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  1. sorters that work .. .. ALL the time !!
  2. orphaned

    Z Project

    oh thank you thank you thank you
  3. orphaned

    Z Project

    I would the lunar looks lovely if I may have it ...
  4. I wish the sorter actually worked more often ... and consistently when it does.
  5. I noticed it then as well ... around the same time there were site changes too one member had several egg / hatchie deaths ,,, changed scroll and username ... still being added to hatch sites without permission !! ,,,
  6. it seems everyone is getting more views than we used to .. almost double. what's up ? should we worry ??
  7. I want a time machine . so we can return to 36 eggs in the abandoned ; boo hiss at the change with 6 fewer chances at success
  8. yikes thank you but a no can do for my laptop and me maybe TJ will make a link but thank you so much
  9. thank you can you see the pic ? can send in email cannot find url .. can do a cutscreen not a screenshot darn is so clever
  10. how can I let others see my cookies ?? and if you can see the following ....how can I send in a pm ?? please
  11. oh damn ((( you ))) I am so sorry ...hearts are breaking but now also hoping for the best for the other 2 wee ones ... glad to have the picture where they will live forever and forever in our hearts
  12. lucky pups ... lucky you miss my days of animal nursing .... for me they are pure unconditional love ... nothing sweeter than puppy breath on your neck
  13. omg !! little heartbreakers !! and I am all the way over here whimper what a face !! and those eyes ! puppy prayers for 3
  14. if you want to use the HUB .. you can only do so by agreeing to use DECLINE listing wants as offers ... not helpful ..... SAY what you want ... and stop leaving members hanging while you get best offer !! all the while complaining about the offers you do get
  15. oh thank you checked their scroll yes they are thought it was my wonky unit ( or me ) again
  16. a hatchling was offered in a trade in the HUB . but I could not get the accept to work what did I do wrong ??
  17. For me, name exclusivity is important and part of the enjoyment of my scroll. The dragons are all the same in appearance .. at least let us have exclusive names.
  18. I want the badge too ... got to the temples FINALLY somehow but . my laptop does not like the game ... still freezes or shuts down or kicks me out completely grrrr but at least I can get in >>> others are locked out completely need someone to get in there for me ...
  19. there are so many bugs in the event ... we should get a badge just for entering Completing the story awards a user the event badgeUNFAIR !!!!
  20. wish there were a pre accessing agreement before you can trade on the HUB if you don't agree to using DECLINE . ....you cannot trade tired of being left hanging awaiting an answer ...only to have it read no longer available etc
  21. not a very user friendly game ... for me anyway, as she just walks and walks and ... we should get a badge for even trying this thing, my least favourite game style unfortunately ... that is the case Completing the story awards a user the event badge. pity as I love my badges
  22. thank you ... am making a copy of your answer for future reference when I went to make a copy of what was seen when unable to sort .... problem was resolved the drag.cave is unable to comply message was gone can now sort in all 3 categories once more ... thank you