We are after all breeding, these dragons, like with many other animal species high quality specimens often have a stud fee and are loaned out to other stables for breeding purposes, from dogs cats cattle to horses, camels and elephants, snakes....I'd like to see shards for breeding rights, a temp transfer sort of that allows someone to transfer a dragon to someone else for a week period or even a month or so, its a temp transfer and automatically transfers back to your scroll when the times up. Like say i have a specific dragon I would love to have breed with someone else's derg, best we could do now is both breed an offspring and trade that, but what I'd really like is to breed them to each other, for a fee or maybe a bsa or something from market could loan out your dragon as a stud.
  15. how did you know it was him? hmmmm he's looking for mints huh?
  16. Thanks for the link Fuzzbucket, i actually have that one, now i wish he'd show us his whole scroll instead of hunting down release threads, lol
  17. never even saw that thread. He also breed his dark greens together once, omg would love an egg from those two. how are we supposed to suggest pairing of unpaired ones when we can't see the other ones he's got.
  18. Could you please breed your Gilded bloodscales pb!! Please please!! There are not enough of the two headed, in your breeding! how about a GON and a Bronze Shimmer, lol j/j
  19. Good luck Wheel!! Will it eventually be published?
  20. love my prize, thank You so much!!! great raffle once a again. kudos donors and Wheels,so much fun seeing these beauties.
  21. H: CB UNgendered Neglected hatchie trade number 1 here Trade number 2 here Want: Best offer of multiple, CB new release Flow/State eggs or hatchies, only, please no other offers or bred flows. message for other offers.
  22. *sighs* anyone want o to do all my forms for me?*sighs* i have way way too many to stick here.
  23. okso how many new eggs were there?? I'm totally confused
  24. yea I didn't know others were commenting on it in the june releases thread, so I didn't know if i was the only one, but apparently like you said its been about an hour, so there is something going on in dc.
  25. oops didn't realize people where talking about the lag here, i made a thread in help cause i didn't see one and didnt know if others were having similar issues.