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  2. My mum has so many horrific plans to change our house She wants to put like vinyl wood floors over the tiles we have, but also knock out the wall separating the hallway and the living room to have it open. Which will cost so much
  3. Teesir seems to be a t-shirt company, not a plant. I don't think you've read properly what I wanted to see. Hatched May 23rd: https://dragcave.net/view/9uFV Let's try that again. A creature you named after a plant?
  4. tree, maybe? Anything that was hatched between May 21st-23rd. ↓What I want to say was Teesir was based word 'tree'. It was modified a lot though.
  5. Yeah we got a decent vacuum. And it's something we need because our rescue dog sheds a lot. Leaving the house unvacuumed while running a baking business isn't going to work But I can't buy a new PC/laptop. There isn't money for that now.
  6. One of the reasons I want wood floors in any house I move to is because mops and hot soapy water are cheap.
  7. Hopefully you got some good replacements that'll last at least a decade, a good vacuum can last ages.
  8. Yeah. Now I have no idea what to do with myself cause my source of entertainment is take away
  9. That sucks Spirit D: Surprise bills are awful.
  10. My mother's pc broke. So I gave her my laptop. Then the vacuum broke and that had to be replaced. So yeah my finances is in the pits for the next few years
  11. You get pokemon cards with it, I got the basic det. pikachu, the psyduck and the bulbasaur My brother already had the pikachu and psyduck
  12. I want to see it too, but I've also spent a fair bit of money I don't really have this month D:
  13. I'm hoping to go watch it next week. Will have to wait and see. Got a bit of a money problem at the moment
  14. Today
  15. First thing I did after getting off the plane was buy and assemble a desk and a chest of draws (fortunately since my brother plans to take it once I go back south he paid for it) Saw Det. Pikachu that night too Was very fun!
  16. Yeah rain is good. But not when it's still dark outside and I can't see. Water level are okay. We still have restrictions but at least we can shower longer now. We are still saving where we can. And we are still praying for more rain. But people are still using more water than they should. So the levels are going a bit down fast.
  17. Rain is good though isn't it? How are you guys doing with the water situation now?
  18. Getting cold. My jeans are still slightly wet from this mornings rain.
  19. I think we better leave this discussion here for now, until MP has had a chance to catch up So....what's everyone up to?
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