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  1. Brand new fresh eggs that get sick in the first 24 hours are the most vulnerable. They die the most easily, so be extra careful with them. ~~~~~~~~ I have Zombie questions: 1. If I want to begin fogging Zombie fodder hatchies, is it okay as long as the tombstone appears on or after Oct. 17? Just making sure I don’t have to wait until October 17. 2. Did I already wait too late? Could I technically have started hatching Zombie fodder on Oct. 10 (fogging for 7 days for hatchling death on Oct. 17)?
  2. I haz found a bunch of lovelies in the AP. Thank you @Kiyoura for: This pretty Ember x Grave checker: here This Aether x Kohraki checker This Omen x Monarch checker Here This Water x Witchlight with zombies Scary! This Royal Crimson x Shadow Walker My favorite This Ember x Black Marrow View Lineage This Daydream x Cavern Lurker here This Stone x Desipis lovely pairing This Caligene x Water Walker couldn’t resist Thank you, unknown breeder, for this Cloudplume x Holly View Lineage Thank you @Natayah for this colorful beauty and for this lineage of Commondant Lassard’s: clicky and this rainbow beauty Thank you, anonymous breeder, for this Mint x Wrapping Wing: click Because of you guys and my own greed, I’ve been locked for the past few days
  3. Thank you, @Fetus, @soullessheartofsteel, @purplehaze, @0x08, and all who contributed. 🤗 Sent a rainbow bevy of eggs to the AP today, including 1 Aeon 1 Bolt 8 Greens 1 Ice 8 Magi 11 Pinks 5 Purples 12 Reds 4 Shallow Waters 3 Whites 1 Blue Zyu 1 Pink Zyu 1 Red Zyu 1 Yellow Zyu Oh! And some Prizes (thrown in for fun AP hunting), hybrids, a Copper, and even managed a Silver. My trios were being downright uncooperative.
  4. This has been a blast! Tried breeding my prize but of course, he didn’t cooperate with his chosen mate. 🙃 Will try again next week! If anyone would like an egg from my challenge line, I’d be happy to breed you one. This has been loads of fun. Thank you, @purplehaze, for organizing this!
  5. Have: Two breeding pair of CB Mirisia, influenced male/female pairs. (Two males and two females) Proof of influence: Want: Two CB Citrine Gemshard eggs, two CB Amethyst Gemshard eggs, or a mix of the two (One Citrine and one Amethyst). Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. Have: Two breeding pair of CB Mirisia, influenced male/female pairs. (Two males and two females) Proof of influence: Want: Two CB Citrine Gemshard eggs, two CB Amethyst Gemshard eggs, or a mix of the two (One Citrine and one Amethyst). Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. Thank you, Jazeki! Is it OK if I ask for a reminder? Or will you automatically remind those of us who have asked to be reminded for the previous Halloween breeding?
  8. A big thank you to @dragongrrl, @Mochi, @0x08, @Xopwe, @purplehaze, @Fetus, @Ginger, @TerraDei, @HeatherMarie, @Moriaty, and everyone else who has bred! 🤗 Yes, we breed alllll the BSAs, including the hard-to-breed ones as that is the purpose of this thread. I bred and dropped into the AP: 1 Red Zyu 1 White Zyu 1 Yellow Zyu 1 Pink Zyu 5 Shallow Water dragons 1 Bolt 1 Magi 1 Sophrosyne 5 Pinks 3 Whites 14 Reds 1 Purple and some fails. Aeons didn’t cooperate and neither did an Ice. A lot of mine are still on cooldown from last week. I am thinking that I will save my metals and Trios (Thunder, Ice, and Magma) and rest of Aeons for Jazeki’s upcoming holiday breeding this weekend. Some of those pairings will look really nice with Halloween dragons! A big Thank you, everyone! ❤️
  9. Lovely new eggs and hatchies. The larger eggs look a bit like the color of champagne and the smaller ones like sparkling wine. Thank you, TJ, spriters, creators, and all involved, for these new dragons!
  10. Awwww purple, I am sorry you lost your last egg! ETA: Not going to attempt a last breeding. I have one more breeding attempt that won’t happen until after 11 PM Cave time tonight. But I am in a conundrum. 🙃 I greedily grabbed eight of the new eggs, including two of the pygmies. So I am egg locked. If someone has any space, which I seriously doubt since we just had a new release, then if someone could hold one of my NR pygmy eggs while I attempt a last breeding, I can see if I will get possibly another Labradorite egg for this challenge, or if I get a no interest or the wrong breed. If my breeding fails, I would ask for the egg back. If my breeding succeeds, the egg holder is welcome to keep the egg. The conundrum is, I kind of really want these new guys, and I managed to snag them on September 25 in that three hour window before the new day began, which makes them kinda special— so they are caught on the first day of release. So I don’t know whether I want to try for another breeding later or not! 😬 I have a few hours to decide. I will have to force it to grow up (give it a ton of views in the last hour) before midnight anyway. ETA: My decision is made. I am going to hold onto my new eggs and not attempt a final breeding. It won’t really affect my standing anyway.
