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  2. This gorgeous and long red dragon lineage with silvers was too perfect not to share! Really interesting with the graves as well, thanks @tjenni
  3. Yay, Pryanka ! Congrats! And thanks again to Feesh for so generously offering up the broccoli!
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    i helped but not muchšŸ¤£
  5. Sorry about your egg, Justie. If that Brute wall hadn't come up when it did the timing might have worked out. As you say, though, you should have plenty of time to catch up.
  6. @Efernium @Griffin_Lokison @BlueLatios @MrBreadBread @Risensong (Where da crew at????)
  7. go fish. I though there would be name such as Daisir(daisy) but it looks like there aren't. Teesir was named after word 'tree'. (Maybe I still misunderstanding what you actually wanted.) Anything that has 32 characters long name.
  8. Still speechless Alzira looked around with big eyes, her main concern - her dragons - were with her. Relieved she noticed Isirion saving the forged invitations in a secure place, for now at least. To be true she didnĀ“t had that set of mind to secure her hard work that fast. Alzira thought about IsirionĀ“s proposition, then she looked at her dragons, Pride and Felicia and then back at Isirion. She said:"I trust you to get us out of this fire. As you have proven several times now you are a survivor and prefer to master the outcome rather than the other way around. I think we are in good hands", for now - she added to herself. Alzira didnĀ“t believe he would use them for his escape, but he had his own agenda and who knew what his strange but efficient mind would choose to do. As long as they were no burden, they would be save. She was quite sure Isirion knew what was going on in her mind since he practically told her she had no pokerface, but that couldnĀ“t be helped. She looked at Susurro and Sappo, nodded at the little misfit and sent him off to intensify the already existing mayhem. Susurro moved closer to Alzira, protecting her with his wings against the oncoming heat. In the mean time Sappo left with a spring in his step, finally he could perform some fine fire magic. He would start at the adjacent buildings, from the inside and quite at the top, right near the roof ridges - providing air for the feast of flames and with enough room to spread fast. This way the sight of the nebs should be well obstructed so they could make their escape.
  9. My mum has so many horrific plans to change our house She wants to put like vinyl wood floors over the tiles we have, but also knock out the wall separating the hallway and the living room to have it open. Which will cost so much
  10. Teesir seems to be a t-shirt company, not a plant. I don't think you've read properly what I wanted to see. Hatched May 23rd: https://dragcave.net/view/9uFV Let's try that again. A creature you named after a plant?
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  12. tree, maybe? Anything that was hatched between May 21st-23rd.
  13. Yeah we got a decent vacuum. And it's something we need because our rescue dog sheds a lot. Leaving the house unvacuumed while running a baking business isn't going to work But I can't buy a new PC/laptop. There isn't money for that now.
  14. One of the reasons I want wood floors in any house I move to is because mops and hot soapy water are cheap.
  15. Hopefully you got some good replacements that'll last at least a decade, a good vacuum can last ages.
  16. Yeah. Now I have no idea what to do with myself cause my source of entertainment is take away
  17. That sucks Spirit D: Surprise bills are awful.
  18. My mother's pc broke. So I gave her my laptop. Then the vacuum broke and that had to be replaced. So yeah my finances is in the pits for the next few years
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