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  2. Oh!! Well you'll have to tell me what you think I think I started this thread somewhere during season 3...
  3. Lagie

    Z Project

    You're welcome! Pretty AP is pretty with falconiform eggies! https://dragcave.net/teleport/5340c3b5852dd9adcf7e7e32bb2d8a20 This one's PB - https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZoYJE - and the code's kind of cool, too!
  4. Viewbombed eggs that die have thousands and thousands of views--"bombing" with views. That's not what happened to your scroll. And yes-- @HeatherMarie that's the right scroll--OP mentioned one of the dead eggs by code.
  5. Yum. Pineapple! The food store here sells pre-cut fresh pineapple, sometimes with blueberries and cut strawberries. I always tell myself I'm not going to eat the whole thing in one sitting but I seldom succeed.
  6. I'm eating a tin of pineapple for breakfast lagie. Though it is nearly lunch time.
  7. Yeah. I am a bit behind on watching though, because I'm only at around the beginning of Season 3.
  8. Not your usual time at all! How's it going in Tomorrowland? I have one from purplehaze's nebula/mint lineage. It's a really pretty combo.
  9. Today was frustrating. Made myself go to work despite being overly emotional and already anxious before work... I was supposed to do my favorite task today, but it depends on other people getting their stuff done on time and that didn't happen and I didn't even get to *start* my favorite task before it was time to leave. Plus, someone was working at my desk today which meant I had to work somewhere else for the day and that's really not fun.
  10. Is your username the same? So your scroll is https://dragcave.net/user/CaramelCremme? Because it does indeed look like your dragons ran out of time and died because of running out of time without enough stats to grow up. You have two dead eggs that only have 1 view each, and 7 days passed between laid and death. You have two dead hatchlings with less then 1,000 views each, and again the timer ran out at 7 days after hatching. It's great that your dragons *usually* make it out alive, but obviously these guys didn't get enough views. There is no standard amount of stats where all dragons are safe to grow, every single individual dragon needs a different number to grow, some need more then others. It's plenty obvious that these guys just didn't get their specific number of stats, regardless of how your *other* dragons have fared in the past. To prevent this in the future, if a dragon hasn't grown up when it's timer gets below 4 days, add it to more hatcheries.
  11. Sorry if I am making things wierd 😅 I have only had Herk to talk to since I joined so I am a little excited to have other people to chat with. I can start to ramble at times as well, especially when I am excited.
  12. Welcome to DC forum! We all love dragons
  13. Wow compulsive posting at this time is bizarre.
  14. I don't think that is accurate. They were doing perfectly fine on the click-site until I decided to visit the trading hub. Whenever I add my dragons there, they are always perfectly fine. Even those that are in the emergency room always usually make it out alive. There just isn't a way that they didn't get enough views. And what a coincidence, if they didn't get enough views, it so happens that *all* of my dragons died of not receiving enough views? Never has that happened before.
  15. Hello and welcome to DC Let us know if you have any questions!
  16. Those are glorious!!! Nebulas are so pretty!!!
  17. Hi! I'm a lurker and occasional poster on this thread. I paired my mints with Nebula dragons https://dragcave.net/lineage/uoLBX I had some help with that lineage, but the base Mints are all upside down ones. Your Mints are male, so it would look different, but I think the blue Nebs, or even better the green ones, would look good with Mints, too.
  18. Have: 2G Gaia Xenowyrm prizekin from Female Silver Shimmer Want: Specific 2G prizekin - 2G Gold from Female Gold Tinsel (not Clio's Kiss) 2G Spirit Ward from Female Silver Shimmer (not Scintillating Noodle) 2G Magma from Female Bronze Shimmer unrelated to her & her PM me if you tried but didn't get any egg/got the wrong breed, we'll work it out. Purple line in sig applies! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. The flipped mints were in the AP as hatchlings with only 7 hours left on them. I had a female pink at the time too, just couldnt use her. On April 1st I abandoned one of my eggs (because I joined the last day of march) to see if I could get another one too lol. And it's currently a fight right now for whatever I can find first, reds, pinks, antareans, or pillows. I only need 1 more pillow though.....hopefully. I dont know if I have enough pinks to influence it if I need to, and whatever I can find when the 20 week challenge really begins, be it antarean or pillow. I guess I can save my influence for that tbh.
  20. ...T am no longer proud This script works correctly, but why?
  21. Today
  22. This thread is pretty much a free-for-all so long as you're polite, put more than one word in a post, and don't do only actions (e.g. *sets out brownies*) in your post (so ... Good morning! *sets out brownies* ... is fine ) Well-caught getting three flipped ones! Sounds like you need more pinks.
  23. Have: CB Silver hatchling CB Silver egg Want for both: CB Gold egg Gen 2 Bronze Tinsel from Heartseeker Gen 2 Gold Shimmer from male Black Gen 2 Gold Shimmer from two Gold Shimmer parents Gen 2 Silver Shimmer from two Silver Shimmer parents Want for one: Gen 2 Gold from female Gold Tinsel Please PM me (first line in sig applies); thanks!
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