  11. I wonder if anyone with a Silver Tinsel and a Cyan Blue Pyropellis can confirm what appeared to be the case here: It looked like the CB Cyan Pyropellis did not revert to orange when it was bred with the Tinsel. I saw the egg at the time (it wasn’t mine) and the CB Pyropellis was definitely Cyan and not orange. Cyan Blue Pyropellis x Silver Tinsel would make a pretty pairing.
  12. Fuzz, yes, I know. I meant if it was there in frozen form, I would know that it got picked up. But if things were set up so that frozen eggs were hidden under progeny, I wouldn’t know whether it was picked up and frozen by someone or whether it wasn’t picked up at all and just, as you said, naturally goes away.
  13. A big thank you to @Fetus, @BringsTheSnow, @0x08, @purplehaze, and @ShorahNagi for breeding BSAs! ❤️ I bred and tossed a bunch of random Greens, Reds, Purples, Pinks, Magi and Whites today. Thank you to everyone who has bred! 🤗
  14. I dropped some Pink Spphires into the void. If anyone wants to help us breed BSAs, you can find us here
  15. Thanks, Heather Yes, it is confusing trying to figure out how people define a name code I bred an egg today and it falls into that category. I’ve decided to call it a name code and if players are interested, I suppose they will offer something. ; P
  16. Have: 2G Gold from Blue Sapphire (metal from common) View Lineage Name code Please have room for an egg; someone offered but is locked. Want: * CB Cantormaris egg? * CB Skittish hatchie? * CB Blue Sapphire egg? * Nice CB offers? Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. This is free if anyone can use it for a lineage. Otherwise, I will drop it to the AP in awhile and it will become pink. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Thank you, anonymous breeder, for this pretty Sunset x Ribbon Dancer: View Lineage Thank you, @snickerkitties (I don’t know if they have a Forum account) for this pretty mixed even generation: View Lineage
  19. I fully support the idea of freezing eggs! It would be great to collect the frozen egg sprites like we collect frozen hatchling sprites. I honestly don’t mind seeing frozen eggs in my dragons’ progeny, similar to how I see frozen hatchlings. The reason is that I would at least like to know where the egg ended up; did it end up on someone’s scroll, or did it not get picked up? Love this idea and hopefully it is implemented!
  20. Hi @Ewianking and welcome! If you mean the clicks are greater than/“more important” than unique views, etc., that is not the case. As @dragongrrl pointed out, you can raise dragons without having a single click. DC is not like some other adoptables sites where people give individual clicks to eggs. They are not necessary at all on DC. Most people rely on hatcheries which automatically give views and unique views. If someone clicks on your egg, that is fine, but it doesn’t cause your egg to grow faster. As a general comment, there is no reason to put eggs in a signature on DC for clicks or views; in fact, if a player depends on those types of “views,“ their egg will likely die. The best way to successfully hatch an egg is to use the hatcheries wisely. You don’t want to put a fresh egg into a hatchery because it can die. It is important to have a certain number of unique views for your egg to successfully hatch. The most efficient way to do this is using the hatcheries. Have fun!
  21. Welcome to DC, @Ewianking! You might find it helpful to have a mentor to show you the ropes. You can ask for one here:
  22. Question about name codes: Do they have to contain vowels? What if they only contain consonants? (For me personally, a name code is an actual name, but that’s another story.)
  23. Fresh eggie! 2G Blue Sapphire from Blue Sapphire x Heartseeker. I can drop and it will be pink, but if someone wants for a Blue Sapphire lineage project, here it is. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  24. I can help if we do this within the next few minutes.
  25. Have: STILL AVAILABLE THURSDAY: ==>> I am offering this on another trade currently. If you are interested, please PM me. 5th even generation Zombie lineage with 7 Zombies in base. Nicely named. Low time; can be hatched. View Lineage View Zombies after midnight! Hatched, influenced male. Want: * CB Cantormaris egg or * CB Pyropellis egg or hatchie or * CB Trio egg or hatchie? * CB Green? * CB Offers? or * Zombie Bloodswap, 3rd, 4th or 5th even generation Zombie lineage (nicely named no tags preferred) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! ==>> I am offering this on another trade currently. If you are interested, please PM me.