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  2. My dragons blessed me with some very nice eggs today and I have made my donation.
  3. As one who has in her time reported truly APPALLING names which got through the net, at least one of which had been up for a while - how much harder for regular players to notice and report appalling descriptions. Don't forget that TJ is legally responsible for what might show up; some creep posting obscenities could get the whole game shut down. Thanks but I'd rather it stay as it is There's no need to "bug a mod" - you can just wait. I've had many descriptions pending for a long while now. So ? Patience doesn't kill the game.
  4. Lagie

    Z Project

    Breed for the give-a-way, I thought. It'll be easy, I thought. Well, I have few dragons that actually fit the lineage requirements, and lo, one of the few I do ... throws a z! Of course. https://dragcave.net/teleport/70949a58b356df423e7b8dc248050610 Shimmerkin horse, self-bred, from Z parents: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zsQLg
  5. I decided finally to sort my scroll by breed and it turns out I have three chickens somehow.
  6. The Prize Descendants Raffle is accepting donations for another five and a half hours! Thank you to those who have already donated, and to those curious about the raffle, follow this link and check it out. Donations accepted are described in the first post and include eggs, hatchies, and breeding vouchers. We could not have this raffle without the generosity of the donors, those who help advertise, and the many who participate in the raffle itself. There are many gorgeous lineages shared and who doesn’t love a chance to win prizes?!
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  8. Well, I donated 2 eggs this time. Both from projects I'm working on, so hopefully others will like them too. I only had space for 2 so I feel sad that I couldn't donate a complete basket.
  9. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): https://dragcave.net/lineage/JISMG What Gen are you on now?: 7th Today's Date: June 16th Forum Name: Aqub Challenge Group Link (required): https://dragcave.net/group/89118
  10. HAVE: 3g Shimmer ( female )( ioHCx ) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! WANT: Priority: Dino: or I'll consider: low gen from SA or Thuwed. CBs (can be mixed): Aeon Blusang Copper Golden Wyvern Honey Drake Ochredrake Chrono Xeno Gaia Xeno mix Zyu's
  11. My favourite solution to egg freezing is still the one about putting the eggshells back together after the dragon's hatched (with magic if you need a reason why you can't see any seams, for all I care; it takes care of any moral issues and makes frozen Guardian of Nature eggs available without any slot juggling), but I don't really care much what method we get, as long as we get egg freezing in some form. So I support this.
  12. But is it any better to have to bug a mod to get a description approved within a reasonable amount of time? I know some descriptions have been left on Pending for months. If an inappropriate description is approved it can still be reported later.
  13. I bred 2 hopefully someone else had the same idea so there can be a complete basket.
  14. Even with adding more mods, people will still get burnt out/have other obligations and that doesn't really fix the current bottleneck we have. I don't understand why we're so invested in gatekeeping how people describe their dragons on this site. If something inappropriate gets posted, it can be reported and dealt with--just like it is when people give their dragons racist/offensive/etc names now. The filter for links/inappropriate words is a decent suggestion as well.
  15. I'm with purple. It's too easy to get friends together to "approve" the inappropriate.
  16. There has been talk in the past of "description moderators" who would only have responsibility for approving or disapproving descriptions. I think I would rather see that than either of the above options, but I think there were some technical difficulties with limiting a moderator's powers. I'm not sure. Maybe someone else remembers that discussion better than I do.
  17. Enter is the same as "yes" - which as Heather says may not be what you meant...
  18. Makes a change. I was ninja'd at the page switch. 31
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