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  1. Diamonds, like dragons are forever,. And diamonds are of greater value than platinum ... Wouldn't it be perfect to have a Diamond Trophy level .. more eggs, more slots ?? nudge nudge wink wink
  2. 10 really is perfect !! Congratulations, Quinney !! Thanks again, Feesh for all these lovely anniversary presents .. Happy Halloween to all ...... BOO !!!
  3. ooooooooh ... thank you so much ..my fav ...a desert LH
  4. oh yay yay yay thank you broccoli rules and Happy Halloween to all
  5. thank you thank you thank you
  6. the lyrical lineage is lovely ... thank you
  7. Congratulations, Natayah !! What a great welcome back !!
  8. OMG !!! Shock and awwwwww ... wonderful there can never ever be ... too much broccoli lol many thanks once more ( yay yay yay ) and to all .... a good bite ... er ... good luck
  9. phew ... panic averted and entry permitted thank you... for all you do >>> the broccoli is with you luck to all
  10. Congrats .. purpledragonclaw 40 is a good look ...
  11. wow ... and many thanks once more. good luck to all my broccoli runneth over
  12. Thank you once again .... may the broccoli always be with you! Entered ... and hoping. Good luck to all ... and to all a good bite.
  13. I would like to be able to gift my shards ...
  14. my biome for a day .. a full 24 hours where only I can hunt for dragons in there with a change of dragons every 2 minutes !!! Deja A Mis Dragones Del Desierto Solo MaldiciĆ³n !!!
  15. I did get that warning also ... but could not access anything as the warning just stayed there .... so I did a SYSTEM RESTORE .... then reinstalled Chrome no problems ... knock on wood .. since then hope this helps
  16. Welcome Back and Happy Anniversary !! DC for 11 years !! WOW !! May the broccoli be with you !! Entered and ... thank you.
  17. happy there are new eggs BUT sure hope next month >>> it will be LONGER than 12 hours for the release date !!!!!